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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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more about this thanks very much for being with us so so how do we explain president trump's position on this when his own intelligence services are saying with high confidence that they believe that crown prince mohammed bin sandman ordered this killing. his own republican party prominent republicans in the u.s. senate saying that said that he needed to m.b.'s as he's known needs to be cut loose and more forceful action needs to be taken against the saudi led leadership and yet up until now he has continued to stick by the saudi leadership on this as kenny continued to do this well i think the president has been very clear in his position about this he had said earlier a few weeks ago that when this determination was made as to who was responsible for this that there would be severe punishment for those actors that were involved we've seen the united states has taken the action swiftly of imposing sanctions on seventeen saudi. citizens who are alleged to be involved in this murder and i think
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the position of the united states overwhelmingly and that does not end with this administration remains that we do not condone the extrajudicial killings of innocent citizens. and the operative birding extrajudicial we believe in true cost due process in fact we don't we do not just not condone it we condemn it so i think the president has been very swift in this and we're looking to see what the report is from the cia and the president will be briefed it seems to be tuesday is that report likely to say anything different than what we've already heard through the u.s. media the intelligence community saying with some high confidence that they believe crown prince mohammed bin man was behind this you mention the seventeen saudis there have been been sanctioned isn't that just a token response couldn't they be doing a lot more particularly since this does this doesn't targets n.b.s. which again as i say the cia believes was behind this. sure so this
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is an alleged report that we see has been reported on by numerous media outlets that are using anonymous sources of course the cia has not made an official statement as to whether or not this report was accurate but the state department did issue a statement stating that the united states government has not reached a full conclusion as to those who are responsible for this killing of jamal khashoggi i will say that i have no inside knowledge as to what will be included in this report i think those that do you know perhaps you know those sources need to be examined but i think that by tomorrow we'll see a report that is made by the cia briefing you know briefed to president trump and his advisors i think the president's response is going to be one that is very calculated but i don't think that it's correct to say that he has slow walked this this investigation or that he has slow walked his response i think the president
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knows exactly what is at stake here in the end of our long standing in our lives and even though isn't it the case that he just doesn't want this to be true policy reasons because it's well known that he has a very close relationship with mohamed bin sad man through his son and will. develop this. relationship with him and if this report does conclude that in fact n.b.s. was was behind it isn't it going to embarrass the president father. well i think what the what the president's attitude is in this regard is that we don't believe or we don't want to see any bad action by any of our allies so of course we want to be sure that we are getting to the bottom of this this issue this matter this unfortunate killing of jamal khashoggi but we also want to be sure that we don't take any preemptive action that may disrupt or hurt a longstanding alliance with one of our key middle east allies but i will say this you know the president does want to see you know reforms continue in the nation of saudi arabia i think with the heir apparent mama been solomon who has begun some
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significant reforms including allowing women to drive lifting the ban on movie theater entertainment so forth diversifying the economy the united states would like to see saudi arabia continue to modernize and improve and i think that the judiciary system is included in those reforms chris garcia good to speak with you thanks very much for being with us. france says it will decide very soon on whether to impose sanctions over the shoji case germany is taking action against the people suspected of killing the saudi genesee will impose travel bans on eighteen saudis dominic cain has more from berlin. two announcements from germinal forages regarding the saudi arabian government and its role in the affair the first came from foreign minister in brussels where he and i once the decision to impose travel bans on eighteen saudi citizens who have been implicated in this affair calling for
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other european governments to follow suit and then separately here in berlin the economy ministry has announced that all arms exports to saudi arabia whether they offer you church signed agreements or current signed agreements are to be frozen that is important because the german armaments industry does expose considerable amount several many kids consignments to the saudi authorities well all those are now curtailed truncated as it were the point will be whether this is something that will be followed by other european governments certainly that's what the german government wants to see the chorus of concern and then criticism that came here in germany walls equalled walls was as it were followed suit by european authorities but now the question is will other european authorities impose an arms embargo. plenty more ahead on this news hour teresa mayes brazier page to business leaders as she fights for her survival. how the visit by the chinese president may give
