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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the possibility of the body of the house or the remains of the house of the with really destroyed something which has been code also today by vice president. who said that he's concerned the body might have been immersed into acids to destroy any trace that could lead investigators to the remains of. so not only did the they send a team to actually murders gentleness but now we hear that they sent another teen to clean up the minute when they were expected to actually send people to cooperate with the investigation into the murder i mean how can how is turkey going to respond to this. i think this is part of a turkish attempt to try to force the saudis into delivering crucial information is or now about to things basically who gave the order to kill. the whereabouts of the remains i have to say that over the last four days besides the four to five days
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we've seen the turkish establishment talking more and more about the body being destroyed they're now raising the issue of the of the raising the issue of the experts flying from saudi arabia with one particular task which is to ensure that there are no traces whatsoever now we still course have to wait for the final fissile investigation from the turkish government but when you look at the statements from the senior members of the government starting from president was of . all the way down from the prosecutor the minister of justice senior members of the ark ruling party they are saying that it's about time for king solomon binoculars he is to tell the world who gave the order to kill tomorrow how to do that don't buy into the narrative that this was someone in the death squad so i think this is why you're seeing them on the offensive against the saudi government
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and just lastly hushing that's the politics of the story in the meantime we've actually heard from jamal khashoggi sums you know asking for the remains of their father said that they can green and try to move on. a very tough sell situation where they are now there said basically cannot grieve their father the way other families would do because of the the big completely traumatized by the gruesome details of the way their father was strangled to death and then dismembered but the same time they still hoping that one day they would be able to get back the remains of their father a father and also taught honor his will he made it clear he would like he wants to be buried here in the holy city of medina in saudi arabia and this isn't what one of the sons of the house of the had to say.
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do apologize we don't actually i don't think we have that recorded from. the suns that we have been playing throughout the day but you can find them on our website we have a special page with all the latest developments and analysis on the story on our website and also on that sit right there on the top right of the al-jazeera website you'll find a link to our podcast the take which looks at whether kushal actually poses a bigger threat to saudi arabia unfortunately in death than he did in life. now you can get in touch with us we want to hear from you on these stories you can send us your comments to any of our online platforms on twitter use the hash tag a.j. news good our handle is at a.j. english we're also on facebook of course facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or send
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us a message on whatsapp or telegram at plus line seven four five or one triple one four nine we've had some really good comments coming into us on facebook says that we should protect the freedom of expression and journalists all over the world who says let saudi hand over the body and death certificate to to the family to perform the rituals and cremation and russia says get rid of the so-called royal family and all your problems will be solved democracy is what saudi arabia needs fair elections so we want to hear from you do get in touch with us we are going to move on to our other big story of the day now iran's president has value to find a way around newly imposed u.s. sanctions hassan rouhani says it's business as usual for the head on despite u.s. mission u.s. measures lifted in two thousand and fifteen coming back into force in the past twelve hours the sanctions target iran's oil exports shipping and banks where many economists expect them to have
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a major impact on the country's already weakened finances the u.s. has wanted some countries three month waivers to continue trading with. now the u.s. secretary of state speaking alongside america's treasury secretary and system not long ago that the way was will not be extended. our objective is to starve the iranian regime of the revenue it uses to fund violent and destabilizing activities throughout the middle east and indeed around the world are ultimately also convince the regime to abandon its current revolutionary course the way the regime has a choice it can either do one hundred eighty degree turn from its outlook course of action is likely to normal country or can see its economy crumble we are watching the iranian regime with laser focus if they try to evade our sanctions we will take action sure shrug directivity time and time again the maximum pressure exerted by the united states is only going to mount from here companies around the world need
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to know we will be strictly enforcing our sanctions well let's go now to a diplomatic editor james bays who's joining us live from washington d.c. it is typically fighting language from the u.s. about iran james but saying that it's not just iran that's going to feel the pain but anyone who does business with them. very strong message that they're sending economically with the sanctions they're sending as you say to iran and all of those countries that do business particularly who imported iranian oil but i think there is a part of this that is missing they have an economic campaign going against iran but politically they really have not got it together in terms of a global coalition what they would hope to do is get lots of other countries to back their campaign against iran but look back at september's meeting of the u.n. security council chaired by president trump all around the security council table
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none of the other countries supported pulling out of the iran nuclear deal so for now the only countries that are on the side of the u.s. are saudi arabia and israel and of course the damage saudi arabia right now that's not a grow global coalition that is going to isolate iran iran certainly is going to hurt because of this economically but in some ways i think what has happened with these new sanctions coming to into force is probably not the most important thing happening in the next few hours i think iran will also be looking very closely at the midterm elections here in the united states to see which way things are moving politically in the united states and see whether president trump in two years' time is likely to get reelection as the u.s. president because iran may well be made here calculation that if we've only got trump for another two years perhaps we can wait him out of course if he's around
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for another six years it could be very different james thank you very much for that for now that is our diplomatic editor james baines live in washington d.c. thank you. now from aviation and tourism to carpets and to start our friends at a.j. plus look at how u.s. sanctions will hurt iran.
