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tv   Ancient Enemy  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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changes in which i. thanked him for his is strength in responding to the actual you situation meanwhile the french foreign minister says he doesn't know if turkey has given his government any recordings related to the killing the turkish president of playing political games comments which ankara has described as an acceptable. if the turkish president has information he should give it to us he must give it to us does this mean that he didn't give it to you know or don't have this information does this mean that he lied it means that he's playing a particular political game and the circumstances still ahead for you on the program a summit to end seven years of fighting libyan leaders and foreign powers arrives the talks in the city and city of palermo and no end in sight for sure lanka's political crisis is opposition groups try to legally challenge the president's decision to call for january polls.
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hello the weather is about to change for quite a few people in europe we have seen for quite a long time the weather coming in from the west in these forms of streaks of catheter frontal systems that sometimes develop into quite active ones this one i think is about to change the pack because although we sit at the moment was it lying through spain and portugal in france if i take it through to daylight hours during tuesday's just a massive cloud i think it's brought in a lot of dry air from africa and died to death to some degree we still got the walls ahead of it still twenty romans at least ten degrees above where the average says it should be but look what's happening in the caucasus getting the wind out of the east now that is low temperature air drop in the tension remain here bringing a streak of snow down to ukraine eastern side of belarus and he's muskerry now into winter weather so this will possibly create further in so the area of want is getting small of the area of rain has dissipated in fact madrid's up to eighteen
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degrees and still fourteen in the sunshine in london which is still quite well and so western europe is still an abnormality now goodness that we are drawing in dry air out of north africa not much is going on to be right one or two showers in america an awful lot of cloud here was a circulation is moving eastern libya bringing if you shasta egypt and then i think that i haven't. a journey of personal discovery about how the suv huge rule has shaped the present day georgia if you people who shoot your past you will never have a future in government buildings and the monuments they seem to inspire all in or is always there mean to show your own people they are small algis there is time and eventually meets a examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviet scar.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories now three palestinians have been killed off the heavy exchange of rocket fire and shelling between israel and gaza israeli officials say two hundred rockets have been fired into israel one hitting abbas and another hitting house in southern israel the violence comes less than twenty four hours after a secret israeli military operation in gaza which left seven palestinians and one israeli dead funerals have been held for the palestinians killed on sunday all seven were members of hamas his military wing because some brigades. and the u.k. foreign secretary is saudi arabia to fully cooperate with turkish investigators
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over the killing of jamal khashoggi jeremy hunt is the first british minister to visit the kingdom since he was murdered in october. will for afghanistan now i suppose claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in the capital which killed six protest is that they were all members of the ethnic minority group the hazaar is a rallying for greater protection for that community off to a number of high profile attacks and tash are going to aim as more. a target was this group of protesters. but according to media reports afghan forces were able to stop a suicide bomber before he reached the demonstrators not before he detonated his explosives. they really are on monday there were calls for peace and protection in kabul we actually have raised our voice because we need security we want security and it's still sponsibility of the government. subjected to discrimination
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for generation x. . the haze or a community wants to ensure its boyce's or. after a series of attacks by the taliban since last week oh it is almost word of god. five days that joel would approach to be modest on so there is going to. attack of taliban. one hundred fifty people killed but there is no action to take. on its own afghan forces have increased ground and air attacks against the taliban in two districts in the southeastern province of gaza's me the has oras a shiite minority group dominate the districts they've been fighting the taliban who are sunni muslims all over this has raised fears of a spike in sectarian violence in the war weary country and concerns the government
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isn't doing enough it's not only tribal who will suffer the same thing with their complaint but of the countries suffering the same thing every day with afghan security forces just paying a high price eroded to skew this country the afghan army chief says is already lost soldiers additional ground troops are being deployed to gaza new province and u.s. forces are assisting the offensive by air natasha going to al-jazeera democratic republic of congo opposition to felix she katie is withdrawing his support for the joint opposition candidate in december's presidential election as withdrawal comes a day off to six top opposition figures back to march in faith you knew as their joint candidate in the long delay polls president joseph kabila is finally standing down after running the country for eighteen is he's chosen emanuel should dari as his successor to face you knew and the vote. well now initially libya's leaders and
