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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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now the turkish government has and the search for the body of the concern that there may is might have been dissolved in acid and this explains now why the turkish government is adamant about the need for an international pressure on sandy arabia to say exactly who gave the order to. turkey believe the saudis have been trying over the past few weeks to stall the investigation and turkey is concerned that our allies of saudi arabia particularly the u.s. and the could be unwilling to push for a tougher stance against the kingdom given their liquidity of weapons and business deals with the oil rich kingdom has an. atom are live for us in paris thanks hashem or joining me now from istanbul on skype is atlantic senior atlanta counsel a senior fellow matthew bryza also a former senior u.s.
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official covering it turkey thanks very much for being with us so. a turkish president clearly trying to apply more pressure on saudi arabia now with the release of these recordings and by extension the united states is he going to succeed. well it depends on. several factors it depends on and the extent to which the u.s. congress wants to keep pressure on president trusts and it depends on the success of president. in the years rick or with president trump when they hopefully meet in various i think president trump with rumors like this will issue to go away view for a moment in silence or hold on power so president carter is in the midst so far a very skillful little shooting game and he's going to be all of
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a skill he can muster to make sure the succeeds or even if i had to say will he succeed or not i think you'll succeed in. getting to a point where in silence. he is really does reduce at least temporarily. but i'm ducking to succeed if his goal is to remove all of the status as the crown prince from getting some all right pretty talking to us said matthew bryza forty we're going to have to leave it there because an attainable difficulties there with the audio thanks for being with us saudi arabia as a former spy chief says the kingdom will never allow an international investigation into the murder prince if i sell a says he expects saudi arabia will fully investigate the death and says there was no coverup. the kingdom is proud of its legal system. it will never accept. foreign interference in that says as other countries have refused to allow. international tribunals to base you gate horrific acts
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that have happened either on their soil or elsewhere committed by their citizens so the kingdom. is not going to accept an international tribunal to look into. something that is saudi and. saudi judicial system it says it is up it's running and. it will take its course well as the pressure builds on the u.s. over its links with saudi arabia washington has announced it will stop refueling aircraft from the saudi led coalition battling hooty rebels in the war in yemen this comes amid a mounting civilian death toll that u.s. defense secretary james mattis saying the decision was made in riyadh after he was consulted and it comes before a potentially divisive vote on the issue in the u.s. congress set for next week the saudi erotic coalition now says he can refuel by
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itself but there is growing international pressure to end the four year war it has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis and the halt in a u.s. refueling is unlikely to have much impact on the ground mohamed atta is following the story for us from djibouti. that agreement between the united states and so there is still the u.s. refueling all. seems to be a coordinated agreement with so dead of us saying it's now haaz the capacity to refuel its own involved in the aerial bombardments that have been carted out on positions inside yemen and now many people say however that this is just. the united states government and so did it by extension of congress which has been really critical of u.s. involvement and support for this so the amorality correlation but other aspects of
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the support that u.s. has been giving the sodium are not equal nations such as selling them and also giving them vital intelligence particularly on food to physicians in various parts of the country will continue which means it will be business as usual on that front meanwhile heavy fighting is going on on the outskirts of the port city of the day that pro-government fighters continuing their all small on three different. lines trying to retake the city of today from today they claim that they have taken a hospital outside the city and u.n. workers are calling for a cease fire saying that and the little disruption to the vital services of the port of data could rule yemen into an outright. our they came to remember fallen soldiers from a century ago but for american and french leaders it was also
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a chance to bridge the current transatlantic divide and find a political solution to the war in yemen our diplomatic etta james weighs reports from paris. at the palace they were in damage limitation mode just as he touched down in air force one president trumpet tweeted the president back rolls calls for a european army were very insulting as they met face to face the french president seemed keen to stress they were still on the same track france has for decades backed further integrating the e.u.'s military resources but in a way that doesn't harm nato i do believe that my proposal for european and utterly consistent with their goals it means more europe is in that you need to walk fs and not the ball on the earth. would you say so in general. my attitude is good and we want to see you it's very important to see. which ever way we can do it
