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tv   Dagestans Peaceful Warriors  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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fact that there were concerns about voter suppression she's especially making sure that everyone feels that they've had the opportunity to weigh in so she is looking for those additional ballots to be counted because if not only does she want to become the governor but she has the opportunity to make history as america's first african-american female governor so there's potential for history to be made that's one reason top of the fact that you know her agenda that she'd like to put forward in that state so she's holding out there but that's not the only race there are a number of races where there are they are still too close to call it's looking like potential runoff could be called and then in other cases it's looking legs it could be weeks before these ballots are finally counted because this is so close and there's no obvious winner states like the florida senate seat headed to a recount there's a showdown for a senate seat in the state level state legislature in mississippi arizona where there is that race for the senate seat for john mccain there are two women
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competing for that seat it could be weeks before that is completely counted so it just gives you a sense of where america is when you pull back from this the fact that there are razor thin margins in so many cases so many races it shows just how close these races have gotten and why every single vote matters can really help you with the latest from the white house kimberly thank you. and staying in the u.s. president trump has been attending the investiture of the new u.s. supreme court judge brett kavanaugh there was heightened security at the event after his controversial confirmation process which brought up allegations of sexual misconduct supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg was absent from the ceremony that's because she's in hospital after fracturing three ribs in a full eighty five year old is one of four members of the nine strong hort seen as liberals if she had to be replaced that trump is expected to appoint another conservative judge shifting the court further to the right. still to come in
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this half hour of news. we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return to one of central african republic smiddy orphans demands answers in a refugee camps around it by our groups. and indians are allowed to the new firework restrictions for the while even leaving delhi with the toxic hangover. hello there it's going to stay pretty hot for many of us in the west of europe we look at the satellite picture we can see one area of cloud here this fizzling out as it works its way across the central belt of europe and then there's another area of cloud and rain following it this is also got some pretty strong winds in with it
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and as that works his way eastward the yet more wet weather comes in so if we play a forward see what happens on friday you can see that system moving its way eastwards again easing a little bit as it does say but still very strong winds following it and plenty of showers as well it is quite mild though if you look at the direction of the wind several coming up from the south so dragging in some warm air so despite the fact it's wet and windy the temperatures are holding up quite nicely fifteen as a maximum in paris for the east there's a high pressure in charge so there's a bit of mist him folk around but still it's quite warm here today with vienna apart around thirteen degrees now across the other side of the mediterranean and for most of us here it has improved so not a great deal of what weather across that north western coast of africa just a few showers perhaps around out geria it's for the east we've got more unsettled weather and this is gradually going to be pushing for the eastwards as we head through the day on saturday so breaking up a little bit as well but still a theme showers here and it looks like some around choosier will be heavy.
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a journey of personal discovery about how the soviet rule has shaped the present day georgia if you people who shoot your past you will never have a future in government buildings and the monuments they seemed to inspire in ors always don't mean to show your own people they are small algis there is tom an aversion to me it's a examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviet scar.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera turkish sources have told al-jazeera the search for the body of murdered saudi journalist. has ended this after traces of hydrofluoric acid were found that the residence of the saudi called general. twelve people have been killed in the u.s. city of after a former marine opened fire in a crowded bar popular with college students and democrats are demanding emergency hearings in the house of representatives to investigate president trump's remove all of attorney general jeff sessions warning that a constitutional crisis. the world food program says it's doubling the amount of food a day gives yemen to try to prevent mass starvation with yemen currently suffering the largest hunger crisis in the world the u.n. agency says it's aiming to reach up to fourteen million people the causes are
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almost exclusively manmade with the ongoing civil war creating huge economic and food supply problems syrian state media says the army has freed a group of women and children from eisel they were part of a large group of ducted from the southern province in july according to the state broadcaster the remaining one thousand hostages were freed and their kidnappers killed they belong to syria's minority druze community. at least four people have been killed and eight more injured by a car bomb in the northern iraqi city of mosul it's the first such attack in mosul since eisel fighters were driven out of the city last year and it comes as the groups that sup its movements across the iraqi syrian border now iraq's government is reinforcing that border seeking to reassure the people who live there the homage of june reports. above and off its border with syria security forces are on high alert and alex military is doing what it can to repel any attempts by eisel
