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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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the white house has promised sometime today or on tuesday with regard to the killing of. thank you kimberly how cats at the white house just one other note here germany is taking action against the people suspected of killing to show it will impose travel bans on eighteen some of these that means they will not be allowed to mean to germany or europe's schengen zone dominic kane with more from the other. two announcements from germinal florida is regarding the saudi arabian government and its role in the affair the first came from foreign minister in brussels where he and i once the decision to impose travel bans on eighteen saudi citizens who have been implicated in this affair calling for other european governments to follow suit and then separately here in berlin the economy ministry has announced that all arms exports to saudi arabia whether they offer you church signed agreements or current signed agreements are to be frozen that is important because
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the german armaments industry doesn't support considerable amount several many kids consignments to the saudi authorities well all those are now curtis hailed truncated as it were the point will be whether this is something that will be followed by other european governments certainly that's what the german government wants to see the course of concern and then criticism that came here in germany was equalled was was as it were followed suit by european authorities but now the question is will other european authorities impose an arms embargo ahead on al-jazeera the rest of the day's news and yemen's warring sides have made announcements that could bring about peace after three years of conflict and israel's government is now really avoids collapse but an early election may still be on the counts.
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hello again and welcome back we're here across the west we are watching a little bit of a break in the clouds as the clouds have been moving through of the last couple days so your forecast here on tuesday looks better but it's just going to be for one day with aleppo seeing some partly cloudy skies a twenty beirut twenty four in jerusalem a twenty but as we go towards wednesday the activity that's in the mediterranean is going to make its way towards the east and we are going to be seeing it increase of clouds and also the potential of some showers along with that here as we go towards the rest of the day for quite city high temperature with those winds coming out of the northwest maybe about twenty three degrees there across the arabian peninsula really not looking too bad but we do have one area spotty showers here coming down the coast of saudi arabia we do think some clouds may be affecting parts of qatar over the next few days temperatures there about twenty nine to greece but on wednesday really not looking too bad tempers come down slightly twenty seven degrees here over towards we expect to see about twenty seven as well but warm
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conditions along the coast regions that will mon with celeste seeing thirty two degrees and your forecasts and then very quickly as i make a way down here towards the southern part of africa we are still seeing some clouds down here along the coastal regions of cape town temptress here in durban while we are looking at a warm thirty one degrees but that is going to be dropping over terms now to about twenty one.
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top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera saudi arabia's king solomon used his first speech since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi to praise the saudi judicial system which is investigating his death. but his murder is causing divisions at the top of the us republican party there are conflicting opinions about what action to take against the crown prince mohammed bin salman the cia reportedly blames for the murder. two other news the u.n. special envoy to yemen has welcomed the who three decision to stop drone and missile strikes against the saudi that coalition the iranian backed rebels also say they're ready for a broader cease fire if the coalition quote wants peace but this comes as yemen
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saudi backed government also confirms it's taking part in the u.n. backed talks and sweet later this month all the details of mohammed oh he's in japan. these are the kind of attacks the voters say will that ballistic missiles fired into soda be a from across the south of the border in the house but i'll pull the president of the hold the supreme leader committee said we are now so initiatives by calling on the yemeni official forty's to stop the launching of missiles and drones on the u.s. so the countries on their allies in yemen in order to stop and it just difficult for their continued aggression or siege while preparing to freeze or stop military operations on all fronts to reach a just an honorable peace if they really want peace for the people of yemen. after we started using missile attacks and we started to target saudi forces near
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the border saudi arabia is now portraying its aggression on yemen as if it is just a response to our border attacks via for today steep imes to once again clarify our position. we also announce that we are ready to stop all operations at all fronts to show the world who was doing what and to give peace a chance we want to prove to the world that we want peace but hell the rebels are still preparing to battle in the vital port city of data even though pro-government forces say they have paused fighting ahead of peace negotiations in sweden and to allow in humanitarian aid this just in case the sodium rotty coalition ignores the . two and the tux well the wall is. a chance to the so be. they really want to e.c.m. island into the so they will actually accept it because many times you have similar
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. still this only and not to. international pressure has been mounting on yemen's warring parties to end the us killed thousands of people and pushed the country to the verge of starvation the threat from diseases grows all the time and we had an update from mohammed or not long ago on the changing diplomatic situation peace talks between the yemen's warring parties is looking ever more likely because for the first time we're seeing a united international community countries like britain the united states france all singing from the same hymn sheet exhorting pressure on this so the democratic correlation as well as the who with these and the last round of talks talks in geneva collapsed because the holders did not turn up now martin griffith the u.n. special envoy says he will travel with them from san are to sweden if need be which
