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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 308  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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well you asked some bone a hundred yen. not me since dogs have a seat because the monkey population reluctant to adopt so cool. oh this is me. meaning that i need. there was. already do see you on the other side for. use. ok nami is a former university professor who gave up her day job and dedicated her life to shutting down farms and rescuing dogs which if you think. there was.
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a dog is a dog there is no such a ten minute dog. i don't want to see that size of. anymore in this country that's why i'm striving. you know dogs they'd never let. you love them while they love you back for a. while now many fights to save one dog a time right now there's legislation before the national assembly that would declassify dogs as livestock. at the moment under the law dogs the treated the same as chickens pigs. but if the new noise could ban families from breeding dogs for human consumption. but this group of activists isn't willing to wait that long. they're taking matters
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into their own hands by raiding dog slaughter houses in the dead of night. activists genius is joining them and i've been warned things could get violent. to . this dog slaughter house has taken over the corner of a public park the activists believe it flouts regulations by processing sick dogs in overcrowded crew conditions that he had to document the killing and reported to authorities. with the solution to all the snow on. the preserve of four large homes just allude to fossil fuel all through it all because i'm looking for you to be implicated. but you. just. go along to fill. the goal so it's up to the boss and you'll. hear more.
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from it all not. long before you get the money to do something else we're not. getting any money but if you don't learn. something that is live. with a little that's what you're going to get if you don't load. it up to get a good. god was rather going to stray cold he still he still has no use to this around it will take place there. his eyes are not even close. and he's still really war. next door. tension rises as the activists discover an incredibly cruel some site this is where the recently killed dogs are being torched but their fur and budget
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is very. good at. one. thing to let. you know that it was. good to get a good look at that she was told. that the. the slaughter house managers are so enraged she comes out to attack one of you have to. sleep. on the you will. even for an experienced activist like tonight see it was horrific and. you go to
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war little bit about it and then they're. all coming. to. this kind of activism has been bad for business here at moore and market which was once the bustling hub of the dog meat industry. here to try and talk to the last remaining dog butcher at the market but he's not too pleased to see me. but. eventually. agrees to talk. even covers up the c.c.t.v. monitor of the cages before telling me that further legislation against the dog
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meat industry will ruin his life and that the million people who work in it don't deserve to be singled out for the love of god and what politicians do. to. tell you to look for the box. office for goodness or for the jockey. you'll get through to. mr sheen and his family have done well from the dog meat industry that's put his kids through uni and helped his family to live comfortably . if the ban does go through what would that mean for the working industry. over there or. poor money. and. i don't. i ask mr what he would do if the legislation passed couldn't he just find a different job. but
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how do you go to. good. i need a woman who will. and. i don't as you know. right. in korea everyone involved in this billion dollar industry is under pressure. and a couple of hours out of seoul one father has succumbed willingly handing over his dogs to the humane society on to national. government regulation is making business tough for small scale farmers it's also the change in eating habits that helps him to broker. so what's the reason for the downturn in
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the dog farming industry. puzzle kitchen with hundreds of poor schmuck want to tell him that his interaction creature is the. u.w. gun her group is who are honoring. the family is now trying to survive by growing chiles and hips but his financial burden has been eased by the humane society. r.j. want to give me that one yet. yet today his dogs are being vaccinated and prepared for adoption of a sees how. this is number. yet. many many ways that it is. yes alone was the work. not all koreans are happy about foreigners interfering in their dog meat debate but
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the fama is happy to have the help. of the summer when there was it would going to. turn. back in seoul the end of the book now dog eating fist pope is being mocked by candlelight vigil was eat it with concerned citizens it gathered to demand an end to the dog meat industry called. the politician pushing the bill to outlaw dog farming is he at least sendong he tells the crowd that modern korea should move on from its dog eating days huddling to the floor but i'm. really not in the room and was. going to
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do nothing. but a little monkey that nobody will know you want to do or who to do and to do you. know to be on the. beach. we could not do it because you know how to live. also here members of the meat dog association have turned up to keep an eye on proceedings. prepare have all of them a lot of them to put out when they get there if we are. looking down or up it are given for the border and that is for a very good thing to one of. the top. are you going to be. the familiar the because.
