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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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might there will be a. total of an assault on a koran mean you're going to hans van. because i'm lucky it was orderly that we would. have to look i mean. us you're welcome to talk again and again. well if i can look them but then i won't buy this up argos i know. what i'm going to talk about and i will buy this about. my own oh say. but i went on the kinds. what i meant them. but i knew that i had. a move on. you know you i mean mother welcome your mother in the nasty.
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so not enough. most of. our own. like britain g.'s in other parts of the world in israel ins are not always being welcomed with open arms i was last month at a refugee camp in broad day my neighbor in brazil was attacked by angry local mobs and set on fire with thousand venezuelans had to flee for their lives back across the border and there been more anti refugee demonstrations in other countries like panama improved. regional government said public services can no longer cope with so many penniless hungry and ill than israel and its. twenty nine year old and the middle is one of those who believes he may not survive if you remains in venezuela but leaving is not so simple he has no passport and he suffers from hemophilia the disease has crippled him in the last six months because of the
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shortage of lifesaving drugs he has also lost a dangerous amount of weight because like millions of in his whalen's he can't afford to buy enough food. almost unable to leave the house he and his mother depend on the little that he can make by playing video games for money and i know you say that you feel trapped what do you mean by that. thought about. by. going to the never going to make a boy. part of the. gig. but i mean the royal media thing was syria he had a not nothing when for my feelings he had though that he in the agony then they're getting they don't say or do or. not say they were not so calm or steady
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about it and we don't. so they are committing to. but i also understand that you feel that the longer you stay here the more in danger your life is because you're not receiving the treatment that you need and there are many years. that i mean to say give you a they don't watch our. daughter what are your money daddy. daughter to learn video of mandela followed it their commute their lapels a. run the football so look at one point. what are your money but is that enough. to get the nonaligned to see the. kids you know. so what is the result of that how how do you how is that affecting your health know all of the. care.
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my boy been there give me. a. in this because i'm in congo it's a more of the. it's important to. order. because i feel in any single. one city and i thought you were there but i need some good. one in the door see how they. want to. see in the. door see. where the best a wonder not. that i'm in the law or not where. this is a single. this is a a bonded. that or a commodity i said we're calling for the loyalty in the senate and say see. in.
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a one also don't know the name of the first order boy i'm all. right the government being morally morally sell the us out of the year to put in the law to call him for a scene or meet a set that i call my own will operate a lot of the quality and not want to keep them only me and so therefore i'm allowed to quality on the four day so your coming on know. that there are. a lot and. a lot in the end but i mean come on. and if you had the treatment to choose should have how would you be right now then in the lurch in which to be employed for a study they're going to see forgive me and that's it they know what i mean. when i first saw and. in that i had to work with the monk in the
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a who had grown in school gave me tickets across as a mentor and also dangled a.d.o.m. . for the. on me it will. be. if you had the treatment that you once had would you think about leaving your country or would you be happy to stay here can the thing. be venezuela. and. all but i want to monitor everything. and. i don't know if. parents can't afford to feed their children buy
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clothes to send them to school or find the medicine they need hospitals can no longer provide sufficient vital services like dialysis or antibiotics and vaccines . malnutrition is rampant as are infant and maternal mortality and so it's mainly the younger generation that's fleeing in droves leaving behind the elderly at this cut access bus terminal families arrive to send off relatives who are leaving to the colombian border and from there on to other parts of south america. my glenn it would be now looks on as the last of her four daughters at an ice prepares to get on a bus with her two grandchildren the fifty nine year old public servant still has a job but can barely survive on her wage it diminishes by the hour because of hyperinflation and now like hundreds of thousands of others her age and older she is being left on her own saying goodbye. as another bus load leaves the terminal
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full of people convinced they'll be better off anywhere else. my lin it must be very difficult to watch the bus just take off with so many members of your family they feasted one door to the high court room but i. won't be so i mean you have one will steal the end did a mentally unstable windows to come across a deck or out of either. although for less it was two and then five east. and both say go all pins are but a second by east the simplest yet you go by so at a glance they don't know me ok you have four mccain might be good by the number maybe no one but yeah you know. what it's doing and then you pull out my little below but i'll go make the big thing minutes or less i'll yell electricity. bedell. most second. the second chance that he sees the p.c.
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this all is. going laid back i go there go see when they where you'll need the feasts do you think your children are doing the right thing when no see what did you know will mean you'll forgive bad and. he is so in order to pull them sagan in play all they will say would only move their wimp little discomfort with your anatomy below when you were barely legal gay but on this earth where don't plant up at all. but it's a good day peddle is the moment that out there will really solano for you to i do it but get along also moan when they landed oh so mohegan thing that is so much in means a bit old that i how low down that i want to do reality. but back better the way or the ordinary demo see only know they will kill.
