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the entire tired of paradise with a population of around twenty seven thousand people was emptied as the flames engulfed homes and businesses there are reports of a number of injuries to residents and firefighters dozens of strike teams from across the state to be sent to the fire ground final preparations are underway in paris to mark one hundred years since the end of world war one on sunday french president will host world leaders to mark the armistice that officially ended the conflict more than sixteen million people were killed over four years the jordan looks a tile the u.s. got involved and the legacy that it's left of the american people on april second one nine hundred seventeen u.s. president woodrow wilson issued the battle cry the world must be made safe for democracy many americans approved of the decision to go to war against germany and its allies a government that is running amuck. but despite the headlines and propaganda
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efforts just as many americans opposed fighting in the so-called great war the u.s. historian michael kazin described the antiwar movement in his recent book war against war it did seem like a war that was in the american national interests seem like a war that most europeans had not wanted to fight in the first place so there was a sense that if america got involved the war it would only make the i.c.'s more militarist country which is just the fall face so in the european powers that had gone to war in the first place even so kazan says the impact of the war on us society was far reaching some suffragist leveraged women's performance in the workplace to convince congress they should have the right to vote black soldiers including the harlem hell fighters who fought in france discovered their service did not protect them from racism after the war and that inspired the work of civil rights activists in the decades ahead and the us started
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a long running debate about what it means to be a global power economically militarily and diplomatically. wilson had resisted calls to enter the war since it began in one nine hundred fourteen but after a german u. boat torpedo the cargo ship aztec on april first getting congress to declare war was easy by the time the armistice was signed on november eleventh one thousand nine hundred eighteen one hundred sixteen thousand u.s. troops had died either in combat or because of the flu pandemic kazan says that does not mean the antiwar movement had failed what the story there to were movement doing what one can teach us is that it's crucial for americans for people for any nation to force their politicians and their media. and their businesses those of other businesses to. think
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very carefully about this decision because once you decide to go to war there's no going back an important insight one hundred years on especially given that americans still don't agree on when and why the u.s. should go to war rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. he has. a who.
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he has.
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thank you very much the world chess championship begins in london on friday between two players in their twenty's who have helped change the image of the sport's norwegian magnus carlsen became world champion aged just twenty five years ago but is american challenger fabiano caruana is a year younger under special talent leaving chess experts undecided who will win lee wellings reports in the world of chess that can be more than one grand master the highest right in the guy but i can only be one world champion in the men's guy and that's going to be decided over the next few weights in london just two men head to head the twelve guides the defending champion norwegian magnus carlsen has helped change the image of chess champion for five years and he's only twenty seven he has the highest rating of a player in history even getting into magazines and films and t.v.
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have sometimes made approaches in this must be good for the game it's never been my man motivation i just play for the love of the game just as they can more and more of an important part of my life and. i mean just the playing part i don't care so much about the other stuff any more his opponent fabiano caruana the new kid on the board has been given a genuine chance of victory by chess experts his mother encourage him to take up the game as a small boy in brooklyn and he's been absorbed by it ever since it's taken him to what's been called the most eagerly awaited title match in chess history do you think this is your profile is no i is making chess cool. so i think that chess has definitely come in color and and there are a lot of people. in the celebrity world in movies and music who who have an interest in chess. so i think it's definitely gaining more exposure. and i also
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think that is a great thing. and definitely can be very beautiful and can also be caught and and accessible to the larger audience do we have the male support for this much do you have female support for this match i don't think so women hate me our republic. thank you magnus prize money on offer is over a million dollars it costs over one hundred dollars per ticket for some of the four hundred spectators per day in a venue customized for chess millions will watch streamed coverage around the globe if it's tied at six six after twelve goings by the end of november there would be a speed tie break but whoever wins the profile of tournament chess is about to move forward the wellings al-jazeera. to another ancient sport and the rather strange move by the world's highest earning boxer floyd mayweather on monday the american announced he was going to fight the japanese kick boxer now he says he's pulling