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makes many people have hopes that talks might be possible at last. now britain's prime minister says her brags that plan is best for jobs as she battles officials from her own party you want her out tourism aides told business leaders that his strategy on exiting the european union is the best deal britain can get even as it causes such widespread political opposition meanwhile a u. foreign ministers have been meeting in brussels ahead of a summit on sunday expected to formally sign off on through the maze. we are in fact at the decisive moment in this process no one no one should lose side of the process the progress that will be achieved dressers and london. pretty that ministers today should pour two overall package in particular member states through ports of the draft which directly meant let's talk more about this we've got lawrence layers outside the house of
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parliament in westminster in london. has this threat. of trouble. i think i think the only headline you can draw come out from today is that they think that the threats has reduced very substantially at least for the time being these things really only in politics as you know are all about momentum at the end at the end of last week which is a very fragile period for some reason may that the real hardcore the people who regard the deal as she's done with the european union as being a capitulation were saying very clearly that by now there would have been forty eighth's conservative members of parliament who would have written letters expressing no confidence in the prime minister and by now they would have triggered the vote of no confidence to try to mount a leadership challenge even on sunday nights when they hadn't got the letters they were saying well you know these m.p.'s are out in their constituencies taking
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soundings and we're short on monday they'll come back and all letters will go in it hasn't happened and some of the leading rebels have been reduced today to saying that perhaps some of their parliamentary colleagues hadn't been telling the truth about their intentions which doesn't really look particularly strong as as a line i think what's happened is that they've come to a conclusion many of them that if they did mount a leadership challenge now it wouldn't be just forty eight letters that have to have of votes among all or consent of m.p.'s to get one hundred fifty eight concession pieces voting against it and i think they just decided that that's just simply not going to happen and that they're better off waiting for the time being as i've said a million times the really significant moment is going to be when there's a full parliamentary vote on december the tenth and the rebels are hoping that at that period at that point in time they'll be enough members of parliament from across the piece he will vote the whole thing down which would surely then lead to
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theresa may having to go but for the time being momentum i think is is. still with reason why she's still there pushing her case and they are the the real hard core i think the looking a bit more fragile than that than they were a couple of days ago and lawrence had all the key players in europe regardless because they presumably just want to get on with it and sign something. yeah and i think i think at the moment obviously but by extension they're in the ascendancy michel barnier they're talking about how they got the thing through the foreign ministers today which which sets the scene plainly for it to be rubber stamps when the e.u. leaders the twenty seven meets on on sunday they're very happy with it with a deal which keeps the u.k. at least in trade terms in the european orbits potentially until twenty twenty two by which time they'll be a general election in this country and i think that the european view will be that between now and december the tenth they're hoping that series i'm
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a is going to be able to say to the hardcore look if you don't back my position then we run the risk of not leaving the european union at all which i think is still perfectly possible and equally to reason is going to say to those opposition m.p.'s who want to stay in the european union if you get rid of me in that parliamentary vote then there might be a no deal so they the sort of mechanism i think that downing street and their whips are going to run over the course the next fortnight or so said basically play both sides off against each other it's for a politician of the prime minister who looked like she didn't know what she was doing is starting to look a bit more as though it's quite a canny game and she is finding a way of playing both sides off against each other stuff lawrence lay with that on the bridge that negotiations from london thank you. when the world's most powerful motor industry bosses has been arrested who is the chairman of the. mitsubishi
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motors alliance he's accused of grossly understating his salary and what the company calls significant misconducts natasha butler sent us this update from paris . where the board of the japanese carmaker will decide on thursday whether or not to sack call a scone as their chairman and if they do it would be an enormous fall from grace for color scone who is one of the biggest names in the motor industry he is not only the chairman for now of nes and but also of japanese carmaker mitsubishi motors he's also the chief executive of french car maker renault and what nissan saying is that they are accusing him of financial misconduct they say they've been investigating him over the past few months and that they have found that he has misused company money and assets for his own personal benefit all this came about because they said they received a report from a whistleblower detailing some of carlos cain's financial maneuverings in the
