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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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and. it is blindingly obvious crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered the murder of jamal said the state department official who seen the cia report. summary of this is the world news from al-jazeera resumes in yemen's port city of despite u.n. calls for a cease fire. protesting israeli settlements in the occupied west bank the quaker faith community and. action and reaching the international space station
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celebrating twenty years old. so as we said it is quite blindingly obvious that saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi at least that is the conclusion of a state department official who has seen the cia's assessment of the killing u.s. senators want those findings to be made public remember president obama trump has been reluctant to place blame and he is due to receive a full report on the case later on tuesday saudi arabia's foreign minister has rejected the findings already calling them let's start with kimberly how could our white house correspondent blindingly obvious is the line kimberly what more have you got on those comments. yeah well certainly this is a white house under an enormous amount of pressure not just from the u.s.
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congress but also from within its own government the latest from the state department echoing the conclusions that were made over the weekend by the cia that one haven't been solomon is the one that ordered the killing of the anonymous source from within the state department an official saying that in fact he or she has seen this report and that the conclusions are blindingly obvious going on to say that there is nobody in the u.s. government the doubts the conclusion of the report except perhaps the president himself goes on further in speaking to the american news media network a.b.c. saying in fact that the reason of the evidence that makes this so blindingly obvious is that interception of communications between the so-called kill team and the crown prince mohammed bin solomon not only before the killing but after it kimberly the voices coming out in opposition to president trump and his reluctance
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to say anything definitive about the crown prince mohammed bin salman adding a former cia director for the list today. the sort of the voices getting louder and increasing in numerically the latest the former cia director leon panetta who really is unhappy with the claims by the president that there has not been conclusive evidence pointing to mohammed bin selman as being responsible for ordering the killing and listen to what he had to say. they presented information intelligence with high confidence that the crown prince in syria or in saudi arabia was directly involved with regards to the operation that's high confidence and that means that there is very clear and strong evidence that that is the case and very frankly others recognize that as well whether it's turkey or other countries
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recognize that there is that relationship for the president to ignore the intelligence to ignore the facts in this case and not take a strong stand against the kind of behavior that was involved here in murdering somebody dismembering them in their own embassy to not take a strong position sense a clear message to the world that the united states is not going to take action when a country behaves in that manner kimberly won't do will these voices that up to when you have got a president who generally likes to do is on thing. well the president is looking very alone right now in his assessment saying that the conclusions of the intelligence committee casting doubt on that essentially that it's premature to make those assessments so we're watching that very carefully as the president is set to leave the white house in a few hours for the thanksgiving holiday here in the united states will be heading
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to beach florida there is an open press availability and there is no question that he will be asked about this whether or not he answers you have to wonder why the president is doing all of this is repeatedly suggested that there's this strategic relationship between the united states and saudi arabia is of critical importance and that's true for decades the united states is often turned a blind eye to some of the concerns about human rights within saudi arabia as long as the oil keeps flowing as long as the strategic relationship is maintained but we're seeing that the tipping point has been hit in the u.s. congress in terms of that relationship no longer willing to have u.s. arms bombing in or being used for bombing campaigns in yemen the high civilian casualties now we see efforts in the u.s. congress to try and halt not just weapons sales but military support no longer seeing what the president sees that this importance of the strategic relationship now taking an active effort even as the president seems to be dragging his heels
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can be on the floor of the white house which really of the news now in finding in yemen has resumed just spite renewed hopes of ending the three year civil war saudi american planes launched at least ten there strikes on who can position is in the port city of data who the rebels who control the area fired artillery in response on monday yemen's internationally recognized government they confirmed it will attend the u.n. backed talks next month trying to end the violence that announcement came after the hutus themselves said they were ready for a broad a ceasefire but only if the coalition forces backing the yemeni government wanted peace themselves more from neighboring with mohamed atta. residents of describing. in this city the most days most of the fighting happened on the seventh of july the neighborhood about four kilometers from the airport who. only defending the opposition.
