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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 318  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2018 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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wise they think it goes much higher than the deputy intelligence chief and other officials within that department this was not a rogue operation that went wrong it was a state sponsored murder in turkey on foreign soil within the consulates and two major major issues two questions that the turks had been pushing to get answers from the saudis on one who gave the order up while you can and you could be sure that they would accept this account of events too where is the body now according to a prosecution source who told old al jazeera that the body had dissolved in acid and other chemicals in the consul general zia residence is that the case is the evidence of that it's unclear whether this full evidence that the body has been dissolved there is evidence apparently of acid traces and chemical traces within that residence and it was two weeks before the turkish investigation's got to
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actually search that building on october the seventeenth they established that there would traces the they put samples through and so on and so forth but where is the body now could there be a a nother another story line to what happened to the body it is nonsense that the saudis are saying they still are investigating this and they're suggesting that they hand on a sketch of the turkish collaborator to the turkish investigators now the saudis originally talked about this collaborator then withdrew the account of events now it's back on the cards so just looking back at this it is really a. ration which will fit it would seem possibly the order of events in terms of how things happened but in terms of what the term.
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will think well you could always be sure they will say that this is a fabrication that this is really a whitewash and there are so many questions about it they were expecting a lot more information when the saudis gave information through the not naming anybody so there's no suggestion of who who is waltz in terms of the order of events the saudis insist in their account of events that they will not name individuals they say they will not engage in any speculation along the lines of the turkish leaks or words to that effect so we obviously have lots of names here in terms of the turkish investigation but in terms of where this stands right now expects condemnation certainly from turkey and possibly other international troops in this whole crisis as well as our right to and or simmons thank you so to speak to my challenge politics news editor and daily sabbahi is joining us on skype from
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istanbul so if the turks do come out and say this is a fabrication what will they do next. well i think this something that tookie has done is that they haven't turned us into like we've mentioned previously also that this is not an issue between turkey and saudi arabia but this is an international issue so turkey will continue to push this suit and turn it into an incident that international institution now will have to intervene and whether that will be possible through legal mechanisms that's something that took you will look into now as you know foreign minister maybe chose show last night also set that to its time now that an international interference is becoming a necessity why it has done why is it do you think that turkey is pushing for this too for an international investigation to take place today not have faith in the and the saudi judicial system who well i think in consistencies and
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contradictions in the remarks of saudi or the judiciary or remarks that have come from riyadh have proven themselves not to be exactly trustworthy at this moment i mean simply from whether this was a preemie to it or was this. incident or whether or not there was an a local collaborator now they're saying there is a local crime collaborator previously just was rejected so there is that inconsistency that riyadh makes themselves and untrustworthy. side at this moment on this incident but he does not does not say or there's not one just to be an uncle tom versus rio because this is not uncovered this is an international community and you know a humanitarian thing that needs to do riyadh needs to answer at this point to
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international community and that's why i think it's important to involve international mechanisms legal or political mechanism institutions this is not turkey versus saudi arabia and turkey has not accused anyone in riyadh directly you know to say that this is part of it isn't anything new to ask and erdogan specifically continues to ask who ordered the murder of john hushovd see so is the point to put international pressure on saudi arabia to release the information about who is behind the killing a possible. well simply it is there is two reasons here first of all this is an incident that happened in turkey so this is something that against turkish sovereignty you know way but more than that this is and this isn't an answer that riyadh needs to answer with regards to what happens to body because to you has done what he can do with regards to the releasing information and getting out the details at hand but who are the incident is it simply as riyadh says someone from
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the lower key figure you know as such complicated operation or is it really someone higher when you know the international consensus has been basically our own one name so far and that being in the higher executives and riyadh rather than just simply a jeopardy intelligence chiefs so you will push to say ask for the actual decision maker and who has ordered this because if this is a pretty mediated issue. you know at that take to has taken place at a saudi consulate in istanbul you know this is a very symbolic move a very bold move to make and that i don't think has come from somewhere at a lower level in riyadh and turkey simply in asking where is the decision the decision maker and who is this high level this issue may come into our president
