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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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and maybe he's a lecturer in international relations in lancaster university and the author of saudi arabia and iran power and rivalry in the middle east is joining us via skype from lancaster thanks for speaking to us so we know that martin griffiths has now met a way of hell with the rebel leader talk us through the significance of griffith's visit to yemen as head of the upcoming peace talks so i think it's got many names the first two us attain what is happening on the ground to see for himself what has happened recently to get a handle on but things are the extent to which this rivalry between the various conflict between them is playing out and how devastating the and the second the bishops more importantly is is an opportunity to try and build trust the head of the peace talks and sweet as we know we when you have peace talks you need to speak to the various people to open back channels up lines of communication to build up
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trust ahead of the formal talks to try and make sure that people will firstly attend but then they'll also listen to what the other side has to say so i think this is what he's trying to do he's reaching out making sure that people will attend the peace talks and trying to build up these lines of community cation trying to build trust and and give himself the best possible chance of making this cesspool and then there is a momentum for these peace talks to take place and there is a push certainly from the u.a.e. as well as the u.s. who have come out in support of this these these negotiations so does that make a difference to the peace talks in terms of do you think that they will yield results with support from outside factors. i think as you say there's a lot of international support and pressure on all of the talks not just on not the mystic river but on the various actors involved in the conflict and i think that's probably the first time that we've seen that we've seen the u.s. the u.k.
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and the emirates coming out so strongly in favor of a cease fire and a resolution to the conflict so i hope that this this changing climate will mean that there is a move towards creating a lasting peace but let's not forget it's not just about stopping the conflict and stopping the fighting but yemen is facing serious humanitarian challenges we've seen report this week that said eighty five thousand children have died as a consequence of starvation and and the potential scale of the humanitarian disaster facing yemen is catastrophic there are millions of people die in need of aid so let's not forget it's not just about the short term of stopping the fighting but actually doing something far more substantial and making things better in yemen how would you assess the military aspect of the war and what's going on on the ground in yemen in particular in the end what they do and the resistance that the home fans are putting up and this is according to satellite images that were obtained by al jazeera. you know i think what we've seen is the piece of embedded
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themselves within the civilian population they've they've really tried to strengthen that hand to really keep hold of what they there is this long as possible and it's done that in techniques they embed themselves within the local population there i've support and the more negative reading of course is that it means that that opposition forces a fall less likely to try and engage in and watch it spread come panes of military violence because that potentially devastating humanitarian impacts and this is where perhaps i think the international view it's quite important because in the light of the fall of the shoji if there's increasing pressure on saudi arabia to. rein in its more excessive specs of foreign policy and i don't think that the international community would be particularly tolerant of saudi arabia if it was to engage in conflict in yemen that was going to entail more and more devastating
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losses so i think that this is perhaps why we've seen a fold back from from the data rather than seeing it cataclysmic final bottle if you will simon mabon we thank you for speaking to a financial center on. thank you still ahead in just a moment strained relations how the jailing of a british student in the u.a.e. is testing diplomatic ties. hello it's bad to snow quite heavily from turkmenistan northwood says this is to me here which i think coming against the himalayan plateau is rolla stock so it'll producer the next two days significant snow from the north of afghanistan right up to counters down then as a gap we pick up the next system which almost certainly bring flooding to iraq and to kuwait possibly the occasional back as far west as jordan next systems already
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setting up to this rain coming in as you see from the eastern med even touching northern egypt to bring itself into sort of the border into northern saudi by saturday it's a wet period and as i said the snow is persistent elsewhere but of course as a sudden element to this is pushing through kuwait into the northeast of saudi arabia that line of cloud extends down towards mecca thunderstorms here will be substantial is almost inevitable loosies and rationally once again let's do it with third or fourth time in the last month the right itself might move down through bahrain and even qatar giving same risk of flooding in the next day or so jumping down to the south of africa and we've seen this persistent line of cloud the last couple days some showers just touching the eastern side of south africa and zimbabwe but it's a dry picture now. well
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if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw on the. psychs pekoe lines in the sand on on just. hello. al-jazeera anchor us calls for the. murder to be tried in
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turkey both of. those responsible for his death to be held accountable in a growing calls for an independent international investigation turkish media reporting the evidence linking the saudi crown prince to the killing of. a columnist for her newspaper wrote that muhammad. did his brother the ambassador to the u.s. to quote silence as soon as possible but u.s. president donald trump says a cia report doesn't include the crown prince ordered the killing of the journalist . in yemen fighting is continuing in the port city of. u.s. defense secretary james mattis saying this saudi u.a.e. coalition has. now the united arab emirates as it's determined to protect its relationship with the u.k. over the jailing of a british students matthew had sentenced to life in prison on wednesday on charges of spying for the u.k. government his family has accused the u.a.e.
