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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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you don't leave some missionaries. by the marriages. richard is a missionary who rescues girls the money goes to buy outright unknown call. it gil before she was born what if he thinks. he's the brother. al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes saudi arabia admits a team sent to repatriate journalists killed him instead and there's no word on what happened to his remains but turkey is not satisfied the foreign minister says
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the suspects must be handed over and put on trial in turkey. we've taken the decision to leave just get on with it just to let the u.k. prime minister to resign may urges the house of commons to back her draft deal amid a backlash within her own administration. refugees protest their return to me and mar we'll tell you why they are afraid to go. on polar with all your sports bron james news up to fifth in the n.b.a.'s all time scoring list and gets michael jordan in his sights. hello we begin with our breaking news coverage of saudi arabia's findings on the murder of saudi journalist. here's a look at some of the key points the deputy public prosecutor. said the mission of
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the team was to persuade you to return to the kingdom willingly or by force the spokesman said the decision to kill made by the head of the extraction team and he also denied that crown prince mohammed bin sandman had any knowledge of the order to bring back. twenty one people are under investigation eleven suspects have been indicted off those the prosecution says it will seek the death penalty for five people who ordered unsupervised killing contradicting what the top prosecutor had previously said. there is a turkish collaborator he said a sketch of the collaborator will be handed over to turkish authorities. follow the story for us since it broke in october he's joining us from istanbul talk us through what's it out for you joe. there really it is almost impressive just how many times the saudis continue to change their narrative
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and even in this latest statement by the prosecutor general spokesperson they are the amount of inconsistency is inconsistency is rather and it's really staggering i mean the idea for example that the saudis are saying finally yes that they was the . cure was killed and he was dismembered but in the same breath saying well their intention wasn't to kill him but six tracked him begs the question why on earth would u.s. send a team that was to extract somebody with the capabilities to dismember that said person that's is the most outrageous kind of inconsistency that pops up from those statements but also as you mentioned there's been the talk of was there a local collaborates or wasn't there a local collaborates and now there is a local collaborator but even though that those being questioned in saudi have admitted to everything they fail to have been able to admit to the name of that collaborates or his phone number for example or way of contacting him but will only
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be able to issue some sort of sketch for some reason so i can that is something very peculiar let's listen in there into some of the highlights of what's on the cylon had to say. also you know should we do you know what it was a brawl fighting and injecting him with a large dose of the citizens substance that caused his death the person who ordered this crime was arrested with another four operatives and it was a total of five the body through his death was dismembered and transported outside the consulate building those five people took the remains out the person who delivered the body to the contractor was a single person a sketch of the contractor was drafted based on the description given by the person who handed over the remains the person who impersonated the victim got rid of the clothes in the dustbin the security cameras were tempered with in the consulate building and this was done by an individual. five people provided the logistic
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support it was also found out that the commander of the time agreed with the negotiators and whose operative provided a false report to the chief intelligence to the effect that the victim left the consulate building alive as the negotiations with him failed interestingly though he did say that the investigation will continue at least until the whereabouts of. remains. i mean that is something that it's very difficult to maybe take so seriously considering that this crime took place more than a month ago considering that it is very clear that this was a preemptive preplanned operation even the fact that you had a body double sense would also make you question whether the intention was six tracked him as he said and actually the language the remains so important to look at is that was used in language for example to disease of the body of the model such as they said that is used to essentially describe when you divide something
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not when you're talking about cutting up or dismembering a body so even still today there is a maybe a sense of kind of blazin in which the. how you authorities are dealing with the case of you almost as if it is a headache a nuisance of the trying to get rid of rather than actually a proper crime that is meant to be investigated and that is the sense of the psychical for instance had the foreign minister who said that so was he obviously appreciated the ties between riyadh than ankara the efforts were put in by his counterparts in the kingdom fell short of the expectations you feel that there are those in consistencies who reject it wholeheartedly that concept of the narrative that this was a team sent strike. she said this was preplanned them pointed as i mentioned there to some of the glaring facts of the matter in terms of bringing somebody who could dismember a body in the body double and so forth but very quickly here there in this world so