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members to regroup at a briefing the commander of anbar operations command centers has pockets of eisel fighters are located in an area north of the euphrates river. at another part of the border a convoy is on patrol on the horizon smoke rises the result of out of the forces shelling eisel fighters. recently isolate tact a stiff positions a move forced to retreat from their location but across the border area between iraq and syria there is no sign of terrorist elements and even if they do work here then they'll be talkative by iraqi forces. an optimistic assessment even as it out the military commanders estimate that at least two thousand five hundred eisel fighters remain in dead and other syrian towns close to the border. brigadier general you hear us who says that all compositions have been fortified and the border is being secured disability went up where intensifying our intelligence
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gathering effort as well and we have installed he seeker and thermal surveillance cameras supported by drones were also conducting strikes and shelling and ice. where located on the highest hill overlooking the syrian border the threat posed by ice along the border isn't just worrying it off the forces. people living in the nearby town of a caught him are also concerned they've suffered in the past and are still suffering in two thousand and fourteen when a client was still under ice in control samir hammoud lost a leg in an explosion the improvised device had been planted by isis to halt the advance of the alkie forces who were attempting to take back the town like i was with them they started working as a fisherman but the job is difficult i need to feed a large family i call on the government to help us these are no thems husband was killed by eisel fighters in two thousand and fifteen she tries to support her
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family by selling milk from her two cows one of my children are students and need heat and electricity at home. sadness and desperation seemingly deepening even as a borders defenses are bolstered. aid agencies are urging the united nations to increase its efforts to protect the civilian population in central african republic one in four people are displaced with hundreds of thousands forced out of their homes this year alone by the violence next week the un will meet to renew the mandate of its peacekeeping force in the country nicholas sachs sent us this report from a refugee camp in congo. hundred fifty five if just arrived you leave this place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic. some had their homes burnt to the ground others were
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chased from their villages by young men with machetes and guns among them are survivors of unspeakable violence. ten year olds his mother is dead her father is killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors. she hid in the bush with her uncle then tried to return to her village but the men kept coming back so she had again. there's no hiding from the violence we want the arms to go the violence to stop we just want peace this is silliness you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups under siege and unable to leave the camp is that they are held hostage protected by a few overstretched u.n. troops celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places and she took the microphone. will we find peace how can we make the
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violence stop when will i be able to return home. we put her questions to visiting secretary general of the norwegian refugee council young angle and i hope she will be able to go back house but the reality is that you know the big forces of the armed groups and the lack of intention from this national community is not go in her direction really in this situation for these people is really desperate outside of the camp and outside of where this small girl is there are three armed groups and they deny people returning to their homes among the people living in this refugee camp are armed men in hiding not only do they target the humanitarian workers that bring them health they also attack the people that live in this camp it seems that there is no safe space for people to skate from the violence. was searching for food when she was gang raped at gunpoint by men she
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suspects are part of a christian armed group in the camp. they won't stop hurting girls here they think we're objects for them to take rape is just part of living here despite the trauma and the violence committed by adults whether christian or muslim children in this refugee camp sure a brief moment of unity in a country torn and looking for peace nicholas hawke al-jazeera. more than four hundred buffalo have been found dead in a river in botswana the last stranding happened in the chobe a river close of the southern african nation's border with the maybe the tourism ministry says they're believed to have stampeded into the river whilst being chased by lions the meat is being donated to local communities. pakistan's government is the naing that a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has left the country amid threats of
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renewed violent demonstrations by conservative islamist groups azi a baby was released from jail in the city of multan a wednesday a week after her conviction was overturned by the supreme court the decision provoked mass protests across pakistan both the netherlands and its in the you have offered her safe haven from a height who has more now from the slum about. ten days after the court ordered really. baby was released from a prison and a studio on board on a special leg of that brought her to the already been a good international airport in islamabad richard mourdock your government is saying that the media reports about her leaving the country are totally false and the information minister lashing out against the media is saying that this was in response to bill behavior given the fact that the country had come to a word done then violent protests broke out across pakistan and the government
