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tv   Edward Said Out Of Place  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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for a totally up front al jazeera getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing new realities. from the very beginning of the. providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof here their story on talk to al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump stands firmly behind saudi arabia despite claims a cia report says it's quote blindingly obvious the murder of jamal khashoggi was ordered by the crown prince mohammed bin salim on. nor in tennis is al-jazeera live from london also coming up. at least fifty dead
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and more than eighty wounded in a suicide attack in kabul. protesting against illegal israeli settlements have been b. he says it will remove listings of properties on occupied palestinian lands. and a stellar success story international space station celebrates twenty years in orbit. and donald trump says the saudi crown prince could have known about plans to murder jamal khashoggi but he's not going to take any more measures against saudi arabia over the journalists killing this president has released a statement defending washington's alliance with riyadh saying the saudis are vital for the economy and the fight against iran earlier a state department official said a cia report had called it quote blindingly obvious that crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered a murder. well she had tons is live for us in washington d.c.
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so she have in many ways an astonishing statement from president tom what did he have to say. it's just a statement of complete honesty maybe he did maybe he didn't donald trump says referring to saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon and his role in the killing and the ordering of the killing of jamal khashoggi but it's very clear from the statements and from the briefing from mike compare the secretary of state shortly off of the statement was released that as far as this is an assertion is concerned american geo strategic strategic. priorities come first certainly over and any any human rights issues any and there's always a constant undertone here on might compare a secular state statement the jewels even american that this is all about putting america first and putting america first means ensuring the weapons sales ensuring the oil supply ensuring a united front against iran in fact the first paragraph of the statement is all
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about iran for example that all of the several things there i mean there's some fact checking you can do here i mean once again don't trouble you often does talks about four hundred fifty billion dollars of investment from saudi arabia from the arms deals but donald trump is negotiated most analysts see that as a hugely inflated figure the think is probably closer to forty than a half billion dollars the number of jobs is nowhere near the hundreds of thousands of even referred to in the state but it's probably closer to twenty thousand dollars or so so they're all kind of holes in the argument even though another interesting point representatives of saudi arabia told trump right say that jamal khashoggi was an enemy of the state and a member of the muslim brotherhood but my decision is in no way based on that this is an unacceptable and horrible crime that confirms that reporting that we've seen in the washington post it would appear to confirm anyway that my would been solomon had made a phone call to john bolton jarred krishna when he accused me of all of these things and the saudis denied at the time that they were bad mouth things jamal khashoggi since it's insist daf but that would seem to suggest that was an argument
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being made at least by someone as part of all this narrative but in the end you know just very almost explanation that in the end america will go with the economic and jew strategic interest as donald trump sees them and is not going to act against my wooden selman. and what's the reaction been to that. it's interesting i mean clearly iran we've actually heard from the iranian foreign minister other withering critique from from him and clearly a big part of this argument is we have to confront iran and that trumps anything or that is more important than any any anything about democracy any evidence we might have referring to jamal khashoggi zarif the iranian foreign minister mr trump bizarrely devotes the first paragraph of his shameful statement on saudi atrocities to accuse iran of every sort of malfeasance you can think of perhaps are also responsible for the california fires because we didn't help break the forests just like the fins do so with
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a ring reference then to another much critique off that frankly statement from donald trump way said the california forest fires could have been prevented if they'd been a bit more raking in climate change now the thing john brennan he was the former director the cia under president obama since mr trump excels in dishonesty it's now up to members of congress to obtain and declassified the cia findings on jamal khashoggi death no one in saudi arabia most especially the crown prince should escape accountability for such a heinous act i find this story quite interesting because it does sort of. sort of reflect the problem that those critiquing donald trump's policy have is that in many ways he's actually just being honest about how u.s. foreign policy has always acted will go for its best interest in human rights necessarily but the biggest concern and john brennan himself even as he's throwing these rocks i don't trump he himself perjured himself in front of congress he's someone who has lied in front of congress so that makes some of these critiques from the intelligence community a bit hollow and they're going to add to mr trump's argument saying look these
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people are all lies they do it all as well so what's the big deal we america first she have a chance to thank you very much. well as you had your success take my pump a has defended his country's alliance with saudi arabia saying american safety comes fast . the world out there. the middle east in particular there are important american interests to keep the american people safe to protect americans not only americans who are here but americans who are traveling and working doing business in the middle east it is the president's obligation indeed the state department's duty as well to ensure that we had up policies that further the america america's national security so as the president said today the united states will continue to have a relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia they're important partner of ours we will we will do that with the kingdom of saudi arabia its people that is that is the commitment that the president made today. is that the u.s.
