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the trial they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because sir hand was going to file an appeal and al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy. this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way where there are people who don't believe. this is al-jazeera. of this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. the collective decision of cabinet was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outline political declaration the british prime minister wins the
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backing of her senior ministers for a draft european union divorce deal. and uncertain future for the israeli government after defense minister avigdor lieberman resigned over the cease fire in gaza. general force an exclusive interview with the seleka fighters leader wanted for war crimes in the central african republic. u.s. asylum controversy the defense secretary visits the mexico border where thousands of american troops have been deployed. to support in doha calgary becomes the latest city to pull out of betting for the lympics off citizens vote no so the twenty twenty six winter games. the u.k. prime minister says she has secured the support of her cabinet for a draft breaks it deal agreed with the european union may says the decision to
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accept the withdrawal agreement was not taken lightly but that the alternative was either to leave with no deal or to have no breaks or to talk they groom and allows for the transition period from e.u. membership to be extended but only for a limited amount of time must now get the deal through parliament. i firmly believe that the draft withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated and it was for the cabinet to decide whether to move on in the talks the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the northern ireland backstop but the collective decision of cap and it was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outlined political declaration this is a decisive step which enables us to move on and finalize the deal in the days ahead . these decisions were not taken lightly but i believe it is a decision that is firmly in the national interest. when you strip away the detail
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the choice before us is clear this deal which delivers on the votes of the referendum which brings about control of our money and borders and is free movement protects jobs security and our union all leave with no deal only all no bricks it at all. a five hundred eighty five page draft accord has been released and includes ambitious customs arrangements as well as a temporary solution to avoid a hard border with ireland a small pool brennan joins us live now from westminster hall it looks like significant progress for two reason may. i was going to say if you're asking me whether i've read the full five hundred eighty five pages i haven't managed to just yet but i'm working on it yes i mean it covers obviously everything it's the whole withdrawal agreement that it's finally been agreed at negotiator level this is it
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needs higher approval still of itself negotiates a level they appear to go to everything done it's a vast array of issues we're looking at for example citizens rights from natural settlements have a transition period protocols on island gibraltar and saya process and perhaps the most crucial in the woman's coming make of the most headaches but for people here in parliament is the issue of the northern ireland border and what it appears that they have agreed is they have agreed how to avoid hard core debt between the island of on. their high island and a moving island but they haven't yet got to the stage of actually putting it into fully finalized text back they hope for that agreement will come later during the transition period in the interim what they're saying is that there will be a single in view of u.k. customs territory which. so that's the whole of the u.k. and that means that northern ireland isn't singled out and treated to some kind of separate special and to another this is hopefully to address the concerns of the
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democratic unionist party and that will apply from the end of the transition period until such time as a formal agreement can be arrived at it's very complicated five hundred eighty plus pages as you said the prime minister thinks is the best deal that you can possibly get it remains to be seen whether the people here parliament the other n.p.c. other parties up of opposition i consent to agree with it was spin that the e.u. is reaction. positive so far to michel barnier he's the new chief negotiator has come out and described it as significant step forward that has been a statement put out by the by process tonight and it's warmly welcomed and said that this now allows the process to move on for what it will be an e.u. summit and european council that is the leaders of the european union all twenty eight i'm not expected to happen on the ground by the twenty fifth but in the
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meantime though as i say i wish obama let's hear from him he's even at his propre when the progress has been made so far. in the backstop sonata you we agreed to create new new corey scene go customs theory thore notion island which is therefore remain in showing custom territory but the rest of the u.k. in addition not an island would remain aligned to those rules of the single market that are essential for avoiding of border just concerns agricultural goods as well as all products. to paul what happens next. what happened i mean just by listening to michel barnier these words that you give an inkling if you know the politics of it are one of the problems that we're going to face and that is that those people who want. to be corrected to be corrected