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important to note some of the other things that came to light from those statements of the prosecutor spokesperson for example if you remember the consul general of saudi arabia who's been missing till now by the way a key witness that people don't even know if he's alive or dead he was summoned back to the kingdom but he had said in the early days that in that the cameras weren't working obviously now through that statement they say that they were tampered with by saudi operatives the idea that for example somebody as high up as the depth. head of the intelligence services nearly being under question and under investigation not actually. saying as is the key adviser to crown prince remembered some months ago that often all of that's will make it very clear that the saudis are posturing that trying maybe just to bytes i'm so i lay maybe fears to appeal is that sparks the talks however and so far they have been sticking to this say they will lots and now for a cover up they want full justice full transparency and they want that to happen and starkey and this is where things get difficult all right jamal think you for
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that from istanbul and speaking of turkey's foreign minister here's what he had to say in response to the saudi announcement that you can move them with. i don't find some of the remarks made convincing or satisfying they are saying that the producer and was killed because he resisted being taken day to his country but as we have said before this was a premeditated murder and also as we know the remains of the person will count to pieces and the prosecutor has meat in this we already knew this but the dismemberment of the body was not a spontaneous it didn't suit an individual's end devices were brought here to this country in advance the fifteen people who came to to he should be tried in accordance with fish law because according to the d.n.a. convention the two additional is equitable in this case even if the murder took place and the saudi consulate in istanbul so cinema kossovo who is joining us from ankara since this is unsatisfactory to turkey that is what the foreign minister has
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said what do we expect turkey to do next. well there in turkish foreign minister said yesterday in the very late hours of the evening that turkey wants to have an international investigation to be conducted in turkey and one of the ministers that now we see that it is a must despite the is so-called cooperation with the saudi officials from their journey now we are seeing that turkey is trying to have this case internationalize in order not to be alone to be able to put pressure over saudi arabia to confess who really gave the order of this murder because target doesn't buy the discourse the narrative that say's a rogue element within the state of saudi arabia gave the order and conducted this murder to a tiger team which consists of eighteen people turkey doesn't by the international
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community doesn't buy that either so what turkey is trying to do is to get international support because turkey also believes that the latest statements by the united states and france is is a is a means of cover up for defense ship to murder case due to the trade relations by little asians with saudi arabia and washington and some other relations with france but of course we see that while turkey is trying to create an international agenda the saudis are not too late the saudis are also trying to fulfill the curiosity of the international public opinion but of course after such statements they have today because they have they have did not some of the confessions they have done before that so it is all about the contradictory state narrative right now so it's we cannot expect the international community to have faith in the saudi
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narrative for now but of course a turkey is repeating that international support chip. why did in having the straw oil and one thing is very important every night have to underline that to declaim the confession that there is a local turkish collaborator who actually helped the saudis to dump democracy which is but this is something very important because the saudis have been saying that these are saudi nationals and the crime was committed in the territories of saudi arabia which is the residence and the consulate now we have a turkish national who's a collaborator which is which which actually get paid is the way for the troops to be able to ask for the trial of those saudis suspects but of course one thing is very critical for turkey the decision for a lot for actually a death penalty for five of the squad members is also perceived as silencing of
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the all live witnesses of this crime by ankara all right said i'm sorry son first of all glue thank you kelly holcomb is joining us from washington for reaction out of the u.s. so do we expect the trumpet ministration to go with this latest saudi narrative. you know the white house has been playing its cards very carefully and we've seen a whole range of responses from this president the most recent coming the day after the congressional midterm elections he held a press conference where he was asked directly about whether or not he would take punitive action at the highest levels of the saudi government he would not reveal what action is being taken so far saying only that we would hear likely within a week that he's still formulating his opinion but a week has come and gone and we have still not seen any meaningful action as promised by this white house so what we are seeing is action at the congressional level the latest taking the form of the u.s.
