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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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solution to be promptly yemen these so far have been ignored with neither side willing to compromise ever who would go to syria. or elsewhere flash floods of killed at least nine people in jordan including two children twenty four people were hurt and dozens of others evacuated from their homes to escape the rising floodwaters hundreds of tourists were also forced to seek higher ground in the ancient city of petra. israeli soldiers have shot dead a palestinian man during clashes at the gaza israel border rami was one of twenty eight people who came under israeli fire during the violence now ruffa protests backed by gaza's rulers have massive taken place along the frontier with israel since march palestinians are calling for an end to the blockade on gaza and the right of return to their ancestral homes in israel. well to somalia now at least twenty one people have been killed in the capital market issue in a series of attacks in the hall said the city witnesses say gunmen tried to storm a hotel when three explosions went off jan has mall. the car bombs
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exploded simultaneously near a hotel and a police department headquarters in the capital mogadishu one of the three bombs ripped apart a minibus victims' bodies were scattered on the street. it was three huge explosions up to now we had am an ambulance carried thirteen wounded people and four dead bodies but we still don't know the exact number of dead it may be more than thirty witnesses say a gunman tried to storm the whuffie hotel by blowing up at security wall security forces reportedly killed the gunman before they managed to enter the hotel. i pulled many dead bodies from the burning cars one of the cars exploded next to a public transportation vehicle and there were many people in it including women and children the number of casualties on known as bodies are still being pulled on the burning cars. the president said that after the armed group al shabaab is claiming responsibility for the attack it's been trying to oust the un backed
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government for over a decade and it's carried out a series of deadly attacks against high profile targets including hotels and checkpoints in the capital and other cities. on al jazeera. and also ahead for you on this program turkish police officially on the search for the body of mud a journalist jamal khashoggi they say the investigation into his death will continue. taking the fight against pollution to space begin to tell you why scientists are about to last laser beams into the skies. however we've got some rather disturbed weather just pushing across southwestern parts of australia easing into south australia a little clump of cloud here filtering into the western side of the country and it
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will just make its way further east which as we go through the next few days so that saturday's picture the right starting to not into south australia for the southeast is generally dry might just see one of two coastal for showers just around new south wales up towards the gold coast maybe a little further north to the some parts of queensland for a time could see some white weather twenty three celsius there for melbourne sunshine bursting through sunshine also coming back into perth by sunday time just here at around twenty degrees you see that wetter weather not too far away is making its way through the bite we've had some wet weather recently into new zealand that's now making its way further a switch and as we go on through the weekend it will brighten up which is it turning last the five and dry thirteen celsius the across seventeen for clint plenty of dry weather warmest in us we go on into sunday at least in alton temperatures getting up to around nine hundred thousand is just a little bit a fair weather cloud coming through here but a bit of plastic in place across eastern parts of japan as we go on through saturday but for most it is fine and dry at
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a warm up the other as we go through sunday. on courage of the cost u.s. sanctions or. as europe for the staffords a lawyer will look at how difficult it is to resist the financial bites of the dollar plus china insists it's a call to be is opening up the latest of a trade war with the us currency of the cost on al-jazeera.
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welcome back quick look at the top stories this hour the un refugee agency says the u.s. must ensure migrants thing violence will persecution and given protection promptly and without obstruction is comes after donald trump signed a proclamation to deny asylum to migrants crossing the southern border illegally five people have died in northern california as firefighters continue to battle a fast moving blaze which quadrupled in size overnight more than one hundred fifty seven thousand people have been evacuated from their homes and the u.n. and other aid agencies are warning thousands of civilians remain trapped by the fighting in the many city of data bases government forces backed by the saudi led coalition say they've launched a major offensive to retake the port city. of turkish police say they're officially ending the search for jamal khashoggi body but the criminal investigation into his murder will continue sources have told al jazeera traces of acid were found at the
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saudi consul general's residence in istanbul it's believed the saudi journalist's body may have been disposed of using chemicals. has the latest now from istanbul. with this latest bits of information from the question or of where is the body of the late journalist she there are still several other questions that remain unanswered not least who gave the order for the assassination of the journalist who is implicated in its and why the saudi authorities despite officially claiming that they would cooperate with the turkish counterpart so far have not only refused but possibly even tried to tamper with the ongoing investigation namely sending in chemical experts to destroy evidence but also refusing to allow for that cycle sorties to search once again the consul general's home after they had managed to get those samples of chemicals as well as i said in the well in the garden of the consul general of the turks have been requesting for several on several occasions
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over the past few weeks to be allowed to enter again the saudis have refused another big question is the residents of that's home the consul general himself why did the saudis feel the need to whisk him away essentially take him away for extract him from turkey despite the fact that the authorities here in istanbul explicitly said that they would like to speak to him he's not only a witness to what's happened inside he was in contact and in touch with jamal khashoggi prior to the journalists entering the consulate and also you obviously the evidence in terms of the distraught well what is possibly believed to have happened to his body was collected in his home police in the australian city have now been in treating a stabbing spree that killed one person as a terrorist attack somali immigrant set fire to a pickup truck and stabbed three people in the city center before being shot in the chest by armed police he later died in hospital.