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him for me i know i made you see in a movie. i for me. you may well it is see it is so it is so in love with you in a so well known by east then we will watch up all day and see you so mortally what's going to become of you now you say you are but you're going to be alone do you have anyone else to take care of you when no gimmick we have. like a thing will be rebuilt them and what the day we met a man on. it better bigger than. me from yesterday you will not but i fear to own up but i hold that up a little beyond that i bought a while though you were not done in the pool you go me. so no by you say. you you have
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a president my daughter in front of you right now what would you tell him you love me over libya my little fellow without the lady had a little they look at us and them and by east because it would i prefer a game vitale not pull it up a sound though it will get out a. prince our female i am what i call all aboard and you i can see it all in all sing. the city that i love and they're also going astray let it go. minister let it go. even as in its way when i initially like it and they were a gaggle so when he saw me would what the day's so in a soul and there they would of what our soul. bit old billy really a minister like wonder when a smaller lighter lebanese soil and most of. the good tools early. but is not by those who live on in the same. all the ground you know stuff but that alone no need for man but i will know but only for good but it is about the one the equator
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a dumbass on the minutes when they get out what if they know dave i know how you man don't know you got a lot you made the when and what did it go mr going to get on the back. those me say. these they got how they. got that you say yeah but even if those books is crap boxes were distributed you say that would you want is that there should be jobs more jobs that will solve other things that i home but i build more and all you buy you have to. be cloned but i want the same because you see it there not that i. will but it will pull me out of a man thought all by the way will pass the old it will tell you and i went to the best of luck to feel the little new custom when i will feel almost rulings that will be open to make you a loan you have. got the loan you have to. buy a loan you can see that. my little ways.
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but like so many of the world's refugees tens of thousands of them is whalen's are struggling to survive unable to find decent. shops in countries that can't provide for their own in colombia brazil in peru women and girls have turned to prostitution or begging others are being underpaid and exploited. when the others are depending on charity or the u.n. refugee program venezuela's president nicolas maduro is offering free flights to those who want to return home saying they'll be welcomed with open arms. but most old with little they had when they left and open arms won't be enough to feed their families they're skeptical about returning to a country in economic turmoil facing the uncertainty of what lies ahead.
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in palestine under british rule. educated in america. a controversial professor in new york. he realized that he was the voice. of the people out there a while explores what made him an influential writer. and champion of the palestinian pools in the west and what's out of place.
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hello the average temperature in adelaide in november is that twenty four degrees but as you know if you've been there the last few days even weeks it goes up and down hugely we're up to twenty eight on sunday and it was a breeze at the interior twenty seven in melbourne bit disappointing in sydney on the edges and the sheriff is still up the queen's and coast in fact it's still pretty cool in perth and that's not that usual and getting cooler at the same time we've bumped adelaide up to thirty two so we're talking about eight degrees above normal again because it won't last it will go down to twenty four hours later as yet another trough goes through it's a bit more steady news in this cloud around quite a bit of it but i suspect it will turn into rain quite readily in science and the lesser north and in fact we could even see it as snow during monday at some point is christchurch it only eleven degrees in auckland in the rain at about sixteen similar sort of story from the point of view of right now that was incoming is true
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in japan now winter proffers being held a long way north of nuremberg tom minus ten year notice so the sun's out in tokyo but it's not going to last or fred it looks like by the time we get to monday it's rain from north to south throughout japan. this is al jazeera. television around the clock this is the al-jazeera news on live from london coming up in the program president trump has been briefed by the cia on the christology matter but his government says it has not made
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a final conclusion. trump is now in california where a devastating fire has destroyed whole towns leaving a one thousand people missing. one year after it disappeared with all its crude many to belong to the submarine have been found on the seabed. traffic halted on roads across france as thousands joined protests over the map from government fuel tax right. with all the sports alexander's very denies roger federer the chance to add tennis trophy collection with the help of a ball boy find out how this news out. so that we start the program with developments in the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi a u.s. media is reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered the saudis killing inside the consulate in istanbul on the table the
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second the findings contradict the saudi government claims it is de facto leader was not involved the saudi embassy in washington rejects the accusation made by the u.s. intelligence service president donald trump has now been briefed on the situation by the cia and the state department says the u.s. government has not yet reached a final conclusion well speaking earlier before he had been briefed stressed the importance of u.s. saudi relations. we also have a great ally in saudi arabia they give us a lot of jobs that give us a lot of business a lot of economic development they are they have been truly spectacular ally in terms of jobs and i'm a good element and i also take that you know i'm president i have to take a lot of things that you can generate well as gastritis you have returns in washington d.c. and she has told us more about what the cia has said and what the state department
