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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 312  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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we have the joint forces established their directives from the presidents of the two countries to protect trade there is an active trade between our country and chad if we want benefits for citizens of both countries so securing the border ensures trade continues in the right way or abdullah says he doesn't know if the child in traitors who buy from him take the goods back to their country illegally but he hopes to continue to trade with him regardless so that his business continues to thrive he will morgan are just their own west are for. now sky high inflation budget deficit unemployment good economic news is hard to come by and argentina bought while industry is booming bass and is traceable reports from when assad is the government wants to see more of it to the world was this is a leading processing plant in when a site is working nonstop to export before around the globe. it's heading to the middle east europe and china and it is implants like this one where production has
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increased over fifty percent in the last few months. broder the me has been in the beef industry for decades he says argentina has lost years of production because of bad economic policies. the genetics of arjen time cut was unique among the best in the world fortune teller could be exporting much more but because of policies implemented during the previous administration the industry was hurt no we're going back slowly but we are ready to sell our beef to every country in the world by the argentine pump out with its mild weather and extensive land is the perfect region to raise high quality cattle that has made the from here famous worldwide. but production had dropped dramatically because of an increase in the growth of the so you have been crop and also because of regulated policies during the previous government to former president cristina fernandez the very the push into the we
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lost about twenty percent of the cattle it was about twelve million cows that's how big the damage was to this industry that generates jobs and income for the nation the fear was that if we export more beef the internal prices would go up and that's why they regulated exports and in the end people stopped investing going now despite the continuing economic crisis the beef industry is booming i didn't you know they were it was a problem with a very high you may feel that if i'm the evaluation of the preparing for that was when i worked in the field probably i was running up the wire for the rain but i also believe like this one it was to help the country's economy. and that's why the government has launched a major campaign to sell argentine products around the world. it's true many argentine industries are facing difficulties because of
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a drop in demand locally and there is financial stress but we believe it's only in the short run because we're hoping to export more beef grain shoes we're improving the situation in the ports people are ocracy we had before and this will help us sell faster and more. argentines eat an average of fifty eight kilos of feed a year and even though the world health organization may recommend otherwise the plan is to spread a passion for beef that exists here to the rest of the world once again. we have the sportster is still ahead on the news our poll will tell us about and that's fine and. calls.
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time for sport now paul thanks very much we start with a rather strange move by the world's highest earning sportsman floyd mayweather on monday the box and outside a press conference that he was going to fight a japanese kickboxer now he says he's pulling out and then he never agree to it in the first place they woodstock's has the story. to me resolve costs us car appreciate the date was set a new year's eve inside tom of japan floyd mayweather was to face kick boxing sensation tension us acoa but just three days after the launch in tokyo mayweather has pulled out claiming he and his team had been juked into the fight on instagram
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he wrote our floyd mayweather never agreed to an official bout with tension asacol in fact i have never heard of him until this recent trip to japan i was originally informed that this was to be an exhibition put on for a small group of wealthy spectators for a very large fee i want to sincerely apologize to my friends i can assure you that i too was completely blindsided by the arrangements that were being made my god so mayweather claims to have been ambushed but he seemed pretty comfortable at the press conference on monday when launching the fight that was reportedly going to see him pocket up to one hundred million dollars this present so i spoke with my team i got were rising and we put it together and i chose japan because it's such a great place in the got great people there's no doubting mayweather skills as a boxer he won all fifty of his fights and was the world champion at five different whites but the rules for the nasa cover fight had not been agreed on and that could have been where things broke down it wouldn't surprise me if he's actually had
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a good look at this a car well. and just so you know what is highlight reel. shows what a dangerous fight serious he might be twenty years old might look like a quiet boy but he's got dangerous kicks he's a dangerous aggressive sound we're twenty years old and beat me twenty points he stepped into the fire he's got a look at want to get his feet but it's all his ribs maybe by the knees and of this young japanese. but the man nickname money pulling out today's fight won't make too much of a dent in his finances but his reputation has certainly taken a bit of a blow. david stokes al-jazeera. to the n.b.a. now and an end to an unwanted record for twenty thirteen champions the miami heat the heat broke a four year drought against the san antonio spurs whiteside had twenty nine points
