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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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israeli politics in turmoil up to defense minister tony blair resigns over the cease fire in gaza. or until this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. we will deliver products in the united kingdom is leaving the european union on the twenty ninth the dots two thousand and ninety. two reason may says she's significantly closer to delivering on bricks it as she presses a cabinet for backing on her deal. general force an exclusive interview with the
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celica fighters leader wanted for war crimes in the central african republic. this constitutional crisis deepens after m.p.'s pass a no confidence motion in the prime minister. and the israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has resigned in protest over a cease fire reached with gaza saying it amounts to a surrender to terrorism lieberman had demanded a far stronger israeli response to the most intense round of rocket fire against israel since twenty fourteen but was overruled by prime minister benjamin netanyahu he says his party will not quit the government coalition even to know who was just a one seat majority a spokesman for this idea who is right when he could has played down the likelihood of an early poll saying there's no need for it during such a sensitive period for national secure. the palestinian faction hamas which rules
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the gaza strip has celebrated lieberman's resignation as a victory a cease fire which was mediated by egypt on tuesday appears to be holding seven palestinians and one israeli were killed in the fighting triggered by a botched israeli raid into gaza on sunday and on wednesday another palestinian official man was shot and killed by israeli forces in northern gaza let's go now to her force it to use in west jerusalem so what else did leave them say. well essentially his argument is that by agreeing to the cease fire after hundreds of hamas and other palestinian faction rockets coming out of gaza striking israeli territory striking homes killing one person in israeli territory that netanyahu has capitulated to terror he has been making such arguments in slightly more muted terms for some time calling for much harsher military action against hamas after
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the months of border protests of incendiary devices being launched on kites and balloons and burning israeli farmland next to the gaza border fence and he has been saying this in the sense that that israel had to do more militarily in order to secure its long term security now his critics have been saying in the past and they've been coming out again today to say that he has the luxury of being able to say that because he's been calling for war in the full knowledge that there was something of a safety net that netanyahu and the military establishment had no appetite for war so politically he was allowed to make these very loud pronouncements without bearing the consequences of what might go wrong during the course of such a war he though has countered that saying that he has been paying a bit of political cost by being a loyal member of a government who security policy he has disagreed with and most recently he says that the real reasons for his leaving the government have been the allowing of fuel
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into gaza the allowing of qatari money into gaza without sufficient checks on how that money would be spent by hamas and now he says that this cease fire has sacrificed israel's long term security in exchange for only short term calm. pinup us. as far as the security interest is concerned we first of all have to finish the issue of the size of the issue of the size of texas presidents over everything else and the weakness we have shown obviously projects on to other fronts as well to stand off as i wouldn't be able to look southern residents in the . area what happens next when it's now his government well there are two questions to answer the intellect the first is what happens with the defense ministry portfolio there has been an indication from likud the ruling party that netanyahu may well keep that for himself however there is another right
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wing coalition partner the israel israeli jewish home party naftali bennett the leader of that part of the education minister is saying that he wants the defense ministry or he would to will will take his members out of the government triggering the collapse of the coalition and an early election even so there have been split there has been speculation for some time that there will be polls before they are due in november twenty nine hundred the presumption is that netanyahu has enough as things stand to keep things running for the next few months as long as this other coalition partner part or doesn't also pull out of the coalition air force i thank you very much indeed reaction to any of them is resignation has come from the palestinian task force on public diplomacy a special a no on day says palestinians are aware of impact gaza is having on israeli politics. well i think if the entire palestinian public it will not lose any sleep
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over the fact that lieberman will not be part of this government and the fact that his resignation is motivated by the fact that he's objecting to not shutting enough palestinian blood having said that i think if you look at it take a closer look at the palestinian public opinion it is not lost on any sector of palestinian society that this was directly related to the last forty eight hours or so in gaza and that gaza is a player in internal israeli politics no. how dropped in hamid has this update from gaza where there's widespread skepticism over how long as he's fall last. there's a certain style of relief here in gaza an all out war didn't break out this is one of the buildings that were targeted by the israelis it belongs to hamas but it's really in a civilian area and people around it not only you can imagine the fear they did