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company when their stance now handed over all their documents and information to the japanese public prosecutor's office carlos golan is under arrest in tokyo and really this is news to censure around the motoring world because he is such an icon if you like of the motoring industry someone who's had a career that spanned decades in the one nine hundred ninety s. he began to shake up renault nissan and really turned their fortunes around so this news has really come as quite a shock to many inside the industry and if he is asked to step down as chairman of nisson will be a huge blow to his career and reputation the accommodation learning company b. and b. is to remove listings of properties in illegal settlements in the west bank and it had come under criticism for not declaring that these properties were on occupied palestinian loans the company says on its website it's removing around two hundred pounds in settlements didn't specify when it would do. meanwhile israel's
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government has narrowly avoided collapse the education minister enough to be bennett had threatened to pull his party out of prime minister benjamin netanyahu coalition but it's decided to stay in the government was thrown into crisis when the defense minister avigdor lieberman resigned on wednesday more than a million children in iraq need psychological support according to a unicef survey amazing of iraqi officials and unicef and bank that discuss the range of problems facing young people in the country they found eighty percent of iraqi children experience violence at home or in school exposure to contaminated drinking water among the high youth population is also an issue. there is. a significant problem with access to potable water and this has knock on effect on health. and one of the more significant issues is the adolescent population. is the largest percentage wise in the region and is set
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to keep on growing for the future so unless we address some of the significant problems with health and education with water issues and so on. this is going to be reflected in the population in general in iraq for the future well south africa's former finance minister pravin gordhan has testified at a corruption inquiry in johannesburg got on was sacked by the former president jacob zuma but he says now corruption allowed for a climate of impunity the commission was formed to investigate allegations of state influence particularly by the influential business owners the gupta family. committee is part of president cyril ramaphosa is pledged to clean up corruption and revive south africa's struggling economy from the miller has like this now from outside the committee hearing in johannesburg. a couple of hundred people have gathered outside the building where the former finance minister pravin gordhan is
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testifying in the commission of inquiry into state capture and this is what the south africans of calling this alleged corruption and fraud within government to their allegedly benefited he lead to members of government high profile individuals and also people outside government who perhaps had a special relationship with the former president jacob zuma and the well connected in political circles the people here are saying that probably should go he's now a minister of public enterprises but they say that what happened during his watch shouldn't have and that's a civically meeting with the cook to family the family of a business people that was close to former president jacob zuma and they've been implicated in corruption and hold to do with state owned enterprises to benefit their business interests previously provin gordon had said he had never met with
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this family but in leaks testimony before his appearance today he said that he had in fact met with this family a couple of times and one of those times at the residence of the former president jacob zuma these people here are saying that this the issue of around state capture is so foregone that the rights is so far is so deep that it has to be dealt with and the only way that can happen is that is if these high profile individuals if these ministers in cabinet and doubtless and remove the leader of this party julius malema says that it shouldn't have happened under provin prudence watch but many would argue that this happened under the watch of the entire ruling party the african national. congress. let's take you to the headlines now and al-jazeera saudi arabia's king solomon has made his first public comments since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi last
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month he used his speech to the kingdom shura council to praise the saudi justice system which is investigating the murder without mentioning you by name he also discussed the war in yemen and in syria. the kingdom was established on the principles of justice and that's why we have all the trust of the judiciary and that they would do the necessary to establish the truth and so if justice the kingdom would also ensure that no penalties go unpunished. but motors still causing divisions at the top of the us republican policy in iraq conflicting opinions about what action to take against the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon who the cia reportedly blames for the murder kellyanne conway is a kid visor to the u.s. president and says donald trump has taken action on the. reluctant on the matter or even a slow moving release of the seven hundred sanctions should the secretary of state john and then it before he got there to try to get answers he's waiting for the
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final report obviously he's made many comments not just the ones that some of you consciously want to cherry pick about the tragic in unspeakable murder. of mr shogi and obviously we've already taken action. in other news yemen's government has confirmed it will attend the un back talks in sweden later this month to try to win the war the rebels are stopping their drone and missile attacks as well against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their allies the group says it's ready for a broader ceasefire if the coalition quote wants peace. one of the world's most powerful motor industry bosses has been arrested own is the chairman of the nissan rhino and mitsubishi motors alliance he is accused of grossly understating his salary and also what the company calls significant misconduct and e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss brags that as negotiations enter their most critical phase the meeting lays the groundwork for a november twenty fifth summit in brussels when e.u.
