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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior when used investigates china's surveillance crackdown. on al-jazeera. saudi arabia reveals the finding investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi saying he was killed by the tame tasked with bringing him home. and richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up turkey says it's unimpressed with the kingdom's habitants while the u.s. sanctions seventeen saudis for their involvement in the journalist. we've taken the
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decision to leave just get on with it just to live on. future isn't out of surprise criticism from all sides. and thousands of our henschel refugees protest plans to send them back to me and more. saudi officials are seeking the death penalty for five suspects charged in the murder of journalist but their announcement was almost immediately dismissed as inadequate or turkish officials and a short time later the united states moved ahead with sanctions on some of the saudis involved in the case we begin our coverage with andrew symonds in istanbul. saudi arabia's prosecution spokesman announcing the death penalty is being sought for five out of twenty one main now indicted for the killing of jamal khashoggi
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they're not named in the account of what happened once again differs from what turkish prosecutors say they found so far and that also you know sewage early in the war in iraq was a brawl fighting and injecting him with a large dose of a serious of substance that caused his death the person who ordered this crime was arrested with another four operatives and it was a total of five the body our through his death was dismembered and transported outside the consulate building those five people took the remains out the person who delivered the body to the contractor was a single person a sketch of the contractor was drafted based on the description given by the person who handed over the remains the new saudi version of events repeats the assertion that it was some sort of extraction operation ordered by akhmed alice sciri the former deputy intelligence chief no one higher than that there was a clear denial that crown prince mohammed bin sound man was in any way involved the
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saudi prosecution say the team was tasked to bring kushal ji back to saudi arabia willingly or by force and they say the leader of the team took it upon himself to actually carry out the murder the turkish ruling party says the whole account of events is a cover up turkey's foreign minister is more diplomatic but also dismissive. yeah it's we have said before this was a premeditated murder and also as we know the remains of the person were kept to pieces and the prosecutor has meachem this we already knew this but the dismemberment of the body was not a spontaneous event suit and diverge rules and devices were brought here to this country in advance the fifteen people who came to turkey should be tried in accordance with. because according to the the you know convention the turkish more as in this case even if the murder took place and the saudi consulate in istanbul.
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saudi foreign minister. says criticisms of his country's investigation are unfair there's a presumption of innocence until proven guilty this presumption for a strange reason has been turned upside down in this case if people don't think that we are serious about taking steps legal steps against people implicated in this matter then they should wait until the legal process plays out before rushing to judgment. on friday there are two significant events absentee funeral prayers will be held around the world for come out. and for the first time his family will receive condolences at their home in jeddah an acknowledgement of not only his death but the body will never be returned andrew simmons al-jazeera is stumble so we have two teams covering this story outside the city consulate in istanbul is going to can really help with reaction and washington on today's events
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so kimberly there are already some sanctions that are out against some of these individuals what do we know about. yeah the treasury department putting these forward in just the last couple of hours against seventeen saudi nationals they are certainly very high placed in terms of the fact that at least one of them is an aide to the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon as well as the saudi consul general and then a subordinate of the aide to the crown prince but notably the crown prince not one of the seventeen individuals that has been sanctioned by the treasury department now this is under the global magnitsky act and in the press release released by the secretary of the treasury steve and he says that these individuals have been sanctioned for having a role in the killing of jim. they must face consequences for their actions and
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then he goes a step further to say the saudi arabia must now take steps to ensure the political dissidents and journalists are no longer targeted but many people are not going to be satisfied with this feeling it is not going far enough certainly donald trump at times called this one of the biggest cover ups ever he also as u.s. president has said that he wouldn't rule out sanctioning the highest levels of the saudi government but again of the seventeen individuals listed in these treasury sanctions which would block them from having any access under jurist or u.s. jurisdiction to having their property blocked access to the financial system or penalizing anyone who does business with them many people are going to see this punitive measure as as not encompassing and all encompassing as it needs to be given the fact that there is this strong belief that the crown prince would have had knowledge about this killing and it being carried out and kimberly as you just referenced and as you have reported there is far from a unanimous voice coming out of the united states when it comes to how to deal with
