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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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the wording. thomas joins us live now from the summit in the capital port moresby so first of all how those how is the competition playing out between china and the u.s. for influence among some of the smaller apec members. quite right competition is the word this is supposed to be the asia pacific economic cooperation forum but competition has been much more in the air i mean these between a bloc of countries the united states foremost among them but also australia chip pan new zealand who are really defining their announcements almost in opposition to china you had an announcement earlier from those countries i mentioned australia new zealand the us japan saying that they would invest millions of dollars in papua new guinea bringing electricity so the poorest parts of this country at the moment only thirteen percent of people in papua new guinea have reliable power countryside with their money and with papa new guinea and help as well they'll bring that number up to seventy percent of the country by twenty thirty will hot on the heels
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of that the chinese there was an announcement that they will relieve day it's from one of the pacific island nations in this part of the world debts to china is a big issue china invest heavily in major projects right across this region but it offers loans to countries that do have to be paid back at some stage tongans loans . it looks as though china is going to really none of this is particularly relevant to apec now this will be in the final communique and frankly that final communique is expected to be quite bland's because it's going to be about finding common ground that all these twenty one members of apec can agree on even though they're actually quite supposed i mean we saw on saturday all the tensions i would trade policy and mike pence the u.s. vice president talking about how chinese loans were a way of countries giving up their sovereignty all that tension will be left out of the communique it will only focus on the lowest common denominator of what they can agree on but it's the side announcements the side meetings these bilateral is where the real meat of this is it's clear it's all about competition as much as
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corporation about this far more competition thank operation and what about the final communique the different reports about how that is shaping up what are you hearing. well i'm hearing that thing sometimes over the word the a.b.c. yesterday and broadcasters reporting officials that heard raised voices for chinese officials tried to go into the foreign ministers office of papua new guinea and try and get some of the words and they communicate changed now is not particularly unusual for words in a communique to be diverted is a bit unusual for a news of that sort of got to some members of the media and i can't confirm it myself but as a set amount i mean much as the communique is the big statements of this conference is it likely in reality to be quite but i don't know what that dispute was that the chinese officials if indeed they did raise their voices what they were trying to get put into what's taken out maybe we'll find out when that communique is published but they don't like it it's going to be quite a bland document it's expected to be released and you know most of the latest now are on their way out to port moresby on the screens behind me which has been
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showing a live feed of the main a packed house where this conference has been taking place away from television cameras where a couple of kilometers away that kept the media a long way from where the formal meetings are happening well most of those leaders have now left there on the way back to the airport and they'll be on their planes back to all that countries around the pacific region as that communicates published picture nailed up and again as prime minister is expected on the stage behind me in about twenty minutes time to announce what is in that communique but as a site don't expect fireworks there it's much more about what was announced on the sidelines of this conference than it is about that final communique all right thanks so much andrew thomas. still ahead on al-jazeera expensive elections nigeria's next presidential vote could set a record. and the ancient love story is reinterpreted as a warning against prejudice and division. al
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are still reading little bit in iran but the frontal system that was so active is a little less so as it just slowly eastwards and southwards there's a lot of clouds to the north of this area so from afghanistan back through the northern caspian the caucasus to turkey this is i think where the ash we were cold comes in contact was warmer and wetter in turkey's case in point in fact the whole of the eastern med will end up being like that eventually had to spread the risk of shout chance shout out to jordan tunnels and saudi again the same time ashanti seems possible running through turkmenistan but up to thirty now masses of foreign capitals at fifteen degrees in the arabian plates they were active weather's been around recently there's a bit of a day off of a breeze running down through bahrain and qatar swells back through the empty
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quarter dusty had been going up western side of society where then eventually will start to encounter some storms once more just indoors and sadly further south is still room to be quite as about time we developed a few more showers in southern africa where the cloud is there so the eastern cape might see something develop shower to foxconn to your notice it's not as hot as it was in jo'burg but if you're back in botswana or easily into the thirty's. as migrants seek sanctuary on it shows the missed choose rescue or deterrence. italy's anti immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives. people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea announces iraq.
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you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines this hour the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed saudi journalist monson shoji in the next two days according to u.s. president donald trump who says he's awaiting a final report earlier media leaks said the cia believes saudi crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing. the saudi military coalition has resumed their strikes against yemen's from the sea rebels in the port city of her day the united nations says the war has pushed some eight point four million people to the brink
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of starvation nearly one thousand three hundred people are missing at least seventy six have died in northern california following the worst wildfires to hit the region since records began. made his first visit to the area on saturday. thousands of people fleeing violence and poverty in central america have arrived at the u.s. borders a claim asylum there the first of several waves of migrants traveling in caravans now into on the mexico there is america's doorstep deciding what to do next joe castro reports. they came in the night bus loads of central american asylum seekers greeted by the applause of those who arrived before them. but morning illuminates the challenge ahead american workers are rushing to complete the border wall and u.s. soldiers nearby been the u.s.
