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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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the president heard one himself of playing politics with the situation unusual because the french foreign minister was saying on monday that he had not heard this tape and of course that has been certainly taken to task by the turkish foreign minister who's really let loose on the french saying the french foreign minister really doesn't know what he's talking about by saying such a thing as it's an offensive thing when turkey has been open from the very outset on this issue of the investigation where does the investigation go well if it stays in a position whereby the pressure is being exerted on saudi arabia we're getting more leaks bit by bit but there's only so much pressure that can be exerted from this leaks process it's reaching a point now where it's quite evident that the pressure has to come from countries outside turkey to move this crisis into a more calm direction to actually somehow placate the levels of concern anger
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and indeed fear here in terms of where this goes next so there is also the point for the new york times on tuesday publication of a passage in the in the encrypted then the documents that relate to the audiotapes and the transcript goes like this that that. thread who's the leader of the group as far as the turks concerned an intelligence and security official trip is said on the phone to riyadh he said tell your boss that the deed has been done and that's those are quite clear the exact words in the arabic translation not entirely clear that's was that effect but that was what was said and that is leading to the conclusion by many investigators in the united states that that was a direct phone call to an aide of the crown prince himself no proof of that other than those words on the transcript anderson i'm going to stumble thank you.
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meanwhile iran's foreign minister john howard zarif has told in london based news organization there is credible information that saudi arabia had planned to assassinate senior iranian officials there if comments came after a report by the new york times that revealed that in march last year a meeting in riyadh was how to discuss plans to assassinate iranian officials specifically iran's major general assembly money in that meeting businessmen were reportedly presented a two billion dollars plan to use private intelligence operatives to sabotage iran you see qana me. in the united states at least forty two people have been killed in california in the worst wildfires in the state's history investigators are searching for human remains after more than six thousand homes were destroyed in the town of paradise mol bio d.n.a. labs are being used to identify victims more than two hundred people are registered as missing firefighters as so trying to contain the blazes that has hit both ends of the state last week. still ahead on al-jazeera
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a summit to end seven years of fighting libyan leaders and foreign powers meeting this is sealion city of aleppo and increase international pressure to stop the war in yemen with new calls from europe to end hostilities. and we've got plenty of active showers over the southeastern parts of asia at the moment plenty of them over the southern parts of the philippines one two across borneo and then in the western parts of our best where the majority of the wet weather is through parts of somalia it really is pretty wet and that weather is going to stick around as we head through wednesday again most active i have a policy of sumatra but we're also seeing the showers just stretch a bit further towards the east for thursday as well so for some of us in borneo we can expect some shop showers too for australia we've got
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a cold from this making its way across us it's this weather system here as it nudges its way eastwards behind it it is bringing in some fresh air so the temperatures in melbourne probably around twenty for us all wednesday but as we head through into thursday will drop to eighteen as that system gradually pushes its way across sydney by the towards the west it's warm force in perth a top temperature here of around twenty six degrees for say new zealand largely fine and dry for us at the moment the temperature around eighteen there in christchurch and they will be climbing as we head through the day on thursday further north that's where there's be more in the way of wet weather for fiji has been incredibly wets over the past three or four days more rain still to come they could even be a little bit of flooding here at times too. stories of life. and inspiration. and series of
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sure documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. or selects hunted. watching al-jazeera our mind our top stories this hour israel's cabinet is meeting after the israeli military targeted dozens of positions across gaza it says are linked to hamas and islamic jihad at least honest means have been killed in gaza
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and another palestinian died in the israeli town of ashkelon when his house was hit by a rockets launched from gaza. president reship typewriter one has given new details about the killing of jamal khashoggi he says a saudi intelligence officer told him whoever killed the journalist was on heroin to my shoji was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second by what turkey has described as a hit squads and at least forty two people have been killed in california and the worst wildfires in the u.s. state's history investigators are searching for human remains after more than six thousand homes were destroyed in the town of paradise on thursday. eastern libyan general highly for have to it won't join other key players at talks to try to establish a country after seven years of fighting maybe as leaders and other foreign powers have been gathering in its the for a conference the summit in sicily is the latest attempt to bring all parties together following a similar attempt in paris in may elections in libya next month have been canceled
