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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 186  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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efforts to resolve the war in syria and other news there have been more airstrikes and gun battles in the yemeni port city of. witnesses say fighting near the city center with some of the worst they've seen in recent days as are the iraqi coalition is back in yemen's government in its fight against iranian backed rebels who control or data. hundreds of central american asylum seekers have arrived in the mexican city of tijuana watch what does the united states they're joining several thousand who are already there meanwhile the u.s. judge has blocked president donald trump's order to bar people from seeking asylum if they enter the country illegally border agents are preparing for the so-called caravan of people making their way to the u.s. there's been an increase at some crossings. those are the headlines on al-jazeera i'll have another news bulletin for you in just under thirty minutes the
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stream is next getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while borders between five safe countries facing realities starts from the very beginning. and providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. ok and you're in the stream why is the chinese government separating. families a movie could be and today we meet people who say they've been on able to contact detained relatives china is accused of cracking down on muslim communities have questions where i guess to be sure to leave them in the chat and we will include them in our conversation but first here is our series adrian brown reporting from the capital of china. time here a minute believes he'd be in
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a camp if he returned to shin jang he says a chinese state security agent tried to persuade him to go back after he moved to israel to study early last year leaving his wife and daughter behind in shin jang the agent also a week telephoned him repeatedly wanting details of women's contacts in israel sometimes the calls were taunting should you get shit done given your daughter won't turn out to be a scum like you says a voice she'll be useful to the communist party. before him in left china he lived here a room she the provincial capital of shin jang he used to call his daughter all the time but in february she told him don't call me or my mother again the last words to her father with these you're a bad person. there are credible reports according to the united nations that the million or more we go muslims are being held in what amounts to in term and camps
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in china and now increasingly their families are speaking out many say their family members have been imprisoned indefinitely in facilities that the chinese government refers to as vocational training centers which it says are necessary for fighting separatism and what it calls religious extremism the chinese government official recently warned people to be wary of quote gossip or rumor unquote suggesting mistreatment ethnic minorities but u.s. lawmakers recently proposed legislation urging the trumpet ministration to curb what they say is china's continued abuse and surveillance of leaders here with us to talk about the alleged crackdown on the weaker community and the toll it's taken on many families hosier is a journalist for radio free ages that we go service that's the u.s. funded news organization that was one of the first to expose the situation in jan keller is chairman of the human rights project in the u.s.
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state of north carolina i did and work is the media and press relations officer for the east turkistan and national awakening movement and in new york city actually kumar is the deputy united nations director for human rights watch we also reached out to a number of chinese state officials but we didn't get a response back hello everybody it's good to have you here. in china you were a freudian impressive t.v. journalist you had your own show so. it was it was a good time for you there can you tell us and set the scene what it was like when you were working there and why you had to leave. everyone. thank you for giving us the sporting t. to speak up for our nation. yes i was t.v. host in junk t.v. before coming here joy in our face. i came to united states two
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thousand one to work for radio free asia so i was hosting children program. t.v. as you know comes party in china control every news organization t.v. station where you so. whatever how you success you're still using purpose and that. so i deeply of feel that when i was in certain level so i know chinese government. policy we are alike seems to. fight the country more strongly and then they want to use their policy to. brainwash the people and make
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more like. far from their history and their identity so than when i was. putting t. to out from the china during the vacation time to europe so i have a chance to listen to their radio free asia. the. what can i say i only see china in a very different way once you are out here like this how is that i still don't this is true press you know this is the true drawn on the so i need to join this company so i was directly called the. so. too united you left your family behind and you are leaving your family behind that made you realize what has been happening more so more personally to the weak population
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there what happened to your family. so actually chinese policy toward is not suddenly happened it's a systematic crackdown so when. i start work in our faith. seems chinese government was very angry and put me in the red had least right red pepper paper a leather. yellow chinese van and lying of my family members targeted as criminal you know they visiting my parents' house frequently to you know then after. two thousand and sixteen after chinch and war rules. the situation become more worse first i hear my brother taken to the education they call the reeducation camp. two
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thousand and seven two thousand seven. hundred you know that happened to him how do you know where he went that time i could i could call my mom i've been talking to my mom for like one twice a month we just talk very little just make sure they're ok so when i was called two thousand and seventeen september my mom my brother. so she was asking the chinese officials why are you taking my. answer back says your. sister over there is that enough to take you so this is punishment. live in china ok this this is not an unusual story really. unfortunately not based on what we're hearing from people online or of