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so the trumpet ministration is trying to put maximum pressure on iran's economy and a big part of this is getting the swift global banking network to cut off iranian banks swith says it is complying reluctantly but what is swift well set up in the one nine hundred seventy s. is basically a messaging system that banks use to communicate payment instructions to each other that makes it possible to move trillions of dollars around the world every day tens of thousands of financial institutions and almost all the world's nations are connected to the system exclusion make it much more difficult for iranian companies to get paid by partners based elsewhere further damaging trade now as an accomplice
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to the french institute of international and strategic affairs and he says there are ways around the swift cut off. the european institutions have mentioned the possibility to set a payment mccann is him and that they meant mccann is in would need some kind of messaging system akin to swift so that could be actually swifter than some exemptions if it is clear that some iranian banks are low to allow it some some access to swift if it's not the case then it would be technically possible to develop some kind of alternative but that doesn't mean that the european institutions and european national governments are really willing to embark on a very broad approach really setting out an entire other turn
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a tivo that's been sometimes said and this context because i mean the europe the u.s. government has been very much criticized over its vision of swift transactions but the european governments not not necessarily to disrupt especially in controlling. terrorist groups and their financial transactions. to a developing story now seventy nine high school students and their principal have been kidnapped in cameroon they were taken from a presbyterian boarding school in the city of the men in the west the mentos part of the english speaking wage and watch some fighting for an independent state a separatist group operates there and they're known as the amber freedom fighters well earlier we spoke to culbut graine a journalist and by mentor and he says he's heard the separatists have taken the students but with some of this it didn't and the.
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ordeal we're going to be some lower than i've been being valued by. the groups are up and then wired how to go to school when they're not out there fighting for independence and people are living in the bushes and so on are not find their parents and that they will have to stay with them in the bushes on. the war and that gotten their independent people good reviews now that obama is on it we are getting now if you watch it on facebook live you're about to meet the a refugee who's become a somali american a model they say on the show it was in charge of one of the world's most powerful drug cartels now el chapo is going on trial.
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hello it's getting wet now in western iran the rain that is still falling the iraqi plane gave i think two hundred millimeters that's flash flood in both the euphrates and the tigris in fact throughout that valley it's like to shelley west at the moment and to shop page which means it's an active frontal system as it moves eastwards into iran the head of it all almost into eastern turkey but probably really syria and this living rain is fun north wasner of course where the ground rises as probably georgia but we talk about azerbaijan west and south of iraq tail off through kuwait even as far south as bahrain was significant right to the west of that possible sounds told for i think they've gone so we're talking about a quarter of period twenty two beirut is the forecast now to take you for another day the showers if anything fade away but still there in northern syria and possibly eastern side of turkey that looks quiet and cooler twenty six in kuwait city of course the roof is reflected in the weather in the arabian peninsula much
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quieter than it was there the showers a lot reaches far south as bahrain but i think so otherwise nothing much to talk about for a change actually in southern africa active weather once more as binns eastern side of south africa it's still there probably make it wet in southern mozambique as well. i journeyed of personal discovery. more american here and then more of india algeria is a mirror image of our own highlights the struggles and resourcefulness of handmade to the last can people trying to preserve their way of life. is one of his focus in north. your mom's from here you can. al-jazeera correspondent we are still here. hate violence revenge an increasingly alienated generation is finding new outlets to vent it sang
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. in a new series al-jazeera takes an unflinching look at the allure of radicalized organizations to young people revealing their inner workings and the often brutal consequences for those thrown into their extreme ideology radicalized youth coming on al-jazeera .