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a new direction to relations with the philippines. and later in pakistan and new zealand produce one of the closest test match finishes in history. and all are still ahead but first fighting in yemen has resumed after hours after there was new hope of ending this three year old civil war force a saudi led coalition planes have bombed positions in the port city of her data the area is currently under the control of the rebels earlier monday yemen's internationally recognized government has said it will attend the u.n. backed talks next month to put a halt to the violence and that announcement came hours after the rebel said they were ready for a broader ceasefire but only if the coalition forces backing the yemeni government wanted peace mohamed atta who has this update from neighboring djibouti peace talks
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between the warring parties is looking more likely because for the first time we're seeing a united into muscle community countries like britain the united states france all singing from the same hymn exacting pressure on the democratic caller from as well as the who these and the last round of poll talks in geneva collapsed because the holders did not time out now. with the u.n. special envoy he will struggle with them from sun are to sweden if need be which makes many people have hopes that talks might be possible at last a u.n. draft resolution has called for a truce in yemen are diplomatic ends to change as that. this is the draft resolution that's been circulated by the united kingdom to the other members of the security council it calls for us association of hostilities in her data and in other places that are critical to the aid delivery in yemen the current member of
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the security council representing the arab world is kuwait one assumes their coming under a great deal of pressure from the saudi led coalition the quake the ambassador says he has problems with the draft text i don't think they put it for a vote for example this week before we have thought of discussions and it wouldn't want to be helpful so i think we should discuss it and they should. take. a letter of concern it's not clear when the draft resolution will be brought to a vote the first negotiations meeting in new york takes place on chews day there's already been talk about the resolution in riyadh between the british foreign secretary and crown prince mohammed bin so i'm told those discussions were heated one of the world's most powerful motor industry bosses has been arrested carlos gone is the chairman of the near san remo and mitsubishi motors alliance he's
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accused of grossly understating in salary and what the company cause significant misconduct that's after an internal company investigation into the sixty four year old and tasha butler has more from paris. well hala scone could be facing a real fall from grace the japanese carmaker nisanit will consider on thursday of all meeting whether or not to sack him as their chairman they are alleging financial misconduct on the behalf of kahless gone they say that he was using company money and assets for his own financial benefit and gain now how this came about is that nissan has been investigating going over the past few months they were tipped off by a whistleblower they've now given all the documents and information that they have to japan's public prosecutor was speaking at a press conference on monday the c.e.o. of miss and said this was a very serious matter. and we can all get was
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a company of course this is definitely an acceptable and we were also told by experts that dismiss conduct serious enough to dismiss zammit most were gone isn't just the chairman of this and but also of mitsubishi motors another japanese motor company as well as the chief executive or french carmaker rhino now the french state is a shareholder in rondo and earlier the french president reacted to the news. we will be extremely vigilant about the stability of the alliance and the renault group and also as regards to belittle for employees to whom i want to say that the state as a shareholder is ensuring that all of its support will france's finance minister says members of the french government will meet renault representatives in the coming days if carlos corn is sacked from this and it would be a huge blow to his career to his reputation he is someone who's been at the top of his industry for more than two decades tim howard is assistant professor of
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management in the mendoza college of business at the university of notre dame in indiana he joins us via skype now from there to talk more about this thanks very much for being with us so what sort of questions does this now raise for not only near san but also ran on mitsubishi which mr gun had stormed into this alliance that's going to one of the biggest car makers in the world. i think it's very important to reconsider that if he's willing to go to the lengths that he has gone to in order to cover a pay that he has been taking for himself you have to ask yourself what else has been going on at the companies that we haven't yet figured out about if he's willing to go and have this much risk in terms of his own personal pay we might have similar risks another use of the business. then essentially for executives so psycho who we just heard from a little earlier this suggests that. owns influence in these three companies was
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a factor in his ability to carry out this misconduct do you think that that gets to the heart of it that the he essentially had too much power that's why he was able to get away with doing this. i think it's a combination of power but then also a little bit personality we are seeing you know quite a bit across the world where people with a lot of power specifically c.e.o.'s over the boards of directors are engaging in a lot more misconduct and that's that's troubling especially as we've been trying to increase corporate governance practices across the globe and this will be quite a fall from grace wouldn't it for someone who is it was a real kind of superstar that of the corporate world if you will absolutely and it's so disappointing almost that it's a personal thing that's brought him down rather than for example a strategic failure or a bad decision might have led to his dismissal proposed dismissal in this case it was him you know personally cheating within the company and that that's different than standard type of dismissal were rude see an underperforming something c.e.o.