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forced forth to make it read the birthday of the protesters would now warn get indeed be not leave the country a difficult predicament indeed for the government or did really be interesting to see where the opposition party though once again going to try to gain momentum and come back on the street. pollution levels in the indian capital new delhi have soared to twenty times the safe level the day after the hindu the valley festival celebrations in what's becoming an annual problem the government is blaming a combination of firework displays and seasonal crop burning by farmers plans to restrict the sale of the most polluting fireworks and restrict the times that they could be set off appear to have been largely ignored. it's highly unlikely pollution will ever decrease our been driving an auto rickshaw since nine hundred ninety four it's become very difficult due to the pollution sometimes when
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we clean our nose it's all black when we speak so cough that it's black the problem . two more german cities are being ordered by the courts the banned older diesel cars from parts of their city center starting from april cologne and ball and join berlin frankfurt and stood guard in having high pollution these rules taken off some of their roads it's the latest victory for environmental groups who have launched a series of court cases local authorities in the two cities are appealing against the. female politicians from eighty six countries have gathered in the u.k. parliament to mark the hundred years since women in britain got the right to vote but as well as celebrating past progress the event also him to inspire and ensues future generations of female political leaders paul brennan reports. we are here not because we are more breakers we are here in our efforts to become law makers so
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wrote the suffragettes a million pankhurst to mark one hundred years since that campaign opened the u.k. parliament to women female parliamentarians from all over the world came to westminster to launch a new push for female political involvement so let us recommit ourselves to inspire a new generation of female social political leaders to end violence against women and girls to grant all women access to family planning and end the barriers of girls education and economically and cowed women those who went before us started a great event for equality let us be the generation that finishes the job i. the statues of parliaments masculine history still dominate westminster to get themselves elected many of the women here had to overcome the suspicion and opposition of the male dominated societies people feel
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bill clinton people feel what does she bring you on the table what does she wants to influence how does she. she wanted to change the status quo that is within the society so it becomes very challenging very difficult but all of them are driven by the determination that equality is worth the struggle and that the future requires the effort if you mean well and if you fight well we're here the other women who've tried to give up and bring this world to a change let's go and contribute together with the men and make a way a better world sometimes i think of stopping doing this but usually the member all these of us the woman who and did years ago sacrificed their lives and sacrificed their happiness is in everything and the fight for their kids and grandchildren one hundred years after britain elected its first woman member of parliament the message of the suffragettes on suffragists still resonates down the decades inspiring new generations of women and girls to take their rightful place in the
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political process paul brennan al-jazeera parliament square in london. finally the classic rubik's cube puzzle has been entertaining and frustration people for almost forty years but some find it infuriatingly easy a thirteen year old chinese schoolboy said the first world record for solving three rubik's cubes similar painlessly using both hands and both feet quasar new took a sparsely believable one minute thirty six seconds it's not a record that expected to attract many challengers. and now the top stories on al-jazeera turkish sources say the search for the body of murdered saudi journalist jamal the shoji has ended this after traces of hydrofluoric acid were found at the residence of the saudi consul general in
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istanbul it's been suggested his body could have been destroyed using the chemicals the turkish government's demanding that saudi arabia reveal who was behind the murder of a former marine has opened fire in a crowded bar in the u.s. city of thousand those killing twelve people the borderline bar and grill is a popular venue with college students and young people most of the victims are believed to be between the ages of eighteen and twenty five it's the third mass shooting in the u.s. in under two weeks. democrats are demanding hearings in the house of representatives to investigate president don trump's removal of attorney general jeff sessions warning that a constitutional crisis is looming and c. pelosi who leads the democrats in the house of representatives called the move a blatant attempt to end or impede special counsel robert miller's investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election kimberly how could his more when house democrats are in control of congress sorry the house of
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representatives in january they will be able to conduct these oversight hearings they would have to call for emergency hearings they will just put them in place so they're asking for these preservation of documents so that they can buy some time until they have control to be able to probe further and ask the questions that they are looking for with respect to this investigation and their concerns that the firing of just sessions was really just the president's attempt to in their view obstruct justice and to shut down the robert mueller probe the world food program says it's doubling the amount of food it provides yemen to try and prevent what it's calling mass starvation with yemen currently suffering the largest hunger crisis in the world the u.n. agency says it's aiming to reach up to four thousand people. syrian state media is reporting that the army has freed a group of druze women and children from eisel they were abducted from the south
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western. province in july those are the top stories more news in half an hour coming up next the stream discusses the midterms. what do the results of the u.s. midterms mean for democracy across the country on today's show we read i think the u.s. immigrant part of a special town hall but we also want to hear your thoughts so send us your comments to be at twitter am to two.
