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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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turning back on via lateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies from around the world a big group of pro independents cannot storm the play station that they stood on the site killing for placement it's like. as muslims around the world pray for saudi journalist jamal khashoggi a new audio recording reportedly shows his murder was premeditated. and i mean this is live from london also coming up in the program president trump says he's given to rick nonces to questions for the militant best occasion into
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russian election meddling. the u.k. prime minister appoint tough secretary in to me is it faces a fight to keep or angel. police are called to sri lanka's parliament just proceedings over the disputed prime minister descend into chaos for a second day. so that a major turkish newspaper says there's more evidence that contradicts saudi arabia's explanation over the death of journalist. reports that turkey possesses another recording related to the killing in which a fifteen member team allegedly discusses how to murder before he stepped into the saudi consulate in istanbul and that suggests the murder was premeditated directly contradicting the saudi prosecutor's statement on those suspected of being behind.
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kitty just twenty four hours ago he said the generalist died when an attempt to take him to saudi arabia went wrong meanwhile muslims around the world have been remembering jamal khashoggi at friday prayers memorials were held in turkey in the united kingdom in indonesia and in saudi arabia under simmons' reports now from istanbul forty five days of the jamal khashoggi is murder they come to pray with a grief that permeates a gray rainy day. abound all the more poignant because of the empty space of the most solid stone here where a coffin should rest one of kushal jews friends set the tone of the day after this prayer we are going to look for. justice not anger. deep grief but we are looking call this tinsley justice for. another friend
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expressed similar sentiment the bottom of the gun bust into this was a barbaric act committed in the twenty first century this wasn't just the murder expressions of anguish of regret and the quest for justice amongst it all more revelations from a turkish media about the last moments of jamal khashoggi his life events that dispute the saudi account of what happened. took his harriet newspaper says a so far on heard of odia recording disproves the saudi assertion that jews murder was not planned the newspaper says the team can be heard discussing how to kill him the audio powerfully contradicts the latest version of events from the saudis who are only twenty four hours ago said he died after being injected with a large dose of sedative following
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a brawl. and turkish investigators say it's already been established from the original recording that close shoji was strangled to death a not drugged a ruling party official who knew well says the saudi investigation can't be credible. it's an investigation that is headed by the crown prince and that investigation says he isn't related to what happened in each one organization of this investigation is problematic you can expect an independent fair judgment from that court among those here were many who didn't know because shoji he was murdered in that tragic way unfortunately so that's why i'm here today it's really symbolic for me to see this prayer. that was mentioned it is impossible not to react as a muslim and the human being we are here to do our duty for jamal khashoggi because jesus loved ones who maintain privacy on this day maybe some level of comfort
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spiritually but closure seems a long distance away and drew simmons al-jazeera is tumble well let's speak now to our correspondent tony burley whose life was entirely tell us more about this new audi a recording that's come to light. well it came from the area newspaper which has had very close tabs its finger on the pulse on this story the leaks we imagine a coming directly from the turkish government they haven't denied these leaks were wrong we can imagine that they are right and basically if you look at the last few weeks everything that's been leaked has been turned out it's turned out to be true and all the denials in the from the saudis for example have proved to be false but this one is quite damning because it does show that if true that this murder was premeditated contrary to what the saudis have been saying all the way along it's a fifteen minute recording and it's rick recorded shortly wasicka saudi went into
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the saudi consulate behind me. here you discuss you hear them discussing the ways they're going to kill the saudi and what everyone's role in that killing was going to be when you add that together with other bits of evidence they've been coming out in the last couple of days you know a pretty strong case of suspicion against pretty high ranking people in saudi arabia for example on the morning before mr casady was because he was killed members of the saudi consul went to buy black suitcases from the grumbles are here in istanbul those were later seen coming out of the consulate after mr saudi was killed the it was a strong suspicion that his body parts were in those suitcases also after he was killed was a phone call recording we are told to saudi arabia the message was tell your boss the the deed has been done now the question is who is the boss there's a strong finger of suspicion pointing at the crown prince mohammed bin solomon the saudis maintain that's not true their investigation they say exonerate him there
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are twenty one people implicated in the murder five of them they're calling for the death penalty but we don't have any names we don't have any charges and they're refusing any kind of move to extradite them to turkey to stand trial meanwhile the turks want an independent investigation perhaps done by the united nations so they can prove conclusively whatever the evidence is and that's not open for dispute but at the moment it's all questions and no answers and meanwhile attorney present been held around the world. yes i think this this this is shocked a lot of people especially the islamic community i think because there's no closure as andrew was saying in his story. this this is nobody and that's that's a sin the people who did this no that's a sin they carried this out for whatever reason because it was a dissident but people here saw him because all jews one of their own he was marrying a turkish lady he was going to have