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with the slogan take a look at that and say well if we're still part of the customs territory the customs union that's not rex's it's all and suddenly there are many hard to two years there are people who would be god you know advocates who brecht's at the outset and who would say that this is simply not acceptable it's a betrayal of the original ones two years ago fifty two percent accept who voted for greater so the promise it is going to face very stiff opposition and i would say expects to question when she comes he has a lot on thursday morning to brief m.p.'s of proud of the deal that has been done remember the m.p.'s see the text until just a couple of hours ago so yeah it's not a done deal yet in relation to parliamentary approval so you can see it's a sit down there were still many hurdles to cross before this becomes a reality. paul brennan thank you very much. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour an uneasy calm in the yemeni port city of her day to saudi backed
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fighters pours their offensive. for that because constitutional crisis deepens our very peace process and no confidence motion in the prime minister. and in sport wayne rooney gets a good bye appearance greenland a year after retiring and will captain the team against the usa will have more. israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has resigned in protest over a ceasefire reached with gaza so you'd amounts to a surrender to. terrorism lieberman had demanded a far stronger israeli response to the most intense round of rocket fire against israel since twenty fourteen but was overruled by prime minister benjamin netanyahu he says his party will now quit the government coalition leaving netanyahu with just a one seat majority
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a spokesman for that you know who's right wing likud played down the likelihood of an early poll saying there's no need for it during such a sensitive period for national security palestinian faction hamas which rules the gaza strip a celebrated lieberman's resignation as a victory a ceasefire which was mediated by egypt on tuesday appears to be holding stephanie decker reports western. less than twenty four hours after the gaza ceasefire came into effect the diplomatic fallout. i'm here to announce my resignation from the role of the defense minister of the state of israel the question which needs to be asked is why not i should aspire as i'm concerned what happened yesterday yesterday a cease fire together with the entire process of reaching a ransom and become a is a capitulation to terror bush should pull out go in defense minister avigdor lieberman also said he disagreed with katter bringing fifteen million dollars into gaza last weekend to pay the salaries of civil servants and the feel shipments that
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have increased gaza's electricity moves that are all parts of efforts to ease gaza's humanitarian situation the mass wasted no time in reacting to lieberman's resignation. this constitutes a victory for the resistance and a recognition of defeat and failure by lieberman and the zionist occupation and it is a failure of the policy of siege and devastating wars against the gaza strip this is the result of the palestinian people steadfastness. hamas has already celebrated the third year ceasefire as a victory for the palestinians to. gaza is of course a large reason for lieberman's resignation but there is no denying that domestic political factors are also at play one israeli media report describes the resignation as the opening salvo of israel's elections the expectation is that the election reset for november next year will be brought forward to what's happening now in israeli politics is a major event because you have the defense minister which is the number two
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position in the government at a party in this government has resigned and he's resigned and basically showed his no confidence with the prime minister now it's not going to bring down the government right away it could it could lead to elections but he's showing he's positioning himself to be the opponent in it and you know the opponent to the right of it and you know what the events of the last few days show is that gaza will remain at the center of israeli politics as long as the situation there remains unresolved stephanie decker al-jazeera was. at the united nations the u.k. and sweden have been pushing for more action and possibly even a different approach to the peace process between israel and the palestinians on diplomatic efforts of james bays reports. well from the secretary general and ongoing call for a strength from both hamas and israel we're told that the special coordinator of the un nicholai madden off is monitoring the situation on the ground the u.n.
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security council are also following things very closely because clearly we've had some very important military and now political developments in recent hours the security council met late on choose day the overall position with regard to the peace process of course the last two years this is a u.n. security council that has been waiting for the united states for that peace plan from president trump son in law jared cushion and i'm beginning to detect behind the scenes there is growing impatience from ambassadors on the security council that the plan is not being announced and the situation is just getting worse just listen to the comments of two of the ambassadors as they were arriving this morning and these are two close allies of the u.s. i think we are under play under playing our own role as a six security council on some issues and the world this is one of them. i think the security council a lot of people still look up to the council to take preventive action i don't
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think we've been managing to do that we have not been able to do that in this particular situation i think that needs to change i think the council would would very much like to see some concrete proposals and wants to get behind mr mlodinow of and support his moves on the ground obvious the very concerning what is happening there and the biggest where we of course is that it could lead to something even worse than what we're seeing now some of criticize the security council for not meeting quickly enough on the latest violence they will be meeting again pretty soon on this issue and that's because there's a regular monthly meeting on the israeli palestinian situation and that is taking place on monday here in new york. speak to how do you are of the center for middle east policy at the brookings institution thanks for joining us how damaging is this resignation haven't even finished and you know who do you think. look i think it