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deal with the news good live on air streaming online and this is what's trending online anger and iran as those u.s. sanctions kick in as of course. saudi arabia being questioned the rights council over its human rights record especially in light of the murder of journalist jamal cheney support for israel continues to draw among us. that and much more all on our website al-jazeera dot com. has republican party and democrat rivals are having a final frenzied day of can. painting on the eve of mid-term elections is a chance for voters to render their verdict on the u.s.
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president's first two years in office republicans are trying to protect their majorities in the house of representatives and senate while democrats hope to win back at least partial control of congress to thwart trump's agenda well pennsylvania is an important swing state and our correspondent kristen salumi is in one of its biggest cities pittsburgh with one of the candidates kristen. well that's right pennsylvania is an important swing state in the elections that voted for president donald trump in two thousand and sixteen but democrats think that they can pick up winning back some of those voters and pick up some seats in the house of representatives in the state in the really counting on women candidates and women voters to help them do you know that there are twenty members of pennsylvania's delegation in congress in washington d.c. and not a single one of them is a woman but now there is an unprecedented number of women running for office not
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only in the federal races but also in the state races and i'm joined by one of those candidates lindsey williams who's running for state senate and can hopefully tell us a little bit about why women are so fired up for this election what caused you to jump in the race this time around while i was raised in the union household i've spent my whole career fighting for working families helping to try to protect individual workers and then pass legislation that would better protect you know the future workers and i've seen what a really good legislator could do to protect people but i i was frustrated from the outside that there are so few of them like willing to do the hard work and so i just decided that this was something i was going to do a few years down the road and then the two thousand and sixteen election happened and i jumped in so you jumped in sooner than you yet sooner than i expected thousand and sixteen you feel like this is the time for yeah there's just there's just so much energy people or people have realized that they actually have to get in and do the work and you know knock on doors and make phone calls and support the
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candidates that are running and they have been doing that up and down the take it from school board all the way to our governor races now in two thousand and sixteen a majority of white women did vote for donald trump now most of the women candidates in this state and across the country are running on the democratic ticket what is is the. shoes that you think are driving women to the polls and what are important are the issues that are important to me what i hear about every day when i'm knocking on doors education public education from early childhood all the way to post-secondary and career intact at making sure that people are prepared for jobs i hear about jobs making sure that people have an increase in the minimum wage and protections at the workplace if they want to unionize and you know health care access to quality affordable health care is something that i hear about that's the number one issue i hear out of the doors interesting and why is pennsylvania so important do you think nationally why are democrats putting so much focus here i
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think because there is this energy and there is this idea that you know in two thousand and sixteen it didn't quite work out how we wanted it to so we're going to make sure that we do all the work for all of our candidates and make sure that on november sixth that we have a good night well thank you so much for joining us lindsey williams who will be out campaigning all day and senior staff is here getting ready to go knock on some more doors head of the elections tomorrow there are mentioned eighteen house seats for pennsylvania in washington d.c. two senators right now only five of those seats are held by democrats seven races though are being run are being contested by women so there is expected to be some pickup for democrats in the state some additional seats one and they're hoping that women will lead those efforts that pink wave that we've been hearing so much about not only here in pennsylvania but across the country since two thousand and sixteen
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christine thank you very much for that for now that is christensen and me live and pittsburgh pennsylvania we are going to get more on the u.s. the elections we are joined by col kaunda can charlottesville he is the managing editor of crystal all which is a political web site at the university of virginia that predicts the outcomes of u.s. elections great to have you with us on al-jazeera so it is time to get out your crystal ball which has i see been pretty consistent for the past few months given democrats the house republicans the senate it was the breakdown. yes so it's really a story of two different maps in the race for the u.s. house of the u.s. senate in the house a lot of the competitive seats that republicans are trying to defend are in places that really don't like the president a lot of kind of affluent suburban areas with high formal education levels those are voters that have been sort of trending away from the republican party for longer than president trump's been on the scene but his emergence has really pushed a lot of those voters away and so if in fact the democrats win the house and i
