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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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the. e.u. leader is to approve the british prime minister's deal. from headquarters and. also ahead the search for survivors continues in uganda after a boat capsized victoria. football fans riots in argentina the final of south america's biggest club competition. as
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a team bus is attacked and players hurt fear is a refugee camp in mauritania that's home to thousands of mali and will be left without medical care after a major charity. hello e.u. leaders are meeting in brussels to approve a final agreement the special summit of the european council is meant to decide how the u.k. will leave the block it's also expected to issue a political statement about the future relationship with the u.k. . the president of the european commission he says it's a sad day for the e.u. . even if you knew this is the moment if you'd relation of the room with the bases for me templates and possibilities of them to have these. roles for the union is closer to true on the smaller scale disease it's just
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possible that you will be immune to change the fundamental position when it comes to seizures i do think that the rich. because it is advisory. we do the work you studies to in an attempt to rally support for the agreement back home prime minister to resign may has written an open letter to reassure the public saying it will be our deal it will be a deal that is in our national interests one that works for our whole country and all of our people whether you voted leave or remain we will take back control of our borders by putting an end to the free movement of people once and for all jonah hols joining us from brussels and we see now the e.u. leaders arriving jonah but is this something of a formality passing the brics a deal at the e.u. level. well those e.u. leaders as you say arriving for
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a working session now before to reason may joins them in an hour's time they've been. more or less with one voice pointing out the deal on the table is the best deal vailable to the united kingdom however hard it's going to be for tourism aid to sell it to the country and crucially to parliament and you see increasingly desperate efforts that letter now to the people of great britain basically urging them to tell their m.p.'s to vote for this deal it is all that the e.u. is going to offer will it be a formality will yes largely it's going to be waved through throughout this process the e.u. twenty seven of negotiated in lockstep indecision and division in the process is largely been on the u.k. side there be no formal vote they'll be looking for consensus around. the table and i'm pretty sure they'll get it remember two texts are now on the table they've been negotiated they are closed they're not going to be talked about or opened at this session that would draw all agreement of detailed document setting out the exit
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protocols the amount of money that britain must pay in terms of its outstanding legal obligations citizens' rights the very controversial backstop agreement involving northern ireland designed to keep the border on the island of ireland oakland after the transition period and before a final trading relationship is concluded and then of course there's the political declaration a known legally binding document setting out the goalposts for a future relationship with two sides hope to be able to achieve after breaks in negotiations that could frankly take years to order final trading relationship but remember this is not the end of the matter this is a hugely important milestone on the road to break that but the big battle comes in the british parliament perhaps in two weeks time for the president of the european commission is saying that this is a sad day for the e.u. is that the general mood at the summit. i think that's likely it's going to be
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a somber rather mournful occasion as opposed to any sort of celebration after two very difficult years of negotiation getting these texts on the table. the reality of the situation is that e.u. leaders will have very firmly in mind quite what this moment signifies britain leaving the european union a very significant a giant member of the union a model of ottoman tree democracy a leading light in the expansion of the european union a moderating balancing force in leadership alongside germany and france and of course a bridge to the united states and it leaves a european union dealing with some very significant problems of its own the rise of nationalist populism pushback from the southern states on budgetary she's basically italy at the moment of the rollback of democracy look at countries like hungary and poland so it's a big moment for everybody here certainly not to celebrate three one hour i don't know how thank you it's. a search and rescue operation is underway in uganda after
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a party boat capsized on lake victoria twenty five bodies have been recovered so far but it's thought that more than one hundred people were on board at the time twenty six survived. people were shouting the music was so loud and we thought that they were just having fun with the theory capsize that's when we realized they want to help some of the fishermen who went to save them or sight died because many people jumped into this small boats. boat we to us . go into the shows with a speech from one of the islands it. is just a bit of a tired old man made people. started the bodies we have retrieved tonight. eleven with me. poor men. both twenty six. china has welcomed the overall defeat of taiwan's ruling pro independence
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democratic progressive party in saturday's local elections that led to the resignation of president when as chairwoman of the d.p.p. beijing says the results show that people want peaceful relations with china brown has the latest from taipei. the reaction of taiwan's media to the opposition's emphatic win in saturday's local elections here in taiwan has been pretty overwhelming this is the liberty times newspaper that has two figures on the from page fifteen and six fifteen referring to the number of cities that the opposition now holds six being the number for the ruling party and a picture of a very glum xining when that picture was taken as she was talking to journalists last night at a news conference when she confirmed she was resigning as leader of the d.p.p. and of course there are plenty of questions now being asked as to whether xi'an when can and will be the party's candidate in the twenty twenty presidential