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leaders are expected to formally sign off on the u.k.'s withdrawal agreement the british prime minister has support from cabinet for a plan to leave the e.u. although several ministers have quits back with the news hour in about twenty five minutes from now right now the inside story with martine denis. yemen's who the rebels say they suspended attacks against the saudi viewing coalition the u.s. has demanded an end to the conflict that is bush millions to the brink of funding so after three years why is the u.s. stepping up its pressure now this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm martin dennis now he revels in yemen of announced a pulls in the drone and missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their allies and they say they're ready for a broader ceasefire if the saudi u.s. coalition is prepared for peace for its part the saudi u.s. coalition briefly pulled its airstrikes on the vital port city of her data but then resumed them on sunday in an apparent bid to gain more military advantage before peace talks which is due to be held in sweden by the end of the year well the u.n. is confident that all parties to the conflict will take part in those talks probably because now the u.s. has stepped up its engagement and demanded that in the words of defense secretary
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james mattis conflict be replaced by compromise this comes at a time of international outrage over the murder of the saudi germ this jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul in the u.s. congress voices critical of the administration's close ties to saudi arabia have grown. in louder increasing pressure on president truong to rethink his relationship with the kingdom's crown prince mohammed bin sound man so after three years of war could this be a pivotal moment for yemen we put this question to our guests in a moment first say let's hear what mohammed al ghul katie representative has to say . everyone knows that when saudi arabia started its aggression against yemen we did not respond for forty days we wanted to show who was doing what we wanted to make sure saudi arabia cannot find justification if we respond back and we were four
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years after the saudi aggression and after we started using missile attacks and we started to target saudi forces near the border saudi arabia is now portraying its aggression on yemen as if it is just a response to our missile and border attacks therefore today steve i'm still once again clarify our position we also announce that we are ready to stop all operations at all fronts to show the world who is doing what and to give peace a chance we want to prove to the world that we want peace. well since the murder of jamal khashoggi last month saudi arabia's governments face increasing pressure to end the war in yemen in early october as the world began to learn about the details of the killing u.s. secretary of defense james mattis said all parties needed to take part in un led peace talks within thirty days his words were swiftly backed up by secretary of state mike pompei or who called on both the hoof is and saudi u.a.e.
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coalition to stop their airstrikes and it's not just the u.s. britain dispatched its foreign secretary jeremy hunt to riyadh to press for an end to the war and other european countries have weighed in france has urged an end to fighting while austria has called for an e.u. wide ban on arms sales to saudi arabia. all right let's introduce our guests now joining us on skype from washington d.c. no bill hooray a former u.s. deputy chief of mission in yemen in oxford we have helen laettner associate researcher at the london middle east school of so us that's a university of london and in london we have elizabeth kandel senior research fellow pembroke college university of oxford welcome to you all now bill can i come to you first to ask for what is behind what appears to be a reengagement on the part of the us administration with the war in yemen. i think
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in a word it's congressional a pressure on the administration which had been mounting for a couple of years before this and it spread the word the victory off of the democrats in the midterm elections and unfortunately the murder off question of g. also had a speeding up effect also the pressure. so that it's not just longer us but it's the media it's civil society and. from that ministrations point of view what they would like to do is save the nation ship were in saudi arabia and avoided the congressional pressure in january which could do is solved in the same ship an all military assistance to solve any via our foregone of then jetted. there's
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a personal motive as well which is to save m.b.'s hammad been some on with whom they have a very special relationship absolutely not he said the u.s. has announced today and u.s. refueling of saudi warplanes engaged in operations in yemen that seems fairly significant in terms of symbolic value how far do you think the u.s. administration is prepared to go in order to get an end to the war in yemen. well this. actually sounds more event if there is and substance it's a token gesture because the planes that do it if you really are already in solidly hands a solid these have been trained in using them. and so really the u.s. saying we're not going to do this anymore doesn't mean that the refueling is nothing actually taking place so i think there was
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a shop across the. warning this hour that is that more steps may follow such as cutting off the naval blockade military sends a septa. i think the administration of donald trump left its own devices probably would not go beyond the symbolic steps but. pressure from congress on school who are going to complete cut off military. participation in this war by the u.s. and military assistance right oh you know what i mean that's the main ok coming to you helen said it wasn't that long ago it was june of this year that the security council failed to agree on a statement that was. issued by sweeten it was the u.s. and the u.k. who objected to it the the statement called for this how do you a coalition to implement
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a cease fire what's changed since between june and now because we've got the u.k. as well as other european countries now all calling for an end to hostilities in yemen. yes i think what has changed is the first the two factors that were just mentioned by now below namely the increased pressure from congress here in u.k. also increased pressure from parliament there have been discussions both in the house of commons and house of lords on the issue and of course the murder of her shogi but i think in addition there are two major factors which have been you know which have emerged in the last two or three months which were not of there in june which is basically that the situation of famine and the desperation of the millions of yemenis has become much more visible and people in the west and elsewhere have become much more aware of it i think it's important to note that people in yemen have been dying from malnutrition related diseases as