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well in the u.s. eight of california investigators there are still trying to determine why a twenty eight year old former marine walked into a crowded bar and killed twelve people on thursday a gunman took his own life after being confronted by police offices cohen reports. another day in the united states another day to learn the names and the stories of the victims of a mass shooting among them a small business owner a police officer a college freshman just eighteen years old a man who took care of disabled children and a twenty seven year old who survived the mass shooting in las vegas just over a year ago my name is susan or if i don't know if my son was tell her father if we lost him last night at the borderline in shooting my son was in westbury guess with a lot of his friends and he came home he didn't come home last night and i don't want prayers i don't want thoughts i want gun control and i hope to god nobody you know offends me anymore breyer's i want control no more guns
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period q it has become a familiar pattern each and every time americans are killed in mass by an armed man the politics break down into two camps for republicans it is about mental health the shooter was trained to be an excellent shot by the u.s. marines he served in afghanistan well he was a war veteran he was a marine he was in the war he served time he saw some pretty bad things and a lot of people say he has the p.t.s.d. and. that's a tough deal for democrats it's about guns this is a. got to change. this doesn't happen anywhere else on planet earth. and we can't let folks forget that you can't lose sight of that can allow this to be normalized it's been a constant conversation with little action while the republicans controlled all branches of government that changes in january i mean likely house leader nancy
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pelosi put out a statement promising house democrats will fight to pass bipartisan commonsense solutions to prevent gun violence in communities across the country and it looks like it's going to happen but right now it seems much more likely that we'll learn many new names new victims new stories of loss and horror long before congress agrees to act. al-jazeera washington. all three million venezuelans have fled their country's economic and political crisis since two thousand and fifteen many a walking for thousands of kilometers through columbia to cross the andes mountain range in search of a better life a no point on the route is more dangerous than the burden parable us under a petty is that. wrapped in a blanket in four months pregnant those has been walking for eight hours up this colombian mountain known as the ice box. this has been the hardest two of our companions passed out in the freezing air makes each step harder on this dangerous
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path just one hundred kilometers from the border with the being is where. yet she says she needs to keep going forward and when. i'm doing this for my other children a five year old girl and a two and a half i'm a single mother and things in venezuela get worse every day no food no medicine no life. left for three days ago hoping to reach her sister in the colombian city of out of seven hundred kilometers away along the route she joined other migrants all poorly equipped for this weather carrying the few belongings they have in a. jacket her knee hurts but she keeps limping along. for me i'm also here for my son he got me in giantess and venezuela and i didn't even have the money for the vaccine more than three million have fled poverty hunger in crime in their country since two thousand and fifteen in one of the
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biggest migrations in the world today hundreds of thousands are still walking to the continent it's a dangerous journey and its toll remains largely invisible. in office as registered. to migrants from the cold but it's unclear just how many might have died because nobody is really keeping track of the death or the missing along these routes and there's little formal help along the way. the colombian red cross set up an assistance point at the start of the trick here migrants receive help in health services but the most important thing is information but if. they don't know what they have to face or where to go most have never crossed the border. by the end of the day and her group reached the top of
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the mountain there's no where to temperatures are dropping by the minute. soldiers help lidiane haiti get a lift to the closest city the rest decide to continue on foot now they're saying they're saying you must have faith that will regroup along the road. where deal so leap tonight they don't know but with no other option they can only press on i listen to them. but i'm really really in. the u.s. defense secretary says he wants to find ways to reduce tension with china in the south china sea james mattis made the comments after meeting a chinese delegation in washington officials met to discuss military deescalation on a trade dispute that's led to terrorists from both sides rosalynn jordan has the latest now from the state department. u.s. and chinese officials agreed during their second strategic and defense dialogue that it's important to make certain that north korea gives up its nuclear weapons they also agreed it's important to try to check the influence of iran but where
