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tv   Edward Said Out Of Place  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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in london the top stories on our jazeera president donald trump's handling of murder and his broader ties to saudi arabia coming under increasing scrutiny in the u.s. senators are due to get a briefing next week which could determine whether congress goes forward with sanctions against the kingdom key republicans are demanding answers on democrats have promised quote a deep dive into washington's relationship with its ally once they take control of the house in january actually cocaine is the latest from washington d.c. u.s. president donald trump tried to cast blame everywhere but at the feet of the crown
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prince of saudi arabia mohamed bin salma same things like perhaps he did know perhaps he did and perhaps the world is to blame for being such a violent place but the president is firmly back to the crown prince that is not going over well in washington and this story is not fading from the headlines and it doesn't look like it's going to anytime soon on the senate side you have bob corker he's retiring so he's not in office come january he's been a very outspoken critic he's been promising hearings he wants sanctions of possibly up to the crown prince so he's got a limited time he's out of office as of january if he doesn't do anything well then the democrats take over the house of representatives and we're seeing very influential were democrats in the house saying that they are going to launch a full investigation they want to look into trump's finances to see if he has any connection to saudi arabia which he has denied currently but in the past he has bragged about taking a lot of money from saudi arabian citizens but the democrats are going to be able to very publicly find out if that's in fact the case. thousands of people been
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rallying in the french capital against rising fuel costs that outbreaks of violence with police firing tear gas to disperse the crowds the price of diesel the most commonly used fuel in france has risen by around twenty three percent over the past twelve months. taiwan's ruling party has suffered a major defeat in mid term or local elections after hearing the results president zion when he resigned as head of her democratic progressive party although she will remain as president the elections even take place alongside ten referendums. the way is now clear for the european union to agree the united kingdom's breaks it deal after spain withdrew its objection over the disputed territory of gibraltar following intensive last minute negotiations it comes as the u.k. prime minister to resign may's arrived in brussels ahead of sunday's key vote of the remaining twenty seven e.u. nations spain's prime minister outlined what has been agreed
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a couple the and if it is through three i have informed the king about an agreement on gibraltar firstly i want to tell you that the european council take place to morrow and secondly but europe and the u.k. have accepted the conditions imposed by spain therefore spain will lift its veto and vote in favor of brigs it tomorrow yemen's saudi backed government has rejected a u.n. offer to manage the running of a crucial port on friday special envoy martin griffiths held talks with senior hooty rebels who agreed to open dialogue on the un's role in running the key port city of her data the rebels currently in control of the site but saudi led coalition forces have been battling to retake it for months griffiths is due to meet government leaders in riyadh later on sunday in a push for dialogue ahead of peace talks in sweden next month. parliamentary elections are being held in bahrain which have been described as a fast by activists the two main opposition groups aren't taking part after m.p.'s
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voted earlier this year to battle them in a crackdown on dissent. at least ten people have died after a party boat capsized in lake victoria ugandan police say more than forty people have been rescued at least one hundred twenty people thought to be on board deforestation in the brazilian amazon rain forest has reached its highest level in a decade satellite image comparisons show almost eight thousand square kilometers of forest was lost between twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen that's certainly fourteen percent increase on the previous year it's been driven by illegal logging and agricultural expansion actress award it will only get worse once president elect triable sonar takes office or news for you in half an hour.
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this empty chair belonged to one of the finest minds of the twentieth century. in this study an american palestinian produced some of the most of the original modern writing and radical thinking that challenge western perceptions of the east.
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he was born in palestine under the british mandate but lived his early life moving between cairo and jerusalem where his roots remained throughout his illustrious life. he was edward signed a literature professor who spent so much of his life feeling. of place. look he knew how bright he was he knew how valuable he was he knew how well he spoke and how brilliantly he wrote as a say a scholar an ordinary man's person you know very few. academics can do that. but i mean you know he had he didn't live in palestine quote unquote you know his his life and that of his wife and i am was in europe. and of course he traveled a lot. but i think he he realized that he was the voice for other people.