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single party control over the u.s. government has ended after the democratic party made solid gains in the house of representatives in choose a sum of ten elections the result is a stinging blow to donald trump at the end of a series of races widely seen as a referendum on his presidency yet a much heralded democratic blue wave didn't quite materialize republicans held on to several government offices and even tighten back grip on the set it has what president trump and other major political leaders said about the results hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the american people including on economic growth infrastructure trade lowering the cost of prescription drugs and stark contrast to the g.o.p. congress a democratic congress will be there with transparency and openness. and that the public can see what's happening and how we have sex and that they can weigh in
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the american people have given us divided government which they've given us most of the time since world war two they seem to like about a government and i think the message is figure out what you can do together and do it. political pundits are already trying to make sense of where the u.s. is now heading in the run up to the twenty twenty presidential election but what about regular people we're joined again by our panel of immigrants the u.s. and their family members to get their thoughts first up we have jeannie when she's president of voice of vietnamese americans and she came to the u.s. as a refugee at the end of it now war throwing out some marilyn is just you seeing he's founder of american sikhs for trump and is an entrepreneur who immigrated to the u.s. from india thirty years ago from albuquerque new mexico we have a compass a gora she is a patient educator who worked as an oral surgeon in mexico she's joined by a husband add to the sagada and he is a veteran and a pistol instructor with the national rifle association in minneapolis minnesota we
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have aids he is an accountant an immigrant from pakistan is joined by his daughter summer she's studying public health policy at the university of minnesota she was born in the us and we have seven and she joins us from portland oregon is president of the republican muslim coalition she immigrated to the united states from pakistan hello everybody it is good to have you reunited again so it's been a year it's been a lot of yeah lots of things to talk about i just went through your various twitter accounts i found the it's donald j. trump this was from november the six demand of success tonight thank you to all seventy you going to own to posting that one to retreating at one. well we won the senate and we've strengthened republican hold on coming confirmation hearings and a lot of hopefully we have another supreme court nominee i think it will go through much smoother now that we have control of the senate so are you feeling that you're
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doing so much winning right now as a republican. not so much that we were disappointed to see us lose a few races in the house and obviously democrats stepped up their game but it gives us more opportunity to work much more harder for them coming next election gini you were smiling i mean you're looking positively radiant today is that because of the midterm election really i was very happy that the democrats took over the house because and this now we have some check and balance we need a lot of check and balance it would be better if the senate all still was controlled by the democrats but the given is that we can't we couldn't we didn't so for now hope that the democrats will move on and speak for the people and help with all of the things that the concerns that people are concerned self especially gun violence just happened last night we need more bad the gun controls in relations
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reform we need that and then we also need to make sure that the deficit the budget deficit change and we should. move the. budget more to what the poor people at the id i think put it all see is that just being to cut the tax cut for the one that said and more some of that to help you've got a whole plan ahead and it's only three days now wow i need to raise the minimum wage for teachers but i think many older people and the poor very concerned by the social security cuts and also maybe care maybe get happening because it's already been set by mitch mcconnell you know it's interesting that you mention the checks and balances because. there are people on the field exactly the same way and just say heard you've been there so i'm going to give this one to you this is the on twitter who says the midterm elections were like a break applied to a runaway train it was a relief to many it showed that
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a check and balance system still exists in the country and not just employment and money and economy they aren't everything respect is a most important chesty. the midterm election are going to be first of all i was not. a tremendous victory it was like present from state it was almost a complete with tree for the republicans this was historical that the senate in the senate republicans did at forty five more seats all the three important states on high all florida and georgia which are very crucial for the two thousand and twenty lections were retained by the republicans and also the house it was as was again you know the democrats did get the house but if you go back historically president obama at this time it lost sixty eight seats whereas
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republicans have only. done it with twenty eight seats so overall it was a good mandate for the president because whenever all the candidates that he supported did very well he out of his eleven can it is that he supported nine one it was a clear mandate for a president from support and i think democrats getting the how else will bring all the both both the leaders leader pelosi and present trump has. have you know talked about uniting and working in a bipartisan way but what democrats have done in past two years it seems very hard i think that what they'll do is this chart. and all kind of. throwing monkey wrenches and it will be a. dead log i don't think we're going to get much from the government in the next two years just checking with