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a house here in istanbul he was basically moving here and setting up home so it hits home and also the turkish government feels very concerned about what's happened in its country so it's hit everyone very hard it's a brutal killing almost unbelievable our attorney leave it there for the moment that speech from istanbul turkey but the reporting the coalition says it's ordered a pause in the offensive against who the rebels in yemen's main port city of her data but who thier fishel is in the city say coalition air strikes are still continuing with six civilians killed on friday how to do is in djibouti. whole feel fishelson for the dot com farm up fighting has resumed in the city they are calling us. by the sodium erotic correlation nothing short of a tactic to regroup they say the pro-government forces have been getting creamed foresman from other parts of the country in the past forty eight hours they also
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spoke of airstrikes that killed up to six civilians on friday in the day that of course the whole thing also admitting that they've continued their oppression against the pro-government forces saying they have been targeting positions around the outskirts of the city of belonging to the pro-government fighters meanwhile the international committee of the red cross has issued a statement calling for more discipline among the combatants in and around the day that they say before we talk about peace we need to talk about the enforcement of international law the whole thing of targeting of civilian areas and also respecting places like hospitals and schools the international red cross also called for the respect of the center of civilian lives in the war in yemen. palestinians have gathered near the fence marking the border with israel for the thirty fourth weekly rally against the siege gaza's health minister says at least
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forty palestinians have been injured by israeli fire despite efforts to come tensions organizes in gaza restraint after a ceasefire was agreed between palestinian factions and israel on tuesday the truce ended the heaviest fighting between the two sides since the two thousand and fourteen war that triggered a political crisis in israel's government with the defense minister resigning. the u.s. president says he has completed work nonces to questions posed by special counsel robert well as investigation into russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election donald trump told reporters he answered the questions easily malaria's investigating whether members of trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign team colluded with russia. has joined jaber tansey who is with us from washington the ship tell us more about what's happening in. yeah don't trump said that he didn't just answer them easily but he answered them himself and it was interesting as soon
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as he said that maggie haberman of the new york times was very close contacts with the white house tweeted that's false so that in fact that don't trouble his lawyers have been very carefully working on these offices all week what we do know is there have been several sessions between with the on from his lawyers trying to trying to think about the answers to these questions at the very least for the special counsel's questions they do relate to collusion with russia allegations of collusion with russia at all trump and his lawyers have declined to answer any questions about obstruction of justice there about two dozen questions we understand they relate to a time period before it all trump was sworn into office they would you've been submitted to robert miller's office this week but they were but that was disposed and now we understand that they will be submitted before the end of next week certainly and then wrote riddle giuliani to all tribes lawyers one of the tribes lawyers says they'll be a discussion perhaps about a sit down interview between donald trump and robert mueller all the the lawyers
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certainly are against that although don't trump everyone and claims he's he's dying to have a sit down with robert muller there's a great deal of speculation that might be springing into action any moment with various indictments although we see a lot of that speculation quite often and we are certainly seeing lots of reports from anonymous sources within the white house that donald trump is going more and more vexed by all of this anxious about this the possibility of indictments indictments for his members of his own family his is son for example however the trump told reporters a few hours ago that he's not anxious at all about anything that's happening all right she had thanks very much that she ever tansey a reporting there from washington d.c. . and staying in washington the white house is jew returned the c.n.n. correspondent jim acosta's press pass for now on the orders of a judge costa had his credentials taken away after he clash with donald trump at last week's post midterms press conference judge ordered that his posse must be reinstated while a c n n lawsuit against the president continues. so
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head on the program more than six hundred people are now missing after california's deadly wildfires from family members one town's. the future of a metal explain why their decision matters. allies the cold of winter is now flooding into europe from russia really where it's met the warm water in the black sea seen a lot of sundry weather recently learned right and some snow for the high ground in turkey that's now become a bit more apparent as book arrest drops to two degrees a good snow here in romania and the cold air keeps going down for the g. and if you sing stormy weather i mean stormy weather from the point of use thunderstorms in greece the same thing has been happening probably longer story
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actually in the western med and facade denia corsica and southern france it'll carry on nothing during saturday with sunday a pretty wet miserable picture throughout the far southwest of france because spain and portugal in fact is the better anywhere you see the story with the thunderstorms largely as the cold brings in largely drier air for a time but there is more wind to come so the view fixed really is across the mediterranean with clouds rain thunderstorms in western libya tunisia you know geria during saturday. so far in the king day if rather cloudy in iraq or that turns wet or come sunday we should see dry weather elsewhere because of the potential for this circulation so when the grease but the cloud is spreading through the eastern side of the mediterranean rain seems likely in cyprus and later in the levant.
