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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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homes and not some walls you know because that's what we need fema trailers out here people have children people have animals and we're not out here because we want to be we're here because we lost our homes a thick haze of smoke has settled over much of northern california along with the reality it's still not clear where people can go. kristen salumi al-jazeera paradise california still to come here on al-jazeera nigeria gearing up for its presidential election we'll tell you why that only could set a record plus. i'm catherine saw a in a warehouse and thousand tanzania i'll be telling you about a castle that crisis that has forced the governments to step in and deploy the military to take charge. how after a fairly quiet span the mediterranean for more
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a week or two so we're about to get more active largely because what's happening of the black sea this swirl of cloud of what's coming up from the sas is about to develop and something to the west there been a few big thunderstorms recently and they're still going on but what will happen is western side of the med for scones by water increasingly wet and windy and at the same time the courts have been down here of circulation just south of greece snow north of greece on the high ground up through the balkans they have run you between sunday and monday to spread all the way northwards there is cold air now in central europe the temperature best in vienna two degrees obese and snow on the astronauts on the other southern house and as you correctly see east of hungary bucharest at best two degrees so a bit of winter proper now of course is usually an effect for the south the main effect we draw but awards at the recent side of libya but actual fact this cloud is spreading east with eastern mediterranean that would increasingly put the levant at
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risk of more showers to the west of that lot of cloud of our jiri of tunisia and of course that matter right in morocco and on north coast of algeria and tunisia.
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welcome back here with our jazeera live from doha peter dhabi in the chair this hour your top stories the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in the next two days the cia has reportedly found the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some man was responsible for the murder but president trump has called that finding premature but possible. fighting has resumed in yemen's key port city of her data after a brief pause that who see is now control most of yemen the exiled government controls a section of the south the united nations says the conflict has pushed some eight point four million people to the brink of starvation. and the remains of five more people have been found in california's wildfires that brings the death toll there to seventy six one thousand three hundred people are missing rescuers of bracing
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for strong winds which could hamper efforts to control the fires. the argentinean president has declared three days of national mourning after a missing navy submarine was signed off the eastern coast the someone disappeared with a crew of forty four on board a year ago mr korea has promised a serious investigation to find out what happened to the boat to reason blown out from buenos aires. for a year and two days they walk into the same question where are the forty four loved ones the crew of this anquan finally they have some answers but not closure just yet loss and we were sitting at the dining table with my mom when the mrs from the submarine command force arrived saying that an object that was detected just said i was the sun one we couldn't believe it we turned on the television and they said it was the sun one this and one was on a routine patrol before it went missing the crew reported water enter the snorkel
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area and cost shorts or quitting problems that provoked a fire an explosion was later detected submarines are built to be difficult to find it proved impossible for thirteen countries who joined the two week long search operation the argentine maybe provoked anger and dismay among the crew's relatives by officially ending that search. contracted by the argentine government the u.s. company ocean infinity has combed the deaths for more than two months. on the first anniversary of the disaster that same evening ocean infinity's deep sea experts found an object of interest and sent down a robotic submarine to take a closer look at it positively identified the. resistant shell is a pace but it's deformed and dented inside which was caused by external pressure of the hydrostatic column at nine hundred meters you know. the government says that
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now it's time to find out what happened. the president specifically told me that we had to find a submarine and find the truth to get justice now we have found the submarine we need to establish what the causes were and if there are people responsible. but the relatives one the judiciary to look into the current administration but also into the previous one the submarine was refurbished during the previous administration of former president cristina kirchner many are calling into an investigation of everyone involved in the process earlier this year the police raided several navy bases in saudi after the head of what. my mama had judging an investigation into what happened because their relatives want to know why was it possible that water entered the north pole every hour of the summer which is what the fire for the cruise families closure will only come with accountability. i'll just see what
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a situs. at least thirty three people have been killed when a cycling hit parts of southern india cycling gudger struck six districts of tamil nadu state on friday more than eighty two thousand people were forced to leave their homes and take emergency shelter. thousands of people escaping violence and poverty in central america have arrived at the u.s. border claiming asylum there the first of several waves of migrants in mexico they're at america's doorsteps and deciding what to do next al-jazeera is hiding joe castro has the story. of a very good advice. they came in the night bus loads of central american asylum seekers greeted by the applause of those who arrived before them. but morning illuminates the challenge ahead american workers are rushing to complete the border wall and us soldiers nearby be in the mail yes i'm asking god to help us pause and