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of presenting fabricated evidence britain's foreign secretary has warned the tension will have serious diplomatic consequences for the gulf states let's go to paul brennan joining us from london and had his wife has been speaking out paul what did you have to say. yeah there's been a flurry of diplomatic tour and froze on thursday afternoon trying to head off what has the on the face of it could become a very serious international diplomatic crisis between the u.k. and the you remember matthew hedges sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in the u.a.e. on wednesday on spying charges his wife daniella to hide arrived back here in london earlier the swarming and gave a quite scathing radio interview scathing about the behavior of the lack of action as she saw it from the british foreign ministry she said that basically i was she was under the impression that the foreign ministry was putting very interests and
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the interests of the u.a.e. above a british citizens rights of freedom now the saf to noon just after three o'clock she was brought into your invited into the british foreign ministry to meet the foreign secretary jeremy hunt and after about an hour and fifteen minutes she emerged from that meeting rather more softer in her approach to the actions of the foreign ministry she said as far as you can imagine it's been an incredibly difficult time for myself from for matz family i really appreciate the foreign secretary taking the time to meet me at this crucial point in matts life he has assured me that he and his team are doing everything in their power to get matt free and return him home this is not a fight i can win alone and i thank the foreign office and the british public for now standing up for one of the citizens so you can see she has very much softened her criticism and it appears that the diplomats and the family and the campaigners are now on the same page as far as moving forward from this earlier in the day the foreign secretary jeremy hunt had summoned the u.a.e.
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ambassador to the foreign office to have what was described as a very frank discussions about the matthew hedges case but in addition to that a statement has been issued this afternoon by the u.a.e. foreign ministry stores defending its position in this whole affair the stay. and said that the academic matthew had just had been treated fairly and according to the u.s. constitution it said that he'd be provided with translators and it was not true that he'd been asked to sign documents that he didn't understand the o. the statement also said there was compelling and powerful evidence that included information extracted from matthew had his personal electronic devices together with matthew had his own confession so you can see there are two sides to this but nevertheless the british side is very much that matthew had his appears to fall in foul inadvertently to the legal system and the british insist that he has been wrongly convicted as a spy all right paul brennan thank you now britain's prime minister says bricks at
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negotiations have reached a critical moment that's ahead if an e.u. vote on the deal to resume has laid out her plan for britain to leave the european union to the u.k. parliament on sunday european leaders are expected to vote on the draft brecht plan and may says she'll do everything possible to deliver the deal to the british people want to be settled they want a good deal that sets us on a course for a brighter future. and they want us to come together as a country and to move on to focus on the big issues. like. the deal that will enable us to do this is now within our grasp in these crucial seventy two hours ahead i will do everything possible to deliver it for the british people and i commend this statement. all right let's bring in a varchar he's following the story joining us from london as well just to talk us
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through what more aware said in parliament needs. well let me put all this happened here into context has been pretty successful in the past few days in brokering two component portions as it were for her plans firstly a brokering proposal or draft proposal for the withdrawal agreement and now a declaration on the future political relationship between the e.u. and the u.k. going forward it will now talk about the practicalities of it all go before the e.u. twenty seven of the all important summit on sunday for further consideration for also a crucial decision but to reason planners also face an absolute mauling in the british parliament over the course of the afternoon the british government accused of failing to provide key details of also contradicting some of its earlier plans overstepping some of its red lines as well we now know that for instance e.u.
