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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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from the market and didn't drink it the government of bangladesh insists repeat relations will be on a voluntary basis only but many are it is not convinced the atmosphere here is filled with an increasing sense of dread and several of these huts that used to house refugees now sit empty that's because people are so terrified that in the past few days at least five families have fled this camp the united nations refugee agency which does not believe current conditions in iraq kind state are conducive to a safe and dignified return of refugees from bangladesh says there are approximately four hundred eighty five families on the repatriation list for us it's very important that we first do these assessment of voluntary notes and this is really a basic condition for us and the not only have to decide they have to decide based on on knowledge they need to know what's going on the enemy they fled from
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the little more than a year ago before they returned they have to know what's what's going on there but many refugees say they're all too aware of the horrors that await them i don't know i love that don't know what not i don't know we don't want to go back to myanmar because the camps they would put us in there are worse than the camps we are in here if we go there we won't be able to pray and our children won't be able to go to school for now members of one of the world's most persecuted minorities continue to worry they may be victimized all over again mohammed and dizzy it at the gym told a refugee camp in cox's bazaar that. all right time for us to introduce our guests now in ankara in turkey we have two in whose range activist i'm president of bernie's ranger organization u.k. in colombo sri lanka we have omar what age is deputy director for south asia at
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amnesty international welcome to you both can i come to you first on kin we've just seen an indication of how much fear and dread there is among the re-injuring coaxes bazaar in bangladesh they fear going back to this repatriation scheme that record in state in miramar what's going on in america and state yes we need to look at why these people have been fled from burma you know these people face general side in our kind of state that's why they fled fast and we need to look subtly you nor we are receiving information same as how you are received with the people behind the people been fleeing from one came to another and we received information that more than one hundred fifty. taken to. camel which is a transit camps we still do not know what's happened but as far as what we received the repatriation will not happen. or did not happen
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on thursday where i want to turn to let me let me just major out because we do understand that this whole deal has been put on hold presumably because of the amount of concern that's been expressed but going back to what you were saying why is it that people assert trepidations about the prospect of returning home home after all is where most people would like to go they're living in desperate dire conditions in camps in bangladesh what is it that is making them so hesitant so reluctant to go back home yes this is very important point we need to look at these people are live in such a squalid condition in bangladesh. camps one thing said dully. why they are not they are not returning to the homeland because they face you know some war for example let me bring in one of the ball like one person he lost his brother his
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brother was slaughtered in front of him and his sister was raped and he's housed been burned down and he cannot good to origin and place and any time here if he go his family will go back to burma any time they can face mask. or other human rights abuses they can face any time in burma there is no guarantee for safety protection and also citizenship and nor best interests at all we had to dig down to the bottom line why they are not go in why they are so scared because the science must atrocities they face and general society is until to day until now when the vote that that genocide my ongoing in our country what is saying then is actually going on today american state and what are the provisions as far as you understand one of the provisions being made for any potential returning.