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they felt that night when that explosion happened but also their properties get damaged this is a place that still hasn't recovered from the previous war back in two thousand and fourteen so people here have been extremely worried about how things could develop now hamas on this side has put forward to the people here this cease fire as a political victory that coupled with the news of the resignation of the israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman saying that that was actually a political victory and an acknowledgement by the israelis that hamas has. all of them now people are happy that calm has returned but this still is a certain degree of skepticism all these talks about as cease fire has been very difficult to reach an agreement over
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a long term cease fire that's still not set and still people are enjoying the fall now but they say there is worry that it's still a shame that we so over the past two days might make reaching a. long term agreement more difficult than they do when he was. within the last few minutes the prime minister in the u.k. his office has announced that she make a statement around seventy. one hundred g.m.t. just around under an hour's time outside her office after meeting senior ministers to discuss her bricks it deal as she's been hailing the draft divorce agreement as she reached for the e.u. saying it takes the government significantly closer to delivering on what people voted for in twenty sixteen or theresa may has been holding a crunch cabinet meeting to try to convince her ministers to back the plan she's facing fierce opposition from hard line breaks it is and those not wanting to leave
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the brackets will may need to get the deal approved by parliament before written leaves the e.u. in march next year. paul renne joins me live now from outside the premises at residence in london such reason may has been remaining optimistic can we expect this statement to within an hour. we certainly do you can hear that overhead that's a police helicopter that one but if the cameraman could pan around i don't want to too because it's far too tightly packed you would see at least a couple of hundred journalists and camera crews all here preparing to hear that statement from theresa may it's been a crucial twenty four hours it will be a critical forty eight hours for the prime minister here at her office in downing street she's had a succession of her government ministers come in individually and collectively to persuade them of the merits of her deal a draft deal at this stage they've been meeting in the full cabinet session since two pm and frankly the announcement that there would be
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a statement out here on the pavement at around five o'clock this evening came as a little bit of a surprise earlier in parliament it was quite a boisterous session of the prime minister's questions the prime minister takes questions from both members of the opposition and her own party the level of disquiet among the m.p.'s within the house was obvious but the prime minister came out with our fighting let's have a listen. i'm confident this takes a significant close to live to delivering on what the british people voted for and . we will take back control of our borders on the laws and our money leave the common fisheries policy and the common agricultural policy while protecting job security and the integrity of the united kingdom and mr speaker i will come back to the house to update you on the outcome. but getting that deal approved faces several hurdles still i mean there's the cabinet meeting here how many will
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decide that they can't stomach it and will decide to resign instead then she has to take it to the european commission at the council that is the gathering of the other twenty. latest where they will give their views on it and see whether they can sign up to it and after that she has to bring it back to parliament to try to get parliament to ratify it and given the fact that there are euro skeptics in our own party there is the deal you pay or pawn which the prime minister realize because she's a minority government or leads a minority government and then there's the opposition parties who've already said that pretty much their currency to vote against it you know it remains to be seen how on earth she's going to get this deal that she's brought back through the actual process through it's a recitation paul brennan thank you very much. and u.n. security council has voted to lift sanctions against eritrea an arms embargo asset freeze and travel ban were imposed in two thousand and nine amid claims that eritrea supported fighters in somalia un vote follows
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a sawing of relations between eritrea and its neighbors after years of conflict in june ethiopia and eritrea signed a peace deal or relations with djibouti have also improved but here his ambassador to the un welcomed the resolution but news of the difficulties ahead lifting of the sanction regime or near to doesn't of course mean that the region is free of challenges we still face problems that require it first and determination to rezone we still need the help and serious support of the international community but on our products we are determined to accelerate if earth's to create a region where his development and democracy prevail in her in many. still to come on al-jazeera on track to electoral victory the military commander tend to need to raise refashioned himself as a leading figure in politics. and the man known as el chapo one of the world's most notorious drug lords finally goes on trial in the u.s.