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all the foreign powers a gathering for a peace conference in the city of lemon the summit aims to end seven years of fighting and division journal joins us live now from palermo where the summit is taking place and join of the u.n. envoy has been speaking there what did he have to say. yes a little earlier today we heard from the u.n. envoy some. unveiling essentially a new sort of roadmap or timeline towards elections in libya hoped to take place by the middle of next year now this is a road map i think we'll be hearing more about over the next twenty four hours or so it was expected to be unveiled here at this conference picking up where a whole series of u.n. and western led initiatives have failed in the past the most recent of which of course a french initiative in may to hold elections just next month last week the u.n. officially abandoned that path as being too ambitious with the u.n. envoy wants to see what he calls
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a national conference taking place early next year in libya bringing together all the libyan actors asking them and getting them to decide on what sort of electoral process they want that what sort of elections they want to hold a presidential parliamentary they haven't even got an electoral law at this point that's got to be sorted out and then for a vote to take place by june well it's a pretty ambitious timeline in itself and one of the key questions i think that will arise here at this conference is quite how this country can achieve a timeline like that so riven with with division with violence among ethnic groups among dozens and dozens of armed militia groups divided town from town region from region and with foreign powers interested in libya seemingly pulling it in opposite directions we'll take a look at my report now which lays out some of the substance of what's going on here and the complexities of the libyan situation itself. when nato bombs help rebel fighters to overthrow moammar gadhafi in two thousand and eleven
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it was far from the end of libya's troubles. seven years later the country is divided between warring militant groups and opposing political factions each claiming control of vast swathes of territory the latest attempts to bring peace. libya has been convened by former colonial power italy the peace conference in poland brings together libya's major opposing sides as well as some of the key foreign powers within through and in the region so fires who heads the un backed government in and around tripoli will be joined by general. who's breakaway army holds much of the east battling for control of the south meanwhile are ethnic tribes and cross border criminal gangs while the un backs the tripoli government general haftar has the support of egypt and russia the united states is there to of course keen to bolster its influence in the resource rich north african country
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libya's difficulties of further complicated by the competing interests of european union rivals italy and france both have energy investments in the country and back opposite sides while france wants to stabilize the lawless south with its proximity to former french colonies in the health italy wants an end to the flow of migrants across the mediterranean it is a rivalry that saw france organize its own peace summit earlier this year and one that could undermine the chances of success in palermo. so representatives from some thirty countries and global institutions are here in poland most some world leaders as well president susi of egypt is here general have to the right is still on his way talks to get underway in earnest on tuesday what would be a minimal sort of measure of success will simply if italy and france can agree
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along with some if not all of the others to get behind this u.n. plan that would be a minimum benchmark even though so many of these u.n. initiatives have failed in the past it would i think amount to a contribution to the peace and stability process rather than being any sort of signifier of peace in itself thank you very much with all the latest on that summit there in palermo jonah how. well in other news italy is on a collision course with the european union over its budget for next year the european commission has rejected italy's proposal for violating e.u. spending limits and given them until midnight on wednesday to come up with a new one but a sunday gaggle reports from rome conflict could be playing into the hands of italy's euro skeptic leaders. well it's your money you know has been running his bakery for two years business is good he says but it's a struggle making a living as
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a small business owner he pays more than sixty percent tax and sees little financial benefits but he says he loves what he does and will keep doing it his hope is that the government will stick to its word and take on the european union of its knees we can call me. so. i think this government has the opportunity to relaunch italy not just in europe but in the world if it were up to me and the e.u. refuses the government proposal would force them to accept limits wall we can't keep going down to them. his opinion is one of a growing number of those becoming increasingly anti you want the government to try to push forward a budget for next year that outlined a flat tax for companies and wealthier individuals and a basic income for the unemployed the european commission rejected it it said it would plunge italy's heavily indebted economy into a dangerous downward spiral that could impact the rest of the continent the
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government has remained defiant towards brussels and one of the reasons why is because it's profiting politically from the situation when the european commission rejected italy's fiscal plan it played right into an anti e.u. starts far right and populist deputy prime ministers but there's been little thought for the consequences that could lie ahead. italy's economy has been struggling with poor productivity for the past thirty years or so worsened its prospects where all the economies have managed to rebound italy has been able to emerge from the rot a fax swooped upon by anti e.u. politicians who lay the blame on the european union. despite their reliance on it is incredibly dependent on europe the best companies thrive because they can export and most of the time in exports are to the other european union countries so