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to say. right and we should be clear head the cia is just one branch of the administration or one you know it's not the definitive conclusion just because the cia has reached this conclusion with high confidence it doesn't necessarily mean that the whole of the we should mean that that we should take that to mean that the administration takes that as its conclusions and clearly that's what we hear in the state department saying as you mentioned recent reports indicating that the u.s. government has made a final conclusion or an accurate there remain numerous unanswered questions with respect to the murder mystical shoji and clearly the cia photo with members of the cia felt that their conclusion wasn't going to be respected because otherwise why would they have leaked to all these to the washington post amongst others it would seem that they were a bit concerned that they were going to get a bit overlooked but we should be clear about what the cia what the what the conclusion of the cia is based on the cia says according to these reports we've looked at the communications intercepts we've looked at the nature of the saudi
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monarchy and given all of these bits of evidence we find in a skateball that muhammad been summoned didn't order the killing of jomo because shogi but still there is no direct evidence proving that muhammad bin solomon ordered the assassination and that's all the leeway but don't trump certainly needs apparently to say look we we still don't have the smoking gun so therefore it's too soon to be blaming mohamed been someone clearly him don't trump very keen not to blame mohamed bin solomon because there is still no direct evidence just the circumstantial evidence and the you know the educated analysis of cia analysts that that does give the administration that out to prevent saying ok moment been solomon did it now we have to act against him so why is donald trump so keen not to have to blame the crown prince and what does all this say about his
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president's relationship with the intelligence services. right i mean donald trump again talking about what a spectacular allies saudi arabia is sue the united states on his way to california to see the devastation of the wildfire has been very clear he says look almost sales he says you know the putting pressure on iran these are all very important goals the administration of saudi arabia and indeed mohamed bin solomon he's very close to george bush not only from son in law and senior advisor is key to the u.s. is plans for that for the middle east the the deal of the sentry between the palestinians and israel and so on so they really don't try and members of his administration really don't want to act against muhammad bin solomon yes donald trump is the first time don't trump has seen an assessment from for example the cia and said well and decided not necessarily to take it. clearly he's very sensitive about the intelligence assessment suggesting that russia had something to do or
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were contributing to his election victory and in the presidential election don't try. to argue that he did it himself without any any outside help you don't from on the campaign trail they did make some good points about why we should always be skeptical about what the intelligence community says notably for example the war in iraq which was based on completely faulty perhaps fabricated cia assessments of iraq's weapons of mass destruction so there are reasons to be skeptical of the intelligence community but this is once again showing that just because the cia says something don't trump isn't necessarily going to follow follow that recommendations or advise or i should have thanks very much indeed let's move straight have to stumble in turkey where we can find anybody tell me what's been the reaction that they've been receiving these developments. well i think it really endorses what the turkish authorities have been stating all along they've been leaking to the turkish media various tapes and evidence and information that they think points very directly to the crown prince in saudi
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arabia they think that the such meticulous planning involved in this murder this is not something that was done ad hoc on the spur of the moment if you look at the the saudi hit team that came here the people who came on reconnaissance bags that were bought in the grammars on the morning before mr shelby was murdered and then the phone call that was to riyadh office saying tell the boss the deed is done who is the boss now they think very firmly that the boss is the crown prince mohammed bin solomon there is no direct evidence as she have said but the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong here so they think feel that it's a pointing in his direction. you know what where is this going to come to now riyadh has not responded to all these comments but sometimes is golden they feel that something should come out now but we also get the picture that something is going on behind the scenes we're getting information in drips and drabs but you know what's going on behind closed doors what's talking who wants what's and is
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this you know basically gone from a hollywood thriller to a political chess game we don't know so there has to be some kind of response and what will that be all right tony thanks very much indeed that's a story in istanbul tony but he will go back to washington because i'm pleased to say joining us live is david mack he's a former deputy assistant secretary of state for near east affairs and he was a u.s. ambassador to the united arab emirates between one thousand nine hundred eighty six to nine hundred eighty nine ambassador welcome to the program first of all i'm just interested in in the in the cia element of this and why they would have chosen to release this information is not unusual. no it's not unusual in many cases where there will be a. sanitized version of the cia assessment that will be released to the public in order to support the.