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senate by senator rand paul who is hoping to try and get as early as friday a floor vote in the senate using something called the arms export control act out of night of one nine hundred seventy six and what this is is an effort to try and block the latest arms sale by the united states to buffering because bahrain of course is closely aligned to saudi arabia this is a three hundred million dollars deal it would block the sale if passed it's not clear it has the votes but moving forward there is an effort to block the sale of rocket launchers short range short range missiles and what the see it is a direct challenge to the white house who is says it is looking at this issue very carefully has not ruled out using sanctions under the global magnitsky act this is an act that is the president has used dozens of times it gets people and entities through the treasury department but has so far not triggered in response to the death of jim shows he now there are more than twenty senators who have pressed the
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white house under the global magnitsky act to take action that clock is ticking there were some hundred twenty days when that letter was issued to the white house but again we have not seen the white house taking action but we do see the congressional level and senators the latest ones to do that trying to press the white house to do. something more akin really i don't mean to catch you off guard but let me just ask if there's been any reaction to this story that was put out by the washington post in which they allege that the cia had intelligence that the saudi crown prince that's mohamed bin sandman once it's a kidnap and bring him back to saudi arabia to likely silence him is there anything that's being said on this. no but it is a story that has been out there percolating for a number of weeks there is reporting that suggests that u.s. intelligence was aware of the threats to life and now what we have is again
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and this is at the congressional level a letter sent to the white house sent to the director of national intelligence in fact dan coats saying we need answers did u.s. intelligence know that there was a severe risk to. life and was he adequately informed about those risks now the suggestion here in this letter that is been sent by at least a half a dozen senators democratic senators we should point out is that the united states did know of the risk but did nothing that is the suggestion being made whether or not that is true is hard to know because the white house has not been providing dated information what we've seen in terms of action thus far from this white house is is very symbolic of the most what we've seen is the revoke ation of almost twenty one saudi nationals with their visas this would essentially prevent them from traveling to the united states would also limit their action or their access
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to the global financial system but beyond that what we've not seen and what members of congress are pressing for what activists and the american public are looking for and that is sanctioning at the highest levels of the saudi government what we mean by that while the u.s. senate has been very clear a number of them have been very vocal they believe that mohammed bin selman the crown prince had knowledge of the death of minimum at maximum he ordered the death so this is what the effort is in the united states to press for that's why we are seeing these series of letters coming from democrats but we should point out as well republican supporting much of this pressing the white house which so far has. but holding back the argument being that there is a tremendous strategic relationship between the united states and saudi arabia and also a tremendous economic relationship in terms of arms sales and that's why we see again a getting back circular to what we have been talking about here this effort now by senator rand paul
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a republican in the senate pressing to try and block an arm sell to brain which of course is closely aligned to saudi arabia all right scott it can really help thank you let's go to our sponsor it is the research director at anker institute and a former advisor to turkish prime minister ever talk low he's joining us via skype from istanbul thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera your initial reaction to what we heard from the saudi arabian prosecutor's office and then the response by turkey if you see something positive regarding the if you so diverse a kid there with the south is that they are openly accepting there is a horrendous crime over there this is something the police the thing began and they understood that they cannot go with the purity from this crime and this is something that but the problem is that you know they are not the right person the right authorities decide who is responsible for this it will be conducted through and it's national investigation regarding the turkish reaction as foreign minister
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told that for many conceptions of the soul would be a prosecutor statement which is already known to everybody that helps out that first of all they are there to to for an investigation to take you back to soul you know to be able to then why they have brought the tools to court his but it into pieces and that's why whether they are in the database they are carrying these devices with them it is it is it is not you know believe a bull trustable explanation and then they have said though that if there is a local collaborator yes go ahead. yeah. yes go ahead. and there now they are telling that they do five different persons brought the art of the body out of the consulate there are so many concerts each and every day the soul of the prosecutors and the saudi authorities are stepping back from the you
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previews explanations and probably we're probably not international crozier. about this you should be able to step back from these statements today you can and the. concerns are solid and iraqi is going to keep up with the international pressure at least try to keep up the international pressure and it's also calling for an international investigation is that going to happen and is turkey going to keep up the international pressure exactly took you keep up this pressure but the problem is that. is the next how long it will be sort of look for to get to prosecute to to go forward. or if this investigation and this why the europeans and the americans and the other international staple those it's so important to behave together if turkey is like that on it will be limited to its pressure but i truly believe that the turkish president at a target there is not getting the support and particularly from the united states
