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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 329  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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child soldiers and the have the fifth exploitation of women or daughters of al shabab part of the radicalized it seems on al-jazeera. this is the deal that is on the table this is the best possible deal it's the only possible deal. approved the british prime minister's breaks it deal but tourism may still faces a battle to get it through her own parliament. and this is a live from doha also coming up a boat capsizes in makes victoria. killing at least thirty one people.
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more than three hundred thousand children in yemen with health services near collapse after three years of war. and outrage in spain thousands marched in protest against women following a controversial court ruling. a sad day that's how the european commission president described this sunday as the u.k. moves closer to lead in the european union evaders approved a final agreement on britain's divorce in under an hour at a summit in brussels so good you could describe persons departure from the block as a tragedy but says the agreement is the best one possible but brics it is far from over when britain's prime minister to resign may returns to london she still has
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a political mountain to climb to convince parliament to pass the deal person's main opposition the labor party will vote against the deal in parliament along with rebels within may's policy as well the president of the european commission said it's always been a priority to ensure the u.k. maintains its strong relationship with the e.u. . the european council approved the political declaration setting out the framework for the future relationship between the european union and the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland the european council reinstated the union's determination to have as close as possible a partnership with the united kingdom in the future. my focus over the next few weeks is on as i've just said on making the case for this deal as you've heard any president said this was the only deal possible this is being echoed by other
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european leaders and i think that is when people come to vote in the house of commons they would need to ask themselves about two aspects of this particularly the first is delivering bricks it i think we have a judy as a house of commons as a parliament to deliver bracks it on the second question is about what it means for our constituents and as i've said the deal that we have to live it i believe delivers not just on what people want it when they vote it breaks it but also does it in a way that protects jobs protects our security and protects the united kingdom. hall has the latest from brussels. well tourism a giving a press conference there in brussels after leaders spent just thirty minutes endorsing unanimously the negotiated breaks it text they describe feelings of sadness the tragedy of britain leaving the e.u. she by contrast is have to talk up the positives of this deal saying that if it meets the democratic mandate delivered by the referendum two years ago it delivers
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on brakes in the best interests of the country she's got to top it up she has no choice because what happens next now defends entirely on her ability to get this deal through the british parliament perhaps in a couple of weeks time the numbers in parliament appear at this moment at least to be woefully inadequate there is enormous opposition to the deal in both the mangy of major parties and on both sides of the argument some eighty five m.p.g. in her own party opposes the d u p the unionists in northern ireland on whom she relies for a majority say they will oppose it and of course the opposition labor party on the whole will oppose it as well whether she can convince m.p.'s and the public in the next couple of weeks she says she'll campaign with her whole heart and soul remains to be speed but it's interesting that in that press conference almost all the questions were devoted to what happens if it fails for those who resigned with the government fall to resign mazen being drawn on that she says she's focused on winning but the reality is if this deal falls at the british parliament stage well
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then options open up ranging from a new election to a new referendum the possibility still exists therefore that brags it may be called off altogether. overcrowding and bad weather being blamed for the latest by disaster on lake victoria that he one bodies have been recovered so far in uganda has one hundred people were on the pleasure but also to bari has the latest they were having a party on the boat now their relatives are in mourning. close to one hundred people were on the boat when it capsized overloading in bad weather in the exact area is being blamed. to people were shouting the music was so loud and we thought that they were just having fun when the ferry capsized that's when we realised they wanted help some of the fishermen who went to save them or side died because many people jumped into this small parts. this woman's nephew who is one of those fisherman who drowned while trying to save others why why did you go to the lake i
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wish you never went there a nearby resort has been turned into a morgue as police continue to collect bodies there was a boat which was coming toward the shows the speech from one of the islands it capsizes it. was just a bit of a tart over ninety people. started the bodies were retrieved the glastonbury. eleven with female. poor men. both for the six by the lake victoria has seen many similar disasters just two months ago hundreds drowned when a ferry sank on the tanzanian side of the largest of africa's great lakes the number of fatalities is often high because many can't swim and vessels don't have enough life jackets as a search and rescue becomes just a search operation familiar questions are being asked about how to prevent
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a repeat of this latest lake disaster. dorsetshire pari zero. russian warplanes have talks of rebel held areas in northern syria hours after russia and syria accuse opposition fighters of a poison gas attack state t.v. reports breathing problems for one hundred seven people rebel groups say they don't have chemical weapons and denied the suspected strike in the government controlled city of aleppo there are no international observers that verify what happened and a round of peace talks are jews started in kazakstan on wednesday the u.n. special envoy for yemen is due in saudi arabia on monday for talks with the yemeni government leaders in exile griffiths trip to riyadh follows a meeting with hoofy rebel leaders in yemen is trying to get all sides to attend talks and suisun early next month millions of yemenis are facing famine after three and a half years of war. well the u.n. says almost eighty percent of yemen's population are in dire need of humanitarian