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a cigar half back and. only make i do drowning in a blue wave and me and mine are. yeah. you know i got a hunch was a shame i really swimming in it and then anthony's probably drowning and at my right he confessed. well i think that i could see that the country won because it was a show like a really prove that the citizen is interesting in chance something in the country because they don't like the way that it's running now and in principle only in here in new mexico you know that was running for the republican governor there are now we get democrat and imus all the position we're getting for a democrat. of their. position one in their blue sacks so we are happy for that man and me. very depressed actually. i should not know depression this is an empathetic chuckle
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go ahead i mean you know it's a roller coaster are you throwing up on your how to step. no we're going to start to climb again you know i think that i say you know i was very disappointed with blue when it really hit mexico as hard as it is now all of our congressional delegation now is going to be democrat that's disappointing so we don't have any republicans representing us in washington d.c. anymore that's that's part of it the partners the governor that came in very staunch liberal talking about additional gun laws and everything else like that and jeanne you don't understand but one thing is gun laws additional gun owners are going to help anything because the the legal people are already a pain the law is needed it's not gun laws we need we need people laws we need judges and stuff that are there that will go out there and do something with these
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people we don't need open doors or revolving doors and that's the problem but be democrat these not just about it guns you saw they're going to that we need to think about you know immigration economy here out education so it's not just to go in spite to put republicans they think that there are other points about democrats that they they can now improve is that in your mexico at all the state these democrats not by right here you're saying that it is not just about the the gun issue and we just got a tweet on that but i'm going to tease our audience and save it for a little later in the conversation because i still want to stay on the midterms now we haven't heard from santa a.j. and i want to share what several people know it was their highlight from these elections this is she said a run on to handle who said during the selection female candidates smashed more barriers and history and the results showed. that when women rewrite the rules it works we reached record breaking numbers ninety five women were elected to the
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house and the previous record was eighty four so for abysmal eyes ation of what that looks like here are just a few of those women are in iranian american muslim native american gay african-american latino american you can see some of the groundbreakers right bear we actually got a video comments on the same point so i want to share it with you because this was a highlight for kate gormley had a listen women are role models for our daughters and granddaughters and important leaders for our country having our her number of women running for and when elected office is going to have an immediate impact and we may see a multiplier effect down the road and that's a good thing for our democracy because a team that works together with varied experiences and perspectives is smarter and can accomplish more our nation needs the talent and energy of all americans whether they're math or women whiny black or brown so
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a record number of women running was that highlight for you some of oh absolutely in my own home state you showed our rep ill one old are so happy so happy that she will be representing us and across the country there were firsts in many states first native congress won't women and native muslim women muslim women and muslim earners senators women senators women governors it was it was incredible to see. did i say what i'm thinking about is people listening to you because you would have been in the states where i would have his all over the world and then trying to think well what difference does it make what difference do these election results make in every day life so what's happened in this past week what's going to be different for you. well i think one of the things that we have
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seen as in minnesota in particular we have huge number of a great diversity people that we elected a diverse people just like we were talking about these women and and there's african-americans there is our governor's running mate is a native american first time a native american oneness. statewide election and so what this would do i think is bring in the perspective from the diverse groups that knowledge join. the legislative bodies and and hopefully they will talk about some of the issues of people that have been neglected in the past. doesn't what you highlight. for you what did you say can repeat it now what with what's been your highlight for me tamarac sense was the family going their own learning and yet
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what what what if you got a better wake up in the morning thinking now and now i'm in a good mood about this well we are going to go ahead with the make america great agenda that's been going on with. i don't think this midterm elections make any difference to the gender of president trump what it might do is it might now. if if the if the democrats in the house. are not working in a bipartisan way present trunk and blame everything on the house and say hey you know i tried like the health care like the immigration bills. you can always blame the house for not passing those but if the house works with him i think it could be a good thing in prison trump can take credit for that i think there are more better chances of the immigration bill and the health care bill now going through reform
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and getting passed because now the democrats really control of the house and if they don't take it seriously if they don't do anything about it then they will be blamed after two years so i think it has a positive way that maybe you know some of these issues are might be resolved so i from for me i was very happy that we have many vietnamese americans came out and run for the election and many of them got elected so across the country we have now eight bit emmy's americans over the got elected we have one a vietnamese american congresswoman reelected in from freida she's from the democratic by the and for that was a has been a very republicans so stephanie mophie was reelected we were very proud of that across the nation we also have a term when i get elected in massachusetts house delegate from essex and then we also have.
