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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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for three four five days there are still eight thousand firefighters working on the front lines of these fires four hundred square miles still in flames so their work is far from done democrats have taken a seat in the senate and the u.s. midterm elections winning arizona for the first time since one thousand nine hundred seventy six with almost all votes counted kristensen cinema these republican tundra muffin mix by two percent two year old cinema is the first woman elected to represent arizona in the senate she succeeds retiring senator jeff flake who has been one of president donald trump's harshest conservative critics republicans still have a majority in the senate so ahead here on al-jazeera dates you on the legal battle in sri lanka to resolve a deepening political crisis. had
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other parts of afghanistan where winter is coming quite harshly certainly further north and not just the latest example of snow as it reaches the higher ground but actually the real cold is to the north so that is next in temperature by days minus six to the west it's rather less cold and rather more showery rain showers still likely in iran so in the caucasus where rain and snow are to be rather more persistent as the cold comes slowly in then we come to iraq and iran looking dry in the forecast and back through the levant there are few showers for me and i think they will probably reach the lebanese coast israel and syria and turkey as well or more conjoined mass of rain by the time we get to wednesday and also to get a wind coming out of saudi arabia snow be dry when that green suggests rate once more in kuwait yeah hasn't gone away qatar's been seeing thunderstorms for a couple of days same is true in bahrain now the massive rain is moving slowly
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north was but its just slow progress it is headed towards cuba but it has got the tail that goes south into the gulf and back into northeastern saudi said don't consider yourselves guaranteed dry just yet in the gulf states in south africa it's a much drier picture for all of southern africa it's a largely dry picture. a moroccan man spoke out against french colonial rule and was exiled. extremist. he spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. tells the story of the dissident abraham. cruz montana.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of all top stories this hour as ready as strikes are continuing and gaza where there has been the worst violence between israel and hamas since the two thousand and thirteen war. all sides to exercise restraint for palestinians died in as strikes on monday rockets fired from the strip killed in israeli and injured twenty nine of us. the new york times is revealing more details about the recordings takis shared on the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and says one of the so-called kill team tells a superior in a phone call to quote tell your boss that the mission was it was complete u.s.
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intelligence officials believe that saudi crown prince. and investigators in the northern california town of paradise have been searching for human remains and what's now the deadliest wildfire in the state's history at least forty two people died in the talent surrounding areas when a huge fire swept through on the day. trying to supreme court says hearing a challenge from opposition leaders who want the president to cancel snap elections and restore paul. and it's a thing for a second day whether there's a case to review the decision present my palace or a senate fires and replace the prime minister last month let's go straight out to his live for us in. that it says was expected from the supreme court that this morning. general giant soria is making arguments in court behind me now on behalf of the president trying to justify constitutionally why the president has the right to dissolve parliament
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and call elections at the beginning of january it's going to be an interesting session because a few weeks ago when the attorney general was asked by the speaker of parliament what his views on what happened he declined to give an opinion not thinking it was suitable but it's his role to defend the president's position but over all of this everybody knows why we've really ended up in this position and it's because the president knows he hasn't got the numbers in parliament to endorse his sacking of prime minister wickremasinghe are in replacing him with my free power rajapaksa so everybody knows why that's here and the view is that that was an unconstitutional move going against the spirit of the change of the constitution a couple of years ago that took power from the president and gave it to the parliament so while the supreme court must rule on the legal eason will be a lot of dry legal argument going on and that today it knows why we're in this position in the first place i mean this position this crisis has been going on for some weeks now what impact is it having on the people and the economy there.