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conclusions that our political system has to reach to take hard decisions. we're dealing now with really important strategic relationships between the united states and saudi arabia the united states and turkey. the whole u.s. stance in the middle east depends upon getting this right. the president has a very important decision making power but he he was going to need to have the understanding and support of congress going forward and of the wider u.s. public even the u.s. business community has shown that it has serious doubts about the relationship with saudi arabia and what's happened so far during these past this past month has
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greatly undercut the willingness of u.s. business to make long term commitments in the kingdom of saudi arabia right so what do you make of the latest release from the state department who say there's not yet enough evidence to come to reach any conclusion is that this kind of buying time. i think that is buying time for the president to actually reach the decision i'm i'm pretty certain from discussions that i've had sheer with people in government or close to government that there's a general consensus involving the son for intelligence agency the state department the department of defense. and probably other parts of the government that the united states has to take firm decisions with regard to its vital strategic relationship with saudi arabia and the president is not willing to take
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those decisions the congress of the united states when it comes back. and reconvenes in washington will take decisions itself and the president might not like those decisions so he better get out in front of this oncoming train how important is saudi arabia as you say the president is very keen to to protect that relationship if he was to implement sanctions and so forth how serious would that be for the united states in terms of losing an ally potentially oh i think it's very serious we've had an important strategic relationship with saudi arabia for over seventy years it has served both countries well but the president has to be disabused of the false notion that this relationship is between him and his immediate family including his son in law jared kirshner and on and mom had
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been cell mom the crown prince. that's a simplistic way of looking at the relationship the relationship is far more important than the personal chemistry between president crump and his family and king solomon and his family that's why the relationship needs to be professionalised. the president needs to learn how to rely upon the central intelligence agency the department of state the department of defense. and not rely upon of the amateur diplomacy of his son in law who might sure has many talents but dealing with saudi arabia does not seem to be one that has worked out very well as i say the president seems to be keen not to have to blame the top of the tree in saudi arabia to play devil's advocate what home would be done if the
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president was in fact to do nothing. oh well i think first of all. the history would go forward the congress of the united states would take firm actions to sanction and punish saudi arabia they might do it in a very heavy handed way which would undercut our important relationships that are involved in the war against terrorist organizations the effort to have a strong unified position between the united states and its arab allies against iran this frankly of the global economy the health of the economy that depends upon the orderly production and export of saudi oil. all of these things are involved and finally if the president is indeed serious about some kind of peace deal between israel and the palestinians that also depends
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upon saudi's support. in all of these areas. the president. would be well advised to make sure that the relationships are based upon u.s. strategic interests not his personal business relationships or his feeling that the saudis were nice to him and he has a good personal relationship that really counts for nothing these strategic relations are much bigger than the individual leaders involved and that's what we need to get back to. for one thing the congress has already shown that it's prepared to pull the plug on u.s. support for saudi arabia in its. war efforts in yemen there's strong sentiment not only in the congress but in the department of defense
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that the united states is being hurt in its. stance against iran by this feud that goes on between saudi arabia qatar saudi arabian government could stop that there be more likely to stop that feud if the united states weighed in and explained that it's bad for saudi and for us and bad for us and for us all right ambassador david mack just great to talk to you and get your perspective on this appreciate that very much thank you thank you but plenty more still to come in the news hour including united nations peacekeepers come under fire in mali as they try to provide badly needed aid to the local population. we're live at the mexican border city of tijuana where the migrant caravan has come to a halt and overwhelming resources. and in sports a new zealand fights back in the first cricket test against pakistan.
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but as we mentioned earlier president trump is now in california where the number of people reported missing from a deadly wildfire has jumped to more than one thousand the region's sheriff says as many as one thousand and eleven people now missing well thirty's have recovered the remains of eight more victims raising the death toll to seventy one more than fifty two thousand people have been displaced as peanuts christensen he joins us live from paradise in california so president kristen what did he see and talk about while he was there. well just take a look around me nic he saw these scenes of just utter devastation he was here in paradise one of the hardest hit communities in the foothills of the sierra nevada mountains some twelve thousand structures many of them people's homes have been destroyed as a result of this raging fire most of them here in the paradise area recovery crews
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have been going through here in fact they're still looking for those missing people they've been searching the foundations like you see right behind me where the homes of just fallen to asked to see if there are any bodies to recover in these areas so president came he saw this area he thanked firefighters some five thousand of them working to contain this fire which is now they say fifty five percent contained in away from major population areas he talked about working with state officials on what the governor has described as the worst tragedy to ever hit this this state this community he was also asked about the rule of climate change in wildfires like what we've seen here very subject that he's continued to down play a factor that he's continued to downplay he's talked about bad land management being an issue moving forward most of the forest land however in california of course is federally controlled and federally owned so that's something that he was
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discussing with state officials but have a listen to what what he said while he was here. in the region for i think the you're. really been up long and very well and gavin is getting going to be looking to get quite a bit of money about five hundred million dollars in the farm bill for management and making sure the far beyond this year we've really managed.


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