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who is a strong ally of saudi arabia is it going to be able to continue this. turkey will continue to put the pressure on the united states but you know there are some some contradiction contradicting main messages are coming from americans out there saying that they don't have any evidence to support and so that was according doesn't true that the m.p.'s is responsible and that's why the americans should be much more clear about it they have you know some contradicting interest on the one and so it is an american citizen an american resident and it has american citizen daughters and it's a washington post writer it's on the one it's and the other side there's the american interests economy interests are at stake and so promptly so clear about that and that's why the the our make the pressure on the americans shouldn't be done only by the troops ok it won't be enough to can wind trumpet ministration to pay the necessary step on this issue but it should be an international common
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action should be taken of and in terms of the turkish investigation where do you think it goes to next. look tookie as the evidence is to achieve shades most of the evidence is including the recordings as well and tookie is open to any kind of. think that the church even knows who ordered the killing that is a question that turkish officials keep raising who ordered the killing of. what the turks know this again and went on that but the turkish president will decide that it should be and the high level a would be person not the change and that's why he's already limiting the alternative the possibilities over there but it should be desirable not the will and the. thinking of the turkish but the evidence is and the result of an international investigation all right thank you very much for joining us from
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istanbul and and just to let you know we are waiting for a live news conference from the saudi arabian foreign minister odd an image a bear there is the life picture from riyadh we'll bring it to you as and when it happens but earlier the deputy public prosecutor gave this reasoning over the operation involving. his statements. the main reason was to convince the victim to return home to the kingdom three teams or a three branch team the just six intelligence negotiations in the morning of the fact the negotiating members found out it was not possible to convince them and that's why they resorted to force and he was killed and joining us on site is one how much of it is a senior fellow at the al-jazeera studies center a look ahead to to this press conference to our village where it is supposed to speak out what do you think you'll be coming out to say i think we need to consider the context of what we have heard under what we'll be hearing from mr ridge will be
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right number one as the new york times revealed there was some intercepted communication between one of the close advisors and the royal palace in. all saudis and now the counter narrative coming from the talks so i would say that the a year now is trying to walk or not on a safe path by a marxian minds in the criminal beleaguered dimension of this crisis and also minimize in the political diplomatic there are many a bit of a tightrope a sense of yes so i don't think that now to the mix that senator corker the senate in washington is considering some sanctions there is no talk about the magnitsky act also the just the act going to be pulled back from the shelf so there are the several conduits of own team had been some man pressure coming from
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turkey coming from the united states let alone the european governments all of those elements now out of pushing the course so that they would be convincing version of what happened so far isn't convincing to you from the perspective of conflict management that's how realists think don't show much do try to play their coats card safety is always a high. truth going there but on the moral side of politics i don't think that the management decided the management of this crisis has been well informed and i think the model t. narratives we have heard over six weeks indicate that there is some weakness and it is i think there are several teams working trying to work together this is why we are getting mixed signals at the end of the day the creation will remain in place and. will be losing his legitimacy in the long run and king solomon is the only
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figure now who can bring some balance to the connection between every western and other capitals otherwise i don't think now it seems that what could be happening right now in the house office and inside the royal family i think there are some hotlines with the with washington and other couples where the art of seeking some consideration of their narratives let's go as far as even in or prosecuting a larger number not the number increased from eighteen to twenty one some people or some individual will be handed possibly but the whole legal approach doesn't seem to be doesn't seem to be adequate now and i think it's high time for the saudis to consider that this is not just an act of someone who is somewhere in the middle of the hierarch everything and everybody is looking to hire so early as there is a compromise haven't been some men will not be pushed aside or will not be
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marginalized from this position therefore i think that the longer they are hanging in there with their see my truth not out there when you don't know that there is a compromise. how would that work and who would be compromising here i think so far we have seen that in washington there is this in production within the establishment there are those who are committed to prosecute you know ever gave the order to kill should be free this is being called inside the house inside the senate even inside the tram administration however the white house some trompe and figures are trying to find a realist justification in their words not to have admit some men therefore i would say that if from tweeted one hundred been some man became crown prince he said we put our man on target about the laws called a book fury and there you go so there's a lot at stake for the united states itself and they think how inside man were to