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the moment you bet on the collapse of the european union institutions it's going to be never toppled the trade will collapse and so will they turn an economy if italy fails to cooperate then it would face sanctions and fines from the commission for the adding to its economic burden it's a gamble for the government one that it does not want to lose so it i i go out jazeera rome i have despite u.s. president donald trump's claims to neutralize north korea's nuclear threat it appears pyongyang is moving ahead with its ballistic missile program sixteen hidden bases mostly scattered in remote mountainous areas have been identified in a report based on new commercial satellite images while north korea's offer to dismantle a major launching site has continued to make improvements at more than a dozen others. sri lanka's supreme court has been hearing a challenge to the president's decision to call for
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a snap election president my tree policy or cena triggered a major political crisis last month when he fired and replaced the prime minister then i'll finance reports from colombo. over a dozen petitions were herded sri lanka's supreme court on monday the petition is a prison might to polish citizen a valid to the constitution when he dissolved parliament in this instance for enough years have not lapsed and parliament has not approved. and therefore the condition president laid down in the constitution has not been followed and then president's act of dissolving parliament therefore is dull and white while the courtroom was packed to capacity people milled outside waiting for news some heckled politicians prompting police to be called in. at the heart of sri lanka's constitutional crisis is a tug of war between the president who says he's acting to protect the people and public representatives who say he's not when you take the big fundamental of the
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constitution spirit of the constitution people as it was of the people stop our president is exerting the executive power. in the legislature when there's a conflict between those two i.e.d. oppose him to make up a fight in addition is the people themselves nothing but the people but we're confident that on the basis of the arguments that the submitter on behalf of the people on behalf of discern political parties and on behalf of people who represent one surprisingly on the election commission us one of the members himself has petitioned and we believe that. people will have justice in a third address to the nation in just over two weeks president seriously and has said he sect parliament because of what buying and the behavior of the speaker of parliament but the speaker he pushed out says as the custody of parliament i have watched over the last two weeks as the executive branch has seized the rights and
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usurped the powers of members of parliament who are elected to represent the people i call upon all public servants. to refuse to execute any illegal orders they may receive no matter from whom president. insists that his dissolution of parliament on friday was the right thing to do more than ten petitioners who have come before the court behind me the supreme court of sri lanka say otherwise and it's down to the three judge bench to decide who's in the right. colombo. one of many more now on developments in gaza where palestinian officials are saying that the studios of hamas his television station have been bombed by the israeli military stephanie decker joins us live now from southern israel near the border with gaza and stephanie a significant target of attack will you get any more information about casualties.
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we're hearing that there are ambulances but we don't know when it comes to casualties we did actually see that happen we're about two kilometers from the gaza border and gaza city is straight behind us two massive explosions and from what we heard from our producer inside very soon after that the building of the locks a t.v. that is of course how mass t.v. had been leveled it had received a phone call earlier on to evacuate the building so from what we understood the building was empty but it was a very large explosion from what we could see here knows are from our sources inside we've just had a tweet from nic i'm legend of he's the u.n. special envoy to the region he's urging for calm and saying that the escalation must stop there with egypt trying to calm the situation they have of course been mediating between the two sides for months now we have seen as collations in the past but certainly where we are at this point in time is one of the most serious
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escalations we've seen when it comes to two hundred rockets according to israeli army fired in a short amount of time when it comes to how the israeli seem to bought special forces operation. in hearing more than actually there's rockets going out. you can see that now that is outgoing rocket fire from gaza. so this remains a very active situation a very dangerous escalation that could of course continue to escalate we know that the israeli prime minister is having security consultations trying to figure out there seems to have been an interception by the iron dome. as we move forward so again we keep saying that neither side wants an escalation the israeli political establishment has realized that when it comes to gaza the humanitarian situation would has become the most desperate that it's been in eleven years needs to be
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addressed this is why more explosions this is why we've seen fifteen million dollars go in to pay salaries of civil servants that hadn't been paid for over a year some of the salaries that's why we've seen power an increase of power all paid by qatar more explosions so it's it's a very active situation we're going to have to wait and see the next couple of hours will be crucial whether this is an escalation before potential cease fire we know the phones are working by egypt by the u.n. to try to stop this because certainly when it comes to the people of gaza the palestinians who live there they can't afford another war thank you very much stephanie appreciate it stephanie deca very now bringing us an update just on that news that an israeli as strike is hit the mass t.v. station in gaza the t.v. station stephanie explain to us that we don't know as yet if there have been any casualties as a result of the strike but ambulances on the scene this off to three palestinians were killed as a result of israeli as strikes but also
