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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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world has moved on the public opinion particularly in the united states now the story has been the investigation and the case has been brought back to the table in the white house in the highest circles of power in washington and donald trump has finally come around to say that he's going to determine and to announce who gave the order for the killing of all of this. as i said has created some momentum here and has created some satisfaction that the turks are on the right path from the very beginning and remember also that you know we had our the beginning of the of the of the whole case that you know there is a tape there was a tape of about twenty seven minutes now we have seven minutes of that and we have another fifteen minutes and that's why some people here say that probably the turks still have something up their sleeve to feel once they feel that the saudis are trying once again to dodge and not to say the truth about what happened. thank you for all of that mohamed vall outside the saudi consulate in istanbul so where we
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are at this point is that as mohammed was talking about the audio recording exists donald trump says the u.s. has it but he doesn't want to listen to it he says in fact if i check my notes there is no reason for me to hear the tape while on the other side you've had senator lindsey graham of course is a republican as well absolutely blasting mohammed bin salman the saudi crown prince over his apparent involvement in the murder of jamal khashoggi the third element to add in that is the cia of course remember yesterday we learned that america's top spy agency had concluded that it was the crown prince who ordered you know the killing of jamal khashoggi and yet at this stage donald trump seems unwilling to back his own intelligence community we're going to start talking about these issues with bruce fein joining us from washington regular contributor here is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general nice to have you with us again bruce and why don't we start with having a little bit of a listen to something i've got a clip here of adam schiff u.s.
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democrat member of the house intelligence committee he's been speaking about this issue let's have a little listen. the president needs to listen to what our intelligence committee has to say what our best professionals' assessment is and it's vitally important that this administration not allow itself to become part of any saudi cover up any cover up generally any cover up of the crown prince's involvement. the saudis have already undermined their position in the world undermined their standing and the administration make sure needs to make sure it doesn't undermine its own standing so what do you think about that. the president needs to listen to what our intelligence community has to say you would think that would be taken as a given. and yes it's not. yes i don't think it's the first time that we've seen this polarity the intelligence community told him one thing about russian efforts to interfere with the two thousand and sixteen presidential
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campaign it was unanimous and mr trump still disputes that so this is not unique and i do think that mr trump has a dilemma in the sense that if he doesn't listen to the tape and he says he's going to make a decision based upon this report i can guarantee you the cia either through leaks to the newspaper or with congressional oversight will have all the evidence that they have a deuced in the public domain and i don't think at this stage it makes any sense just to look at it what are the communications they were intercepted and we have on audiotapes because we have to examine why if saudi arabia and the crown prince are innocent have they changed their story a half a dozen times you know as soon as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west they have a news story and how can it be if they can see that there was a purposeful killing they say they don't even know where the body is those are incredible on their own face and therefore if you look at the entire body of both
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circumstantial and direct evidence it's irresistible that the crown prince was responsible as a matter of law and this is where i think mr trump may be shortchanging the examination under international and domestic law there's a doctrine known of command responsibility you are criminally responsible for things that you should have known about it and didn't stop or knew about it after the fact and didn't punish and under the doctrine of command responsibility is how we've held people like slobodan milosevic and and those in cambodia recently convicted of genocide criminally culpable and it's hard to imagine the crown prince who is really the boss of all of saudi arabia not being in command authority of anything of significance so judging by what we've heard from ed i'm sure. there and what we heard earlier from lindsey graham as well does it look like president trump is potentially on collision course with congress on this whole issue and another issue to bring up there and maybe you can explain a little bit it's the ski act which congress can invoke and has talked about as
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well. yes i i think this is parallel in the last year of the obama administration you know he vetoed a bill and acted by congress is called jasta but it's to hold saudi arabia as a country culpable for the nine eleven abominations for aiding and abetting at least one or more of the terrorists and that veto was overridden overwhelmingly well more than two thirds and i think you now are seeing a swelling of congressional opposition to saudi arabia that indicate if the president sought to veto a bill that cut off all arms sales to saudi arabia or eliminated all of our military assistance to the saudi u.a.e. forces in yemen the congress would override the veto and that would then send a signal to mr trump that he's a he's got a presidency that's now been weakened with regard to the magnitsky act it authorizes they key congressional committee members to tell the president he needs to consider listing those who are implicated in violations of fundamental internationally recognized human rights and he's listed seventeen under the