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they differ is on the chinese military presence in the south china sea china says it has the responsibility to defend its citizens from foreign attacks the u.s. says that it's a necessarily militarizing the area and that its own vessels are going to fly over the south china sea or sail through them because they are technically international waters the other area where the two countries have a bit of a disagreement the status of taiwan technically the u.s. recognizes beijing as the official capital of the people's republic of china and does not recognize taiwan as a separate independent state however washington's recent decision to sell some military equipment to taipei has angered beijing saying that the u.s. is going back in on an agreement more than forty years old. u.s. president donald trump accused the federal courts in montana of acting politically following a ruling that blocks construction of
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a controversial keystone oil pipeline the judge says the trump administration failed to explain why it lifted a ban on the project after it was denied a permit by former president barack obama on environmental grounds and the judge also said the government failed to properly count for the risk of oil spills or the impacts of low oil prices on the projects scientists everbearing to fire lasers into space to blast some of the hundred seventy million pieces of manmade deborah orbiting the earth cosmic plus it poses a constant threat to satellite spacecraft and to people my own honda explains. we've been launching things and people into space since nineteen fifty seven satellites via favorite programs spacecraft to explore the unknown people to take out first sticks and then the more than sixty years of space exploration with managed to leave behind around one hundred seventy million bits of junk to give you
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a sense of just how big the problem is take a look at this graph from scientists at the university of texas these orange dots a functioning satellites orbiting the earth every day everything else the sea of pink the below is debris junk basically some of it's tiny some of it says big as a bus all of it's hurtling around the earth at speeds in excess of twenty seven thousand kilometers an hour crisscrossing at different orbits and on a potential collision course for the things and people that we want up there. scientists warn it has the potential to create a string of catastrophic even unstoppable collisions that could render parts of space unusable nesa scientists donald kislev first identified the scenario thirty years ago scientists have been trying to come up with ways to clean up after ourselves if a sense has the predicted that when the population density is supposed to be
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reached or it will start to cool i would sell and start multiplying what we're seeing the beginnings of that we see greece a number of said look we've been. through for you know the best minds on the planet in this demand we have another ten years we could be very lucky and have twenty years or twenty five we could be very unlucky and it could happen tomorrow scientists are making progress with innovative ways to clear the cluster but none of it's ready to launch just yet that's where a new use of well established laser technology. he comes in a team astray leah working with the experts from around the world is preparing to fire high powered lasers to blast space debris away to a safer orbit yes it is rather cool using simple hybrid lasers to gently nudge them to size gently gently match the space reach one hundred to another we don't have
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the solutions as opposed to brute now we have a means to reduce the scale of the problem and. the doomsday event so we get more time space based laser technology dates back to the one nine hundred seventy s. and now has a myriad of applications that already make a real difference to us down here on earth but it's this latest use of laser ranging technology to clean up the cosmic junkyard around our planet that's capturing global attention it's the biggest clean up if it ever the same and this corner of the universe at least medium hond al-jazeera and there's much more of everything we're covering right here all the latest on our top stories but also analysis and that takes you behind the headlines feature stories and blogs from our correspondents on the ground al-jazeera dot com.