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think they're favored to a lot of those seats might be powering democrats in the house in the senate it's a little bit of a different story in that there are thirty five senate races this year about a third of the chamber is up every two years and the democrats already control twenty six of those seats so the democrats are playing a lot of defense there they may be just be lucky to sort of hold their ground and it may also be that the republicans actually net seats we're forecasting a very slight republican gain what are your predictions in the very important stand at two aces that particularly close this year. i think that the democrats are probably underdogs at this point to hold indiana and missouri which are two states that voted for the president by about twenty points where there are democratic incumbents but then there are some more kind of traditional swing states like florida arizona nevada that have been very close where i think the democrats are in good shape and so it may be that the
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presidential results from two thousand and sixteen provide something of a rough guide for how things might go in the house and the senate and what about the so-called upset watching in the post the potential surprises could democrats take both the house and senate. that possibility does exist the democrats would have to win almost all the competitive senate races including potentially the the watched race in texas where the senator ted cruz a former presidential contender is running for reelection he has led basically in every poll that better or the democrat has a lot of energy on his side we've heard all these reports over the weekend that people in texas think that are going to pull an upset i personally don't think so but if the democrats have a good night in the senate you might expect something shocking to happen and texas could potentially be one of those things are going to happen to conduct two very prominent democrats full of president barack obama vice president joe biden have been on the campaign trail saying that this is the most important election in
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a generation in decades do you agree. well the the the the rhetoric about this election is the most important ever you kind of hear that every two years in american politics and so some it's hard to take seriously i do as you hear that all of the time and around the table leg this is what i meant as far as what he's sixteen. yeah and the. again the democrats if they don't know if they can't win this time it's going to be very depressing outcome for them mr condit thank you very much for your time and your expertise on this that is live in charlottesville thank you. thank you. now civil rights groups and the u.s. fear that millions of americans are being denied their right to vote and they say that states under republican control unfairly removing names of minority voters from registration lists in georgia this particular concern where
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a white republican candidate is facing strong competition from black democrat john hendren reports from atlanta. daniel nuno was puzzled by the government letter the civil servant had voted in georgia for a decade but this time the state told him he'd done it wrong so he phoned the secretary of state's office. the woman on the phone told him he filled out his ballot correctly and signed it but he failed to sign the on below the ballot came in we get it we just can't get it right we don't have the only information we need and the option to you know. you know doesn't up doesn't like yelling really don't really have that option we don't have to marry you. this voting rights advocates say is voter suppression in action the man they accuse of leading a campaign to prevent minorities from voting is georgia's secretary of state brian camp he oversees voting in the state and just happens to be running as
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a republican for governor he's in a dead heat against democrat stacy abrams who hopes to become georgia's first female black governor. camp has purged one point four million voters from state electoral rolls critics say disproportionately blacks and minorities who tend to vote for democrats georgia is one of several states who knows the state of. the civil war has never ended as a campaign with many too many ways to continue to try to suppress the vote a lawsuit by the new georgia project and other civil rights groups says three hundred forty thousand in georgia were wrongfully purged most of them minorities it is a conflict of interest on its face you can keep your thumb on the scale and impact the results of this election video camp is strictly enforcing voter id laws in an registering those who have not voted for two elections or have moved this is
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someone who has to be held accountable to do his basic jobs we have made it easier to vote and hard to cheat in just because miss a brahms flossy balts lawsuit or the new. georgia project it doesn't mean it's right the lawsuit by civil rights group says similar voter purges are happening in twenty six republican controlled states across the u.s. at many polling stations like this one in atlanta you can vote early but for some voters by the time they found out there was a problem with their registration it was already too late nineteen year old linnea gordon was looking forward to voting in her first election for stacy abrams i received a letter where i got. no same that i'm even more information but i gave all the information that i needed they sent the letter before me after to day seen some eight more information in daniel newman does case the state has the discretion to allow his mail in ballot it's just decided not to as he