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elections she remains president but her influence and power has been greatly reduced say analysts china has also been responding a spokesman for the taiwan affairs office in beijing has lauded taiwan's voters saying the outcome of the election proves that people in taiwan want to have close relations with china but an analyst i spoke to on sunday morning here in taipei said the exact opposite he said he believes that china's leaders will now double down on their efforts to try and bring about reunification with taiwan sooner rather than later france's president is condemning violent protests against his fuel tax rises riot police in paris fought running battles with so-called yellow vest motorists who built burning barricades catherine stansell reports. a wave of yellow in the french capital the
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anger fueled by a proposed tax rise. for the second successive weekend the so-called yellow vests created roadblocks and organized protests demanding president emmanuel macron scrapped the fuel tax. riot police stopped thousands of demonstrators on the main avenue the shot saudis say from breaking through a cordon protecting the palace the president's official residence. and the protests continued into the night with demonstrators setting barricades and cars on fire. the price of diesel has risen by twenty three percent over the past year to about a dollar seventy one per liter. across decision to impose a further increase of six point five cents starting on the first of january is the final straw for many here. the government takes everything from us they steal from
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us we have to pay for everything we are overtaxed and we hope that the protests will change things. the rising cost of fuel is going to trigger a civil war and i like most of the citizens we are already we are fed up with paying so much all the time it's become the new normal but paying so much it's just not possible anymore. that the president blames rising oil prices worldwide and says the tax is necessary for more investment in green and renewable energy social media has primarily been used to mobilize the yellow vests they say they have no leader or political affiliation police are concerned that far right extremists may infiltrate the demonstrations and provoke violence three thousand officers have been mobilized in paris. nearly three hundred thousand people took part in similar nationwide protests last saturday she people were killed and
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hundreds of others injured. france already has some of the highest growth fuel taxes and you're at icons vowing to face down any protests and process ahead with his policy no matter how unpopular kathy stansell al-jazeera the un special envoy for yemen is due in saudi arabia for talks with the yemeni government leaders in exile martin griffiths and that his trip to yemen by meeting with the rubble leaders he's paving the way for a plan talks in sweden early next month his aim is to end the three and a half year war and prevent the famine facing millions of yemenis. important steps towards peace were taken during this trip. took all his questions all questions were put to the leader of the revolution they were clear on this is to promote peace you was very pleased with his visit he told me you returned with a good impression and he is well aware of the suffering of the yemeni people and
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the urgent need to make efforts for peace. we look forward to rap and peace we hope that his tour in riyadh with positive results and we are in constant contact so still ahead on al-jazeera nigeria pushes to cash in on its waterways but some say it's not happening fast enough. i was between iran and the u.s. some iranians say the familiar death to america chant shouldn't be taken so seriously. hello again welcome back we're here across vietnam we are watching a storm that is making landfall right now near holtzman city vietnam now just last week we did see a deadly storm tropical storm that did bring some heavy rains months lights in the
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inside so the potential for that is still in the forecast over the next few days there's a storm right there heavy rains expected not only where we're expecting landfall but also up towards the north and in those areas we could be seeing anywhere between two hundred to even more millimeters of rain just in seventy two hours so that is something we will be watching even though the storm is going to be weakening over here towards manila it is going to be a partly cloudy day for you where the temperature there of about thirty two degrees was making way down here towards australia we'll watch you one weather system coming in across perth over the next few days now that storm is going to be making its way across the bite towards adelaide going to be seeing a warm day in adelaide for here maybe a temperature there of about twenty four degrees but once the storm pushes through then the winds are going to be shifting around more towards the south you can see the showers right there making their way across as we go towards tuesday so for about twenty four degrees down to about seventy degrees as your high but over here towards the east really not looking too bad for sydney and melbourne both of you seeing temperatures of about twenty four degrees brisbane