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due to ongoing violence join a whole joins us now live from palermo in italy join us oh honey says he is not taking part in the conference so what are the chances of it achieving anything. well a lot of the people you talk to about that describe it as theatrical fears here the renegade general after from the east he arrived late on monday night he kept everyone guessing of course as to whether he was coming or not but they did turn up and shook the hand of the italian prime minister to seppi county at this venue before announcing that he was going to be sitting at the big table but he'd be on the sidelines holding by laterals and indeed we've just heard that apparently he held a meeting this morning with the u.n. backed prime minister and surrounded the first time the pair have met since a french peace conference back in may one of the key sort of objectives here is to try and bridge the gap between. his largely secularist forces in the east along
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with his foreign backers russia egypt and france and the u.n. backed government of prime minister of the raj and his foreign backers including italy so this is a step towards that underway already. one of the things this conference has done that others previously have not to the same degree is that italy has invited a number of the armed militia groups in libya many of them described by have to islam is they tend to support the else around government in tripoli he objects to their presence here because of course he sees them as a threat to his goal of national control that ostensibly is the reason why he won't sit at the big table but he is here he is part of the process it remains to be seen whether he'll be part of the conclusions of this conference later today and join of their meeting to discuss a new u.n. plan for libya what more do we know about. yes that does seem now to be the main focus of the talks and everyone's attention
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at this conference a new plan announced. on monday by envoy salomé this conference is dubbed with libya for libya conscious of accusations that previous western that efforts of tended to foist solutions on the libyans which have not worked this is one about trying to get the libyans to decide for themselves what sort of election they want to hold what sort of system they want to have some eighty percent of libyans are said now to be in favor of democratic elections so the plan is for a national conference early in two thousand and nineteen in libya so that they can decide parliamentary and presidential system to come up with an electoral law and then aim for a vote sometime before june of next year it's a tight timeline in itself but i think if they can achieve the goal here of getting everybody around and behind that plan that will be a key measure of success thank you for that john and john allen live for us in italy. the united nations is warning that mass expulsions among gold out of
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congress refugees could trigger a humanitarian crisis last month alone hundreds of thousands of people from the democratic republic of congo were forced to leave following an order targeting what the government calls irregular migrants dosage or barry has more. forced to flee once again this is the border between angola and the democratic republic of congo these congolese left their country in search of a better life that search has a probably come to an end ok this is. what pushed me to leave angola was the situation just got worse some angolans and the police were coming into our homes and being violent that's when i decided to give myself up to the authorities so they can take me back home to d r c this mass population movement follows the angolan government's decision to expel congolese refugees and migrants many of whom are working in the informal mining sector now thousands are stuck here at the border where complaints include sexual violence and harassment body frisking and
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theft at the hands of security forces on both sides of the border. those who do make it into the d r c have a long road ahead before reaching the closest town to the border which is she will that's one hundred fifty kilometers away a most will have to walk there which could take them up to two weeks heavy rains and security roadblocks have delayed the already treacherous journey i have a lot of messages that we've been kicked out of angola back to our own country but even in our own country we have problems with security forces along the road asking for money before they'll let us pass a road block this mass repatriation to the d.r. seas eastern and central regions are creating an increasingly heavy burden on an already unstable conflict wary region last year alone some one hundred thousand congolese fled to neighboring countries adding to the five hundred eighty five thousand who are already living in exile the united nations says congolese refugees
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are now among the ten largest in the world the international committee of the red cross is on the ground helping as many people as possible it's very difficult to mention that the situation is under control because the needs to go way beyond the capacity of the local authorities and. humanitarian community to respond so there is certainly need a need for a stronger and coordinated humanitarian response to the situation as we do not have a clear projection over the next months so we need to be ready to respond as they slowly cross back into the home they left behind it's uncertain what future they'll find here. al-jazeera. dozens of ethiopian government security agents peered in court over a grenade attack on the prime minister in june if you hope is attorney general says evidence points to security chiefs ordering the assassination attempt on abi ahmed