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out and they never agree to it in the first place they woodstock's has the story. to me resolve boss mascot appreciate the date was set new year's eve in cytometry pan floyd mayweather was to face kick boxing sensation tension. but just three days after the launch in tokyo mayweather has pulled out claiming he and his team had been juked into the fight on instagram he wrote our floyd mayweather never agreed to an official bout with tension asacol in fact i have never heard of him until this recent trip to japan i was originally informed that this was to be an exhibition put on for a small group of wealthy spectators for a very large fee i want to sincerely apologize to my friends i can assure you that i too was completely blindsided by the arrangements that were being made he was so mayweather claims to have been ambushed but he seemed pretty comfortable at the
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press conference on monday when launching the fight that was reportedly going to see him pocket up to one hundred million dollars this present so i spoke with my team i got were rising and we put it together and i chose japan because this is such a great place in the got great people there's no doubting mayweather skills as a boxer he went all fifty of his fights and was the world champion at five different weight but the rules for the nasa car were fight had not been agreed on and that could have been where things broke down it wouldn't surprise me if he's actually had a good look at this a car well. and just so you know what is highlight reel shows what a dangerous flood syria is he might be twenty years old he might look like a quiet boy but he's got dangerous kicks he's a dangerous aggressive. sounds were twenty years old and between twenty points he stepped into the fire he's got a look at want to get his feet but it's all his ribs maybe by the knees and of this
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young japanese. but the man nickname money pulling out today's fight won't make too much of a dent in his finances but his reputation has certainly taken a bit of a blow. david stokes al-jazeera. basketball on the end to an unwanted record for twenty thirteen n.b.a. champions the miami heat the heat broke a four year drought against the san antonio spurs has somewhat side had twenty nine points twenty rebounds and nine what shots a season high for the n.b.a. finished ninety five points to eighty eight to the heat's. trouble cheree one of the fiercest rivalries in all of football takes center stage in south america's biggest club competition went back a genius face river plate in the copper limited or its final barca host river in the first leg on saturday the teams have never met in the final and after a disappointing few years for argentina's national team aka bosky g.m.o.
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bottle as it has renewed the country love of football it was it then dorgan want to put on for that argentine football in terms of its national team has been punished in the past years individually the names of the players in the national team as well because of its results and i think that today barca and river have reached a state that is important beyond what happens in these finals i think we have put argentine football on top of. southeast asia's international competition the suzuki cup has kicked off with cambodia hosting malaysia in phnom penh cambodia manager keisuke honda absent as he's still playing in australia malaysia got the end goal of the game north show it one time heading in after half an hour. over in vietnam one woman with against laos nguyen kong phone with the finnish it and three male nguyen confines for a case that's in the visitors in charge of group a laos guide to malaysia on monday . england were in a commanding position at the close of the third day of the first test against sri
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lanka in goal thanks to a century from opening batsman katyn jennings the twenty six year old managed only his second test hundred to date its golden unbeaten hundred forty six as the english declared on three two two for six that left the hosts with a daunting victory target of four hundred sixty two they reached the close of play unscathed at fifteen without a loss. so you're going to see is great run of form since the ryder cup in september seems to have no end in sight after helping europe when he went on to win the masters at valderrama in spain now he's leading the way after the first round of the nedbank golf challenge known as africa's major at the sun city resort in south africa the spaniard carded a bogey free round of sixty four that's eight under his lowest opening round since twenty eight fifteen garcia has a handy four shot lead over his rivals he won this tournament back in two thousand and one and two thousand and three. and i will leave you with some record breaking
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stunts from the world of wheelchair motocross this is american our unfaltering him he was born with spinal bifida he set three historic marks in california making the highest ever wheelchair hunt plumper. also the farthest wheelchair ramp jump and finally the tallest pipe drop in on a wheelchair all of them validated by guinness world records tourist quarter pipe the drop in on a wheelchair stands at eight meters forty congratulations thank you but i'm a super prompt to been able to come out here and stomp three records it was a bit overwhelming you know for the last week thinking three records coming up than you know i hope i succeed but i really couldn't have asked for a better day everything just went smoothly and just super pumped we made it happen and pumped guinness world records was able to come out and make it official on that soil sport and i will have more later on. thanks very much paul and finally the
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classic rybicki puzzle has been entertaining and for straightening people for all those forty years lying to myself but some people find it infuriatingly easy a thirteen year old chinese schoolboy is that the first world record for solving three rubik's cubes similar taney asli using both hands and both feet q zhenyu took scarcely been unbelievable one minute thirty six seconds and it's not a record that's expected to attract many challenges but it's a great feat to be watching the news a loris next to stay with us. stories of life. and inspiration. oh. a series of short documentaries from around the wound that celebrate the human spirit against the arts. float.