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jeanette and we are from california many are the difference do you think that will make i think the policy is going forward in the us yes i think there is the wave and the need that oh these people are normal people who did not see that running before and now they coming out and they will make a difference president term should have thought sing it twice before he does anything else now because these are the people. and bring the names the voice of the people in these refugees we were refugees and the people are very upset of how refugees being treated. across the border even that was the caravan being mischaracterized president. very much because we can remember when we came out of the c. one hundred towns in the us and i traveling on this see will refugee little coming ashore and were you thinking that when you were voting early on this week many of
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us many of these americans especially the younger ones voting thinking of that the human material aspect and that they were very upset when they heard the characterization of immigrants and refugees. because you're not the only one again jimmy your mind is on the same wavelength as so many of our community members because you talked about what you felt as you were going to the polls we got a video comment says our. new york's first undocumented lawyer and he told the story of what he was thinking about when he went to the polls what was on his mind in his heart and here's what he said. donald trump has created a climate of fear and hopelessness the white house has targeted not just undocumented immigrants but also children green card holders even u.s. citizens so this election is not just about a few policies or even comprehensive immigration reform this election is about restoring our values as a nation of immigrants so that everyone from around the world can still come here
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and feel as inspired to pursue that american dream so my or i could see you nodding your head as say as i was talking there were you thinking. i'm angry with him and you know i think like a community we need to trust in our government and we need to be safe in our house and our and our a state and our country and like in the ground i can tell you even if you are serious and you feel like you have been in place that you don't be a step that put all this discrimination to the president a group because we can say with this speech that he is always stuck in a huge group that discrimination and a person that is this shift in a country can't do that because everybody is looking what is he saying even the key it's so it's like it's right there we need to keep talcum powder women about immigrants about their human rights so i don't agree with joanne i think you don't
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know you know when you. say with my ex now hard women our children that has softened so what do you say about immigrants he's always been serious fans of legal immigration all you want to and you try to do well we may sound like a little rich and we all should be he's never going to get legal immigration and he has you can do one thing if you're said anything bad about children or immigrants you're just reading it to say if you know you're not doing it the characters you play out without facts you're just sick you were in yesterday's press conference president drum said everyone that you don't care you know it was that. same that that we might have said it's right at the lodge that we imagine that it's not just for our men less for the president he is the chaffed of this country sixty eight she's supposed to be the first person that we need to trust people don't trust and donald trump son i can see you are just looking on the edge of your c c
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go ahead. you know. i just continue to think about this deportation camps and all the kiddos that are there and now i know that we had massive deportations during the obama era i understand that and i understand too that when you vote for a candidate you support a candidate that doesn't mean that you agree with everything that they do and i'm saying that for the obama administration i'm saying that for other administrations but kids being placed in deportation camps and being denied basic rights this is going to be plucked intergenerational trauma it doesn't and this year or in the next years this trauma and this pain continues on and hurts communities for the future so that is one fact i can give you the trumpet ministration is control it well i think juvenile offenders have been in there are many juveniles and detention all over the country for illegal crimes and other issues so you can't just say that
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that was only because of president that our criminal justice system has punished a lot of young kids although i'm with you nobody i gree with me whatever criminal justice system is going to marry that's the main concern is a human in town going to saddle say your assets mean anything no no what i say i mean take the child do you know what i'm seven finish a sentence sure if a child commits a crime they will be punished for it and sadly they're probably these some of these children were brought here by their parents illegally and so the government didn't have any other option but to place them and the country and facilities and now they've been placed with foster care or other. accommodations i think you were talking about people go ahead with your sentence you want to tell us if an american citizen commits a crime the child in the second away when the when the parent is incarcerated and is put into foster care so why should the legal is going to be things. better u.s.