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we spoke to this morning said that we would be seeing just like the support of the fighting as well as intense fighting in different parts of the city because. to reach the talks to be held in sweden before the end of the year on a position of strength. how much you know why i think it is happening now in this city will affect the possibility of talks but the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths is confident saying that he had been promised by both parties that they will hand the hawks both. on their allies on the ground whop important some aspects of a cease fire with the whole view saying that they were going to stop ballistic missile. but it doesn't seem to have become a fool to cease fire and the guns have not gone silent in yemen just yet at least
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fifty people have died in an explosion in the afghan capital kabul more than eighty others left injured this blast happened at a meeting of top clerics dozens injured in that attack president declaring to be a national day of mourning for the victims described in a statement as an unforgivable crime the blast is one of the deadliest to strike in months british religious society of friends more commonly known as the quake say they are boycotting companies that profit from israeli population of palestinian lands this is the first u.k. christian church to take. the accommodation lighting company air b.n. b. it's also taking action planning to remove listings of properties in illegal settlements in the occupied west bank all the details now with stephanie to. it's a rare victory for human rights groups who've been lobbying to stop commercial rentals in the illegal israeli settlements for years air b.n. b. is sent an important message to the rest of the business community that it really
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isn't possible to do business in or with settlements without contributing to inherent serious violations of international humanitarian law and the human rights of palestinians however it was acquiescing to a policy in which palestinians id holders are not allowed to enter settlements soley because of who they are and it appears to be the only case in the world for which air b.n. b. hosts are mandated by law to discriminate based on national origin u.s. based accommodation booking website air b.n. b. issued the announcement the day before human rights watch was due to issue a report on bed and breakfast in the settlements specifically case studying the activities of air b.n. b. and booking dot com in a statement on line air b.n. b. says when we applied our decision making framework we concluded that we should remove listings in israeli settlements in the occupied west bank that are at the core of the dispute between israelis and palestinians palestinians say these
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settlements are one of the main obstacles to any future peace talks they are illegal under international law and their physical presence or an across the occupied west bank make the prospect of a cohesive palestinian state far more difficult. one israeli minister has called for air b.n. b. to be banned in israel following the announcement in the illegal settlement of a threat the mayor had this to say the decision made by good ministration of air b.n. b. to out these properties in is extremely upsetting it's giving in to extreme people who don't have any intention in promoting peace but driving people bringing people further away from one another it's not going to promote peace it's going to promote the semitic decisions made by such an organisation palestinians have welcomed the announcement and announcement that we're told no one expected of course we've very much. this decision and we believe this decision is very very important.
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we hope. companies and companies will do the same as soon as possible for now air b.n. b. says it will remove the listings from its site denouncement won't change much for palestinians on the ground but rights groups say it's an important way in which highlights the issue of illegal settlement expansion and of who has access to land which remains at the very heart of this conflict stephanie decker al-jazeera in the occupied west bank spain is threatening to vote against the brags that a quarter of the text on gibraltar is not changed but spain and france actually voicing their concerns about the deal adric is concerned the draft text is not clear about how the british territory will be dealt with after the u.k. leaves the prime minister to resign may's government has been in crisis and she announced a break that agreement last week let's go to lawrence live in london for more on this one how big lawrence is the gibraltar issue potentially.