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presents some serious challenges for netanyahu prime minister netanyahu wanted. israeli elections take place on the on his own pre-determined timeline remember he's under investigation his wife's been under investigation he wanted these elections to come and choose them at just the right time so this is good this is going to make it a little bit more difficult for him i think what it shows us as you report alluded to is that you know it is despite the fact that israel's economy is flourishing despite the fact that israel has an iron dome to protect its security that israel israel and the palestinian quest for freedom are just inextricably linked and can never be separated from one another so what do you make of the prospects of any kind of trees holding given what's happening now politically. i think the prime minister so i think that prime minister netanyahu would like a truce to hold i think i certainly hope for the people of the gaza strip and the
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people of southern israel that a truce can hold what we can never forget right now is that gaza is one of the got most godforsaken corners of the earth twice the size of washington d.c. ninety seven percent of the water is unfit for human consumption for the last several years only a few hours of electricity more than fifty three percent unemployment so i think for the sake of the people of gaza let's hope that the truce holds let's hope that electricity continues to flow but i think you're right as your report alluded to this is the opening salvo in. israeli election cycle and in order for lieberman to be able to run to the right of netanyahu he basically had to resign at this time otherwise he would have he would have looked like a moderate which is which is not what his base wants and we had to james bays there leading to the kind of sense of impatience at the u.n. with with progress on the israel palestinian issue i mean do you think that if there are early elections that will slow it so things down in the not pray that
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there's any progress that's because at the moment but do you think that would actually make things worse if there is an early election in israel would you think make it move forward. excellent question thank you ma'am i think so two things so number one i would say that given what the trump administration and jerry christian have done they've basically written themselves out of the possibility of putting forward a plan despite whatever they might think by moving the embassy to jerusalem by closing the consulate the u.s. consulate in jerusalem by cutting assistance to the palestinians all of these actions make it such that there is no u.s. plan that the palestinians can accept and then now that you add to that the likelihood of near term israeli elections we all know in washington then whenever israeli elections are on the horizon that that means that except in the most extraordinary of circumstances very unlikely to promote a peace deal so my i'm guessing here but my guess is this will only further delay.
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any potential roll out of any potential potential deal that the white house could put forward but in any case that deal would be dead on arrival on the palestinian side so. i think the best we can hope for is this quiet for quiet deal that israel has seems to have sort of essentially negotiated with hamas to allow more fuel into gaza to allow more flexibility for the people of gaza in exchange for for quiet now that that broke down with the millet the israeli military raid in them and the hamas response but if a cease fire now holds hopefully we can get back to happier and more prosperous situation for the people of gaza for the real of the really horrible conditions that they're living in thank you very much indeed fuel source and subject pleasure launce. one hour in the killing of saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi turkey's foreign minister says the time is right to move the investigation into his death to the
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international stage who was so lou told the turkish parliament that an international investigation was essential he said he was still committed to solving the matter and that his government had shown the evidence it had to all interested parties it was so who has previously said turkey had no intentions of progress in the case to the international court the un security council voted to lift sanctions against eritrea an arms embargo asset freeze and travel ban were imposed in two thousand and nine when it claims that eritrea supported fighters in somalia the u.n. vote follows a thawing of relations between eritrea and its neighbors after years of conflict in june ethiopia and eritrea signed a peace deal all relations with djibouti have also improved here piers ambassador to the u.n. welcomed the resolution but now should the difficulties ahead the lifting of the sanction regime or military doesn't of course mean that the region is free of
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challenges we still faces problems that require referred to them determination to resolve them we still need the help and syria's support of the international community but on our products we are determined to accelerate if earth's to create the region with his double them and democracy prevail in her many united arab emirates which is part of the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen says it supports a u.n. plan for peace talks to be held by the end of the year this announcement coincides with reports that saudi backed fighters have suspended their offensive on the rebel held port city of her data we're going to do has more from djibouti. there is a law in the fighting in the port city of today that but so far it seems like a unilateral ceasefire with the fighters following the polls infighting both sides are keeping to their positions but quickly added that they were willing to continue fighting if need be on the streets of. the u.a.e.