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it's an emotional issue and it's the empty dog farming legislation moves through problem and it looks like half the population will be devastated if it fails. the industry will be disappointed if it's passed. in the. back that not make him shelter meena is getting ready for a new life in los angeles. and i needed to think. of really like you to understand it's quite natural for them. i'm nice clooney yeah.
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he does it every day. it's taken a month of vaccinations rehabilitation and planning to get me no good family there . that that this is the ticket for the music of those yes. so this song let me say one by one. they really get this formal after all you know they need to make up for it. so i mean no waits for the plane and her ticket to freedom. the move. on. three weeks later in los angeles lena has been booked to adoptions. this is
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a bit like speed dating for dogs and potential arness the competition is tough. nina's getting lots of pets but not potential matches. until melanie and scope arrive i would. be separate but not offer to us to think it will be a late night we're really just up the dog holly as a us rescue and they seem to be getting along so they're going to take it to the next stage there. and they hook. up with the big. well the love affair to actually live in the beautiful it's true that if it. looks good to know if it is crossed she's found her for a. in
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twenty twenty tokyo will host the paralympic games when the nation has a troubled history caring for people with disabilities when he examines japan's disability shame on al jazeera. november on al-jazeera radicalized youth a new hard hitting series comes face to face with the hatred and violence of militant groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil sites we'll look at the impact that may have when migrant lives are in danger and see who should come to their aid people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the
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story there it's the fight against the eye further still continuing in the arm bar desert when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told by families status and wealth has benefited from their choice translate it on al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news on air and online. in the eighteen seventies hundreds of bulgarians were banished to the foggiest corner of an empire where their descendants still live today. my grandparents died with a heavy heart they left everything behind. and on to deal with lame argyria and identity it's always present inside as this french territory in the pacific prepares to vote on independence al-jazeera world tells the story of exile in new
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caledonia. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away all of the lists of coal and military in the financial darkening you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotional base of the situation they're living in that's when all the us can identify with the story. and there are more of these in the top stories on al-jazeera economic sanctions on iran are back in place u.s. reimpose the measures half an hour ago a target to iran's oil shipping and banking sectors the fountains have been lifted as part of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal or europe has come up with
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a way to facilitate payments for iranian exports and offset the impact of u.s. sanctions but some experts warn may not be enough to persuade large companies to continue operating in iran a report from paris since president trumps announcement in may that the u.s. would reimpose sanctions on iran european leaders have been scrambling for ways to bypass them and keep the twenty fifteen nuclear deal alive in september the e.u. finally came up with a plan a new payment mechanism allowing european companies to trade with tehran and avoid two u.s. penalties the participants welcomed practical proposals to monday in and develop payment channels not i believe the initiative to establish a special therapist vehicle to facilitate payments related to a dance exports including oil and imports companies violating sanctions could be cut from the powerful u.s.