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give us a cite of. about three thousand members of the caravan are now in t. wanna radius and her family joined the line of the chop out port of entry adding their names to a wait list of more than fourteen hundred families ahead of them. they already traveled a month on foot but it will be weeks more before their turn to claim asylum more nights their sick daughter will sleep with no roof and no bed they have them all. she good with and has the flu and colds and fever u.s. authorities are allowing only a few dozen asylum seekers a day to pass through the port of entry citing strained resources is a was going on they say due to the lack of resources but they have the resources to deport thousands of people a day they just want people to give up the border wall is a solid barrier between tijuana and the u.s. that extends all the way into the ocean trying to swim around or trying to scale
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the top is simply too dangerous of a prospect for the vast majority of migrants get a desperate few have tried. most are unaware of u.s. president donald trump's executive order to deny asylum to anyone who crosses eat legally but almost all say they're planning to wait anyway they'll claim asylum legally they say even though it means prolonging their time in the u.s. borders shadow's i do joe castro al-jazeera do you want to mexico. campaigning has begun for what's expected to be nigeria's most expensive presidential election a record seventy nine candidates are vying to win the vote jew in three months time president mamadou behati is one of them but his hopes of reelection threatened by criticism of his handling of the economy and the war against because an address now from. president mohamed will hurry is facing the biggest challenge of his political career must defections from the ruling all progressives congress continuing attacks
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by boko haram as well as a sluggish economy are threatening his hold on power his campaign team is confident he remains popular with voters this administration has also mort we're so little and dick would do somewhat recently too because the way it went so you know dig the this ground corruption once you can call ground corruption you can save enough money to do so much and that is exactly what this administration has done why do you have apparently recovered from an undisclosed illness that kept him in a foreign hospital for months is opponents say he's not fit for the post leading seventy eight other candidates to challenge him is former vice president to corporal worker the seventy two year old is the opposition people's democratic party candidate he was a member of the hardee's ruling party until a few months ago. it's opponents call him desperate for power and corrupt i.q.
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stations he denies and says nigerians want the kind of government out there phil because they have been applying the wrong tact is the wrong attitude and the wrong ideas to solving a problem that will better understand in bigger cause i'll bet on listening to people and second in the us i will look at it like the president is also from the north where the next president is expected to be from under an unwritten political power to an agreement between the north and the south but many candidates are challenging that agreement between two thousand and seven and two thousand and fifteen everything literally everything when henri and. there was a cry for leadership change it was almost anybody but. jonathan or the p.d.p. and today we found that it is not just anybody you just got to get the right person next year's elections are expected to break the record as the most expensive ever here more than half
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a billion dollars is the budget approved by parliament for the election commission and already politicians are spending millions on publicity and planning for election day the election commission which had its budget approved last month is also faced with a logistical nightmare of having the long list of seventy nine candidates on the presidential ballot paper there's no room for a commission to begin with it. when in fact the law provides that every political party that that wish to contest has to be on the ballot paper yes of course there could be one or two challenges but there are manageable what will also come into play next year's election are regional religious and tribal allegiances analysts say unless voters look beyond those factors nothing much will change in africa's most populous nation. nigeria. two former presidents of madagascar are set to face each other in next month's runoff election their provisional results show andry rajoelina and marc ravalomanana each
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received under forty percent of the ballots in last week's first run has filed a court challenge to stop the vote count saying there were errors the european union observer mission says some candidates committed breaches but the poll was well organized an environmental battle in the balkans is heating up with a group of women determined to stop a network of rivers from running dry two thousand seven hundred hydroelectric dams threaten what environmentalist say is a unique ecosystem in bosnia as a governor david schaper is there. the christian river runs through a mountain forest once a rich hunting ground outside serry a vote for the emperor of austria hungary a business cartels plans to build a small hydroelectric plant here though means these waters could soon run dry diverted into concrete pipes to drive. the women of the
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village of christie are the only thing standing in their way the project would destroy the hopes of reviving tourism in a national park devastated by the war here in the one nine hundred ninety s. . police who used to clear block a day built to prevent construction crews reaching the site of the teen women with battens outraged public opinion. they continue that twenty four hour guard above the river which is the only source of drinking water as well as taking the fight to the courts. we've seen examples of the bands that have been built before the river beds we would all have to move out and leave our homes throughout the balkan region a total of two thousand seven hundred hydroelectric plants are planned or on the construction. in bosnia-herzegovina they already supply forty percent of the energy supply environmentalists say that building
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a hydroelectric dam is similar to cutting down a tropical rain forest and its impact on the local ecology investors maybe getting a quick return on their money but a huge swathe of species in the local habitat a port on a downward escalator to words extinction ecologists have described it as a tsunami a dam building that will profoundly old to the whole region the real motive they say is far from the ideal of clean sustainable energy having some really really beautiful one of the most beautiful rivers in the world so here. they are going to be destroyed for the sake of. greed. but in ten years time solar power is forecast to be much cheaper than hydroelectric and the pristine forests and rivers of the balkans will probably have gone for ever david chaytor al-jazeera sarajevo. government leaders in tanzania have two hundred thousand tonnes of cashew