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the bears most efficient with the world wide plans for a formal meeting between president trump and president putin were dropped because the elysee palace doesn't want politics to overshadow a weekend of solemn commemoration but with president trump in town there's always controversy. president trump who tweeted throughout his flight late into the night and again well before dawn but the last minute canceled a trip to a cemetery where more than two thousand u.s. marines a barrett the white house blamed logistics and the weather it has been drizzling a little here. the weather didn't stop other leaders justin trudeau the canadian prime minister did visit a cemetery in northern france and president mark wrote joining the german chancellor angela merkel signing a note to remember in the same railway carriage north of paris where the armistice
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was agreed one hundred years ago ending a four year war cost as many as ninety million lord james zero powers. we have plenty more ahead on news hour so there weather conditions wreaking havoc in jordan leaving damage and destruction not seen in decades. and deja vu the u.s. state of florida is again at the center of the political world will tell you why. later in sports the world's best men's tennis players are heading towards the final stop on their season long journey. or less than they have the first as thousands of people are being forced to flee wildfires in the u.s. state of california donald trump is threatening to cut federal funding to the state
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money used to help manage forests the president said there is no reason for the wildfires blaming them on poor management at least nine people have been killed and thousands of others left homeless rob reynolds reports from ventura county. fire is ripping through southern california with high winds driving columns of flame and smoke from the mountains to the sea. tens. thousands of homes are threatened many have already been destroyed my friend's house is totally bundt i don't know but mine you're fearful that your house will burn yes. he got. very. residents of the wealthy seaside enclave of malibu are fleeing under a mandatory evacuation order the fires sprang up thursday night the source is still not known but intense wind gusts rapidly spread the blaze through bone dry
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chaparral and brush into communities how we got the back and i said i'm not going to remember storms have done what you think you became a good parent a huge tower of smoke rose thousands of meters into the sky and the smoke made air quality hazardous for people with respiratory problems california's acting governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency and while authorities say most people heeded their warnings and evacuated when they were told to we are also told by authorities that there have been some deaths firefighters are working desperately to keep up with the fast moving widespread blazes when you have forty fifty sixty mile an hour winds blowing fire at your heels the importance is to get people out of harm's way and get them to safety. in northern california the town of paradise turned to hell overnight these incredible pictures show
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a tornado of fire raging there the entire town is believed to have been destroyed twenty seven thousand people fled the area twenty year old colton person field shot this cell phone video as he drove through hellish conditions outside paradise he somehow made it to safety. severe fires have ravaged large areas of california since october of last year now the state is once more witnessing nature's fury had its worst. side joins us live now from malibu in southern california which bad quite a quite a great deal of those wildfires what is the latest there way where you are and also in northern california well this place malibu is normally associated with surfboards in bikini's today it is
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a scene of smoke shrouded disaster now the fire began well up into the hills in that direction and you can see the it is. it was driven all the way down to the sea as is one of the places where the fire actually jumped the highway and began burning brush along the sea shore there are have been two hundred and fifty thousand people approximately evacuated from malibu and the surrounding communities all the way up into ventura county approximately fifteen thousand hectares have burned there been no reports of any fatalities in this area what you see here is the famous pacific coast highway it is closed to all but emergency vehicles and right now the press are allowed to come up here but yesterday this was chock a block and just a
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a mass of vehicles fleeing people told harrowing stories of neighbors pounding on their doors in at one o'clock in the morning telling them they were the fire was coming or fire engines going with loudspeakers blaring telling people to evacuate immediately so it was a chaotic and very fearful scene meanwhile in northern california the what's called the camp fire virtually incinerated the town of paradise that's near the largest city of chico and north of sacramento the state capital at least nine people were killed there in the fires burned to death there trying to flee or in their homes that is expected to rise as there are dozens of people missing and the firefighters are saying this these fires are not under control yet but you can see right now around me there is no wind and that's really good news the wind is down