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i'm asking god to help us pass and give us a silent about three thousand members of the caravan are now in t. wanna radius and her family joined the line at the chop it out port of entry adding their names to a wait list of more than fourteen hundred families ahead of them. they already travelled a month on foot but it'll be weeks more before their turn to claim asylum more nights their sick daughter will sleep with no roof and no bed they have them all. she good with and has the flu and fever u.s. authorities are allowing only a few dozen asylum seekers a day to pass through the port of entry citing strained resources is a was going on they say that's due to the lack of resources but they have the resources to deport thousands of people a day they just want people to give up the border wall is a solid barrier between tijuana and the us that extends all the way into the ocean
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trying to swim around or trying to scale the top is simply too dangerous of a prospect for the vast majority of migrants get a desperate few have tried. most are unaware of u.s. president donald trump executive order to deny asylum to anyone who crosses eat legally but almost all say they're planning to wait anyway they'll claim asylum legally they say even though it means prolonging their time in the u.s. borders shadows i do joe castro al-jazeera do you want to mexico. in france a protester has been killed or more than two hundred injured during demonstrations against the rising cost of fuel since the start of two thousand and eighteen prices have increased by twenty percent the government's added green taxes to try to lower air pollution need barco reports from paris. they are the sights and sounds of protest in the heart of the french capital there have been many
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demonstrations during president micron's leadership as he tries to introduce a raft of economic reforms with this new round of protests is different. around two hundred fifty thousand demonstrators took to the streets and more than two thousand protests nationwide this was bordeaux is main square. it began as a grassroots movement called the yellow vests a backlash against tax increases on petrol and diesel the movements now gathering momentum. in northern france near kalai they blocked roads as well as access to fuel depo paralyzing transport routes as a blockade in southeast from a driver accidentally hit and killed a woman demonstrator by simply i'm wearing these yellow vests for a simple reason there are too many taxes in this fuel tax we simply cannot turn around we just keep getting taxed by. getting nothing back here in central paris
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third pockets of protests and merging in different parts of the city similar tenuously such as here at the arc de triomphe have also been several somewhat valiant attempts to blockade the roads although here where people are doing is stopping cars to see exactly what the people support what they're trying to do here is a difficult challenge for president emanuel macron on the one handing house to show that he is allowing people the democratic right demonstrations like this the same. i'm standing firm on his policies. that the government is listening to all the demonstrations and of course we must continue to answer the expectations of the french including those about their purchasing power but one thing is certain interior ministry is very concerned and will always be very concerned for the safety and well being of the people earlier in the week but chrome said he wanted to reconcile the french people with its leaders the government insists the price
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hikes and necessary to help reduce carbon emissions has offered some financial incentives to encourage people to buy electric cars but demonstrators say taxes should be imposed on big polluters like heavy industries not ordinary drivers but popularity has been forming in recent months he can't afford to see it slide any further barca al-jazeera paris. tens of thousands of czechs have marched in prague to demand the prime minister's resignation and that abubus faces charges he misused european union funds a decade ago has come under increased pressure this week after his son revealed he had been in crimea to avoid being questioned about the case. campaigning has begun for what could be nigeria's most expensive presidential election a record seventy nine candidates are vying to win the vote which is due in three months as a muhammadu buhari is one of them that's despite criticism of his handling of the
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economy and the war against boko haram. in the capital abuja he's taken a look at some of his challenges. president mohamed will hurry is facing the biggest challenge of his political career must defections from the ruling all progressives congress continuing attacks by boko haram as well as a sluggish economy are threatening his hold on power its campaign team is confident he remains popular with voters but this administration has also more were so little and the could do somewhat recently too because the way it's also you know dig the this grand corruption once you can call ground corruption you can save enough money to do so much and that is a subtle what this administration has done why do you have apparently recovered from an undisclosed illness that kept him in a foreign hospital for months is opponents say he's not fit for the post leading seventy eight other candidates to challenge him is former vice president to work or
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the seventy two year old is the opposition people's democratic party candidate he was a member of his ruling party until a few months ago. it's opponents call him desperate for power and corrupt i.q. stations he denies and says nigerians want the kind of government out there phil because they have been applying the wrong tact is the wrong attitude and the wrong ideas to solving a problem that will better understand in bigger cause i'll bet on listening to people and second in the us i will look at it like the president is also from the north where the next president is expected to be from under an unwritten political power to an agreement between the north and the south but many candidates are challenging that agreement between two thousand and seven and two thousand and fifteen everything literally everything when henri and. there was a cry for a leadership change it was almost anybody but. jonathan
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or the p.d.p. and today we found that it's not just anybody you just got to get the right person next year's elections are expected to break the record as the most expensive ever here more than half a billion dollars is the budget approved by parliament for the election commission and already politicians are spending millions on publicity and planning for election day the election commission which had its budget approved last month is also faced with a logistical nightmare of having the long list of seventy nine candidates on the presidential ballot paper there's no room for a commission to begin with it. when in fact the law provides that every political party that that wish to contest has to be on the ballot paper yes of course there could be one or two challenges but there are none it's. what will also come into play in next year's election a regional religious and tribal leaders analysts say unless voters look beyond
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those factors nothing much will change in africa's most populous nation. nigeria. love story told throughout the middle east and central asia has been reinterpreted in the twenty first century contemporary dance jessica baldwin went to see the u.k. premiere of. musicians from play traditional persian instruments. setting the stage for western audience to learn the heartbreaking tale of layla. dancers from the mark morris interpret. that tells the story of two young people who. aren't allowed to. musicians dancers with. contemporary angles singers from different traditions working together something