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. we got to watch for developing across central parts of china at the moment a fair amount of cloud here and low clouds which will thicken we'll see some heavy downpours as we go on through the next few days so that's the picture that right becoming more expansive as we go on through friday and even down towards the southwest of china towards northern parts of vietnam could see some showers longer spells right fine and dry though once again into hong kong temperatures here at around twenty six celsius followed by the moments across a good part of india but all eyes on the goal of course having monitoring actual side time which is developed here that will continue to make its way just to the south of chennai we're looking going to around midday for stay g.m.t.
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that is making landfall just around do then so very strong winds the winds will continue to weaken as we makes landfall of course to some really heavy rain or the to the millimeters of rain certainly a possibility for many areas as we go on through day and it'll make a swell little for the west which as we go on through friday further north it stays dry it stays fine into central areas mall murky weather coming in across the north a new delhi at around twenty five celsius out across southern parts of the bible peninsula right to the north. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice
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documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. and none of the top stories here on his or israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has resigned and called for early elections after the government accepted a ceasefire in the gaza strip he says his party will now quit benjamin netanyahu ruling coalition leaving it with just a one seat majority in the knesset. the u.k. prime minister has hailed the draft divorce agreement she's reached with the e.u. saying that it delivers on what the people voted for in twenty sixteen may is
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holding a crunch cabinet meeting to try to convince her minister it's back to plan or make an announcement at seven hundred g.m.t. . the un security council has voted to lift sanctions against an arms embargo asset freeze and travel ban were imposed in two thousand and nine amid claims that eritrea supported fighters in somalia. known as general force. is a wanted man with the u.n. and central african republic government accused him of war crimes committed when muslim seleka fighters took over the country five years ago he's in charge of the largely muslim neighborhood of p.k. five in the capital bangui in this exclusive interview with al-jazeera he speaks to nicholas haq. in hiding but still in charge surrounded by young heavily armed teenage boys is. otherwise known as general force accused of war crimes including
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a murder torture rape and extortion the government wants his arrest. but he's not ready to give himself up and if. we need he said we are nine thousand in this neighborhood ready to defend our people even to pick a fight a neighborhood because of us they are under threat from the christian militias the government forces and u.n. soldiers. in april soldiers belonging to the un stabilizing force in car backed by the central african army stormed forces hideout in an attempt to arrest him but despite being better equipped they were outnumbered and retreated the raid was a spectacular failure in one thousand died and hundreds were injured in the battle . don't be fooled by these bustling streets when you and soldier describe the current state of the calm since the war the stores there are doing no foot patrol and some of them are taking fighting positions as a preventative measure if the threat comes in forces foot soldiers fourteen year
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old. his house was burnt his parents killed by a christian militia group now he wants revenge baltimore let me just go even the un are afraid of me because i have a weapon it is a country that has made me this way with this i can become anything a general or even a president of this country one day. the government is calling for peace and reconciliation. but even inside the parliament politicians use guns to get their voices heard despite twelve thousand un peacekeepers central african republic is descending into a spiral of sectarian violence caught in the middle are children seeking justice any way they can. the guards that protect you are our children are young how do you explain that they'd be rather than be bearing arms in which you must i am their boss commander and the father how do you want them to go to school as muslims are not treated with what happened on hospitals we have no schools this is
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not safe for us force is a wanted man for the moment too powerful to be arrested into well protected by determined young men who have lost everything and have nothing to lose nicholas hawk al jazeera donkey p.k. five. sri lanka's political crisis is worsening on wednesday parliament passed a no confidence motion against the newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa though he still has the backing of the president this puts him at odds with rana wickramasinghe and was fired as prime minister last month but his supporters dominate parliament and smith has more from colombia i it was a session of parliament that sri lanka's president has done everything he can to try to delay or cancel but the supreme court overruled my three policy recently let me speak let me turn to the big three. supporters of mahinda rajapaksa seated here