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magnitsky act that means no visas to travel here no business in the united states all assets are frozen it's a big state but now he's already already put seventeen on that list omitting the crown prince it's hard to imagine if the crown prince is responsible for what they did he needs to be on that list a last thing that saudi arabia needs to fears that if congress is sufficiently aroused they could list by statute saudi arabia as a state sponsor of terrorism because the killing of his show he was terrorism an attempt to intimidate and cow any dissidents in saudi arabian crown prince from speaking out and once they would be on that list of state sponsors there would be complete. embargo on doing any business with saudi arabia and that's what really is at risk here the last thing i would like to say it's not a choice between having relations with saudi arabia in a normal fashion and b.s. there's no reason why he can't be ousted from where he is being subject to
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sanctions have new leadership come in and have the united states have a smooth relations it isn't an either or situation is what i'm saying here is fine always a pleasure talking to you thank you for your expertise in that field so talking to bruce there about what can happen with the u.s. congress of course as we say there is a collision course between what the president wants and what some influential members of congress one name we've heard from lindsey graham and adam schiff actually just on adam schiff donald trump has just been tweeting about him a moment ago on a slightly different issue to do with the robert mulla investigation and he's actually called on little adam and forgive me if this is not a professor at i'm shit c h i t t his name is spelled c h i if if i don't know if that is a spelling mistake or not but certainly most of the commentary on twitter seems to think that that is a very purposeful spelling mistake on behalf of the president so that's him reacting to adam schiff the us democrat who we heard
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a little bit earlier now let's talk about the issue with the cia the issue of intelligence as well because this is clearly part of donald trump's reluctance to talk about jamal khashoggi and at least the involvement of muhammad and someone is back with us actually we spoke to him last hour former intelligence officer he's in torrance in the u.k. on skype nice to see you again bob i'd like to go back to a point we discussed last hour and that is about the intelligence itself you made the point that it is not necessarily u.s. intelligence we're talking about even though it is the cia which has come to this conclusion about jamal khashoggi it's based not on their own work. that's true there there may be some of original cia analysis that's contributed to their conclusion but the majority of the information i'm sure has been provided by the turkish intelligence service we've seen that they clearly had the saudi embassy wired six ways from sunday they were recording or phone calls or recording activity
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that was happening inside the embassy and that's how much we know the amount that we don't know is still very interesting that's one of the reasons i believe that president trump is exhibiting a great deal of caution as to what he says or what he doesn't say because once he commits if the turks reveal more information that makes the president look either stupid or misrepresenting facts is going to leave further and further in for their doubts in people's minds as to his competence to run the country and he got to me allies here almost we know he's very strong with the saudis but the turks our allies as well the cia is supposed to be an ally as well that donald trump sort of wants to please everyone and no one all that once well the cia is not supposed to be an ally the cia is supposed to be an extension of the united states government it's an intelligence collection organization are supposed to collect information and make it as factually correct and as unbiased as possible the problem with that
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at least we're seeing a problem recently is that although the intelligence may be factually correct it may be unbiased it may be brother complete it's not necessarily accept that is being valid by the president and that's a that's a challenge that i don't believe the intelligence community has ever had to face before the political intransigence of the head of state simply saying i don't believe what you've said is it's something that's confounding the intelligence community. so where to from here then do you think there is a chance of donald trump well let's assume that he's not going to come out and out and say mohammed bin soundman did this is there a sort of middle ground or a step down from that which would satisfy an amusing that would likely satisfy everyone. i don't think so i mean we're. it's binary either the crown prince ordered it or he didn't order it and there's no there's no
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in between there's no middle ground there the middle ground may exist then what do you do about it if you did indeed order the murder then the question of what you do about it becomes one in which we can explore lots of alternatives and perhaps lots of different combinations of middle ground now one extreme would be a complete cessation of diplomatic relations with the government of saudi arabia that's very very extreme the other extreme would be some sort of a statement says oh we're so sad you get that don't do it again place somewhere in between those two extremes is what would come to pass now how much it's going to be on the side of the extreme right or the extreme left is going to depend on the involvement of the u.s. congress the intel community their condition in trying to keep their mouths shut when not political temperature gauge goes up unfortunately this case the u.s. intel community is not the only one that's got an iron and are the turks there as
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well. the senate and the house can bring great pressure to bear on the president they can bring great pressure to bear on saudi arabia through it well having hearings and investigation calling witnesses making these public and they can continue to explore this for months and months and months while saudi swings in the wind because they don't know what's going to be said next they don't know who's going to say it better how much is going to be revealed what likely scenario would be one that would probably ameliorate the situation would be for the saudis to say we're not really sure whether the crown prince did it but because we want to maintain good relations with the rest of the world we're going to make the crown prince the ambassador to inner mongolia and similarly country and part appoint somebody else as the new leader designate and that may go a long way toward assuaging some of the people's opinions of how so he's been
