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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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in universities and surrounding community colleges or in the area i spoke to a friend rather one of the survivors of the shooting a man named jake have project tapper who confirms that one of his friends was in the building as the shooting occurred and was unfortunately not certain as to the whereabouts of this friend at this time. the defense in the area at this point seems to be one of shock nobody expected this to happen in what is traditionally a very quiet and rather well in community. again it's just a general shock. feeling of shock at this time. seems to be. from test then look and you tell us about the scene there this sheriff mentioned you know as you mentioned agents there's going to be parents and people as such showing up trying to find out. if their child is there what is the scene like there. yes so the saying right now is as you can imagine pretty emotional there there are
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parents speaking to unfortunately they're not releasing much in the way of information to relatives at this time regarding the whereabouts of their children. it seems as though there are this quite a bit of confusion with many of the parents that i've spoken to thus far about be the welfare of their children at this time unfortunately. the authorities at this point really aren't confirming much in the way of details about seems to be heightening be the fears of the parents and friends of those who were at the bar tonight. you know unfortunately at this time there seems to be quite a bit of uncertainty as to whom. you know was was was injured or shot unfortunately so at this point just a lot of fear and uncertainty regarding the circumstances judy and an agonizing morning for a lot of people ben and thank you for the details you've added we appreciate it so let's listen now again to the ventura county sheriff jeff dean who just gave a pretty detailed briefing to the media about this shooting let's play that for you
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. identify. our partners from the f.b.i. or mediately. that. we have no idea if there are terrorists. or. ongoing investigation and that it may come out. right at. the white house correspondent kimberly halkett joins us live now you know kimberly the sheriff said something that you never think that will happen where you are or guard listen of how safe your community is. but i think unfortunately a lot of americans have come to know this can and potentially will happen anywhere
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. yeah and as you point out this is. a community and as we heard from the fellow that was talking from the community he didn't expect this to happen here because this is an area that is known for being particularly low crime in fact one of the lowest crime rates in the country so it was pretty unexpected many people feeling isolated in terms of what they see on the news around the united states but just to put this into context for our viewers with each one of these shootings and they have been so frequent you remember we were covering yet another mass shooting just a couple of weeks ago that took place in pittsburgh at a synagogue and well that was characterized more as a as a hate crime this and it certainly was the the method that was used again was a weapon a gun and so with each one of these cases that occurs so frequently in the united
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states it reignites the very divisive issue in the united states about whether or not there should be stricter gun control and as we've just seen with these midterm elections where shell the united states is pretty divided generally in terms of the left in the right and that's exactly how this gun control issue is as well the right to bear arms is unique in the united states it's in shrine in the second amendment and there are major defenders of it there are is major money in terms of the national rifle association that backs candidates but we should point out for those who advocate for gun control have been frustrated with each mass shooting that nothing changes these midterm elections that we just had that is the start of change because we saw a very different house of representatives that was elected and will be going into congress in in the new year it's more diverse we've talked about there are more female candidates but there are also more candidates who are advocating. for
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stricter gun control measures so that's the first place where people might start to take comfort that they could start to see change but the second places at the local level and we saw that as well on tuesday for example washington state which is a typically fairly liberal state but there were stricter gun control measures passed on the ballot on tuesday in that state as well so there is a shift in culture and gun culture in the united states albeit it's moving very slowly. so you're right there is almost a routine to do how these things play out and how unfortunately the debate goes and it seems that nothing changes but i would expect at some point and i know that this is very very early but the way these things sometimes go we will likely hear something from the white house i would expect in the coming hours is that something that we should be paying attention to looking out for. absolutely and you know
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what we have to remember going back to one of the shootings that really stirred up very strong emotions in the united states and that was the parklane shooting very early on in president trump's term and that's when we saw a mass mobilization of young people taking to the streets there were marches all across the country where young students had been affected in their high school they said enough is enough and it seemed to be a contagion that spread across the united states and gun control advocates seem to feel almost boid by this action by young people and what did we see in this midterm election we saw young people voting for the first time in record number turnout so again it goes speaks to how the changes taking place it doesn't move rapidly in the united states and we as you touched on donald trump will we hear from the president very likely we will and as we did after the parklane shooting at the marjory