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what does this tell us about the way. japan's corporate culture runs things i mean is this is something like this would this something like this and likely to have been discovered anywhere else. that's an interesting question it's really hard to say the japanese you know they have a different perspective on chief executive officers for example carl is made of approximately four times as much as the c.e.o. of toyota and the governance practices there somehow seem a little bit stronger than other places in the world and so i think that their willingness to investigate and then their willingness not only to become public with the the findings but also turn them over to japanese prosecutors says quite a bit about the japanese corporate governance system all right the dispy clear tim hubbard joining us there from indiana thanks very much for being with us thank you very much. motorists in france have blocked access to oil depos as part of mass
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protests there over expected fuel price hikes on monday demonstrators burned tires and debris on a highway leading to the tunnel beneath the english channel they want the french government to abandon its to abandon its planned tax increases on fuel on saturday one protest that died when she was hit by a car while blocking a road. our european union foreign ministers have been need to get brussels to discuss the u.k.'s proposed breaks it deal which could be signed off as soon as sunday it comes british prime minister theresa may attempt to sell the deal to business leaders and her own party largely has more. if politics is about momentum then for now it seems momentum is with the european union or at least those who want a future deal which keeps the u.k. as close to europe as possible the prime minister was talking to business leaders pushing her line that her deal would be good for them while trying to appease breck sitters by insisting that mass immigration would end once we've left the e.u.
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we will be fully in control of who comes here it will no longer be the case that e.u. nationals regardless of the skills or experience they have to offer can jump the queue ahead of engineers from sydney or software developers from delhi instead of a system based on where a person is from we would have one that is built around the talents and skills a person has to offer and in brussels are feeling more and more content that the u.k. will not depart on acrimonious terms the negotiations look set to be signed off without any complaints when european leaders meet on sunday we are in fact on the decisive moment in this process no one no one should lose sight of the process the progress that will be achieved in brussels and longer. i am pretty that ministers today's report to the cage in particular member states through the draft was direct removed
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the immediate risk to may have been a vote of no confidence from hardliners who promised by now they would have enough letters from rebellious m.p.'s to trigger votes in the leadership contest but rebels are gradually coming to the view it is a fight that's as of now they would surely lose the points of course is my full support of the people who get behind her she has to get the very very best deal for a person it's looking increasingly like the calculation among the rebels is to wait for the parliamentary votes to see the politicians from old sides vote down to reason may's deal in which case she would surely have to go and then everything would once again be up for grabs between now and then the government machine will go into overdrive persuading politicians from all sides to accept a deal which very few really wants but maybe the best on offer lawrence leigh al-jazeera westminster in london all right still ahead when we come back israel's
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government narrowly voids collapse from now. south africans demand on a major inquiry into corruption gather steam we'll look at the key players. and in sport we'll hear from one of baseball's biggest names as the game prepares to break out of its usual surroundings. hello winter shown its hand in a good part of northern and eastern u.s. and certainly in canada this indication here which is the great satellite picks up is still cold ground there's not much snow more snow to come out of the and i high temperatures in chicago accompanied by a frosty start and sunshine not in new york but you see the snow not far away in the higher ground as you get further north easterly subzero in the east side
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accountable is not much else going on here so i take your eyes to the pacific and here of course we've had a problem with fires which are not entirely contained but the wind is no longer a problem and the good news is rain is on its way in through wednesday this is just the start of it was significant right you can spread down through california snow on the hills for wednesday thursday and friday it's the start of the wet season should be the end of the fire season south of that we've seen recently persistent right in honduras is becoming weaker now and the brighter tops and nearer panama and still in colombia and given the onshore breeze the chance of even some flooding from these persistent and repeatable showers from billie's down to colombia still exists and is a good frequency a shot of the lesser antilles one two three cuba still a bahamas and bermuda where it has been quite wet recently. because we're not. sure the. rights are being violated.
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and free to be stripped away. on the anniversary. of the rights that stand out. like. santa for human rights across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants at all zero in the race but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudice some pride in hungary on al-jazeera.
