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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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integrity within its internationally recognized borders extending to its territorial waters we express our deep concern over the incident which represent a dangerous escalation and violation of international law. this banditry must because it and the international community is bound to understand what ukraine is doing ok if it's doing we would be partners in the security council not to show the responsibility for the dangerous conduct of the ukrainian authorities a british student accused of spying in the united arab emirates has been granted a pardon and is on his way home that's according to our voices photographer matthew had just was researching his ph d. when he was arrested in may last week he was sentenced to life imprisonment a surprise verdict which threatened to create a serious diplomatic rift between the u.a.e. and the u.k. paul brennan has the story seven months after his arrest matthew hedges is going
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home his wife daniella surprised and delighted by the news it's overwhelming. of course the latest about it but also it's the kind of thing that no one ever prepares you for. no one ever prepared me. to face this situation let alone celebrate so. i couldn't answer it with certainty i can't say i'm happy to happened back in the plan for matthew's return a winter barbecue. we had it postponed from the spring so hopefully we'll just get to catch up on some flea and have our winter barbecue at the announcement of the presidential pardon came at an early morning news conference in the u.a.e. capital abu dhabi.
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this is. the least that's being seen as a diplomatic compromise the u.a.e. stands by the court's conviction for espionage based on the postgraduate students research work on the u.a.e. security strategies the british government disagrees but when mr hedges freedom the compromise is something london is prepared to live with we've made it very clear for a number of months now that we see no basis in these allegations they reflect on that they've taken the action of they can which means that matthew hedges is going to be reunited with his family analysts say the outcome enables both sides to save face but lessons must be learnt i hope that behind the scenes some very careful thought is given to how such things can be involved in the future proper safeguards in the legal process to review things an earlier date so it doesn't get down to the issues of pardons and clemency and the diplomatic fallout because nobody really wants to see that there's something all sides in this diplomatic route do want to see and
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that's matthew had just back home in the u.k. paul brennan al-jazeera london. still to come on the program president donald trump describes asylum seekers trying to cross into the u.s. from mexico as stone cold criminals and he's threatening to close the border. and joy for nasa scientists as the inside probe lands successfully on mars on a mission to study the planet's quakes. hello again a welcome back we're here across sr it is the brushfires we are going to be watching over the next couple days that is all because the temperatures are really beginning to rise across much of queensland we also has to be dealing with
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a heat wave across that area temp wise townsville thirty eight degrees in your forecast so it is going to be quite difficult there over the next few days we do think it is going to last at least for the middle to the end of the week over here towards wednesday we're looking at townsville thirty six degrees maybe some showers coming into play but down here towards brisbane your temperatures are going up as well we do expect to see thirty four degrees shower down here towards sydney and melbourne but adelaide a little bit cooler with winds coming out of the south a time for there are one thousand degrees well across much of new zealand we have been dealing with this pesky area of low pressure bring a lot of clouds and rain across the region i don't want to say it's going to get completely better but we do see a slow progress of clearing skies across much of the south island christ church partly cloudy clear conditions few with attempted there of about fifteen degrees off land is still going to be quite messy with the rain in your forecast but we do think by wednesday things start to improve not looking to bet on the temperature for the time for they're about twenty degrees and then very quickly across parts of japan we are looking at some clouds across and die but tokyo
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a partly cloudy day if you would temperatures of eighty. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against me on. al-jazeera selects palestinians.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a turkish police investigating the murder of jamal khashoggi have been searching two villages in the northwest of the country the journalists remains of still not been found almost two months after he was killed the u.s. secretaries of state and the fence will brief the senate on saudi arabia on wednesday ukraine's parliament has voted to impose martial law for thirty days following a flare up of tensions in the black sea on sunday russian forces seized the three ukrainian boats off the coast of crimea leading to fears of open conflict between the two countries and british student matthew hedges who was accused of spying in the united arab emirates has been granted a pardon and is on his way home that's according to reuters photographer. u.s. president donald trump says he's not happy about car manufacturing giant general motors slashing more than fourteen thousand jobs in north america the firm is to
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shut down three assembly plants in ohio michigan and the canadian province of ontario as part of plans to save around six billion dollars. we don't like it i believe. i was very tough i spoke with her when i heard there were. and i said you know this country's done a lot for general motors to get back. you better get back so we have a lot of pressure on the senators you have a lot of other people a lot of pressure they say the group is not selling well well they get somebody get a car that. put it back. so i think you get it. there but i'm not happy about it mexico has the port had ninety eight asylum seekers accused of trying to breach the u.s. border at the juana the sunny see the border crossing into california were shut down temporarily and tear gas was fired at the asylum seekers on monday as they
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attempted to jump over a fence from the mexican city of tijuana john heilemann has more now. i think things calm down last night after what happened in the day a lot of people returned to the camp that were outside now this camp in a school center that was hurriedly converted into something else some people are deciding that they've had enough and they just want to go home either as a result of what happened yesterday just because life here it's really tough let me just show you a little bit about what the situation is there are now people in the tents this is outside of the sports center it's basically filled up to overflowing with just been talking to people they spent the night outside some of them of tents some of them adjust sleeping on the ground with no shelter. if you look a little bit over this way you can see where the navy have set up a canteen to feed the five thousand five hundred people now that of arrived in this camp but they can only offer two meals