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state department in washington patty you quite uncomfortable at times at the press briefing in the state department what was he pressed on. well i can tell you one of the big questions was ok the president keeps repeating this lie as she had just mentioned saudi arabia is not spending anywhere close to the amount of money that the president keeps saying that they are and he explained that as well these are link the contracts and they take time you know he backed up the president one hundred percent made the argument that it's not about saudi arabia it's about a rand i don't remember him after actually say in the name jamal khashoggi so really the state department is and the white house hoping that this is the end of it one of the more interesting things that happened here today is the foreign minister of turkey met with the secretary of state they came out to the cameras shook hands didn't say anything and that's the huge question here in this building what did they talk about we know from previous reporting the turks want something from the united states the u.s. is looking for something to give them in order for them to decrease the pressure on
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saudi arabia did they come to some sort of agreement well they didn't say and he wasn't pressed on that when he met the press over so briefly but will be looking to see signs down the road to see if the u.s. and turkey came to some sort of deal and we heard from president that he said in his statement to congress do you get a different direction if they want how all congress right here to respond to this. well you'll notice in a statement he said if they want and i might go along if it goes along with what i've been saying that's because he has the veto and congress can pass foreign legislation a legislation about foreign affairs and that they don't usually override a presidential veto but i can tell you that there is bipartisan anger about this you've had senators come out powerful senators in the issue of foreign relations they've come out and directly said the crown prince mohammed bin solomon did this and he personally needs to be held accountable so it's they're not going to do
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anything this week it's a holiday week here in the united states but expect that legislation to be taken up and the big question is going to be just how big of a vote can they get just like with the russian sanctions they had huge levels of support so the president had to sign it because even if he had tried to veto it it would have been overridden and it would have looked bad for him considering what the special counsel is investigating now the other thing the other question is the white house isn't in charge of this completely they can't just make it go away it's not only congress we believe the special counsel is looking at potential ties between the trunk campaign and saudi arabia and then there's this huge question is turkey going to release the audio the president described it as vicious horrible to hear now imagine what that would do to public sentiment if in fact it does to murder is caught on tape and people could hear it for themselves that would dramatically increase the pressure on the u.s. congress to do something to send a message not just to saudi arabia but to the crown prince himself as
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a guide thank you very much indeed. and we're joined now in the studio by senior political analyst mon bashara so mark just to return some of what they what will this decision by trying be enough to take the heat off crown prince mohammed bin simon no i don't think so i mean. it does in so many ways help mohamed been so man for the time being because there is no clear condemnation of an act that the cia he deems most probably been ordered by muhammad and so much so i think in so many ways trump has gone against his own intelligence agencies against his own congress against his own media in order to stand for muhammad there's so much. on the other hand he what he in for size that the that what's essential is that a ship with saudi arabia not with hundreds of. and he said that mohamed bin said money is most likely knows about about this about this murder of our colleague jim on his exit so i think in so many ways. mr trump wants to make sure that the
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alliance with saudi arabia continues i think he understands all too well that the crown prince is not a reliable ally that's why he talks about interstate relationship rather than leader to leader and on iran i mean trump appears to see saudi arabia is as helpful against iran how helpful in reality is saudi arabia to the u.s. in countering around where it's supposed to be one of many pieces in this chess game that the american presidents playing against iran but there are two important observations about this one he framed his entire statement in the context of a campaign against iran meaning that saudi arabia is part of this whatever it's an arab nato or alliance with israel and others against iran but certainly the we the american presence framed it is something similar to the way iran frames its relationships in the region meaning it says iran first and hence its second that
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what happens to the syrian people it's second that it what happens to the yemeni people it's a kind it what happens to the iraqi people and i think in so many ways the american president is almost saying something similar in the sense that that ends america first justify the means meaning still be in alliance with a reckless life like muhammad been saddam and again having said all of that it is a question for not just the american president at this point in time because there's almost an overwhelming condemnation of of the crown prince and and for his role in the killing and given that how what about now any possible reshuffling will. oldring of the way saudi arabia governs itself and with management on a particular look i mean the idea that the brother of the crown prince was recalled from washington the idea that the brother of the king was recalled from london or