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two people died in the incident made has introduced political and economic reform since coming to office in april. now britain's foreign minister has described talks and yemen civil war as more real after discussions with saudi arabia jeremy hunt says riyadh confirmed its willingness to evacuate fifty wounded healthy fighters to oman for medical treatment at least one hundred fifty people have been killed since sunday as the saudi erotically tries to retake the city of data al-jazeera is mahmood i don't reports from djibouti just across the red sea from yemen. fierce fighting on one of the front lines on the fringes of the port city of data this is one of the largest bottle so far in the war in yemen for the older fighters who control the day the losing the strategic port is not an option and they are putting up a stiff resistance. we should have attempted another suicide attack but it failed we
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are advancing. despite earlier promises by the so the coalition and pro-government forces multiplied through bottles in some parts of the city the conflict was already and about face in one presidential area is told the city is lie and collected relentless bombardment of killed numerous fighters and this is the ultimate price the pro-government alliance and their soda and then without a buck is often the port of data a vital lifeline for millions of yemenis more than seventy percent of yemen's imports including u.n. aid comes through these dogs and. as you can see we're at the front line close to the port of her data right there in front of you in the next few days will be able to storm the port. the u.n. secretary general and tony harris is warning against any disruption to the port operations. is of work. i think that now all the powers agreed that it must be
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ended i think that circumstances will allow it i hope to direct actors in the conflict and understand and i hope that it happens as quickly as possible because if for example. report of how data is destroyed that would be catastrophic for the whole of yemen. these cool son too for the safety of hundreds of thousands of civilians was still in the city there now growing calls for a cease fire and peace talks between the warring parties in a sign the u.s. is finally losing patience with the war in the yemen secretary of state mike pompeo pretreated enough for all to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin so much that i didn't need for suspicion of hostilities pompei also all parties to come to the table to negotiate a peaceful solution to the conflict in a meeting in the city coupled with british foreign secretary jeremy hunt spoke of the need to build support for u.n. peace efforts both the fight and combines the bother since he added to the off some of the loudest voices in the calls for cease fire and could be
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a while before they agreed to peace talks the hum of the whole thing the needle of this supreme ruler lucia very console of the whole thing is recently described the course by the united states and united kingdom as empty talk in an op ed in the washington post who ruled that the united states will stop the war a long time ago but has instead chosen to support its corrupt allies so dear mbia. djibouti. sri lanka's supreme court is hearing a challenge to the president's decision to call a snap election at the palace are seen at chegg at a political crisis last month after he replaced the prime minister and dissolved parliament that cost protests and international criticism but as for some colombo. because attorney general has been arguing before the supreme court why he believes it's constitutional for the president to dissolve parliament and call elections but over all this everybody here really knows why we've got to this stage and it's
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because prison my three powers are saying he's playing for time he's not got the numbers in parliament to endorse his decision to sack one prime minister and replace him with another so he's dissolved parliament wants to have elections and whatever legal arguments the government finds to say that this is constitutional there is a feeling really it's going to the spirit of a constitutional change called a couple of years ago that took power away from the president and gave it to parliament to further this political paralysis drugs on the greater effect it has on his economy the rupee has already lost fourteen percent against the dollar this year tourism's been hit as the crisis broke out a few weeks ago people started counseling holidays at the peak tourist season and next year foreign exchange to start paying back four point two billion dollars worth of loans in twenty nine teams of the longer this drags on the more serious it is because economy. there claims north korea's nuclear ballistic missile program is
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continuing despite u.s. president donald trump insisting it stopped. a u.s. think tank says it's identified sixteen hidden bases mostly in remote mountainous areas the report is based on new images from commercial satellites the bases are already known to u.s. intelligence agencies but north korea has never acknowledged that. stanley the artist who created some of the twentieth century's biggest comic book characters has died at the age of ninety five fans have been paying tribute at his talk on the hollywood walk of fame captain america spiderman and x.-men are just a few of his creations which have become brought us to movies around the world as always all the latest news on our website at al-jazeera dot com the very latest on all of the top stories on their al-jazeera dot com.
