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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 42  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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song. while it to me. invited him some in the house trained me to come visit us how to be a general viet. nam this is how you go to show you. are still here she didn't. have to keep their. father to. a so out ahead of washington. decided itself on the bloody heaven and says look i love this stuff i. can't believe. i had double the month of. ramadan the holy month that it will. be hated to much. but in. the market and in the common enough of the stuff i think including
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with what i learned i'm a good at it that's probably. the whole new month about how i'm feeling in me and with a formality. i took a sign of how often he may bow out of an embassy at. night if. he could not have a whole lot of. ground . zero mosque on a national. yes. i sure wish to. visit me. not going to drive not how sudden
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doesn't. doesn't rise you keep. an eye on your household that any non it sounds like this shop is a lot that a high amazon low a gene in law should suffer out me out on me at home the one in golf. and you know sort of the off market at a. seminar you shop on hell no. longer best infusion the issue not a hard job and you are fairly short on. an assignment the next and you know you're not going to see and you are screwed very. money on didn't i arrive next year you point. made i did that with the home of hundred c.e. mentality maharaj and i know that not in the house i did not have good methods.
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shannon. had this man who she does full being. who she doesn't mind and also have an awful enjoyment in mind just a question shy iommi and that's all the. time tight is home and she'll miss me job until cindy and keep. them attention until that that. and a half i could be a while and a half i leave the station because you own your own mission on. stand with tom sound would show up in the shot then he holds find out the stance. of the missile could ha ha. ha ha motionless how. it's your street.
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and my house on any office unless you miss any kind of specifics you first. need to get. to know or to borrow a good time when an. investor like you can.
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she looked like. she. looked. when she went into the south end of a van now whom i'm. sure
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. to be on the scene you can do so good. and. just on a cold cold cold with them dodging by yaks not by a hole but out the by tree. would have been hard it was this ocean that was this is how that somebody. should. be shut. the whole m.b.a. i nanny i had them on our guard and i had them in law but how they just said i'm sorry then walk on yeah has said no ani and to me harm anyone. there is
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a lot of korean companies work in baghdad you know k a i come there come on time that you know you say. to the airports don't know yet if you are young you know a lot of companies want to know what we can follow you. follow you need someone from zero zero zero zero zero sun the sun even on oh yeah. i don't. know. if it. could in ash you know so we had a one hundred eighty to suffer. and that's how local job or some way. most of the chinese return the month of communication been on the market and
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she's mom damn it might to be from one room i had to go out on the left and you got i guess my name was richard number that is she not me and not much of a time when they visited me i walked out what am i to be an uncommon name to mina how i knew. that what i mean i only they let me know if it was to do it. what was it done why am i mean. when the . call i mean. john out of korea. has softly on a bid and you are a should not quote a general and how you are enough is enough that hired a shill and i would call it. what hon and nearly amended has said when you had to add everything just told her she'd see a haitian against you on the corner where. you see in yourself the ones where korea and you don't. get on this it's the i'm not good for ya mind you are from the
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country that's where you are now because you're a stranger now marketplace. i'm unlucky it's mine i studied even the whites are just what you did see it was the make up on your knees as though that is the substance abuse no i didn't send it up only up because i said it cause it's not my fault this is because i was going to. which of its million it was an idiot how it shall be included there are many that let you name i mean i am very mocking its use you call them. scientifically i've got a lot of fire and yes it is the other songs on there. you know and. that is so mean by the heart and. i mean we're not in our home our own and run someone who wanted. to or. for us
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to clash. and. because you know he did us the semi-colon and you cannot go and get into haiti do it seems. that you've got to be some kind of one hundred like you know how to follow. up i may not work out well you know you know me i'm very you know how you fell under. the sun and this is kind of evil stuff that can. put the columbia vigil book would have the. tone was not now my issue in this vein without that why would there be hell when has. the almost somewhat head of the media when i don't know i think it's i'm going to stay you know i couldn't without the how bad they said you know how bad could it. on the i'll be the judge of the stuff. i married is every. cent i want.
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a most are them in. my mind i hope i'm. ok i'm. ok. compassing me to my yeah. and this is. not all come custom i could not. could i have all this color ships care about the master degree each professor. to select or tuesday students depending on their funds oh you want to be through. with it through the year for resisting. these three. or maybe even better lives for my. person you said electron microscopes.
