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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 42  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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to eighty one at least eight hundred people are still missing heavy rain that's forecast from asia on wednesday could hamper efforts to find human remains authorities say more than seventy percent of the fires are now contained. there will be more air strikes and gun battles in the yemeni port city of. witnesses say fighting near the city center were some of the worst they've seen in recent days assad the erotic coalition is backing yemen's government in its fight against iranian backed rebels who control the data of god the father has declared a day of national mourning after at least fifty people were killed in a suicide attack in the capital kabul the explosion targeted amazing all of islamic scholars and a whole they were meeting to mark the birthday of the prophet muhammad. those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us the listening post is coming up next
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thank you very much for watching. china could be facing a debt that's according to us the global the trumpet ministry shouldn't have been insisting towards the saudis and other oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the price we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. fixed. salary. back to our white. south. hello i'm richard ginsberg and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the saudi operative linked to the khashoggi killing and the lengths he went to to suppress journalism in the kingdom . the koreas the unique genre that is defector t.v.
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. it was no accident israel tries to take down gases al aksa t.v. and a low everyone in an english want official intelligence some newsreaders can seem artificial in that respect this guy is the real deal ai anchors on the air in china we begin though with saudi arabia and the methods the kingdom still uses to silence its critics sometimes permanently it's been more than a month now since the murder of john malkovich. riyad reaffirmed this past week that it was a rogue operation but its story keeps changing and news has surfaced of another saudi journalist to a key al just jailed eight months ago since tortured to death i'll just surround what he thought was an anonymous account on twitter a platform that used to be a proxy public square for saudis but where an army of trolls now poisons debate harasses dissidents and spreads misinformation the mastermind of that campaign has
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been sowed al qahtani who worked behind the scenes as an unforced error for the crown prince mohammed bin salma as his boss conducted a charm offensive on the western news media al qahtani was ensuring the journalists back home told the line and the critics stayed silent he was reportedly fired over the murder but the chilling effect of his work remains our starting point this week israel. of all the two weeks the saudis assisted nothing happened and all kinds of explanations about what happened and who now is responsible. after the murder of jamal khashoggi those initial denials from riyadh undone by all the evidence the announcements from saudi arabia cuts against what should fester get say on its side this building and the ensuing geo political public relations disaster one might have thought that the saudi authorities dealing with the media would be on their best behavior at least
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for a while. the death of a saudi arabian journalist given all the top the case of perfectly i'll just a blogger jailed earlier this year and whose death after torture was revealed this past week could disprove riyadh's war against journalism and criticism within goes on. certainly the message would appear to be that the saudi authorities can still. intimidating carry things out against its critics even after the death of tomorrow they will want to reimpose that climate of fear because the nervousness as well of the saudi authorities right now they fear perhaps that the whole affair might encourage and embolden critics within the kingdom to be more vocal in the saudi element that a some might claim that the murder hasn't had an impact on saudi arabia that the country will continue its harassment assassinations
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and kidnappings of journalists but i don't believe this is the case especially since there remain doubts over the circumstances of al just as kidnapping and murder some claim he was murdered in march two thousand and eighteen others say it was days ago so it's possible his case predates. the whole question and just serve it was not the only person there is a journalist famous journalist an opinion columnist that rather he has disappeared . and in the fairly who would put an arabic has gone silent for over two years and we don't know if he's in jail. is the. some of them they want to center to to death and because she actually use social media to to write about that protest in the eastern province and of the people who are who are would have been imprisoned for using twitter or facebook you're talking about thousands maybe. there was no mystery over how jamal khashoggi met his fate he was lured to the
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saudi consulate in istanbul and walked into a trap how tookie i'll just that was exposed and arrested is less clear however all roads would appear to lead to sowed qahtani al qahtani is a feared figure in saudi arabia he's ex-military and advisor to the royal court appointed by the crown prince they call m.b.'s muhammad bin salma he was responsible for directing the saudi troll army that went after the kingdom's critics online and reportedly spent so much time poring over twitter debates he was nicknamed mr hashtags last year al qahtani tweeted a warning to saudi dissidents telling them that using an alias on twitter would not be enough to hide their identity hinting that he had secret ways of finding them and just last month the new york times reported that saudi arabia had invented a spy inside twitter's operation to monitor accounts critical of riyadh accounts