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a result of this naval blockade for many many months the un said in early twenty's thirteen to twenty seventeen that this was that famine was on the brink and they're still not declaring a family but the reality is that millions of yemenis are suffering enormously and the majority of them are dying at home in their areas the few have made it to hospitals the newspapers and the media and the television have shown them and this is creating quite an outcry on the humanitarian situation so i think there's a little further factor that is persuading the us and britain to now take some action and coming to you elizabeth in london i mean the young going horrors of the more we've documented quite. religiously here at al-jazeera but many of
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the international media organizations of of pretty much ignored it and this has been described as not as a forgotten war but as a nick nord war my question is to you how much of an opportunity does this moment present for driving yemen to peace. i think the moment we're in right now represents the best opportunity that we've had to date many factors have aligned and my colleagues helen and the bill have outlined some of them i would stress the pictures of darvin children floating across television and newspapers and this has really focused electorates on pushing hard. governments to do something this happens to have coincided with the failed saudi narrative on the murder of jamal khashoggi now of course this raises the
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question if saudi is prepared to spin the truth over that then how can we believe it's narrative on the yemen war and at the same time it's becoming increasingly obvious to the international community to its electorates that the situation will not be resolved militarily and we've had many statements now to that effect so there must be a much much harder push for peace and there has been an advantage now to the very unfortunate deaths of jamal khashoggi in that saudi arabia's position is weakened and countries feel able to speak out against it and not just against the histories and newbuild so is the u.s. reorientation should we say is this a consequence then it is an opportunistic consequence as a result of the of the events that took place in istanbul or does this represent a significant i'm profoundly reevaluation if you like of this should teach it value
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to the united states' interest in terms of the gains to be had from this war in yemen. yes unfortunately i think it's lost lisa. collations that this and my faith in humanity has not been spore and. i don't think specially here in this administration that the pictures of these starving children have then you know in fact it's a hockey ministration that is only there of them by financial. considerations or mainly things here at home but i do think that the few champions. humanity and nationality in congress. if you like bernie sanders like grocon are and others are gaining and have been gaining influence of course among the general public then has been and i'll try but in
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all that so it probably wouldn't have been enough this administration is theirs even today trying to use. the cia to poor. has this side of the door as assessed where the high certainty that it is and b.s. who was behind. it and yet. walt and john bolton and the muslims say this if war isn't quite accurate. so the soviets i mean if it didn't in terms of pressure and if it is the fact that an b.s. has been weakened. and there is even fear of some kind of a public school and riyadh all these five have coalesced to force the hand of the sentence and it was going to be
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a saudi decision to end the war by u.s. pressure and yet it is now you know to be sure and we're not there yet right. once and seriously on its significance let's have a closer look then helen at the process which we hope has just started at that and that is. all part is seem to have agreed to attend these talks that taking place in sweden by the end of the yeah i mean how significant is that they haven't been talks have that since twenty sixteen. yes i think that's a major step forward and i think millions and millions of yemenis are desperately hoping that this leads to something but i think it's also important to be very cautious there will not be a peace deal tomorrow or even in january twenty nineteen i think this is the beginning of what will be a very long process and again we have to note that even once one excludes or one
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agrees to a deal which will end the international intervention in yemen we are still left with a massive number of internal problems within the yemeni factions and the multiple factions which haven't even been mentioned and aren't even part of this discussion which need will need to be addressed so this is very much if it happens and i think this time it will happen i didn't think the september talks were ever going to happen but i think this time there will be meetings at the end of this year or maybe a bit later and there will be meetings in which the who sees will participate and the so-called internationally recognized government now the latter doesn't do anything without the agreement or possibly even the instructions of the saudi led coalition and so the fact that there is a weakening in saudi arabia there is much more willingness in the united arab
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emirates to reach to a solution that will allow them to stop spending billions of dollars on this war means that there is i think a chance of some kind of agreement which would end the international intervention in yemen within the next i would say couple of years i'm not talking that that the beginning of the talks is very much a beginning by no means an end right it's a long long way to go but even once this happens you still have major major issues in turn. the yemeni issues which will need enormous efforts to meet some kind of solution which would bring what could be described as peace right ok elizabeth so we've heard then about the influence that is wielded by the saudi government over the internationally recognized government of mr hardee what about the who fears are often described as being under the aegis of iran how much
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influence does iran have over the who thinks and how much influence will they have to bear upon this process that is about to get underway. there is no doubt that iran is to at least a limited extent aligned with the who sees iran as vocally behind the who sees and it also supplies has supplied weapons and advisors to a limited extent to the who sees does that make the who sees an iranian proxy know it does not and that is because the who sees are answerable to the who sees an ultimate you do what they want they are not answerable to outside forces and they have partly been pushed into a closer relationship with iran by is a very war that was designed to decrease iran's influence in yemen now of course everyone is talking up the iranian link and it's in everyone's interests to do so