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history has called it the great war in the final episode the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come and world war one through our of us on al-jazeera. i get a welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera the turkish newspaper put it says that tacky has an audio recording of
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a saudi team discussing how to mud of the journalist amount of before he entered the consulate in istanbul it suggests the murder was premeditated. yemen's heathy rebels say the saudi of iraqi coalition is continuing to bomb her data despite announcing that it had ordered a pause in the fighting tooth the official said at least six civilians have been killed in an strikes. us president says he has completed a written and says to questions posed by special counsel robert miller's investigation into russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election donald trump told reporters he answered the questions easily. stephen bach he has been named as the u.k.'s new breaks it secretary he replaces dominic robb who resigned on thursday over the draft brecht's agreement made by prime minister theories in may with the european union rebels within may's conservative party trying to launch a leadership challenge accusing her of selling out she's been defending her plan on
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the radio this is not the deal of the future relationship with the european union the deal of the future relationship with the european union means we take control of volatiles wheat and free movement take control of our borders take control of our money so we can spend it on priorities not the n.h.s. well out of the customs union out of the single market rob the common agricultural policy rather the cause issues policy that's what i think people value full that's why i'm delivering what jane hall is live for us in london and jeddah how is that may's efforts to sell a deal during. on the evidence of this this radio phone ins hit it on friday morning that they're going about as well as their efforts to sell her deal to parliament yesterday she took calls it's not her best medium of dealing with the public she can be quite wooden quite stern and the calls were on the whole not supportive she had the likes
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of being told the time was right to stand down and she was compared to neville chamberlain the british prime minister who famously struck an appeasement deal with adult hitler the year before the outbreak of world war two but she stuck to her defenses stuck to her guns as you heard there continue to sell her deal as she insists she will continue to do and get it through parliament in the next couple of weeks here although the numbers seem unlikely that said it's been a better day for to resume a things in the ship of state looking somewhat steadier now she has appointed a new brigade minister as you said there he's a little known junior former junior health minister but crucially he voted leave in the referendum and that post has to be filled by a lever in order to keep the balance right and to restore balance on the other side she's brought back amber rudd the former home secretary she voted remain of course is a close ally of to resign may and she has retained the five senior pros briggs's cabinet
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ministers who since yesterday twenty four hours ago have been considering their positions and was said to be on the verge of resigning including the big fish michael gove they've all decided to stay on so it's looking more stable but in this context of course stability doesn't mean much more than that she'll probably survive the weekend right exactly and that's the thing is there were huge lurking in the shadows what about the potential for a leadership challenge. well again that is an issue for next week which is shaping up to quite possibly be as turbulent as this week has been and that's because of this potential looming leadership challenge in the offing letters are being sent we're told by various m.p.'s in the conservative party to the chairman of their backbench committee the one hundred twenty two committee if they reach the magic number of forty eight fifteen percent of the
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sitting conservative party m.p.'s calling for a vote of no confidence and to reason may then the chairman is obliged to trigger that vote and of course if treason may were to lose that vote she'd be obliged to stand down and the tory party would be thrust into a leadership contest to find a new prime minister well is there are the numbers there that's by no means certain whether there are the numbers of letters even or the numbers of m.p.'s willing to vote her down and one has to wonder whether these five big fish in the cabinet proly vors would have decided to stay on if they truly believed she was about to be voted down by the party or that's a picture from westminster general reporting that chancellor angela merkel is visiting the east german town of german thats for the first time since violence by far right protesters are up today earlier this year merkel met players from the local basketball team and has also spoken at a town hall style discussion with readers of a local newspaper the rest was triggered by a stabbing attack on