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have no ability to bring this devises in our. laboratory so now i see. they make the cable bill that's really. so so you price for me. and my how was she did i ask why no especially. want to use it and then they have us with nothing on the. start. only said it will have me don't want. part time job. hello mike. the hey lynn hole on the chin difficult enough to model. it if it didn't know. was she always you know what i thought it was shallow funny annoying on has it very much
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the drama of michelle lean back then job the baby may just want to i said i got to see out which. is you. know how is the out there as you walk. in the children head charlie otoh if we were to bottom on the time with the phone you have to vary the home so do you want to have a very big. enough so sorely shivah tell you ali g. i don't want to come in on the eve of nona. no one has thought i was stuck. to. my house on a scholarship and both of them and. the fossils. oh i was you know the most out of the five so false. and off she you know. not at all about it becoming law just it. took over that was.
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gloria i let me i don't mean on the one. time that to imply love. to believe dr jonathan three gunmen so famous in the high on the. edge. has. got to come in handy mt heads going to do one. or two and not instead so i had but as i left. i also. saw this also. against in his arms kid who is going to stand up and fight for what is right on the shores of padded dice progress for some can create
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a living hell for others challenging his government and big business one man risked his life to save the community he cherishes it is not to be that someone that can do not stand. the opposition a witness documentary on out sitting on. the meeting voice of the business world mostly at expo brings together hundreds of companies and investors from all over the world if you already joined a new markets let's meet in turkey let's wind together to expose november twenty first to the twenty fourth at sienna is dumble for details information on registration most yet exposed dot com for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave in the one nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and
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dumped a lot of this who tony and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was no effort to line it and therefore the seawater is is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it. really we're not talking just a marshall amps we're talking the whole suite of. this is al-jazeera.
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on has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes it was very violent very vicious and terrible donald trump says he won't listen to. tapes as divisions deepen within the republican party over relations with saudi arabia. yemen the rebels say they're ready for a broad a ceasefire if the saudi led coalition wants peace. israel's prime minister rejects calls for an early election and warns allies against pulling out from his government. women in bosnia and herzegovina raising their voice to save their rivers. u.s. president donald trump says he doesn't want to listen to a recording of the murder of saudi journalist. he described it he described the
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recording given to the u.s. by turkey as very violent and very vicious made the comments on fox news in an interview recorded before the cia briefed the trumpet ministration on the murder and its belief that saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman ordered it wasn't in jordan reports i did not know for the first time u.s. president donald trump says he knows exactly what's in the audiotape surrounding the death of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it's a suffering tape it's a terrible tape i've been fully briefed on it there's no reason for me to hear it in fact i said to the people they said you really should and there's no reason i know exactly i know everything that went all the time without having to tell you what happened to trump revealed this information during an interview he. on friday the same day that several newspapers reported that according to the cia because she was killed on orders of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salim on trump's
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position during the interview and the white house's position now it's still too soon to say who ordered the murder and i don't know you know who can really know what if the crime trend is speaking to you the president of the united states directly lied to you a lot that he told me that he had nothing to do with it he told me that i would say maybe five times in the last two years trump and his son in law jarrett cushion or had grown close to the crown prince they see him as key to their goal of isolating iran into promoting u.s. economic growth but on capitol hill the idea that mohamed bin solomon is a friend of the u.s. is dying i'm going to do whatever i can to place blame where i believe it lies i'm a put it at the feet of the crown prince who has been a destructive force in the middle east the embargo or without telling anybody this war in yemen has gotten completely out of control he put the prime minister of lebanon under house arrest is clearly this guy's
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a wrecking ball some in congress say trump's long running hatred of the intelligence community is keeping him from doing the right thing the president needs to listen to what our intelligence committee has to say what our best professionals assessment is and it's vitally important that this ministration not allow itself to become part of any saudi coverup and while the u.s. has imposed sanctions on seventeen saudi officials others in congress are pushing for much tougher punishment we need to punish who ordered this who's in charge and really the only thing they understand over there is strength already there are two efforts underway in congress to block arms sales to the saudis not just to end the civil war in yemen but also to send a message to the white house it won't be allowed to ignore the indefensible rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. is live for us now in washington supposedly what else did the president have to say about these old you know recordings and what does it
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tell us about his whole position on this one oh well he seemed to contradict the official explanation from the saudi prosecutor who said that there was a drug injection and that it was an overdose he talked about it being a violent horrible terrible audiotape that he doesn't want to listen to but then he went on to talk about how important saudi arabia is and did not could the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon could have possibly done it he said he told me he didn't do it he told me for at least five times he didn't do it so this is basically what we've seen from the very beginning the president of the united states not wanting to call out the saudi crown prince even though his own intelligence agency says that it is separate phone calls that give them the belief with high confidence that's not something the intelligence community says often with high confidence that he ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi the president obviously dettori slee feuds with his intelligence community i think we saw