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a bar edge of rockets coming from gaza into southern israel one israeli critically injured in this off security operation in gaza overnight in which seven palestinians and one israeli was killed more on this at the top of the next hour stream coming up next. it has been a tumultuous year in u.s. politics from the daily diet of surprises coming out of the white house to the potus intentions of a judge's confirmation to the supreme court so they return to our immigrant town
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hall for their impressions of the last twelve months in the u.s. politics send us your thoughts to through twitter and the you tube chat. even the most hardened news junkies have had their work cut out to keep up with us politics whether the report's cover president trumps family separation policy or his unconventional relations with traditional world allies millions of americans have grown used to two or three very different major political stories competing for their attention every day so today we are dedicating a show to our panel of immigrants to the us and their family members for their thoughts about the last year in politics joining us we have. the president of voice of vietnamese americans she came to the u.s. as a refugee at the end of the vietnam war joining us from elkridge marilyn it is just you seeing he is founder of american sikhs for trump and is an entrepreneur who
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immigrated to the u.s. from india thirty years ago from albuquerque new mexico we have my compass a good she's a patient educator who works as an oral surgeon in mexico she is joined by a husband and to be so good a and he's a veteran and also a pistol instructor with the national rifle association in minneapolis minnesota we have a.j. he is an accountant an immigrant from pakistan he's joined by his daughter summer she's studying public health policy at the university of minnesota. joins us from portland oregon and sadly is president of the republican. coalition and she immigrated to the united states from pakistan welcome back everyone so let's start with the hearings to decide whether to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court i know it sounds like it was a long time ago but it wasn't so if you remember cavanagh angrily denied allegations that he assaulted women in the early one nine hundred eighty s. so here is what a member of our original townhall loiters george had to say about that so with the
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g.o.p. in control of the. confirmation was almost inevitable i watched pretty breathlessly one. cavanagh testified and i was simply used by what served i did not see the temper reserve of a judge what i did see was at the end of the day the politics. that the votes resulted in his confirmation were not votes of conviction rather these were votes of political survival. to talk about these confirmation hearings for political survival god well just yesterday better than drum has forced session out and. that was last week actually last week yeah it was our and we think of bret cupp on on. but he was the one who had made it clear that he would suggest the court not investigating the sitting president and that will leave the
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president a lot of free. way to take care of to feel that he's above the law and i'm very concerned that for the president after seeing that. he is now feeling that he can. manipulate or to get over that the seizure. of our country. session and also that they have a lot of concern that. mr miller will be. the fire and he has or the fire man the f.b.i. has many of our law enforcement and he says that's right because why is this ridiculous antony. that's a typical liberal attitude these people attack the president they don't like the president from day one you don't work with them all they want to do is fight the rise and the president is not only because the president actually had no use that
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money he did he said that if the house represented the people if they ask for the president to present even his tax rate cut he would do the same and put the house of representatives in the house as a as any i have noted last year the haters are going to hate this i'm not a witness of that it was that if i had to go back and live with that then they have not gone is better than crime horseback or that has action to i'm just i'm just curious what it was a move to low on he would do everything you know and just say let's help and think they're above the laws knowing the president has the respect the law and all along blocking that's the problem people the liberals out there thinking they don't have to follow the laws i see it in our state we have we have a new mayor there was just elected now we have a you know it's they could come in here saying sure is the word why if president
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travels say that he can stand in have not and should people i think that's a real barrier that narcissistic you should gently but you cannot say i mean our hearing yet just the democratic nomination shelf it was a disgrace by the liberals and the democrats now with the drive to. the democrats senator frank saying she has that letter for she had it for months and she never brought it out just to play a political game that backfired suggests to me like i international audience he sounds right we think. about the professor who said when she was younger that she was a slave returned from said she did by the means now it's a kind of quote i wouldn't have been. don't you that you like beer that was so i sassed that no you need to have flour supreme i got your ass that's nice i had position that i think of this is company because the president is trying to do that