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such as the one belonging to the late i'll just. and i will sort of comment this and then when mohammed bin selman took power the tunny became very important perhaps one of three key people surrounding the crown prince of his principle role was to steer the electronic army towards supporting muhammad in someone's decisions it also involved attacking critics he's not only implicated in official deeds murder but in the kidnapping of former lebanese prime minister saad hariri he's a very powerful man not only in terms of shaping public opinion but in executing mohammed bin salmond's to see. since then few c.s.r. one hundred missing since my members had among the four really took power he increased to saudi government control over the media and one of the reporters or editors told me they could we used to go to the king and he would tell us you know talk about this don't talk about that known it is so the tiny and people who like
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him through a whatsapp group will tell. the reporters what to write and tell editors what to write their is no meeting so this is just another increase in the level of control over the media. given that hedge amount of control over the mainstream media the real political debate in saudi arabia occurs online primarily on twitter the government could have done what its counterparts in iran did ban the platform out right instead it allows twitter to operate in the country and takes on its critics there both overtly through official government accounts and covert through trolling false followers hacking and surveillance and when the authorities hunt down political opponents they don't stop at the port omar abdulaziz is a saudi blogger based in canada because calls for political reform back home are
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delivered to hundreds of thousands over twitter and you tube and it's hundreds and he says that months before jamal khashoggi walked into the consulate in istanbul saudi officials contacted him trying to arrange a meeting at their embassy in auto abdulaziz refuse even and they asked for their not in you and they were trying to and bug you know about the lies he is and get into his son his accounts and get into his social media platforms and that's why some of them are stopping their activism no moderation of opposition no matter how small or no matter how slim is going to be accepted autonomy. i am a target of the saudi government because of what i write every time i get an email with a with a link i'm suspicious especially from people i don't know and this fake b.b.c. journalist she calls herself talia stalin and the fact that they didn't use a b.b.c. email also made it clear to me that was
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a fake account they continued to try me in the past week they have stopped but they are trying other ways to go into our computer and over e-mails. in riyadh the latest official explanation of the khashoggi murder version six point zero of the story places the blame on five allegedly rogue operatives who according to the foreign minister could face the death penalty sowed al qahtani faces a travel ban but nothing more while his boss who apparently was completely unaware of the operation that killed one of his most prominent critics can be seen on state run television meeting with investors visiting soldiers wounded in the war in yemen and smiling for selfies with saudi children. manners the crown prince and really the almost a fact a ruler of saudi arabia has a huge challenge his image has been shattered by this certainly internationally so
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how does he actually manage to revivify that carefully managed image as the reformer the man of change so the saudi media or royal court are clearly going about their business of trying to show him as the response ball leader statesman who has saudi interests at heart i think it's questionable whether this will work right now certainly it won't work i think internationally it might work in some quarters in saudi arabia and that's obviously what they are hoping. the saudi arabia never been a beacon of of the for. of speech and freedom of expression but i think that the saudi crown prince has taken things to the next level there is no tolerance for any kind of deflection from the regime or from the regime's narrative and the regime stories a lot of arab regimes in the region including the saudi ruling the egyptian regime including is the syrian regime have used this whole logic of keeping stability we
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have tried to preserve the ability we're trying to keep you safe and this is a way of trying to keep control of the people and to keep them in check and to halt any form of opposition or freedom of expression. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers will yong will starting with israel in its latest assault on gaza it has gone after palestinian media and has done so on apologetically yes last monday night israeli warplanes destroyed the headquarters of al aksa t.v. which is run by hamas and is located in a densely populated neighborhood. there were no injuries since the station was alerted the strike was coming israel clearly didn't want to be seen killing journalists how mass called the attack barbaric and bare faced aggression israel's military justified the strike in a tweet saying
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a lot of broadcast incitement and violence for years and that its forces have made sure the station would not broadcast again however broadcast did resume about an hour off of the strike and included this video of hamas fighters hitting an israeli military bus with an antitank missiles. official israeli twitter accounts then use that a time to accuse hemis of targeting civilians but the bus have been carrying soldiers in an area that was sealed off to civilian traffic and the picture accompany many of the tweets actually had nothing to do with the attack it was a shot of a bus fire near jerusalem several years ago which showed civilians there while in reality they would have been nowhere near the scene moving on to india now where a prominent television news anchor has been criticized for a report that he filed on the conflict between government forces and maoist insurgents a group known as the naxalites tell us who is he and why the controversy is centered around a report by rahul come wall of the india today channel while embedded with the unit
