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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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turkish media is reporting that members of the sell the team sent to ball to investigate the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi focused instead on removing evidence of his murder the daily star says that among the saudi team which arrived nine days after the journalist was last seen were experts in chemicals and toxicology let's go now to our correspondent. he's outside the consulate for more on the releasing this new information what do they i mean tell us more details and also what they can actually do about this. well there isn't really interesting developments according to the leaks particular to the pro-government newspaper until yesterday most of the leaks what about the death squads today it's about something different which is the cleanup scored that eleven
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members that arrived on the ninth of october one week after the death of jamal khashoggi and according to the allegations of the newspaper those members of the squad were with one particular task which is to destroy and evidence related to the body of. the two members of the screen up squad were a chemical expert and a toxicology test and that the managed to get into the consulate there you can see behind me and also the consul's residence before the invent turkish investigators were allowed into those areas for investigation now today also the vice president. vice president of turkey voiced concerns about potential for the remains to be immersed into acid for complete destruction and this is exactly what the turkish government has been saying over the last few days which is
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basically the concern that they may never be able to get hold of any remains of them officially and meanwhile. fans are joining in that poor for his remains but now this album is listening. it's a family traumatized by the gruesome details about the way their father was triangle to death his body dismembered they basically hope to be able to deliver the will of their father to be buried in the city of med d.n.a. in saudi arabia but then as we've been saying the tendency in the turkish media and also the states was of senior. members of the turkish government is that they believe they may never be able to get any remains i was about possibly that's this is what one of the sons of about house of the had to say or what we want right now . is to bring him in and buccaneer with in medina with his
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with because of his family in saudi arabia in saudi arabia yes i talk to talk about that with. the saudi authorities and. i just hope that it happens or what you need to find somebody needs to find is his body yes. i believe that the search is ongoing and really hopeful about that. so the leaks that we've seen over the last few days to the local media about the circumstances that led to the death of. a political reason which is basically to put more pressure on sunday rabia to come out and say who gave the order to kill and have the turkish government to identify the whereabouts of his remains as far as tookie is concerned it's not up to.
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to tell the world exactly what happened because here people don't seem really to buy into the narrative that it was a death squad that killed believe it was someone higher up in the saudi government elizabeth thank you very much for that or the latest live and thank you are plenty more ahead on the news hour china lays out as planned for more open trade as it fights a trade war with the u.s. a sixteenth century import that saddam is banking on for its economic future and floyd mayweather is set to return to the ring bars it's not what you may have thought the picture will be here with that story in sports. armed separatists in cameroon so they've kidnapped high school students and their principal they were taken from a presbyterian boarding school in the city of but mend the mend as part of the
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english speaking region which has seen an upsurge in violence in the past year an armed group known as the only of freedom fighters is fighting for an independent state apart from the majority french speaking government. sri lanka's parliamentary speaker is accusing the president of repeatedly misleading him as a constitutional crisis enters its second week it was triggered when president mightly palace it is saying and dismissed it on iraq and the senhor replacing him with former president mahinda rajapaksa ten days ago and smith reports from colombo . he might be able to draw a crowd of thousands but because new prime minister still hasn't been endorsed by parliament that's a constitutional coupe critics say president my three powerless or is saying a small in his former ally then rival now ally again and suspended parliament more than a week ago. the speaker accuses the president of repeatedly not keeping promises of
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an early recall of parliament karo jayasuriya says he'll only recognize mahinda rajapakse as appointment if m.p.'s vote for it he said it's difficult to remain silent in the face of the severe violation of democratic principles the forcible taking over of the administration of media and other public sector institutions the majority of m.p.'s is of the opinion that all changes made in the parliament are undemocratic and inconsistent with the traditions of parliament but his supporters as appointment is justified at the got to get out of but the one that didn't have the internet you know this is a leader who won the war the one who saved the country i mean look all the legal things have been done and dusted he's now prime minister. the governor of the i'm learning rajapaksa accuses create a sense of increasing the tax burden and using power a man who was fired to make way run away from a single says he's still prime minister and has the parliamentary support to prove
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it. he won't leave the official residence until m.p.'s get to vote because just over a week to go. there's a gesture to the rajapaksa scum just a handful of votes to give him a majority if he gets it then he'll probably remain as prime minister with a manner that. palmer rising the lankan politicians voted to make hundred zero. a russian fighter jet has flown close to or bars to a u.s. navy plane over the black sea the aggressive flight moves risks a mid-air collision military pilots are known to use that as a warning not to try to force other aircraft to change course the u.s. navy says the move was unprovoked lasted twenty five minutes and took place in international airspace south of the ukraine and west of russia the black sea is an area that seen previous tension between russian and nato forces.