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well already there was a financial reckoning coming on the sri lankan rupee had beginning i was losing a lot of money value against the dollar already now at its lowest level fourteen percent against the dollar this year four point two billion dollars worth of foreign debts have to be repaid next year and this political instability is having an effect foreign companies are withdrawing investment and tourism's taken a hit people have been scared off although really it's as safe to come to sri lanka now as it was a month ago people have been scared off this is peak season hotels have lost bookings that they will not get back over this dry winter period in sri lanka so a lot at play and a lot of impact on economy laura ok many thanks for the update. and national pressure is mounting for yemen's civil war to end the un britain and france the latest to call for sedation of hostilities take the around the port city of data
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the saudi ambassador coalition is trying to retake it from his the rebels local sources say at least one hundred fifty people have been killed since sunday. reports from djibouti just across the red sea from yemen. fierce fighting on one of the front lines on the fringes of the port city of her data this is one of the largest bottle so far in the war in yemen although the fighters who control what they the losing the strategic port is not an option and they are putting up a stiff resistance. we should have attempted another suicide attack but it failed we are advancing. despite earlier promises by this coalition and pro-government forces multiplied through bottles in some parts of the city the conflict has already and to place in one presidential area is still the city borders lie and collect relentless bombardment and kill numerous fighters and this is the ultimate price the pro-government alliance and the sody and them are out to back is
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often the port of data a vital lifeline for millions of yemenis more than seventy percent of yemen's imports including u.n. aid comes through these dogs and. as you can see we're at the front line close to the port of her right to have in front of you in the next few days will be able to storm the port. the u.n. secretary general and tony harris is warning against any disruption to the port operations. it is of what. i think that now all the powers agreed that it must be ended i think that circumstances will allow it i hope to direct actors in the conflict in the stand and i hope that it happens as quickly as possible because if for example the port of her died is destroyed that would be catastrophic for the whole of yemen. these cool son too for the safety of hundreds of thousands of civilians was still in the city there now growing calls for a ceasefire and peace talks between the warring parties in a sign the u.s.
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is finally losing patience with the war in the yemen secretary of state mike pump pretreated enough for all to the saudi crown prince mohammed missile man i didn't need for suspicion of hostilities pompei also i had all parties to come to the table to negotiate a peaceful solution to the conflict in a meeting in the saudi capital with british foreign secretary jeremy hunt spoke of the need to build support for u.n. peace efforts both the fight and combines the bother since yeah duty off some of the loudest voices in the calls for cease fire could be a while before they agreed to peace talks mohamad the whole thing the needle of this supreme ruler lucia very consul of the whole thing is recently described the course by the united states and united kingdom as empty talk in an op ed in the washington post in the role that the united states stop the war a long time ago but has instead chosen to support its corrupt ally saudi arabia.
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djibouti spain is calling for international sanctions against the iraqi government tens of thousands of people have fled the central american nation because of political unrest says a pro more than three hundred people have been killed in protests against president daniel ortega man our pal i reports from nicaragua is border with costa rica. out of the little bit he gets says the police recently broke into his house in the us knew that i would have been harassing and threatening him he's been an outspoken critic of the nicaraguan government and is one of the leaders of the anti-government youth. now he's worried his activism might get him killed and wants to leave the country at that. time and on the most i've been sent messages calling me a traitor saying i'll end up dead or cut by a machete saying they hope i can sleep after reading those messages they say they know where i am and they're close we traveled to the border and met several other nicaraguan nationals like out of nado who are looking to cross illegally into
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closeout rica at the blank as border crossing an entire industry is built around the constant flow of illegal migration their food stamps clothing stores and vendors renting out rubber boots to shield against the sticky mud. some of those crossing illegally are day workers there are others however who are leaving the country out of fear this woman says she's received death threats for supporting the opposition to the government of president daniel ortega she's asked to remain anonymous added. i have no intention of returning home now maybe after this government is gone but for now i can't return home even to see my own father. after speaking with us the woman rented a pair of boots and paid a smuggler to take her and her young daughter across the border they quickly vanished into the brush migrants arriving in pena's blanco's will often hire a guide to walk them about six hundred miles toward an illegal crossing those who
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fear being seen by authorities however say they will walk even further down the border through the jungle at night in hopes of making it safely into. the government of course says there are currently twenty five thousand nicaraguan citizens already in the country experts warn the worsening political and economic situation will lead to even more forced migration i mean as you well know that if there is voluntary migration because of the economic situation but this is not the case this is a forced migration to save the lives of nicaraguans back into the of us of another grabs a portrait off the wall and tries to leave his house in order with his bags packed he says he's ready to travel to the border for promises to return soon and continue his activism against the government mounted up alone. been as black as the guy with the u.s. catholic bishops meeting at their annual general assembly have decided to delay voting on steps to address clerical sex abuse vatican asked them to wait until the
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global meeting on the issue next year they won the u.s. justice department is expanding its investigation and child sexual abuse by priests . has more from washington. within the walls of each of the one hundred forty five diocese that form the u.s. catholic church are the secret archives containing the clergy most confidential and sensitive records could they contain more evidence of priests sexually abusing children and the actions to cover it up that's what the us department of justice wants to know we've been trying to get this investigation going survivors and victims for years we asked year after year for this evidence is after motive evidence the department of justice is request addressed to the president of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops asks church personnel to not destroy discard dispose of delete or alter any documents related to sexual abuse investigations that