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wherever he was in europe and i think there is a certain anxiety within the kingdom that perhaps the crown prince this time has gone way too far or perhaps he didn't play it smart meaning we had the war in yemen we had a manufactured crisis with qatar we had the humiliation of the lebanese prime minister we had the dragging over number of saudi businessmen to a hotel and giving him a you know a beating so all of that together ended up or culminated in the end with this really phleger and killing of a saudi journalist who worked for the washington post and insist on board so i think saudi arabia i think the royal family now is is not at ease you know if anything saudi arabia. respects or or values its stability and i think what the crown prince have brought to the kingdom is instability is pressure is exposure
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that neither can nor the rest of the family is fund over at this point in time thank you very much. still ahead yes it. bringing back a stone and friend a delegation from easter island arrives in the u.k. to see the return of a centuries old statue. the chandelier is all staring down at what humanity announcing sales of that no one would ever know how many here are some one stock out of the night he's got the mind of a good body bag was all of simpson the shots came from the holiday inn you heard critics we heard on the balcony over her troll just want to break off because we've got so many songs that are given somehow to call our war hotels a brand new series coming soon normal tj's era across europe immigration is high on
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the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all zero immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. well if we cannot have palestina my government will certainly not allow britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal the change the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw a much. sikes pekoe lines in the sun. just.
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a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who after indoors this goes through cycles of pain for what. meets the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perceptions do you think people will abandon this event to any better than to take al-jazeera correspondent the current. from out of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he won't be taking any action against any further
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action against saudi arabia for the murder of journalist. despite admitting the crown prince mohammed bin cylon could have known about the killing your sexual state might pompei or defended his country's alliance with saudi arabia he says the u.s. is obligated to adopt policies that further its national security. afghanistan has declared a day of national mourning after at least fifty people were killed in a suicide attack in the capital kabul the interior ministry spokesman says more than eighty others were wounded in the assault a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside a wedding hall during a gathering of muslim religious scholars and meeting to mark the birthday of the prophet mohammed no group has claimed responsibility for the blast they got through fucked up mother i heard the explosion just take my cousin out of there was seriously wounded but when i got here i realized that i was wounded as well and i am here i wanted to enter the hotel to participate in the ceremony but i got a call from a relative and he told me that there was
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a blast inside the hotel and the his children were wounded now and looking after my friends who have been injured in the blast the hospitals aren't allowing anyone any . persons religious society of friends known as the quakers says it's good to boycott companies that profit from israeli occupation of palestinian land is the first u.k. christian church to take such a step meanwhile the accommodation booking website b. and b. is also taking action it plans to remove listings of properties in illegal settlements in the occupied west bank stephanie decker ports. it's a rare victory for human rights groups who've been lobbying to stop commercial rentals in the illegal israeli settlements for years air b.n. b. is sent an important message to the rest of the business community that it really isn't possible to do business in or with settlements without contributing to inherent serious violations of international humanitarian law and the human rights of palestinians however it was acquiescing to
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a policy in which palestinians idea holders are not allowed to enter settlements soley because of who they are and it appears to be the only case in the world for which air b.n. b. hosts are mandated by law to discriminate based on national origin u.s. based accommodation booking website air b.n. b. issued the announcement the day before human rights watch was due to issue a report on bed and breakfasts in the settlements specifically case study in the activities of air b.n. b. and booking dot com in a statement on line air b.n. b. says when we applied our decision making framework we concluded that we should remove listings in israeli settlements in the occupied west bank that are at the core of the dispute between israelis and palestinians a listing in say these settlements are one of the main obstacles to any future peace talks they are illegal under international law and their physical presence or an across the occupied west bank make the prospect of
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a cohesive palestinian state far more difficult. one israeli minister has called for air b.n. b. to be banned in israel following the announcement. let's take you straight to washington where the turkish foreign minister every which i was solo is speaking to the turkish media after holding talks with suggest taking. this very. well and this process should continue as turkey. this side it to continue to reveal this murder of it all its aspects and with also those who had given the order and the latest statement of the chief prosecutor is also revealed my statement was made already this is insufficient. contradictory. statements after this meeting in a meeting with bolton that all other issues were also. discussed
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and as you know there is also the issue of bank we met with lawyers and. must be discussed what measures to be to be taken and we had an exchange of opinion. i want to say in regards of bilateral and regional. concerns we have made productive. measures really yes i am pleased for you to attend please if you have questions i am here to answer them. this please.