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course you're not alone there this is a tweet we got from someone who's handle is just a he writes they have not meaning china and the communist party admitted to the very existence of the camps in the first place and then when they did the communist party change their tone and said yes we have vocational training centers who is a liar then he writes they detain we are all walks of life academic sportsmen actors scholars. what do we know about the camps and. the actual facts what baxter you have about what's going on there well we're human rights watch have written an in-depth report about the camps but also about the broader campaign of repression against turkey muslims especially weaker is inching john and one thing that the person who tweeted made a really great point is that we face a lot of denial from the chinese government and so we have to present facts we've brought forward satellite images we've dug through government procurement contracts
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to really just put together a paper trail that shows that we can really believe that almost a million people are being kept in camps without any process often without even being charged for a crime just on a suspicion maybe they talked too much about one of the suspicious countries that china has identified they have a list of twenty six maybe they trade five times a day maybe they did something else to arouse suspicion and then they were forced into living in a camp and being put through political reeducation exercises but also in some cases torture and mistreatment it's deeply concerning. let's let's talk about what kind of government that we're dealing with the chinese government is famous and well known for conflating the facts and confusing the general public in addition to denying these facts. even if they did not lead safe didn't lock up
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more than ten percent of the population what they have done with a specific mindset engaging in human engineering you know itself is a crime against humanity human engineering yes explain more human engineering is taking place in multiple fronts therefore forcing we goes to give up their centuries old ethno national tradition language way of life values and religion and trying to convert them into something that they have never been. or something that they're not blocking and so what the chinese government has been doing in the last twenty months is. something what we call in the united states a conversion therapy. in theory it's a human engineering and they have also used the technological means to. monitor who is are not being managed to get to the camps the source site is been
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turned into a tell them tale of theory in a police state and if you're not careful i mean we have to highlight this very important fact some countries we just read yesterday day before yesterday on the papers the venezuelan government is borrowing the technological advantages from the chinese to issue new types of id cards sudan pakistan and several other countries already looking to china as a model to monitor their own citizens so this is this is this should not be constraining to the weaker concern this should be a concern for the world the civilized people around the world i like talking there and i don't i could see you nodding your head there but i want to i want to bring this in and i want to give it to you this is a world congress who writes and keeping in mind would narrator said they say nearly every member of the weaker diaspora has a family member arbitrarily detained in the camps and has lost contacts for more than a year it's these people who've gone out of their way not to put loved ones at risk
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but the chinese government has indiscriminately mocked them anyway so thinking of that story this is just one of so many we've heard we got a bit of your comment from someone who says something very similar this is alfred who's a student here in the u.s. in this is what he told the stream three years ago you know. how he's going to start crackdown on the stocks in my occupied home but i lost all contact with my family. just recently from one of the family friend of mine who has a son how learned that my father so this is a nine year prison of my mother because we got a fish and get lost and our child. at least one of my relatives is doing concentration camp or is jail right. international committee last stand off for this twenty first century concentration camps and brutal ethnic cleansing in sixth on tibet so i did he says twenty first century concentration
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camps i know that you have relatives hundreds of them actually who have gone missing as well. yes so i have from both my mom and dad combined over two hundred relatives who have disappeared and we have no contact with and there's no way of contacting them and figure out they're alive or dead and. i often mention the word ethnic cleansing and that's something that's really a term that a lot of people shy away from saying that although you know at the cleansing of comprises of certain things that we should and we shouldn't like make that big claim but what you want to realize is that these camps are not just you know an attack on culture identity or the policies that china is employing on that was not just is not just a way to attack our culture and our language and like our centuries old traditions but it's also a way to physically exterminate our people and i think that's usually what's left out of this context is the fact that you know we're actually in occupied territory our territory is named east turkistan and china has renamed which means new
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territory and so we've been you know we've lived with centuries of independence. before and you know it wasn't that until in one thousand nine hundred that we had the first official chinese invasion and after that we had two easter sunday republics that were established shortly after which were crushed by the chinese forces and one hundred forty nine communes trying to came to power and since then we've been living under the occupation and usually it's not for does an occupation and so this with the existence of the camps you know the camps are like a new sari like the oppression has been going on for decades now the camps are just a new a new. china is using to lock up an entire population and talking about it i think it's really difficult for us to picture something that we can't see. that we're pretty confident there but we don't know where and there's so many reasons why people and. and so many rumors as well. as.