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that attracted choreographer morris to the project. there's a kind of a bad vibe going on internationally you know this it's not just islamophobia it's like everything a phobia and that that's not good for anybody you know it's not those people and those people and those people it's like. no it's we people that's that's what i like about. the move them style of singing is performed by a father daughter duo. putting his hand to his ear allows an impossible to hear is own voice more clearly in azerbaijan kassim office considered a national treasure. and expert on the house or persian the music says everyone can relate to the tragic love story and the mournful music the music is
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such a powerful way of. delivering messages to people regardless of the language and of the cultural identity. at a time of increased support for walls and tighter borders to protect individual nations this production is all about sharing ideas and collaboration between cultures from across the world. some of the sounds and styles may be foreign to western audiences but the emotions are known to all still relevant and entertaining across countries cultures and centuries jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. let's take you through some of the headlines here not just here now the u.s.
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government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed saudi journalists in the next two days that's according to president trump says he's awaiting a final report earlier a number of media outlets the cia believes saudi crown prince one hundred and ordered the killing. still you know i see this audience and i are a cia director terrific and very knowledgeable and been studying this very closely and it's a horrible thing that took place the killing of a journalist a very very bad situation. and somebody who's respected it should never have happened and we'll be having a very full report over the next two days in the meantime we're doing things to some people that we know for a fact were involved and we're being very tough on a lot of people with this sort of we're going to come up with a report as to what we think the overall impact was and who caused it and who did it you talk about a killing we're not talking about anything else we're talking about it kill it so
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who did it meanwhile trump has been surveying the damage caused by wildfires in northern california seventy six people are now confirmed dead in a thirteen hundred remain unaccounted for wildfires almost completely destroyed the town of paradise which has a population of about twenty six thousand saudi led military coalition has resumed their strikes against yemen toothy rebels in the port city of data the united nations says the war has pushed some eight point four million people to the brink of starvation in france a protest that has been killed in more than two hundred injured during demonstrations against the rising cost of fuel prices have risen twenty percent since the start of the year the government's added the taxes to try to lower pollution is part of its environmental policy investigators in argentina saying navy submarine found
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a year after it disappeared in the atlantic ocean imploded the san juan vanished four hundred kilometers off the arjun's hind coast with forty four crewmembers on board those are your headlines the news continues here now and zero after people on power. a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who after indoors as ghosts or if i cold of pain for what that menai needs the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon to say what about to the stake al-jazeera correspondent the current.
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thousands of migrants have died trying to reach europe by crossing the mediterranean from libya many thousands more have been saved from certain death by n.g.o.s search and rescue vessels so why do e.u. countries want to stop those ships from giving aid to troops in maritime law when the alternative is a libyan coast guard with a record of a resting shooting at those it's supposed to be helping we've been to sea to find out. the a. yacht. the a. migration and how to best respond to it and control it has become one of europe's
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most complex and hotly debated problems. the arguments have been loudest around the central mediterranean and the dangerous which is between libya and its in which many thousands of migrants have crossed with the help of people smugness. for the last five years e.u. navies have maintained a presence to discard people from making the journey the libyan coast guard has also stepped up patrols with the backing of an anti migrant government and it's only. that become more active in trying to stem the human tight both the e.u. and libyan authorities insist their actions save lives but the methods focus mainly on deterrence are odds with those of other groups operating in the area since two thousand and thirteen n.g.o.s whose only aim is to aid migrants in peril and see. the differences came to a head this year when the libyan coast guard clashed with rescue vessels from two banjos proactiv open arms and so west meditate i met. with access to both
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sides with bin to examine the implications for humanitarian operations in the area . and. to look through. the work of our living out that what you have to share is tough but i assure you i will do fifteen minutes of work through the house so often that if you believe you just. walk out follow go by and go back and yet they are so often that they distract a. wireless. out. so of. all the kind of vision has been a coast guard since two thousand and twelve he trained in russia and then had a successful career in the libyan navy now he is greatly feared by people smugglers
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. lamb and the full month of the battle called the libya with only a thin it didn't have to swallow a lamb i'm not going to feel i'm a scheme or i'm a. lean job a month i'm not going to have the night with knows how to sew a home or a hospital or food be dished out a little enjoyment out of most of the miracles listen we've got the savannah model at the bottom so that you knew. who you know to make parliament linge almost illegal arms to look. after the revolution and twenty eleven libya became a favorite departure point for europe and migrants the number steadily rose until reaching a peak at twenty twenty fifteen and twenty seven this year although many thousands have attempted the crossing the human tide between libya and italy has begun to recede. we tracked down a middleman to have to agree to speak to us anonymously he told us the decline is
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because the journey has become much more difficult. we do we disarm all its on to detroit. because these are two new ones you conclusions don't you don't know you know i'm so worried about you you have no governor your job by these people. so do you are adoption compute to twenty eleven twelve year to work toward children to afford to mostly twenty fifteen sixteen no we just want to do the work it takes time money and for about six months. we met up with oscar camps the founder of a spanish angio proactive open arms he has had direct experience of the libyan coast guards increasingly hostile approach to n.g.o.s gratian says he says the relationship began to turn sour and twenty seventeen. feet out of my you know.