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is state the minister for foreign affairs and what god has told journalists that his government supports a ceasefire in data and out of town to peace talks for parties in the conflict in yemen so would the government also as part of a goodwill gesture before the start of peace talks agreed to lift up to fifty injured the fight is probably to amman now we're also seeing some sort of consensus between western powers including the united states britain france and even russia to try and stop the war in the yemen some sort of a cease fire that would lead to talks this time in sweden after the failure of the last round of was supposed to take place in geneva switzerland which failed because the whole of these. everyone understands too well what is the option to the vital services of the port of could do to an already die
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a humanitarian situation which led the united nations secretary general and tony good terrorist to warm the port activities should not be disrupted whatsoever because it's a lifeline for up to fourteen million yemenis who need aid to survive and as general force. is a wanted man there's a u.n. and central african republic government accused him of war crimes committed when muslim seleka fight is took over the country five years ago he's in charge of a largely muslim neighborhood of p.k. five in the capital. in this exclusive interview with al jazeera he speaks to nicholas haq. in hiding but still in charge surrounded by young heavily armed teenage boys is. otherwise known as gen force accused of war crimes including a murder torture rape in extortion the government wants his arrest. but he's not
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ready to give himself up and if. he said we are one thousand in this neighborhood ready to defend our people even to pick a fight a neighborhood because of us they are under threat from the christian militias the government forces and your own soldiers. in april soldiers belonging to the un stabilizing force in car backed by the central african army stormed forces hideout in an attempt to arrest him but despite being better equipped they were outnumbered and retreated the raid was a spectacular failure in one thousand died and hundreds were injured in the battle . don't be fooled by these bustling streets when you and soldier describe the current state of the calm before the storm they were doing no foot patrol and some of them are taking fighting positions as a preventative measure if the threat comes in forces foot soldiers fourteen year old. his house was burnt his parents killed by a christian militia group now he wants revenge waldemar let me just go even the un
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are afraid of me because i have a weapon it is a country that has made me this way with this i can become anything a general or even a president of this country one day. the government is calling for peace and reconciliation. but even inside the parliament politicians use guns to get their voices heard despite twelve thousand un peacekeepers central african republic is descending into a spiral of sectarian violence caught in the middle are children seeking justice any way they can. the guards that protect you are our children are young how do you explain that they'd be rather than be bearing arms in which you must i am their boss commander and the father how do you want them to go to school us muslims are not what happened hospitals we have no schools this is not safe for us force is a wanted man for the moment too powerful to be arrested into well protected by
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determined young men who have lost everything and have nothing to lose nicholas hawk al jazeera bungie p.k. five. sri lanka's political crisis has deepened after parliament passed a no confidence motion and a man picked to become the new prime minister it effectively means that the island nation now has two prime ministers and two cabinets and smith has more from colombia i it was a session of parliament that sri lanka's president has done everything he can to try to delay or cancel but the supreme court overruled my three policy recently let me speak let me turn to the big three. supporters of mahinda rajapaksa seated here on the left didn't want parliament voting on a no confidence motion in the president's decision to appoint him as prime minister the speaker was having none of it was very much detail work i heard about oh with
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a show of hands a majority of m.p.'s rejected rajapakse as government that returns the prime ministership to run away from a single who was sacked by the president last month we want to use this member of the location to enhance democracy to promote freedom to focus on the economic and social rights of the people of our country the rajapaksa won't go his supporters say the president's decision can't be overturned like this but i mean is this mr by. the only person who can appoint a prime minister in terms of our cars do shit is the president of the country nobody is the speaker khoury jayasuriya has previously called the president's decision to appoint rajapaksa a nonviolent coup d'etat and now has two prime ministers and two cabinet parliament box one the president boxes the other
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a which of those two institutions is the supremes power is at the heart of a constitutional crisis that's paralyzing sri lanka's politics but it's made al-jazeera colombo. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour what the us vice president told me about the ranger crisis when they met in the sidelines of the summit. on track to electoral victory the military commander turned. and now a leading figure in fijian politics. and the death of a thirteen year old kickboxer weeknights debate in thailand over children in the ring peter will have that story in school. hello there was a very lively thunderstorms over the northern parts of australia recently take a look at the satellite picture because you can see these clouds suddenly develop
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and they really haven't given us some very heavy downpours so be a few more as we head through the day on thursday and i think on friday they would just be slipping a bit further towards the south so more of us around about the alice springs area will be seeing those showers during the day elsewhere staying cool for us in the southeast nineteen degrees at best there in melbourne and force in perth that we warm will be up at twenty seven f. in new zealand the fine weather is now being chased out of the way by this area of clouds here that's making sure that in the south island is going to be a bit wet for us on thursday particularly in the south in the spreads northwards as we head through the day on friday so generally speaking then the south island is looking fairly wet but the north island is looking a good deal brighter if we head up towards the northern parts of asia the cool weather is only its way in here and it's behind this system that's where the cold air is so well a battle at best getting to minus knowing on thursday and the temperatures in beijing will be dropping as well we won't even get to double figures by the time we