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be released of his duties absolutely and i think over the for the last six weeks there has been this rivalry between two narratives. and moral narrative or moral political narrative that we should it's going to delve into the what happened and whoever did it should be blamed for it at the same time because of the political economy because of the special relations between the saudis and the american specially now with. these this approach that has surfaced if we can maintain and i think i remember the best line was from friedman thomas friedman of the new york times who sort of tried to verbalize a reasonable moral approach but at the end he sort of said where we would be rather bet that we would be better off with inhabitants but instead of another prince would not speak english who would not be on our side so there is this compromise as far as an initial way of managing the crisis but i don't think now when you
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consider the other elements in washington or in europe i don't think that even trump will be able to contain this crisis and keep support in m.b.'s so far so it's it will be time when someone at the white house would say well let's consider is m.m. m.b. as a liability or something else all right. we thank you very much. so at the heart of this is the murder of one man and that's the father of four journalists just one day before his wedding let's wind back to october the second where charles stratford's oct the second for fifty seven am local time in istanbul security camera footage shows him and his fiance hoodies each angus entering the building of his recently acquired istanbul apartment. hours
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later the couple arrive at the saudi consulate before shows his appointment it's thirteen thirteen they stand at the barricades close by the shows he gives her his two mobile phones they have agreed that if he doesn't reappear they should call a turkish government official who is a trusted friend. in an interview with turkish t.v. had he just said that although they were both nervous about her shows his appointment he had told her the consulate staff had treated him well during a previous visit on september the twenty eighth to does this imply a trap had been sent to the central gave the took to. jamal is smiling when he came out of the consulate he was very happy with the welcome he'd received he said the consulate staff had come to introduce themselves and had offered him something to drink he was told that the documents he wanted would be ready in a few days' time a thirteen fourteen shows he enters the consulate never to be seen again for
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a quarter hours later at seventeen thirty three can be seen anxiously waiting outside she had already made the call but it's too late turkish and saudi investigators now agree that by this time was already dead one of them let me up almost as i'm making these calls i'm thinking to myself am i too late is something happening could i prevent something from happening to me. according to friends jamal khashoggi didn't like being called a saudi dissident in an interview which he came to a canadian t.v. channel in june he explains why he fled to america. i lived because i want to go to no space i had was getting no work and began to feel the pressure so i just decided to leave before it used to do it and just a couple of months that i had a lift feelings of mind where there are many people i know. that i will
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soissons goodness that i did that otherwise they were pleased i would have been told at my home right now but from trouble at least if not i missed it and that's the thing i want in in my entire minute i am sixty years old and they want to enjoy life and they want to be thirty just be quite a great country it seems to me she was murdered in this building for trying to do exactly that speaking freely for the good of a country that he said he loved his mudda by men as some of whom are described as being either close to or actually part solve saudis in a leadership circle shows just how dangerous that endeavor was tossed off at al-jazeera istanbul. still ahead on the al-jazeera news we bring you exclusive pictures of russian forces training the army of the central african republic in a forgotten conflict and in sport novak djokovic closes in on one of roger
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federer's records at the season and the finals in london find out more with paul later this news hour. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior one used investigates china's surveillance crackdown. on al-jazeera. can you trust them. again. she seems to be saying if. the.
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china could be facing. towards the saudis and. we bring you the stories to the economic world we live in. the cost. of carrying out the murder of journalist. and he was killed by lethal injection. well the u.k.
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prime minister to resign may is being grilled at the house of commons over a draft that she and her cabinet have agreed to two cabinet ministers have resigned including the secretary. so mr speaker the choice is clear we can choose to leave with no deal we can risk no breaks it is all we can. vote. for or we can choose to unite and support the best deal it can be very seriously. all right paul brennan following the story joining us from london just talk us through what's happened in the past couple of hours. oh wow that's a big it's a big ask ok so much has happened since nine o'clock this morning let's recap briefing to you last night when the prime minister came out and said that she had the collective agreement of her cabinet ministers the government ministers for
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a unified approach to brecht's it that they were going to back the draft deal that had been agreed at a negotiator level then at nine o'clock this morning a bombshell had breakfast sekret dominic rob announce that he was quitting the government he said he couldn't stomach the deal that had been done and he was out he was quickly followed by estimates of a she's another government minister the work and pensions minister we've had more resignation since said those two cabinet minister levels we've had to junior ministers also quit and to load them to polish private parliamentary secretaries have also quit so six resignations this morning so far from ten thirty this morning british time the prime minister's been in the house of commons over my shoulder in a bruising session with members of parliament trying to put across to them and persuade them that the deal the draft deal is still a good one i have to say that it was an hour into that session before she got a single voice of support at all everybody was against the deal saying it was