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a warm day for you at thirty one degrees and darwin about thirty three for you. for this eleven year old girl who. is a passion. and get out of poverty. now she has a once in a knife time opportunity to raise the stakes a little higher. in her journey to success. championship dream. viewfinder. on al-jazeera.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the leaders are meeting in brussels for a special somehow to approve a final agreement european commission president called this a sad day saying it's a tragedy that britain is leaving the block. a search and rescue operation is underway in uganda after a party boat capsized in lake victoria twenty five bodies have been recovered so far but it's thought more than one hundred people were on board twenty six survived . france's president has violent protests against his fuel tax rises riot police fought running battles with so-called yellow vests motorists were built burning barricades in paris let's bring you more on that boat that capsized in uganda speak to. an al-jazeera producer he's joining us on the line from what are you hearing about the latest and if there's any hope of finding any more survivors. as believe
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as being that they will continue in trying to find any survivors. in the bullies and. that is you've got to live or die was what trying to see you can find a decent guy but we have sixty. days so far. what are we learning about what caused this accident just one. hundred police began the investigation in the morning and what we have for the lives of others there the boat was almost reaching the. result. which was coming from our gate palm beach where most of the river started their journey from and when they were about to reach the lead big site that's where the boat started capsized some of the fishermen be sure we tried to rescue them because there was a lot of kills many people were from that works what to do to get into this smaller
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boat. this is more the boats also comprising most of the. site also yeah yeah like ghosts also trying to the levels of the people. all right just from a tory thank you for that update from kampala mexico says talks are ongoing over a deal to manage asylum seekers gathered at the southern u.s. border thousands of central americans who've trekked through mexico are hoping to cross into the u.s. president donald trump wants them to stay in tijuana while asylum claims are heard in u.s. courts despite a tweet from trump that a deal had been ranched mexico says no formal agreement has been signed to shelter the migrants. the only hospital in account for thousands of malia's who sought refuge in mauritania such a close in a few weeks doctors without borders is pulling out as planned after six years but
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without a confirmed replacement refugees fear they'll lose vital services that are keeping people safe marianna hungry ports. a simple building providing the most basic of health care it's part of the operation run by doctors without borders all remain safe and the embedded camp home to fifty seven thousand refugees that includes the only hospital but that will close down in a few weeks in may see if is pulling out saying it's time to hand the job to another don't suffer through the season we have been in them barrack him for six years and now that we've met the urgent needs of the people the situation is stabilizing we've always said we'd leave in september twentieth we extended that to the end of this year to give the people time to find an alternative. but finding an alternative has not been easy difficulty securing funds were reportedly affected
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and the a missing decision to leave and other international humanitarian groups of facing the same funding challenges million refugees are worried the camp will be left with nothing. refugees have a real problem now an absence of medical treatment would be a disaster the camp is on sand dunes and we need ambulances to transport patients we had hoped to myself wouldn't leave us good molly and sought refuge in neighboring mauritania and conflict engulfed northern mali in two thousand and twelve to our rig rebels declared independence in the north that year a month after the president was pushed out in a coup but within three months that lost that ground to unset a ding a group with links to al qaida from. sticked into back molly and forces a year later and peace deals with the two are regular followed but despite a continued french military and un peacekeeping presence i still in the greater
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sahara and al qaeda linked fighters still operate that's a problem for mali and refugees who want to go home pretty much everyone here feels it's still not safe more pressure than on the un refugee agency responsible for the kir we are hoping that the international community will respond positively in the coming days to absorb all of the head of sick daughter because it is very important we cannot leave fifty seven thousand. life in this isolated corner of the sahara desert is a struggle temperatures as high as fifty degrees celsius sandstorms and drought but for now they have no choice but to stay with these decent healthcare or not medium mohan al-jazeera every woman and every girl has the right to a life free of violence those are the words of the un chief as the world marks
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international day for the elimination of violence against women turns of thousands of people joined rallies across france on saturday calling for an improvement to women's rights the march also marked the one year anniversary of the global need to movements against sexual assault and harassment. rioting football fans in argentina have forced a twenty four hour postponement of the final of south america's biggest club competition. doris several players were hurt as river plate fans threw rocks at their bus and. the reports. there were sporadic clashes like this one between police and river plate fans around the ground before the scheduled kick off then this attack on the block a genius team bus that left two players injured by broken glass others coughing on east tear gas. this player carlos davis said they were in no fit state but being obliged to play firstly the kickoff was delayed by two and
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a half hours the sixty six thousand river plate fans inside the stadium waited and waited the authorities in the game to twenty four hours in the way of the. football is not a war it's football we have to consider the technical the medical and the professionals and we've decided that neither of the teams meet the conditions and we're in agreement we're here to support them not make demands.


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