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nuts on their hands the government or the entire crop to try and end of disputes over prices between farmers and traders as catherine sawyer reports the army has now been brought in as processing workers are sent home. day nest number is have a sting the last of her cash crop that it's been a bad idea a disease that dries of food has men she's only managed to fill seven sacks instead of the usual forty on average to make matters worse middlemen offered to buy them at an unacceptably low price that of course the government to intervene and buy tanzania's and to hire a crop at a dollar and a half a kilo the government's also undertaken to process and sell it or. what they wanted to buy from us at a cost that will not get any returns we spend so much on fertilizes the way the government has intervened is good. the cashew nuts will end up in warehouses like
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this would be leased by the government officials here and military commanders are walking out logistics to make sure the process is smooth and there's enough room to store around two hundred thousand tons of knots what you should be going in i want you see we want you the public to coordinate with the military we need strong young men to load the trucks. tanzania is one of the world's largest cash not producers and the major foreign exchange. president john mark foley has some ministers and government workers to deal with in that price crisis this move by the government to buy up all the cash and that's from the south is unprecedented the president has ordered the agriculture development bank and for the military to coordinate trucking the nuts to warehouses traders and middlemen are being left out. at this time of the
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processing plants such as this one should be busy preparing exports most have shut down in those still operating. helps run the factory he says a fall in cash and prices because of the world market has made it difficult for traders to buy from the government set price. with close to some operations and laid off two hundred people next week when this process is done will have to send another two hundred heim must be finished packaging the other one hundred will have to be some traders say they're ready to talk to the authorities and reach an agreement but for now the government is family in charge of tanzania's most important cash crops. tanzania.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed the saudi journalist in the next two days cia has reportedly found the saudi crown prince mohammed bin so a man was responsible for the murder however president trump has called but finding premature but possible. it should never have happened and we'll be having a very full report over the next two days in the meantime we're doing things to some people that we know for a fact were involved and we're being very tough on a lot of people what with this sort of we're going to come up with a report as to what we think the overall impact was and who caused it and who did it we're talking about a killing we're not talking about anything else we're talking about it killing so who did it fighting's resumed in yemen's keep or city of who data after a brief pause the new fees now control most of yemen on the exiled government controls a section of the south of the country leaders at the apec summit have failed to
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agree on a final statement after two days of meetings in poppea new guinea the canadian prime minister blamed disputes between member nations over trade tensions between the u.s. and china dominated discussions the remains of five more people have been found in california's wildfires that brings the death toll to seventy six one thousand three hundred people are missing rescuers are bracing for strong winds which could hamper efforts to control the fires cyclons killed at least thirty three people in southern india cyclon gudger struck six districts of tamil nadu state on friday all and eighty two thousand people were forced to leave their homes and take emergency shelter. while prime suspect alfred yakkers home has been extradited to the hague for alleged atrocities against muslims in the central african republic is a sitting member of the parliament he was a senior leader within the mostly christian anti black a movement its fighters attacked muslims after muslims a lake of rebels seized power in twenty thirteen. two former presidents of
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madagascar are set to face each other in next month's runoff election provisional results show and great roger lena and marc ravalomanana each received under forty percent of the ballots in last week's first round up next it's inside story i'm back a little after that see them. al-jazeera . the cia is reported to have concluded the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of. the finding leaves the u.s. relations where does it leave the fate of mohammed. this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the show i'm sam is a that it's what many have suspected ever since jamal khashoggi disappeared in istanbul six weeks ago the washington post says the cia has concluded the saudi crown prince did give the order to kill the saudi journalist who had criticized muhammad been. the american spy agency isn't commenting on the reports and the saudi embassy in washington says the cia assessment is false mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . in recent days a number of members of congress have demanded that muhammad have been silent be held accountable either by way of tweets or in the case of senator bob corker during a debate about yemen in the senate and asked for our level briefing with madness
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pompei oh and you know i asked for the comment assumes we get back to share with us what is happening with saudi arabia on both fronts both yemen and what is happening as it relates to the journalist who was assassinated in my opinion at the direction of the crown prince of saudi arabia is now the washington post reports the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince ordered the assassination of journalist jamal khashoggi the sit says according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity the report says in reaching his conclusions the cia examined multiple sources of intelligence including a phone call that the crown prince's brother and ambassador to the u.s. had with the journalist before his murder khaled bin solomon was quick to deny the allegation saying on twitter i never talked to him by phone and certainly never suggested he go to turkey for any reason i asked the u.s.