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a bad deal that it was a go it was anti-democratic and away from this place a short distance from here there is a clique of the conservative party called the g the european research group they are home. line breaks it says who are debating whether or not to put lots is in to the conservative party to essentially spark the idea of a no confidence motion in the prime minister make no mistake the prime minister's job is on the line here so then oh do we know what happens to that bracks summit with the e.u. that's meant to take place on november the twenty fifth because donald tusk the president of the european council said if nothing extraordinary happens then that agreement will take place on november the twenty fifth. and date and extraordinary things are happening a lot depends on the fate of the prime minister if there is
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a no confidence vote. i mean it's two things here first of all it is that they can spark a no confidence votes but then it's quite another thing actually winning a no confidence vote they need forty eight mph to spark the votes but then it may be that the rest of the parliamentary conservative party decide that to resign may for all her faults in relation to the negotiation of the deal is actually still an honorable and and desirable leader for the conservative party so two separate issues in relation to that no confidence vote but let's assume that she holds on to power holds on to her position then yes it would go to the november twenty fifth summit meeting of the european council that's all the european leaders in brussels the big question mark though and what's been evidenced in the debate in parliament is the reality of the parliamentary rift with sick here and that is even if they get the agreement of the e.u. leaders in brussels when they bring it back here for ratification by the members of parliament it's not going to pass all the voices are saying that they're going to vote it down low for all various different reasons you know the arch braxton's say
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it's far too soft the people who don't want to direct it to happen at all say that they can overturn it. for all the reasons that the united behind the idea that this is not the deal that people voted for two years ago and they going to vote it down can you just give us an idea paul how the public is reacting to all of this and public reaction. yeah i mean public reaction it's difficult to gauge in the bubble but that i mean here it's a kind of a little westminster village it's a kind it is a gossipy bubble and gauging opinion in the wider why that why the population is difficult the newspapers here in the u.k. spoke about you know it being a really serious constitutional issue about people feeling betrayed but i think also people are extremely confused about the future direction of bracks yet i think
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there's many people here who perhaps still. sit in principle but certainly don't like the deal that is being presented to them this is regarded by most people i think as a bad deal so even those who are advocating breck's it don't think that this is the way to go about a series and there are many people and many in the house as well who say look what we should do now because of the impasse here in parliament we should throw it back to the people and have a second referendum that would be the way to work out exactly what the people think about it is this is this deal what they really voted for two years ago many people say it's not and that's why many people are arguing for a second referendum what's called a people's vote all right thank you now the president of the central african republic has little control over his country with an arms embargo being enforced and fourteen militia groups fighting for control russian military instructors have been called in to help out zero has been given unprecedented access to them deep in the jungle on the grounds of the band in
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palace of africa's last emperor. a russian operation is under way. amounts to russian fighters somewhere in ukraine others in syria or chechnya. now there in the central african republic training an army that has lost control of the country. they call this the story danielle x. has ties blood to me or not his real name says discipline is one of the problems sectarian violence fueled by militia groups has divided muslims and christians the russians are training men who once fought each other to unite for government too weak to secure its own borders. sanctioned by u.n. arms embargo the army is ill equipped at the request or president ouattara the security council approved imports of russian weapons last december now they're providing both arms and training launching an ambush on
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a building they call this the storm's danya exercise. in a few short weeks they'll do this with live ammunition to put the soldiers under stress. now they go through scenarios like this on a daily basis trying to prepare me soldiers to deal with real life events so that the government here can regain control of the country. here to help is valerie's ahead of the new special advisor to the president dispatched by moscow well the u.n. backed african union initiative has stalled russia together with sudan is trying to broker a peace deal between the fourteen active the little group. or frankly i forgot but the i'm here is to avoid a blood she'd so i've traveled the country and meet with the various rebel leaders to get them around the table. in july three russian journalists were killed in car they claimed these russian instructors are in fact mercenaries working for
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a private security company called wagner's which has close ties to the crowd. so how tough denies these claims close closer to what i was about to show us what wagner this is just an urban legend these are russian reservists nothing more than . whatever they are twenty seven years after the fall of the soviet union the russians are stepping back in the heart of africa at a time when the west and notably france the former colonial powers retreating. with more weapons and instructors on the way this may be just the beginning nicholas hawk al-jazeera baringo the central african republic of bangladesh has suspended plans to start repatriating refugees to me and marm officials say they were unable to find anyone who was willing to go earlier on thursday thousands of protested in refugee camps in bangladesh. well move away from the story take it to