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edward cannot aswat and he in the dead that the many that are you know center. us what the hell yearly when the bear is it let the young can the cold and know matthew was would love all of the men don't know quite as little but that amity yanna sort of feeling on that that may have been some false then as an advert say it can kill her you too. i mean you. know i'm in the fair when the dog. the muslimeen were mccourty and when we showed the women feet. saeed was diagnosed with leukemia in one thousand nine hundred ninety one but fought the disease for over a decade during which time he wrote his own account of his childhood and youth what he called his memoir. the main
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reason for this memoir is of course to bridge the sheer distance in time and place between my life today and my life then. several years ago i received what seemed to be a fatal medical diagnosis and it therefore struck me as important to leave behind a subjective account of the life i lived. as a record of an essential lost or forgotten world. edward saeeda started writing out of place in maine one thousand nine hundred four while he was recovering from chemotherapy for his leukemia it took him five years to complete. the book is both a biography of his early years in the arab world and then in the us at school and university and a metaphor for the lives of millions of palestinians with their sense of exile and alienation. it is both a personal experience and
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a statement on behalf of a whole people. for the macand who was shoplifting what i was full we really it was a go to the food that will serve a prison when a shop or false. but probably i succeeded in martin's a career and if a lot of the food is going to reopen with you but it. will do some good i'm in no doubt that it is a bit of a. ship and what it was like a beauty but who are credited working to support a philistine he saw being out of place as a psychological state of things he saw being out of flick place as a physical characterization he saw out of place as also a moving. reflection on being out of place to place being palestine.
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edward wadi so he was born in the first of november one thousand nine hundred thirty five into a world to do christian palestinian family in jerusalem in the op market neighborhood of toby you. edwards father of what he had served in the u.s. saw me in the first world war giving the family american citizenship. in one thousand nine hundred one he set up a stationary business with his cousin in cairo that meant the family would spend a good deal of time travelling between jerusalem and cairo for the next few years. while in the edward but it's. men feel osteen and woman are now can rebel i mean that puts can on oh dear now again. michelle and dean and
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lad me can or cannot stand to be among. maoism and show em how we can i say hey you may be on again no less can you see a shadow behind be agg. lacking a shower. and nobody until the heck what have we left so that the whole body. can know that still can't see haven't been musser would be far less dear when i was . at the dinner i love philosophy in wyler. can edward could not muster much wish muscly over enough the work and the first for that much candy. all families invent their parents and children give each of them a story character fate and even
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a language there was always something wrong with how i was invented and meant to fit in with the world of my parents and four sisters. whether this was because i constantly mis read my part or because of some deep flaw in my being i could not tell for most of my early life. some times i was intransigent and proud of it at other times i seemed to myself to be nearly devoid of any character at all timid uncertain without will yet the overriding sensation i had was of always being out of place.
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we. will carry our. kenya to the temple on a bus so we can. be a syria pilot oh. how well you can go after their lives or how highly you are jealous. but on a better level because our all we can be any use doesn't. have us mckenna have gained their money how has. the young woodward learned the piano and his love of music gave him an escape both from family and from school he was an intelligent pupil but sometimes misbehaved. edward grew up playing and listening to arab and western classical music recordings
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on the gramophone of the great composer whose and finest performers. will say after little. annie. see cully. will in fact. name on sour. well last seven games. like other palestinians of his generation edward saeed became a living example of exile his early life in egypt coincided with the tumultuous events in the middle east of the one nine hundred forty s. . when in one thousand nine hundred forty eight the british left palestine and the new state of israel was found hundreds of thousands of palestinians were forced from their homes and homeland. the twelve year old edward in cairo
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didn't yet know how our nakba the catastrophe would later influence his life and career. what overcomes me now is the scale of dislocation our family and friends experienced and of which i was scarcely conscious essentially unknowing witness in one nine hundred forty eight. it was through art maybe her that i first experience palestine as history and cause . it was also she who communicated to me the desolation of being without a country or a place to return to. but i couldn't really comprehend the tragedy that had befallen them nor could i piece together all the different narrative fragments to understand what had really happened in palestine. the palestinian cause was always deep seated and edward intellectual
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emotional or. physical life. and what made him such an extraordinary scholar an intellectual was that he was always connecting different aspects of his life he never compartmentalize do you know there are many academics for you know the the private the personal one aspect of their life and then the intellectual the professional is another aspect where there were there was an integration of all aspects of of of of being. after nine hundred forty eight the saeed family couldn't go back from cairo to jerusalem western loosen them had become almost entirely israeli but edwards didn't stay in egypt long he was
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expelled from school and sent to the east coast of america to boarding school his first year in massachusetts stirred contradictory feelings in the fifteen year old of low self esteem alienation but also liberation. new york's tremendous scale its power english silent anonymous buildings reduced one to one and consequential item making me question what i was to all this. my totally unimportant existence giving me an eerie but momentary sense of liberation for the first time in my life elusively almost imperceptibly palestine would appear and then quickly disappear in our new york lives. that america can still be any but leaked.