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all the people that he's with him is still in the position to people that he's no working no no i could just go to position and the fiscal of the national need to be the first person introspect there is no even if you is the president that he's an investigation that's what you don't want him he was pushing hugh for just learn a lesson it's just like i said the liberals do not follow the law anyway but i want to think you have a large employees they don't follow the law and it's going to get worse now that rectilinear is there on the ice if since i don't have i got a card i have my station here i'm getting that anthony and the whole type remember i hear what you say let me just play a little clip to take us back to these cabinet hearings so this was just quite recently have a listen have a look brett's assault on meter after a sickly altered my life for a very long time i was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone these details this grotesque and coordinated character assassination well persuade competent and
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good people of all political persuasions from serving our country democrats are willing to do anything and just hurt anyone to get their way like they're doing with judge kavanaugh. so a.j. and son of this was late september and everybody was watching the covenant hearings what's the fallout for you i mean ok here's the thing. all of the this doesn't end or start with brett kavanaugh there is a problem in this country that we need to address we need to talk about comprehensive sex and consent education we need to talk about how we are raising our children in this country right cavanagh was. i was not surprised by the result i was disheartened of course but i was not surprised this speaks to
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a silencing of voices that we continue to do at the highest level of our courts and as far as liberals above the law to people being of the law well what if there are terrible what and i'm not saying that i'm above the law nor is anyone else but in this country there are terrible us that suppress and quiet and and continue to perpetuate power dynamics that hurt mine or. coming. out of were appointed tell us a reason the reason he was appointed is that in his writings in the past he attacked a borrowed a big issue that is with mr trump the president should not be investigated and they should be they should be allowed to do whatever. they are being launched right i am in awe of that he that's the point i made earlier that the president cannot be a law of the law i agree with that and that's why the supreme court as
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a reason he married the night was so important and that's why they're hoping internationally everybody in europe was very concerned that president. is leading a dictatorship coming back there and there are questions being. damage it now country just yesterday i want to pick up on that because you mentioned what this means as a whole for the judiciary i want to bring in a few comments so new because as november eighth thursday kavanaugh officially took his seat so you know it is timely that we're talking about him on twitter references out and says dr blazin ford has had to move four times and hire private security i know that the moral arc of the universe is very very long but sometimes it is so hard to believe that it truly been toward justice just one person's comment here's another on you tube who writes in that what this means now is that republicans are filling up the judiciary and will continue and then on top of that
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also on thursday ask having all took his seat we also got news that supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg had fallen and bruised three ribs you can see this tweet from the former senator out of california barbara boxer who says all the thoughts to ruth bader ginsberg other people writing in on the opposite side of that supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg hope you get better soon but be assured we are ready to go on short notice so you can see the debate right there are sub where do you fall on what this means for the judiciary and then the country . will be another conservative. or a very there you wish. me well. that's how you win oh my goodness you're talking about good models and supreme court justice wow no definitely not i think that. hearing.
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bragged about it with all political motivations i don't mean property much i think it was a lot of the reason democrats got out of a lot of people little fact that we knew that the avenue hearing you hear and basically i think you know as. what pointed out a lot of you there and now he holds a progress bar by the death of the partment for lying to the senate judiciary committee about. the political plane that some women were making and yet that it that they were some woman at the well who i don't think nothing was proven that's why dear friend but we shouldn't make false allegations and actually going to the other side for a confirmation on the other side and want to bring up that many woman's have taken it upon themselves to go out and fight that because just recently nineteen african americans woman well you know that the into the just ship in texas that was
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a good boy i'm happy and i'm hoping that the people won't find themselves where i i would love to see more minorities i would love to see more women on the bench but i think at the same crime would say we shouldn't approve of any future that come forward without any evidence we have the ray or that report this from getting our way confirmed all right we have so much to talk about some a thank you thank you title for this i'm going to push a little bit and talk about president trumps achievements in the last twelve months let's look at trade festival have a listen have a look it's my great honor to announce that we have successfully completed negotiations on a brand new deal to terminate and replace nafta so we have negotiated this new agreement based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity to me it's the most important word in drink because we've been treated so unfairly by