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phoned kemp's department he got one other bit of bad news so and that's the case with mine and my wife's that is correct yes with a few days left election day his wife will also be notified that her ballot has also been rejected by the state of georgia john hendren it lent now these concerns about voter suppression are one of the many reasons why this election is under a national and now i guess international spotlight there's several aspects to this georgia race that have people wondering as you see this user here asking some of these questions basically the same question how is some of this stuff legal and so have a lot of people watching this and questioning that on that ground sally is tweeted about another major elements to this race remember her she was the acting attorney general who was fired in the opening days of the trumpet ministration for refusing to comply with his travel ban which she's tweeted about fear in this campaign what
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she calls divisive scare tactics that are being used by president trump on the campaign trail. stacie edwards is one of the most extreme far left politicians in the entire country you know that. so that man right there may not be on the ballot but his agenda certainly is the president and his supporters have spread a message that everything he's accomplished could be rolled back if the democrats seize control of the house or when certain gubernatorial races especially in states that he won in the twenty sixteen election and you can hear his backers repeat those same warnings even if they're not true i'm voting for camp because i don't want my taxes to go up i don't want georgia to become socialist and i also don't want any messing around with second amendment and in these final days of campaigning the rhetoric has sunk to
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a new low beyond the typical fear mongering that democrats will take away guns or bring in socialism or turn the state in to venezuela voters in georgia have also received a blatantly racist automatic phone call as a warning you may find this next clip offensive. the manager. has made my belly. governor of georgia so that ad goes on for about sixty seconds which includes a bunch of racism and sprinkle of anti-semitism that white supremacist group that's based in ohio idaho funded this so-called robo call and sent it to an unknown number of voters in georgia and that's after using a similar tactic in florida where the tallahassee mayor whose name is andrew gilliam gillum is hoping to become the state's first black governor now stacey abrams campaign says that it is not surprising that in a race that has consistently been very close we've seen several weeks of increasing desperation from many dark corners trying to steal the election cheat lie and prey
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on people's fears rather than having the respect to listen to voters and speak to their hopes and while that may be the most racist campaign ad of these midterms this election has featured all sorts of attack ads that many have found to be racist including this one you may remember from a few days ago which president trump tweeted out last week that plays on voter fears so let us know what impact you think this may have on the midterms especially if you're in georgia or florida or one of these other states that's voting in just a short time get in touch with us using the hash tag major news grid. andrew thank you very much and we actually have had some comments on facebook about this about what is suppression ben says it won't matter a damn means in good shape he is referring to what i guest said earlier about the democrats being in good shape because he says since republicans cheat in order to win and donna said america is a disgrace allowing this to happen so do keep your comments coming in to was we
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have extended coverage of these very important elections on our website including this fantastic in photographic on got the right to vote when an america which is a history of voting rights and you'll find it by searching for who got the right to vote when. now the jury selection process is beginning in new york for the trial of the man accused of being one of mexico's biggest drug lords known as el chapo joaquin guzman has been held in solitary confinement in the u.s. for the past two years security for the trial is expected to be high especially for witnesses and jurors gabriel is under reports for the last two years joaquin el chapo guzman has been held in solitary confinement in a new york jail after his extradition to the u.s. on an array of drug trafficking and murder charges security for the trial tate
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considering guzman famously escaped from prison twice in mexico once through an elaborate tunnel in his prison cell. even with guzman in handcuffs prosecutors and the judge worry his associates could still pose a danger to people involved in the trial they cooperated witnesses and even jurors this former new york city police detective says precautions will be taken and the jury will likely be kept in a secret location and they don't want to get any witness tampering they don't want to have any threats they don't want to put their families in that position too so they're going to be extremely careful with what they do with their witnesses despite this seeming mountain of evidence against guzman this is a trial that will be very complicated and along with dozens if not hundreds of eyewitnesses expected to be called to testify the judge is saying this is a trial that could go on for more than three months edgardo buscaglia it world renowned expert on organized crime and drug trafficking says many of guzman's
12:35 am
crimes took place in the u.s. but from ordering killings to trafficking drugs to the signing the money laundering channels into u.s. criminal networks. commercial activities within the u.s. they infiltrated the banking system through a very well known buying stocks around the world so you have an incredible number of. cases who are the criminal network led by chuck was money has being involved in all kinds of crimes within u.s. borders and in many other countries he says the trial will have little impact on the day to day operations of those months in a low a cartel as a message is fine in terms of the actual impact on a criminal network it will not make any impact prosecutors saying he conviction of guzman will do one thing it will put an infamous drug kingpin away pretty good.