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china's president has promised to cut and pour tower of sand allow more foreign companies to do business in the country and although she didn't pay him didn't refer directly to china's trade war with the u.s. he warned that free trade is under attack he made the remarks during the opening of a trade fair in shanghai from where our china correspondent adrian brown reports. it is only from the air that you get the scale of this vast event happening on the edge of shanghai china's commercial hub the expo is part of an effort to rebranding countries global trading image it was planned long before the united states began imposing tariffs on chinese imports many heads of state and prime ministers are here but none from the world's leading economies at the opening ceremony president xi jinping once more presented himself as the guardian of free trade or at least his version of it. china is committed to further opening up and promoting free
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trade china will remain a strong advocate of global openness and will be the main driver of global economic growth he didn't refer to china's trade dispute with the united states but warned against a winner takes all mentality the president also failed to mention some of the complaints that foreign executives have about doing business in this country they complain that the chinese leadership public commitment to free trade often aren't borne out by its actions. u.s. companies are represented here even if their government isn't probably flying the flag lake city health products company that arrived in china eighteen months ago but is still waiting for regulatory approval the time and length and costs and uncertainty of approving a get in a blue hat has made it so difficult for all external companies to come in foreign
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firms often have to enter into a joint venture as a condition for doing business here but that didn't bother this talian furniture designer who actively sought such an arrangement yes of course that because the like help from chinese come you know to be a chinese we know a lot of the things that we cannot to be a while before well. shanghai's does something nighttime skyline is often touted as a symbol of china's openness but some economists warn that if its leaders fail to deliver on the promises made at this expo those flashing lights could one day become morning signals adrian brown al-jazeera shanghai. cuba's president miguel diaz canal has met north korean leader kim jong il on n.p.r. and yang as part of his first overseas trip since taking office and april both countries are under u.s. economic sanctions but today it is about to strengthen their country's links diaz
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canal early a visit to russia where he discussed a nearly fifty million dollars arms deal with president vladimir putin. now since u.s. sanctions on saddam were lifted last year the government has been trying to rebuild neglected regions want to area receiving investment as the has starred. built in the sixteenth century it used to be the country's main trading hub as had a morgan the ports. crumbled buildings the remains of an area where the ottomans ruled sudan and when trade flourished on the country's second largest ports including slave trade but for sugar abraham this is the only home he's ever known. i was born here and grew up here this place has an amazing history it was one of sudan's first ports for trade and for people people used to travel around the world for centuries so working was built by the ottomans in the sixteenth century it along with several other ports along sudan's eastern coast served as
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a major gateway to the gulf and the east but since sanctions were imposed on sudan in one thousand nine hundred haven't most of the country supports load in function as straight decelerated in fact is one of the traders who felt the impact. because you know a lot of goods used to come via the sea but then it slowed down with the sanctions there were less ships coming in and now we have to go to the capital to bring stocks instead of relying on nearby port. sanctions were lifted last year but says he's yet to feel any positive effect sudan's government with help from foreign countries like turkey have been working to restore still working for tourism and trade reviving the historic and economic significance of so i can well take years but it's not just the ports tourism and investment potential that are attracting foreign investors regional park dynamics also seem to have a role just across the red sea is a regional gulf crisis and a worry in yemen involving a saudi led coalition some countries such as egypt and saudi arabia fear that so work it will become what is once was
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a military base local authorities disagree but we are told that what we're trying to do is rebuild the structure for trade and tourism so working is less than twenty square kilometers how could you build a military base here a base could be built further north in port sudan and that's been discussed but not here it's working or i want to see a revival of the port he and his ancestors grew up on so trade can resume instead of the old structures crumbling and becoming marriage symbols of the past he were more. as there are so work in eastern sudan. now jury selection is beginning in new york for the trial of the man accused of being one of mexico's biggest drug lords known as el chapo guzman he's been held in solitary confinement in the u.s. for the past two years and security for the trial is high especially what mrs gabriel any reports from new york. for the last two years joaquin el chapo guzman has been held in solitary confinement in a new york jail after his extradition to the u.s.