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al-jazeera selects express yourself. stoked. yami the sunday sound roots got a funny thing is a follow me says that. phrase from the shrews is the name under which i recorded a record is the record music is really going to fit my life for a very young age it may come from the make of what i feel that. talks of are just one of the books of the organism or craig of music i've been blessed with that's deeply relevant to this road especially for the i think this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to oss questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being taught it's like students teachers activists filmmakers writers base all of them have been intimidated from the forest
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and people on the street see the protest has reached our doorstep sort of in which as a weird i'd like some attempts to contradict some of this. in twenty twenty tokyo will host the paralympic games but the nation has a troubled history caring for people with disabilities want to win he examines japan's disability shame on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. ending the search for the body. may have been.
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coming up. killed twelve people. double its food aid to prevent mass starvation. making it harder. police have told. us from the body of. sources have told that traces of acid were found at the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul
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it's believed. been disposed of using chemicals he was killed after entering the saudi consulate more than a month ago. andrew symonds in istanbul. revelation follows the. samples taken by turkish investigators. murder a source of the turkish prosecutor's office has told al-jazeera it was here at the consul general. the traces of hydrofluoric acid and domestic chemical were found. the dismembered body parts were dissolved in a chemical process. speaks of. so taken from a well in the garden of the residents and in nearby sewage systems this information follows on from an early arrival ation by the newspaper accusing two saudi men said to be a chemical expert at a toxicologist being involved in the coverup operation even though they've been
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sent out in an official saudi investigation team i took is present brigette tell you heard of one appeared in public on thursday but made no comment about the new leak all remarks made by the us president officials in turkey's ruling party say it's stronger action not opinion that's needed from the u.s. soldier was going to was an undiluted turkey's position was made clear from the beginning but a stance adopted by president early on we will not allow any person to cover up this inhumane crime committed in this cruel and brutal and manner but even if as the prosecution source says investigators are convinced that force georgie's body was totally destroyed here in the consular residence is there enough evidence to convict the suspects in this case turkey believes there will be enough evidence and it wants the united states to pressure the saudis to extradite all of the suspects
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not only that the turks want saudi arabia to reveal who ordered the killing of a man whose remains appear to have been washed away in the sewage system andrew symonds al-jazeera istanbul. the gunman who stormed the u.s. state of california killing twelve people has been identified twenty eight year old in david long was a former marine who served in afghanistan illegibly took his own life after being confronted by police officers reynolds reports from thousand oaks in california. a four room full of college students dancing enjoying a night out then hawr. we sold out the last. gun wearing black and carrying a forty five caliber handgun burst into the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks firing dozens of times people fled the carnage any way they could we just had
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to get out get behind a car get behind something that he destroyed to take among the dead was the police officer who was the first to get to the scene ventura county sheriff's deputy ron helix who was fifty four is being hailed as a hero he had every intention of going in there and ending that threat and saving lives the gunman twenty eight year old ian long killed himself as police closed in long was a marine corps veteran who served a tour in afghanistan he had run ins with local police before in april of this year deputies were called to his house for a subject disturbing they went to their house they talked to him he was he was somewhat irate acting out a little irrationally longs motives are on known and are the subject of intense investigation we're going to pursue the leads that are developed from that evidence wherever they take us to identify any possible motivation. paint
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a picture of the frame of mind of the subjects parents and relatives of the shooting victims gathered at a community center to get information jason kaufman waited to find out if his twenty two year old son cody was safe i know nothing here i was woken up in the morning by some friends of cody. sima he hasn't meted out of the bar moments later he got the terrible news cody was dead thousand oaks now joins us cities like pittsburgh orlando last they gits and parkland shocked and broken hearted by sudden horrific. violence you know where the safest city in america and how do you stop somebody that comes in to do something like this it's. it's a wake up call for everybody that that evil exists and that it jumps into the most quite of communities and we're hurting according to the gun violence archive there