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and u.k. nationals may need to apply for visas if they want to stay for long periods on each other's territories no mention too of any frictionless trade between the e.u. in the u.k. that was seen as absolutely vital when it came to their the health of the the british economy raising now the prospects of possibly a return to physical barriers between the e.u. and the u.k. and that has major implications for the likes of the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland to have been some key objections we know that the spanish government raised some concerns about her plans being vague when it comes to the border of course between ship brolga and spain they have said that they plan to vote against to resume aids breaks it plans on sunday twenty out of the twenty seven easy states need to support her plans for them to pass a counterfeit sixty five percent of the population of the european union spain
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fifth largest country in europe it's a vote its opinion matters all right we'll see what happens on sunday night mark i thank you. on lebanon is marking the seventy fifth anniversary of its independence from france but critics say there's little to celebrate there's been no government for six months as politicians argue about power sharing people have taken to the streets to show their frustration with a sectarian political system but they say it's corruption and incompetence there are reports from beirut. it's been seventy five years since lebanon and cheve independence but instead of celebrating these people are protesting the crowd is small a few hundred turned up even though the majority of lebanese suffer from a lack of electricity rising unemployment and dire economic conditions this doesn't surprise civil society activists who aren't able to exploit the state's resources in the same way as the traditional political class there are some people are afraid
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to talk about what they think and what they need because maybe they got their jobs due to political parties there how they're doing and ultimately so do you support that with the help of political parties. exchanging goods or services for votes is part of political life in lebanon so is foreign intervention i do not believe that we have anything to them but this is something of a government that decision to be led to this other vision. a few kilometers away lebanon's leaders marked but there has been no functioning government more than six months the country is no stranger to political stalemate because of the links officials have with regional players who use lebanon as a battleground this protest movement is relatively small when compared to rallies organized by political parties it is hard to attract large crowds independently of
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sectarian parties that dominate politics this is what these people hope to change. calls for change are not new a few. years ago protests about the rubbish crisis turned into a campaign against the political elite there were demands for regime change not long after there was a crackdown by security forces it's not the first time it's been through the squares we've been on the. small guy. and stuff and you know nothing strange thing they would even up turn to we need to get rid of the governing body right now which has been exploiting the country and it's been working against us interests. they converge on lebanon's martyrs square to voice their grievances this has become a symbolic space throughout the country's turbulent history we want a revolution some chant a challenging the sectarian state. most lebanese are members of their sect first with very few identifying with the nation. beirut for more than half
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a million civil servants are taking part in a nationwide strike until after the government and labor union failed to reach an agreement over pay to want the government to on our last month's agreement to raise public wages at a time when inflation is at a record high country is under immense pressure from international lenders to freeze wages as part of reforms and reducing the budget deficit. the board of japanese car for this son has voted to sack carlos conus chairman following his shock arrest this week he's been charged with financial misconduct he was detained after an internal investigation revealed he was using company money and under reporting his salary for years he's also renault's chairman and chief executive. a us man has been killed on a remote island in the indian ocean by one of the lost tribes untouched by modern
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civilisation twenty seven year old john child was attempting to make contact with the tribe on north sentinel in the bay of bengal when it's believed he was shot with an arrow be sent to please people number in the low hundreds and are known to be fearful off aggressive towards visitors while to protect them india has banned people from going within five kilometers of the island's. and thousands of people caught up in the california wildfires are spending the thanksgiving holiday homeless survivors are also bracing for heavy rainfall as much as twenty centimeters of rain is expected by friday and the latest death toll has gone up to eighty three with hundreds of others still missing. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour anchor of his call for the suspects and murder to be tried in turkey both the e.u.
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and turkey want those responsible for his death to be held accountable amid growing calls for an independent international investigation meanwhile turkish media are reporting the cia has evidence linking the saudi crown prince to the killing of. a columnist for her newspaper wrote that mohammed bin sandman instructed his brother the ambassador to the u.s. to silence as soon as possible but u.s. president donald trump says the cia report dozens conclude the crown prince ordered the killing of the journalists. they did not come to a conclusion they have feelings certain ways but they didn't have the report and you can ask you can ask mike they have not concluded nobody's going to i don't know if anyone is going to be able to conclude that the crown prince did it but i will say this i don't know i don't know but whether he did or whether he did he denies it vehemently his father denies it the king vehemently the cia
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doesn't say they did it they do point out certain things and pointing out those things you can conclude that maybe he did or maybe he did but there's no there was a other part of the false reporting well in yemen fighting is continuing in the port city of her day despite u.s. defense secretary james mattis saying the saudi u.a.e. coalition has seized its offensive and the u.n. special envoy to yemen has now met with healthy rebel leaders in the capital sanaa martin griffiths is expected to travel to her data later that ports is crucial for food and aid supplies the united arab emirates says it's determined to protect its relationship with the u.k. over the jailing of a british students matthew had just was sentenced to life in prison on wednesday on charges of spying for the u.k. government his family has accused the u.a.e. is presenting fabricated evidence britain's prime minister's has breck's a negotiation is have reached a critical moment ahead of an e.u.