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and again this is a. top stories this top advisor to donald trump has defended the u.s. president's response to the murder of saudi journalist. kellyanne conway says the u.s. has been moving fast to sanction those responsible u.s. report into the murder is expected by tuesday. a new united nations draft resolution has called for a horse in the fighting in yemen hours earlier fighting resumed in the port city of hyundai that which is currently under the control of hooty rebels on sunday the rebels said they were ready for a ceasefire. japanese car giant miss and is considering sacking its chairman for
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allegedly lying about his salary cars gone was arrested after being questioned by prosecutors in tokyo. and the united states has installed new security barriers at a busy crossing on its southern border that's us thousands of central american asylum seekers gather on the mexican side the caravan of migrants has faced protests from hundreds of people in the mexican border city of tijuana john heilemann joins us now from. so john what's happening at the border entry now. with the border entry we're hearing has mostly been freed up that was mostly in the moving that it was blocked up but still as we were coming to see the temporary shelter the the the people that have come most from from honduras and el salvador we saw still lines and lines of cars still trying to head to what is one of the busiest points between mexico and the united states on the border where you can see
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behind me now is the sports center where many of the people in this caravan being housed and i say how is quite loosely because you can see that most people the lucky ones have some tents most of people have sort of blankets and tarps that they've sort of rigged thought to try and keep the sun off the things might get a little bit worse still for them because the clouds are looking pretty gray overhead so there's no shelter really for these people they're also saying there isn't a lot of water there hasn't been a lot of food for them no medical tent has been put up but that wasn't there before certainly in the city of tijuana they're not getting the war. that they were getting from other towns in the country as they pass through. and how many more asylum seekers are expected to arrive there. well there's about two thousand five hundred right here behind us there's probably
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more in the city of tijuana and other shelters and we're hearing that there's around three thousand five hundred in the city of many carli which is quite close to here they're trying to get hit by pass from one reason or another they haven't been able to make it now makes clear the country as a whole is between eight thousand and ten thousand people and there's also more we hearing that are setting off in a caravan from el salvador so this isn't a phenomenon that ending at the moment this isn't the last but this is something that's growing and i think that's a worry for quanah and for its mayor who's been quite hostile i would say these people so far he said that there is attics there this people who got problems as people that are addicted to marijuana so this is really a bottleneck at the postman and i think he's worried and the city probably as well is worried that they're going to end up here ten thousand people who would turn into something like really a bit of a refugee camp here in the city of one of those moves still to come
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john homelife ersin want to thank. israel's prime minister has now really avoided the collapse of his coalition government education minister enough tally bennett has threatened to pull his party out of the ruling alliance but decided against it the government was thrown into crisis when defense minister. resigned on wednesday over a cease fire deal with groups in gaza stephanie decades in west jerusalem with the latest. after all the criticism after all the ultimatum that he gave to the israeli prime minister naftali bennett will not be quoting this government he had made a very loud point where he said that if he was not given the post of defense minister that he would be resigning which would effectively have collapsed this government it hasn't happened now yes he extensively criticize the prime minister particularly his policies when it comes to the palestinians when it comes to the gaza border protest when it comes to how he dealt with hamas when it comes to the
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fact that the prime minister hasn't yet demolished that bedouin village in the occupied west bank connel ahmad but after one of that he said that he would be remaining in government then it doesn't want to be seen as the man to bring down this right wing government that is also the position that the israeli prime minister i put him in netanyahu remains a shrewd political operator he played the security card when it came to defending his policies of these of the how mass to the cease fire in gaza so for the moment snap elections seem to have been avoided but it remains a fragile coalition only one seat majority many people will tell you that netanyahu is keen on early elections but not under these circumstances and certainly not handing over what would have been a huge political victory for hamas if they would play it if the government had collapse at this stage they would have played it as a victory to that so for the moment it's been avoided but again many people will tell you that early elections will probably still happen they've just been avoided
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for it out. of the accommodation letting company a b. and b. is to remove listings of properties in illegal settlements in the west bank it had come under criticism for not declaring the properties were occupied palestinian land the company says on its website it is removing around two hundred homes in the settlements but did not specify it when. russian president vladimir putin is in the turkish city of istanbul to mark the completion of the offshore part of a major pipeline project that wants ready it will transport natural gas from russia to europe through turkey but will bypass ukraine cynicus solo has. the last part of the two extreme pipeline that will carry russia guess across the black sea to turkey has been late when it's fully functional it is expected to carry thirty one billion cubic meters of natural gas to turkey and the rest to europe the project is the first to use pipes with a now today meter of thirty two inches to be laid at the sofa over two kilometers