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aid more than three hundred thousand children are malnourished health service says a crumbling and many children don't get to go to school social workers are facing the sea is the children suffering while my dad reports from neighboring tbilisi. it's a rare moment for these yemeni children at an amusement park in the capital sanaa they play and just how far. because of the war our hopes and ambitions were destroyed but today we're laughing playing and we've enjoyed ourselves and did everything we wanted to do. they have witnessed the brutality of the conflict in their country foster and many are traumatized social workers organize the play day to give them some reprieve from the war. this event is to provide some help in light of the bad situation our country is going through and our most sponsored this event as a way to give some psychological support to the children of yemen this isn't the first such event we organized about a month ago we also organized
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a similar event and we're planning more in the future they'll put unities for this generation have been changed for. extreme hunger and preventable diseases are killing many children every day save the children estimates the daily average is one hundred children dying from starvation approximately thirty six thousand just this year alone. that is a conservative estimate based on u.n. doubt on severe acute malnutrition affecting more than one point three million children on top of all bought millions of children have more access to school or proper medical aid workers say. positions lot of the children most loved ones will suddenly. yemeni children's hopes for a normal life are dependent on a quick and lasting solution to the conflict. djibouti mexico says talks are ongoing over
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a deal to manage asylum seekers gathered at the southern u.s. border thousands of central americans who tracked through mexico hoping to cross into the u.s. but president donald trump wants them to stay and in mexico asylum claims are heard in the u.s. courts despite a tweet from chance that a deal had been reached exco says no formal agreement has been signed has more from washington d.c. . well don trying to suggest the there was a deal but there's a problem with the first one is the new lopez obrador presidency doesn't begin to december the first and that means that they can't be reaching any deals with any foreign government until the actually take control the second thing is that the incoming interior minister said yes we absolutely have a deal but then when it was reported in mexico and there was big political push back then she said no no no we don't have a deal at this point that's because many in mexico don't see this is a mexican problem they see this as a united states problem if donald trump was able to negotiate
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a remain in mexico deal which would mean asylum seekers had their cases processed in mexico rather than coming into the united states he would see that as a big went particularly for his beast because he is very much against the idea of asylum seekers showing up at the border saying yes we want a cylon being brought into the united states then waiting for the case to go through the system and donald trump says in many cases they simply disappear into the wind and never phoned again he says that is the reason why there is so much illegal immigration in the united states so he really wants to remain in mexico a deal and he's also threatened in a series of tweets over the weekend that if that isn't put in place pretty soon then there is every possibility that he will close down the entire southern border that would be a big step and not something that many people would want to see here's another problem as well anything that donald trump tries to do on immigration could well
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end up in the courts we've already seen a district court judge in san francisco saying that the president can't make up an immigration policy on the hoof this is got to be done through congress and so if he said first of all we're going to remain in mexico policy for deciding on immigration into the united states through the asylum system there are those who would suggest. that hearing has got to be held in the united states and if he decides to close the border that too could well end up in court. china has welcomed the overall defeat of taiwan's winning pro independence democratic progressive party and there's local elections that led to the resignation of president when as chairwoman of the d.p.p. aging says the results say that people want peaceful relations with china john brown reports from taipei. a busy farmer's market in taipei the day after voters delivered their verdict on the ruling party and its leader the mood
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festive relaxed the results being welcomed by china's leaders who say it shows taiwanese people want peaceful relations with the mainland and some here certainly hope that's now possible. the results show that present high isn't doing a good job she needs to make more effort to ease tensions with china. due to political reasons we cannot export our products to china if the markets open up after the elections at a big good for us. the election was a remarkable turnaround for the opposition k m t the party china's leaders tend to favor it now has the political control of three quarters of taiwan cities president xining when accepted the blame for the ruling party's poor showing and resigned as party leader. zion when remains president but her power and influence within the ruling party has been weakened and the inevitable questions are being raised about
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whether she can be the party's candidate to run in the twenty twenty presidential elections analysts say president xi jinping believes china's strategy of isolating taiwan has worked and is unlikely to stop so they will leave that. for the next election in years and twenty five there is just a double down in the continue their effort and attack in the syntactic it wasn't just relations with china concerning voters others were pension reform unemployment taiwanese identity and same sex marriage just seventeen months ago gay rights activists were celebrating after taiwan's highest court ruled in their favor but in a referendum alongside saturday's election voters overwhelmingly backed conservative pro-family groups. victoria swath has been waiting five years to marry
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her partner she worries the government will now be under pressure to water down the promised legislation and this is not a favorable climate for l.t.v. people living in our society so but but technically speaking this wouldn't chance the legal rights of gay people to get married victoria has to stay upbeat but given the setback for progressive politics here she feels uncertain adrian brown al jazeera taipei. so has hair on al-jazeera faces a refugee camp that's home to thousands of mali and will be left without medical care after a major charity pulls out. hello
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again it will come back well here across china we are seeing some showers along the coast and those are the showers that you see coming in from the south china sea we do have a storm just to the south making landfall in vietnam and the showers with that to the north are going to be causing a problem here for hong kong on monday but as we go towards tuesday things get a little bit better you notice of the rain showers start to recede back towards the south but it's going to remain cloudy in hong kong where the temps are there about twenty one degrees shanghai you are going to be partly cloudy to clear we do expect to see a temper there of about eighteen degrees well over india we're looking quite nice to the north you can see not a lot of clouds in the satellite image we do have some clouds down here towards the south but not as heavy as what we had last week where we did see some very heavy rain across my.


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