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has said this is this he doesn't believe that this isn't a thing to do with king solomon but he has not accused anyone else but expects an answer from riyadh with regards to that be and i don't think turkey will simply fall for the most recent explanations and attempts to. you know in a block way to say to whitewashing this sudden. turkey needs i think will seek further information and further commencing information with regards to distance it all right so frightening we thank you that we thank you for joining us from istanbul let's cross over to ankara and speak to saddam cuss about who any official reaction saddam. well there in turkey's foreign minister may look a little is actually speaking at an event right now he just took the stage and he's expected to comment on the latest developments and the saudi attorney's. press
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briefing which took place an hour ago so we're going to see whether turkey a by is this new saudi discourse by the saudi attorney that this this was only an old man afeard to persuade to kill mr moussa shuji to extract all new will or by florists and it seems like the saudis side is now far from accepting that this was a premeditated murder which they have confessed before but. turkish foreign minister statement yesterday was actually harsh he is that until today we said that ok we have a joint working group with the sala the. story we're working on now but now we have come to a stage that we are seeing an international investigation has become a must so turkey is actually in now at a very different stage on till until yesterday turkey was defending that this happened then is saudi called slate but the saudi called slate of turkey so it's so
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turkish soil it was a premeditated murder that you guys are accepted so now the trial should be held in turkey those suspects who have been who have been questioned in saudi arabia should be tried in turkey we are fine to make them speak prisms our don said a couple of weeks ago but now we are seeing that turkey says this is an international issue and an arrest in international investigation must be on the table because turkey has been has been saying that some western countries mainly hinting that the united states and france basically that they are trying to cover up this jim murder was premeditated and the order was given from the very. top also it is of the saudi original so now we're saying that turkey doesn't want to stand alone turkey ancora wants some international support and not only during the trials and tricky bus but this this trial should be held internationally this is
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about turkey has come to enter he has been after who gave the order and who was that a local collaborator that the saudi officials once confessed and then partially denied because turkey believes if that's. the case national and local collaborator is identified then turkey will have the legal right to have this guy for a moment because a target for a million dollars right now something of order let's just listen in but the dismemberment of the big spontaneous event. shines not of a certain individuals and the voices were brought here to discount tree in advance . with a view as to how the dismemberment and the murder would be carried out so if it had been planned in advance. and the fifteen people who came to turkey should be tried
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in accordance with turkish law because according to the vienna convention the turkish law is a political in this case even if the murder took place in the saudi consulate in istanbul. previously there was a reference to a local collaborator. then that was denied and no the chief prosecutor. is referring to some local collaborator or collaborators but our chief prosecutor that is the one in istanbul is said to be. going to receive information about this but many questions remain unanswered. jamal khashoggi tree was ferocious lee murdered and dismembered where are his remains whatever happened to him whether the remains were burnt or buried or cut to
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pieces we don't know the answer to this question so what i want to say is this. the republic of turkey will carry out its responsibility to reveal every detail of this incident. and we will continue to carry out transparent collaborations with the international community just as we have done so no. via our chief prosecutor's office. of course there are certain measures supposed to have been taken in relation to the people who gave orders for this murder we feel that this is positive but we feel it is insufficient. it is necessary for the real
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people who gave the orders to be found out this cannot be closed in this way we will continue to pursue this matter and of course we will be sharing all the developments with the world community. director and dear students. i would like to once again extend my gratitude for this on a very doctorate which you have granted me. all right so you were listening to the turkish foreign minister and he was reacting to an earlier press conference by the prosecutor a deputy public prosecutor and spokesman of saudi arabia. and so what the turkish foreign minister had to say is that it is clear to turkey that the murder of. the was a planned in advance and he also said that many questions remain unanswered on the whereabouts of overseas
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a body he also went on to say that those ordered and those who carried out the killing need to be uncovered and that they need to be tried in turkey and he said that measures announced by the saudi prosecutor earlier today are positive but they are not enough let's not speak to a mad indian and his ability is a political commentator on saudi affairs he's joining us from london via skype a lot to unpack with you thanks for joining us on al-jazeera so first just your reaction on what we heard from the saudi arabian deputy public prosecutor and spokesman on the it's saudi arabian part of the investigation we're all with you now the job is more clear of them before. they accuse eleven from live in they find five proof that you will directly. so obviously