12:36 am
and gabe is joining us live from new york now and before we even get to the trial there is that very difficult job that actually selecting a jury has never heard of the man you know once considered the world's most powerful drug trafficker yeah that's right selecting the jury is going to be very difficult and that's why the process started today and it's expected to take at least a week normally takes just one or two days at the most but this trial is going to be so complicated there are booked out at least a week to select a jury primarily because it is so well known around the world there's currently a netflix documentaries about him there's movies about him we spent all over the media for many many years so selecting a jury that can be impartial is going to be quite frankly very difficult that's number one in this second problem with the jury is that the judge and prosecutors both feel that they the jury could be at risk this is going to be
12:37 am
a three month trial and they're worried that finding jurors it can commit to three months number one and number two keeping jurors safe and their identity private throughout this trial is of utmost concern as well because prosecutors feel that guzman cinna low a cartel still is very active in the united states and very dangerous so the jurors are going to be sequestered in some unknown location in new york throughout this trial the face they gave and what about the prosecution's case itself once it begins one of the memory and crimes that. accused of. yeah the prosecution has all sorts of crimes are accusing guzman of drug trafficking number one without a doubt money laundering that's a big one and also a murder here in new york as well according to the prosecutors this is going to be a trial that's going to be long and complicated but it's also going to peel back the veil of secrecy of the scene a low a cartel
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a cartel that operates according to experts in more than thirty countries but which is still active today in several states here in the united states including a new york brings in hundreds of millions of dollars from the united states every year prosecutors say they are going to link guzman directly to all of this and they say they have to be eyewitnesses to key allies of guzman that were number three and number four within his cartel that they've arrested and have turned on him and they're expected to provide damning evidence against guzman now the defense says they plan to fight this tooth and nail may say that a lot of the eyewitnesses that the state is calling simply are cooperating only to get lower sentences themselves but this is going to be a very interesting trial that's going to really give us a better sense of this in a low a cartel thank you very much for half an hour. live in new york. the
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time for sport with joan allen one of the biggest names in boxing is coming out of retirement again joe again exactly lizbeth yet it seems that boxer floyd mayweather has got a taste for fighting mixed martial arts styles just over a year ago he beat connor gregor in the ring in boxing is richest fight in history and now at forty one he's announced another fight against japanese kick box attention nessa cowan mayweather is teaming up with japan's rise and fighting federation to face the twenty year old undefeated fighter on new year's eve in japan an order is still need to decide whether the fight will be under the rules of boxing kick boxing mixed martial arts or a combination of all three i'm going to wrestle a little bit. and box a lot of it and say i was just saying you know. i can do it all. you know i can do anything if i set my mind to it we have to have rules as rules
12:42 am
and regulations to everything that we do in life so i'm pretty sure once i speak with. the guys from my team we are going get on the same page so we both walked in do we have to do a little juvenile jesus or not it was this is the biggest event of mine tile life i think i would like to prove with my own fists what others couldn't do in the past well it was back to de telegraaf boxing journalist carafa davies and started by asking him if he thinks the fight will will suit mayweather more than his opponents . absolutely little jacket in this paper and i wouldn't mind a system made to get you and sober a hundred million u.s. dollars for the skylights these earn over a billion dollars remember in the ring is a big draw wherever he fights this is mayweather moving into the into the far east if you like into asia he's never fought there. if you look back
12:43 am
mike tyson of course lost a buster douglas there were those years ago there's a history of japan hosting very big fights the biggest mixed martial arts fights all pride fights as they were called the pride organization way back. in the early two thousand floodway whether it's one of the world's greatest markets here and he seized on an opportunity there all kinds of cross-overs going on in combat sports but they always have really the biggest names. have always created hype and promotion around and so i was under the link it's bad for boxing. you could say the floyd mayweather is exploiting his name in a new market is perfectly entitled to do that one hundred ali of course sports antonio you know key in japan and it was a travesty of the fights though he didn't get up off the grounds the crowd just way around the ready dolly was kicked to the lower legs had to be carried out of their
12:44 am
course and there was very little action this will be better that's a call will come and it has he said i'm going to try to hit misc i believe if i gets him i'll be able to knock him out but you know what it's hard to get our hands on floyd mayweather as we saw with conna mcgregor who is a brilliant striker couldn't really put mayweather away of course mayweather starts mcgregor in the tenth round in that that's a cause undefeated twenty five it's got a crop of blogs he's the pretty boy or flight schools if you like and maybe they'll be twenty pounds heavier than him four inches taller is just going. what's those little legs that knock his head off but we don't even know yet whether nestor call will be able to kick cloyd mayweather he may have it all is own way and they may say it's just boxing it's maybe not kickboxing i hope it is good boxing because that's because i only chance and my imagine is going to be to have a go kicking floyd mayweather because of his books again i don't give him
12:45 am
a chance it's all. now what is it with sculptors trying and failing to deliver an accurate representation of some of the world's greatest football is to remember this christiane arnold a statue will it seems liverpool star mohamed salah has been given the same treatment this sculpture has been unveiled in the gyptian city of sharm el shaikh now the artist sold gyptian media that she created the stunt she because solace stood as a symbol of excellence for us and she says how all work is distinguished but not everyone on social media agrees take a look at this print initially thought that most alice statue reminded him of disco legend leo sayer but now he's convinced it's been released to commemorate folk great art garfunkel who turns seventy seven today or perhaps you're a fan of the one nine hundred ninety holly wood film home alone the statue might remind you of mall one of the burglars there now this draws a parallel between the statue of beavis friend of butthead of course from the
12:46 am
ninety's animated show on m.t.v. but if it gives you give it some context in a liverpool shirt and then jay says in his tweet that the new most silas statue looks great all right we can tweet me your thoughts at joey gusher oscar peter will be back with more one thousand nine hundred seventy but for now it's back to lisbon joe thank you very much for that and that will do it for this newsgroup will be back here tomorrow at the same time fifteen g.m.t. for you that. thank. you. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experienced sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goes to hopefully
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a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. at sixteen kush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as her investigations bring a face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women the father search for suitable husband continues can both their dreams come true almost one overcome the other. deadline and part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera.