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that may give firefighters thousands of them there about two thousand deployed into this area alone the chance to try and get some containment around the fire but the winds are supposed to pick up again on sunday and that would be again bad. news for this area of california awesome and. the comments from president trump. rob he approved the emergency declaration for the state on friday but he warned he may not do that again and and criticize and threaten to cut funding for california has it been a reaction to that. yes there has been you know president trump the last california by a huge margin in two thousand and sixteen days lost no opportunity to sort of needle or blame officials in this state whenever something goes wrong congressman ted lieu or a democrat of california tweeted back to the president saying dear donald trump
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what is wrong with you and he pointed out that as far as forest management ninety eight percent of the forests in the state of the cal of california are under federal control therefore the forest management is up to the federal authorities any congressman lou also tweeted to president trump guess what it is you're administration that has cut the budget for forest management. for. life for us there in malibu how sudden rain across the arabian peninsula has sponsored flash flooding and left a path of destruction not seen for decades jordan was worst hit with twelve people currently known to died and thousands of tourists evacuated from the ancient city of petra paul brennan reports. the deluge came barreling down the valley with a thunderous roar sweeping away everything in its path. visitors expecting the
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serenity of petra's two thousand year old architecture had to scramble frantically to higher ground as the water raged beneath them around three and a half thousand tourists were in the area at the time but none were injured overall petra's flood channels worked as intended the volume and intensity of a torrent four metres high test at the flood barriers to their limits numerous other areas were similarly affected the city of baquba declared a state of civil emergency and across the country the fatalities included two children and one of the divers engaged in the rescue efforts. were. searching incoming operations by the jordanian search and rescue teams and divers teams are still continuing backed by our armed forces john di maria public security personnel unfortunately the death figures have risen and include one of the civil defense divers in saudi arabia to friday's sudden downpours quickly filled traffic
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underpasses with water and hundreds of motorists faced being stranded by the rising floods it's only a fortnight since a flash flood near the jordanian dead sea killed twenty one people including thirteen children who were on a school trip when the bus was swept away that tragedy led to the resignations of both the education minister and the tourism minister over perceived failings in the government's response to the jordanian response in the aftermath of this latest deluge has been an extensive search and rescue efforts but the receding water has left the affected areas in jordan need deep in mud and sludge making the search effort doubly difficult paul brennan al-jazeera. well still ahead on news hour water in more than two thirds of homes tested in chicago is contaminated with a brain damaging metal. and in sport a football game six decades in the making is now just hours away with
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a city rivalry set to decide a continental title. hello you have seen the evidence of winter descending slowly across the levant and iran this is a line of her frontal system which still is giving you a few snow showers in northern afghanistan but the real winter is turkey in just the north so your screen the top of your screen there which will bring significant snow to the northern caucasus and rain showers thunderstorms to the south of that during monday now there's still a return of potential snow into afghanistan west of that where we have recently seen throughout places like jordan or just peter because of the most obvious floods recently received some pretty big showers here and in iraq and in northern saudi it's a quite a spell for both sunday on monday i suspect but south of that we still got the active weather that's been running through kuwait and western iran recently the
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potential for thunderstorms in bahrain qatar east and saudi exists for sunday and indeed monday beyond that from the looks of fairly dry picture which is once again the position in most of southern africa what was fairly heavy rain has disappeared now you've got a streak of cloud running through mozambique at the top end of madagascar the storm has been around for days now marches get the occasional thunderstorms but beyond that over the mainland with the exception of angola it's a dry picture. i think this is fun for me to think i'm having. a baby. is it her controversies hunters and he teaches you. just as it is to. think.