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so many nations all over the world that we're changing that. that's actually i think you're going to be best pay said to really of all of the achievements a president trump has managed to nail down in the last twelve months because you are a very much a trump supporter but you know mrs sitting next to my right is not so we can do compare and contrast anthony you confessed well you know he mentioned nafta that's very important we travel back and forth quite a bit to mexico met a factor in the process of buying another house in chihuahua mexico so means going back and forth and dealing with a lot of this. the unemployment you know it's at its lowest has been for how many how many decades that's important when i when i bring that up people always say that no it's because of what was left over from the previous administration i don't believe that i believe the president dropped had some a lot to do with that and i think if we continue in that. supporting the president
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but that's the main key the liberals do not support the president if they would get behind the president there's a lot of things the computer and the nafta is just part of my ira. i don't think that laughter pain is treated between kind of that united states and mexico i think that he said treating it between business mess their richest man in mexico and some people in the united states that is a lot of people in the united states are gone don't want to be there with the street you know up there to small business they are just closer because they can come. in with big companies so that is not something good for the united states and less for mexico and i can tell you in mexico their corruption and their lead there is that in the end all of these business relations with the united states is not the people that are going to do something better for the country and is the same in the united states then you're stuck about that big companies we are talking about
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millionaires we don't talk about this small business that is going to disappear or this month in the disappear because they can have competition with big companies and that is already out of your ass or the comes in oh yeah that i don't think that we. i agree. because she said that it's just business business man and not the people the same action that president took when withdraw the us from t p p has truly was devastating because it's against all the values for the people and it's also was against our national security strategy and security. asia pacific as well so those values that we promote like primates change promoting environment promoting free demo informations freedom of the net. protecting their labors and no manipulation of the market those. were in the t p p and when president took us out of the t p p he was just
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a transaction no president he didn't pay attention to the people and that create a lot of and to the people in the area especially that vietnam you can see that viet nam now trip to china because of that there was another violations of human rise increase for the last two years since what president had done and i will present talked about to the leaders of viet nam a communist country is the traits they want he wanted to buy a hundred millions of weapons whatsoever from the u.s. but he didn't care about the human rights so there's a lot of violations of human rights happening and we very sad about that i don't think president bush american values in the trade deals that he's talking about it's human. empathy but i wanted to pick up on that about human rights because that's a word that's been thrown around
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a lot online among our community we got this on you tube from steve who says that my vote during the midterm elections was influenced by the current administration's disregard for human rights and for the environment another person tweets into a. suspect teacher who says what makes a note a nation a global player it's the ability of its leadership to think more broadly beyond its borders and invest in the future it's the realisation that no country can operate in isolation no matter how big its economy or military might and the u.s. has lost that now to give our global audience a reminder of what it is that these people are talking about i wanted to share a little clip of something that happened earlier this year at the u.n. general assembly this is president donald trump. in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america so true.
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didn't expect that reaction but that's not. so sad they're laughing he didn't expect that and there is more laughter what did you make of that moment but what do you make of the u.s. is standing in the rest of the world's eyes. you know we're talking about human rights we're talking about the global world and. he hasn't achieved anything in there in fact what he's done is he is he has continued to. bring about this hateful rhetoric hateful suggestions and and pushes towards. divisive policy issues and laws and that will hurt people and that goes beyond the united states that goes to our relationship with saudi arabia and the things that are going on in yemen and how we've
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contributed to that and that goes. you know the influence of nationalists being elected across the world new just. a president in brazil who has scary scary politics rather similar to president trump that just got elected so if there is anything he has achieved as he's achieved this ideal or sorry lack of that there of of this nationalistic isolation and protectionist policies that are not going to help this country i mean one of the things only one of the year happened there you know on the do the leaders of the world sitting in that room the clip that you showed and there was a laughter we are laughing stock of the world today exactly again of prior administrations. the president here. we need to be strong and these to be coming from the top down we are not at the
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verge and i thought we were going to be with north korea. so and it actually. to be clear at this is that this is the united nations general assembly which is the end of september those leaders who are now thing at the way the president brought up the election results and how he won the election that's the point where they started to gnaw off now how do you interpret that well the rule has always considered us in the last after the before trump the last eight years just a week nation and i think you know that after this last election and president trump we are now going to be considered a strong nation again we need to have a be a strong nation we need to have a strong military and that's the issues the president proper good so that's the way i see it i'd like to as i don't know is in my hand say i believe i was just going to say don't but if they were doubting thomas i need to become