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just a quick look at the top stories this hour the u.n. refugee agency says the u.s. must ensure migrants fleeing violence or persecution a given protection promptly and without obstruction is comes after the u.s. president signed a proper nation to deny asylum to my quince across the southern border illegally donald trump says they must arrive through an official ports of entry until now asylum seekers have been entitle to a hearing in the united states regardless of how they enter the country. i just signed. the proclamation on asylum very important people government but that the government through the porch of a dream. that would be is a very important thing again i reiterate we need democratic votes they have to pass new immigration laws because they're flooding our country we're not allowed to get what they're drawing to flood our country we need a wall we're building a wall but we need it all built at one time or we're really. it's very important we
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need democratic supporter new immigration laws to bring us up to date the laws are obsolete and there are incompetent. in all the developments five people have died in northern california as firefighters continue to battle a fast moving blaze which quadrupled in size of the night the blaze is ripping through the area so far as that this is a struggling to contain it more than one hundred fifty seven thousand people have been evacuated from their homes as flies move across the state to sri lanka now where the president has dissolved parliament clearing the way for snap elections this follows a two week long power struggle of the my trip to syria saying a fire at the prime minister and replaced him with the form a strongman made to rajapaksa. yemeni government forces backed by the saudi led coalition say they've launched a major offensive to retake the rebel held city of her data off a million people have fled the area since june although the u.n. has warned that thousands of others remain trapped by the fighting. police say
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they're officially ending the search for jamal khashoggi body but the criminal investigation into his murder will continue souces of told out there are traces of acid were found at the saudi consul general's residence in istanbul you're up to date with all of our top stories coming up next on al-jazeera counting the cost. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and eat. off ashes you know. not insignificant in numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant is it . very significant by the big government in the fucked up policy down shalt not kill the radicalized series on al-jazeera.
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major in finnigan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week u.s. sanctions on iran are back as europe vows not to step into line we'll look at how difficult it is to resist the financial might of the dollar. also this week putting on a show china insists that its economy is opening up but convincing the rest of the world is proving difficult. struggling to maintain its status as the only carbon negative country in the world. as of this week iran is now effectively shut out from the dollar dominated financial system u.s. sanctions on iran of snapped back into place and they're aimed right at the heart of the islamic republic's economy oil they also target shipping banks and financial entities that enable iran's oil trade the goal is to make iran curb its missile and
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nuclear program now if you're wondering why the oil market hasn't moved dramatically it's because eight countries got a six month waiver china taiwan india south korea greece italy japan and turkey iran's biggest customers so that helped keep a lid on any global oil price disruption for now iran's president has some rouhani has said this country doesn't need american waivers to sell oil al-jazeera same bus ravi reports from tehran. one of the reasons president donald trump gave to pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on iran was the country's growing military influence in the middle east and their ballistic missiles program. so it was perhaps not a coincidence that iranians scheduled one of their largest military exercises of the year on the same day as u.s. sanctions kicked back in with. multiple air defense units took part in war games spanning half
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a million square kilometers across the country and as the missiles took flight on the ground the iranian president lobbed insults at the american president fatima's by our naval go scout that i don't think any other administration in the history of the united states has been as opposed to the law in international treaties i've not seen any administration in the white house as raises these people and you cannot expect anything else from them in a speech to his recently shaken up economic team rouhani laid out a broad plan for the future come what may iran will sell oil and will break u.s. sanctions in the face of american threats iranians put their faith in the basic principle of supply and demand i believe the sunshine was. but that they couldn't sanction is not the. sudden need. some think in their mind and then put sanctions and you need the supply side you cannot expect the pres good
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though. simpson price goes up iran has used unmarked ships to sell oil in international waters traded oil using the barter system and rouhani has also floated the idea of selling oil in alternative currencies to the u.s. dollar iran is also counting on a european bypass to the american banking system but months of promises and public support by the european union have not led to practical solutions behind closed doors some iranians are asking if that was the plan all along despite rouhani is insistence that european support is a big deal for iran keeping iran's trust will not be the only challenge for europe to keep iran in the nuclear deal with american sanctions at full strength and more said to be on the way they'll also have to figure out how to turn the temperature down between hamas and iran and washington well the iau along with china and russia remain committed to the nuclear deal but fighting the sanctions is proving
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difficult the bloke is trying to set up a special purpose vehicle to avoid penalties but that plan still lacks practical details in the meantime companies that need access to u.s. markets are leaving iran swift the belgium based global financial messaging system also said that it would fall into line with the u.s. restrictions and it's disconnecting blacklisted iranian banks as their own sanctions came into force from support for the idea of boosting the role of the euro but challenging the power of the dollar may prove difficult well the dollar is just one of the world's one hundred eighty five currency it when it comes to foreign exchange it is the king in ninety percent of global foreign exchange trading involves the us dollar it is the world's official reserve currency and it's mostly because the us is the strongest and most stable economy in the world global assets commodities like oil corn and gold are traded in dollars reserves held in us
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to. has climbed to sixty two point four eight percent of global allocated reserves in the first quarter of this year the euro introduced in one thousand nine hundred nine is the second most commonly held currency but it's far behind the dollar accounting for around twenty percent of global reserves that china would like the you want to replace the dollar as the global currency but it too has a long way to go it accounted for one point eight four percent of global central bank reserves in mid twenty eighteen so far now the dollar rules joining us now from washington is dr sorry mark shuras are is the founder and president of s.p.p. energy international good to have you with us sorry what about those waivers we were talking about a few moments ago surely there's a self-defeating for the u.s. on the. and me feel defeated but actually the chess game is not finished so the president trumps administration bridge to d.c.