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have been three hundred and seven mass shootings in the united states involving four or more fatalities this year alone whether it's a bar or nightclub a school or synagogue it seems there are no safe spaces anymore robert oulds al-jazeera thousand oaks california. to chris brown who's the president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence she told us they're all ways to tackle the growing problem we know that there are common sense solutions that will make this epidemic drastically reduce and we need to enact them as soon as possible that's why we have worked so hard at brady to elect gun violence prevention champions in the house of representatives and we finally have a majority in the house of representatives who we hope will tackle commonsense laws and enact them that will make a difference in this kind of shooting and many others that occur in this country we
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need to expand the background check system in this country the brady law was enacted almost twenty five years ago and one in five sales of guns that occurs today occurs without any background check it out at all because of gaps in the system we need to close those gaps the second thing we need to do is we need to an act extreme risk laws that allow guns to be removed from at risk individuals across this country we have states that haven't acted them but there's legislation pending in congress that would provide grants to states to enforce those laws and to educate people about them. you know the nation's broken talks between the warring sides in yemen have been postponed until the end of the year the u.n. is warning yemen is just three months away from a devastating famine with fourteen million people at risk and try again to be reports. the u.n. has been escalating its calls for a cease fire in yemen and to political solution but on the ground around the pool
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city of data the opposite is happening. the fighting between pro-government forces and the rebels is intensifying and so despite renewed diplomatic efforts by the united states plans the u.n. brokered talks in sweden in november have been pushed back until the end of the the special envoy for yemen martin griffiths has made clear that any military escalation does not help the ongoing efforts to relaunch the political process we hope to see the first steps for deescalation in yemen as we move forward towards convening political consultations between the parties before the end of the year. but the chance of those hopes being realized is slim neither side in her data seems in the mood to compromise. military operations are continuing in the streets of data hutu militias we cleared out god willing we'll then continue to fight beyond who data. have controlled her data since twenty fourteen suppose his in the city
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say they'll never surrender and the enemy talks about controlling her data but we tell them the data is very far for you with god's help we will be victorious and we are with. the world food program is doubling the amount of food aid it gives to yemen to try and prevent mass starvation it's very clear already that we're going to have to double our efforts to reach more people with more food assistance but it's even more clear that the conflict that's led to that hardship in the first place absolutely has to end until it does aid agencies say it will be almost impossible to get food supplies into yemen leaving fourteen million people at risk of starvation. victoria gating be algis the. syrian state media says the army has freed nineteen women and children held by eisel since july and killed the kidnappers they were amongst thirty members of syria's minority druze community
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from the sudden so wait a province. iraq's army is keeping a close eye on his border with syria worried that ice will find his a crossing over it's a reminder of the threat still plays by the armed despite being defeated in almost all areas it used to control my john jay reports. above it off its border with syria security forces are on high alert. military is doing what it can to repel any attempts by eisel members to regroup at a briefing the commander of anbar operations command centers has pockets of eisel fighters are located in an area north of the euphrates river. at another part of the border a convoy is on patrol on the horizon smoke rises the result of out of the forces shelling eisel fighters. recently isolate tact a stiff positions a move forced to retreat from their location but across the border area between iraq and syria there is no sign of terrorist elements even if they do work here and
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they'll be talkative by iraq to force. an optimistic assessment even as it out the military commanders estimate that at least two thousand five hundred eisel fighters remain in data and other syrian towns close to the border. brigadier general you hear us who says that all compositions have been fortified and the border is being secured at the bottom of top where intensifying our intelligence gathering effort as well and we have installed he seeker and thermal surveillance cameras supported by drones were also conducting strikes and shelling and ice where located on the highest hill overlooking the syrian border. the threat posed by ice along the border isn't just worrying the forces people living in the nearby town of a call him are also concerned they've suffered in the past and are still suffering in two thousand and fourteen.


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