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the question is not exactly you should want to believe this there is a list of eighty four and there will be more names which then really be. by a course in the phone call our president had one requested by from president shampoo and he gave these lists to force. the question of the journalists and the interpreter could not hear it well. today. on the telephone. or in bilateral. meetings this issue will be looked at. seriously even fed to lochlann.
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is. therefore he asked for the list of the people we would like to have extradited but i don't know we have to ask both he had implanted with and until the be resolved this issue this will remain on the agenda of further questions anyone. i could see. hand i'm sorry did you want to ask the same question i. made the statement that the crown prince may have known about a murderer. what is your opinion in this issue the that. we do not see this bilateral concern with saudi
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arabia this is an issue that has to be seen as. resulting off america and saudi arabia has to accept it however there are questions to be answered who lays behind it who gave the order we. you know. we believe that. nobody came to turkey. without pre-planning eleven arrested. being set free and why have they been freed and why are they under arrest and those who are under their sentence the question needs to be answered by and in turkey there's an investigation going on and this investigation together with the piano agreement should be conducted and also according to the turkish law. they have to be
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handed over to turkey and this should be done in a corporation with it's not just by saudi arabia to request the information we have we also have to be given information from time and also who is the local corporator may be in scratch and the reason for this question is to. who may be involved who was running on the street there except. they have killed and they said we have given it to the corpse to call over a local corroborate and so apart from the sketch. it should be noted by to us who exactly it is. on the other hand
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work. resulting from a fire that smelled happened resulting for a fire that is clear because shock she was killed after a planned and all the evidence shows that whoever did this had pleasure taken pleasure in doing this and so. the fact that the statement that he was killed following a fight is a contradiction so why was the call operator a local call operator and arranged if there is a local coroner great help than this matter was pre-planned and after the. murder his corpse was given to the local call operator this is a contradiction and all this should be revealed in this book we don't see this as
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a. political quality kill. issue between turkey and saudi arabia. this is a human concern and murder other issues such as cannot make. issues are not a problem fans until the end we will continue as our president also stated we will do our best to. real everything and our chief prosecutor. continues the investigation on the evidence found and this will be then also shot at. the interrupt i could not hear the question of the journalist.
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be started. your turkey. if there is an international investigation and we on the basis of information and evidence we have already announced that we will cooperate on the other hand there are a lot of phone calls from other countries support ministers and also civilian organizations civil people and therefore the. investigation me going investigations. the question is if there can be. a national investigation and some countries so. that. really an investigation they would like but i am not.
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giving if they had the names of those countries. bringing them. they could be maybe a temporary commie thing is a fact finding committee they can go to saudi arabia. but from an investigation. through the united. nations. should be first. decision made by the security council this option is also available on the. air and turkey does not need the official from requests for this any other country can request this to have attended in other countries also have. a corporation and we have to also accept dutch back all the corporations all of them. as we cannot find
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answers to those questions to be answered in we have arrived. we will have more information and to make more knowledge and. if there is no full. cooperation then we can continue and make an international corporation if you have further questions please. sean o'keefe so at the moment investigations are more complex i. am not just regarding schools and those investigations as they become. the dark place of faith of the masses becomes more transparent how they.
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misuse banks and. and how they conduct it professionally legal activities and who they use. as. investigation which action such as tax evasion and money laundering and other activities he said you would see this and already at the beginning of the investigation. they would start to seeing very dark sides of faith and they are requesting information from us which we are delivering and ready for any cooperation and then they get it as requested and the last that we are giving memory formation intelligence from from turkey to the f.b.i. and regarding to be extradition of. we also. are
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cooperating and continue to cooperate as we request fetter's extradition from the united states justice department. the question is about her written statement of president charm. many countries because of this. don't want to. impose my straight on their ties with saudi arabia we. are not going to have a system or break our close our ties with saudi arabia however we believe.
