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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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it would be sixty eight in the new. o.c. but new policy new decision three imposing sanctions on the iranian people you know for us well let me ask you about that what about the credibility of the united states that you know the trump ministration is ripped up this deal that took several countries a very long time to come to and also let's go back to that mean they'd he tweeted that said sanctions are coming do you do you think that that reflects a real. understanding the gravity of what this is. nissen. deferred dressing this point i would like to go a little back holds and concerning the criticism about the agreement it has been often said by trant administration that after the sunset closes of the agreement in range ten to fifteen years and even a little less iran would be free to do what it wanted would be free to
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to build. a nuclear arsenal this is not true because in fact the safeguards of the of the vienna agency you know which controls are all. peaceful in principle peaceful activities in the nuclear field around the world i'm in the same regard will continue to apply on iran iran will have to to accept instead inspect iran will still be bound by its signature of the nonproliferation treaty to nuclear nonproliferation treaty and so iran is not free and this is this has to be quite clear even after the end of the agreement iran will not be free to do what it would like to do
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if it wants to to build a bomb that will be again it's. let's say the international law applying to iran so in fact the main criticism one of the many protested against this agreement will the fact that it is limited to the nuclear to the nuclear field but one has to consider that. the question was already very complex if the negotiator. is. tooth. from to hold on to a two thousand and fifteen tried to negotiate about everything about the role of iran in the region about its ballistic program there would have been no agreement so also the in fact the choice was made to limit the negotiation to do nuclear field hoping that
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a good implementation of this agreement would open other new ok so let me go toward us laboring true and to that because through what about that that perhaps it would it had been better to keep the current agreement and then try to build upon it because at the very least you would still have inspectors as opposed to ripping it up and trying to start over when the sides are just going to be that less trusting of each other no because the deal is flawed far beyond that the last panel spoke about inspections which inspections are great but under the current framework i believe it's just slightly over three weeks that the international atomic agency has to give notice before an inspection i mean that's ridiculous to give three weeks had notice before inspection and the point about destroying u.s. credibility by pulling out of the deal i mean frankly that's that's a bit insulting when this entire deal was written around getting around written
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around getting around the u.s. senate in the u.s. to pass a treaty it has to go through the senate they used particular wording in the street in because they knew the u.s. senate would not support the iran deal these particular wording that only obama was needed to sign off the deal and because of that trump was able to walk away from the deal without senate i treated him to face the say ficta base specific the iran nuclear agreement review act of two thousand and fifteen actually allow congress to have some say so and this had they chose to but they didn't because i didn't have the votes to reject it. that's actually not true you're talking about the corporate card and i don't know i am which made which which made the threshold sixty votes it should be two thirds and it's because it was in a treaty senate democrats they allowed it yes they allowed it to go to a sixty rational vote but if the deal used the actual word treaty that and mayor i had that eighty two thirds of the vote the deal is written specifically to get around having to have congress verify the bill and that's why trump was able to
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pull out of it without without senate understood absolutely it's completely what within his purview to withdraw absolutely but i'm still asking the question the fact that it still is u.s. the u.s. word that was on the line and now that's been ripped out do you think that that makes it more difficult for people to trust the u.s. going forward is what i'm asking. well look i there e well can see that argument the us only of the oh but i think i think we've articulated very well why we're pulling out a deal we articulated our concerns very well and became very european counterparts and our ronnie and counterparts about a year's notice to try to come back and work on the deal fixed a deal it was just pushed around kicked down the road nothing happened and drunk stuck to his word he did he didn't rip up the bridge of the deal rightly came into office he did give it a year like he said to come back and fix things nothing happens look i think we're going to have to start again with new goshi ations a new deal i think everyone wants to see
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a deal but at the same time. i personally know a lot of people under the impression that a bad deal is worse than no deal at all i want to talk about the politics of it and just sit tight mahomet's i do want to talk about the politics of it and iran in just a moment but i do want to put one more question to drew since you brought up the politics up in congress which is which is totally fair we don't know what's going to happen with the midterms and the u.s. on to say that the dems have made the democrats sorry i mean they use this like their have the temper kratz they get a little bit of power how difficult do you think that this can make it going forward as as the trumpet astray should try some to go straight a new deal. right i think it's a very good and interesting point to bring up. yeah the iran deal is look the vast majority of republicans oppose it and the vast majority of democrats support it but at the same time. it's actually it's one of those things that there's a lot of people that are crossed party on it there's quite a few prominent republicans. i guess now maybe they change your view
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a bit but at the time we're pro romulan there's a lot of prominent democrats like chuck schumer the democrat leader of the democrats senator menendez senator. senator cardin in maryland there are a lot of democrats who. who didn't actually support the deal they didn't support from pulling out but the iranian it's one of those interesting things in the u.s. where yeah the mostly is down party lines but really there are a lot of people to go across party so it's going to be very hard to tell how that changes it's going to see a lot of who's the leader what committee now in the senate very very true mohamed what does this mean for in part all iranian politics because the sanctions as we all know were really ends up hurting the average iranian who is just trying to feed their family because prices end up going up so what does this mean for internal politics and iraq.