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vote on the deal to resume a has laid out her plan for britain to leave the e.u. to the u.k. parliament and side stories coming up next stay with us. violated in prisons for demanding their rights new reports highlights how activists stifled in saudi arabia is sexual abuse a weapon to silence women wanting freedom in conservative societies this is inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm noriko flowed electrocuted sexually harassed rights groups say women activists have been subjected to torture and assault in saudi jails the kingdom has been promising reform and will freedom for females but of course by amnesty international and human rights watch suggest if you speak out you can be looked up and abused the reports of ledge the women had difficulty walking and their hands shook uncontrollably off to interrogations one woman reportedly attempted suicide multiple times. unfortunately we don't have access to the prisons or to the detainees themselves so we are right now basing. our information on the reports that we've said and we are calling on the saudi authorities to investigate these reports in a very serious manner and transparent manner but also to take action and hold those who are responsible for these acts if they are very right to account i have to say
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that while these reports have not been very fine they have come from three different sources and they are credible sources that we have but they also fits within a pattern that we have documented over the years so it's not specific to this group of detained activists. let's bring in our guests now and in stockholm via skype we have. a writer and a list who's worked as a journalist in saudi arabia in dublin. saudi human rights activists and via skype. a saudi political refugee now living in italy a very warm welcome to all of you know what really jumps out of this report all these reports for me was the treatment of these women in detention and the fact that they were sexually harassed just describe for us what was alleged to have
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happened to them. well i. mean. we were surprised i think many people who are hoping that the tragic fate of jemaah touchy will put pressure on the sunday regimes that that's when my little deal with me but now i think this will probably now we know why given. there been no it is question about their. will hitting them because they've been subjected to these high and terrifying and treatment and torture sexual harassment i think the saudi regime avoided releasing them because they don't afford another scandal but also to show the sustenance nature of the saudi regime but also a telling point in the way how the regime treats women's rights activists that it is a country you know a tribal country and even though that there are gender violence in the country the trouble is because actually encourage raining men from touching and harassing
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women but now that these ethics morals are not partisan attacks or do we see where they can go so far as to sexually harass and abuse women's rights activist m i but when we're talking about sexual harassment here it says a human rights report that this amounted to forced hugging and kissing of these women are most women around the world would find this a violation but tell us what more it might mean for a saudi woman in a very conservative society. appears you. are abusing their power and this is not the first time really i'm going to and i grew up. in a sexual harassment in the station moving the women to nice. actually before and this is what i'm most under reported frank and so you should. move.
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nobody speaks about it. and we have seen in the east in which when what an aide to the media and into the court to say to some men who gang rape they're going to give this. all the ok speaking with pointed to the most immoral two thousand which is almost in great well seven men and she was. you know she was flogged and so to prison and was a link or over there for the raid so yes a lot of women it's not your regular although in prison or even prison to have been sexually molested by one of all these religious police and agents you know a lot of people in power in which they are using their power. when there's it's still core to it wasn't very shocking that it comes to the media not that the link
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i reach ought to be. nice and all of this could have been missed as a corridor or a saving for the soviet so that the object well she does wonder but fortunately. we're losing those women could be. more scandalous to so get over it is not done because of the sexual harassment but because also there are some statements of the relatives of a woman that maybe some of them have possibly permanent physical injury and ability it's ok. abdul aziz if you could just give us an idea of what sort of impact this treatment of women in detention is likely to have on these women for the rest of their lives and not i did the women but on their families and their relatives. now you have to get the message that the saudi government is sending right here and that's not a new message the saudi government is trying to try is that commit the saudi
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society they're trying to frighten them to silent so this kind of activities harm person or persons and the personal level it harmed their families and the tower my whole society we have thirty million saudis are hurled refugee under that man is. the king and his crown prince mohammed bin said man very sadly mr trump was talking and mr case and he said this so the money is good enough. and i ask if i says have enough money to buy enough for pence and open the embassy . and i have a country with that be ok to do business with them because what the saudi regime is doing is putting political activists we have to know this ladies who were tortured
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and abused they weren't even against the saudi routine they only asked for the right of driving so well they weren't three think that the problem koreans or the regime they were ok with the absolute monarchy so this kind of regime is sending a message saying any kind of change will be harshly punished and this kind of punishment will be and your families will be through sexual harassment will be through it through hanging them over the wall or upside down and through electric shocks the ladies can't walk anymore this is not the first time there is a. recorded report by a public figure in saudi arabia who was asked from the interior minister to do a report about torturing in saudi arabia. a very post also talked about sexual harassment to male prisoners threatening them to sexually