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in justice and human principles we need to know when it is not important timely matter where these there. it is important i'm not going to get really really who gave the order but just know that you know and the whole world knows who came to. this i was going to present and on. say to it and i have the same opinion that says he does not believe that the king gave the order. and our own sake yes so fashionable came out to this memo back i shook his body and. you know this and at the same time we need to know who gave the order this should not be covered up things such as we have
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a very good trade corp and we're conducting. military weapon sales of course. this is fine but however. the have to reveal. everything about it and we know. about this. yes politicians are sensitive about it which is understandable.
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the journalist i believe is asking the question about the detained kurdish politician they may touch. thank you for your question. regarding the hard pan to. this forces that continues here and in the southern new york there's also a trial period this also has the aspect of the justice ministry. is the previous. play cations and the laws of the united states we have requested what they can do and we request that this in writing as well here the called as i said. justice ministry plays a role in here and we discuss what can be done and on the other hand in off fact
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like. administrative decisions at the park. on the other hand the. iran sanctions of iran not breach there's also the issue of parker not to long for him to be sent to turkey that he carries continue to be sentenced the rest of his sentence in turkey especially again independent organizations and. their evaluation reports are available and within this. how cronk has not reached the year round sanctions. and this is based on the.
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no evidence therefore harker nothing. to be given the sentence they requested thirty years initially because there was no enough evidence the jury could not come to a new verdict and only. we know. from the administration and she does use giudice aside we made our homework. treasury and finance ministry mr. and also as a foreign ministry with information received here we made our preparations and following our verbal statement be gave pile in writing to misstep and bolton. as i.
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see. this in. the. regarding terrorism here. we leave the turkish foreign minister there to see president trump of these latest pictures of him at the white house after he gave his statement on the issue of the affair just now the turkish foreign minister he was saying that he had said attack it share the latest information with the u.s. only killing and he also said that it was important to reveal who gave the order for the killing and let's have a listen to president obama now going to be doing. in florida we had great. sub really great election results as you know georgia just came in and there was a big success florida was a tremendous success with both the governor. roger said to be
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a great governor and to senator rick scott. and as you know high oil was a great picture we had a lot of great victories so we're very happy about that. we put out a statement on saudi arabia which i guess most of you have seen ads we'll see how that all works out it's a very complex situation it's a shame but it's it is what it is right. because it's america first to me it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about them a very simple it's america versus saudi arabia if we broke with them i think your oil prices would go through the roof i've kept them down they've helped me keep them down right now we have lower oil prices or relatively i'd like to see it go down even lower lower but i think that it's a very simple equation for me i'm about to make america great again and i'm about
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america first. and you hate how not are you basically doing nothing surprising you think. that what my god not to say that at all if you look at iran just take a look at a red and you look at what they're doing they are a terrorist nation right now although i must tell you there are a lot better right now that there were when i took office what i took off is they were heading in a very very bad direction. and at some point things thought very positive frankly could happen with a rant but we also need a counterbalance and israel needs help also if we abandon saudi arabia it would be a terrible mistake on. and on and on and on my. mind and. i really can't understand which is a start. one.