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on an array of drug trafficking charges security for the trial tape considering guzman famously escaped from prison twice in mexico once through an elaborate tunnel in his prison cell. even with guzman in handcuffs prosecutors and the judge worry his associates could still pose a danger to people involved in a trial like operating witnesses and even jurors this former new york city police detective says precautions will be taken and the jury will likely be kept in a secret location that they don't want to get any witness tampering they don't want to have any threats they don't want to put their families in that position too so they're going to be extremely careful with what they do with their witnesses despite this seeming mountain of evidence against guzman this is a trial that will be very complicated and along with dozens if not hundreds of eyewitnesses expected to be called to testify the judge is saying this is a trial that could go on for more than three months. edgardo buscaglia it world
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renowned expert on organized crime and drug trafficking says many of guzman's crimes took place in the u.s. from ordering killings to trafficking drugs to the signing the money laundering channels into u.s. criminal networks. commercial activities within the u.s. they infiltrated the banking system through a very well known buying stocks around the world so you have an incredible number of. cases who are the criminal network led by chopper was money has being involved in all kinds of crimes within u.s. borders and in many other countries he says the trial will have little impact on the day to day operations of those months in a low a cartel as a message is fine in terms of the actual impact on a criminal network it will not make any impact the prosecutor saying he conviction
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of guzman will do one thing it will put an infamous drug kingpin away pretty good gabriel zonda. brooklyn. coming up in the second half of the news out. of. but john's relatives demand. as black boxes from a crashed absent jet revealed the repeated now functions saudi arabia's rights record is put under a spotlight by the u.n. and in sports page it won't be here with the best of the semifinal action on the major major soccer playoffs. hello it's getting wet now in western iran the rain that is still falling the iraqi plane gave i think two hundred millimeters that's flash flood in both the euphrates
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and the tigris in fact throughout that valley is like to shelley west at the moment and says sharp pains which means it's an active frontal system as it moves eastwards into iran the head of it all almost into eastern turkey but probably really syria and this living brain is far northwest snow of course where the ground rises as probably georgia but we talk about azerbaijan west and south of iran tail off through kuwait even as far south as bahrain was significant right to the west of that possible sounds told for i think they've gone so we're talking about a quarter of period twenty two beirut is the forecast now to take you for another day the showers if anything fade away but still there in northern syria and possibly eastern side of turkey that looks quiet and cooler twenty six in kuwait city of course the roof is reflected in the weather in the arabian peninsula much quieter than it was there the showers at marash far south as bahrain but i think so otherwise nothing much to talk about for a change actually in southern africa active weather once more as binns eastern side
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of south africa it's still there probably make it wet in certain mozambique as well . the latest news as it breaks the saudis narrative contradicts the information that turkish officials have been giving for the past two weeks with detailed coverage this whole flap feria of mud was shops and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside from around the world the government doesn't call this a detention center but it's surrounded by barbed wire fences and it exits are manned by armed guards. there's nowhere to hide isn't the easiest way to solve this time allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish the job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy. we're going to see some kind of
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sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there is a journalistic integrity and then in this case it was betrayed told only. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories u.s. economic sanctions targeting iran's oil and financial sectors have come into force iran's president hassan rouhani says his country will quote bypass the measures. turkish media is reporting that members of the team to investigate the
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disappearance of journalist. focused instead on removing evidence of his murder. why is president for there has called for an investigation into reports that bodies . of my dissolve and get an acid an armed separatists in cameroon so that seventy nine high school students and their principal they were taken from a presbyterian boarding school in the city of but many in the west of the country. the president just moments ago about the reem reimposition of sanctions on iran at a joint base in maryland just outside washington d.c. where he was boarding a plane let's listen in. with the oil it's very interesting we have the toughest sanctions ever imposed but on oil we want to go a little bit slower because i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world this has nothing to do with the rent i don't want to drive the oil prices in the world so i'm not looking to be a great hero and bring it down to zero immediately i could get the iran oil down to
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zero immediately but it would cause a shock to the market i don't want to lift oil prices and if you notice well prices are going down very substantially despite the fact that already half of their capacity is gun but i don't want to do that i saw some people say go why aren't you tougher and that well number one the sanctions a very tough number two i don't want to lift the oil prices worldwide by play being down one hundred percent it will be a gradual. so there we go president donald trump talking there just a few moments ago about the exemptions given to eight countries that is still allowed to do business with iran by oil from iran for the next six months saying it's because he didn't want to drive up the price of oil by taking iranian oil completely out of the markets. now the murder of journalist jamal kushal ji has taken center stage at the u.n.