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trying to travel to so to say takes positive action that would perhaps mitigate situation bob is thank you for coming back and talking to us again again your area of expertise that with intelligence thank you you're welcome. we have heard from a number of u.s. politicians we've heard from donald trump of course then see graham also adam schiff and now it is rand paul the republican senator he's been speaking at c.b.s. this morning the united states really the only thing they understand over there is strength i think they will see sanctions as weakness on the part of the president and the president wants to actually he should cut off the arms sale not only because of the killing but until they stop bombing civilian populations secretary pompei o told saudi arabia three weeks ago stop bombing civilian populations since then saudi arabia has bombed cities two hundred times are not listening. one
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other note would like to bring you in relation to jamal khashoggi and this is another prominent saudi well this is a saudi cleric actually who is now awaiting his fate after the country's public prosecutor prosecutor called for the death penalty salman was arrested a year ago as part of mohamed bin someone's crackdown on dissent his son has been speaking to al-jazeera up front with many her son about the case. do you think they're serious about that that they would really execute a cleric as prominent as your father salma outer world do you think those who went to the saudi consulate were serious to take the liar for the prominent journalist and veteran. it's i mean it's the same mentality it's a pattern it didn't it did not start with my father did not start with it's a pattern that we have it with we have seen through the past twenty and
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a half since the crown prince came to power they did everything in their power to just silence others to crackdown on dissent to just do impulsive policy you say it's a power some might say yes it is a power your father was arrested imprisoned published by the saudi authorities in the past who in the one nine hundred ninety s. when he was a quote unquote islamist rabble rouser his critics said many would say why he's being imprisoned with m.b.a.'s the saudi government under any prince or king has always taken a very dim view of people who oppose the government is that so it's true to really is all this tyranny. trying to ask and demand political reform is never something that should be punished for political reform that my father and other spoke for. is actually the solution is actually the path towards civil
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liberty will come back to the political reform in a moment just to confirm many say your father was arrested in september twenty seventh because he refused to publish a tweet to his fourteen million followers at the request of the saudi government that supported the saudi led blockade of qatar which full disclosure owns this channel owns al-jazeera english is that true it's a trigger it's true because after he tweeted when he when he heard about the year he comes. ation between the qatar and saudi government he tweeted a lot between their hearts for the better of their people a few hours after that tweet he was arrested that was the trigger that's of course the direct reason that he was arrested in september two thousand seventy but there is a long yes yes history and relationship but full interview on up front with me at the house and it's coming up next here on the channel it over eight thirty g.m.t. on monday and it is also online for you already and al-jazeera dot com go to the
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shows section you'll find upfront there. final thing we're going to hear from final person we're going to hear from you should say to do with jamal khashoggi is trita parsi who is the founder and president of the national iranian american council a spokeswoman newsgroup earlier he said that seems to be a strong push for change against the saudi government. i don't think you can go on for much longer i think we have reached a point in which clearly not only in the foreign policy elites but also inside the trumpet ministration itself that we have reached a momentum a tipping point in which. those arguing to continue the u.s. saudi relationship with business as usual are really losing out and that there is this very strong push for at least some form of a change perhaps it will not be as fundamental as some would have wished for but something that essentially says we have put all of our eggs in the saudi basket we're letting the saudis essentially run us foreign policy right now and that is
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a mistake it does not lie in the u.s. national interest and something has to change this is not something that started with m.p.'s certainly far more wrecked less than previous saudi monarchs but the saudi government has been kneedeep in supporting terrorism for decades been kneedeep in supporting even groups such as isis providing them with the seed money grabbing radical islam and doing a lot of different things that have been highly problematic in that the u.s. for decades have turned a blind eye to. what's coming up for you on al-jazeera israel's prime minister says he hopes his coalition partners won't bring down the government he's just been holding a news conference in israel we're going to hear more about that shortly. hello
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again welcome back where across we are seeing some cloudy and rainy conditions across the western portions of the area you can see those clouds pushing through right here a lot of clouds across most of iraq down here towards the saudi border we are going to be seeing some rain showers as well aleppo a cool day for you all the region to about eighteen degrees not looking too bad for beirut still clouds in your forecast at twenty five but as we go towards tuesday most of those clouds shift over here towards the east so we are going to see more sun in the forecast so aleppo eighteen to about one thousand degrees there but looking a little bit better in terms of sunshine here across much of the arabian peninsula not looking too bad down here towards the south we are still watching those rain showers up towards the northern part of saudi but over here toward still hot twenty eight degrees and the forecast as we go towards tuesday twenty nine and not looking too bad but muscat is going to be a nice day with about twenty eight degrees in your forecast there much of the southern portions of africa are going to be seeing clouds and some spotty showers