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well i think probably in terms of the next few days because they need to get this sorted out before the twenty seven members of the european union meet on sunday supposedly to sign this off i suspect they'll probably find their way through it but it's a pretty fantastic piece of brinkmanship by the spanish at this point in time i must say for all this time gibraltar hadn't raised its head particularly as an issue and i've had conversations with governments and gibraltar over the last few months saying is this going to be like northern ireland is going to be a deal breaker and they said no the spanish are playing nicely and we think it's going to be ok afterwards and suddenly at this point the spanish have looked at the text of the withdrawal agreement has put forward by the british side which lumps gibraltar in with the u.k. is being one block effectively in terms of a negotiation under a future trade agreements and they've said is absolutely can't stand because by
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implication it rules out any spanish inputs into the future states of gibraltar and that's no good at all for the socialist government let alone the right wing in spain and the nationalists and so faced with that sort of pressure from the nationalists the spanish government at the moment has said they will veto it unless something changes i suspect because we now on sunday probably something will change but it's certainly the last thing the european union needs because up until this point has been rock solid in terms of saying we've got a position and we're not going to change the position and this is up to the british to move in our direction i'm not quite sure what it means for some reason why either frankly she got so many problems here. in any any more rewrite of the text at this point isn't going to make things any easier for her either yeah actually on the topic of tourism i believe she met with her cabinet today slightly new look cabinet after the resignations last week is her decision any stronger do you think
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than it was. well know no really know it's not if chaos on honestly on the whole it's chaos in government and across parliament or number resignations but lots of resigned looking faces because even those government ministers who are trying to shore her up under this notion of collective cabinet responsibility know perfectly well that this is some real sense that she goes to meet young could so morrow to further the draft agreement but she's going to go there knowing that that the parliament when it comes to vote on this in a couple of weeks time much trashed the entire thing because from from the left on the right she's under attack you've got the the angry squads. consent m.p.c. want nothing to do with the european union you can't bring it out of the moment but say they will there's the democratic union this was a prop up a government to keep voting against her in parliament and then on the other side you've got conservative m.p.'s and labor m.p.'s and the nationalists in scotland
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and wales who all say they want to second referendum and they're all waiting for the deal to get voted down in parliament to jump all over the group corpse if you like and say now the yet now you get go away and this is what we want to do instead and so on the assumption and i think it's a reasonable assumption that she loses the vote in parliament in the middle of december then there's going to be an absolute scramble to decide if it's a no deal brecht's it or if another gets it broke voted down is a new election or is a second referendum and all these things and so bizarrely now after all this time to reason may's best friends isn't her own policy or even the parliament it's the european union it's her own palm and there's that's got the knives out for ironic isn't it for us live in london thank you. still ahead for you on al-jazeera demanding change protests in south africa as a former minister faces a major inquiry. and a legal victory for central american asylum seekers hoping to start their new lives
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in the united states. however we've got more unsettled weather coming in across parts of the middle east pattern right slide again from the but it's rainy and a little more wet weather there just pushing across syria maybe able to lebanon as well still some rather wet weather there fixing up parts of iraq easing over towards iran as we go on into wednesday that will push over towards afghanistan fifteen celsius in kabul they'll be some snow over the higher ground into the teens there for tashkent as well. just seven degrees celsius cloud will push through as we go on through thursday similar temperatures this day little colder there for couple it will be lousy dry there was the a wintry flowers push ever towards the western side of the himalayas that roscoe's
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come back in across much of the have got some more rain coming in across the area for a bit of cloud as you can see stretching right down across the levant and we could see wanted to showers just around the coastal fringes of eleven on as well as i want to. pushing towards the middle east over the next couple of days but for wednesday it's generally far interest struggling here in die hard to get to twenty five celsius on wednesday talked about every twenty seven for thursday as that cloud what could you produce a few spots of right in saudi arabia by thursday afternoon. born in palestine under british rule. educated in america. a controversial professor in new york. he realized that he was the voice. of the people al-jazeera wild explores what made him an influential
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writer. and champion of the palestinian cause in the west and what's out of place. i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a face where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get it on jurists in the rest of central bankers about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america beats of to teach are going to a very important place for al-jazeera to be. top