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we hear that they want more evidence from the top to should start to apply to the so we do so out of clause two to two why aren't more doing the skerries. it just seems though to many people that the saudi arabian narrative has changed several times over the past few weeks for example on the third of october the saudi crown prince said that he had left the consulate an hour after his arrival on october the eighteenth they said that he died in a fistfight and today november fifteenth the saudi prosecutor says he was killed and dismembered it side the consulate is the narrative changing over the weeks no no do you know why because the five people who they involved and did this crime they give false information as they start to do something wrong which is they didn't give that he in fact was going on at the time second off oktober so i would
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see him through them is a case in sometimes you find something not quite that election but you know you find something today yes or no after to modify and out but now as i said but the contradictions that seems like the saudi arabian narrative is changing because saudi arabia is being put in a corner by turkey keeping up the pressure on the country as well as the the leaks that turkey has no i don't i don't think so i don't look at it in this way you know all along the so of the authority was clear you know that they they agreed with the first investigation form it took a shot at you they agreed. the climb to the top and they are correct with this point but as i said the five people who they were directed by killing they give false information to they did this last five six weeks this problem but now it is very clear and saudi obscure that osgood the. thought of the two surprised them by more evidence which is they hundreds. what do you think turkey
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stance is going to be going forward we were just listening to the foreign minister speaking and he clearly said that turkey believes that this was a murder that was planned in advance and he said that the suspects involved in the murder should be tried in turkey now we know that saudi arabia is not going to hand them over to turkey so what do you think turkey is going to do next will always see we we don't push and then want to come down to action this is the obvious you're wrong it is a crime no it was kicks. it's all if you do it to to finish this case but not through the media or wanted to go away you know so obviously now what is useful for this case the most acute episode because you've got to ask you that what you saw to do is supply them but they because they have so far with them which is logically the us really the saudi authorities they don't have such a the turkish side so now they're on the look you start to supply those so decide
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this of it is to become motor clause to finish this case this is this is the logical way to finish it but do people want to come out of the media saudi arabia be worried by the calls for an international investigation and the international comes in they said as well as the pressure that is growing on the kingdom. no no showed you on the look not strong striking from something wrong to some people of the exactly five people and they did this occur they give false information so i would see the lower tix for to show the sprawl of this case so did not we know to fight over the new things if you talk about the interest of the crime or intentional of course this is to many ways i don't want to open the subject because it least against stooges what the fears were brought against him and. with the with that with that with the commission what they did in the present of. many things which is you know we don't want to open such files there is
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a crime that is to use they said there are five people involved and they are saying that to set us all right there but this is the more use you have to the case and what doesn't are i think is that turkey continues to ask who ordered the killing and the foreign minister in fact just said that's why he was speaking a couple of minutes ago and that is something that saudi arabian officials are not willing to talk about yet no no no no that way this is all that looks like what it's got a lot of the other we're talking about the crime and the court and the judge must get the all done are ordered to come wait so it cannot foreign secretary of your side to say i want to know ok and any person though or do exactly the same questions we would like to know but most of you through that know that this is crime it is not one of the kind of problems a crime problem it's not about me because in a question you have countries who are coming out and saying that this murder could not have taken place without the highest orders of the orders coming from the highest levels. you know there's what i thought this is. maybe the right might go
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wrong maybe close to the fact that we found from the facts so we don't know what will such things we follow what's happened and the evidence that we be close to sort all this good klein so i wish you well as i say that there are five people within wall and this mound out. so it was good to us and that took i said to some of them some of it is so this is the most useful most useful to the case all right we'll leave it there we thank you very much for joining us from london speaking to us on al-jazeera. so recapping the breaking news we're covering here on al-jazeera saudi arabia's public prosecution has announced the findings of its investigation into the murder of journalist so see a spokesman for the top prosecutor says eleven people have been charged five of them facing the death penalty over the killing of the journalist. was drugged and dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second the spokesman said the mission of the team was to persuade you to return to the kingdom