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understanding and de sac conclusion that it's better to put the priority for any term election first at the event and the rise of price of gasoline domestically inside who are so they groom are forced to be lose the seats and then there is enough time to attempt and the pressure is against iran and also there is that expectation in the market that in the next six months i mean two thousand and nineteen the market is going to face over and over supply due today higher expert capacity from us and also lower demand so the market will be more red at that time if for any pressures on iran isn't it sir is the us using the reserve currency status of the us dollar as a weapon when it comes to iran well i mean go are many different weapons if you want to act consider that u.s. is using at against iran but what is more very important is that all of these countries that are importing oil from iran none of them are going to get any types
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of currency back to iran and iran can only import humanitarian goods or necessary goods those moves that are not subject to sanctions back to iran so they're kind of bartering their oil for food or medicine and are necessary goods as you said the chess game is is far from complete here all these sanctions from the u.s. point of view go to work. they fail iran seems to be fairly confident that it can withstand these sanctions if they do fail from an american point of view does that signal that the dollar can no longer be used as a foreign policy weapon. yes i agree with your question because now we have european union that they are coming up with a specific channels of trade with iran banking transaction with iran and if our if these channels are built for a more formal and more usable ways of working with iran this of course is
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going to weaken nine's and dollar as it were and also iraq is now selling its oil in a local currency to these countries so i agree i mean if he pushed this more or if we want to use this as a weapon is going to and if he is as losing its influence we cannot also denying the fact that it's all have it's own and sequences on iran's economy obviously any sanctions regime is bad for iran and the iranian economy but who benefits here is it us oil producers is it saudi arabia will iran end up losing market share what is approved a particularly important time for the oil market. well yes in that sense if you look at it especially in two thousand and nineteen that the market expects much higher u.s. oil market both on the production side and an export capacity to pipeline capacity of export is going to raise significantly from united states and obviously not have the supplier mostly none of the shell supplier want to have that know where or when
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price because it has a. negative impact on the show production so iran's sanctions would definitely benefit major producers not only saudi arabia and the us but also helps russia if you want to look at that any major producer would benefit from not having another significant producer in a market to take over their market share but at this point you could what the market expect is that saudi and russia both kind of expect their export as much as they could and they kind of grab the market share as much as they could so we will what we have is the u.s. market share that could expand in the. in the any in in the next few months by me two cars in one thousand one final question how long can it runs economy withstand these sanctions what happens if iran basically goes bust and can't provide basic.
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public services i mean who bails them out. well the thing is that this is not the first round of sanctions on iran so iran's oil was sanctions out what a few years ago when they nationalized their oil so they write in government their psychology is they're built based on being under the sanctions and there are your views and their policies they're always a shaping based on how they can be more resistance i know you want only best if you look at it even though the nuclear sanctions were lifted in two thousand and fifteen iran expanded its domestic condensate processing capacity and i expect ation of future sanctions which brings us to today that iraq condensate is also part of this action so they're basing their country and their economy their industrial base them to be resilient day more every day more an end date for iran's economy could still survive this round of sanctions both what is really hurting iran's economy is the corruption the domestic corruption lack of management so
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that's what really could hurt humans economy but what these sanctions are critical iran's economy to extend that the whole system will collapse if we don't expect sar really good to talk to many thanks d. dr sarra surely that in washington. still to come on counting the cost what i have every coast so white gold is now at the center of the u.s. china trade war. but first rethink your budget or face fines that's the message from the european commission to its elite the government in rome has put forward a rule busting spending and tax cut plan the expansionary measures designed to grow the economy but the e.u. says the proposal is an expensive miscalculation it's the first time that a member state's budget has been rejected by the block the italians now have until november thirteenth to resubmit. the founder of the world wide web says the internet is broken but that he has a plan to fix it speaking at the web summit.


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