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stories for you this hour on al-jazeera a u.s. state department official who's seen the cia's assessment on the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi says it's blindingly obvious that crown prince mohammed bin salman old of the death saudi arabia's foreign minister has rejected the cia's reports fighting in yemen has resumed despite renewed hope of ending the three year civil war new u.n. draft resolution has called for a pause in areas that are crucial for eight deliveries and spain's threatening to vote against the brakes of the court if the text on the disputed territory of gibraltar has not changed spain and france have both demanded changes to text with . a landslide is de relic train in spain which has killed at least one person rescuers say the train was heading to barcelona when two carriages came off the rails forty one people were taken to hospital the rail operator told local media
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heavy rain in the past few days may have caused that landslide. protests are being held for a second day as the inquiry into government corruption in south africa continues the economic freedom five his policy is demonstrating in johannesburg while problem gordon testifies golden has been talking about his time as finance minister of the former president jacob zuma this committee part of the current president several run forces anti corruption pledge from the tamil or with more from johannesburg. the protest is continuing for a second day outside the building where the inquiry into state capture is taking place the way the cabinet minister pravin gordhan is testifying people from the economic freedom fighters and opposition parties in south africa say that approving gordon must go they say adjoining his time as finance minister he and abel state kept showing corruption and food to the government inside he's saying something very different that he was intimidated and victimized for not to ceding to the
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wishes of people in problem would want to benefit themselves as as well as associates in the business sector who would want to specific deals in cabinet appointments to benefit him just to take the deals that they were looking into you know pretty bold and has also said spoken widely about to the difficulties that this of african economy experienced when a number of changes were made to the finance ministry specifically that of the minister at the time there were at least six ministers over a period of three years and he says at one point the south african economy lost billions of rant about four billion dollars in a couple of days when a new minister was appointed one who was not respected very and people knew very little about but many south africans the question that's come up is just how far the ruling party the african national congress is could be implicated in these
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allegations of corruption just how far he walked close. who knew what and who was involved in these allegations of corruption and how it's affected millions of south africans the future of one of the world's biggest car makers is looking shaky off to the arrest of its chairman heads the french japanese alliance between run and sun and mitsubishi he is accused of underreporting his salary and misusing company funds and has a name as. carlos gono was an auto industry leader respected by many in japan now he's in jail and is expected to be fired as chairman of nissan on the whole and you know. it is not desirable that the foundations of the company are shaken by the arrest of golden light but we are going to work hard so that it works in favor of the alliance with the military prosecutors say a whistleblower alerted them that go on conspired to under-report his salary by
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about forty five million dollars at use nissan's money to finance homes from brazil to beirut. i'm very surprised that this happened to the leader of the company that makes the car i drive i really hope this is some kind of mistake. go on has been credited with reviving nissan and forging a formidable alliance with mitsubishi and reno there are a lot of people on the board of all these companies and i know how to run a car company but the problem is his job was to knit together all these different interests and try and you know forge ahead with this kind of integrated global carmaker and without him there is hard to see that happening news of his arrest reverberated in france where the country own a fifteen percent stake in reno that dumped on gets you know the state as a shareholder will be extremely vigilant regarding the stability of the alliance and all the renault group. at the peak of his career go earn the nickname mr fix-it
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and was the subject of a popular japanese comic with the arrest a nissan executive is calling him greedy and saying the allegations show a dark side of the grown iraq that is now over natasha going to name. a prominent separatist leader was killed in a gun battle between rebels and an army commander in indian administered kashmir the fighting started after government forces cordoned off a village after a tip off that rebels were hiding in the area of these four women were injured when troops fired bullets and tear gas at protesters police say one army commander was killed two soldiers were injured there were scenes of jubilation after a court in india handed down a death sentence related to riots against sikhs back in one thousand and four was sentenced to death and not a shadow of who was given a life sentence for the murder of two young men during those riots around three thousand people were killed in the town the nation for the assassination of then
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prime minister indeed around the by her sikh bodyguard now pakistan's foreign ministry has summoned the u.s. to fair over comments made by donald trump he said that islamabad quote doesn't do a damn thing for the us prime minister cameron to name an ally who has sacrificed more to fight on rubes since the nine eleven attacks it all happened on twitter he tweeted pakistan suffered seventy five thousand walkout and over one hundred twenty three billion dollars was lost to the economy u.s. aid was a miniscule twenty billion instead of making pakistan a scapegoat for their failures the us should do a serious assessment of why despite one hundred forty thousand nato troops plus two hundred fifty thousand afghan troops and reportedly a trillion dollars spent on war in afghanistan the taliban today is stronger than before kemal higher has more of this from islam about. tony foreign ministry a high ranking u.s. diplomat. foreign offered strong. laws against.