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human rights council international as delegations in geneva have been questioning sally on human rights as part of a regular view member states have also been criticizing the op for abuses committed by the saw the end the rotty coalition during the war in yemen when reports from geneva. the timing of this working group on saudi arabia's human rights record could scarcely be more opportune given the context of the germ out had charge of murder and saudi arabia was put under the intense spotlight but it did give a robust defense of its human rights record issuing a document in advance which details the whole variety of royal decree and reforms that have been enacted which it said had empowered women had issued protections against children and against migrant rights and was looking at potentially reforming the guardianship law but again and again countries were critical of how little in fact saudi arabia had actually achieved countries like australia the u.k.
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and the united states asked saudi arabia to implement more reforms so it wasn't enough what they've done so far for example mexico said the need to be a moratorium on the death penalty in saudi arabia a death penalty by the way which is seen twice as many people executed in twenty fifteen as was executed in twenty thirteen montenegro spoke about the importance of addressing gender based violence and even man mark spoke about the importance of allowing religious freedom within the kingdom of saudi arabia it was a bruising encounter and it will go forward into a report that will be produced later this week and into a full human rights council next year. now donald trump has republican party and has democrat bibles are having a fine a frenzied day of campaigning on the eve of midterm elections that's being seen by many voters as a chance to express a view on the u.s. president's first two years in office republicans are trying to protect their
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majorities in the house of representatives and senate democrats are hoping to win back at least partial control of congress to thwart trump's agenda one of the key swing states as pennsylvania and our correspondent christensen is in one of its biggest cities pittsburgh plenty to play for in pennsylvania preston. that's right elizabeth one of the reasons democrats are optimistic about winning more seats in the house of representatives here in pennsylvania is because of the unprecedented number of women who are running for office this is a trend that we are seeing nationwide women running like they have never run before and here in pennsylvania in particular seven out of eighteen of the races for house of representatives have a woman on the ballot and this is a state that doesn't have a big history of supporting women candidates right now there are currently no women representing the state in washington d.c.
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so we're going to talk about this a little bit more with dana brown who's joining me now from the pennsylvania for center for women in politics dana thanks for being here first of all what is driving women out to run for office now well we know since the two thousand and sixteen presidential election that women are fired up we had those big women's marches both here in pennsylvania but also across the nation and so when you take a look at the number of women running that's largely being driven by the democratic party so nationally we have two hundred fifty three women on the ballot for the house of representatives which is a phenomenal number one hundred eighty three of those are democrats so what issues are important to women not only the candidates but the voters themselves we know in two thousand and sixteen that a majority of white women a slight majority of white women voted for donald trump so why do democrats think they can get women on their side well right now we're hearing
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a lot about health care i mean the affordable care act was one of the first pieces of legislation that this republican congress and this republican president tried to remove. and change and so we're seeing a backlash now to that that health care is actually top of the mind the economy still rather strong here in the u.s. and so that health care issue has bumped. once again earlier today president obama was at a rally in virginia and he said you know lord knows we need more women in charge what do you think women bring to politics that. the political science pretty strong and clear for a while now we know that when more women are elected to office we see an increase in transparency we see an increase in bipartisanship we know that women actually even talk to legislatures differently so we actually use more collaborative language. so that actually does increase bipartisanship and getting more close
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sponsorships to bill's so to say a few more civil governing system you know perhaps more women will leave it right there and certainly bipartisanship is something that many people would agree is lacking in this country right now so that's a strong selling point here in pennsylvania at least one woman will go to the house of representatives we know that because there is one race where there is a woman republican running against a woman democrat but democrats are hoping to gain seats in the state as i said largely because of the many women candidates who are running. very much well that is questions in pittsburgh now civil rights groups in the u.s. fear that millions of americans are being denied their right to vote they say that states under republican control unfairly removing names of minority voters from registration lists in georgia there is a particular. republican candidate who is facing strong competition from a black democrat john hendren reports from atlanta. daniel known go was puzzled by