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we were in my ear we. well you can say if by law. the teenager who attended the elite northfield mount home school he found it tough to go top grades and entry to princeton university in new jersey where he got his bachelor's degree. he then won a scholarship to harvard university where he spent five use and got his master's and ph d. in english literature in one nine hundred sixty three. after
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harvard dr edward saeed joined columbia university in new york city as a member of the faculty of english and comparative literature he stayed until his death in two thousand and three. columbia is one of the top eight ivy league universities in the u.s. where many leading politicians economists and public figures have graduated. columbia also helped to launch. into the refined world of academia and literary criticism. no not yet as a middle east specialist in the west or public supporter of the palestinian call.
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this day a place where i'm sitting right now used to be edwards aides office his secretary used to sit in one of the rooms you know down this down this hall and the room that you see here almost everything is as it was where when he was here you know the the book of this book this glass bookcase this desk was edward said that chair was edwards and this was their server an office with a lot of history. saeed's endeavor might have remained purely literary and his connection with the arab world simply a family had it not been for events in the middle east in one thousand nine hundred
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sixty seven. between the fifth and the tenth of june israel fought and defeated the combined on of egypt syria and jordan. the nine hundred sixty seven war changed the month of the middle east and still hampers the peace process today but it also had a profound effect on science and. the year nine hundred sixty seven was a devastating year for me and everything i had grown up with i was in america by that time i was alone. being in new york there was a sense of triumphalism which appeared for the first time in one amongst the jewish but amongst everybody where you would walk down the street and people would say are we doing and it was always understood that was israel you know little state about to be overwhelmed by winning this tremendous victory i was no longer the same person after nine hundred sixty seven the shock of that war drove me back to where
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it had all started the struggle over palestine. the p.l.o. was formed in the mid sixty's and began to be a represent recognized as representative of the post and in cause after the sixty seven war and for the attitudes changed enormously u.s. policy changed that if you take a look at the media coverage there's a spike in the one nine hundred sixty seven which remained very covered with israel is higher than almost any other country since that and this became a leading issue in american political life internationally as well and. was of course that it is quite true that his direct engagement both of them and in the issue really traces of one nine hundred sixty seven bad service at the end that after they would get this house at the in some brain. than they did then
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there's had left a hole then imagine myle them and who he had for less than a i love them then let down i have done. and them a second to my fellow man and. i will stop to live in the hope of the author not the lupton who i mean of course all of them as lesser men up. we do in eighty so i would that had. been the hoody that musa had one accords as it months and i and walk on from the scene they have that. saeed's preoccupation with the arab world began to manifest itself in his academic work literary criticism and polemical writing. he began studying the cultural portrayal of arab peoples and places and writing the visual arts and media. he explored the relationship between the enlightenment which underpinned much of western high culture and philosophy and colonialism. this led
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to the publication of his most influential book orientalism in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight a work often considered to have forced westerners to reexamine their perceptions of the islamic world. this book grew in ways i hadn't foreseen and then suddenly became something much more it became the whole history of the representation of the other. i think it was one of the first books to try to do that. the book wasn't just a scholarly thing but also explained clichés i had been used to govern the colonial state. road the book was very original innovative and perceptive an acute
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study of the way in which the the others the east is use case you or ental countries were depicted interpreted and understood in the scholarly literature of the west reviewed a lot of the but also in the general culture but what it did was open it open minds to a willingness among many people at least to consider their own biases. predilections a. tacit beliefs and esca whether these were distorting and modifying or interpretation of other cultures and what to say then based on them as though it might if it were happening to him with the pope feeling it's called gnashing it it would throw it a hundred feet. up. that would go to
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a city under most that would be delusion we be sure. be with the team while we were back there our ship. while your mind had a little of the of the you know about the about that he has that he has that he has in a man's own free to give. a little about said that the finest in the pacific pleasures that man one minute that was sort of people couldn't decipher what he did. in showing how the western misled itself in its literature its novels. was the first time we saw a western speaking intellectual that it passed in it who tried to show us the folly of oriental if paintings oriental if that richer the arabs always had to be represented as his aging rather sullen lifeless people who obviously needed western help to raise them to the heights of civilization and i don't got that across very
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well in orientalism i mean he he thought of that from the start and i think that after that i mean it became as a study in itself in the united states after he wrote that book. saeed's influential writing around him almost superstar status in some u.s. academic circles and he was a leading figure in a group of elite intellectual palestinian americans that began to emerge in the mid seventy's and eighty's. their aim of creating a new image of the palestinians in the american mind provoked huge has to lety in pro israeli new york in specially as saeed continued to attack israeli violations of human rights of palestinians and condemned u.s. policy on the middle east. prominent palestinians came under attack from both sides from the far right jewish defense league of the j d l and from other muslims ismael
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al photokina of temple university in philadelphia and his wife were stabbed to death at their home by a black muslim. edward saeed himself was attacked his office at columbia was torched and a right wing jewish magazine dubbed him the professor of terror a label that followed him for the rest of his life. for this eleven year old girl football is a passion. and a ticket out of poverty. now she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the stakes a little higher. in her long journey to success. championship dreams part of the viewfinder asia series. on al-jazeera.