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iran looks stronger by talking up its control over the who sees and saudi arabia also needs to justify a war that has not gone well for the last three and a half years and that has not done what it's intended it to do so its major justification which was to to contain the influence of iran can't just go away everyone needs to keep talking keep talking up iranian influence but also met lee i think those who sees have now signaled that they're much readier to come to the table than they were before and i would like to point up two things that helen mentioned which is so important the first is that there are many players in this that are not going to be in the immediate peace talks and the second is that it will take a very long time but like helen it does sound like there is a glimmer of hope now that the who sees are prepared to come to the table they have
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today said that they would like or at least are willing to stop firing missiles at saudi arabia we have also had saudi arabia cease hostilities at least until yesterday and long may that continue and we've also had some of the. talking point some of the real showstoppers for tuesday is removed they are now able to evacuate some slightest omar for treatment and they will be allowed safe passage back to yemen so this is the greatest hope we've had yet of a peace talks actually materializing right ok no bill so it sounds very much as though we're at the stage of confidence building measures which are currently under way including the evacuation of some some who see fighters for medical treatment in amman but what exactly do you think is likely to be the the framework for talks what exactly are they going to be discussing come these talks in sweden. you know i look petty and agree completely with what elizabeth and helen. and
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i want to add that given that we are now moving to serious hopefully serious thoughts and sweden looks like that this iranian influence which had been touted from the beginning as somehow it is sponsible for the structure of the end it's a bogus argument. because you know i'm jumping in only because saudi arabia was there but if all this is true or that there is a strong iranian rohan then why not use it for a positive effect rather than negative. yet it is a relationship between the who is and iran there is a relationship between the whole of theism has one law and lemon law and there one with their own cheer on and ask you off the influence on the hope of peace and this would be you know where to put the improved relations by the way with iran and move
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that to a diplomatic level i'm not there and then they continue to fall from patients on which we've had for the fastest two years so the first thing they have to accomplish in sweden is it won't of cease fire across all fronts in yemen and it's going to be. their rockets and the fuel rocket so the whole thing is they have managed to lob at saudi arabia the stuff knows and return for the saudis solving the air war. right has to come right and tell you what is going to sorry to interrupt you but i just want to get that make this point to helen and find out what she thinks if this because in the at the government response to the invitation to the talks mr hardee at rip. klyde the basis for these talks is three
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things the gulf initiative the outcomes of yemen's national dialogue and the united nations security council resolution twenty two sixteen i'm i'm just wondering with all that's going on over the past three years the changes in terms of the reality on the ground does it mean that these are still viable to go see ating frameworks if you like or do you think that they're now obsolete. well thank you yes the three references and in the as you said they haven't been changed now two of this three references are sufficiently broaden and flexible so that i'm sure that bases can be found to do to discuss a namely the g.c.c. agreement well i mean it's you know it's not really relevant any longer but i'm sure in the things in it you know include can be found that are useful and the same goes with the one thousand nine hundred outcomes of the national dialogue i think the main issue that needs to be changed and one hopes that the new resolution that
2:44 am
the british are putting to the un s.c. will at least begin to address this issue are the two points in two two one six which have basically are preventing any agreement from being reached one is that the assertion of the legitimacy of head and the second one is and most important one is this statement that the who thieves have to withdraw all their forces from all the locations where they are which is basically equivalent to who see surrender given that the who thieves are controlling maybe two thirds of the population there very unlikely to do this and i would like just like to add to work elizabeth said earlier you know one of the reasons i think the who sees are very willing to talk now if that they are really at the peak of their power they made a big mistake almost twelve months ago when they killed ali abdullah saleh and they lost a lot of support as
2:45 am
a result they are not likely to increase their support they are absolutely not likely to increase their territorial control and therefore control of people gradually this is shrinking mines are by no being sufficiently to bring them to defeat so the who things are at the moment it is a very it is the best time for them to be engaging in talks right can i didn't i just hear you made her own for their point of view to forget about it sorry to. interrupt you know we've we've just got a minute left i'd like to come to elizabeth because. so far the ceasefire or the pause she was saying hostilities is is covering attacks from the air missiles drones and air strikes on the part of the saudi led coalition but what about on the ground nobody seems to be saying anything about what's going on on the ground surely there has to be a complete and verifiable cease fire before anything significant can take place in terms of the political process in sweden. there does need to be
2:46 am
a complete ceasefire but helen hit the nail on the head with that the ceasefire on one side i.e. on the who seaside can't be a precondition of the talks all sides need to stop and one of the reasons why we're not hearing so much about that is that it is so difficult because the coalition itself is made up of so many different forces the giants brigades the southern backed security forces various tribal elements the yemeni military the saudi military the u.a.e. military there is actually very difficult to put a comprehensive stop on all of that right and so naturally it's not so well covered in the press but but i would just emphasize what helen said the in order for these talks to progress there needs to be equal pressure on both sides both sides need to lay down arms and not one side before the other i'm afraid we've run out of time thank you very much indeed. in washington helen lack in oxford and elizabeth kendall in london thank you all very much indeed and as ever thank you
2:47 am
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for eighty five years we have had many proud moments around the world and in the sky and now starting from october twenty ninth church ish airlines will be checking off from the new aviation center of the world for a new journey. this is al jazeera.