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the government letter the civil servant had voted in georgia for a decade but this time the state told him he'd done it wrong so he phoned the secretary of state's office. the woman on the phone told him he filled out his ballot correctly and signed it but he failed to sign the on below the ballot came in we get it we just can't take it we don't have the only information we need and the option to. doesn't up doesn't work and landry don't really have that option but oh yeah i hear. this voting rights advocates say is voter suppression in action the man they accuse of leading a campaign to prevent minorities from voting is georgia's secretary of state brian camp he oversees voting in the state and just happens to be running as a republican for governor he's in a dead heat against democrat stacy abrams who hopes to become georgia's first female black governor. camp has purged one point four million
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voters from state electoral rolls critics say disproportionately blacks and minorities who tend to vote for democrats georgia is one of several states you know is a state of confederacy. the civil war has never ended has a campaign with many too many ways to continue to try to suppress the vote a lawsuit by the new georgia project and other civil rights groups says three hundred forty thousand in georgia were wrongfully purged most of them minorities it is a conflict of interests on its face. on the scale and impact of the video camp is strictly enforcing voter id laws in an registering those who have not voted for two elections or have moved this is someone who has to be held accountable to do his basic jobs we have made it easier to vote and hard to cheat and just because miss a brahms flossy balts lawsuit or the new. georgia project it doesn't mean it's
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right the lawsuit by civil rights groups says similar voter purges are happening in twenty six republican controlled states across the u.s. many polling stations like this one in atlanta you can vote early but for some voters by the time they found out there was a problem with their registration it was already too late one thousand year old linnea gordon was looking forward to voting in her first election for stacy abrams . a letter where i. know same that i'm even more information but i gave all the information that i needed they sent the letter before me after seeing. more information in daniel newman does case the state has the discretion to allow his mail in ballot it's just decided not to as he phoned kemp's department he got one other bit of bad news so and that's the case with mine and my wife's that is correct yes.
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with a few days left to election day his wife will also be notified that her ballot has also been rejected by the state of georgia john hendren al-jazeera atlanta. madagascar airing of what could be the most expensive presidential election and its history three quarters of the population live in poverty bart politicians are spending more than ever on their beds for the top office farm and the miller has more from the capital. deep within one town and are evil thousands of people eek out a living in the mounds of rubbish at the rally truck dump one of africa's largest dams it's a mess of in waste flies and stomach churning smells from beneath the dirt these people hunt for what others may consider to be waste but for them potential treasure potential. been working here for twenty years he and his children are looking for any valuable metals all bones which are used to make
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a loaf of medicine they earn four dollars for every bag of scrap collected. does not pay very much and the most difficult part of doing it is digging deep into the dirt is so much dust by the time i'm covered in sweat and sand nearly eighty percent of the population lives on less than two dollars a day according to a world bank report one recollects ago prices up to another has significantly contributed to madagascar's high level of poverty and the country's done very little to improve the wellbeing of its population now is the madagascar hits to the polls critics say far too much money is being spent on electioneering rather than helping the poor. father pedro picker has for decades been working to help the poor in the suburb of a commercial he says while the election is
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a chance for democracy polity. sir there are only interests eades many of the people he's helped with food housing and education in the sunday mass is your view . this sunday i love witness to this poverty i've been a medic guest of the fifty years i've seen this country descend into hell and here we've shown that with education discipline and respect we can fight poverty this week's presidential elections expected to cost even more than it did five years ago they are more candidates running and they are no laws limiting campaign spending what we know is that probably election two thousand so the teen was you know one of the most expensive elections in the history of what i guess can also when you compare my guess got to other countries there was a study for instance by the european union that came out in two thousand and sixteen and it basically claimed that the budget complain budget of the in the last present the outgoing president one in two thousand and thirteen was forty three million u.s. dollars that actually means that he has spent you know by voter then present donald
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trump in the united states as campaigning draws to a close those we spoke to at the rally dumps.


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