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of the indian armed police force the c r p f in the central state of his god where government forces are fighting or not and those are one corps but i was planning an operation. would you like to join that that's exactly why we have her to go to the challenges that go into the battle against the closer we left the company of boys and the whole thing was a simulation was an exercise and come while made it look like the thing every couple of minutes before the words representative video or simulation exercise by a pop at the top left but come on doesn't actually say any point that it was staged and sometimes he talks as if he's in a real battle and what kind of weapons they're fighting with. and enjoyed not so come on know he now has to be taken by these poor but as yet we have commandos on twitter and critical news outlets come always accused of sensationalizing the story and misrepresenting the real dangers faced by journalists the next lights do kill and capture reporters we saw cases of both just
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days before convolved report but journalists reporting on the government's counterinsurgency strategy or on the expansion of mineral and coal mining in the state are routinely harassed and sometimes charged by police there's also the political context isn't there the timing of this particular report yes it is significant come ons report two days before elections for the chair to score assembly in the same show interview chad has got chief minister raman singh who's from the same party as prime minister nuri interim ot the b j p modi's popularity has been slipping of late and he's been using a lot of anti naxalite language to discredit his opponents ok thanks will. we're turning to south korea now the visit in september by president moon in the north korean capital pyongyang was just the latest in a series of steps aimed at diffusing tensions on the peninsula however despite all that talk of reunification south koreans don't know as much about their northern
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neighbors as you might think most of what they do know comes from testimonies from asylum seekers which has created a brand new genre of television programming that one could call defector t.v. the formula takes a reality t.v. approach putting asylum seekers on the air exploring what their lives were like before this acting even setting them up with romantic partners from the sets the producers involved say they're out to improve understanding smooths the past to reunification of countries divided since the end of world war two however skeptics aren't buying that they say that the show's run thick with sensationalism misrepresentation and sexist stereotyping the listening posts christina martinez now on defector t.v. in south korea. in. december two thousand and eleven south korea's channel a launches
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a new program. and also hybrid. talks and i want. to get. on and show what i'm going to do my. parts beauty contest. the only three requested contestants had to be defectors from north korea. who told me that. there's never been a program about north korea before north korea was only ever seen through the news which kept talking about nuclear issues the north korean army how poor north korea knows that wasn't the. the first time now my way to meet you showed the real story of how north korean people live their culture they want to. know whatever little. it has helped break down prejudices i think the program prepares us for unification
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though maybe one day but. it was the beginning of a trend south korean channels eager to find a different lens through which to present north korea could finally break away from the usual portrayal so funny and human rights abuses. and adds an element of entertainment. the question of whether they break down prejudices or ian for some is difficult in fact the matter is they mostly do both simultaneously they certainly seek to convey information about north korea there's a very famous song a young boy appears on north korean t.v. singing this. song and then one of the panelists on one of these shows will sing the song in
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a way that mimics that north korean voice singing style. one thousand was. the man who was told all was. in the editing suite or in some of the the ways they are framed they have the tendency to reinforce some prejudices as well as to put the original intention of those programs to depict the harmonious future of a unified korea by showing how well defectors integrate into south korean society. but they mostly show young women describing their struggle to defect from north korea. i was told see. this gives south koreans a distorted impression of defectors and it creates prejudices about the country upon them dancing or that the seventy percent of north korean defectors are
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women and the ones that find themselves on t.v. often end up reinforcing a cultural stereotype that beautiful north korean women are the best partners for south korean men. of the. shows like love unification the young north korean women are paired with south korean men who proceed to instruct them on the ways of the modern developed country in which they now live the message in there is less than subtle little forms to the south korea nationalistic narrative that north korea is the weaker female nation. that needs protecting by the stronger more muscular in sag harbor. the concern is that such a calicut showed him a chore and objectified image of these women is then extended to all north korean defectors and to the north korean population in general. so south koreans may end up looking down the north koreans are thinking we can treat them