4:43 pm
riyadh that is the foreign minister speaking at the foreign ministry let's listen in. a public persecutor with the murder of. three may he rest in peace it is to us treat it as a crime it is a grave mistake directives handed down by the monarch the custodian of the two holy mosques to the public persecutor to carry out the do investigations according to preliminary actions findings eighteen people have been taken into custody six officials leave from duties and rest occasions are integrations are still under way and the public persecution was able to get the complete narrative of what happened to the citizen the late citizen. opposition today eleven individuals were indicted and have been. referred to court of
4:44 pm
whom five. have been paralyzed and the capital punishment there are still certain and quiet is raised by the public which the caters and during the investigations and again we were in direct communication with the turkish authorities there is also a joint investigation committee of the turkish public with the curator is seeking more evidence and as per the press conference held today three memos were sent to the turkish authorities. containing more evidence and more findings and now with this saudi public prosecutor raised three requests and he is waiting for answers from the turkish authorities now it is a full fledged legal case it is been at rest bar the judiciary of the kingdom of
4:45 pm
saudi arabia and we tend to reject any attempt to politicize the case or interfere intervene in the domestic affairs of the kingdom we also can condemn under trade that the ferocious attacks against a petition of the kingdom are baseless the leadership will continue to steal the country and held to account all those involved the. kingdom is responsible for carrying out funnest occasions penalize those involved and take necessary measures to prevent future occurrences certain directives have been handed down by the monarch to the legislative body in order to reconsider the structure of the general and teligent patters and this was led by the crown prince this committee will hand down there come
4:46 pm
a day certain to the monarch. we believe this is a very humanitarian case. and despite the great momentum it has been maintaining and the media worldwide including the local ones yet. yes it will not close the kingdom to abandon its fur policies fighting terrorism maintaining stability in the global oil market and to stand up to the hostile interventions by iran in the region and again to continue to maintain the stability in lebanon yemen syria. palestine and other countries in the region the kingdom will also continue to carry out its economic and social reforms creating dop opportunities for the saudi citizens
4:47 pm
empowering women and also empowering the youth also creating an atmosphere suitable for creativity and productivity the kingdom will also to continue to lessen dependency on oil all these measures are being taken and the them will continue in its policy and also we will continue cooperating with our partners and friends at all demands as you know the king of them is a pivotal country not only in the region but and then third world great responsibilities rest of its soldiers it is. to the to the holy mosques it is being looked at and considered with respect by all the world and namely the muslim community and the kingdom will continue to serve muslims and the muslim
4:48 pm
community doing all that space to create a better future for the saudi citizen it is also important that this not to politicize this murder case simply it will drive a wedge among the muslim countries. yet the current the kingdom is working to words. now i opened the floor and took questions please limit your questions to the political aspect that and all the legalities and . are the discussion out of the possibility of the public prosecution. lindsey graham has been quite strong in his words at this case has talked about potential sanctions and what do you think his statement the other day is that he prepared for any potential economic sanctions. we have. we have said from the
4:49 pm
very beginning that the kingdom will investigate this the investigation will be thorough and transparent those found implicated in this crime will be brought to justice and will be punished and we have also said that we will take steps to ensure that mistake like this cannot happen in the future there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty this presumption for a strange reason has been turned upside down in this case if people don't think that we are serious about taking steps legal steps against people implicated in this matter then they should wait until the legal process plays out before rushing to judgment the notion that somebody six thousand miles away can determine guilt without having access to the facts based on hearsay and based on weeks the newspapers to me doesn't sound fair and so we take issue with anyone who
4:50 pm
signs a blame to the kingdom of saudi arabia. or who even assigned blame to the kingdom of saudi a bit whether it's sent to grammar others before the investigation is even completed the investigation is still ongoing because as i mentioned earlier there are there are a number of questions that remain unanswered and which we would like to find answers . and it out of here our television. comment on the statement given by the turkish foreign minister. in the wake of the statement given by the saudi. prosecutor and attempt to nationalize the case and if we go back to the beginning when. entered into the concert building was he aware that the negotiating team was inside or it
4:51 pm
was a surprise to him. it. has to internationalizing the issue this is totally rejected the kingdom has its well established judiciary they are well equipped and fully scale and they are acting in absolute independence and the kingdom are capable to professionally handle the case and with respect to our fellow brothers in turkey we hope that if they have any pieces of evidence or information that they would be able to present to help then vista geisha knows the court trial in the king of saudi arabia there will come we have requested the same and yet the turkish. authorities have not responded to all the information and pieces of evidence we have in the local media
4:52 pm