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stoneman douglas high school there were a number of students were killed we saw the president sitting down and meeting with gun control advocates with those that were advocating to make sure that there is still the right to bear arms in the united states and he walked a fine line many people say he caved to the national rifle association lobby effort others say you know he started to make some headway by asking the justice department to ban bump stocks which is something that decreases the accuracy of a weapon but at the same time increases its firepower so this is something that was used in the las vegas mass shooting that you recall from a couple of years ago and this seemed to be for many people an incremental first step but again it comes back to the very divided america americans very divided over this issue and again the only change that many people think will really make a difference in terms of stricter gun control room efforts will be at the local
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level as we saw on tuesday in states like washington state and also with the shift in in the makeup of the house of representatives what they see as a crucial first step. all right kimberly it's going to be a long day for a lot of people really emotional day and just there had been a little bit of confusion coming out of that press conference so we decide to make sure that our viewers are clear there are eleven people who have been killed and the gunman is also dead will check in with you again thank you. now to new developments out of istanbul in the murder case of saudi journalist turkish sources have told al jazeera that new evidence has been found at the saudi consul general's residence that's where investigators believe he may have been
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disposed of our andrew symonds has been covering this live from istanbul enter so what is this new development in the investigation. well it's of a motion that's been released by a source in the prosecutor general's office who has given some details about the discovery of hydrofluoric acid traces in one of the rooms in the consul general residence which is two hundred meters down this road from the consulate and also traces in solemn polls taken from the well in the grounds of that residence now this isn't real time this hasn't just happened it's information that's been released and it's apparently relates to the investigation and the inspection the search of that residence which took place on october the seventeenth that was an eight hour operation i remember it well it went right into
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the night and then the investigators then in a flurry of activity came here back to the consulate itself and then started searching at this residence not this this office now apparently according to this source the the acid and other chemicals not domestic chemicals all of this analysis has been done since a quite a time consuming process the acid and the chemicals were used according to the source to destroy completely come out because it is body and so. there is nothing remaining of that body according to this source however there is no suggestion of what the exact evidence is to make that conclusion now as i say that the information isn't in real time but one is getting some sort of jigsaw putting together now on these leaks because on october the eleventh one of the last leaks suggested that there were a number of people amongst the search party from saudi arabia who arrived here in
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istanbul from riyadh on october the eleventh and they included two key figures one or was in fact a. a toxicologist the other was a chemical expert they were part of the the cleanup team the team that was here to actually clean up and cover up that is what the turkish authorities say and so they're pretty categorical in the baking sun assertion here that this was a state sponsored murder activity throughout instead of actually investigating and doing all the things that in diplomatic terms should have been done the assertion from the turkish authorities every level is that this was not the case this was a murder and then a clean up operation and a cover up of the attempt to actually take the turks and the template the wrong direction with their investigation but now they say there is evidence is there more to come that's unclear michel so enter i want to play something for our viewers
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because president has been asked as recently as yesterday was asked about the case he said that he would have a much stronger opinion about the case in the next week so let's play that for viewers and then pick it up on the show you mattered more than a month since the death of mr show you know here in this. very terrible thing do you think saudi arabia is guilty of of having to murder and if so we're going to marshal your opinion on that subject over the next week and i'm working very closely with congress but we're going to gather some very talented people and we're working with congress we're working with turkey and we're working with saudi arabia and i'm forming a very strong opinion working with turkey what does that mean. well recep tayyip erdogan would know exactly what that means the position is this is far as the turkish president is concerned he has made it quite clear that as far as he is concerned there has been an order from the highest level in saudi arabia for