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i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. all come from different places but it's all good for bankruptcy us the ability to identify people who may live the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. investigating a murder by the indonesian military in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine al-jazeera correspondent step bos'n takes us on a personal journey back to east timor recalling memories which impacted deeply on her chosen career the life and the lives of others now and two decades later she goes face to face with those responsible trail of murder indonesia's bloody retreat
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on al-jazeera. and i have learned taylor in london with the top stories on our jazeera president on trump's handling of jamal. and his broader ties to saudi arabia coming under increasing scrutiny in the united states senses are due to get a briefing next week which could determine whether congress goes forward with sanctions against the kingdom key republicans are demanding and says democrats have promised quote a deep dive into washington's relationship with its ally once they take control of the house in january i think ayan has more from washington d.c. . it could happen soon or it could wait until the democrats take back control of
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the house of representatives that happens very early in january but this is really been bipartisan from both chambers both congressmen members and senators democrats republicans they have widely condemned the president's handling of the murder of jamal khashoggi and the response. thousands of people have been rallying in the french capital against rising fuel costs a bit outbreaks of violence from police firing tear gas to disperse the crowds the price of diesel the most commonly used fuel in france has risen by around twenty three percent over the past twelve months. taiwan's ruling party has suffered a major defeat in mid-term local elections after hearing the results president dying when resigned as head of her democratic progressive party although she will remain as president and elections have been taking place alongside ten referendums . yemen's saudi backed government has rejected a u.n. offer to manage the running of
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a crucial port on friday special envoy martin griffiths held talks with senior hooty rebels who agreed to open a dialogue on the un's role in the running of the key port of her data who the rebels are currently in control of the city but saudi led coalition forces have been battling to retake it for months. of entry elections are being held in bahrain which have been described as a fast by activists the two main opposition groups aren't taking part after m.p.'s voted earlier this year to ban them in a crackdown on dissent. at least ten people have died after a party boat capsized in lake victoria ugandan police say more than forty people have been rescued at least one hundred twenty thought to have been on board there's the headlines al-jazeera world continues next hour of news are few straight off the bat if you stay with us.