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harassed their families outside of the jail yeah so this is not just an issue against women it's against all detainees that are held in saudi arabia how unusual is it for women to be detained and facing the sort of treatment one say also but of course when you talk about women need to look at that depends how much physical it will start at the moment we talk about women in their regime and look at this and then the women are like. but i think i think i think it's very difficult to generalize because you have a dramatic says within the saudi leadership today you have some friends who are actually adopting the doctrine you are either with me read against me. so i was at the prison because they had any despite the fact that those women have never expressed or demanded the fathers they only demanded everything. right they've been
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targeted to danger and they've been subjected to sexual harassment and torture so i think it's a message and needs to everyone. else so many women because the regime think that women they don't look at them from the perspective that their own million mom think they see them as a. radical political structure and now they also have seen them as a threat because when women mobilize you know. but i'm up they must in you know they my actually our imagination and our public popular uprising for a further month or so now i think i mean we have seen more of this. i mean since nineteen i seen the first wave of thirty movements when the first is that i thought it would drive their car to end in the mud ending the driving but
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they were in for a short time they sent me a plant and there were constant state fire from the work that they did. and because of what happened and maybe in another oh or end the driving by answer two thousand and eleven changed from when you yourself were briefly detained i believe in two thousand and twelve driving in saudi arabia do you think if you lived in saudi arabia now you would be amongst these detained women. absolutely i think not only because i'm no like to. see a minority who. is much harsher sentences as you have seen one of the beauty leaves . you should because she wants to the shia minority who act so yes definitely. generally when it as well that the recent arrests of
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women even though we have a very short lest the most heinous in or one show one men activist is going to reveal the fact that. the people only know you know women are in prison think that this is the this is the only number of women in prison but to reality there are enormous amounts of activists who are present that their family chose to stay local i'm not one to involve the media hoping that they will i will help their case so we will least we have c.p.u. days ago i think ninety one of the in the little tubes decided to bring out of the need of the president will then more than six months it is when i sit still leads i am going to that it is not the more especially when the you know the magic to talk
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to one of those arrested. abdel aziz so many people would look at saudi arabia over the past year and and see the reforms that the crown prince of maze of the brings sentiments of the country the lifting of the driving ban so it comes as a surprise to many that these arrests of women and indeed many other detentions came just as those reforms were happening why is that. i think this case it have a certain irony but it's a very clear explanation of how the saudi regime or so the saudi regime have take the right of driving of the saudi woman for a long time and so do women activists was fighting that for example a general has who is mentioned in this report this is the second time she have been taken to a special court for ter acts so what that would tend to look jane was an activist
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asking for driving she wasn't against the royal family now. for the second time that the road team that left the woman banned the driving ban it the regime wasn't suffering from the driving ban but the regime was using it as they treat they treat the people of saudi arabia as slaves for this royal family so if the royal family doesn't want any white males to be engineers they got to do that if they want women not to drive in saudi arabia they've got to do that and they tell anybody else who says otherwise now when that when changed and they want to get some good p.r. and the capitals of the world they get to release the woman now by they get to allow all men to drive but in the same time they were afraid that people make a connection between the activism and the change so he put the activist the
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activist and change and the jail. she is only a peaceful activist can you imagine that the qatari or mr asiri who are connected to the killing of mr shakti are not asked to be killed but the cult in saudi arabia is asking so kept the head took to kill. ram so there is a double standard. well there is a message that the dream is giving if the dream was allowed to pass with jamal and to pass what they are doing right now muhammad and sudden as he said he will stay there for fifty years is what a big god not for the soul the people all for the international scene if there are any outrage in saudi arabia over this treatment of detainees or people too scared to speak up we're talking about. you when there is no and. channel your point is. to face that oppression so chris i mean it's very
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difficult to measure. the views and opinions i started if the tragic fate of jamal. horrify managed to. make every single person terrified to communicate about anything so we don't know how he set out. but i would have i would like to ask something about that claim for a refund of the you know since two thousand and two thousand and fifteen you have a young crowd friend who. came over and jumped over the succession why he was not on. the time line father became king. and the king nothing interesting you have a youngster and want to reach the throne the first thing he does wars waged her