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well i have nothing to do with so just so you understand i don't make deals with saudi arabia i don't have money from saudi arabia i've done thing to do with saudi arabia i couldn't care less and i will tell you what is most of you know being president has cost me a fortune and that's ok with me i knew that a long time ago but being president has cost me a fortune a tremendous fortune like you've never seen before but it's some day i'll tell you what that is but and i do that a long time ago because i don't do deals i don't see all i do is focus on this country and making great deals for this country i don't focus on making great deals for myself because i don't care anymore so saudi arabia has nothing to do with me what does have to do with me is putting america first through the head wait wait wait. they're buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of things from this
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country if i say we don't want to take your business if i say we're going to cut it off they will get the equipment military equipment and other things from russia and china russia and china would be very very happy because right now we're doing very well against china we're doing very well against everybody including russia and i'm going to keep it that way and i'm not going to tell a country that's spending hundreds of billions of dollars and has helped me do one thing very importantly keep oil prices down so that they're not going to one hundred nine hundred fifty dollars a barrel right now we have oil prices in great shape i'm not going to destroy the world economy and i'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with saudi arabia so i think misstatement quite a bit i think the statement was pretty obvious what i said it's about america first yeah i'm really sorry i did not and i was among them are you right now or are you
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saying to get up on. while the bring her daughter birth just so you know it is there early on for a little period of time if are good did some e-mails they were classified like hillary clinton they were deleted like hillary clinton who deleted thirty three q was it higher she wasn't doing anything to hide president who's been discussing the question to case amongst the comments this is a recorded feed this is just coming in to us he said that the cia did not make a determination on the killing of saudi journalist not one hundred percent said that he was not going to destroy the world's economy by being tough on saudi arabia and he was prepared to meet the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon at the g. twenty in argentina tuns is watching all this for us in washington. again the again the statement from trump there it is all about the economy and america first . right and really stretching the limits of the truth as far as as far as they can
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go for example not point about the cia determination it's true the cia as far as we understand in their assessment did not come to do have a smoking gun does not have mohamed been summoned ordering the hits what the cia did was look at all the evidence the circumstantial evidence that's in the that we can all see add look at the nature of the saudi regime and say look there's just no way that mom had been someone wouldn't have been involved in an operation like this so that does give up that little bit of leeway says look i was there final final determination even though this was classed as a final conclusion by the cia made with high confidence but but even the cia said look we don't actually have that smoking gun interestingly that old truck also asked about his own personal financial relationship with saudi arabia this is come up quite a bit because clearly he's bending over backwards in order to give the saudi arabians the benefit of the doubt we know historically it's all in the public record millions and millions of dollars have been exchanged between the saudis and
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old trump in his previous life as a businessman that they even saved him from personal bankruptcy in the early early ninety's it's been reported don't trump now says that he's no longer doing any foreign deals with saudi arabia explicitly but actually there's a court case under way right now under the i'm only human schools by which presidents sitting presidents come take financial contributions from foreign powers the saudis are spending a lot of money in trump hotels particularly here in washington d.c. they've actually saved the bottom line of some trump properties we understand because of that because of the investment and there's a great deal of scrutiny as to whether these can be counted as a way of saudi trying to buy influence with the trump white house whether these should be counted as personal gift or don't trump a court case that underway that but don't trump that in conclusion just expanding on that riff that remarkably almost. almost formula that the white house seems to come up with which is america saudi arabia is key to american investments and
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strategy we don't want to jeopardize that just for one man and presumably feels it's early on from among his base he'll get a very positive reaction to that. the subtext we're hearing from wasn't even american he was an american american resident but we can't jeopardize these deals with saudi arabia just for one i mean in some ways i have to say despite all the rhetorical flourishes we get from barack obama or others in the end that calculations are pretty similar to when it comes to the saudis and other other nations in the middle east notably israel and then they have the difference between what he feels about to may have alluded to i mean we had the turkish foreign minister saying again we need to find out who gave the order for the killing and we had the cia saying we think that it was. fairly certain to have been. done doesn't seem to mind having a difference with his his intelligence agencies se. no i'm you know that was part of his pitch when he was running for president in the first place actually made
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some quite good arguments you're usually one shouldn't necessarily believe everything the intelligence community says the argument he put on that he used in the campaign trail was look i got us into iraq based on false or fabricated information about weapons of mass destruction you can't always believe what the intelligence community says which was actually quite refreshing for some actually but now clearly he's saying you know the intelligence committee hasn't actually made an assessment on who was responsible which seems to be at odds with what we've heard about what the cia has come up with let's be one part of the intelligence community but yes he's always had a difficult relationship if it if what the intelligence community is saying doesn't it doesn't conform to what he wants to be the truth and clearly it's seems that bold front is not going to accept accept those findings that we've seen in other examples as well notably the allegations of russian interference in the u.s. election gone from very sensitive to any thought that he wasn't solely responsible for his victory in the presidential election she had tons of thank you very much indeed death john being with us a bring in c.n.n.