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get to friday there's that leading edge of the cold day then and ahead of it it should be fine for most of us in japan a good deal of sunshine in tokyo and at that temperature of seventeen. as migrants seek sanctuary on it shows the you must choose rescue or deterrence. and the immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives. people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea announces iraq. when the news breaks and the story builds the fight against isis is still continuing in the arm bar death or when people need to be heard. and the story
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needs to be told by families status and wealth has benefited from interest outside of people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. one of the top stories on our jazeera british prime minister to resign may have secured the backing of her cabinet for her draft plan agreed with the european union where she says is in the national interest european union spreadsheet negotiator has hailed the deal and says an extraordinary summit of e.u. leaders will be called to rubberstamp it. israel's defense minister avigdor
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lieberman has resigned and called for early elections after the government accepted a ceasefire in the gaza strip he says his party will now quit benjamin netanyahu his ruling coalition leaving it with just a one seat majority in the knesset. turkey's foreign minister says an international . investigation into the murder of saudi journalists is essential and turkey will do whatever it takes to bring the murder tonight. one hour into reason may's draft or exit plan olens prime minister has praised her for protecting peace in northern ireland during the negotiations no international negotiations gives one side everything that it wants as i said for us the very notion of rights that is unwelcome and brings adverse consequences at the same time i want to acknowledge that these negotiations have been very tough and a difficult experience for everyone involved and with this in mind i want to acknowledge prime minister may's integrity in honoring her promise to protect the
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peace process and the good friday agreement and her commitment to avoiding a hard border she's been true to our word. join me now is that his new he's an associate professor of economics at work university under such fellow at the center for economic policy research thanks very much for coming in so we she's managed to get a cabinet to agree to this. deal and we haven't had an resignations yet how likely is it that in that context people will still move against it because there was an evening talk of this new confidence motion and so on well i think which is have to wait and see apparently there was just a majority but not full unanimous agreement and cabinet last time when she had to check a summit summit it also took a few days until boris johnson resigned so i think it's early days we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves the big stumbling block in parliament ahead of us yes so what so when it comes to parliament how do how do you see the figures stack up and what does she need to do to get through parliament i think the biggest problem is she
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might not have the do you piece on a side that's ten votes and she might lose people in her own party so there's the odds remain as people like ken as clocks are wills and who probably want to vote it down and of course then the heartbreaks it is jacob's repositories mark boris johnson and that might be in the worst case twenty thirty people or more interesting though that i mean especially one of the things is that people who still exist on lines and said you can't do this you can't do that and actually come up with a their own solution i mean even the people who were in government before and left didn't appear to have any particularly better plan than what she's come up with so if if that's the case once the momentum is there with a deal accepted by the cabinet and possibly then a misstep by the e.u. does that not then take away some of the fire power once it starts to have its own momentum well look i mean if your heart breaks it you probably want to vote it down because then by default we will have no deal which is precisely what they want on the remains side i think they might want to vote it down because they hope well
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then there's such pressure for parliament and the government to come up with a different solution we don't know what that solution could be but. the lack of an alternative way forward is the momentum that threesome is trying to exploit and what where do you see this going and what your focus for how this is going to pan to see without a crystal ball but i i am not so sure whether it's going to go through parliament but in any case even if it does the fundamental problem for britain is that this is going to be like hotel california they can check out but they can never really leave the european union they got rid of free movement of labor but that's further down the line but they have to stick to e.u. regulation they will be in the customs union so they will have surrendered a lot of power and what about the what what you think changed on the northern ireland backstop as it's called what would you think was the thing that meant that the e.u. would more satisfied with with the arrangement well i think the big movement was that the e.u. said look you can have a customs union for all of the u.k.
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including break through great britain not just northern ireland and i think that made it much easier for trees and made to accept because then you don't have these obvious differences between northern ireland and great britain that was the big step forward and ultimately for the e.u. it's a comfortable position to be in but if the backstop kicks in then the question also will be will be will britain have to be in line with a single market there will possibly might have to be border checks at college and over us that might be quite painful if it comes to that stage there's no we thank you very much indeed thank you so u.s. defense secretary jim adkisson is in the southern border with mexico where thousands of troops were sent on a controversial mission ahead of the midterm elections president deployed nearly six thousand troops in response to a caravan of asylum seekers slowly making its way through mexico towards the united states trump is largely fallen silent about the caravan since the november election
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the troops remain stationed at the border. since update from washington d.c. . well the secretary told the people of reporters on the plane that he just wanted to visit the troops and he doesn't often do that but what he doesn't often do is let the cameras follow him pretty much everywhere and that's exactly what they did today especially into the laundry tent now the secretary was not alone he was joined by homeland security secretary cures to nielsen and reports have said the both of these cabinet members are in a very tenuous position that both could be fired within days so the skeptic but i think this is a u.s. president donald trump who spends a whole lot of time watching cable television and these pictures were splashed all over domestic cable television now there have been a lot of critics of this move including really prominent former military force star generals and they have said that this is a political stunt meant to drive up republican votes before the midterm secretary mabus responded to that question. i would refer them to the new york