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in the forecast over the next few days and for cape town that means we are going to be seeing low twenty's few of clouds in the forecast there but the temperatures are on the rise particularly here towards durban we're going to start with a temperature there on monday of about twenty three degrees but as we go towards tuesday those temperatures are really increasing we do expect to see about thirty seven degrees in your forecast. the meeting voice of the business world mostly at expo brings together hundreds of companies and investors from all over the world if you are ready to enter new markets let's meet in turkey let's win together must get exposed november twenty first or the twenty fourth at sienna is dumble for details information and registration mostly at expo dot com the mates their work project and they don't want the members of the community vaccinators targeted and vaccines rejected pakistan faces a constant battle in its war against polio
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a very difficult situation al jazeera follows the extraordinary health workers who risk their lives in one of polio is final strongholds and we don't assume terse work we haven't heard the story dates or we're doing lifelines the last drops on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist but i was getting to the truth as i would say that's what this job. is back on the news hour here at al-jazeera i'm come all santa maria we're looking at some of the day's other news now and israel's prime minister says he hopes his
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coalition partners won't be bringing down the government netanyahu just holding a news conference in israel and our correspondent is stephanie decker who's been watching that stephanie what did the prime minister have to say. well he announced that he would be assuming the role of the defense minister this of course comes following the resignation of avigdor lieberman on wednesday it lieberman quoting his dissatisfaction with that ceasefire that was achieved with hamas after hamas fired four hundred sixty rockets at israel so netanyahu also making very clear that it was a difficult decision but that these rady public didn't know all the details of it basic coming across very confidently saying that it wasn't time to use politics when it was such a sensitive security time this is also very much a message to the israeli public. backlash and really to the criticism that he's been getting from other ministers in his cabinet including naftali bennett who's
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the education minister saying that this is now become a left wing government so he's basically warning them not to put out only has one seat majority at the moment we're hearing from what we understand that there will be a press conference tomorrow morning by naftali bennett and also the justice minister so we have to wait and see what they have to say whether they're going to be pulling out because bennett initially had threatened to pull out if he wasn't awarded the post of defense minister it's a lot of political say come all but certainly people will tell you the bigger picture is this netanyahu had been keen to go to early elections even before what happened the tensions of escalation with gaza but he doesn't want to do it under these kinds of circumstances and many people will tell you how masses are already played it as various victories one of them was that they managed to discover the special forces that led to that botched operation the second was that they then achieved the cease fire another thing they've been praising the third the resignation of. also hamas is praising that as
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a victory so maybe will tell you that they don't want to be seen to give hamas another victory would be to see pulling down this right wing government but again nothing is clear at the moment the government still stands and we're going have to just wait and see how the next few days play out ok stephanie dechen updating us from west jerusalem thank you. the united nations in the red cross say hundreds of thousands of people are in immediate danger from renewed fighting in her day there in yemen the saudi iraqi coalition is trying to retake the key port city from the hutu rebels u.n. officials are saying eight point four million people are in danger of full scale famine muhammad reports from across the red sea in djibouti after a brief pause in fighting a few days ago the besieged city of her days again in flames. fighters us a top targeted industrial complex on the outskirts with rockets and artillery because it was a base for the pro-government alliance backed by so did. its forces took control of
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these parts of the eastern suburbs a few days ago philthy commanders say they resent people cease fire is simply a ploy to allow their allies to the group in the military escalation must be met with a similar escalation once the balance of power is gained although they are in possession of advanced technologies sophisticated weapons in addition to the logistic support from the usa then a political solution can be acceptable to them if we remain weak they will dictate their own terms. the two day lolling fighting earlier this week seems all but shouted on the residents of the city are bracing themselves for more fight. video posted on the internet by the pro-government dance brigade shows troops advancing toward the neighborhood south of the of the city's airport. who data has been under attack for months dolphus it is aimed at cutting controlled areas from
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their main supply route. the u.n. and the international red cross say the resumption of fighting is and they do the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in that densely populated city . the head of the world food program was just visited today that says yemenis are only months away from full scale. we asked the leaders of this country to give us the access that we need the support that we need unimpeded access so that we can be engaged doing what we do this saving in changing the port of her day that is a lifeline for millions of yemenis up to eighty percent of humanitarian supplies fuel and goods on which they depend dock here aid workers talk on the docks is still a possibility something that could put out risk more than fourteen million a dependent yemenis on the fighting is said to continue as both sides try to gain