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saudi arabia even before this happened and now that this as happened and they rolled out more information how do we think that certain members of congress are going to respond to what was said today. we're seeing an active effort in the u.s. senate even as we speak there is a floor speech that if it hasn't already gotten underway it is set to get under way by the new jersey senator democratic senator bob menendez he has already in june put in place a hold if you will on saudi arms sales now he's trying to go a step further and block the sale of munitions to bahrain which of course is closely aligned to saudi arabia he is partnering with the republican senator rand paul so this is a bipartisan effort coming out of the senate essentially what we're hearing capitol hill is there is pressure and a direct challenge to the white house to do more in response to the killing of. but
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what we've also seen is a tipping point the fact that the long sort of blind eye that congress may have turned to human rights abuses in saudi arabia etc they are no longer feeling comfortable only with that but also with u.s. support in the term in terms of arms sales to the saudi led coalition's effort in yemen which the united nations is called a humanitarian disaster and so on so what you're seeing is the muscle and the might of the u.s. congress a co-equal body of government to the white house flexing that muscle now because they feel that the white house response so far has not been punitive enough or rigorous enough to write carefully how to lie for us in washington kimberly thank you let's go to jim on oshawa who has followed this story since it broke in october he joins us from istanbul so what has the response been from istanbul elise the initial response is that they're they're not ok they're not satisfied with what has been said what else are you finding out. far
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from it richelle in fact one source described it to me as a departure from essential total denial from the saudis through one of its truths he said although that is maybe some progress that is made it is still beyond them how riyadh continues to try and cover up not only those responsible for a cover up and protect those who gave the order and who are responsible for the assassination of such a view but continue to refuse to disclose all the details of this operations on terms of those responsible and how it was done obviously they say you know this concept of this narrative that the saudis are put in forward that this will somehow an operation to extract troops within a rendition. and kidnap him back to saudi arabia is a fantasy because you would not send us part of this scheme somebody who is so skilled at dismembering the body with the tools that would make him capable of
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doing that in such an effortless way unless that was the intention from the very beginning so they've dismissed the idea and they say this is still further proof that the saudis are lying go on top of that the fact that an operation that's was meant to have been to just extract him how on earth it could be in a total monarchy like saudi arabia where any decree is followed to see and could actually put you in jail or even maybe cost your life if you don't follow it how members of elite special forces those indeed close a personal detail of how to bring someone could in any way shape or form not to do other than what they have been or did i.e. that the order was always to kill him that is something very difficult for them to believe as well so this is the reaction to the saudi point of view in terms of what the international community has been doing obviously you heard from kimberly those latest sanctions but they are only being imposed on mid ranking officials not
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really somebody that's the new york inside the saudi government and therefore the talks will not be happy with. already there not happy with us they've been but came up from the french foreign ministry which claimed that he was moving in the right direction with regards to this and that's why we expect from start you serious stuff for the next couple of days whereby they will be genuinely exploring how to trigger international bodies in order for them possibly to pursue justice through some sort of international investigation or an international trial to mollify a life for us in istanbul jamal thank you ever stacy is a former state department official who served in the obama administration he joins us live from washington d.c. so let's pick up on that point that jamal just said that there is the potential for turkey to continue to push to put the pressure on saudi arabia will saudi arabia be successful in containing this this investigation and how to deal with it
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within saudi arabia or do you think that there will be pressure to push for more the pressure will continue most certainly it's been fairly unrelenting i guess we could say to this point i mean it's been ratcheted up for weeks and now we have really several new developments here in terms of the heads of the ruling in rio this is quite new in the seems to be a response to new signals coming out of washington where i am here related to how the president seems to be let's just say possibly migrating in the direction of those on capitol hill and that seems to have to do with cutting oil production a little bit and the non-response from two u.s. pressure about yemen so is the you it is the u.s. still in a position that should they want to inflict that pressure various members of