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times and what happened to the mexican police. there. i would just leave that to the. secretary of defense and the department of homeland security. she's a professional for the border patrol the border professional the people responsible for the mission of the one time mission to. get something like this basically what he's saying is that the migrants were able to push through a fence on the mexican border and they don't want that to happen here in the united states there have been as i mentioned critics of this because let's just say the military is actually still on the border when this caravan makes it there's a law called posse come the tardis that means the military can't actually intervene to deal with any sort of asylum seekers or migrants they can set up fences and they can provide medical treatment and they can fly customs border pretty people from one point to the other but that is all they can actually do. prosecutors in the
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trial of one of the world's most notorious drug lords and asked the judge to throw out the defense's opening statement and team accuse mexican presidents of taking bribes from traffickers now he guzman is accused of being the head of the senate cartel one of the main supplier of illegal drugs to the u.s. he's facing trafficking and conspiracy charges there is on to us following the trial for us in new york we've heard from the government witnesses again but what they say. yeah we did hear from the first government witnesses here on wednesday we heard from a retired u.s. customs official who was talking about the elaborate tunnels that the sinhala cartel built between mexico and the united states to smuggle cocaine into the u.s. we also heard from retire dea agent talking about how cocaine is made but the big government witness on this day was hey suzanne bada who is the brother of the current one of the current leaders of guzman cinna low
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a cartel he was talking about the inner workings of the cartel and how they would get the drugs from colombia to mexico into the u.s. and the huge profits that they would make he said the cartel would buy one kilo could buy one kilo of cocaine in colombia for three thousand dollars they once he got it to the united states on the streets of new york that same keela would sell for thirty five thousand dollars but they were moving tons and tons of cocaine so you're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that guzman cinna low a cartel was making that the prosecution basically laying the case out early on here that guzman was the leader of this multibillion dollar drug trafficking operation and what's the defense saying. the other defense finished up their opening statements here on wednesday and they basically are saying that guzman is nothing more than a big myth they say that he is not the billionaire drug trafficker that he is part
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of. trade in the popular media they say that he comes from very humble roots and that he is being framed by a corrupt mexican government and they also say these cooperating witnesses that are working that are testifying on behalf of the government are doing so only to help the government so they can lower their own sentences many of the people that will be testifying for the government clearing the man they just spoke about today are ex traffickers themselves or norco's themselves and so the government saying their defense is saying you cannot believe these people they are liars themselves so that's the basic line that you're hearing from the defense again this is a trial that's only in the second day but it's a trial that could last as long as four months so we have quite a long ways to go. thank you very much. the trade war between the united states and china is dominating discussions at a summit of southeast asian leaders in singapore u.s. president donald trump is not attending but his america first policy has strained
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relations with asian countries which are looking to agree details for a new regional trade deal when hey reports from singapore are you ready behind the smiles there is on the u.s. at the latest meeting of leaders from the association of southeast asian nations while the united states wasn't mentioned specifically it soon became clear that president donald trump america first policy on trade would be among the main issues made to. the international order is that a turning point. the existing free open rules based multilateral system which has underpin growth and stability has come under stress that's particularly true at the moment because of the trade dispute between china and the united states the tit for tat tariffs could provide some benefits for southeast asian countries if for example china move some manufacturing operations to other countries to avoid u.s.
12:41 am
tariffs but most countries in this region are heavily reliant on exports so tend to thrive in an environment of free open trade donald trump says he prefers bilateral trade deals which means he's pulling in a different direction to most of the countries in singapore this week the southeast asian nations leading talks on the sixteen nation regional comprehensive economic partnership trade deal that includes china but not the united states. u.s. vice president mike pence and chinese premier league chang are in singapore but it's not clear whether they'll meet to discuss the trade dispute payne's did meet with me and my as leader aung san suu kyi and gave a very public rebuke for the violence against the rigging yeah this is a tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of. the violence and persecution but military and vigilantes that resulted in driving seven hundred thousand right. back with. this without excuse in
12:42 am
response again failed to speak out in support of the ring you're saying only that people have different views. in southeast asia malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad has led the criticism of me and. it made for an uncomfortable seating arrangement at the opening ceremony when hey al jazeera singapore. a man who first seize power in a military coup and then refashion himself as a legitimate leader appears set to rule fiji for another four years prime minister frank by nima and his fiji first party headed for a convincing election win on thursday as votes continue to be tallied. once an army commander now running to keep his position as prime minister frank by name a rama and his fiji first party quietly confident of victory. so
12:43 am
we can form again we come of this election today the result i'll be disappointed if we lose. but supporters of his main challenger city of any ram buka have been hoping for an upset a former prime minister who served the seven years he was only cleared to run in this poll by a judge on monday just one of. the words of our national anthem. freedom hope and glory and we it was our duty to give the people there but not all the people voted to wrench will reign forcing the closure of twenty three polling venues some eight thousand will cost their ballots at a later date and open polling stations turnout was patchy to empty. but last time was for big players maybe the people of the with everyone coming yes so it's important for everyone to come in when the weather is not that good.