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this murder to take place he has said categorically the king style man is not implicated as far as he's concerned but he did not mention any name however the clear conclusion to all of the allegations being made by every level in turkish politics right now is that mohammed bin sultan man the crown prince is being targeted and put the finger pointed at him in terms of responsibility for what happened he has denied any involvement in the actual ordering or whatever sort of commission was made for this team to actually be deployed in turkey but the position now is that we're getting a chorus of words from a turkish politicians right across the board the latest one from newman. who is the deputy leader of the ak ruling party and he is saying that there is no way that this can be put aside some sort of political crisis this is
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a situation where he wants to see justice justice done that every single level at the moment we have fifteen. person team here deployed three more in saudi arabia eighteen people identified by the saudis confirmed but no knowledge of what exactly in terms of justice they will face they want extradition here to turkey they want a full system of justice and they want the perpetrator of whoever ordered this at the highest level to be named and they want more important than any of that for the united states to be absolutely clear in its actions they say it's all very well for donald trump to be talking about what his conclusions might be his criticism his shock at what happened on his pragmatic. broach perhaps to the economy of the situation aside from the justice they want whatever it means in terms of saudi relations with the united states and saudi arabia they want this to go to the very
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highest level to the end of the investigation to every single side of it to the very difficult situation of relations between turkey saudi arabia and you of the united states it will go to a discussion which will be held on the sidelines of world leaders going to paris full of the the conference which will be associated with the armistice day seventeen re in france this week and i enter stemmons live for us in istanbul entry thank you u.s. president donald trump is fired attorney general jeff sessions he will be replaced by sessions chief of staff matthew whitaker who has been highly critical of the mother investigation critics say whitaker must immediately recuse himself from overseeing the probability into a possible interference by russia and the two thousand and sixteen presidential election robert is the editor of the presidency journalism and democracy and a professor at lancaster university it thinks the new acting u.s. attorney general will try to speed up the mall or probe rather than shut it down
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well i think it's hard at this point to shut down the probe by saying it's over no more questions were done but i think the administration has shown that it works quite well in distraction and confusion and not answering questions directly or even asking direct questions and so i think it's going to be a lot of shuffling moving things around speeding up the probe and setting maybe a deadline for it to be fully completed but coming down with this a complete shutdown is. probably not going to do well with him now that there are stronger voices in the house but certainly they don't want to go on much longer or to go much deeper. the counting is began in madagascar to decide who will be the next president the african island nation thirty six candidates to choose from three of them former presidents but there are concerns about the low turnout with many people saying they were able to cast their ballot in the miller has the latest from
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madagascar as capital. results are trickling in here at the results into in the capital antananarivo there are about twenty five thousand voting stations around the country where results have to be collated and sent here so far we know that feeley a percentage of those results have come in and they show that two of the main contenders are neck and neck relooking add to marc ravalomanana former president who has about forty two percent of the vote at this stage and his opponent aren't you are to leno has about forty three percent of the vote but of course very early days one of the main concerns of many of the people who have voted here in madagascar they're supposed to be about nine million voters is what some of the main newspapers are leading with at this point one that there were a number many irregularities in this election and also a low voter turnout to the electoral commission says that about forty percent of
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the people who were supposed to have vote turned out at the polls and of course there will be a concern around the electoral mandate for ever wins this election. obviously irregularities out there on the electoral list there were twelve thousand double copies of the voting records thirty six people and you just did wrong names on the voting all those technical issues according to the rules starting from the fifteenth of may they literally cannot be changed in the morning so we have to wait until the first of december to really look at the list and all the issues this race is very close if neither of the if any of the contenders they don't get more than fifty percent of the vote to madagascar is looking at a runoff in december between the two contenders who get the most votes once these votes are counted that of course. we'll take anything between twelve days with the
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preliminary results and then up to three weeks for final results to come out to the country people here are very patient it is a very slow process one that millions of madagascar he's. going to wait for it's completion. our top stories now here on al-jazeera police in california say thirteen people are dead after a gunman opened fire inside a bar in the city of thousand oaks a sheriff's deputy is among the dead as well as the gunman and about a dozen people were injured eleven victims the suspect strolled and sergeant willis makes thirteen. the only weapon we have found that we believe