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congress and maybe also donald trump but system on the scale will saudi respond. that remains to be seen we don't have a standard set of leadership obviously in the kingdom these days but. donald trump his relationship with the family with both the king and the crown prince has been rock solid all the way so we don't see that at least on the surface changing but underneath the surface we see an increased alignment between capitol hill these republican senators and the administration will saudi respond in the way the administration wants that is an open question there's going to be pressure for them to do so related to that the degree to which they depend on the u.s. for the yemeni operations except for a but it's hard to see in this part of the game quite where this is going at the moment you know saudi arabia has spent
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a lot of time. there officials in front of the camera answering questions today releasing information still there's a lot of questions even after all of the things that they said one of them i think bank is it believable is it credible that this type of thing could have happened without the saudi royal family knowing that most observers experts analysts and even the diplomats involved don't really think so. this looks pretty credible to serious eyes even to and for allies this increasingly seems to be realized at the very top of the government in saudi arabia that's why we continue to see these shifts in terms of how they're responding to the chargers to the investigations except for a it's going further and further and now with this new announcement about the death penalty being asked for this appears to be the latest and perhaps the last ditch
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attempts by the crown prince and those around him to sensually say we're dealing with it this is going to be done heads are rolling and attempts from here to hope that that stops all the pressure that they can store to move on switch the story and begin to rebalance the relationship of value is a difficult challenge for those involved. in joining us from washington d.c. thank you very much. more ahead on al-jazeera including the latest. drama we have an eye to ten downing street birth parents or theresa may will be speaking to the press after a really dramatic day and a lot of pushback to her track for how to divorce the u.k. we'll have that for you. also political chaos in sri lanka as the constitutional crisis brings politicians to the boards.
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i'm optimistic that we will at long last see an end to the torrential downpours that have been affecting the middle east recently lots of cloud showing up around the levant we've had some very heavy rain we've had rain heavy enough to cause some flooding in the southeast of the country the right is making its way further east woods still a big area of cloud here and right still affecting a good parts of kuwait for example again we've seen some flooding his and heavy downpours. of rain are in the process of pushing for a swiss has that wet weather as we go on through friday kuwait just starting to come out into the brightest skies at what weather will gradually make its way on to western parts of iraq you can see for iraq east navvy still seeing some clouds and rain still some cloud of rights to into syria over the high ground of the turkish
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mountains a few shall is just around the eastern side of the med but they will brighten up they will clear through as we go through saturday there's the sunshine is looking father dry for much of the region by the weekend i'm pleased to say this is similar picture to coast northern parts of the arabian peninsula cloud of gray into the northeast of saudi arabia us here in casa could just catch a spot sort of right on friday but come saturday it's fine dry and sunny. a journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. in sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now this treasury department has placed sanctions on seventeen saudi arabian officials over the murder of journalists those to be sanctioned include south autonomy a former top aide to the crown prince bahama ten solomon the saudi consul general mohamed el type he is also on that list saudi arabia's taking the death penalty for five people accused of carrying out the murder of. a prosecutor and crown prince mohammed bin solomon was not and located in the killing he says the teen was sent
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to istanbul to persuade his country to return to riyadh and he was killed by lethal injection when he refused. it a prime minister theresa may has them grow old at the house of commons over a trap wrexham deal that she and her cabinet have agreed to two cabinet ministers have resigned though including the bricks that secretary. mr speaker the choice is clear we can choose to leave with no deal we can risk no bricks it to school and we can shoot. for all we can choose to unite and support the best deal it can be to get a seat. back said conservative m.p. caprice mog has a question for no confidence in the british prime minister and leadership contests will be triggered if a total of forty eight conservative m.p.'s write similar letters he says he thinks theresa may could be replaced quite quickly i think poem entry processes can be
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sped up and bear in mind the conservative party now has a list of members out central office it doesn't have to go around the country also being who the members are all oh no but i think we saw the really unrealistic to a fault of the nobs were preserved abroad is likely to be full of talent and there are many many people you're also with out on the coming where are ok well who were to start with your gold bars drugs and david davis you've got dominick rob enough to mcveigh you've got plenty more than you have dreams of talent within the conservative party who would be very capable of support leading a proper direction and a hall is following the story joins us live from london such i know we are standing by as we've told our viewers to hear from the prime minister at ten downing fairly shortly we anticipate do we have any idea what she's going to say. no we can make an educated guess though because her spokesman has briefed during