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question who's joining us now from the turkish capital ankara so soon and we heard from the turkish foreign minister that he still believes it's important to find out who gave the order the killing. but also that the text for misses saying that turkey has shared the latest information with the u.s. on this why do you think this is heading in terms of what he wants to get out of it . well it seems that the turkish state now is it hasn't been changed since the beginning of this crisis on october the second in turkey is still after who gave the order of this us that said they should be. turkey's foreign minister said that it is not a bilateral matter between turkey and saudi arabia it is a murder case and even the saudi government has accepted has confessed that that was a murder and now this murder case should be should be clarified should be should be actually revealed thought that this is what your kid is after and that's why turkey is always asking the same thing who gave the order and they the troops believe that
11:49 pm
without a permission or order or direction of a senior top official this murder could be could it couldn't be realized because foreign minister also said the story i'm not just taking a look at my notes that i took he also said that it is for sure those fifteen people who came to assassinate my damascus ship went but didn't come by themselves somebody gave the order because that fifteen people is named as a tiger team they were different people from the very different state departments from among a very different specialists specialization fields alecto bheki if forensics expert an i.t. expert is some security people and those and these are all high level people in their own department says well that's why i took it believes that someone from the among the top officials have directed it but i have to underline that since the beginning of this crisis kirk his officers have never named mohammed bin so mom as
11:50 pm
a perfectly as the person who ordered to give the order for this s.s. nation but what they were is information that turkish officials have shared and whatever the evidence that has been leaked leaked to the turkish and international media directly or indirectly pointed out mohamad the same man and his own entourage is not turkey still up there the same. who gave the or don't go kids out to where the bodies were posts. because the saudi government has first said that they collaborated with a local person and they get the body to him to dispose but then they deny that there was a local call of radio and last week when the saudi prosecutor's office spokesperson game oppressor and to saudi and international media he said that there was a local call of greater actually he mentioned that there were luckily collaborators and the saudi police is trying to do. all this sketch this
11:51 pm
a local call a break or to delegate to the turkish authorities here turkey's foreign minister had a very important line because he said if you're collaborating with the local then you know who it is you know who it what kind of look he has but you draw the sketch of a person if you see someone while crossing a scooter or some on the street or somewhere so this is very important because turkey believes that saudi arabia is still trying to gain a game again time and actually in this league turkey and took his foreign minister complained that still there is no proper cooperation and collaboration with the saudi. securities and turkey needs that cooperation soon and he underlined just briefly one other quick question for you the taurus also said that it is given to us the u.s. and list of people that it wants extradited from the u.s. is that a good thing where they're going to have a negotiation of your give us this and will to you know will take the heat off saudi arabia. to the
11:52 pm
a couple of days ago this was reported by the n b c a but the extradition request for if it's a law un a u.s. base so excited clerk who is meant to be the orchestrator of the fifth coup in two thousand and sixteen is not much of a case this is what the official said told the press says the news was on the media because the exchange of activists. the exchange of views then with another person was mentioned doing it pestered ransom's trial when in it was a very very huge political dispute between washington and ankara turkey arrest that an american pastor in turkey after the failed coup and after awhile the it turned out to be a political negotiation when a president added onset to it given the passive you get the pastor so to say that this is another negotiation if they are told to leave different shapes and they are totally different issues and this is also worked maybe churchill
11:53 pm
underlined ysaye is that this is another security issue between us and saudi arabia we believe that this is a crime and which violated the vienna convention and all international diplomatic blows so this should be this should be actually clarified immediately we don't want to harm our relations with saudi arabia as well as other western camp please to cling to but we want this problem to be solved this is what turkey's state narrative since the beginning again we don't see we don't see any difference to them thank you very much indeed to impress her you say thank you. yemen fighting is once again escalating close to the port city of her data despite the united nations calls for a cease fire government forces launched fresh air strikes on monday evening as they tend to take the strategic port from who he rebels government officials say both sides will attend talks in sweden on november twenty ninth moment to do is just across the red sea in djibouti. residents of the day they are describing fighting
11:54 pm