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first of all let me mention trump's tweets sanctions are coming you know there's was a joke today in i heard in. turmoil and people saying that in sort of these kind of sentences that should say something codes from matt in the h.b.o.'s in game of trance so they have trance so people in iran. are waiting for days because because these sanctions would be put would put pressure on the ordinary people especially in terms of humanitarian aspects you know the access to the medicine and to many fields of healthcare would be really hard after. imposing to sanctions and trauma administration over say that they don't want to put sanctions on these kind of bills but to be honest they are going to threatening old international transferring system not to work with iran so they
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into expedia are putting sanctions on even the humanitarian aspects of iranian they really life and disease and these kind of sanctions side ends killing so in terms of internal politics there was a debate in iran some say that negotiation and some kind of compromise with international system would help the iranian to a better life but now because of the trump because of the trauma ministration that they are it is really hard to in iran to. continue to say that the people who work ok and francoise what does this mean for other countries that still want to deal with the ron particularly european countries a u.s. allies what does this mean for them because they have been very clear that that they don't want to go back as they perceive go backwards. well of course.
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everything will be more difficult for your parent on trees for even for china even for russia but. to maintain a kind of flux of at least current trade between iran and and themselves and they're trying to put together instruments to be able to to circumvent the use of the dollar which is again a great problem with with call because using the don't. automatically open a case for playing the sanctions and. that will it work nobody knows exactly but no the point is that iran itself is going to develop i mean to to to put again to use all the way that it
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has already used in the past to circumvent the sanctions. through more or less shady devious. china. you know changing the flag which is. put on oil i mean they will suddenly be trying. to tank then it will disappear the rain it will be so does or money or perhaps saw i don't know what the house russian cetera and of course the population will suffer but. a little group of people will certainly iran or people who were introduced. to their leadership will certainly make money out of these shady deals and remains the big question or in spite of the suffering of the people. with the root do
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regime of. the regime crumble dull or old when it died but old the men's the american demands this is rooted dull cold because the this that they rewrite his resume is used to resist them and who taught us that this and also do it on the russian ok i want to go i were really tight on time but here i want to give you the last word what about what france was saying that iran has weathered this before what motivation do they have to come back to the table to think something will actually get done you know look i hope something will get done and what about sanctions hurting the average person yeah i feel for that and we have you know the americans have nothing against iranian people if anything we you know mutual respect with the iranian people the end goal is you know the i.r.g.c. in the iranian military so tied into so much business and look at the dissension to
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be lifted immediately if if iran did come back to the table and in effect of a new deal was agreed upon a longer term deal and that would relieve sanctions in the region it would open up iran look that's the best case scenario our goal isn't to punish the average iranian person and that will be the last word gentlemen thank you so much for the for the conversation we appreciate it thanks to all of our guests francoise and cologne mohamed as slummy enter liquor men and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time to scout our web site al-jazeera dot com for further discussion at our facebook page it's facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story can also find the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. and side story from the richelle carey in the entire teen by finale.
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a very different where where there. is and we don't leave. i always have a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of iranians are marking the thirty ninth anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover a day before u.s. sanctions a back and forth iran's leadership has played down the u.s. the commander of the revolutionary guard says will resist any sanctions. as an international oil and energy consultant and he says iranian oil companies are used to operating under sanctions. so these are all good signs as far as iran is concerned that iran can continue exporting its origin and it has been i think successful you see iranian oil exports where it's a spring about two and a half million barrels per day and the reports were already in some or many
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customers that the stopped buying or has reduced the purchases but the data are a bit contradictory for example some reports said in the september union all exports were one point eight million barrels per day whereas the first two weeks in october satellite companies. planted in that. tank attracting companies as reported in the press they said iranian oil exports worth two point two we do about is pretty indifferent for the first two weeks of october so the figures are contradictory but they do show that the iranian oil exporters barca to be part of an i.o.c. who have been five six years ago two thousand and twelve thirteen through this more a major sanction of the united nations they are used to and they are successful they can manage it better than they did last time and other news turkish government media reporting more details on the some of the hit squad that murdered journalist jamal khashoggi a month ago the sun newspaper says his body was dismembered in the consulate and
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taken and five suitcases saudi consuls residence nearby andersen's has more from istanbul. and i was a security source has been referring to another section of the audiotape which is after house has actually killed and you hear apparently his killers looking for his phone household use phone that they are concerned about where the phone is they're not sure whether it was handed in on his arrival and put her they are in fact agitated now beyond that there have been a number of attempts by the saudis to try to get access to g.'s phone it is known of course that his fiance had possession of clothes that his phones he handed them to or before he went into the consulate and so. is yankees was actually seen sitting down using the phones trying to get alerts out she succeeded in doing
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so having not found her fiance coming out of the building now something on those on one of those phones at least was really important to the saudis it would appear and that's what this source is saying and they have tried to be getting hold of whatever is on that phone but no word as to actually what the content is whether it's data or with it's a phone number or whatever it is it's something of another mystery in this crisis egypt says it's killed nineteen fighters believed to be responsible for an attack that killed seven coptic christians on friday gunmen fired at two. that were on their way to a monastery near the city of men yet two hundred sixty kilometers south of cairo six of the dead were from the same family. a quarter behind has sentenced three opposition members to life in prison over to.


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