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elephant zero harvey one on come all sons of maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera the saudi king solomon a spoken publicly for the first time since the murder of jamal khashoggi however there are still political divisions in the u.s. republican party over his assassination and what action to take against saudi arabia and other news on the arrest the chairman of the nissan is accused of misconduct and could be sacked. in school the netherlands are aiming to complete a big center. round in their football for a draw against germany will see them claim the final sponsor of the european nations like. saudi arabia's king solomon has made his first public comments since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi last month he used his speech to the kingdom's advisory council to shura council to praise the saudi justice system which is investigating
2:50 am
the matter without mentioning by name he also discussed iran the war in syria and in yemen. the kingdom was established on the principles of justice and that's why we have all the trust of the judiciary and that they would do the necessary to establish the truth and serve justice in the kingdom of also ensure that no penalties go unpunished it was a short speech we analyzed however with he was director of the gulf studies center at cutter university here and he believes the saudi arabian leadership is waiting for president donald trump to speak on tuesday. before making a more detailed statement of his own they have ordered the facing a serious pressure because of the cia leaking now those sort of expectation are the sort of waiting what is worth to leave the final position of a trump i think they don't want to do. anything concerning this sure they are both
2:51 am
sort of weaknesses of the position that they want to show the world that this is a sure you know is not a methodist matter to us there are other matters important to us the best scenario the best in our even if the president decided not to deny what is said so that it will be under severe pressure from national community and i think there are all respect to the use so that it be used to enjoy would be affected by the order of the effect that actually what would be affected badly by what from will say tomorrow. other developments as well in the kushal case that's happening in turkey with mohammad valets outside the saudi consulate in istanbul i've been reading mohamed new leaks in the media there in turkey which do seem to confuse the picture or perhaps go against the establishment turkish one can you take us through it all place. yes you mean the established saudi line i think yes the new with the revelations that have been published today by at least two turkish
2:52 am
newspapers have added to the weakness of the saudi story about what happened here in the cost in the saudi consulate hind me and basically some of the details confirming what all lines that we have been told by the turkish investigation over the last several weeks including the fact that the amount actually was killed the process or the action of killing him and humiliating him and torturing him for that took place right after he entered the consulate the consul occur the saudi across the consulate the saudi consulate here in istanbul contrary to the saudi not if not the team of fifteen men that were sent on board two aircraft here on the second of october we have sent actually to convince him to negotiate with him and to convince him to return to saudi arabia the details of what we read today in the newspapers. say that four men out of those fifteen received him in the
2:53 am
section of the consulate and one of them is supposed to be headed close security aide to mom had been sent man of crown prince mohammed the said man she grabbed his hand and he tried to pull him to the section b. where the office of the constant is located. and assisted and he told him who do you think you are leave me alone and then he. i told him. the day of reckoning for you has come and then they too came to the consul consulate office and that's where shouts and sounds of torture and screaming were recorded and that was when immediately the beginning of the process of killing him took place the tape or so that he called me the leak to recordings show of so that at least three
2:54 am
of the nineteen phone calls that were mentioned by the turkish investigation were made during the first part of the of the session of torture and killing in the in the office of the consul and one of them was. with the voice of my head and what they himself talking to somebody in saudi arabia. so these innovations show many things including the fact that the turkish authorities or investigation still have a lot to show to the world about what's happened and also it shows that they are after the saudi another to find to destroy it bit by bit until it is completely. finished more people and public opinion across the world and here turkey are seeing more and more holes in the side with the negative negative and also it comes at a very crucial moment when probably within the next twenty four hours president trump is going to decide according to the information he has on who actually gave
2:55 am