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yours and that horrific story do you think that that story is true tell us that story pace. i mean this ok so the story is that well so my aunt has been her his brother and addition to his relatives had been sent to camps or some form of detention or prison and his brother actually got lethally injected and was killed last november and it wasn't until this past summer that they found out that he was killed the injection and so the question that goes to our mind is and in this is just one of countless stories we've also heard from other you know firsthand witness of people who lived in the camps of people being into death the fact that there is sterilization there is you know lethal injections beatings organ harvesting that is occurring in these camps and there are clear methods of physical extermination that were actually used during the holocaust. and so you know and we have physical physical evidence of the existence of these camps just resettle
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imagery for example and. why you know our local story i wanted to. jump into femi to say that i think that what we've seen with our research is that this is taking on entirely new techniques for repression as so you know turkle mentions using technology and they're actually putting q.r. codes you know the kind of things that we scan to download an app on people's houses so that the harm chinese government officials can come by knowing there are there we talked about that recently and the other thing that's really scary is that actually people are being sent to stay in homes with other we groups maybe someone has been left to leave a political education camp one of the people we spoke to said that once she was able to go home she found her own officials who wanted to eat and live with her in her house every day so that they could check up on her and see if she really had
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sort of learned her lessons and this is an isolated in fact there are hundreds of thousands of one chinese were being mobilized to go into. service what they call big brothers living in people's homes to monitor and surveil them in the most intimate way so this is the kind of repression that we really haven't seen and it goes far beyond these camps where abuses are happening absolutely but they're also happening every day just as people try to go about their daily business so that it begs the question henri for people online why aren't there countries doing something about this i want to share with you just a handful of people this is someone watching live on you tube now who says why is pakistan saying anything to china you can also broaden this out and ask if muslim countries are pressuring china on twitter says the silence of muslim countries are shameful they partly contributed to this ongoing crime another person says no muslim nation is criticise china in this review this silence is deafening. it is
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an excellent question we need to talk above. you have previously been caught cover the issues in a range of. what is happening but we have to focus more on what should be done about this so the u.p.i. example is one of the most disappointing in fact it was expected but you would at least not expect the muslim countries to come out and be a cheerleader for the communist china that is labeling your religion as a mental disease at least you would not go up and compliment chinese government palestine did the syrian represented the so the reason why the chinese government has been so successful silencing the developing countries in muslim countries is money economic influence the and also the most of the muslim countries that question are not a jeffersonian democracy that the people that are not through free free to call to
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the streets to protest on behalf of the weakest and also some of your ideas may not like this but some muslim countries believe that china is is the best weapon country american employers in the international communities so because of the job political. engagement and because of this. ongoing chinese global influence campaign muslim countries have been successfully silenced . i just want bring her back into conversation because you very kindly sent us some of your family pictures and i've been watching you've been listening to this conversation obviously upset to hear about all of the other families that are going through trauma like you are tell us about the pictures that you shared with us i'm going to start with this one here at his this my mom mangled sickly
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she retired from the kill your newest thing she's more than forty years experience pharmacists so she was take. to reeducation camp actually. last. february and after what do you know about where we whereabouts right now she is released after two months ok from the jail one ok as only he has isolated at home was my father ok but my other twenty four relatives including my own brother still in some camps or ok. my mother and brother and then one more here my cousins father so some of them just got married they arrested some of them baby.