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live. that. now. that. story is of life. and and spring. oh a series of short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against the odds i thought it. was. al-jazeera selects express yourself. defiance from iran as the u.s. imposes the toughest sanctions to date targeting the country's oil and financial sectors.
12:49 am
this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the murder of journalist comes under the spotlight in geneva as the u.n. human rights council saudi arabia over his death. thousands march in support of newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa as the sri lankan political crisis deepens. look at accusations that millions of americans are being denied the right to vote in the midterm elections with minorities most affected. and are the united states is calling the latest sanctions against iran its toughest so far in response iran accused the u.s. of bullying and said its tactics were backfiring on making washington isolated internationally the measures target tehran's oil and financial sectors and the u.s.
12:50 am
war because the quinces for any country that continues to do business with iran we hope a new agreement with iran is possible but until iran makes changes in the twelve ways that i listed in may we will be relentless and exerting pressure on the regime . as a reflection of that result today we are closing all sanctions that were previously listed under the nuclear deal this includes sanctions on energy banking shipping and ship building industries. since the trumpet ministration came into office we've done one thousand rounds of sanctions totally one hundred sixty eight iranian entities today sanctions will accelerate the rapid decline of international economic activity in iran since the implementation of our strategy in may. since that time it's back in may over one hundred countries have withdrawn from iran cancel plans to do business there on diplomatic or to james bays joins us live from washington d.c. so jim what more did it was that your state have to say about this well he was very
12:51 am
strong as he always is about iran the things that he says it's doing wrong in the region he said it was playing a destabilizing role in the region he pointed in particular to its role in yemen of course if you listen to the united nations they say there is no recent proof of iran supplying any weapons to the who thiis and the official figures show that the vast majority of civilians who died in yemen have been killed by the saudi led air campaign so it does beg the question why are you singling out iran at this time about is a question i put to the u.s. secretary of state how is the behavior of iran different from the behavior of saudi arabia. underwriting lebanese hezbollah presents a threat to united states of america and israel underwriting the who these in yemen causing an enormous conflict to take place there in that country the efforts in
12:52 am
iraq to undermine the iraqi government funding shia militias that are not the best interests of the iraqi people their efforts and syria the list goes on the difference in behavior between those two countries is remarkable since we've taken office the kingdom of saudi arabia has been very supportive of our efforts on counterterrorism they have assisted us i know secretary miniatures work with them on a couple of projects as well it is completely clear the islamic republic of iran is the destabilizing force in the middle east today well iran now must obviously decide how it's going to respond to this we've heard fahri talk coming out of tehran in the last few minutes i can tell you that iran's ambassador to the united nations has written a letter to the secretary general saying that he wants the u.n. to take action because in terms of the international agreements that are in place of course it's the u.s. that's the one that is pulling out of the iran deal
12:53 am
a deal it signed in the iran deal is also not just an agreement between those countries it was ratified in a u.n. security council resolution so it is international law resolution twenty two thirty one so the protests are coming from iran but i think more important for iran than just the sanctions which they knew were coming is what's going to happen here in the united states in the coming hours the mid-term elections because i think they're going to be making a bit of a calculation looking at the results of those elections and the support for the republicans they have dealt with two years of donald trump they know there's two more years of him as president but will he win reelection and i think they will be trying to work that out from the results of the midterm elections when they come in thank you very much indeed. well james says iran remains defiant in an address to the nation president rouhani said the era of simply saying death to america was over and the time had come to take practical steps to make the u.s.