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the course of what's been a very difficult day for drizzle. in the face of suggestions of. increased movement on a leadership challenge she will come out fighting and defend her position and expects to be prime minister on march twenty ninth when britain exits the european union so it is likely that she's going to come out and give a press conference she was going to do so yesterday anyway that was put off until after she spoke to parliament has now done that it's likely she'll give a press conference to take questions on the merits and demerits of the deal and promote the deal and insist that she is in this to see it through i think that's what we're likely to see made wattle of course swirling around have been fairly tempestuous times today seven resignations in all most recently the vice chairman of the conservative party two senior cabinet ministers as you said there one of them the breaks it secretary dominic rob the second time in just months that that
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portfolio has been vacated by resignation she addressed parliament to try and sell them the deal with it has to be said very little help from her immediate colleagues and cabinet we know that there was only the most reluctant of unity behind her in cabinet on wednesday and the questions that she faced in parliament ranged from the sort of deeply skeptical to the outright hostile there is not allowed chorus of support for the deal that she has brought back the draft exit deal from brussels nevertheless for the moment she is of course still prime minister we await to hear from her in this press conference her a deal in theory at least moves on now to the next stage to e.u. leaders at the end of next week for their approval but i think you know its ultimate survival and indeed her own is certainly in question and when you talk about that survival is there any indication that there really would vote to alster .
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not in any immediate sense i mean they need to receive forty eight letters in order to trigger a no confidence vote among conservative party m.p.'s. we don't know how many of those that is have gone in we believe more have gone into in the course of today. whether she has a simple majority of conservative party members against her in order to lose a no confidence vote is not clear it seems unlikely if she loses she would be out of course if she were to survive that she would then get immunity for twelve months so they're taking a big chance these conservative party m.p.'s in calling a no confidence vote which they may very well lose because that would give her protection for twelve months but you know rocky waters nonetheless all right thank you very much live from london and just to remind you we do still have an eye to the podium there at ten downing or the prime minister theresa may is going to come out and we anticipate and try to answer some more questions about what exactly her
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draft. is all about now and done to as editor of politics truck o'donohue cases theresa may is in a tough spot in that any thing is possible at this stage. opposition is there any in jeopardy were a few stages away from general election the first thing is we're going to see whether she can survive these letters that are now being sent by conservative m.p.'s if she manages to survive that process which is in no way guaranteed she then did and she put it in front of parliament now at the moment there's no way parliament going to vote for that deal i mean she's not getting support from anywhere she's managed to find a sort of no man's land of spurning in the u.k. away from the e.u. so much that remain as an soft braxton's will never accept it and yet still keeping it from the mentally within a sort of e.u. ecosystem for tyrants and upsets the brits so there's no support there in parliament what happens when this thing falls down and that is something that we
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don't really know the answer to could be a general election it could be another referendum see if there was another result it could be no deal which is a march twenty ninth britain leaves the european union with no deal with nothing in place and that would be a really rather apocalyptic situation to be dealing with so whichever way you look it looks rather chaotic ultimately mase deal was the compromise proposal now it wasn't a very good compromise it's pretty ugly stuff frankly but it was a compromise. and there's the prime minister theresa may at the podium at ten downing let's listen thing in my office is an honor and privilege it is also a heavy responsibility that is true as any time but especially when the stakes are so high a negotiation the u.k.'s withdrawal from the e.u. after forty years and building from the ground up a new and enduring relationship for the good of our children and grandchildren is a measure of the highest consequence. it touches almost every area of our national
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life a whole economy and virtually every job the livelihoods of our fellow citizens our integrity as united kingdom of four nations our safety and security all of these are at stake my approach throughout has been to put the national interest first not a partisan interest and certainly not my own political interest i do not judge harshly those of my colleagues who seek to do the same but you reach a different conclusion they must do what they believe to be right just as i do i'm sorry that they have chosen to leave the government and i thank them for their service but i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have set out is the right one for our country and all our people from the very beginning i have
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known what i wanted to deliver for the british people to honor their vote in the referendum for control of our borders by bringing an end to the free movement of people once and for all full control of our money so we decide ourselves how to spend it on priorities like our n.h.s. for control of our laws by ending the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in the united kingdom getting us out of the common agricultural policy and common fisheries policy for good that is exactly what this agreement will deliver free movement ended vast annual payments stopped the jurisdiction of the e.c. j over out of the c a p out of the c.f.p. this is a bricks it that delivers on the priorities of the british people. in achieving these objectives i'm also determined to protect the things that are important to us