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government to release any information regarding this claim. within hours several of the news organizations including the new york times and the wall street journal well also quoting anonymous officials confirming the report of the cia's finding although it is very important it's very significant that what the washington post new york times. c n b c n n other outlets over the last hours. reported that the cia internal assessment now is pointing straight years. in some as having ordered this operation this has never happened before at the cia we probably will not comment on this kind of report however the washington post wouldn't report this unless they were accurately reporting where they believe the
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cia said so which is a slight nuance now one can anticipate that the congressional oversight committees will have been briefed or demand to be briefed on this the reports alleging muhammad have been solomon's involvement unlikely to field even though the congressional demands that punitive measures be taken against the crown prince and his government the question is whether the president has been briefed by the cia and it's reported conclusions and if so whether he would be prepared to back away from his stated reluctance to take action against the saudi government and its leader as. mike hanna al-jazeera washington thank you. now to our panel we have joining our sin boston by skype glenn carr former career cia officer and the former deputy national intelligence officer of the transnational threats and scott lucas a professor of american studies at the university of birmingham in thank you for
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joining us gentlemen let me start with glen so how does the cia typically investigate and reach a conclusion like this without getting you to you know obviously speculate on what the cia actually has. right well i don't need to speculate at all on how the process functions inside there from the lowest level up to the very top from my career a to what we call as a tasking it will be a request for information will come or we may develop it ourselves who ordered the killing of his show for example and then it's sent out to all of the conceivable. parts of the intelligence community not just the cia to human sources which is where i spent my career working on or to tactical sources be they from satellites or telephone taps or interviews open source media and so on each report is then
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sent back and each report is evaluated multiple times by the person who collects it i think that this is reliable and here is why and by the people who receive it who say i don't think this is reliable and here is why all of that then is call aided and evaluated and once again the evidence or the reports are are assessed for reliability substantiation corroboration and then a grade is given to the assessed intelligence only then is it considered finished intelligence event and in a way that i'm jumping the gun what souls of grade has the cia given to this sort of conclusion that muhammad been sewn on or did the killing from what we know at least from the leaks. well it's as confident as it's possible to be i don't think you'll ever even if you were standing in front of me and i were touching you i'd probably say my assessment is that i'm touching you i mean it's never nothing is ever certain or stated as such but this is quite categorical there's no doubt in
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the collective mind of the intelligence community in the united states that m.b.a.'s in some and ordered the murder of shogi there the way it is presented publicly is as firm and confident as the intelligence community in the united states you mention that the way it's presented let me take this point to scott how credible will this report be seen in credibility and perception of credibility of course is everything isn't it. of course the saudis will say it's not credible and indeed the brother of m.b.'s prince khalid has already gone on social media to say vociferous lee that this is untrue the question is how it plays around the world and here i think there's two things that are significant one is that up to now a lot of the reports about how high this might go within saudi arabia had relied on turkish intelligence intercepts especially surveillance of the saudi consulate
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where mr hasse o.-g. was murdered the leaks today indicate that the cia is making this assessment based on his own intelligence intercepts especially electronic intelligence so there is more than one source that they are using for this and the second thing is that the cia's be very careful here to say they're not saying that n.b.s. they have anything that has him saying go coco so there's nothing that directly says that instead what they're basing this on on is the fact that this type of operation in their estimation could not have been can carried out without his approval and secondly that they have intercepts in which those who carried out the murder were calling back to riyadh and saying tell the boss m.p.'s that this is been done do you think scott that we might get some kind of official confirmation at some point. about what's been reported in the cia conclusion in the paps in the
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form of gina housefull speaking in front of congress or another way. not at this point i mean right now first of all the internal dynamics gina haskell doesn't go public i mean gina housefull although she was in turkey conferring with the turks she reported back. to the white house but she said nothing publicly yourself now the second reason why i think we don't get anything at this point is because of the the split within washington the cia the state department the military are lined up against donald trump and his enter circle notably his son in law jared kirshner trump and kirshner do not want any blame placed on him b.s. . even a while an hour ago donald trump said we rely on the saudis for business we rely on the saudis for jobs which indicates that he's not going to take any notice of this so no the reason why this has been leaked to the media is precisely because the cia
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knows it cannot get official backing at this point from the trumpet ministration for its conclusion and that was going to be precisely my next question is take it to glenn though and say. why have we seen this leaked out and apparently within an hour to many media sources to your mind glenn is someone who knows how the cia woods what does that tell you of the cia's thinking. well i mean to us of asians and i don't know the answer of course i'm basing this on my my past experience but normally leaks on intelligence matters come from capitol hill from congress and in particular from staffers to elected officials far more frequently than from the cia itself it is true i think although i can't prove this that the very top level of the cia will leak sometimes. so i would still suspect that the people on the hill who have been briefed are the more likely