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twenty rebounds and nine blocked shots a season high for the n.b.a. it finished ninety five points to eighty eight to the hate trouble manage. one of the fiercest rivalries in all of football will take center stage in south america's biggest club competition when baka juniors face rev a plate in the cup at liberty doors final baka host river in the first light on saturday before the second like two weeks later the teams have never met at this level and after a disappointing few years for argentina's national team aka boss guillermo bottle skeleton says it hasn't renewed the country's love of football. resident. told four that argentine football in terms of its national team has been punished in the past years individually the names of the players in the national team as well because of its results and i think that today barca and river have reached a state that is important beyond what happens in these finals i think we have put argentine football on top of southeast asia's international competition the suzuki cup has kicked off in cambodia with them hosting malaysia and cambodia manager
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keisuke honda absent as he is still playing in australia malaysia got the only goal of the game north. heading in after half an hour. over in vietnam went on the up against laos nguyen phone with the finnish it would end three nil unifying holly's free kick putting the visitors in charge of group a louse go to malaysia on monday. now the world chess championship begins in london on friday between two players in their twenty's who have helped change the image of the sport no wage and magnus carlsen became world champion aged just twenty two five years ago but his american challenger fabiano caruana is a year younger and the special talent leaving chess experts undecided who will win lee wellings reports in the world of chess that could be more than one grand master the highest right in the guy but i can only be one world champion in the men's guy
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and that's going to be decided over the next few weights in london just two men head to head the twelve guards the defending champion norwegian magnus carlsen has helped change the image of chess world champion for five years and he's only twenty seven he has the highest rating of a player in history a human getting into magazines and films and t.v. of sometimes made approaches in this must be good for the game it's never been my man motivation i just play for the love of the game just as they can more and more of an important part of my life and. i mean just the playing part i don't care so much about the other stuff anymore he's opponent fabiano caruana the new kid on the board has been given a genuine chance a victory by chess experts his mother encourage him to take up the game as a small boy in brooklyn and he's been absorbed by it ever since it's taken him so
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what's been called the most eagerly awaited title match in chess history do you think this is your profound no i is making chess cool. so i think that chess has definitely come in color and and there are a lot of people in the celebrity world movies and music who who have an interest in chess. so i think it's definitely gaining more exposure. and i also think that is a great thing. and definitely can be very beautiful and can also be caught and and accessible to the larger audience do we have the male support for this much do you have female support for this match i don't think so women hate me our republic. thank you magnus prize money on offer is over a million dollars it costs over one hundred dollars per ticket for some of the four hundred spectators per day in a venue customized for chess millions will watch streamed coverage around the globe
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if it's tied at six six after twelve goings by the end of november there would be a speed tie break but whoever wins the profile of tournament chess is about to move forward. england are in a commanding position at the close of the third day of the first test against sri lanka in goal and it's thanks to a century from opening batsman keeton jennings the twenty six year old managed only his second test hundred to date scoring a number one hundred forty six as the english tick declared on three two two for six that was the host with a daunting victory target of four hundred sixty two they reached the close of play unscathed though at fifteen without loss. says your garcia's great run of form since the ryder cup in september seems to have no end in sight after helping europe when he went on to win the underneath the a must as at valderrama in spain and now he's leading the way after the first round of the net bank challenge known locally as africa's major in south africa the spaniard carded a bogey free round of sixty four eight under par it's also his lowest opening round
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school since twenty fifteen garcia has one hundred four shot lead over his rivals he won this tournament in sun city back in two thousand and one and two thousand and three. now you don't need cutting edge motor engineering to be the best in the world on wheels this is american our own father ingham who was born with spinal bifida he said three world marks in california making the highest ever wheelchair one plant. and also the farthest wheelchair ramp jump finally the tallest pipe drop in on a wheelchair all of them validated by guinness world record it's just a super humble to have been able to come out here in stomp three records it was a bit overwhelming you know for the last week thinking oh god three records coming up than you know i hope i succeed but i really couldn't have asked for a better day everything just went smoothly and just super pumped we made it happen
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and pumped guinness world records was able to come out and make it official that is always sport for now back to you liz thank you very much for that now finding this bulletin the festival of lights being celebrated by n.d.s. around the world. the volley the hindu god. to defeat the powerful demon. the triumph of life over doc people around india and the world celebrated by lighting lamps and setting off fireworks and that does it but this. is a problem thank you very much for watching.