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more territory ahead of peace talks due to be held on the end of the year is. djibouti versions prime minister says attempts to topple him from power will be pointless and risk causing delays to break that negotiations to resume its critics are urging her to return to brussels to demand more concessions for her draft deal to leave the e.u. conservative party opponents are gathering support for a challenge to her leadership as well though it is unclear whether the forty eight letters of no confidence needed to trigger a vote have actually been sent the change of leadership at this point isn't going to make the negotiations any easier and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic what it will do what it will do is bring in a degree of uncertainty that's uncertainty for people and their jobs what it will do is mean that is a risk that actually we delay the negotiations and that's a risk that wrecks it gets to lay off frustrated. now the united states is rushing to finish its border wall with the mexican city of to try to keep thousands of
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central american migrants out these are the ones of course making their way through mexico hoping to seek asylum in the u.s. more than three thousand now seeking shelter in a sports complex in tijuana castro has been speaking to some of them. they came in the night bus loads of central american asylum seekers greeted by the applause of those who arrived before them. but morning illuminates the challenge ahead american workers rushing to complete the border wall and u.s. soldiers nearby then the u.s. i'm asking god to help us pass and give us asylum in about three thousand members of the caravan are now in t. wanna radius and her family joined the line of the chopper out port of entry adding their names to a wait list of more than fourteen hundred families ahead of them they already travelled a month on foot but it will be weeks more before their turn to claim asylum more
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night their sick daughter will sleep with no roof and no bed they have them all. she good with me and has the flu and colds and fever u.s. authorities are allowing only a few dozen asylum seekers a day to pass through the port of entry citing strained resources is a was going on in that it they say due to the lack of resources but they have the resources to deport thousands of people a day they just want people to give up the border wall is a solid barrier between tijuana and the u.s. that extends all the way into the ocean trying to swim around or trying to scale the top is simply too dangerous of a prospect for the vast majority of migrants get a desperate few have tried. most are unaware of u.s. president donald trump's executive order to deny asylum to anyone who crosses eat legally but almost all say they're planning to wait anyway they'll claim asylum
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legally they say even though it means prolonging their time in the u.s. borders shadows. and harvey is still reporting from tijuana forest high the better tell us about the crowd that's gathered behind you what are they about. that's right this is representative of the very mixed reaction that these asylum seekers have received in tijuana well we've seen volunteers appear at the shelter to give out food and to give out clothing there's also this scene these are anti migrant protesters who have been occupying this want to landmarks in the morning you're hearing them chant things like invaders are poor first and they say that they were motivated to come here by social media post video of a few members of the caravan who had been going through barriers on their way north who had one conference. that is like a was more than he was already.
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was. i. was was a protester who came here today and it was night when police pushed out by only by having their memories there were part of a confrontation on the first day that i can survive and they were sleeping on the. rocks at any given i mean and children that come from the hated was out of there had been no reports of any crime because either there's never been a. very worried they're being egged on by their own merit they are they want to migrate publicly leave was that was said about it we're sitting here in. president of mexico not
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a i think she. got into office and he. said that he's asylum seekers and it was i think was a bad idea though following on from very high they can time i think ok i don't like america take the kind of job. ok heidi if you can still hear me thank you things getting very noisy at that anti immigrant rally intifadah. now five crews in northern california are preparing for the arrival of high winds as they continue to fight the deadliest wildfires to hit the u.s. in a century we're now looking at least seventy six people dead and thirteen hundred still missing or at least unaccounted for rain is also for cars later in the week which will provide some response for fire crews but could also complicate the search for human remains with the water mixing of course with all of that ash kristen salumi
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with us now she's in the city of chico in northern california i believe a church shelter kristen. yeah come on i'm at the east avenue church which has opened its doors as a shelter for evacuees about two hundred fifty people are staying here some are staying inside in the gymnasium others are camping outside with their dogs intense it's been a huge recipient of volunteerism a lot of people coming as we've been standing here we just saw a food truck pull up from a local restaurant setting up a table to offer food to people but many challenges here and to talk about that i'm joined by one of the volunteers had a y. glyn who is a nursing student who was working at a hospital in paradise that has since burned to the ground she's from chico and she's been volunteering here for eight days hanna what is happening here what who's come here for help most of the population that's come here is act.


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