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arjun's of the information however the second point i think is the most relevant one to the issue we're discussing and that is that the intelligence community has been placed in a nearly impossible and existential challenge in crisis with the. assuming of power of adult trump and his entourage because. we are so sworn to try to present the truth as we understand it and the facts and to preserve protect and defend the constitution and when you have your your leader your chief executive denying the validity or the honesty the integrity and the competence of the institutions that makes the job hard and in particular when there is overwhelming evidence of collusion between members of the entourage now governing the country with a foreign hostile foreign power which then can those conclusions then are denied it
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makes the intelligence officers present in an impossible situation how can you serve an executive who is undermining the oath that you are sworn to preserve protect so the solution seems to have been for many and it's not much of a solution but it's the least bad case way forward perhaps is to leak information about the facts as we understand them and hoping that the truce. can set you free is written on the walls of the cia here scott we know that according to the reporting at least the cia has shed its findings with congress you think that's going to prompt congress to take to push for a tougher line against saudi arabia i think that's what we look at next in terms of the arenal reign of the political arena some congressman even before mr haas soldiers murder wanted to put pressure on the saudis we've had individual cases of
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ammunition and munitions being held up being suspended by committee action in congress those congressmen i think will be reinforced in the notion that saudi arabia needs to be pressured not only over mr haas o.-g. but also over the yemen civil war and the saudi and you a role in it and also the saudi and you a should also be pressured over the split the blockade against qatar now the question we have is how many congressmen and are they in and flew into positions this process would start probably with committee hearings you mention the hypothetical right now that gina housefull might be called i don't think a b.g. in a hospital let's say secretary of state might pump a zero defense secretary jim out us and if those hearings got enough publicity the idea would be this would generate more drive to try to contain the saudis but i'm not certain we're going to get that far partly because we're in a period before the next congress is seated and i think partly because even amongst
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the cia and the agencies the sentiment is not to remove m.b.'s but more to contain him look to try to use this as leverage to get some type of negotiations over the yemeni civil war and also some type of pressure on saudi arabia to ease the blockade and maybe even lifted on qatar what about the white house though scott do you expect the white house to try and resist any pressure from congress. absolutely i mean the white house for example for months resisted sanctions against russia given donald trump's affinity for a lot of reports on but they did finally have to give way the white house will probably counter brief counter spent against the us and say that they're not convinced or that the intelligence is not rock solid but then you've got the power struggle within the agencies that is glenn it has mention has been there since the start of the trumpet ministration so it's really going to be a question of i don't think getting donald trump online you'll never get donald
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trump in line but more rather whether you can get all the agencies together whether you can get support from congress and you contain donald trump you contain jared kirshner and you try to get some sensible way forward on american foreign policy the two individuals to look to for that sucker state might pompei o defense secretary jim mattis or let's take those points back to glenn so glenn if we have this sort of scenario which everyone expects of continued resistance from the white house to take any sort of tougher approach toward saudi arabia beyond what the white house has already done how do you think intelligence agencies like the cia might deal with that sort of situation. well i think i think scots who are pretty well there you won't get. substance of agreement or action from the white house you might have the white house constrained from constrained to accept or at least put his signature on
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a sanction for example but then he wouldn't give it any life which is what he did with russia he will pay lip service to say something and then change the subject and simply ignore anyone who works in in a federal bureaucracy or probably any institution. learns early on as i did that if you receive it in an order that you think is ill advisor you don't want to do you put it in the bottom of the inbox and then when your boss says what's happening you say i'm right on it sir and then you go on to something else and it's very difficult to move a large institution like that i think this is essentially what trump will do with more bloviating bombast and changing of the subject might the say i share these findings these reporting findings with other allies might that be a way to increase global prussia not only on saudi arabia but for the u.s. for the white house to act too. broadly speaking i think the answer is yes and
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that's a good point what's called the five eyes to the five closest allies of the united states. to allies from world war two whose close relationship has continued united kingdom canada australia new zealand in the us probably would have. routine access there be procedures where information of the sensitivity would likely be shared because of overlapping interests and probably with other close allies to to some extent certainly the conclusions would be shared the sources almost never but that the information would be shared yes and then what other countries do it it who knows who knows in the call. what do you think ultimately what does this reported finding meaningful mohammed been summoned the saudi crown prince it means it does not mean he is gone that turns more on internal saudi dynamics.