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on the left didn't want parliament voting on a no confidence motion in the president's decision to appoint him as prime minister the speaker was having none of it i think i want to tell you we're here to about oh with a show of hands a majority of m.p.'s rejected rajapakse as government that returns the prime ministership to run a whip on a single who was sacked by the president last month we want to use this a member of the location to enhance democracy to promote freedom to focus on the economic and social rights of the people of our country the rajapaksa won't go his supporters say the president's decision can't be overturned like this but i mean is this mr by the rajapaksa the only person who can appoint a prime minister in terms of our constitution is the president of the country nobody is the speaker khoury jayasuriya has previously called the president's
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decision to appoint rajapaksa a nonviolent coup d'etat and now has two prime ministers and two cabinet parliament box one the president boxes the other a which of those two institutions is the supremes power is at the heart of a constitutional crisis that's paralyzing sri lanka's politics but it's made al-jazeera colombo. u.s. republican senator lindsey graham says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh following the killing a saudi journalist. it also described saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound as quote unstable and unreliable a vote on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen in weeks kimberly how could has more from washington. senator lindsey graham has always taken a strident tone when it comes to the death of. the fact that he believes there is
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more to the story then is being let on by saudi arabia but these comments now going much further and given a lot of weight considering that lindsey graham is a senior republican and very influential foreign policy hot he frequently advises the president as recently as last week we did spot him going into the white house even though that meeting was not on the official white house schedule now in terms of action and response to the death of jim by this administration it appears to in the eyes of many on capitol hill be dragging its heels it has rescinded the visas of almost two dozen saudi nationals but it has not say it at the highest levels of the saudi government something that many are looking for on capitol hill now in terms of the pressure by lindsey graham he certainly has not only called mohammed bin solomon unstable and unreliable but he also doesn't see
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the situation being fixed as long as the crown prince is still in charge and as a result he has gone further saying that he sees mohamed bin solomon's leadership as a quote disaster and very difficult to do business. in yemen who see rebels say they've killed at least twenty five sounded and mirage he backed pro-government forces on the eastern outskirts of data. he's released this video showing the moment multiple booby traps exploded as the forces entered the compound other videos of miniature operations were broadcast during a news conference in san are by a spokesman for the who see forces. the man who first seized power in a military coup and then refashion himself as an adjustment leader appears set to rule fiji for another four years by mr frank bainimarama and his fiji first party headed for a convincing election win on thursday as votes continue to be tallied. as more. once
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an army commander now running to keep his position as prime minister frank by name a rama and his fiji first party quietly confident of victory. or will be doing the . majority so we can form the next government again we'll be outcome of this election today the result i'll be disappointed if we lose. but supporters of his main challenger city of any ram buka have been hoping for an upset a former prime minister who served to seven years he was only cleared to run in this poll by a judge on monday just one of them that the words of our national anthem. freedom hope and glory and we it was our duty to give the people but not all the people voted to wrench will reign forcing the closure of twenty three polling venues some eight thousand will cast their ballots at
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a later date and open polling stations turnout was patchy to empty. but last time was for big players maybe the people of the weather every would count yes so it's important for everyone to come in when the weather is not that good or . the one the twenty fourteen elections by and that's why it has been refashioning his image into that of a stable legitimate leader. hosting un climate change negotiations and high profile dignitaries presiding over three percent of steady economic growth but critics regard him as authoritarian holding a tight rein on the media since forcing. him selfe into power in a two thousand and six military coup. his main opponent of any ram buka has led his own share of coups seizing power twice in the one nine hundred eighty s. on a racially charged platform to return the country to the hands of indigenous fijians
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away from those of indian descent a principle opposes political landscape is a haunted legacy of military influence military led military consequence. inflicted influences within our politics in a way that two individuals who are at center stage absolutely landscape are two sides of the same green. this is only the second time fijians have gone to the polls since two thousand and six and for by name rama it's a referendum on his leadership the al-jazeera russian opposition leader alex a new name has been allowed to fly out of russia after being told he was barred from leaving the country a day earlier around he wants to be in strasburg on thursday when the european court of human rights as usual on whether his numerous detentions by russian police were politically motivated or not and a station is being introduced in the united states urging president trying to take a tougher stance on china's crackdown against its ethnic we go population because