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find work. that has been going for four years without any victory for being a humanist here and prices committed war crimes and then i have one way to actually construct and in just a minute you want to make this build up and sell as a charismatic leader prismatic needed that would actually adopt the cynical policy of you know. the sneak up policy of the red and centrist so that supplementation to diffuse any potential anger on our analysts and scenes that would sink a friendship due to the drop in oil prices i'm going to come to the women driving cars and it's that regina loves women to drive cars not because they are all of a sudden and gender africa it's not because other than a king and he's from france i did then and they did that because they were under
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some pressure which is the drop in our credit ok i don't have a job now because i want to just know that there has been criticism of saudi arabia's human rights records by governments for a number of years the us state department released a report last year accusing saudi arabia of committing arbitrary and politically motivated murders it cited incidents of people sentence. to death for protests they took part in or social media posts they wrote when they were minors under the age of eighteen the report says activists are often denied fair trials and then to have a tip from appealing sentences they find unfair and although sound does prohibit torture and discovered widespread evidence it does take place in prisons in the un also backed that claim abdullah sees with the exception of a few countries i'm thinking canada germany and belgium recently took some action
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against on sales why are western allies so willing to turn a blind eye to these abuses. i think mr trump has very clearly the money is to go to the saudi money is money without any checks and balances so this guy's has a lot of money and and the. i wouldn't say corrupt but the politician with the. cool enough conscious he can take the saudi money easily so they use our money that's all the people money not to build our country there buy weapons from america not because we need it they buy it to buy their political connections so they and they are very good at doing that there is all these between the saudis and the american and the british to keep them and power now the trick is the saudi regime have been pushing this. record of back at the black record of
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human rights. in a way that harmed that p r so even politicians who are willing to put together a blind eye to the saudi regime aren't able anymore because what the saudi regime as is the wing and the activists who are fighting let's note this that mr jamal this activist a somali there are all people who put their life on the line to stop this regime so we are raising our voice and there is some good voices that connecting that now at when the point come that the saudi regime is very clear to the ward i have no doubt nobody will contact relations with this kind of routine north korea is in a better situation than the saudi regime would no doubt but they don't know how to play payout like that so ok i have no doubt that isis saudi arabia doesn't have
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a lot of difference between them when it comes to killing and being rice ok i'm a national is calling for those responsible for the sort of the peace that we've been talking about in detention to be held to account is that ever likely to happen either with an internal investigation within saudi or an external investigation. you do not have the u.b.s. investigating is already wives and younger ones on brooms in the detention centers he is the so leader of everything pretty much everything inside of your region there is definitely need for an external neutral investigation from either being european union will not there needs to be a neutral party investigating this matter not only the use of the criminals but also the war in yemen and many other crimes that want to also.
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you know the extra judicial execution and mask or perhaps even perhaps not execution that we are not aware are just like in two thousand and sixteen when you're going or was it was not being afforded to the media because it was or was carried out secretly and how many other right to this were that not its execution were victims as well and were executed there were at least a visit here next year and there are murder exactly like what. you can. we were talking earlier about how difficult it will be for the regime to release these women and other dissidents that have been detained because of the abuse stories that they might then release what do you think their fate is likely to be. i think we could we a principle of when you talk about. their situation and their one of the should society is very different from the bit of this is funny because when i wasn't ready
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to be not only thinking at risk am politics them but you also facing a total such radical political approach after social and cultural tradition or so you are actually fighting a public hate and you bribe it never going to are you know it's not a bad being wanted into the us human and women's rights communities and they are now a member of human rights the un human rights council i think these gentle and these kind of should be used to pressure the saudi regime perhaps. and national character or allow those women needs a national alliance. so that they can find a way out of it so i think and taken into consideration the fact that women leave that society when they get to come out they are in need to mend the direction and to flourish to be able to continue their life up to what we have. for these
2:45 am
a few years got under a minute left how genuine is the saudi leadership about ever strengthening women's rights within the country. i think the saudi leadership doesn't care about the people so they give powers are give through a power play. between different society sects so as long as the woman is weak and they don't have voice the government wouldn't give them their rights as they do with foreigners as they do with the musty quarters so you get your rights in saudi arabia depending on your situation right if you are poor you don't get fully rights in saudi arabia if you are woman you don't go to fulfill her rights and because it's not there is no election or a representative of the people you know it's a separate present that they have of all those who have the power ok a very bleak picture there painted of the kingdom many thanks to all our guests today for joining us here on inside story. and. thank you very
2:46 am
much and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team here it's by finale.