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includes documents about the transfer of abusive priests from one community to another xan go already says that's what happened to the priest who abused him in catholic school. man three my friends and i was very dear to help. in the rectory the car and go to the new parish and the news and spend the first night in the new rectory with them and he was being transferred for sexually abusing two brothers those sexual abuse allegations against us catholic priests first surfaced in the one nine hundred eighty s. long foresman renewed its scrutiny this year beginning with a pennsylvania grand jury report that documented the abuse of more than one thousand victims by three hundred priests in that state alone priests were raped raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they hid it all for decades now thirteen states and washington
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d.c. have launched investigations into church sex abuse and cover up that is in addition to the federal probe by the department of justice the church says it fully cooperating. even as thousands of new victims have been merged demanding the belated justice. castro al-jazeera washington. amazon's national has stripped unsung suchi of its highest honor the ambassador of conscience award the rights group says it's been revoked because of her indifference to the atrocities committed by men was military against for him to muslims now the leader of men miles government she was given the prize in two thousand and nine when under house arrest. there's growing concern in china about rising levels of nearsightedness amongst children as estimates as many as ninety percent of the country's youth will have myopia by the time they complete high school are trying to correspondent age and brown has more. in china it's
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a daily classroom ritual the twice daily exercises. optical health has been part of the school curriculum for more than half a century but some scientists consider these exercises useless and if a recent government report to be believed this routine won't prevent at least half the children in this class could developing myopia no one's really sure why so many chinese are near-sighted but a subway journey during rush hour may provide clues hard to find a passenger not staring silently at their mobile phone or another electronic device at this shanghai or spittal they stare at something else a third of all the patients treated here are children and almost all of them have myopia. mojo away whose twelve is one of them his world started to get blurry five years ago or i think i got my own because i stared at my mobile phone i
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also watched a lot of t.v. and played a lot of games on my phone his mother says he does up to five hours homework a day and refuses to ease up on his heavy study load. i do encourage him to do less homework sometimes he has to work a long time on his chinese composition until eleven pm i tell him to take a break but he's very competitive and doesn't want to be scolded by his teachers his eye doctor says the causes of myopia aren't just genetic children are spending too much time indoors depriving them of the sunlight that allows their eyes to develop the solution he says is actually quite simple joe you formal them first of all the government and schools should give students less homework and so relieve some of the pressure the children should also have more time to play outside several leading i experts here in china say that myopia is not just
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a problem it's become an epidemic and while there is no consensus on why it seems to be so widespread among young people there is agreement on one issue the problem seems to be worse in the cities the problem recently caught the attention of president xi jinping who ordered new controls on online gaming measures designed to reduce the number of new video games that are released that'll help but the key say experts will be greater parental supervision. adrian brown. stanley the artist who created some of the twentieth century's biggest comic book characters has died at the age of ninety five have been paying tribute to him at the hollywood walk of fame captain america spider-man and the x.-men just a few of his grayson's which have become blockbuster movies.
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you know with these are all top stories israeli air strikes have been continuing in gaza in the west violence between israel and hamas since the two thousand and fourteen war has actually generous all sides to exercise restraint free palestinians died in a strikes on monday whilst rockets fired from the strip killed an israeli and injured twenty nine others stephanie deca has moved from israel's border with gaza . it is the biggest escalation between israel and hamas is the two thousand and fourteen war we have seen intense barrass of rockets outgoing into these border communities in israel there's also been heavy air strikes inside the gaza strip particularly in heavily populated areas including the building belonging to her masses a locks a t.v. now we know negotiations are ongoing behind the scenes particularly spearheaded by egypt also the united nations to try and deescalate the situation the new york times is revealing new details about the recordings turkey shed on the killing of
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saudi journalist. and says one of the so-called kill team tells a superior and a phone call to quote tell your boss that the mission was complete u.s. intelligence officials believe that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma. investigators in the northern california town of paradise have been searching for human remains in what's now the deadliest fire wildfire in the u.s. state's history at least forty two people died in the town and surrounding area when a huge fire swept through on thursday. d.n.a. is being used to identify victims the town is home to twenty seven thousand people and has been largely destroyed. international pressure is mounting for yemen's civil war and the u.n. burson and from so the latest to call for an end to hostilities to clear around the port city of her data. coalition is trying to retake it from who the rebels so says they at least one hundred fifty people have been killed since sunday. national history man miles need to unsung suchi of its highest honor the ambassador of
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conscious award rights group says it's been revoked because of her indifference to the atrocities committed by men miles military against muslims suchi was given the prize in two thousand and nine when under house arrest that i had lines of back with more news after counting the costs to stay with us. and his story is a for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's janet these two voices janice well one of the few journalists in that lakshmi doing investigative black. pants as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they recruit on the streets to demand buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening pounced on al-jazeera.