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a german man whose death was blamed on the sign and seek a far right protesters flocked to the town and fought with counter-demonstrators some foreigners were also targeted and the jewish business was attacking us. supporters of sri lanka's disputed prime minister have flung books chairs and board her mix with chili powder to try and stop a no confidence motion against the government police were called to separate mahinda rajapaksa supporters from those who say his appointment as prime minister is unconstitutional and a confidence vote was eventually passed the term all began when the president sacked his prime minister replaced him with rajapaksa but it's miss reports now from colombia. at the heart of sri lanka's democracy total breakdown of law and order the speaker of parliament could only enter the chain but with an advance police guard a supporters of appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa old furniture was spiked
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with chili. and the constitution while those who drafted the weighty book wanted m.p.'s to exploit its full force they probably didn't mean it to be taken literally was the fraying tempers all aimed at stopping a vote of no confidence but supporters of rajapaksa know they'll lose. huddled behind the police guard is the speaker is soaring through the chaos he's determined to push on would of time and with a show of hands the no confidence motion has passed for the second time this week was the speaker and the police retreat under a volley of messiahs while rajapakse and his son now both in red scarves watch from the sidelines a supporter of the ousted prime minister running away from a singer summed up the vote today and then i did back again right to disrupt the
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oil parliament session but we we are able to possibly solution saying that i did like chicago and meant by mind that i get back here is no normal but supporters of rajapaksa want an election. to break the deadlock that's a tactic to bypass parliament all of us can pass a motion calling the vile human for dissolution and call of the violent for election challenging in war parliament has again been adjourned this time until monday carpenters will be in this weekend to patch it up run away from a single the prime minister who says he was unconstitutionally fired last month returned to his official government residence physically unscathed and perhaps sensing a return to power the intensity of the violence in parliament has left m.p.'s shaken and still unresolved is the question of who governs sri lanka but after friday's events it must now be getting much harder for mahinda rajapaksa to legitimately claim the title of prime minister bernard smith al-jazeera because
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parliament dozens of passengers have burned to death in the second bus disaster in zimbabwe in ten days the red cross tweeted pictures of the charred remains at least forty two passengers were killed and twenty injured some with severe burns the gas cylinder being carried on board is suspected of starting the fire to zimbabwean buses collided last week killing fifty passengers. who are welcome to the within thirty seconds the fire was all over the bus managed to escape through a window of several passages who failed to come out with burnt to ashes on the songs on the at least eleven people have been killed after cycloid hit the coast of southern india so i clearly god blew ashore in tamil nadu states with heavy rains and winds of up to ninety kilometers an hour more than eighty thousand people were forced to evacuate their homes they've taken shelter in relief centers in the storm damaged houses and felled trees and power lines. the number of people listed as
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missing in a major wildfire in the u.s. state of california has risen to six hundred thirty one officials say at least sixty three have died off to more charred remains were found cooler weather has helped firefighters battle the worst fires in northern california for one hundred years rob reynolds has the latest. climate change has come to california severe drought and santa ana winds a simple spark launches two fires that still have not been stopped the wind fueled flames moved so fast many had to drive through the fire to get out. this driver survived but many more did not trapped in traffic with the fire moving faster than they could an untold number have died calling for help that couldn't get there in time the number of people who are still looking for or and counted for has increased to six hundred thirty one and this number increased by five hundred
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one people. now hundreds of volunteers are doing disk gruesome work looking for the remains of those who couldn't make it out but experts say it's possible many will never be found my colleagues are finding profoundly degraded human remains the term of art they use as cream ains went to is the consequence of combustion at high temperature for the thousands who escaped now a waiting game of wonder and worry did their houses survive how are their neighbors and where will they go now in a state already dealing with a severe shortage of housing thick blankets of smoke made air quality hazardous in cities like san francisco and sacramento a changing climate and more severe wildfires what california governor jerry brown calls the new abnormal rob reynolds al-jazeera. it is
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time to recalibrate your weighing scales because the way scientists to find the exact mass of one kilogram is about to change. this is the grown k. a gold full size metal cylinder to be in the world's only true keel and since eight hundred eighty nine it's the basis for everything from your weight to how much fruit and veggie by the supermarket but it's led to cane with time and now experts gathered in verse i want to take a weight off the grill ok they've approved using the planck constant instead one of the most difficult and celebrated equations in the world of physics it means copies of the growing k. around the world will not have to be sent back to france for comparison with the original nations will now calculate an object's true weight using the scientific formula it will impact things that need ultra precise measurements like computing pharmaceuticals and even the study of climate change they have bathrooms scales