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politicians will seek possible sanctions against communist party chiefs accused of human rights abuses they are also expected to call for a ban on the export of technology that beijing could use for the surveillance and last attention of leaders it's estimated a million readers who are muslim are being held in camps in the station jang. when the world's most notorious drug lords is on trial in the us. known as as chappell is accused of being the head of the cinelerra cartel once the main supplier of illegal drugs to the us is escaped from prison in mexico twice before finally getting caught and extradited to the u.s. last year it really is only reports new york joaquin el chapo guzman wore a neatly pressed suit and tie clean shaven his trademark mustache was gone flanked by federal marshals he waved to his wife in the audience the only words he uttered
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were good morning in spanish as a judge welcomed him to the court room but prosecutors told the jury they would see a different chapo guzman over the coming trial a man they say led a multibillion dollar criminal drug network smuggling hundreds of tons of cocaine into the u.s. for decades and he killed off rivals sometimes pulling the trigger himself prosecutors have promised some of guzman's top deputies will testify against him and they say they have audio recordings and text messages of him it meeting to his crimes. guzman's high profile defense lawyers did not comment as a left court but told the jury during the opening statements that they would prove guzman is more of a myth than a norco legend and argue he's being set up by a corrupt mexican government and u.s. prosecutors who have been after all chapa for years they said the trial would also expose america's so-called war on drugs guzman's wife emma coronel attended the
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proceedings but didn't comment as she left court mobbed by reporters from around the world experts say back in mexico guzman sinhala cartel is alive and well keep in mind that top what was mine was capturing what amala nine hundred ninety three and he's escaped wiseman through most secure penitentiaries and mexico and during the time that he's been in custody or on the run he has is under boggs i'm in the big job i'm a mobius of my own my own somebody who is a very old copple and he is one that has been running this you know long current pal it's widely believed that guzman sin a low a cartel continues to be one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations and that's why security here at the courthouse is tight on the first day of the trial one juror had to be dismissed after she told the judge she was
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worried that her identity could be revealed placing her at risk this trial could go on for as long as four months gabriel is on the. brooklyn and you can catch up with the list choice for covering by checking out our web site out as era dot com. and i know the top stories when i was there israel's defense minister has resigned and called for early elections after the government accepted a ceasefire in the gaza strip i've only been will take his party with him at leaving netanyahu is really in coalition with just a one seat majority in the knesset lieberman says the truce with hamas is a capitulation to terrorism it was brokered by egypt following the most intense exchanges of fire between israel and hamas since the twenty fourteen war. and if
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you notice. as far as the security interest is concerned we first of all have to finish the issue of the site the issue of the size to its presidents over everything else and the weakness we have shown obviously projects on to other fronts as well to stand off as i wouldn't be able to look southern residents in the . british prime minister to resume a is due to make a statement in half an hour about her breaks it deal earlier she hailed the draft divorce agreement reached with the e.u. saying it delivers on what the british people voted for in twenty sixteen she's now holding a crunch cabinet meeting to try to convince her ministers to back the plan and she faces fierce opposition from hard line breaks it is and those not wanting to leave the bloc which will. i'm confident that this takes us significantly closer to live to delivering on what the british people voted for in the us. we will take control of our borders our laws and our money leave the common fisheries policy and the common agricultural policy for protecting jobs security and the integrity of all
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united kingdom mr speaker i will come back to the house to update it on the outcome u.n. security council has voted to lift sanctions against eritrea an arms embargo asset freeze and travel ban were imposed in two thousand and nine amid claims that eritrea supported al-shabaab fighters in somalia the u.n. vote follows a thawing of relations between eritrea and its neighbors after years of conflict. u.s. republican senator lindsey graham says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh following the killing of saudi journalist. he also described saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salmond as unstable and unreliable a vote to cut assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen in weeks . stay with us witness is up next buy for now.
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