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financial system it's a risk that most european multinationals don't want to take french companies to town and france and pursue citron have begun shutting their brain operations german car maker daimler is also pulling out along with british airways. it's not yet clear how the e.u.'s new payment mechanism would work it could be a barter system or it could be a new e.u. backed financial body set up to deal with transactions between europe and tehran either way some analysts say it may not be enough to make big multinationals like hotel reconsider doing business with iran companies like to order companies are afraid of your essential stock i don't think they're going to take the risk of brain or from iraq so it doesn't sort of i would say ninety percent of the problems due to the recession the plan may be flawed but it sends a political signal to washington and tehran europe is determined to maintain the
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accord even though relations between some european countries and iran have to tear aerated in october danish officials said they prevented a planned iranian attack on opponents in denmark a few weeks earlier france's government said that they had foiled a similar plot their efforts to preserve this accord but it's more about maintaining cordial diplomatic ties the problem is that relations are not good right now there is no french ambassador in iran or a reigning in bastogne france and then we have the ledger in prague on any opponents invalid count and the one in denmark trump hopes u.s. sanctions will force take brawn into a new deal but so far iran says it won't renegotiate with e.u. leaders openly defying washington over the issue if the accord collapses it would be a crushing blow to europe's credibility with sasha butler al-jazeera paris. china's president has promised to open up access to markets and make business easier for
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foreign companies xi jinping made the pledge as he opened a trade fair in shanghai aimed at boosting the country's image as an importer he said china will lower tariffs streamline customs checks and clamp down on intellectual property theft he also took a swipe at those pushing protectionist trade policies such as president ronald donald trump. the sons of jamal khashoggi say the family is unable to properly grieve without knowing where his body is they say their family has been deeply troubled by the ongoing lies since his murder at the saudi consulate in istanbul a month ago katter has denied accusations that it meddled in bahrain international internal affairs this comes after a bahraini opposition needed charged with spying for catarrh was sentenced to life in prison shaikh man was acquitted earlier this year as an appeals court overturned that decision charges of spying relate to political unrest in bahrain and twenty eleven the accusations only came to light after the country cut diplomatic links
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with qatar last year. as i had lines of more news here on al-jazeera after world war one through arab eyes. world war one. the be. a war years between conflict. known as the great war. or the war to end all wars from. it's grim trench warfare
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and. we filled the main theater of war and but this was a war fault of the only man fronts. so there's another story mayor lee told. huge importance joining the war and of lost in significance. and. a story of troops who folds and died but who are often forgotten and. if i'm given and coming that shapes the middle east of today. this is world war one through out the odds.
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malick to leakey the chin is even writer and broadcaster takes us on a personal journey. is grandfather's generation force in the war now molly goes in search of what happened to these men. who they were. and why their stories often died with them. in this episode he tells the story of how thousands of arabs were conscripted by the british and french in north africa. their treatment and mistreatment.
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our muslim was forced to fight against muslims. and of the fight a wall arabs played again literally. in episode two the ottoman side of the story the young turks wise to power. their alliance with germany. their terror in the love aunt and the seeds of our own vault. and in episode three how the first world war ended four centuries of alterman rule. but drew the lines in the sand that was shaped the middle east for the next hundred years. in the second week of november one thousand nine hundred fourteen the ultimate
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empire officially announced it was joining in germany and its allies in the war the grand mufti in istanbul also called on muslims. around the world to join a jihad a struggle against britain russia and france. so arabs were forced to fight on both sides for the triple on told european powers . and for the central powers germany austria-hungary and the ultimate as. the grand most his call and autumn an entry into the war said muslims against each other and created a complex tension that ran throughout the war. to compete with the enemy the british and french needed to draft in large numbers of troops from across their respective empires britain recruited over
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a million troops in egypt in different roles across the four years of the war. and france conscripted over one hundred seventy thousand men from algeria and a further eighty thousand from two lizzie. the french invasion of iraq zero in one thousand nine hundred eleven and installed general the o.t. as colonial government. at the start of the war he prepared to ship thousands of men to europe from iraq and points including qana to. the french occupation was hardly two years old when the war started but the french manager thought of it all then as the thousands of moroccans and sent them to the front from all its like this in
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a mate that i would say was built by generally of the. forty five thousand more often soldiers embarked here and elsewhere one in four never came back. went in search of these heavy losses compared with european casualties. the same kind it's a move that a man with a very intense fear of religion madiba you know god a little earlier that if i can see a world of positive also you don't know how do i get is not a mother to be in tears of our best. fast that's how it will be in egypt itself and the media will be take the kind that tells us that the face of and what of the alpha she kept in vain consult with when and if. in getting
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a shock or if you harbor. a willing marshal and if i really do not disagree with paula deen you should how well i know you matilda smith's torsion in facilis to fit me all the way in these parts are for investments if i don't see in the chicken dealers to be allowed to have your mouth well mary being who stuff she said oh well and to see if we are. comparing death tolls can be difficult in a war with only partial written records. historian faisel should be things to museums who pitched in to the front line to protect french troops. passed through notice what are my own so who know who the heavy and how to. live the how the foreign would get here. what if you don't see those aren't a living at the hundred or another about that.


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