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to have been someone has succeeded in consolidating power last year where it's very hard for anyone inside the monarchy to mount a challenge as long as the king decides that he wants his son to stay in place which appears to be the case right now what it does more broadly however is it puts pressure on saudi arabia from multiple angles in terms of what it is doing in the region it puts pressure on saudi arabia as i mentioned before to try to join up or support the talks which we expect at the end of the month on the yemen crisis it puts pressure on saudi arabia to try to stop the split within the gulf countries it puts pressure on the u.a.e. as well as saudi to ease back on a hard line and it boosts the turks as they try to get more of a regional influence including fencing over things such as the syrian crisis however there is one cab yet to this because the saudis have one card to play against this attempt to contain both m.b.'s and contain both their policy and that
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is as long as the u.s. is committed to regime change in iran the saudis have got leverage back against washington because they could always for example threaten to cut their oil output and therefore you might see a price spike which would undermine the american strategy against iran at this point then what do you think the consent go ahead if i could just jump in and i think. to that i agree with everything that scott said i do think i don't think this will lead to m.b.'s is being removed no not at all it's an internal thing his powers can see is consolidated zone however since world war two the united states's has bet on saudi arabia and the sunni in the in the great game of power in the middle east. president obama shifted that it was an historic shift and without choosing the shia and iran did try to.
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have more ethical choice in our in our policy. trump has gone back on that viscerally because he's accepted for whatever reasons the a strongly hostile posture towards iran this n b s's ordering the murder of a person in the consulate of saudi arabia is are just an incredibly moronic operation from every perspective that they make hard to make the establishment in the us glenn view mohamed bin sound man still as an asset all more of a sort of volatile even threat. well a harder ally to stay very close ware than get in bed with yes and it may it certainly will give some. ammunition to elements of the us government there are other. foreign policy humanity who don't wish to align us so reflexive lee with saudi arabia since they seem they've proven themselves to be very. unwise in many
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of their choices but trump is the president and he for reasons good and bad mostly bad has identified saudi arabia as the way to work towards pressuring in destroying iran so that's unlikely to change that makes it harder to cessation except are not scott events. that you don't think this is going to need to be on seething obama bin salim and but does it increase the pressure on the saudi king to perhaps limit his powers in some way do you think scott. i think there'll be a bit of containing about how of insolvent i think for example you'll see certain councils within the monarchy and the saudi state will be expanded to kind of dilute his influence over that i think you will see probably the king. take maybe more of a role in terms of decision making as he did indeed this summer when he openly
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split from m.b.'s on the question regarding palestine and i think you'll also see pressure eased on a number of the princes and businessmen in the elite that remember only a few months ago were arrested in tucked away in the ritz carlton hotel as m.p.'s try to make himself the one and only power in saudi arabia i think that effort to centralize power in his hands while it will not disappear i think it will be checked a bit where that goes from there however the saudi politics or complexity even beyond my pay scale and there are so many moves that are going to be made from multiple angles at this point that the idea of a significant change in m.b.'s this position won't be happening in the near future then from the perspective of the intelligence community why do they think there is so much resistance from the white house to put pressure on saudi arabia and to protect the u.s. saudi relationship with their you're asking an intelligence officer american
4:44 pm
intelligence officer to assess american politics and of course we are we are supposed to receive our instructions and salute and say yes sir yes ma'am. conservatives republicans have strongly identified with saudi arabia one could argue that this is because solely because of. astronomical contributions by saudi elements to companies and to quote political figures but then there's the broader. realist strategic assessment the saudi arabia is necessary for the stability of the middle east and that the sunni on the whole are not a revolutionary powers as iran is i don't i think the assessment frankly has been accepted in conservative circles in the united states for a long time now that iran is not
4:45 pm
a revolutionary power it is an expansionary power seeking at least regional influence right in a way that it didn't before all right but there's this debate between support the sunni support the shia is iran's destabilizing or should we try to contain it by working with that that's the debate and trump has it reflects motivations which appear to be largely based on money for himself or right it's been a fascinating discussion love to chat more about him sure we've got another opportunity though in the days ahead for now let's thank contests very much glenn call and scott lucas thank you too for what change can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera don't comb and for further discussion head over to off facebook page that's facebook dot com ford stache a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle varies a.j. inside story from me sam is a that and the whole team here for now it's provide. sure
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. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives cara fanny's fact helpful email and a highly dangerous one of the major issues before voters is the institution president trump cannot stop talking about the news to separate the spam from the facts of the misinformation from the journalism three shots of b.b.c.'s reporting freight to leave the listening post on al-jazeera the lights are on. and there's nowhere to hide isn't the easiest way to solve this to allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish their job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy straight talking debate do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s.