overnight in this city the most intense in days most of the fighting hop and around the seven july neighborhood about four kilometers from the airport who threw them on they did not shoot and was only defending their positions i hold the official we spoke to this morning said that we will be seeing collage just like the support of big fighting as well as intense fighting in different parts of the city because both parties want to reach the talks to be held in sweden before the end of the year on a position of strength it's also more clear how much of the fighting that is happening now in this city will affect the possibility of holding all stocks but the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths is confident saying that he had been promised by both that they will hand the hawks both who with these and so. on their allies on the ground hope important to sing some aspects of a cease fire with the whole thing saying that they were going to stop drone and
11:55 pm
ballistic missile up togs but so far it doesn't seem to have become a fool to cease fire and the guns have not gone silent in yemen just yet now it's a beacon in the night sky that should already be out of use twenty years after the international space station was launched it and it's still a place among the stars and fish expecting the most ambitious construction project in the history of humanity. international space station is underway it was sent into space on a fifteen year mission but the international space station is no celebrating its twentieth anniversary the largest manmade object ever put into space or it is visible from most places on earth at least once a day and if you catch a glimpse you're looking at something which is four hundred kilometers above us traveling at two thousand eight hundred kilometers per hour with us most news in a certain meaning this project has become an island of normal international
11:56 pm
relations there are no interests collisions no provocations no sanctions or countermeasures the space station can handle a permanent crew of six there are three onboard for the big anniversary if you are younger than thirty years of age for almost every moment of your life there was a human being in space on the space station's mir and isis. seven billion humans live on planet earth three humans live in space right now over the years eighteen countries have provided two hundred thirty space explorers and with seven laborde trees the i.s.a.'s has been the home of important groundbreaking scientific experiments because of our unique microgravity environment the experiments we perform and i assess cannot be performed anywhere else on the planet. already more than twenty five hundred experiments have been conducted with over three thousand investigators leading those experiments from over one hundred countries it takes the one hundred eight meter space station just ninety minutes to circle the globe
11:57 pm
over the years it has cost more than one hundred billion dollars to build a montagne but those who helped run the project insist this is an investment in the future we want to move human presence into the solar system and we want to go to the moon and eventually to mars and to do that we need to break the tie with the home planets our space station is close so we can get cargo back and forth fairly easily one of the most famous residents over the twenty years canadian astronaut chris hadfield who took his guitar into space and provided a global vital moment. control to me. new supplies and experiments have arrived on the space station in recent days the main partners the russians the americans and the european space agency have agreed funding through until twenty twenty four but they're discussing adding four more years on to that marking i.s.a.'s is thirtieth anniversary alan fischer al-jazeera. and just a quick reminder you can catch up with all the stories we're covering check out our
11:58 pm
website the address that is our sara dot com you can also watch us live by clicking on the live icon plenty of details there on the case and of course will have more on that as well in the news hour in just a few minutes john mccain and by fire. hello again welcome back we're here across australia we are watching one spring storm making its way over here towards the east and with that a change of temperatures rain and thunderstorms are in the mix over the next few
11:59 pm
days we're talking about victoria as well as new south wales now behind the front the temperature is really dropping for some locations adelaide fourteen degrees for you there we had earlier seen several days ago getting into the high twenty's were high but over here towards melbourne as we go from wednesday at twenty three you are going to be dropping down once that front goes through to about fourteen degrees and there is that front right there making its way through brisk been bring some thunderstorms as well as thunderstorms up here towards townsville as a break away over towards new zealand we are going to see some messy conditions particularly across much of that self island there's a low pressure right there that is spinning so we do expect on wednesday that the clouds and the rain will continue in the forecast we do expect to see some windy conditions extending all the way up towards auckland but there is some better weather as we go towards thursday with clearing skies down here towards christchurch maybe a few lingering showers as we go towards the beginning of the weekend and then very quickly up here towards parts of japan we are going to be seeing some cooler weather make its way down and but we are seeing snow up here towards
12:00 am
a pro in the overnight hours before tokyo we are looking at some sunny skies you with a temperature of sixty. this is zero. this is the out there news hour live from london coming up. u.s. president donald trump stands firmly behind saudi arabia despite claims a cia report says it's blindingly obvious the murder. was ordered by the crown
12:01 am
prince mohammed bin. at least fifty dead and more than eighty wounded in a suicide attack in kabul. protesting against illegal israeli settlements and.


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