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when. edward saeed was an american palestinian writer and academic whose influential nine
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hundred seventy eight book orientalism challenge to western preconceptions about arabs and the arab world. born in jerusalem in the one nine hundred thirty s. he later became one of the most prominent champions of the palestinian cause in the west making him a controversial figure in the arab israeli conflict. although he only spent early childhood years in the middle east a nonetheless experienced a strong sense of displacement throughout his life and career in america expressed most articulately in his nine hundred ninety nine memoir out of place as an outspoken critic of israel in the u.s. he suffered verbal and physical attacks. edward had to deal with all kinds of terrible events this very often he was there were people who tried to
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break in to us often this is one reason why your notice at the door it's a very heavy door there's a reason for that not all the offices in philosophy hall have that kind of go in the reason you might have noticed every boat was because they tried to break into his office so it's all connected to the professor of terror you know it came out of that terrible ugly moment. saeed found himself increasingly absorbed by east west cultural studies as well as palestine and the arab israeli conflict this was expressed in his published writing. he was born into a christian family in west jerusalem so he was not a religious man but this did not stop him arguing strongly in covering islam that the western media distorts the image of islam. in the question of palestine in one
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thousand nine hundred seventy nine he traced the clash between two middle eastern people followed by his first book on structuralist literary critical theory here texts the book called the world the text and they pretty remains singular achievement of his literary signal. now after the publication of orientalism and soon after orientalism cultural imperialism that those two books became so important in the field of course the running of the studies that they overshadow his military work but the fact is that increasingly if you go from one university to another in u.s. europe the arab world etc you will see that the significance of his need to really work is increasingly coming to the surface and in fact i would even venture to say without understanding his military disposition his preoccupation with the question of my nieces we cannot understand orientalism and. harboring islam and so who are
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the two aspects of in scholarship are interrelated the man if we are show you the facility with him with the heavy metal. model of steve biko can you acquire cilla if you had come in who are cool mom or in. what to what that is central awful a mock when because of mr malik at that well maliki was with adverts aid can be a method just skimmin him in the name of the force of the other than ever the man is the first minister in ministry and bill who would think oh let the stock part and to develop the gasoline arthel many asian who were let me let me can last one for it was rude to be. really good most would have come out at the bill mccollum will assist with setting the so we you but there are certain i will call and you really will be enough. for again who is our wanted there to be what can yet free in other words they use gotta have better tiled for
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a livin and it can help in this one you might think. not be a little pursuing. one of so he does most read essays was called reflections on exile in it he explores the relationship between his. own exile and that of palestinians. he sees exile as a state of mind as much as a physical reality a psychological condition shared by those rejecting regional and local ties including their native country. saeed's exile meant putting distance between him and his cultural identity and he decided that it could ultimately be a valuable human condition. exile in the words of wallace stevens there's
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a mind of winter in which the path of summer and autumn as much as the potential of spring are nearby but unobtainable. exile is the and healable rift force between a human being and a native place between the self and its true home. the essential sadness of the break can never be surmounted. the achievement of any exile are permanently undermined by his or her sense of loss. reckon that once. or hate the who can live you have got the philistine among our. circle of light every year will dilute me of some of the incentives but ballymena shot out. of it in sydney for the steam to see
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it has a shot of pollutants in it was sort of meant for. fisher said if you get bit first in work how. then of whom the coffee were there is an advertisement as i said can we at that and then months. and they live there well econd the live and let him up there and miller the un to sit down. that it would make any at the norwalk any there is course again that is most of the columbia as an intellectual exile meant for the coffee. keyboarding with coffee and i mean really who would affect feet on with their wrists and this one yet got helen with a cough i looked at it and was stunned i went. yes at the end i love died of the rat deaf in the only samoan mess second when it was them.
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in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven saeed was elected to the palestinian national council as an independent the p. and c. is the legislative body of the palestine liberation organization the p.l.o. a kind of parliament representing all palestinians in the occupied territories and elsewhere. he tried to avoid factional infighting making what he felt were strategic interventions what it meant. what it meant sharper not obey you when. they are you know i'm not i'm not not not. at a meeting of the p.m.c. in algiers in november one thousand nine hundred eighty eight p.l.o. chairman yasser arafat made the palestinian declaration of independence it had been written by the palestinian poet and author mahmoud darwish but that would sayit had also had a prominent role in drafting the declaration proclaimed the establishment of the
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state of palestine effectively the two state solution. he was that he was very close to a part of the person in the national council and he was also very critical of the many of their positions he was burned. but no can i do a day on them yes that there was sort of a lemon yet it can last out on our side and the home of a says a lot of fat. well i can now get the area back that when sun sun and. up again they really had an upward for what. they had the. philistine for this to. be a kind of how the hell a sad home. i. guess that there are any of them in a buffalo and the whole. you read. that stuff is.