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was used was a handgun but it's still early on and we haven't gone through the scene in detail you know we'll keep you posted on that story throughout the day another story we're following new developments in the murder case of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi games turkish sources have told al jazeera that hydrofluoric acid has been found in the saudi counsel general's residence and istanbul and believed to show she's body may have been disposed of there a pakistani christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has been freed from prison the netherlands is now offering her temporary asylum acquittal after eight years on death row sparked a nationwide protest by hardliners local media say she's on the way out of the country despite a supreme court ruling that would bar her from leaving pakistan was convicted in two thousand and ten on charges of insulting the prophet muhammad after a dispute with muslim fellow farm workers. the waiter of the hit the rebels has vowed never to surrender to saudi backed forces in yemen more than one hundred
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fifty people have been killed and days of fighting as pro-government troops advanced on the rebel help port city of the data and our national aid groups have appealed for the safe passage of civilians military offensive intensifies as are the headlines the news continues keep it on al-jazeera inside story is next to visit our web site al jazeera dot com. saudi arabia says it will pay blood money to jamal has shelby's family will come clean on who ordered the murder of the journalist he says it has more evidence about the killing so how much is it prepared to reveal and when this is inside
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story. and welcome to the program on peace adult we old know it was murder committed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul sources have told al jazeera the kingdom's prepared to pay so-called blood money to jamal is family and to his fiance but more than one month old the still nobody details of the gruesome killing continue to be leaked but turkey still holds possibly the most damning evidence yet and it says it will be released once the investigation is finished with the latest from istanbul his. more than a month since he was killed. body has yet to be found and there are more questions about his murder but turkish authorities have increased the pressure on
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the saudi government by slowly leaking vital information according to turkish sources cia director general hospital was briefed on the murder and had access to crucial evidence suggesting the order came from the highest levels of the saudi government riyadh insists no member of the ruling royal family had a role in. but during his visit to istanbul last month sandy chief prosecutor. reportedly told turkish authorities that the king was willing to pay blood money to hush up his family and fiance he also said he had no idea about the whereabouts of the slain journalist body. and as the investigation continues turkey's foreign minister. says his country has more
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information wants to give a name and nobody can stop him to do that so we emphasize in the article that the instruction didn't come from king solomon well it is also always that doors fifteen people. didn't come to stumble to murder. themselves so they got instructions from somebody so of you have to find out who gave this instructions this is the. simple question that we have put according to the turkish daily newspaper staff of the saga consulate try to tamper with security camera outside the consulate but turkish police managed to retrieve the footage providing the now famous image of hotshots you walking into the building on the day he was killed and we're finding out more about the teams that
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were sent to turkey from saudi arabia al jazeera learned from the source there were three teams involved in the killing of. a surveillance team the death squads and the cleanup team sent later to cover up the murder for turkish officials this confirms their believe the case was premeditated and ordered by someone senior in the saudi government. is the board. ok let's get going let's bring in our guests today here on inside story joining me in the studio mark owen jones he's the assistant professor of middle east studies at the hamad bin holly for university here in doha in istanbul. he's a lecturer in international relations at the ultimate bosh university also here in doha mohammed el masri an associate professor. in the media and cultural studies program at the doha institute for graduate studies welcome to you all mark jones here in the studio of blood money how do you put
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a price tag how do you monetize what happened to him you can monetize taking a human life as far as i say this is the way of trying to buy a silence the problem with the blood blood money though is that often this as a solution to a case is in lieu of justice so the worry about the blood money is that that will be done to exonerate those involved in the actual killing and so i think if this man is accepted it's going to be massively problematic for the pursuit of justice within saudi arabia or of the killers of her should be mohamed el masry also here and if the blood money is accepted is it a problem for the people who accept the blood money. you know i think i think as marc just said i think it's going to be a problem you know all the way around and in particular for the turks i think the turks have taken this case on as kind of a sort of a national cause now they're they're pursuing truth they're pursuing justice so if they sort of let let the saudi authorities off the hook with only