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the ways into someone not just looking.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour turkey's president says he's shared ordeal recordings linked to the killing of the journalist in istanbul and saudi arabia the u.s. and european countries. u.s. president donald trump has met friday french president emmanuel mccraw the two talked about the level of european backing for nato and agreed more details needed from saudi arabia on the. two big wildfires in the u.s. state of california killed at least nine people and less thousands of others homeless five of those who died were found in cars in the northern town of power which has been completely destroyed meanwhile people in the southern city of malibu have been ordered to leave their homes. because largest party says it's mounted a legal challenge to president my three part series seniors decision to dissolve
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parliament and hold snap elections on january fifth so the scene announced the move late on friday night it's plunged the country further into political turmoil now for now and as reports from colombo. sacked ministers have complained to the elections chief about this now. this is that your legal act and there is no constitutional provision. at this stage and therefore we complain and. we had a discussion with the commission and they will act or go to the law and the constitution at the new government is defending the president saying he acted in keeping with the constitution. proximate reason for this is that concrete. legislature and executive was being for. which was promoted by the speaker of the house the ninety demand went to the constitution was passed by the
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c.d.c. and a vicar missing her combine in two thousand and fifteen to strengthen parliament but critics like those behind me say the president has undermined the institution with his actions to first suspend and then dissolve parliament demonstrators who've been here every evening since the crisis began to see the president's actions and the democratic i would see. into the entire country has been big. feet but others are happy with what's happened. mr adversely gooden that. they're doing no harm done something. because this is my country and i want to save my country a number of petitions challenging the president's actions are expected to be submitted to the supreme court on monday. al-jazeera colombo. of the democratic
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republic of congo is calling its latest outbreak of ebola the worst in the country's history health ministry there says nearly two hundred people have died recently into northern provinces getting medical help to those areas hampered to be hampered by armed groups that control of the congo has had ten ebola outbreaks since the virus was discovered near the a bola river in one nine hundred seventy six. three million venezuelans have escaped the country's economic and political crisis since twenty fifteen many walked for thousands of kilometers through colombia crossing the andes mountains to get their. reports. wrapped in a blanket in four months pregnant those has been walking for eight hours after school and be a mountain known as the ice box. this has been the hardest to have our companions
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passed out in the freezing air makes each step harder on this dangerous path just one hundred kilometers from the border with business where. yet she says she needs to keep going. i'm doing this for my other children a five year old girl and a two and a half i'm a single mother and things in venezuela get worse every day no food no medicine no life. left for three days ago hoping to reach her sister in the colombian city of out of mania seven hundred kilometers away along the route she joined other migrants all poorly equipped for this weather carrying the few belongings they have in a. jacket her knee hurts but she keeps limping along. me i'm also here for my son he got me when giantess in venezuela and i didn't even have the money for the vaccine more than three million fled poverty hunger in crime
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in their country since two thousand and fifteen in one of the biggest migrations in the world today hundreds of thousands are still walking to the continent it's a dangerous journey and its toll remains largely invisible. for an office as registered. to migrants from the cold but it's clear just how many might. because nobody is really keeping track of the order missing along these routes. and there's little formal help along the way. the colombian red cross set up an assistance point at the start of the trick here migrants receive help in health services but the most important thing is information what. they don't know what they have to face or where to go most have never crossed the border. by the end of the day and her group reached the top of
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the mountain there's no where to and temperatures are dropping by the minute. soldiers help lidiane in haiti get a lift to the closest city the rest of the say to continue on foot now that's a good thing you must have faith that will work group on the boat. where deal sleep tonight they don't know but with no other option they can only press on i listen to them. or they will lean. or days after the u.s. midterm elections there is political uncertainty in some states in florida two high profile races for the senate and for governor are heading for a recount in georgia now resign or some races have still not been decided let's go to washington now and is monitoring what's going on in florida so gabriel what are you hearing there. well we're inching closer to
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a big recount in florida that's for sure just within the last hour or so all sixty seven counties in florida submitted their unofficial results to the election board in florida so that's the next step now in this process but i'll tell you it is inching very close to recount fact it's about almost sure we're going to have a recount in both the senate and governor races there just looking at how close it is listen to these numbers this is the senate race rick scott the republican got fifty percent of the vote bill nelson the democrat forty nine point nine percent of the vote there's only about fourteen thousand votes that separate the two of them consider how remarkable that is considering that about eight million people voted in florida alone so you can see how close that is the governor's race the same the republican ron dissent is he was at forty nine point six percent the democrat andrew gillum forty nine point one thirty six thousand votes separate the two there so we are going to seems like we are going to be going to
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a recount in florida and because the laws there stipulate that anything with half a percentage point or less any difference of that amount triggers an automatic recount we're just simply waiting for the counties to submit to submit their official or unofficial results so now we're moving in that direction broward county as second biggest county in florida about two million people just in broward county they've had all sorts of problems they were slow to count provisional ballots and they've also mistakenly mixed valid ballots with invalid ballots so that's causing all sorts of problems as well so it's quite a mess in florida quite frankly with a lot at stake and now two potentially big recounts in the horizon now and what you described there sounds very familiar for those of us who remember what happened in two thousand florida of course no stranger to recounts how how complicated is this process going to be. yeah two thousand recount between george w.