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a little water quality you get what they get out of water. you know. before. one incident happened on the seventh of august twenty seventeen a libyan coast guard patrol boat number six five four fired warning shots at the gulf a rescue vessel being leased by product of open arms the ngo told us that the ship was at least twelve nautical miles away from the libyan coast and outside its territorial waters. but. nevertheless ten days later there was another incident involving the same vessel. the gulf was again stopped at sea and this time to accompany the libyan coast into
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tripoli harbor on suspicion of operating within libyan territory. as a result of this much publicized incident the owner of the gulf refused to continue renting it to correct in the open arms. had to find a new vessel to continue its operations. and i was. here. that month ogust twenty seven team it's all n.g.o.s to sign
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a code of conduct which put strict limits on their ability to carry out rescue missions it had a significant effect. by the beginning of twenty eighteen only four n.g.o.s were left operating vessels in the mediterranean. italy's determination to limit the activities of n.g.o.s is based on the belief that their presence encourages migrants to make journeys they would otherwise avoid or even in the words of at least controversial new interior minister met a a salvini that they act as a taxi service matters came to a head in june twenty eighth when italy refused to let the aquarius a rescue ship carrying over six hundred migrants disembarked them and italian boats one motor also refused to accept them and became a europe wide dispute which eventually the migrants were offloaded in spain that's left the libyan coast guard as almost the only rescue option in the area which they welcomed nevertheless. own a will be a canal
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a few minutes i know you've flown in the equivalent morning. even for a million. costs no other the money would be in the kind of the middle of the. economy. but journalists fabrizio gotti says relying only on naval and coast guard vessels will not solve the problem he has followed this issue since investigating an infamous tragedy in twenty thirteen when around two hundred seventy migrants died there lampedusa island on that's occasion and italian navy ship kept out of rescue efforts until it was too late had there been n.g.o.s vessels in the mediterranean at the time the disaster might have been averted the so-called sunni society in europe decide that they had to do something against this massacre and that is the reason why
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before i'm going to vacation decide to go at sea to rescue people and to do what's their lives. to do and what's the government's european rich government were not doing any more so the poor fact exist because the presence of ships of navy ships at sea made more people. feeling safer and more people tried to cross the sea but is the result of the fact that european government refused to go to the root of migration now the journey for those who do make the trip is becoming even more perilous according to the international organization of migration september twenty eighth had the highest rate of dead or missing at sea since twenty sixteen and you say that this is because they are now being discouraged from operating in the area a migrant vessel leaving from libyan shells today has little chance of being
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rescued if it gets into difficulties. from the libyan side the military coastguard say that they are doing their maximum to cooperate with europe and the search and rescue operations but they insist that having n.g.o.s vessels operating off the coast restricts their ability to properly do their jobs including targeting migrant traffickers. colonel masood. is from the coast guard operation center in tripoli where incoming distress calls a handled he told us of his unit's involvement in operation sophia a joint project with the e.u. to identify and capture vessels being used by migrant smugglers thus disrupting their business model. on election via. that well. of the a billion barrels in the media. which is a. bit of an event they can move to fire will be
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militant and. how the. after the twenty eleven revolution in libya ninety percent of its navy was destroyed and twenty thirteen the authorities in tripoli sent the few boats they had left to italy for a pass because of continued instability in libya the vessels what returned until march twenty seventeen the full patrol boats the coast guard and now using a rescue operations. with the return of its patrol boats the libyan coast guards became more involved in rescue operations but this also brought them into confrontation with the ngos one of the most recent clashes came in march twenty eighth and valving a vessel operated by.


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