4:43 am
a superpower by seven finish up by what. they were laughing at mr trump they want laughing at previous presidents that signed those agreements so of. joint trade and in all of those things. these and they were laughing at. you know what is good what is happening is this i solution is stand and united states have gone through these kinds of periods in the past in history where we have tried this isolationist. behavior and it has not worked the world goes better when we work together and i'm just curious you have family outside of the u.s. you have family in mexico what do they make of president trump. being on a disk yet my wife's family their minute now in the medicine we've just done i said that wait a tramp is stuck in about mexico because for him all these panic people in the
4:44 am
united state of mexico humiliated cream and now people that he's coming for to make a problem some leave to their social security in the united states something that we know that is not true and for another point we know that in q spying like talking about the immigration like now if we don't discount on that it coming for and duress and they don't talk about that in a good as they have to military bases and then you know just leaving make a day out of their complete they have just helped themselves they don't do nothing for the country that they use in their land so that is the point for trump everything is morning it's a business if you can take money for someplace he doesn't want to do nothing. it's not healthy like a contract is now pretty seedy end up going to be respected because he is somebody else will somebody that we can trust is just somebody that he stated to get more money started feeling there isn't any stray ship again. so he's doing that because they graciously supplying because they don't have
4:45 am
a good relation commercial for elation with other countries like poor countries is like what i heard that at least having not destructiveness in china because he she going to get what because of it that she could pay less money that he did the united states why didn't pay the same great debt they think you did to united states when the your neck comparable you know yes i'm chinese was a myra and i actually had a bad day at me. clearly in your household there thank you for sharing it with that's going to air in a second i want to know and i want to just bring in one more person's voice to end here with the end of the stream she writes the story of the us has become a tale of two countries yet the nativism race is a mass violence like the thousand oaks shooting that we saw on thursday november eighth is not needed or what's new is the media and culture bubbles that most americans are in the bubble. silo a softer one another leading to a lack of empathy for others and folks don't seem to care about having a social contract for other residents and citizens that don't look like them i am so looking forward to the next time that we get our immigrant townhome together i
4:46 am
know it will be at a significant moment in the us political history but for now i will say goodbye and thank you to jesse and some other and a.j. and a minor and antony and sabra and also to jeannie and to you and to a lawyer who contributed by a tape and so watching the stream we'll see you online take everybody.
4:47 am
wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts innovators and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal i hope feel will through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. stories of life. and spiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted. for
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many years i kept my past a secret but every time violent extremism is man sent it bothers me. i'm cute i believe that we were superior how could i beat up other women want to if they really had started a race war. how far would i have gone looking in the mirror to confront the past x. eight a witness documentary on al-jazeera you. can . you know i'm maryam namazie in london a quick roundup of our top stories this hour the israeli military has bombed the
4:49 am
studios of the masses television station in the gaza strip. it launched five non exploding missiles as a warning for people to evacuate there are no reports of casualties so far well this follows a surge in cross border fighting between hamas and israel with three palestinians killed after a heavy exchange of rocket fire and shelling israeli fishel say two hundred rockets have been fired into israel many intercepted by its iron dome defense system but one of the rockets hit some of us and another hit a house in southern israel one israeli soldier is in a critical condition following all of this for stephanie decker she joins us live from now or is there in southern israel near the border with gaza and stephanie you actually saw part of the airstrike on the building. yeah we saw two very bright and loud airstrikes were just about two kilometers from the
4:50 am
gaza border in gaza city is behind us which is where those strikes took place we saw them happened and as i message our producer side he told us right away that that was a locks a building very big and very loud we've also seen outgoing rocket fire we've seen interceptions from the iron dome we continue to hear explosions behind us it is a very dangerous situation in terms of how this is going to escalate or how this is going to move forward in the next couple of hours we know mediation is under way undertaken by egypt and also the united nations what we're hearing from a couple of sources is that they're not going very well but again i think it's too early to make any calls we understand that these really prime minister has had security consultations this evening we understand they've read some kind of agreement but they haven't been publicized but we're just hearing that to actually just saying that the israeli army is saying that over three hundred rockets have been fired out of gaza tonight and of course says in the all the factions inside
4:51 am