4:43 am
citizen if american citizen mugger does something wrong a child is taken away i hear that point giving i didn't hear your point earlier i had i think done a different way there are ways that you can be done to hide it either human and humanitarian aspects of the u.s. right now all over the world everybody looking up to us and they very concerned that we don't act with him and they tarion ask of values and the more. people rights. yesterday there were given what president trying to say you don't just let me just here let me just here just point through that. you know why do we treat the immigrants different than we do our ask you and that's what the people expect us to treat illegal immigrants differently than we treat americans and says if you commit it to commit
4:44 am
a crime you're separated from your family period when these people are coming across the border illegally people are not looking so i just. i have i hear a lot of ai he disobeyed going back and forth amongst you we hear the two positions republican position and democrat position there as well but i mean it's probably going to yeah and i hate that we're going to take this for because one show is never enough immigrant town hall but i am curious about the civility with which americans are talking to each other about these critical issues a.j. can you sum it up for us are we so polarized right now in the u.s. what would you say the atmosphere was like oh i think one of the things that's happening. resident. bigotry white nationalism. muslim. you know all you know there is sheeple getting killed in this country right now as
4:45 am
a result of those things that he has those that poison that used infused into the society today. and i don't know all right i don't know if there is any president at least during my stay. right here sitting next to his daughter santa you know nothing says jesse right now that we have. also savva we are going to take them all on to the next program we're not going to cut them off we have a part to stand by for that we are going to pause our conversation here or not donna's family said join us on monday when our panel will give us their thoughts on u.s. politics over the last busy year it's not all bad about trump so here's an idea of what will look at our next show from a member of our original town hall lawyer shores so with the g.o.p. in control of the house cavanagh's confirmation although disheartening was almost
4:46 am
inevitable i watched pretty breathlessly while cavanagh testified and i was simply astounded by what i observed i did not see the tankard reserve of a judge what i did see was at the end of the day this is politics and i'm convinced that the votes that resulted in his confirmation were not votes of conviction rather these were votes of political survival. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one
4:47 am
experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal a healthier world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. douglas stone drunk with tension between islamic separatists and pro russia. in the crossfire one man has a vision for the next generation empowering. to seek a special way. with these dogs sounds peaceful morning. on al-jazeera. the un's man in charge of middle east and north africa as a refugee crisis warns that the end is still not incites the war doesn't act like in cos or some other countries. like that there ought to be
4:48 am
a new order to make that contribution is above the shame or it with the i mean i was talking to al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. hello and barbara say around london these are the top stories on al-jazeera turkish source says have told al-jazeera the search for the body of murdered saudi journalist. has ended this after they said that traces of hydrofluoric acid were found at the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul they believe body
4:49 am
could have been destroyed using the substance he disappeared after entering the saudi consulate or that a month ago and simmons reports from istanbul. the revelation follows the poetry analysis of samples taken by turkish investigators more than a fortnight after jamal khashoggi is murder a source of the turkish prosecutor's office has told our jazeera it was here at the consul general's residence that traces of hydrofluoric acid and unknown domestic chemical were found the source says the dismembered body parts were dissolved in a chemical process and the source speaks of samples also taken from a well in the garden of the residence and in nearby sewage systems this information follows on from an early arrival ation by the newspaper accusing two saudi men said to be a chemical expert at a toxicologist being involved in the cover up operation even though they've been
4:50 am
sent out in an official saudi investigation team. turkish president brigette tell you heard of one appeared in public on thursday but made no comment about the new leak all remarks made by the us president officials in turkey's ruling party say it's stronger action not opinion that's needed from the u.s. soldier was going to was an underneath about turkey's position was made clear from the beginning but a stance adopted by president early on we will not allow any person to cover up his inhumane crime committed in this cruel and brutal manner but even if as the prosecution source says investigators are convinced that georgie's body was totally destroyed here in the consular residence is there enough evidence to convict the suspects in this case turkey believes there will be enough evidence and it wants the united states to pressure the saudis to extradite all of the suspects not only
4:51 am