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a slap on the wrist and i think the blood money would be just a slap on the wrist then they will be perceived to have been sort of derelict in their duty. the saudis would obviously welcome you know welcome this they are they want this story to go away they want this to exit the news cycle as soon as possible they'd love to be able to move on to life as as you know sort of business as usual and the blood money might allow them to continue forth it would it would sort of let the authorities off the hook and maybe allow them to keep him had been seven men. in his position at mckesson han in istanbul one can kind of see coming done the coming down the line he a western reaction to this a european north american reaction which would be can i suggest you this is off the scale of being an appropriate is it actually inappropriate
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i think. that is that traditional response having said that i would agree that this is testimony a clear testimony that the saudis want this to go away however when it comes to the judicial argument this has no meaning within the framework of due process and hence it is not only inappropriate to offer blood money to. mr kushner which is. relatives but also it is and. completely inappropriate or for that money to a country which has a secular judiciary system which form it even in traditional cases settlements like this settlements utilizing arguments like blood money so i would
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say that it is not only inept or approach but it is also judicially not acceptable and not applicable and will not make anything go away on the side of whoever is offering blood money mark does this also serve as an indicator that in one sense at least this is now gone from being a judicial narrative a judicial event slash saga to being wholly a political situation i think the important thing to bear in mind with this whole case and certainly with the judicial system in saudi arabia when there is high level potential high level complicity in any crime the judicial system reacts by becoming a political system so political justice then takes hold what we've seen with the case is this clear political will from both for example the us and the saudis to make this problem go away the blood money is just another aspect of that whether or not there was blood money offered there is no credibility or legitimacy in the
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saudis investigation into the medical shows so regardless of the blood money there is no reason to believe that the actual judicial process in saudi the due process will be adequate to actually convince people that justice is been done so regardless of blood man and i think you know that the judicial system there is incredibly problematic mohamed el masry here in doha the son salah is saying or has said previously he has confidence in king solomon he didn't mention of course following on from the quite awkward handshake with the crown prince what he thinks about the crown prince why would you he couldn't leave the country about point just . the blood money do you think inculcate an atmosphere where he feels more confident in the king because it's a system that he recognizes and or he recognizes where the offer is coming from in terms of we want to achieve something positive here or does it damage that confidence that he apparently feels i mean it's hard to it's hard to get inside his
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head i mean i think that there are a number of things at play first of all we have to remember that this isn't the first sort of gesture that the saudis have offered up to try to make this all go away they went to the turks initially during the first you know few days and tried to offer them investments and business business opportunities you know sort of political you know diplomacy and none of that none of that work now in terms of salaam. and his brother and the family you know what will they accept what are they inclined to consider a sort of a good offer i mean that's anyone's best guess and we'd have to sit down with him my hunch if you're asking me for my hunch is that they are deeply suspicious of the saudi authorities in particular mohamed been some men and it is noteworthy as you mentioned that they that they didn't mention mohammed bins and then the turks have also been very careful to build on in his comments a few days ago indicated that this had that this killing was carried out on the orders of the saudi government he didn't mention and he did say that king solomon
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didn't do it or he doesn't think that he's capable of doing it but he did not he did not mention mohamed bin segments of the suspicion is there from from within the turkish government obviously pointing directly at mohamed been some men and i would have to think also with the family of jamal as well. kathleen hahn in istanbul does this make it more difficult when the trumpet ministration takes its eye off the ball that is looking at just now the u.s. midterm elections of course naturally but when they start focusing in on this as they will have to do it some point in the next week or so does it make it more difficult for the trumpet ministration to make nice with saudi arabia because there's always the specter of big business of in the background because they have to deal with a leadership that pick up the word that mark jones was using trying to monetise mudda gruesome that. there is no way that one cannot
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agree with what. has been the remark that you have just shared. and i would say that not only that but this is taking the form of a bribe when you look at it from the turkish perspective it is actually a contest off the gravity of the crime and turkey cannot allow that turkey cannot allow saudi arabia to buy its way out of this and this is as i said a confession and it is a reason all the more so a reason i should say to a third person the case when it comes to the trumpet ministration i hope they will also take it like that but i have my doubts and what is the primary. reason why they would not do that is still the monetary reasons the financial reasons the dealings and the strategy of partnership that. the united states shares
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that saudi arabia i don't think that.


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