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no again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera israel's cabinet is meeting after the israeli military targeted dozens of positions across gaza it says are leading tamasin islamic jihad at least five panaceas have been killed in gaza and another palestinian died in the israeli town of ashkelon when his house was hit by a rocket from gaza. president typo on has given new details about the killing of jamal khashoggi he says a saudi official told him whoever killed the journalist must have been on heroin at one says he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul by a hit squads in the united states at least forty two people have been killed in california and the worst wildfires in the state's history investigators are searching for human remains after more than six thousand homes were destroyed in the town of paradise on thursday. it's certainly be in general handy for have to has met with the libyan prime minister fires so but maintains he won't join other
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key play is at talks to try to end the war in libya after seven years of fighting maybe as leaders and other foreign powers have been meeting in italy for a conference the summit in sicily is the latest attempt to bring all parties together following a similar one in paris in may elections next month in libya have been canceled due to the ongoing violence iran's foreign minister jobs ari fest old a london based news organization there is credible information that saudi arabia had a plan to assassinate senior iranian officials commons came after a report by the new york times that revealed that in march last year a meeting in riyadh was held to discuss plans to assassinate iranian officials specifically iran's major general assembly money in that meeting businessmen were reportedly also presented it to billion plan two billion dollar plan to use private intelligence operatives to sabotage iran's economy and finally stanley the artist
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who created some of the twentieth century's biggest comic book characters has died at the age of ninety five fans have been paying tribute at his talk on the hollywood walk of fame captain america spiderman and x.-men are just a few of his creations which have become blockbuster movies sandy died at a medical center in the sunshine this al-jazeera select says nick stay with us. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior when used investigates china's surveillance cracked or. on al-jazeera.
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up in the next. after a night of air raids across gaza israel and hamas consider their next step. turkey reveals new details about the death of saudi journalist and about the people who killed him. sri lanka is a supreme court is gearing up to play a crucial role in resolving a deepening political crisis and the un warns of grave consequences as angola continues max expulsions of congolese refugee. hello israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called an urgent cabinet meeting after a night of violence across gaza and which six palestinians were killed the israeli military targeted dozens of positions it says are linked to hamas and islamic
6:50 pm
jihad's it also says both hamas headquarters and the television station were targeted as well at the same time almost four hundred rockets have been fired by palestinian factions from gaza into israel around one hundred of them were intercepted the rocket attacks killed one palestinian man living in israel while several is really have been injured now the u.n. secretary general is urging all sides to exercise restraint it all began on sunday after a covert israeli operation in gaza on the ground killed a hamas commander and seven other palestinians and israeli soldier was also killed at the time. joining us from west jerusalem for all the latest developments with specifically on the israeli security cabinet meeting underway right now. well as you said it's under way and i think it's going to last for for
6:51 pm
a little longer now last night prime minister netanyahu met with the military and intelligence leadership that was for an operational update on what was going on on the ground specially in southern israel along all that border area with gaza we haven't heard anything specific coming out of that meeting now today he is meeting with his cabinet i think they're probably going to be discussing all the options on the table now you have to bear in mind that just a few hours before all this tension started prime minister netanyahu was in paris stating kids or saying that he was trying to avoid this is sorry war he was also defending. his policy or of trying to find a long term ceasefire agreement with hamas and by all accounts they were all the parties involved which means israel hamas egypt and qatar where on the verge of
6:52 pm
working out the final details for that agreement now. is the prime minister going to try to give that another chance or is he also going to bow to the pressure of some within his cabin and who had been advocating since a long time that another war was necessary in gaza actually a few months ago the defense minister himself of it during lieberman had said that another war was necessary for in his words bring calm for another four to five years. that have made the update from us to reflect who the thank you will now bring in harry faso he's joining us from that's on the israel gaza border and it was a night off launches by palestinian factions and israeli airstrikes into gaza what's the scene like now. well it has calmed to some extent now we can hear israeli drones as we always do over gaza territory gaza city
6:53 pm
you can see in the distance behind me but it still remains an extremely tense situation as you can glean from what holder was just saying the sheer amount of rocket fire coming out of gaza the amounts of israeli firepower going into gaza are in the kind of targets which they have been striking not what we've seen in recent escalations were largely uninhabited or at least evacuated military areas have been targeted these main areas right in the middle of a built up residential areas targeting alex a television target seeing how my sites as they say that this does seem to be a pretty big israeli response and what we're hearing from the israeli media is that senior israeli officials are saying that they are not talking to either egypt or the united nations about any kind of cease fire any time soon the palestinian factions have said that if israel continues what they term its military escalation