12:44 am
on the one the twenty fourteen elections by in that side he's been refashioning his image into that of a stable legitimate leader. hosting un climate change negotiations and high profile dignitaries presiding over three percent of steady economic growth but critics regard him as authoritarian holding a tight reign on the media since forcing himself into power in a two thousand and six men. his main opponent steve any ram because he has led his own share of coups seizing power twice in the one nine hundred eighty s. on a racially charged platform to return the country to the hands of indigenous fijians away from those of indian descent a principal by name iran opposes political landscape. military influence military all military consequence. inflicted influences within. two individuals who are at center stage. two sides of the
12:45 am
same green. this is only the second time fijians have gone to the polls since two thousand and six and for bani miranda it's a referendum on his leadership. al-jazeera six months after said hariri was chosen to continue as lebanon's prime minister is still unable to form a government hariri has accused hezbollah of obstructing his efforts so how to reports from beirut. sad how d.d. has been trying to put together a cabinet for six months now the three time prime minister was close to announcing his government at the end of october but a new obstacle emerged the shia political party has is insisting that one of its sunday allies be given a seat and at this showing no signs of compromise how do you blame the iranian backed group of not just blocking the government's formation but attempting to marginalize the sunni muslim community. no one is allowed to
12:46 am
accuse others of marginalizing a sect when they themselves are marginalizing a sect i would never allow the tire of a cord to be violated and create norms for ruling the country and trespassing the constitutional powers of the president and the prime minister how did he is considered the leader of lebanon sunni community in the sectarian based power sharing system of government attempts to break his monopoly are angering his supporters. the sunni. how do you still form the government. if they want more ministers and they want to. see if they will never be a government we all know the party blocking the formation but no one dares to speak . how did he emerged a weaker figure after elections earlier this year but he has the largest sunni bloc in the legislature parliament is now controlled by hezbollah and its allies
12:47 am
hezbollah denies accusations that it is obstructing the formation of the government but increasing its political power would help but counter the trump administration's campaign against its patron iran hezbollah is also facing u.s. sanctions that is why it is demanding service related ministries to give it access to state resources to serve its constituency regional dynamics influence politics in this divided country iran is trying to cement its hold on lebanon at a time when international pressure on saudi arabia over the murder of journalist. reduce the bargaining power of its allies here is among them but the caretaker prime minister didn't give up the task of forming a government instead he said his cabinet lineup is ready a line up his rivals don't accept without a compromise lebanon's political back is set to continue senator beirut still to come on the. testing times for medical. in
12:48 am
a quarter of adults living with diabetes. world number one. a young pretend the world tour finals in london is the answer coming up. business updates. going places together.
12:49 am
business updates. going places together. and more than four hundred million adults around the world are suffering from diabetes that figure has almost quadrupled since nine hundred eighty according to a world health organization report on wells' diabetes day. has more on the efforts underway to prevent the disease in pakistan. more than
12:50 am
a quarter of pakistani adults are living with diabetes abu bakar al v is one of them hot rolls by beard big question i have been diabetic since two thousand but no one can imagine that i am as i have changed my lifestyle by doing proper daily exercise controlled my food intake and i am feeling much better both and work in daily life. according to government statistics eighty thousand pakistanis die each year as a result of diabetes it's a chronic condition in which people either don't make enough insulin or are resistant to it it creates high blood sugar levels they can seriously damage the heart kidneys eyes nerves and blood vessels the government has launched an initiative aimed at preventing the disease it includes one hundred fifteen clinics that have have the rate of foot amputation a common complication people are also being encouraged to make changes to their
12:51 am
lifestyles and that includes diet and fitness interval. so we need. in addition. so i want to say. we need to get into. pakistan is not the only country grappling with the prevalence of diabetes the rule health organization says since one thousand nine hundred eighty the number of adult suffering from the disease has increased to eight and a half percent of the world's population access to insulin and affordable treatment are key to reducing the estimated one point six million deaths each year. al-jazeera. with a sport now. lauren thank you very much world number one novak djokovic was on the brink of the sameas at the season ending a.t.p. tour finals of the beating alexander in london said they had to give the serb some
12:52 am
problems in the first set with the help of an eight track of which still won at six four of zero and then showed that the gulf between himself and the german is more than just full world ranking places he took the second six one shot which is aiming to equal roger federer record of six titles but after the match both players said the shade yelling at the end of the season have to change. this part of the year after the grand slam season is that you have the you know your soul to live or card and you have the risk of. welting come to the first week of the year it's really over such within three four months it's just too many too many events and. we'll have to work it out but you know. where to start still some work. issues that our season is way too long that's sort of before so we play for eleven months a year that's that's ridiculous so you know no other professions for those of the former world number two. has retired from tennis after