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protect the hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs that put food on the tables of working families right across the u.k. those jobs rely on cross border trade in goods with parts flowing easily in and out of the u.k. allowing for integrated supply chains this agreement protects that protect the close security cooperation that helps keep us safe this agreement does that protect the integrity of the united kingdom and a peaceful settlement in northern ireland by leaving the e.u. as one united kingdom and having no hard border between northern ireland and ardent this agreement does that as well yes difficult and sometimes uncomfortable decisions have had to be made i understand fully that there are some who are unhappy with those compromises but this deal delivers what people voted for and it is in the national interest and we can only secure it if we unite behind the
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agreement reached in cabinet yesterday if we do not move forward without agreement nobody can know for sure the consequences that will follow it would be to take a path of deep and grave uncertainty when the british people just want us to get on with it they are looking to the conservative party to deliver to deliver a breck's it that works for the whole u.k. a strong economy that keeps jobs safe and wages rising and first class public services we can rely on an n.h.s. there for all of us great schools for every child and the homes that families need that is what the people we serve expect and that is what we owe it to them to deliver goodness me you normally put your hand straight up after they hear. norah. thank you
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very much prime minister lora conspired b.b.c. news it's very clear you want to stick to your plan is that the case though that others are seeking to take that decision out of your hands and prime minister is it not the case now that you are in office but you're not really in power. when we bring the deal back what is going to happen now is that they'll be negotiations particularly focusing on the future framework and filling the details of that out and an e.u. council meeting and that will then be brought back to the. house of commons and to a vote in the house of commons i'm going to do my job of getting the best deal for britain i'm going to give my job of getting a deal that is in the national interest when the vote comes before the house of commons m.p.'s will be doing their job they will need to look at that a deal they will need to consider the vote of the british people to leave the european union and our duty to deliver on that vote and of course they will be held to account by their constituents for the decisions that they take home
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thank you promise a ton in done for the sun. if there's a confidence vote held in your leadership of the conservative party do you think it's a national interest for you to fight it and if you win by only one vote will you carry on as prime minister leadership is about taking the right decisions not the easy ones as prime minister my job is to bring back a deal that delivers on the votes of the british people that does that by ending free movement all the things i raised in my statement ending free movement ensuring we're not sending vast annual sums to the e.u. any year any longer ending the jurisdiction of the european court of justice but also protects jobs and protect people's livelihoods protects our security protects the union of the united kingdom i believe that this is a deal which does deliver that which is in the national interest and i'm i going to
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see this true yes. next question. yes i do want to microphone promise to simon via from five news surely now even you have to admit this is not strong and stable what i think people will say is that what i and the government have done is been sticking to the job of ensuring that we're delivering for the british people that's what we're doing we're delivering in the british in the national interest and look you know m.p.'s have been debating the best way to deliver bracks it ever since the referendum took place in two thousand and sixteen and there's be much criticism throughout time of the government's approach people have been ready to point out what they don't like but one simple fact remains and that is that nobody has produced any alternative proposal which both delivers on the referendum and also ensures that there's no hard border between northern ireland and ardent and i understand some people feel uncomfortable
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about the details in the backstop particularly in the withdrawal agreement and i share some of those concerns but there's another inexcusable fact there is no deal which can be agreed with the european union that does not involve a backstop to act as an insurance policy against a return to the borders of the past in northern ireland all the other approaches norway canada plus cetera they would all require a backstop and the alternative of repudiating that backstop would not only mean renee king on a promise to the people of northern ireland but it would also caps the negotiation and hat and hopes of securing a deal so what is the government been doing we have been absolutely clear in focusing on delivering what is in the best interests of the british people pfizer. sky news prime minister are you not in denial about the chances of getting this still through parliament and for the critics in your own party to have been sending in letters very publicly is it's.


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