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a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men. one on one east meets those desperately seeking love any way they can on al-jazeera. to oh. oh . al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes donald trump denies reports that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince ordered the murder of john. the un's yemen envoy is due in the port
2:49 am
city of her day down with the u.s. says the saudi u.a.e. coalition has stopped its offensive. the negotiations announce a critical moment britain's prime minister lays out her plan in parliament ahead if a crucial vote on sunday. with all the day's sport as robot could be returned to formula one after. crash. hello donald trump is once again going against his own intelligence agency over the death of saudi journalist. well the u.s. president says a cia assessment there's not conclude that crown prince mohammed bin sideman ordered the murder of. trump's latest comments come as fronts became the latest
2:50 am
country to announce sanctions against the kingdom it's targeting eighteen saudis accused of involvement and murder meanwhile all this in a turkish news website says the cia has the recording of a phone call in which mohamed bin sideman gave instructions to quote silence jamal khashoggi as soon as possible. joining us from washington d.c. to tell us what more trump has been saying alan. well donald trump initially said that he hated the crime he hated the cover up and he said that the saudi crown prince also hated the crime as well now we can only presume because there's no official readout of any calls between the two recently that this is been in the conversations where there's donald trump says the crown prince has or at least five occasions according to him vehemently denied being involved in the mob of jamal khashoggi and of course that does put him odds with the intelligence reports that have been coming out not directly from the cia but have been leaked over the last
2:51 am
few days though and donald trump say it's the cia did not conclude that mohammed bin salman was responsible for the death of choice one a very narrow reading of that that's absolutely right because the cia never makes conclusions what they do see though is with a high degree of confidence they believe that mohammed bin salman ordered the death of the washington post writer and that was a point he made well speaking to the media in florida in the last couple of hours they did not come to a conclusion they have feelings certain ways but they didn't have the report and you can as you can as they have not concluded nobody is going to i don't know if anyone's going to be able to conclude that the crown prince did it but i will say this i don't know i don't know but whether he did or whether he did and he denies it very mentally his father denies it taking very adamantly the cia doesn't say
2:52 am
they did it they do point out certain things and pointing out those things you can conclude that maybe he did or maybe he did but there's no there was no other part of the false reporting or how is all of this being seen in the u.s. has there been any reaction into trouble for actively contradicting his own intelligence agency. well there are certainly calls from members of congress for the report from the cia to be made public that would be unusual the cia would be reluctant to do that because it could reveal sources that they have but certainly the clamor for that to happen is growing louder and louder donald trump has been tweeting over the last few hours as well saying the reason he doesn't want to upset saudi arabia is because of the strong economic ties between the two countries but his critics have pointed out they have strong economic ties with china and donald trump is currently involved in a trade war which some people say will cost hundreds of millions of dollars but donald trump has also been saying that the oil prices low and thanking saudi arabia
2:53 am
for that interestingly enough when he was asked who do you think should be blamed for the death of democracy would you then he bizarrely stated that he thought the world was to blame because the world is a terrible place at the moment he then went off to start talking about iran and syria as well but what is absolutely clear is that the u.s. president does not want the blame to be laid at the door of mohammed bin salman even if with a high degree of confidence the cia are saying that he could well have been responsible all right alan fischer thank you so as we mentioned a turkish news website says the cia has a recording of a phone call in which mohamed bin sandman gave instructions to quote silence as soon as possible tony berkley has more from istanbul. more than fifty days after the murder of jamal khashoggi and still the leaks in turkey keep coming on thursday there were more details of the crime revealed in the newspaper this is been the go
2:54 am
to source about the latest evidence coming out of the turkish government. it's claimed that the cia has an audio recording of the saudi crown prince ordering the murder of jamal khashoggi it can't be independently corroborated but the revelation backs up comments attributed to the cia that mohamed bin salmond's involvement was blindingly obvious to most believe the leaks are looking at the turkish what has been released. there hasn't been any contradictions there has been just different various information being leaked and this is i mean legal perspective and. what prosecutors do turkey has big careful not to accuse anyone by name but the government said responsibility is with someone in the saudi royal court we're going to go that enters to this day we have not yet received responses to the questions we cannot answer the international community once this investigation to