4:47 pm
relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there is that journalistic integrity and then to end this case it was betrayed totally up from its own al-jazeera. they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex it is purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid. is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war unaware
4:48 pm
of the global trade war and despite falling prices at the calls rubber white gold at least for now. and monday pointed on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. zone. talking about a killing we're not talking about anything else we're talking about it so who did it as pressure builds president donald trump says the u.s.
4:49 pm
will determine who murdered jamal in the next two days. al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up fighting resumes in the yemeni port city of who data even as the u.n. . to talk peace. be apec summit ends in disagreement dominated by us china trade tension. tanzania i'll be telling you that it has forced the government to step in and deploy the military to take charge. of. the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed the saudi journalist in
4:50 pm
the next two days the cia has reportedly found the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon was responsible for the murder however the u.s. president on will trump has called that finding very premature she had pretends he has the latest now from washington. while touring the devastation caused by the california wildfires donald trump claimed the cia had not assessed anything yet that it was too early but that a judgment would come soon we're going to come up with a report as to what we think the overall impact was and who caused it and who did it a state department earlier released this statement recent reports indicating that the u.s. government has made a final conclusion are inaccurate there remain numerous unanswered questions with respect to the murder of mr chaudry the state department will continue to seek all relevant facts and we will do that while maintaining the important strategic relationship between the united states and saudi arabia but according to several reports not only has the cia reached
4:51 pm
a conclusion it has high confidence in its assessment but because it was killed by order of the saudi crown prince the cia reached out assessment having examined communication intercepts and analyzing the power structure of saudi arabia but there's still no direct evidence confirming muhammad bin salman ordered the hits and that maybe all the leeway the president needs to avoid reaching the same definitive conclusion congressional leaders have been briefed by the cia some members of congress are demanding action me senator richard blumenthal tweeted this trump must accept for once his intelligence experts in controversial conclusion crown prince m.b.'s is culpable for casualties monstrous murder this brazen killing must have consequences sanctions prosecution removal of m.p.'s and others not continued coverup enabled by trump and the president is not willing to take those decisions the congress of the united states when it comes back. and reconvenes in washington will take decisions itself and the president might not like those
4:52 pm
decisions so he'd better get out in front of this oncoming train according to reports even the cia accepts that muhammad bin solomon's position is secure but there are suggestions that the u.s. may attempt to use evidence of a. crown prince's culpability in to show g.'s murder as leverage on yemen the blockade of qatar where the incarceration of dissidents even as some in congress see the murder of jamal khashoggi as a moment to reevaluate the entire relationship between saudi arabia and the us others see it more as an opportunity to clip the wings of a volatile crown prince while still relying on him to advance the trumpet ministrations agenda in the middle east she has returned to the al-jazeera washington jon jones is a us foreign policy analyst and former congressional advisor on national security he believes the shelties killing will change the u.s. relationship the cia report essentially has listed out many discoveries that weren't available to the u.s.