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went really affected the bucket reports now from paris where really they are the monsters of measurements custodians of the kilogram the international general conference some weight some measurements has gathered to vote a redefining a vital calculation since eight hundred eighty nine the kilograms being based on this cylinder of polished platinum alloy the chunk of metal known as a is so precious it's kept deep in a high security vaults near paris it is the mother of all measurements from which all weighing scales everywhere in the world calibrated but there's a problem the growing case losing weight over the past one hundred twenty nine years of interacting with the air around it not to mention the occasional polish it's lost atoms fifty micrograms of mass to be precise it's just an object so if you use it you have to use it very carefully even when you put it on a balance you might change its mass
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a little bit it's not it's not guaranteed to be stable you have to keep it under the best conditions it. is a replica of the gronk a otherwise known as the international kilogram. prototype copies like there's a calibrated against the original roughly every forty years or so increasing the possibility of in that curious sees some likely to matter much when you're mixing ingredients together for a cake or measuring apples in the supermarket when you're mixing chemicals or putting together the ingredients in sensitive pharmaceuticals hyper accuracy matters. so what will replace look wrong k. is the new standard kilogram the answer lies in quantum physics obviously the kilogram will be based on a universal constant to nature such as gravity or the speed of light it's called the planck constant very simply it describes the behavior of particles or waves in the atomic scale and it's measured using
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a complex instrument known as the kibble balance the world is shifting today to this. era which means that now we are able to manipulate one by one and zero a lot of technology which are based on that and the need to have units which are you know i create. decision look wrong k. will now retire into storage a relic of a bygone age ensuring a kilogram remains a kilogram for all time and for all people need to al-jazeera france. so just time for recap the top stories here on al-jazeera and the turkish presidency says that president. and u.s. president donald trump have agreed in a phone call that no aspect of jamal khashoggi is murder should be left uncovered a turkish newspaper says turkey has an audi a recording of
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a saudi discussing how to murder the janis before he entered the consulate in istanbul that suggest the murder was premeditated directly contradicting the saudi prosecutor who said just twenty four hours ago that the germans died when an attempt to take him to saudi arabia went wrong tony but lee has more. this goes completely against what the saudis have been maintaining they were saying that before that there was some kind of degree of persuasion to get mystical soldier to go back to saudi arabia a fight then ensued and he was killed by a decision made on the spot so they were saying this is not premeditated what this tape does is suggest that it was premeditated because there was planning the u.s. president says he has completed a written nonces to questions posed by a special counsel investigation into russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election donald trump told reporters he answered the questions easily malaria's investigating whether members of trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign team
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colluded with russia. who the rebels say the saudi emergency coalition is continuing to bomb data despite announcing that it had ordered a pause in the fighting who the officials say at least six civilians have been killed in air strikes rebels say they've also launched an offensive against pro-government fighters the outskirts of the port city. palestinians have gathered near the fence marking the border with israel for their thirty fourth weekly rally against the siege gaza's health minister says at least forty palestinians have been injured by israeli fire despite efforts to calm tensions organizers in gaza restraint after a ceasefire was agreed between palestinian factions and israel on choose day police have been called in to sri lanka's parliament after n.p.t. books chairs and water to stop a no confidence motion offices try to separate supporters of mahinda rajapaksa from those who say the point this prime minister was on constitutional. there's
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a headline stay with us up front is coming right up. today on up front is it time to log off from an increasingly scandal plagued facebook last iconic tech pioneer jaron lanier and is the crown prince of saudi arabia really going to execute the country's most famous cleric. i'm a hot sun we've all heard about the saudi crown prince is alleged involvement in the murder of a saudi journalist but what about the clerics and activists.


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