6:54 pm
then they will widen the range and targets that they are striking with their rockets so at the moment both sides adopting a hard line and already a major escalation under way and harry what are you hearing about the latest death toll as well as casualty numbers. well from inside gaza the latest figure we have is six people who've been killed. three of them confirmed as members of the popular front for the liberation of palestine two of them confirmed as members of islamic jihad we're still waiting to find out who the sixth is and as you heard as you were saying earlier the israeli fatality that we've or us least of the talent on this side of the border on the israeli side of the border we've been hearing about is a man from hebron in the occupied west bank who was in ashkelon and so those remain the figures for now but obviously this is a moving situation with a lot of firepower being used on both sides the fear is that those numbers will
6:55 pm
rise all right to harry foster thank you for the updates mohammed that argument is a columnist and political analyst he says this could be an important moment in the future of the blockade of gaza. the fact that the situation is so fresh and any. attack might result in civilian casualties in the israeli side of the receiving side might take both sides to. war. but i think this is collision came at a critical moment i think both sides needed this is collation to go ahead for a new era i think both sides have realized after a series of wars that the military operations the wars are not the solution they need to have a different approach and finally the each and that is standings over.
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a period of calm and gaza during which. allows for the fittest on time may be to have qatari money funneled to have. to have to give some space for something like solution for the blockade but the turkish president russell tell yer to on has given new details about the killing of john non-fossil jean he says a saudi intelligence officer told him whoever killed a journalist must have been on hara when she was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second by what turkey has described as a hit squad simmons is joining us from istanbul to talk us through the significance of early ones latest revelations and her. well the significance is really the setting in paris around a dinner table with the u.s. president talking to the president urged one. stressing the point his vision of the
6:57 pm
crime as he describes it and his insistence that his special advisor have been told by bahama been solomon the crown prince that the whole thing will be investigated they would get to the bottom of who made the actual order for the murder of her shoulder here in the consulates and also what form of justice would be. meted out to the accused eighteen of them in all in the saudi list fifteen but turkish list identified visually in photographs and also in c.c.t.v. here in turkey now heard on went on to say he actually described in this briefing the the atmosphere surrounding that saves in the horrific nature of what was heard on the audiotapes and he spoke of a saudi intelligence officer listening to a can being shocked and turning round and saying apparently that these men these
6:58 pm
people they must have been on heroin to commit such a form of a crime words to that effect and so really what is stressing not just the point about this whole thing going to the top he says that the saudis have not delivered there was sure that they would bring to justice those concerns or they had not named whoever was responsible he made it clear also that he told not only the u.s. president but also the german chancellor angela merkel and emmanuel macro on the french president that as far as he was concerned it went right to the top and king solomon was in no way responsible obviously the the basic inference is the crown prince was involved in directing what went on he also said that. he would push for more international justice if they could not get this thing moving he also said that there should be the extradition of these suspects to turkey he basically also
6:59 pm
said that in no way was turkey holding anything back that the whole situation was now in the international arena with the proof that a murder had taken place here but we know that the extradition of these suspects from saudi arabia to turkey is not going to happen because the saudis have said that they wouldn't be doing that so where does this all leave the investigation going forward. well it's a very personal question where next the next stage is whatever action the united states takes to try to put pressure on saudi arabia to come up with a full explanation of what it's actually doing there remove even rumors circulating in turkey right now about the whereabouts of the suspects are they actually under house arrest effectively or are they being detained there is a lot of commentary about what is going on and so it is
7:00 pm
a fair question to ask what next as far as the turkish president is concerned it is sitting here now with all the evidence bar the actual body the body of course according to one the major prosecution source has been dissolved by acids and chemicals however there are also suggestions that the other could be other other things happening there's a suggestion from the president himself in the briefing that there could have been the body parts cut and then smuggled out of the country again he comes around to the point only the saudis can answer these questions because the saudis have the suspects within within their reach and they he says they should come here regardless of where they go he says that the saudis have to actually give details and interrogate these suspects and come up with some answers to questions that the international community want answered not just turkey and he's made the point that all.


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