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bush and al gore bush ended up winning florida by less than six hundred votes went all the way to the supreme court as we all can remember that was it was a mess this is looking like it's going to be very similar florida election laws are very complicated so just the recount itself is going to be very difficult for the governor race that is what's going to be a machine recount all done by a machine for the senate race that's going to be all recounts by hand that in of itself is going to be inscrutably complicated there's already lawyers for the democrats and republicans flooding into florida to be part of this process there's lawsuits that have already been flying and more to come this is a recount that is going to be ugly and most likely it's going to be a very long process as well who knows if it's going to go all the way to the supreme court right that recounted two thousand did nobody knows but i can tell you this is going to be difficult process in florida again with a lot at stake yeah certainly sounds like it thanks very much in washington.
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now major cities across the u.s. are struggling with lead leaching from all pipes and into water systems the latest issue kaga where the tribune newspaper the is reporting that seventy percent of homes had lead in the tap water john hendren reports say. sam corona fears the pouring from his tap is a blend of life giving water and brain damage when i was younger i remember one to the filtration plants and taking a tour of it being told this is the safest drinking water in the world right when i was like eleven thirteen years old and here i have thirty seven years old finding out that there is lead inside the water over the past two years the chicago tribune tested water from nearly three thousand homes in nearly seventy percent of the samples the newspaper found lead in three out of ten samples lead levels exceeded five parts per billion the maximum level the u.s.
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food and drug administration allows in bottled water it's a health hazard in cities across the united states and around the world. lead causes brain damage especially in children flint michigan recently stopped delivering bottled water to residents after declaring its let water crisis over some cities including chicago actually required lead service lines between the main drinking water line in the street and homes until congress ban the practice in one nine hundred eighty six there's an irony here the great lakes of north america are the largest source of fresh water in the world water from lake michigan is generally lead free when it leaves water treatment plants here but it becomes contaminated when it runs through lead service lines underground and chicago has more than three hundred thousand of them more than any other city in america chicago's park service has shut off or removed half of its twelve hundred water fountains and it is leaving hundreds of others on around the clock to minimize lead levels but it is not replacing all of its lead service lines i think that cost is
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one part of it at the. there is also just the public at mention of having claimed for many years that the water is fine the city's department of water management tool down to zero in a statement year after year chicago's water exceeds the standards set by the us e.p.a. lead in copper rule for clean safe drinking water additionally the chicago department of water management takes a proactive approach to mitigating lead in the water system chicago is also offering free water testing kits but sam corona is still waiting on his water is basic right we need it to survive and it has a contaminate in it so how is the quality of our life of our residents if the drinking contaminated water waiting and hoping he and his family have not been drinking poisoned water all these years john hendren al jazeera chicago all right still ahead on al-jazeera when we come back in sport greece is rising tennis star.


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