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a little bit of that play out where he was adamant that it didn't think he went all the way to m.b.'s and then you saw the intelligence we need leaked to a whole lot of media outlets to say no in fact the intelligence community does think that mohamed bin solomon was in fact behind it but it goes to show you that the president has been this entire time reluctant to put it at the feet of the crown prince and the president said earlier that he was expecting this full report . on their assessments of the shoji killing on tuesday we expecting anything particularly new another we haven't heard already. you know i don't really i don't think anyone exactly knows where this tuesday report is coming from if that's going to be the intelligence community coming out and that's the white house or if it's going to be him saying i was briefed on it now i know and i don't think it's anything that we can implicate the current prince and the bigger question is going to be how many senators congressmen rebuke the president because you've just heard
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there are a lot of very powerful voices and it's bipartisan it's democrats republicans in the house and the senate they want to see some sort of repercussions not just for saudi arabia the for the crown prince the question here is how many of them are there because it's the president signaled pretty clearly that he doesn't want to take any steps that he could potentially veto any sort of legislation that impacts saudi arabia so they'd have to have two thirds majority to override that veto we're not going to know that this week because the congress is out of session at the holiday week here so they're back in their home districts and home states but i think shortly after that you'll start to see some momentum towards congress doing something to hold who they think is responsible for this which is the crown prince all right betty cohen live in washington. corey is a senior fellow and professor at the american university of beirut he was a friend of jim joins us via skype now from boston thanks very much for being
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with us so i want to ask you first of all what are the implications. cia reports which is come to the conclusion that they believe mohammed bin some man was behind the killing and president. position at the moment that he's not entirely convinced about that. well president trumps position like on most foreign policy issues is all over the place it goes up and down his factually a pretty ignorant about most of these issues and morally he seems to be pretty untethered he doesn't have strong moral convictions is seems to be motivated more by making america grit as he says and promoting the business dealings of his family and cronies. and selling of american equipment the really significant mentions of the cia leak are actually quite extraordinary in my view because you now have a question
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a way or at least confiscation between the cia and the president in making foreign policy you have internal differences serious differences within the republican party and you have clashes between the president and congress which once many in congress by biden across the ohio bipartisan support to pass legislation to somehow punish so to rabea even of that evidence is not fully conclusive but if the cia says with high probability or high confidence that they're sure something it means they have actually really specific firsthand information this this is pretty strong evidence of this many dimensions of this now that are quite active in confrontational ways within just within washington let alone between washington and saudi arabia and between the united states and many of the big powers around the world and is this increasingly putting the u.s. and specifically as trumpet ministration on
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a collision course with the saudis as far as mohammed bin said a man's position in saudi arabia when it comes to i know this is a little speculative but when it come to a point where the king will will be for his hand will be forced. as as far as as what to do with his son. if the cia finding is verified beyond a doubt any reasonable doubt and has made the findings are made public somehow then certainly they are the king of saudi arabia so men will really be forced to make a decision but the point about this so a good decision making process is that even though how many been so man the conference has gathered a lot of power it's much of a symbolic hour where he had various agencies but the actual power is still shared among hundreds of princes and some technical people in the security agencies and others that are close to various people in the government many of them now close to
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the crown prince but there's a consensus process in saudi arabia that haven't been so man has has vastly disrupted but has not totally obliterated especially if he is the object of people's doubts and if there is a criminal deed here that was premeditated we're talking about a premeditated assassination in the vulgar and brutal manner of a so the citizen and then his body against all islamic principles and traditions was cut up and dissolved in acid i mean this is greater in criminality and them around to be to any decent so they are muslim if it's proven true what do we know it's true that he was killed this way but whether the crown prince said a link or not so that level of novelty an unprecedented issues in this situation is really very high higher than it's ever been and therefore the king definitely will be force if the evidence comes out he'll be forced to make a choice and many others within saudi arabia will probably demand some changes be
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made what the sooner still we don't know all right good to speak can you as always rami hooty in boston thanks very much. ahmed vall has more now on the tech issue action to what trump's been saying about the high shoji case he has outside saudi consulate in istanbul. we don't have any official reaction here in turkey on the latest that has been discussed and said in washington particularly by president donald trump but we know from the what has been going on and discussed here in turkey that your forty's here are feeling that now that this case has been taken to the highest circles in washington there is a sense of relief here in turkey because they have been. trying with the saudi authorities to do things that could lead to a conclusion like for instance handing the suspects to take you to be tried on the soil where they had committed the crime or or also giving information on the
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whereabouts of the body none of that has been done by the saudis so now they are looking to washington to do more on this case to put more pressure on the saudis and there is as i said.


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