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i think this is fun for me to think i'm having fun if. she. is in her shoes hunters. just. think of. the way things are someone don't just thinking.
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when they're on line when you're looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to have long term success or if you join us on sat if you could take me around the content why would you tell me you don't have to set up your experiment and for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting points there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on al-jazeera. turkish sources say the search for a body has ended after traces of hydrofluoric acid were found at the saudi
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general's residence. you're watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up on the program a decorated former marine opened fire at a popular bar in california killing twelve people including a policeman who ran into him plus democrats demand the emergency hearings in the house of representatives of the president trumps ousting of attorney general jeff sessions and some four hundred buffaloes drowned after stampeding into a river between botswana and namibia. turkish sources have told al jazeera the search for the body of murdered saudi journalist on the shoji has ended this after they said the traces of hydrofluoric
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acid were found that the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul they believe could have been destroyed using the substance he disappeared after entering the saudi consulate more than a month ago and two simmons reports from istanbul. the revelation follows the poetry analysis of samples taken by turkish investigators more than a fortnight after jamal khashoggi is murder a source of the turkish prosecutor's office has told our jazeera it was here at the consul general's residence that traces of hydrofluoric acid and a non-domestic chemical were found the source says the dismembered body parts were dissolved in a chemical process and the source speaks of samples also taken from a well in the garden of the residence and in nearby sewage systems this information follows on from an early arrival ation by the newspaper accusing two saudi men said
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to be a chemical expert at a toxicologist being involved in the cover up operation even though they've been sent out in an official saudi investigation team. turkish president brigette tell you heard of one appeared in public on thursday but made no comment about the new leak all remarks made by the us president officials in turkey's ruling party say it's stronger action not opinion that's needed from the u.s. soldier was going to was an underneath about it turkey's position was made clear from the beginning but a stance adopted by president early on we will not allow any person to cover up his inhumane crime committed in this cruel and brutal manner but even if as the prosecution source says investigators are convinced that georgie's body was totally destroyed here in the consular residence is there enough evidence to convict the suspects in this case turkey believes there will be enough evidence and it wants
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the united states to pressure the saudis to extradite all of the suspects not only that the turks want saudi arabia to reveal who ordered the killing of a man whose remains appear to have been washed away in the sewage system andrew symonds al jazeera is. police say that the gunman who killed twelve people after opening fire in a crowded bar in california was a decorated marine who had served in afghanistan in david long also died in the attack just outside los angeles he opened fire on the borderline bar and grill in the city of thousand oaks a venue that's popular with college students it's the three hundred seventh mass shooting in the u.s. this year alone she has reports. the borderline bar and grill was packed for its
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wednesday college country music night it was before eleven thirty pm in the city of thousand oaks about sixty kilometers from los angeles there were people who had it all dancing and just hanging out having a good time running you hear that and you just got to stay in an open fire with a legally purchased with an extended magazine witnesses said he was also throwing smoke bombs on the street like a ski mask over his face but on the bottom and then we had a black face knockout punch and it is just easier so glad everything. was. just. taking off so we decided we couldn't get out of there police was soon one officer was shot dead as he entered the building was found dead police believe he shot himself he was a twenty eight year old marine corps veteran who lived nearby in april of this year . for a subject disturbing they went to the house they talked to he was somewhat irate.