the order to kill. ok thank you mohammad dahlan istanbul and on that note as he speaks about donald trump and the decisions he has to make and of course what happens in the u.s. congress is what we've got kimberly how could all the lawn of the white house there in washington d.c. to help us through all of that seems another showdown donald trump having to sources relationship with saudi arabia his relationship with the cia and as well with congress. yeah a couple of fast moving pieces here at the white house we're waiting for the president in the coming hour to appear at the delivery of the white house christmas tree and in fact it is just behind me if you see a horse drawn carriage while we're talking making its way behind me that's what that is all about but i can tell you that there are reporters keen to ask the president about this case and where things stand and what action he might take
2:56 am
moving forward because it is not satisfying members of congress not only democratic members but also republican members of congress the believe the white house has been slow to act the latest coming from senator ron wyden a democrat from the state of oregon who's now calling on the u.s. intelligence community specifically the cia director gina housefull in the director of national intelligence dan coats to issue a public assessment of the killing in fact the feeling that the white house knows more than it is making available to the public and that there is a radisson to hold the highest levels of this saudi government responsible for this killing for ordering the kid killing even as the cia has made public in terms of a leak to the washington post that it believes that mohammed bin some of the crown prince ordered this in fact this is something that reporters put to kellyanne conway the white house counsel earlier today she pushed back on any suggestion that
2:57 am
this white house has been slow to act take a listen. reluctant on the show you made it were even slower moving because of the seventeen sanctions should the secretary stayed on a minute before he got there to try to get answers and he's waiting for the final report obviously he's made many comments not just the ones that some of you consciously want to cherry pick about the tragic and unspeakable murder of mr shogi and obviously we've already taken action so can't really what's next on the timeline we're waiting i guess for donald trump to cite something he talked about a report in a couple of days does that mean a cia report mean do we even know what to expect. it well you know it's very unclear and if you look carefully at the language there's no suggestion that this could be made public certainly this is a report that the president is likely to receive but in terms of whether or not it will be shared with the public that remains unclear and that's why we're seeing this pressure from the democratic senator ron wyden we should point out that in all
2:58 am
of this you heard kellyanne conway pushing back there that the white house has taken action at the treasury level it has put in place sanctions against seventeen saudi nationals prior to that the state department did revoke the visas of twenty one saudi nationals but again not on that list was the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon again as it has been widely reported on al jazeera and around the world the cia concluding that in fact it was the crown prince that ordered the killing of shows he and that's why there was this pressure on the white house because well they have said that they will hold all those accountable so far the crown prince has not been among the action or has not been named in the actions put forward by this white house thank you kimberly how because at the white house one other note on this story germany is taking action against the people suspected of killing jamal khashoggi it will impose travel bans on eighteen some of these means they
2:59 am
will not be allowed to enter germany and europe shannons on dominant came with more from berlin. two announcements from germinal forages regarding the saudi arabian government and its role in the affair the first came from foreign minister high court in brussels where he and i once the decision to impose travel bans on eighteen saudi citizens who have been implicated in this affair calling for other european governments to follow suit and then separately here in berlin the economy ministry has announced that all arms exports to saudi arabia whether they offer you church signed agreements or current signed agreements are to be frozen that is important because the german armaments industry doesn't support considerable amount several many kids consignments to the saudi authorities well all those are now curtailed truncated as it were the point will be whether this is something that will be followed by other european governments certainly that's what the german
3:00 am
government wants to see the chorus of concern and then criticism that came here in germany walls equalled walls was as it were followed suit by european authorities but now the question is will other european authorities impose an arms embargo in other news they could be a change coming in the war in yemen the new united nations draft resolution has called for a truce yemen's government has confirmed it will attend the u.n. backed talks in sweden later this month and they heard the rebels are stopping drone and missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their yemeni allies a lot happening mohamad adult who has the reports from neighboring turkey. these are the kind of the talks the voters say will lead to ballistic missiles fired into so that it be a from across the south of the border in. but i'll pull the president of the hold the supreme religious leader committee said we are now so initiatives by calling on the yemeni official forward.


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