4:53 pm
public or the international community and i can definitely imagine that congress will call for a significant adjustment of the u.s. saudi relationship already out of the gate you've had bipartisan cause for congress to pressure policymakers to use this as an opportunity to basically hold the saudi government account to account and when you look across the board what's happening in terms of these reports just over the last twenty four hours you can say with a great deal of certainty that prince mohammed in the eyes of the global community is definitely damaged goods so will he survive and will he most likely still continue to be within the reins of power in saudi arabia that seems to be the
4:54 pm
expectation based on reports by u.s. policymakers but it's expected that this relationship will definitely change going forward. air strikes have resumed over her data in yemen the main port for food and medical supplies the coalition is trying to retake it from the rebels the united nations says the war has pushed some eight point four million people to the brink of starvation reports now from nearby djibouti. after a brief pause in fighting a few days ago the besieged city of her days again in flames. fighters us a top targeted industrial complex on the outskirts with rockets and artillery because it was a base for the pro-government alliance backed by so did. its forces took control of these parts of the eastern suburbs a few days ago philthy commanders say the recent plea for ceasefire is simply a ploy to allow their allies to the group. the military escalation must be met with a similar escalation once the balance of power is gained although they are in
4:55 pm
possession of advanced technologies sophisticated weapons in addition to the logistic support from the usa then a political solution can be acceptable to them if we remain weak they will dictate their own terms. the two day lolling fighting earlier this week seems all but shouted on the residents of the city are bracing themselves for more fight. video posted on the internet by the pro-government dance brigade shows troops advancing towards the neighborhood south of near the city's airport. who data has been under attack for months dolphins' it is aimed at cutting filthy controlled areas from their main supply agreement the un and the international red cross say the resumption of fighting is endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in that densely populated city. the head of the world food program was just visited today that says yemenis are only months away from full
4:56 pm
scale farming we asked the leaders of this country to give us the access that we need the support that we need unimpeded access so that we can be engaged doing what we do this saving lives in changing the port of her day that is a lifeline for millions of yemenis up to eighty percent of humanitarian supplies fuel and goods on which they depend docked here aid workers say on a talk on the docks is still a possibility something that could put at risk more than fourteen million a dependent yemenis on the fighting is said to continue as both sides try to gain more territory ahead of peace talks due to be held at the end of the year is sweden . djibouti leaders at the apec summit of failed to agree on a final statement after two days of meetings in papua new guinea the canadian prime minister justin trudeau blamed disputes between member nations over trade tensions
4:57 pm
between the u.s. and china dominating discussions on saturday the chinese president xi jinping took aim at u.s. protectionism while the us vice president mike pence said washington will not cut tariffs until beijing changes its ways and for thomas now with the latest from port moresby. perhaps more significant than the substance of the formal discussions between all twenty one countries have in the meetings an announcement on the sidelines of this summit on sunday for example leaders from australia japan the us and new zealand announce that they be working in partnership with papa new guinea to bring electricity to most of this country's population at the moment only thirteen percent of back when you're going to have reliable power by twenty thirty with millions of dollars worth of aid from those countries seventy percent of this country should have reliable power interestingly though china was not part of that announcement was not an apec announcement it was those countries and in many ways that can be seen as an announcement to rival china which is like its own big
4:58 pm
investments right across the pacific and there are reports that china is going to get debt relief to tonga another country in the pacific heavily indebted to china which has made major investments those debt to g.d.p. paid back china it seems is going to relieve those debt so this is compensation on the sidelines of apec to look benevolence to smaller countries one announcement though made on saturday by the us by australia and by papua new guinea to set up a joint naval base on madison and impact when you can say well that looks a little premature on sunday al-jazeera spoken to this country's deputy prime minister and he told us that was not definitive not definite just a discussion at this stage so that announcement which would have upset china given where that island is and given that it was seen in opposition to china's assertiveness in the maritime sphere here well that may have been announced a little too soon poppy new guinea's prime minister a formal closing statement will be released in the coming days peter neale was
4:59 pm
mobbed by journalists at the apec closing press conference a short statement media blitz wondering what had been decided during the two day summit. now the remains of five more people have been found in the rubble left by massive wildfires in northern california that brings the death toll to seventy six with almost one thousand three hundred people still unaccounted for and as al-jazeera as kristen salumi now reports those who've lost their homes a wondering what to do next. at a makeshift camp next to a wal-mart parking lot shell shocked families take stock of their losses aimee bravo and her family were among the fifty thousand people forced to flee their homes as the wildfires closed in around them her trailer home and her place of employment are gone not to mention her daughter's toys a million things going through my head right we just got to figure out what we're doing and where we're going. that's yeah. her hometown called paradise
5:00 pm
now looks more like hell on earth entire neighborhoods have burned to the ground. forensic recovery teams poke through the burned out shells of homes looking for bodies of the missing the state of california is most devastating wildfire in history has claimed over twelve thousand buildings in addition to so many lives firefighters continue efforts to contain the blaze which is scorched over sixty thousand hectors the efforts are still still very active also we have units like search and rescue the national guard assisting us and multiple other resources helping us but the recovery president came here to paradise to view the scenes of utter devastation firsthand he met with state officials have been critical of him and promised federal assistance for californians the president downplaying the role of a changing climate in fueling these fires said the management and maintenance of forest lands will be the focus moving forward and.


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