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a year some of them successful young businessmen some of them just. college and. so it effected my father's side mother's side more than twenty something family. i'm sure you watch initial thinking what has china got to say because the more that we talk about what's happening to the we get communities and populations in china the more international community is asking china about this have a listen to this china spokeswoman she was talking on november fifteenth at a beijing news conference. just shanghai we welcome one tension attempts to understand the situation changing is an open region but we were firmly opposed ill intension and biased attempts to interfere in affairs of our local government or rashly criticised over its internal affairs.
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i'm just wondering what do you do what is possible. i mean to me two things jump out one is we need to get independent credible investigators into showing john and we really haven't had that we haven't had the u.n. have the ability to go there and produce a comprehensive report from the region itself or we at human rights watch had to do all of our research from outside of the country and although we heard heartbreaking stories about kids we came up in the middle of the night missing their parents or families being separated of torture of deaths we're doing all of this remotely so people need access that's the first thing and then the second is that other countries need to stand up to china and say that this is unacceptable you can't do something like this in the twenty first century to millions of your citizens just with the flimsy excuse that you're fighting terrorism there are ways that you can
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fight terrorism and then there are ways to really just be repressing a people for who they are how they look or how they pray and that's what's happening here a huge opportunity is that the u.n. security council is actually going to china just over this weekend and i'm waiting to see if they're going to even mention anything about this or if they'll just go along for you know what looks like it could be tourism or something where they just follow the chinese government and narrative and look at shiny new cities and talk about development and peacekeeping while ignoring these massive rights abuses it's a huge opportunity but it's also huge risk. so as we look forward to what to do next we got this from world leader con congress who says the u.n. security council will visit china this week and it's essential that they raise this issue as a matter of peace and security their silence will speak volumes i don't i'll give you the last word there in just about thirty seconds as we wrap up the show yes i
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just want to add that if governments are staying silent then at least people can go onto the streets and mobilize you know educate themselves raise awareness because the issue here is a lot of people don't know what's happening and a lot of people aren't taking action and of people can flood the streets and rally and in demonstrate for the occupy people of the search sun then you know i think there will be governments will start to you know wake up and realize that probably do something but i know we just have signs from both levels both from the ground and from the top people are saying so and also government so also just to realize that you know this is an issue about religion or you know chinese using this crackdown on so-called the. as an excuse to wipe out the people the circus. it's it's amazing to think that we were even having this conversation in twenty eighteen thank you guys for sharing these personal insights and telling us what you
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know about the population in china you can also continue to track developments of course on al-jazeera dot com they can i will see you next time always on the stream on take. my. i'm his story line for the families people every week brings a series of breaking stories through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work. as we turned the cameras on the media. and focus on how they report on the stories that matter them and see buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera i saw this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time of ability and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions author missed and
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packed for. the main things that sets out zero apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people what about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok to have a little more complicated off but probably if this is not an act of creation i'm going i remember walking. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave. some oversold spot to ski the speaker out as a surprise but. this job isn't just about what's on the script or a piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. in the fight for what is right on the shores of how to deice progress for some can
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create some living hell for others challenging his government and big business one man risked his life to save the community he cherishes it is not going to be that someone can do this then. the opposition a witness documentary on al-jazeera. all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars and orders. the u.s. president to defend its relations with saudi arabia despite its conceding the crown prince may have known about the killing of journalists. well there was outrage of the tribes comments his close allies senator lindsey graham says america should not lose its moral voice.


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