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as far as what we can see there is burma is. bangladesh they are talking about this repatriation is just government site is just to shore international community to where international pressure is growing up to take back this refugees one thing and secondly there is no such consultation with the people you know this is it is very important that we need to. international community and u.n.h.c.r. un d p burmese government they signed agreement that angry man they did not consult with the rohingya saw. the important thing we need to look at rohingya leaders to view is there. from their own leaders they should consult with them without consultation of rowing us there is no way to return or and with doug guarantee of
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their full citizenship rights without guarantee of protection we need international protection or isles now he has to genocide to some go in there is no guarantee from anything or or i want to look talking can i can i know community international community been raising of the issues right. let me let me get a hold same floor as they talk about repair turn of the serbs let me let me interject because we need to also bring in our other guest omar omar from amnesty international who's talking to us from the sri lankan capital colombo amnesty international what does it make of this deal and what's your understanding of its status right now we believe that it's being put on hold at least temporarily what is the status of it and what's your thinking of the overall deal. but we're very relieved to know the difference asians haven't saved because if they did is you very reckless the conditions of myanmar are not conducive to these meets and we're
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not convinced that these good sons would be saved on gene dignified and therefore they would not meet the conditions of your international will to such returns to take place as far as honesty international is concerned the un consensus as well crimes against humanity continue to be committed against the revenger in rocking states the system of the cruel and entrenched in the discrimination segregation which amnesty international describes as amounting to conditions in apartheid in rotten state has not been dismantled this is a system that made people so vulnerable in the first place and i wasn't concerned and was very concerned that the ranger wasn't consulted in this tour and hadn't gone back to college and junior reports. this is he's a terrifying situation and we hope that the best sense prevails so why do you think
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the bangladesh government invented into this agreement without any u.n. involvement any u.n. monitoring of the deal i mean is the believe that the bangladeshi government is being precipitous to to get into this arrangement when it sounds very much as a nothing has changed on the ground in mecca own state. well the different reports are that it seems as if un itself isn't so much with the bangladeshi governments they are trying to yet still nerve five. this situation and all these refugees whether they wouldn't the conditions would needs say virgin's if i resent the use you here might see is that bangladesh sees the situation as a burden on itself. remarkably the indian it's fine it's time in many countries it's some refugees they've also marked in many cases. income country no to middle income country not going to stick in them or the seven hundred
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thousand and seven it is perfectly understandable is it i mean according to the world food programme it costs eight hundred thousand dollars per day to feed one point one million refugees and that's a bed in the bangladesh can really ill afford especially given the shortfall in international funding. so this is the real scandal the scandal is the shortfall in international funding we've heard sunder is condemnations and young man's behavior and sympathy for the region which is all very welcome of course we've seen you know states come into play at the u.n. security council or the human rights council and that's great that will we haven't see is a commitment from the international community to look into sustainable long term conditions for the range of imports is bizarre and you know if you want to tell you this year the u.n. needs a very modest appeal of nine hundred fifty million dollars just pulled in really just most urgent needs in the scarcely
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a dollar per refugee and yet. those situations are scarcely a thousand dollars per refugee and those conditions were met so not substantially approaching the end of the year and only a pitiful forty percent of the people has been committed in day to any bottom line can explain for an additional government of this we also have to look at the attitudes of the incident i mean it's an absolutely six hundred thirty four million is the sum apparently that is missing from the international commitment so where do you think international efforts should focus should they focus on improving the conditions in the refugee camps for the remainder refugee population or should the efforts be their right to that may in law and recommend state and improving the situation there so these poor people can eventually go home. well frankly both i think we need to see the myanmar military how the councils are the crimes against
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humanity they have committed crimes unfortunately we we seem very impressive in promising steps towards that but larry little delivery on that front i mean would still like the u.n. security council to refer me on parts of the r s n c with supporters of the i.c.c. investigation based on the crime of force transfer population the prosecutor announced but they need to be more sustained pressure on the general military hold them accountable dismantle the conditions of apartheid that exist in iraq and stay ensure that the conditions are conducive for them to be able to present you not i've been to the camps there and like mohammed gemstone has been reporting to you from that we've encountered people who this was not their first journey across the border some of them have been forced across two or three times or how do you ensure that this doesn't happen again that they are vulnerable to a nother military offensive that forces of the sea regiment and then for them to be