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oh i'm a very unfit again this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week u.s. sanctions on iran are back as europe vows not to step into line we'll look at how difficult it is to resist the financial might of the dollar. also this week putting on a show china insists that its economy is opening up but convincing the rest of the world is proving difficult. time is struggling to maintain its status as the only carbon negative country in the world. as of this week iran is the affectively shut out from the dollar dominated financial system u.s. sanctions on iran have snapped back into place and they're aimed right at the heart of the islamic republic's economy oil they also target shipping banks and financial industries that enable iran's oil trade the goal is to make iran curb its missile
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and nuclear program now if you're wondering why the oil market hasn't moved dramatically it's because eight countries got a six month waiver china taiwan india south korea greece italy japan and turkey iran's biggest customers so that helped keep a lid on any global oil price disruption for now iran's president has some rouhani has said this country doesn't need american waivers to sell oil al-jazeera same bus ravi reports from tehran. one of the reasons president donald trump gave to pull out of the two thousand and fifty nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on iran was the country's growing military influence in the middle east and their ballistic missiles program. so it was perhaps not a coincidence that iranians scheduled one of their largest military exercises of the year on the same day as u.s. sanctions kicked back in with. multiple air defense units took part in war games spanning half
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a million square kilometers across the country and as the missiles took flight on the ground the iranian president lobbed insults at the american president fatima's by our naval go scout that i don't think any other administration in the history of the united states has been as opposed to the law and international treaties i've not seen any administration in the white house as raises these people and you cannot expect anything else from them in a speech to his recently shaken up economic team rouhani laid out a broad plan for the future come what may iran will sell oil and will break u.s. sanctions in the face of american threats iranians put their faith in the basic principle of supply and demand i believe the sanction was. but that they couldn't sanction is not the sudden need. some think in their mind and then put sanctions and you give me the supply side you cannot expect the pres
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good though. simple price goes up iran has used unmarked ships to sell oil in international waters traded oil using the barter system and rouhani has also floated the idea of selling oil in alternative currencies to the u.s. dollar iran is also counting on a european bypass to the american banking system but months of promises and public support by the european union have not led to practical solutions behind closed doors some iranians are asking if that was the plan all along despite rouhani is insistence that european support is a big deal for iran keeping iran will not be the only challenge for europe to keep iran in the nuclear deal with american sanctions at full strength and more said to be on the way they'll also have to figure out how to turn the temperature down between hawks and to iran and washington. well the e.u. along with china and russia remain committed to the nuclear deal but fighting the
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sanctions is proving difficult the bloke is trying to set up a special purpose vehicle to avoid penalties but that plan still lacks practical details in the meantime companies that need access to u.s. markets are leaving iran swift the belgium based global financial messaging system also said that it would fall into line with the u.s. restrictions and its disconnecting blacklisted iranian banks as the iran sanctions came into force firms put forward the idea of boosting the role of the euro but challenging the power of the dollar may prove difficult well the dollar is just one of the world's one hundred eighty five currency it when it comes to foreign exchange it is the king in ninety percent of global foreign exchange trading involves the us dollar it is the world's official reserve currency and it's mostly because the us is the strongest and most stable economy in the world global assets commodities like oil corn and gold are traded in dollars reserves held in u.s.