2:55 am
be concluded as soon as possible we will continue to cooperate with everyone especially saudi arabia we are determined to carry out this process together with the international community including our own investigation the european position has been very clear from the very beginning and we have always been calling for a completely transparent and credible investigation that we have not seen yet complete it. we expect. that accountability is in short which means that those responsible those really responsible for this terrible murder have to be taken accountable that's in contrast to the unmitigated stand of support president donald trump has given saudi arabia but in reality the e.u. can do little to force accountability and while turkey has not yet asked for an international investigation the government here is more focused on matters of
2:56 am
joining the e.u. and improving relations with the u.s. and saudi arabia is something that's already been. needs to acknowledge is that. they need turkish friendship in the region to maintain that stability ok having. declaring a rivalry against turkey or confronting with turkey is not necessarily in saudi arabia's interest and more and more isn't in the interest of the region both are regional heavyweights both have considerable influence and both are needed for stability in the region they need to get along a first that could come at the g. twenty meeting in argentina next week when both the turkish president mr erdogan and the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman or both attend if they meet there it will be the first time they face it so that is mr karzai was murdered and that would be the first tentative step towards repairing the diplomatic fallout of this terrible crime has caused tony burke the al jazeera istanbul while saudi arabia's
2:57 am
foreign minister has once again reiterated that the crown prince was not involved in these murder victoria again be takes a closer look at the evidence the u.s. is impose sanctions on seventeen saudi officials for their suspected involvement in the killing of jamal khashoggi they include a fifteen man hit squad that traveled to turkey to carry out the operation so who made up this team and who did they report to let's start with abdul aziz mitra who is believed to have been the coordinator of the operation he's a general in crown prince mohammed bin soundman security team next we have saddam hamit al to begun an expert in autopsies and a colonel in saudi arabia's interior ministry it's headed by prince abdulaziz bin sowed else out he reports directly to king solomon all the crown prince. six members of the team that killed the show were part of the crown prince's security
2:58 am
detail three others were members of the national guard an internal security force which protects the royal family it's led by prince khalid bin abdul aziz al muqrin and one was a member of the rules saudi air force it's part of the ministry of defense which falls under the control of the crown prince the u.s. is also impose sanctions on saudi tani he's a senior advisor to crown prince mohammed bin salomon and on mohammed al table the saudi consul general it is temple where he shows he was murdered he reports to the saudi foreign ministry which is led by adult. his department issued the passports used by the hit team to enter turkey the private jets they flew in from riyadh to istanbul and back which charted from a company owned by the saudi government let's make so much out of cali is a senior fellow of the al-jazeera center for studies and he's also
2:59 am
a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university joining us here in the according to the saudi press agency the crown prince mohammed bin sandman is leaving today to visit a number of arab countries i suppose for the kingdom they are keen to show that this is business as usual but how much pressure is all of this actually putting on the royal family and saudi arabia i think the more pressure that is growing from europe from washington the more campaign we're going to witness in terms of visiting this arab cup or iran claim in or no alleging that he will be present at the next g twenty summit on the don't thing that besides from any worse or asian leader would be. relaxed to show up in the same photo op with him investment i think. we have also heard. one of the
3:00 am
leading figures the former head of the saudi intelligence. invited fifty journalists in washington with the hope of changing this tie the in a way if we can reconstruct another narrative that is not focused on the future of m.b.a.'s so these are all reactionary. actions but the question of the effective i don't think so so i think the royal family what could be the discussion that's going on right now amongst the royal family and the government of saudi arabia i think we can summarize it this way there is a wing that is very concerned the impact of the scandal may undermine the legitimacy of the royal regime or the royal you know the monarchy and therefore we need to salvage it somehow and one of the theories that is now being disc.


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