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languishing in limbo and constantly parents and worried about being forced back across the border yeah absolutely in them yeah yeah add ins and into the you know the conditions where they are vulnerable to the very people who committed the most and very sick crimes against absolutely i'm coming to you turn came an anchor and. what are the potential dangers of having a vast number of young completely dispirited vulnerable and hopeless young men i'm wondering because the bangladeshi government has expressed some concern that some of these young men may be persuaded into the arms struggle i'm talking about the outer can just salvation army of course i mean is this. potential that concerns you at all that many young men given these dire prospects in the bleak conditions in which they live could become more radical could decide to take up weapons to fight what do you talk about that we need to look situation
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of proving your many decades drawing i've been facing general side you know we are peace loving people there is in burma there are other parts of the country you know they have armed groups. are the only group looking for the political solution for many years when we look at people become the un special rapporteur yet you know report our young he mention when we look at our side you know that individual desperate individual have taken desperate actions people be rounded up by the military that's the thing there and saw. we've been at the grating for the solution of the rohingya you know international community like us un uki un others you know look this is unbearable situation people been fighting p.p.p. people been facing a they are in bangladesh families are it's not
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a healthy atmosphere any time anything can happen to us or hinder or people be persuaded with many other ways saw this is their responsibility not all the bangladesh international community to restore the full citizenship rights and protection for the rohingya we need to darwin look at the solution you know absolutely but turn kids people have become desperate and people become hopeless sometimes things can happen that we saw. we mentioned we are a book waiting for the political solution through peaceful means that's what we're trying but the problem seems to me all the longer that any any group can persuade them we never know i don't know why that is the response that time can buy a lot of cause bangladesh worries from the site is ok but international community like united of state and united kingdom and you do countries they are all this is so good we'll talk again and finally find each other judge on their justice where
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is the international community justice we were told here in our community why it's to bring up the issue we need to look at that when you talk about other issues this is absolutely but tonkin just this week we've seen mike pence the vice president of the united states publicly internationally dressing down unsound see cio at the assy and summit in in singapore nothing seems to make a difference in terms of international condemnation there's been a complete slew of it over the past year or so with regard to the behavior of the medium our government and nothing seems to change do you really feel that it's that the risk in your community has been displaced. so dramatically do you really think that they're going to be able to return home. that is the point you get to the point you know what i was talking about international community the. given
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leafs obvious for more than two thousand and twelve a stronger lip service is going on we have not seen any effective international action and you know we have seen that sanction has been calling target of sanction military and you know we have not seen anything. what is government have to. you know something effective pressure to the government of course we have seen we appreciated by suppressing. u.s. vice president consarn and raised the issue you know for the rohingya but they need to something setting up a timeline in benchmark is really needed you know they are ignoring us. sujit one time she was an icon now yeah he is defending the military she is complicit in this genocide so. genocide is ongoing u.n. fact finding more and. report at the u.n.
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security council last three weeks ago so we have not seen the government at all and or i hearn is let me let me let me just finding mission already report of chairman much of the measure yes is that what went on let's say let's put this to our mother now or let's put this to omar tonkin omar because as as to him points out there has been this is a huge amount of international pressure but he's calling for in effective international intervention what exactly could that be well i think holding to be an allusion to. see. sure the international criminal courts. secures a chance to meet a problem is of course all the time in the security council in the me i'm our government is supported by china is protected by china. you know it has been and that i mean sadly the structure of the u.n. security council is such that people can have this abuse in detail. waited waited
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protect their vassals in different parts of the works so there it is important the pressure is applied don't china to china understand that you know having a situation like this on its own zones that it isn't acceptable and actually will undermine its own regional interests after all in which it has already dismissals a deterioration in you know this or relationship or it's the plans it had in the region for its relationship with bangladesh this will cost them i mean after all we do have the other end routes in that the i.c.c. has taken on the crime of laws transfer of population that i mentioned earlier there have been targeted sanctions imposed by certain countries and the u.s. is not to challenge doesn't that then. it would be more encouraging in others that so it's very important that other countries you know not allow the manometry to be treated as some have a respectable statesman when he joined and in this case and thinking of
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a lot of countries in the asia pacific region i think you've see countries and i think in countries that are members of blocs like the shanghai regime ones asian. economies on the one hand they do to condemn and they and they pay lip service to what has happened but we haven't seen the levels of international assistance and we haven't really seen them distanced themselves from the myanmar government after all the protection of the myanmar government enjoys right now is because as a supporter of the giants in the region india and china we need that situation to change and cocaine when you sit and you look at the prospects for your people who are suffering in such a horrific and and continue with way where do you see the possibility.


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