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in one hundred ninety one edward so you'd was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia he had to undergo extensive chemotherapy and for his illness for the next twelve years. the suffering he experienced forced him to go back to his childhood and really evaluate his past he began work on the revealing biography who was our life out of place. by the time i began treatment in march one thousand nine hundred four i realized that i had at least entered if not the final phase of my life then the period back i mean leaving the garden. and main one thousand nine hundred four i began work on this book these details are important as a way of explaining to myself and to my reader how the time of this book is
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intimately tied to the time phases ups and downs variations in my illness. lemme. know at the end if what if and. and mara can it sub mccleary l o l and not kill. our language and babbles lay up get our house a house and simulate. a while oh. well i can suddenly can't really soppy or i had no way at kilwa that there are no blah no doubt diagnosis of leukemia it was extremely important at what size psychological intellectual disposition suddenly without expectation he faced his mortality but as he said in an interview all it took was just one picture of ariel sharon to send him
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back to his. moral courageous imagination he never buckled down at the face of death saeed's illness brought feelings of loss flooding back to him he later described it as attempting to return to bits of life or people who were no longer there he wrote about trying to find a place to die. in one thousand nine hundred two he went back to west to sing to the toby a neighborhood where he was born he reportedly walked the streets searching for his family's old homes where he'd spent his early years and which he'd left forty five years before. but the story goes that when he found he was simply unable to ask the owners if he could look inside. i could not meet lost face
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to face. i stood by the door like a beggar. how could i ask permission from strangers sleeping in my own bed ask them if i could visit myself for five minutes should i bow in respect to the residents of my childish dream would they are ask who is that prying foreign visitor. what headlines already. been this way i know can't hear what they. have let my wife have a little better and if it were. their fault that well i've been here when us have been back and. aesthetics here on my book. well.
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in that the. edward saeed worked hard in the us media to explain how the nine hundred eighty eight palestine declaration was in fact a compromise and this pave the way for the nine hundred ninety one madrid conference and then the signing of the oslo accords on the white house lawn in september nine hundred ninety three by yasser arafat blitzer could have been a mahmoud abbas. but saeed had become increasingly critical of the way the negotiations were heading and had resigned from the p. and c. in the nine hundred ninety one. he considered the oslo agreement to be unfair and far too heavily weighted in favor of israel and it amounted he said to a palestinian surrender. it was a complete chance i was outraged by the document. these rarely government letter to
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the p.l.o. was one and i have lines in which it says the government of israel recognizes that the p.l.o. is the representative of palestinian people. the palestinian letter was a page and a half long single spaced apologizing for terrorists saying that we've taken back this we're not going to do this again we recognize israel the right to live in peace recognized all this stuff dealing with a state that until today still hasn't declared its international borders. our return to gaza for the first time was about to go to gaza. it would rage at him when i was speaking to reset this man he he cars are off that agreement he takes no maps with him he takes no lawyers with him in the israeli government or not with all the lawyers and this man has never seen a jewish settlement in the west bank and gaza and he thinks he can negotiate you
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know and i think it was right arafat's got taken for a right suburb and he left for the ac man one of the men my measures are right on they can model together here. about that i'm delighted to sign. up kind of hard to. develop the ovi did my that subject. the c.s.o. the head of the c.s.c. by name and i think. that z. this is some of the highlights on the theorem and the two that number c r c and this is really the good. side of the have. when the sabbath or the sting enough so who then we had at the. it was a had can and the macand i have hammock you feel what. i'm for a look of the full city hello eilidh though that then don't let them quote the you
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were head out again false in. kenya the colombian had and will again that the new made a but would not now though they were. again and again jani you me i lay in the yeah i'm in norman i'm not going to do an hour should not but we are a for coffee and i were makin under a mosquito but the had just like this and you got to have but i had to have four balls for a month the question is for any and i seem to mean it's for any man most of the units are in the opposition and they're doing that if you know miss i submitted then i missed this or you know i have the america i meant come up but it will have been no yesterday best to have me. and let's say that in north and norm that he the busiest and by that settled say and again it did a bit more kenyan in my diet doc the again the net gain was that the fam where most forcefully on your side is any without the sort of wealth any i think edward was reaching a stage of frustration that he was beginning to think there would never be a palestine you couldn't it is very late so writing as if you had two men on
11:51 pm