that the turks want saudi arabia to reveal who ordered the killing of a man whose remains appear to have been washed away in the sewage system andrew symonds al jazeera istanbul. a former marine has opened fire in a crowded bar in the u.s. city of thousand oaks killing twelve people the borderline bar and grill is a popular venue with college students and young people most of the victims are believed to be between the ages of eighteen and twenty five it's the third mass shooting in the u.s. in under two weeks democrats are demanding hearings in the house of representatives to investigate president trump's removal of attorney general jeff sessions warning that a constitutional crisis is looming nancy pelosi who leads the democrats in the house of representatives called the move a blatant attempt to end or impede special counsel robert miller's investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election kimberly how it has more when house democrats are in control of congress sorry the house of
4:52 am
representatives in january they will be able to conduct these oversight hearings they would have to call for emergency hearings they will just put them in place so they're asking for these preservation of documents so that they can buy some time until they have control to be able to probe further and ask the questions that they are looking for with respect to this investigation and their concerns that the firing of jeff sessions was really just the president's attempt to in their view obstruct justice and to shut down the robert mueller probe the world food program says it's doubling the amount of food aid it provides yemen to try and prevent what it's calling mass starvation with yemen currently suffering the largest hunger crisis in the world the u.n. agency says it's aiming to reach up to fourteen million. syrian state media is reporting that the army has freed a group of druze women and children from eisel they were abducted from the southern
4:53 am
province in july those are the top stories more news in half an hour coming up next it's al jazeera correspondent the soviet scar. my name is tommy lamar shall not meet them i was born a citizen of the union of soviet socialist republics. the u.s.s.r. . people think that when the hammer and
4:54 am
sickle flag came down on the kremlin in december one thousand ninety one the world changed but things are never that simple. i was too young to remember soviet rule but i have lived my whole life in its shadow. as a georgian i cannot forget the fact that my family members where executed in the soviet purges. as a daughter i cannot forgive the fact that the soviet system crushed my parents' aspirations. as a reporter i have witnessed wars and revolutions that are its legacy. in my own country i saw russian tanks reasserting soviet borders and axing toward land. after almost thirty years of independence the u.s.s.r.
4:55 am
is still with us and i believe we cannot have a future until we have dealt with this passed. i've lived away from georgia for almost ten years. every time i come back i remember why i left because i feel that the history is weighing down on my country. and it will take many years to transform it into the country that i want to live in. the area my parents live in is dominated by soviet blocks. it's pretty great a soviet buildings were not designed to make people feel at ease.
4:56 am
when the u.s.s.r. collapsed there was nobody to look cost of this stairwells than the entrance system out the exterior of the building so we're still in there or is in the states. unfortunately when we open the door we still step into a soviet world. oh. what. seven. my mom remembers the soviet union in a very positive way she was an engineer she was empowered once we got the independence all the soviet factories just closed down there were no jobs for even
4:57 am
men let alone women so women had to just stay home and become housewives have soem meat chick. and if it's dominant in georgian q.c. oh and this is some desert. my mom makes it. every time i come we nicked it i guess so soviets nicked it from the french so it's our version of milk we call it not falling out. my father is very critical of the soviet era when he graduated he ended up working for the mayor's office here in the he was in charge of the sewage system. my mom if she even now to bed at all and you were in charge of our series. in georgia b. cook asians are always marked by a family feast and giving toasts. the moment. how
4:58 am
much. you feel like a good research in the let's go morse code so go it was a. twin the rose of the world it is our god stuck conductor on. twenty all the cost will be discovered on you so we're going to hold what i get to be said for a boy of all about good earth will good luck tomorrow to show bruce who will deny him quickly she heard her say which are going to be able to call although they would like to row he could go to see her about zero point one three would agree are without a home than todai this kind of state betty or take out that knowledge barrier to doubt a story a she told us or she made him look different to her that will surely it. will have
4:59 am
the second one. of the psycho want to get over that are. possible he was going to share it with the most wanted to most wanted one of the dr rather the shearman got it weird to tell them you know this old fashioned i was going to get that sort of a camel doubtless he's. going to go it isn't. a money machine what are. the story about how do you think it should me or would. and the. out of these twenty can anybody but they live in just about it and on the globe is pretty machine. there is that they were all we can have all the same clothes to proceed and that's a. chimp to speed up that's not going. to shimmy she was.
5:00 am
around. all of us have to. talk to around another. cattle that. packed a rat still no live round. alone never thought on mobile she. told me that i did see a star in the earth's but i seconds if stamina said it and now they're going to shift . my old horse that scrushy did this is whisper such that. there. are for most of them what opera house or who said. my grandfather was born in the twenties so he's now ninety. one we call me walter sort of. when i grill him about the soviet union it mystifies me that he doesn't feel bitter about the things he did to his.


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