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statements regarding on and. on for. any prime minister all day he did a. great job. by far too much and the united. nation. between the two heads of state is likely to work. when the u.s. and looking for an exit strategy. to be playing a crucial role in trying to bring the taliban to going to go. so any fracturing of relations with the united states is like need to have consequences. but beyond their borders china in the philippines of signed twenty nine trade and investment related deals including plans for oil and gas development in the disputed south
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china sea but the first state visit to manila by china's president xi jinping is cause protests from people worried about beijing's growing influence. on reports from manila. the philippines is looking to china and many say this is proof that the influence will dominate for many years. president xi jinping state visit to manila mean securing around twenty nine agreements most never percentage to the public for consultation or scrutiny. the most contentious is a joint develop a degree meant in the disputed south china sea which means both could she says will explore and share resources terry trees that have been declared to the philippines exclusive economic zone china says most of the south china sea belongs to it. critics say this agreement could force the philippine government to give up its control of the spread. but both leaders say otherwise i am pleased with
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the current positive momentum of the philippines china relations there is a deepening trust and confidence of governments and you have greatly increased dialogue and interaction on many levels. well young. may run parallel without interfering with one another five agree that there is no one size fits all development model and that every country has a right to choose its own path but not many filipinos agree and in time for president xi jinping at a local opinion survey shows more than eighty percent of filipinos reject the philippine government's in action in the south china sea china got a very low trust rating at negative sixteen percent compared to the united states
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a longstanding ally of the philippines a positive fifty nine percent and also more than sixty five percent of filipinos surveyed say they are aware of the abuses being committed against filipino fishermen in the south china sea when he was sworn into office there to promised an independent foreign policy a pivotal away from the united states towards good she's like china and russia but more than two years later many here have grown. economic benefits promised from this pivot have yet to be seen. president xi jinping first stop was to lay a wreath at a monument dedicated to a national hero. fought and died for philippine independence from spain in the late one thousand nine hundred now he's on nerd by the leader of a could she barely here had long considered a threat to the country's independence until now.
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manila. passengers who survived a ferry sinking in tanzania two months ago say they still traumatized but these two hundred twenty eight people drowned in like victoria within me to shore of the island and. most of them were women returning from catherine sawyer met some of the survivors. shops restaurants and pabst lined the main street of the island of carra with homes scattered in between a few thousand people leave here they know each other and depend on lake victoria for most of their needs. so when an overloaded ferry capsized two months ago on a market day it was everybody's loss most of the more than two hundred passengers who drowned while women from the island some survived including grace alicia and had then gone to relatives didn't make it off the capsizing ferry grace was eight
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months pregnant and had a baby is almost a month old now. i named her name which means grace because i believe she was my saving grace when the ferry started tipping over i jumped and i was almost dropped by a motorcycle a man helped me out i had no strength but he kept saying fight don't give up so i did not across the road from his home leave someone and his nine children his wife is a wild he was a tailor going to the market for favorite their youngest child stella is nine months and was breast feeding when her mother was lost. the younger ones keep crying and asking when the mother will come from the markers i don't know i want to tell them some of the dead are buried in this mass grave overlooking the lake that took their lives there are just nine graves most of the families decided to bury their loved ones privately you know most every home state you'll visit here and
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someone died in that ferry accident the government formed an investigation team whose findings are yet to be made public the police arrested some very workers and government staff money has been set aside to improve the health center and grieving relatives have been compensated. but millions of people who live all around this lake still rely on small rickety boats and often crowded ferries which critics say are poorly maintained put that question to the regional commissioner. the problems are many tanzania's marine transport authority is tasked with people safety but when a tragedy happens everyone follows the law for just a little while we're educating them to respect the laws always. the ill fated ferry called and when your area has been replaced by two ladders i learned this the less crowded with proper life jackets those who lost loved ones like my remark want to the findings of the investigation into the ferry sinking made public and prison
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sentences for anyone found guilty of negligence catherine. tanzania italy's foreign government has ordered the seizure of the migrant rescue ship aquarius which it says didn't dispose of waste properly the vessel was chartered by doctors without borders and the s.o.s. medical it is now stuck at the port and must say italy's governments blocks the bank accounts as well of doctors without borders because of the order this is the ship that's rescued thousands of refugees from the mediterranean sea more now from . all italian authorities are accusing doctors without borders one of the two charities there runs along with. all of dumping more than twenty thousand tons of potentially toxic waste.


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