a run for example and some of his essays it comes across very clearly that while he's in one part of his mind he's still stating the absolute injustice of what happens the palestinians and the need for a palestinian state any palestinian state but i think he was beginning to realize that the extent of jewish settlements colonies on arab land the theft of arab land for settlements and colonies for jews and jews only had reached a stage where he couldn't really see that being a palestinian state a real i mean it would be but his has its own security which has its right to the land which you know cannot be overflowing by anyone else in this permission i think he began to realize that this was becoming less and less realistic. saeed continued to care deeply about the impact of nine eleven and the two thousand and three iraq war but as his health declined he stepped out of the political spotlight. music had always been
11:52 pm
a passion but now it became the main focus of his life. he'd with books like musical elaborations on late style and with the argentine israeli conductor daniel barenboim parallels and paradoxes. in one thousand nine hundred ninety the two founded the west eastern divan orchestra bringing together young arab and israeli musicians. edward can more see who are female and they can have different care but then my possible and that bling lizzy a possible must see or karen knuckly will see again you will see for hey there she is emma. now i met on a humvee aboard mir oh sure washed out at the man on mission should be of sol
11:53 pm
who will be after the hand of russia to be had there. the. and know how many cats at all. here had we can't possibly. get it. out of me. said a full clear eyed words i like and i bet i'm one and. i'm to look at the one time machine for most of them was sequestered yes. and i learned no less than like a fossil in a well financial hole in the system set of. a car for imperial illiterate i had the fear and though it is the coffee to see a list i mark it does it in the exam have been with you most of this really was. full of. the spawn where mckeon had a little puppy on phone i heard them i gave you know on the. wall only but mark had
11:54 pm
a walk and i don't want to have a look at it and i'm not the lovely and of since. during the two palestinian uprising it's called into father's stone throwing became something of a symbol of the revolt. in july two thousand after the israeli withdrawal from south lebanon saeed visited the former crossing fatima gate on the lebanon israeli border. there he famously threw a stone towards the disputed border and was predictably again the professor of terror. it will save your honor to walk on the same walk walkway that you walk or throw any stone that you you for it was a symbolic move had nothing to do with anything they have changed the meaning tried to change the meaning of intifada which has to do with violence has nothing to do with violence in the problem is a palestinian who stands up and says i'm
11:55 pm
a palestinian that's into power a palestinian who. goes to suffer that's an interpreter a palestinian when it's most often that's an interview. it's all of the father means resistance to occupation and theft of your home that's when intifada means throwing a stone from across a border is a meaningless symbolic act that has nothing to do with terrorism is expressing the fact that israel was repeatedly invading lebanon devastating southern lebanon bombing beirut over and over and this was a active symbolic. resentment in opposition to this to these constant attacks professor of terrorism is an interesting phrase has to do with with the term terrorism is used in the united states the terrorism has a very narrow meaning in u.s.
11:56 pm
discourse it refers to the allegedly terrorist acts of others but not of our selves and our laws. edward saeed died on the twenty fifth of september two thousand and three. he'd had a huge professional impact particularly on the way cultures are examined described and defined. he tied a major political impact in the middle east through his work in the p. and c. and in the west as a high profile champion of the palestinian cause. his writing has been translated into twenty six languages. his last wish was to be buried in lebanon on the birthplace of his mother to be as close as possible to palestine the place he'd felt exiled from all his life that had caused him to live and die
11:57 pm
out of place. he said if i die before you my will is the impossible. i asked is the impossible far off he said a generation away. i asked and if i die before you. he said i shall pay my condolences to mount galilee. when old age back it can feel like the end. of the sun it's a new beginning at some point in life you realize you started to go backwards algis
11:58 pm
are wild tales inspirational stories of retirement and such but as long as she's healthy she can produce and do something the fia got a new lease of life on al-jazeera. hello again to welcome back well here across australia we are watching one storm system make its way to the tasman sea in this storm system caused a lot of problems instigating some brush fires here in parts of our strong want to
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show you the video that has come out with those fires as are dealing with them over the weekend and still not contained of course we are going into that season where it is drier it is warmer and the windy conditions that we had with the storm did not help the situation at all the storm is now moving off so we are looking at calmer conditions winds are coming out of the south which means they are a little bit cooler as well but we don't have any rain in the forecast as we go from sunday to monday the rain sure activity is well to the north up towards darwin we do expect to see a time to there of about thirty three degrees but much cooler over here towards perth winds coming out of the south a timeshare few of nineteen degrees there well over towards new zealand unfortunately looks quite messy on the satellite imagery to see the clouds across much of north and south island and we do have that one storm that's brewing here across parts of the tasman sea that's going to keep conditions quite messy with auckland not a cool day for you but we do expect to see twenty one degrees there down towards christchurch fourteen and really staying the same as we go through the beginning of the week and then very quickly up here towards japan we are looking at much better conditions across japan with tokyo see
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a temperature of about fifty degrees for you. this is al-jazeera. eleven are untainted this is the news at night from london coming up pressure mounts on donald trump a the magic of jamal khashoggi as democrats and republicans combined to dinard on says over his handling of the case.


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