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carelessly that engrosses wouldn't pay that. this is another issue that doesn't help with the perception of north koreans on occasion some defectors testimonies have been sketchy and inconsistent parky on me is a defector who became a celebrity after a run are now on my way to meet you her story is attracted a lot of attention one of almost. but as discrepancies script into her accounts skepticism group here and free to see a real. or thank you monument but it's almost impossible to fact check these stories and. defectors themselves say the every put in the truth or turns out only matter how it's that person's problem if they say one thing here another thing there it is hard to say that north korean people do that or that these programs make them do that their memory may change or they may remember something else at
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another time but i don't think the programs are to blame our homeland this. there are such cases but at the same time poverty in north korea is real and it's also true that north korea ignores human rights tenants of house to go in there. and you know it could all work to the mall so we need to see the story it may not be his or her own story they may have heard it from someone else and made it there but even when that happens the story exists. we need to be a little bit empathetic about the way collective memory and individual memory interact with each other a lot of these people left north korea several years ago as many as twenty in some cases quite a lot of them were very young when they left so. in accuracies in their stories should not automatically put down to malice all. unknowing. as
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a genre has expanded so too have the narratives good friends which are aired on the publicly own channel e.b.'s between twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen brought together north and south korean teenagers in a more sober setting. with hunger not only in the music and on the web some of the younger defectors have begun self publishing on a streaming platform on africa t.v. which is a sort of south korean you tube i don't study to print out and if. you're going to clip that's all it is john they are self broadcasters interact with the viewers directly through the chat boxes that accompany their broadcasts zero. zero zero zero zero. zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero allowing for a relatively unfiltered. discussion between south koreans and north koreans without
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any of the production framing. and they discover that they're not so different after all. they have undoubtedly been a change of rhetoric at the political level how these shows actually improved public understanding you don't. while these programs contribute to making south koreans interested in north korea the majority still think that it's a good state should treat or you don't win the war. and these programs make people think how is it possible for us to live with them no way and so they end up reinforcing and unification ideas and. this kind of. north korea is always described as a poor state its people are starving their human rights are infringed people see it as pathetic and they feel a sense. alienation but over time the image of your career here is improved and
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lots of people are realizing that they can actually communicate with north korea so the shows are having a positive effect and that was a cause. in a situation where the stories about north korea remain politicized and. defectors are rare stories of news that the amazingly provided gets turned into enough attainment says much about south korea and the television market and viewing habits as he does about the neighbors to the north. and finally the twenty four hour news business can be a grind sometimes the anchors come off as a bit robotic and there are a couple of news readers at china's state run shin why news agency who come by that honestly because they're not real they've been created using digital compas it's of tooth human anchors combined with the latest artificial intelligence technology now you can see what news executives would like about this development there
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a i anchor is can work twenty four seven they don't have agents and they won't get into any trouble on twitter however there's something about their delivery that's not quite right there in human i mean they could never do this job right right we'll see you next time here at the listening post i think. hello everyone im an english artificial intelligence sanka this is my very first day and saying one is agency i will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted who are going. to how. long from when filtered in your leadership really and your more you use. it without a low you are watching english news program i may i news anchor in beijing panoramas participation in the ongoing china international import expo is showing its potential as a port of entry for china into latin america as an ai news anchor under development
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i know there is a lot for me to improve thank you for being with us bye for now. a rite of passage through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who have to endorse this goes through cycles of pain for what that man meets the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perception this ink people will abandon this event or whatever to take al-jazeera correspondent. for this eleven year old girl that. is a passion. and
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a ticket out of poverty. now she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the stakes a little higher. in her journey to success. championship dream part of the viewfinder. on al-jazeera. the problem and the headlines. u.s. president donald trump has appeared to side with saudi arabia. over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the spy to cia report concluding that the crown prince or the killing trump says the u.s. intends to remain a steadfast part of saudi arabia shihab rattansi has more from washington d.c. . i hear by way of you. are the white house
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thanksgiving tradition of the president holding a turkey to go to groom significance this year a short time early.


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