12:53 am
a thirteen year career the poll said in a statement unfortunately i am no longer able to train and play the way i used to and recently my body can't live up to my expectations taking into consideration my health and the heavy burdens of professional tennis i have to concede that i'm not able to push my body to the limits required. wayne rooney will wear the captain's armband when he makes caesar england return against the united states of america in london on thursday bruni retired from international football last year but is being honored with one last appearance in the friendly while some of the proceeds will go to his charity he is set to become on or at least come on as a late in the number to ensure that the thirty three year old now plays in the states for d.c. united really is england's record goalscorer with fifty three goals boss gareth southgate saying that a one hundred twenty eight international cap is a fitting tribute. disappointing to see him almost having to defend his
12:54 am
inclusion in the game but that's where we are the more important thing is. within the group we value what he's done. the funeral of a thirteen year old psychic boxes taking place this wednesday as pressure mounts on the government to ban children from fighting china died of a brain hemorrhage two days after fighting in a charity match for one hundred seventy times since the age of eight but china and his opponent were not wearing headgear his case has reignited debate in thailand which has more than ten thousand registered boxes under the age of fifteen a thai parliament is reviewing legislation that would ban children under twelve from taking part in belts women boxes or training for the amateur world championship which begins in new delhi on thursday they're wearing surgical masks and scarves across their mouths to protect them from smog in the indian capital the competition is indoors but in the last few days the level of deadly particles in
12:55 am
the air has been eight times the safe limit the smog is being caused by seasonal burning of crops and a vehicle and industry emissions. just my nose right now and i don't know if you can hear me but my nurses like it when i rave so they don't mind i we get training site. or seem to have worried that you've taken precautions that i'm very much. like. i do feel it here in denmark is very different so we differ with everything in the eyes and the mouth and stuff but you know. that's the way it is if. twenty five million people can live here then and i think we will survive as well people in the canadian city of calgary have become the latest to say no to hosting an olympics the city held a vote for backing as a candidate for the twenty twenty six winter games over three hundred thousand
12:56 am
votes would cost a larger turnout than expected but fifty six point four percent voted no although the vote is non-binding the city's mayor said the defeat marks the end of the candidacy that decision leaves just two potential hosts for the twenty twenty six winter games down from an original seven but the joint bid from. doesn't have financial backing from the government and stock hasn't got the green light from any political parties the decision will be made in june next year public votes haven't gone well for past candidates out of ten held in the last five years only all slow got a yes result but the norwegian capital withdrew its bet anyway. defending n.b.a. champions the goal and say who are is return to winning ways on tuesday despite the absence of the injured steph curry and raymond green who were suspended for a shouting at teammate kevin durant's after the warriors lost to the l.a. clippers on monday but didn't seem to have affected duran to lead the way against the atlanta hawks with twenty nine points one hundred ten one of three final school
12:57 am
warriors off the top of the n.b.a.'s western conference. for the euston rockets ready to a one hundred nine ninety nine when the over the denver nuggets james harden schooled nineteen of his twenty two points in the second half of the game to condemn the nuggets to a fourth straight loss. it was a tough first stain can be for england in the second test against sri lanka on wednesday of the winning the first test in goal the tourists won the toss but the sri lankan bowlers all contributed before lunch leaving the english one hundred twenty four for a better interval till the one pair picked up four wickets for the house but just butler sixty three and sam curran sixty four helped the visitors reach two hundred eighty five all out the home team would not have it all their own way as crucial so was back in the before the close of play sri lanka were twenty six for one. another up again later but for now it's back to lauren in london. thanks so much
12:58 am
and a quick reminder ignores catch up with our website address about his dot com and he watches on there i clicked on the live icon as it from made our intent if that's news out of the back in a minute with another full run of the day's news thanks for watching. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior one used investigates china's surveillance crackdown. on al-jazeera.
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and monday pointed wealth on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to form a dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. a journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. and sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder series on al-jazeera.
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the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. the collective decision of cabinet was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outline declaration and british prime minister wins the backing of senior ministers for a draft european union divorce steel. also
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coming up an uncertain future for the israeli government often defense minister avigdor lieberman resigns over the ceasefire. general force.


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