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dollars climbed to sixty two point four eight percent of global allocated reserves in the first quarter of this year the euro introduced in one thousand nine hundred nine is the second most commonly held currency but it's far behind the dollar accounting for around twenty percent of global reserves that china would like the you want to replace the dollar as the global currency but it too has a long way to go it accounted for one point eight four percent of global central bank reserves in mid twenty eight hundred seven now the dollar rules joining us now from washington is dr sar of a surety sar is the founder and president of s.t.b. energy international good to have you with us sara what about those waivers we were talking about a few moments ago surely there's a self-defeating for the u.s. on they are. it may feel defeated but actually the chess game is not finished so the present trucks administration reach to d.c.
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our understanding and de sac conclusion that it's better to put the priority for any term election first after event and the rise of price of gasoline domestically inside who are so they groom are forced to be lose the seats and then there is enough time to attempt and the pressure is against iran and also there is that expectation in the market that in the next six months i mean two thousand and nineteen the market is going to face over and over supply due today higher expert capacity from us and also lower demand so the market will be more red at that time if for any pressures iran is needed so is the us using the reserve currency status of the us dollar as a weapon when it comes to iran well i mean there are many different weapons if you want to act and sit there and us using our against iran but what is more very important is that all of these countries that are importing oil from iran none of
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them are going to get any types of currency back to iran and iran can only import humanitarian goods or this is there it goes those moves that are not subject to sanctions back to iran so they're kind of bartering their oil for food or medicine or necessary goods but you said the chess game is is far from complete here all these sanctions from the u.s. point of view go to work or will they they fail iran seems to be fairly confident that it can withstand these sanctions if they do fail from an american point of view does that signal that the dollar can no longer be used as a foreign policy weapon. yes i agree with your question because now we have european union that they are coming up with as specific channels of trade with iran banking transaction with iran and if these channels are built for a more formal and more usable ways of working with iran this of course is going to weaken i know and dollar as
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a what and also iraq is now selling its oil in a local currency to these countries so i agree i mean if they push this more or if we want to use this as a weapon is going to and if he's as losing its influence we cannot also denying the fact that it's all have it's own and sequences on iran's economy obviously any sanctions regime is bad for iran and the iranian economy but who benefits here is it us oil producers is it saudi arabia will iran end up losing market share what is approved a particularly important time for the oil market. well yes in that sense if you look at it especially in two thousand and nineteen that the market expects much higher u.s. oil market both on the production side and an export capacity to pipeline capacity of export is going to raise significantly from united states and obviously not have to supply it mostly none of the shell supplier want to have that nowhere in price
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because it has a. negative impact on the show production so iran's sanctions would definitely benefit major producers not only saudi arabia and the us but also helps russia if you want to look at that any major producer would benefit from not having another significant producer in a market to take over their market share but at this point you could well in market expect is that saudi and russia both kind of expect their export as much as they could and they kind of grab the market share as much as they could so we will what we have is the u.s. market share that could expand in the. in the end in the next few months i need to come in one thousand one final question how long can it runs economy withstand these sanctions what happens if iran basically goes bust and can't provide basic.
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public services and who bails them out. well the thing is that this is not the first round of sanctions on iran so iran's oil was sanctions out what a few years ago when they nationalized their oil so they write in government their psychology is they're built based on being on their to sanctions and there are your views and their policies they're always a shaping based on how they can be more resistance i know you want only best if you look at it even though the nuclear sanctions were lifted in two thousand and fifteen iran expanded its domestic condensate processing capacity and i expect ation of future sanctions which brings us to today that iraq condensate is also part of this action so they're basing their country and their economy their industrial base them to be resilient day more every day more an end date for iran's economy could still survive this round of sanctions both what is really hurting iran's economy is the corruption the domestic corruption lack of management so
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that's what really could hurt humans economy but what these sanctions are critical iran's economy to extend that the whole system would collapse you don't expect it sour really good to talk to many thanks indeed dr sarra surely that in washington. still to come on counting the cost why i have every coast so white gold is now at the center of the u.s. china trade war. but first rethink your budget or face fines that's the message from the european commission to its elite the government in rome has put forward a rule busting spending and tax cut plan the expansionary measures designed to grow the economy but the e.u. says the proposal is an expensive miscalculation it's the first time that a member state's budget has been rejected by the block the italians now have until november thirteenth to resubmit. the father of the world wide web says the internet is broken but that he.


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