and again the kingdom reject any at them to internationalize they should the perpetrators saudi arabians the victim is saudi citizen and the fact took place in the saudi consulate inside istanbul and that's why saudi arabia has the jurisdiction to address and entertain the case with respect to these details i cannot give you an answer that i do not know. thank you mr holly williams from c.b.s. million views have two questions firstly initially saudi arabia denied that it knew what had happened to tamara shockey angrily denying that it that it was involved then more than two weeks after he was killed saudi arabia said that he had been killed inside the consulate in a fistfight and then today saudi arabia is saying that he was deliberately killed apparently by an anesthetic injection i understand you can't comment on the details
4:53 pm
of the investigation but what is your opinion when it comes to how damaging this has been for saudi arabia not just the killing of jamal but they repeated changing of saudi arabia's official story and sorry sir just secondly picking up on my colleague's question regardless of the of the rights and wrongs of people in the u.s. passing judgment how worried is saudi arabia by the threat of sanctions or other forms of punishment by the united states thank you thank you i think clearly the story was evolving because with every with any crime you have a theory that you develop in the beginning and then you uncover more evidence the theory changes and becomes more focused initially the team that when ted
4:54 pm
said that jamal khashoggi left the consulate through the back door that was their initial response and so then we found out in terms of cooperation with the turkish authorities that this was not the case and so then we came out and said he was killed the question then became how was he killed we turned out that he was killed and we and the public prosecutor came out and issued a statement saying that the reports that the team initially provided were false and that evidence points to killing him. that he implicated not implicated but he detained eighteen people and the custodian of the two holy mosques asked him to launch an investigation he had asked that previously but also dismissed six senior officials from their duties and asked that a review be made of the organizational structures to ensure that this doesn't happen again asked the investigation continued and asked the questioning of the of
4:55 pm
those in custody continued a clearer picture emerged and we then stablished with with with a fairly. high comfort level that his body was dismembered that he was killed with an injection or that he died as a consequence of that i am not a technical person so i can't. i can't get into those details because that's not my purview but. it's not that we changed our story it's that asked us the information that was becoming available to the public prosecutor developed he was able to develop a version of the story and. to their credit to his credit to the credit of the office of the public prosecutor they have been forthcoming in terms of. x. putting out publicly what they knew at that time if you look at the oklahoma city bombing in the united states in the one nine hundred ninety s.
4:56 pm
initial reports said that it was. an arab who did it then it became the person who did it fled and they described where he fled they don't remember for his dallas fort worth airport and then it turns out it was timothy mcveigh so the actual perpetrator of the crime turned out to be something totally different are people going to accuse the f.b.i. or the enforcement agencies in oklahoma of changing their story because they uncovered facts that pointed them in the right direction this is the case that we're dealing with in terms of the issue of sanctions. saudi arabia has taken steps to deal with this issue the way any normal country would we investigate we hold those responsible accountable and we review procedures and policies to make sure it doesn't happen again that's what countries do whether it's the u.s.
4:57 pm
whether it's the here kate whether it's saudi arabia there are other countries who have a policy of murdering people and they have a policy of blowing up embassies and they have a policy of doing things like this and they make no apologies for it clear case in that here is iran. so when you say when people talk about sanctions. sanctioning individuals who committed crimes is one thing. but to hold the saudi government responsible is another thing. the saudi government in in it is responsible and have dealt with this issue and will continue to deal with this issue in a responsible manner and i believe that. any rational thinking person will recognize that you sometimes things mistakes happen sometimes people abuse their authority sometimes people exceed their authority but the key is to hold them
4:58 pm
accountable and to ensure that it doesn't happen again and this is what we're doing . out of news. because she. represented. what is the latest development as of today. in yemen but. the latest in yemen is that. part of the coalition working with the u.n. envoy mr service. to reach a diplomatic political solution based on the three. basically differences the security council the. gulf initiative and the outcomes of the national dialogue saudi arabia suppose the efforts exerted by the they involve and also suppose that call for us by the end of next month or so debbie as responsible for
4:59 pm
save causing and defending its home soil and borderlines and saudi arabia will. continue to provide humanitarian aid to yemen it is the largest humanitarian support to yemen more than thirteen billion dollars have been extended since the beginning of the crisis we have been supporting the yemeni currency we are supporting there was brothers and yemen and we are also delivering relief a on the other hand the host is laying siege to yemeni cities and villages preventing children being vaccinated as a result of epidemics. breaking randomly and discriminately launching rockets more than two hundred rockets have been launched against the
5:00 pm
kingdom of saudi arabia and more than three hundred within yemen people using children and human as human shields. above all implanting landmines across the country. to engage in the political process. respond to the will of the international community to put an end to this war and above all ending that they have initiated again as the legitimate government in yemen it was a war of necessity not of the choice of the saudi arabia had been had. hoped for such war to rot we have had for the gulf initiative where trends it appears that was seen by men including the late. power vested in the hands of the president had to work with our brothers in the yemen so that they were able to come up with the find the outcomes of the national dialogue
5:01 pm
they were that very close to drafting. their constitution at that time.


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