gaza say that this is in response to that but operation special forces operation cross border that happened in the early hours of sunday night that killed seven operatives of hamas i think the next couple of hours are going to be crucial merriam to see how things are going to unfold. all right thank you very much stephanie deck with all the latest from now thank you stephanie. well in all the stories of following the u.s. has renewed his call for an end to the civil war in yemen some reports say at least hundred fifty feet from have been killed in the past twenty four hours street battles of brought chaos to residential areas in the main port city of data saudi backed forces are trying to take back the city from rebel forces. some of the two hundred fifty thousand people forced from their homes by wildfires in the u.s. state of california are being allowed to return a major highway has also been reopened but authorities are warning many regions are still in danger at least thirty one people have died following california's
4:52 am
deadliest wildfires on rec ord at least six people are dead and twenty others injured from a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul a protest nearby had been taking place by hundreds of members of the has are a minority who are demanding action over continued attacks on their community u.k. foreign secretaries in saudi arabia discussing the war in yemen and the killing of jamal khashoggi jeremy hunt has held talks with the saudi king solomon in the capital riyadh is the first british minister to visit the kind of since she was murdered in october a spokesman for prime minister two reason may says what will push the saudis to do more to deliver justice and accountability in the khashoggi case. the democratic republic of congo opposition leader felix to sheikh a day is withdrawing his support for the joint opposition candidate in december's presidential elections is withdrawal comes a day after six top opposition figures backed by marching for you lou as they counted it in the long delay polls president joseph kabila is finally standing down
4:53 am
off to ruling the country for eighteen years is chosen emanuel should dari as his successor to face in the final vote you're up to date with all of our top stories there will be more news in about twenty five minutes time i'll see you then al-jazeera correspondent is next. my name is tommy lamar shall not meet them i was born
4:54 am
a citizen of the union of soviet socialist republics. the u.s.s.r. . people think that when the hammer and sickle flag came down on the kremlin in december one thousand ninety one the world changed but things are never that simple. i was too young to remember soviet rule but i have lived my whole life in its shadow. as a georgian i cannot forget the fact that my family members where executed in the soviet purges. as a daughter i cannot forgive the fact that the soviet system crushed my parents' aspirations. as a reporter i have witnessed the wars and revolutions that are its legacy. in my own country i saw russian tanks reasserting soviet borders and axing toward
4:55 am
land. after almost thirty years of independence the u.s.s.r. is still with us and i believe we cannot have a future until we have dealt with this passed. i've lived away from georgia for almost ten years. every time i come back i remember why i left because i feel that the history is weighing down on my country. and it will take many years to transform it into the country that i want to live in. the area my parents live in is dominated by soviet blocks. it's pretty great
4:56 am
a soviet buildings were not designed to make people feel at ease. when the u.s.s.r. collapsed there was nobody to look after this stairwells than the entrance system out the exterior of the building so we're still in there or is in the states. unfortunately when we open the door we still step into a soviet world. looking . for. several. small only. wish. my mom remembers the soviet union in
4:57 am
a very positive way she was an engineer she was empowered once we got the independence all the soviet factories just closed down there were no jobs for even men let alone women so women had to just stay home and become housewives have some meat chicken and beef. georgian q.c. oh. and this some desert. one makes it. every time i come we nicked it i guess so soviets nicked it from the french so it's our version of milk we call it not falling out. my father is very critical of the soviet era when he graduated he ended up working for the mayor's office here in the he was in charge of the sewage system. my mom she even now to think that oh you were in charge of our series.
4:58 am
in georgia b. cook asians are always marked by a family feast and keeping toasts. the moment. how much. each year that google did research in the let's go more sort of hot out so goes the. when the rose of the world that's where i got stuck on that wrong. queeny all cost well let me tell you see the discovery on you so we're going to hold what i get to be said for a boy of all about good luck we'll go back tomorrow to show griswold and i encourage herds with which i get a little. called ogle they would like to grow good to see who are all going to dance and we will agree are without a home than todai this kind of stuff better you know take out that knowledge
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barrier to tell you story a she told us or she made him look different to her that will surely it. will have the side. of the psycho want to get warmer. help us if we was going to share with what old horse wanted to know most what was she wanted to talk to rather. she along without it weird it either me or this old fashioned i was going to get that sort of a camel that she loves me especially. the other it's not going to go it isn't. a money machine what are. the story about how do you suggest she mia with. donna romney and the. party's twenty can about it but they were living just about it when i'm to go be a speedy machine. there's that they were all we can have all the same clothes to
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proceed and that's a. chimp to speed up that's not going to. live mr chairman she was to say g.o.p. and. all of us have to. talk to around another shift of makata husky us cattle that. packed a rat still or live round. alone never thought on mobile she. told me that it's your stock in earth's that are seconds if you have stamina said it and now they're going to shift. into how is it. my old horse that scrushy did this is his percentage that. there is a god of the car from asm with a producer who said. my grandfather was born in the twenty's so he's now ninety. one and we call me walter sort of.


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