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willingly or by force he also said investigations will continue into the whereabouts of his remains speak to mohammad sort of he is a senior fellow with the al-jazeera study center thanks for coming in from what you've heard so far from the saudi public prosecution what's your take one from the perspective of crisis management disses positive transformation in the position of the saudi regime there are several points worth considering here the number of suspects has increased from eighteen to twenty one five of them don't do five as those who committed the murder or saw the or the or the way the crime was exact you did was based on in his body into pieces and now we know that it's part of his but these were transformed from going to be however this is not what the public opinion expects this is half truth or one quarter of through
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this is not for through the other ways we should consider it reconstruct the narrative of saudi in their pursuit of containing the crisis and also pushing down their hierarchy of responsibility so six weeks ago are they going to succeed in doing that i don't think so it's going to be months of this. little by little drop on the pier one that up there because six weeks ago we were listening to the. i thought it is in so that it will basically deny anything that happened and insisted that looked out of the consulate now we are talking about his body was dismembered so when we put the saudi narrative next to the turkish one then we have a part of our what we can and what seems to be a but the of narratives and they don't think saudis are willing to come straight forward because the main question is not just what happened to him. who gave the
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order and this is i think where this idea of containing the crisis or basically exporting to blame too early i say i'm sorry pretty head of the saudi intelligence or maybe putting the blame over the shoulders of. the who was a close advisor to the crown prince mohammed bin some so these are all narratives that are trying to maintain the safety and kind of push pushing the crown prince and his confidence on where people will no longer point the finger this is not going to be the end i think there will be more pressure from came from the u.s. from europe and then when they were here another version for the turks the turkish foreign minister just making a short time ago he said that the measures announced by the saudi prosecutor are positive but they're not enough. is there some sort of a balancing out going on now on behalf of turkey if they're trying to prevent us
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from exploding into a full blown crisis i think we have given the saudi arabia the leeway here let's say to announce their results of the investigation i think we should take into consideration the management of this particular crisis within. is a combination of two tracks the criminal track versus the political one and i think the turks deter have identified or have enough information on what happened they are waiting for to come up with a decent explanation something close to the truth otherwise we can no longer divide the criminal from the political and even if the saudi authorities will go forward with the position or even the beheading of these five individuals the story of how shocked you were not and because the political ramifications are so he
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worldwide and i think the turks are now talking on behalf of the rest of the world because they have some evidence they have some recordings and they are not going to give up the pursuit that sends the crime took place on their sovereignty within their sovereignty on their land therefore those indicted or those suspected saudis should be transferred to. and should be a trial you know in turkish courts that is something that saudi arabia has said they would not do they were not there and i think that as i said in the first week of the crisis we would have this tit for tat between the turks and the saudis therefore we need. a saudi arabia to invite an international team of investigators who would go to the consulate who would go to the house of the consular and then do their in partial nonpolitical investigation otherwise. this story will unfold more vigilance but not enough coming from saudi arabia and
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they think there is a mismatch between what the expect versus what the saudis are willing to show or to reveal no so it's going to be a mother for another three four five six months before we know where the saudi position will end all right. thank you for your analysis and just recapping the breaking news we're covering on al-jazeera saudi arabia as public prosecution has announced the findings of its investigation into the murder of journalist so she a spokesman for the top prosecutor says eleven people have been charged five of them facing the death penalty over the killing of the journalist jamaat herself she was drugged and dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second the spokesman said the mission of the team was to persuade hushovd city to return to the kingdom willingly or by force he also said investigations continue into the whereabouts of his remains so the spokesman for the saudi public
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prosecutor read out the findings of the report let's listen. also you know. it was brought by injecting him with said that if a substance a large those that goes to his death the. man the person holding. the crime was arrested with other four operatives and they were still caught in fire. but the his death was dismembered and transported side the consulate building those five people that remained at the cutting the cut pieces out. the person who delivered the body to the contractor was a single person. it was established that a sketch of the contract that was. drafted based on the descriptions given by the
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person who handed him the remains the. person who am personally did the victim got rid of the clothes in a dustbin the security cameras was tampered with in the consulate building and that this was done by dividual the person to provide the logistic support five persons as was also steps that the commander of the task. with the negotiators and hose operative provided the folds report to the chief intelligence to the afaik that the victim left the consulate building alive.


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