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a little irrationally they called out our crisis intervention team our mental health specialist who met with them talked to. this comes always two weeks after another mass shooting eleven people killed at a synagogue in pittsburgh pennsylvania to watch over the families. of the fall and the brady campaign says an average of thirty two people are murdered each day in gun violence in the u.s. control advocates had mixed results in the mid-term congressional i'm going to tory elections but many analysts have concluded that the intensity with which the national rifle association has full previous elections is now being matched by those supporting the restriction of firearm availability. u.s. democrats have demanded emergency hearings in the house of representatives to investigate donald trump's removal of attorney general jeff sessions they accuse trump of trying to undermine robert rollers investigation into russian meddling in
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the two thousand and sixteen election sessions has been replaced by matthew whitaker who's openly criticize the inquiry particle hayden reports though from washington. a day after losing one of the houses of congress the president was a man on the defensive we keep hearing about. investigations now facing investigations on two from special counsel robert mueller looking into potential russian collusion and obstruction of justice and in january a democratic controlled u.s. house of representatives looking into pretty much anything it chooses to. with that a dramatic move his attorney general fired replaced by matthew whitaker a man close to the president in tweets in articles he's made it clear he thinks the moeller probe should be limited whitacre will have tremendous power over the investigation now not just the scope of it but under law he has the ultimate say as
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to what happens to muller's findings he could simply shred his final report but the midterm elections makes that less likely that the democrats will in fact invite. special counsel mauler to testify before the committee and testify in public about what were the findings in other words there are more ways to get the information to be public now that congress is in the hands of the democrats mother and his team have kept remarkably quiet letting their convictions speak in their stead. they've got a lot of people close to the president so far those charged include his former campaign manager his deputy campaign manager his former national security adviser and for. policy advisor all have pled guilty to federal charges and agreed to cooperate giving every indication that special counsel is making his way up the food chain
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the president has made it clear from the beginning he wants the miller investigation to go away there was. no anything the midterm results make it much less likely he has the power to do that in. washington. and we can speak to kimberly halkett now she's outside the white house for us so tell us a little bit more about what's happening to these emergency hearings in the house of representatives that democrats are calling for. well there are two letters that the top democrats some of them on the house judiciary committee have put forward but there are more democrats than just that they've got a couple of concerns and they've outlined them into formal letters the first letter is requesting emergency hearings but is also being sent has also been sent to michael whitaker the acting attorney general saying to him look you need to recuse yourself from this investigation and here's why we think you need to because you've
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got the power to curtail this investigation you've got the power to halt lines of questioning you could even get rid of the budget so that this would not be able to continue and because of the editorial that has been penned in the past there are concerns about his objectivity so that's the first letter the second one has been sent to the white house counsel here and is essentially saying we need you to preserve any of the documents any and all documents related to jeff sessions firing it could be pen to paper it could be a formal memo not just here at the white house but the agencies that were involved in this coordination so there's been a request now that that formal request is in place it does need to be abided by but why would they be doing this you have to ask yourself well again it goes back to hearings not only the emergency hearings but when house democrats are in control of congress sorry the house of representatives in january they will be able to conduct
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these oversight hearings they won't have to call for emergency hearings they will just put them in place so they're asking for these preservation of documents so that they can buy some time until they have control to be able to probe further and ask the questions that they are looking for with respect to this investigation and their concerns that the firing of just sessions was really just the president's attempt to in their view obstruct justice and to shut down the robert mueller probe and of course of them across some bold in that all of this because the. have control now of the house of representatives and that came out of the midterms that we've been discussing the results of the midterms for about two days now but there are still some outstanding results including in the race to be governor of georgia because we're hearing the democratic candidate there is still refusing to concede what's going on yes she's refusing to concede because the ballots haven't all been counted and well her opponent brian camp the republican says hey look at is now
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mathematically impossible for you to win she says not so fast she wants to make sure everybody has a chance to voice their concerns voice at the ballot box and given the fact that there were concerns about voter suppression she's especially making sure that everyone feels that they've had the opportunity to weigh in so she is looking for those additional ballots to be counted because if not only does she want to become the governor but she has the opportunity to make history as america's first african-american female governor so there's potential for history to be made that's one reason top of the fact that you know her agenda that she'd like to put forward in that state so she's holding out there but that's not the only race there are a number of races where there are they are still too close to call it's looking like potential runoff could be called and then in other cases is looking like it could be weeks before these ballots are finally counted because this is so close and there's no obvious winner states lie.


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