12:54 am
for iran and. iran. one of the reasons president donald trump gave to pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on iran was the country's growing military influence in the middle east. and their ballistic missiles program. so it was perhaps not a coincidence that iranian scheduled one of their largest military exercises of the year on the same day as u.s. sanctions kicked back in. multiple air defense units took part in war games spanning half a million square kilometers across the country. and as the missiles took flight on the ground the iranian president lobbed insults at the american president to have was by only able to go scout that i don't think any other administration in the history of the united states has been as opposed to the law and international treaties i've not seen any administration in the white house as racist as these people and you cannot expect anything else from them in
12:55 am
a speech to his recently shaken up economic team rouhani laid out a broad plan for the future come what may iran will sell oil and will break u.s. sanctions in the face of american threats iranians put their faith in the basic principle of supply and demand i believe the sunshine was the. plan. but that they couldn't sanction is not the. sudden need. some think in their mind and then put sanctions and you give me the supply side you cannot expect the pres good though. simple price goes up iran has used unmarked ships to sell oil in international waters traded oil using the barter system and rouhani has also floated the idea of selling oil in alternative currencies to the u.s. dollar iran is also counting on a european bypass to the american banking system but months of promises and public
12:56 am
support by the european union have not led to practical solutions behind closed doors some iranians are asking if that was the plan all along despite rouhani is insistence that european support is a big deal for iran keeping iran's trust will not be the only challenge for europe to keep iran in the nuclear deal with american sanctions at full strength and more said to be on the way they'll also have to figure out how to turn the temperature down between hawks into iran and washington. new details on the merger sounded. appear to show that the lengths to which saudi arabia has gone to cover up exactly what happened turkish media and a sounding center istanbul to help with investigation where forensic experts whose
12:57 am
mission it was to raise evidence at the crime scene anderson's report from istanbul . another leaked to the pro-government newspaper this time implicating two members of the official search and investigation team sent from saudi arabia and nine days after jamal khashoggi is murder these men are as these are just bonny reported to be a chemical expert and how. the rani said to be a toxicologist are accused of trying to destroy evidence and cover up what happened there reported to have been active in the consulate and the consul general's residence ahead of the turkish investigators being allowed into the buildings to start their own inquiries after these claims the call was made for inquiries into reports of attempts to destroy because shock g.'s body in acid after the been dismembered or. the call came from the turkish vice president who said the investigation would reach the highest levels. who gave the order for the
12:58 am
murder to be committed on our soil we are searching for this answer. earlier just two sons had spoken for the first time since their father's death some lives in saudi arabia and had to get permission to fly to the u.s. to be with the rest of his family or what we want. to bring him back here with in medina with his with the rest of his family in saudi arabia yes i talk to that talk about that with. the saudi authorities and. i just hope that it happens. but you need to find somebody needs to find his his body yes. i think that the sessions are going. to be hopeful about that a simple request for
12:59 am
a lack of humility after all the lies the attempts of cover ups and the high wire diplomacy jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure but more than one month on there is still no sign of an end to that grieving process under symons al-jazeera istanbul your human rights council has been reviewing the actions of saudi arabia and its record on rights violations a saudi delegation in geneva faced questions over the murder of. addressing the council it restated the kingdom's position that it is investigating the killing and will prosecute those responsible for brennan has places from geneva the conflicting perspectives about saudi arabia's human rights record one highlights are before the session even began and documents submitted in advance firstly the national report from saudi arabia itself detailing what it says are the reforms that have been enacted the royal decrees which have been passed improving the role of women and
1:00 am
improving the human rights record but in contrast to that two reports were put before delegates firstly one from un committees and another from n.g.o.s which complained about the operative detentions about the use of the death sentence about the stonings amputations against children on the issue of jamal khashoggi could not be a scaped and. the kingdom of saudi arabia has already expressed its really good and came for the death of a manhunt going on the reason i was already instructed the prosecution to proceed with the investigation into this case according to the pickup laws in preparation to reaching all the facts and bringing more be perpetrators to justice to the facts to the public. the interrogation here in the chamber splits along broadly partisan lines close allies of saudi arabia chose to simply pack the
1:01 am
kingdom on the back and encourage them to continue the existing progress of reform but what was really interesting was the history teacher allies such as the united kingdom and the united states.


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