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it will cost around seven billion dollars russian president vladimir putin and turkish leader rejects a badge on efforts together in istanbul to make the announcement what was whether to the turkish strain will it differently allay our countries to substantially expand their cooperation and the guests fear and will have great significance for the economic development of tuki and the whole black sea region it will also become an important factor that will guarantee security of the energy supply to europe to extremists part of moscow's efforts to bypass ukraine as a gas transit route to europe the e.u. imports around a third of its gas needs from russia's energy joint gas from this pipeline will go to europe either through bulgaria and serbia or through greece and italy and become operational by the end of next year putin and else the project in ankara in
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december two thousand and thirteen as a replacement for another pipeline that was to have been built in cooperation with e.u. countries you'll go. the turks dream project which will carry thirty one point five billion cubic centimeters of natural gas will not only be for our country and our people but will also have lots of advantages for our region and neighbors. the pipeline is seen as a new step in improving turkish russian energy corp the two countries how work to increase economic ties in recent months that includes a twenty billion dollar nuclear power plant project along with a two point five billion dollar s four hundred missile system deal their relationship is based on mutual interests turkey wants more sources of energy russia needs more markets for its gas and qur'an mosco were also able to find common ground in other areas including the war in syria energy and politics are intertwined for moscow and turkey's dependence on energy imports crist's
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a disadvantage when it comes to russia that was made clear in two thousand and fifteen when russia suspended talks with turkey on the pipeline after one of the states will sub down by the turkish military near the syria border but now many here believe this pipeline could prove beneficial to both countries seen across all of al-jazeera stumble a rainbow after the rain that is how china's president xi jinping is describing his upcoming tour of the philippines he'll be the first chinese leader to visit in thirteen years but some analysts say it could come at the expense of the philippines territorial disputes in the south china sea dog and has more. many filipinos see the recent association of southeast asian form in singapore as a missed opportunity and they're blaming the sleeping habits of president three go to tear to him missed at least five events at the summit because his spokesman says
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the president needed to take power naps the seventy three year old leader also dismissed the importance of a meeting with his chilean diplomats. in the us then it was an informal summit and i don't eat breakfast what do you think they will serve their country. and remarks like that angered many here who say the philippines is already damaging relationships with the regional allies for work on a code of conduct between china and us and is expected to lay the ground rules for navigation and exploration in disputed waters but the president of a good therapist says there's not much that can be done because he says the south china sea is now in china's recession. this week's visit by china's president is another reason to worry analysts although it may be laughable but only
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for the chinese they will look at that and they will see that as a fundamental weakness within our capacity to resist them so they will be very condescending with us they will soon open agreements and so on so forth but it's how they look at us you know a nation that just wants money government leaders this miss that saying she didn't things visit is aimed at strengthening economic ties with the hopes of securing more chinese loans to fund infrastructure projects. other more secret deals such as the maritime research agreement between the philippines and china are worrying because of the lack of public scrutiny especially after the philippines won its. yes it did an international tribunal two years ago about a territorial dispute in the south china sea china is still an adverse claimant to much of the west philippine sea because of course aside from its sheer size economical. it has demonstrated.
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it this unwilling to compromise when he was sworn into office to ted to promise to pursue an independent foreign policy moving away from long standing ally the united states and building closer relations with china and russia two years on and some of her here are wondering whether to tear to really wants more independence or is capitulating to china similarly duggan al-jazeera manila. parliament has delayed another no confidence vote against the president's choice of prime minister rajapaksa it's already passed to no confidence motions rajapaksa is refusing to go president matter of policy saying a held a multi party meeting on sunday to break the deadlock but failed in the political turmoil has spilled onto the streets hundreds of protesters demonstrating in the capital colombo is also anger at the way some politicians behaved in parliament
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last week with rival m.p.'s exchanging blows south africa's former finance minister pravin gordhan has testified at a corruption inquiry in johannesburg gordon who was sacked by the former president jacob zuma says corruption allowed for a climate of impunity the commission was formed to investigate allegations of influencing the state particularly by the business group to go up to the committee is part of president cyril ramaphosa is pledge to clean up corruption and revive south africa's struggling economy. for me to millar was outside the committee hearing in johannesburg. a couple of hundred people have gathered outside the building where the former finance minister pravin gordhan is testifying in the commission of inquiry into state capture and this is what the south africans of calling this alleged corruption and fraud within government to their allegedly
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benefited he lead to members of government high profile individuals and also people outside government who perhaps had a special relationship with the former president.


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