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a day they say that they haven't got enough for any more so that's the situation just outside the camp now if you step a little bit closer here we can just see through the doors what it's like inside absolutely pull up it wasn't like this when we were here last week the people but the volunteers are starting here as well say that the toilets now they've got problems with them there's just too much waste to be able to get rid of and also there's lots of rubbish it's just been stacking up here the worry here a little bit now and so about it when the seas could go through the people who really are attending to this camp are wearing suits or surgical masks to cover their faces flu and things like that too seems coming to be going around the worry that a move serious sorts of illness could develop. british prime minister to reason may has been addressing parliament where she's trying to convince m.p.'s across the political divide to back her deal she says the only alternative to divorce the greed with the european union on sunday is uncertainty over many politicians the
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issue of a backstop for the irish border remains a crucial one lawrence leave reports now from westminster in london after more than two years of waiting through diplomatic treacle to come up with a deal to leave the european union it seems the pritish parliament is likely to regard the whole thing as a bit like an unwanted christmas present the latest economic analysis of tourism a's hard fought compromise suggested would leave the u.k. about one hundred forty billion dollars worse off over the next ten years while being tied to a trading relationship with europe that's a long way from the promises of brics it's making the country stronger freed from the shackles of the e.u. it is independent genuine unbelievable and it shows unequivocally that leaving the european union imposes considerable costs on people's living standards of a thousand pounds a year at the end of the projection period with just over a fortnight to go before the british parliament votes on the deal all the signs are
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it's will be rejected and then it's completely unknown territory for the u.k. . losing the vote would automatically lead the u.k. to face the prospects of falling out of the european union with no deal a prospect which has limited support inside parliament because of the enormous economic uncertainty it would lead to to prevent no deal may could go back to the e.u. and try to negotiate a little more before having another go at getting it through parliament but any instability in the financial markets might help scare m.p.'s in a bill through on a second attempts but whether the e.u. would agree is another matter. if the deal is voted down the main opposition labor party can table a no confidence motion their preferred option is for a general election to follow although quite what their position on bret's it would be is unclear is hard to see any conservative m.p.'s voting for this the idea of a second referendum or so-called people's vote is gaining momentum although many
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m.p.'s are still firmly against the idea to get this through the government must bring forward special legislation and the prime minister would also face enormous pressure to resign the question she keeps dodging between now and the vote she has to win the hearts and minds of parliament and across the country. and i can say to the house with absolute certainty that there is not a better deal available and my fellow leaders. by saturday just were very clear on that themselves yesterday our duty is a parliament over these coming weeks is to examine this deal in detail to debate it respectfully to listen to our constituents and decide what is in our national interest but all the parliamentary arithmetic is against her and her opponents smell. is it not in the national interest for the prime minister to plow on when it's clear this deal does not have the support of either side of this house or the
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country as a whole. is trusting no inside downing street is for the prime minister to go over the heads of m.p.'s and speak directly to the electorate to say that her and her protection of brecht's it's an end to mass immigration while keeping the wheels of industry turning is the best that people can hope for it could be said it is the closest approximation to why a small majority of people voted leave in the referendum but opinion is against her and time is running else barnsley al-jazeera westminster in london. at least eight people have been killed in a car bombing in somalia's capital mogadishu police say the explosion happened as security forces stalked a suspicious fear call at a busy marketplace meanwhile al shabaab fighters a claimed responsibility for an earlier attack in the central city of god kyra gunmen targeted a religious center and twenty people were killed including a cleric and several of his followers. india is marking the tenth anniversary of
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the deadly mumbai attacks ceremonies have been held across the city to commemorate the one hundred sixty six people who were killed over three days in two thousand and ten gunmen from pakistan based group lashkar e tayyiba attacked hospitals hotels public buildings and a jewish center the mall the supreme court has counseled former president mohammed that she'd thirteen year jail sentence for terrorism the court said the island nation's first democratically elected leader was wrongfully charged and the case should not have proceeded to trial in a sheet has been living in exile in sri lanka for the last two years in september the party previously led unexpectedly won the general election. one hundred forty five whales have died after being stranded on a remote beach in southern new zealand a hiker discovered the pilot whales of stuart island seventy five already dead and the others were put to sleep by vets because of their poor health.
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nasa says mars lander inside has touched down safely on the surface of the red planet scientists at the jet propulsion lab in the us watched carefully as the spacecraft arrived on the surface of mars after its six month journey from earth well over the next twenty four months it will probe the planet's crossed mantle core and seismic activity scientists hope to understand how mars was formed and by extension the origins of earth and other rocky planets masses last mars landing was in the curiosity rover in two thousand and twelve insight makes its eighth successful landing in the past four decades with only one failed attempt well earlier i spoke to space journalist an astrophysicist to sarah crevice she says this mars mission is unlike any other but it's i just saw a last of the atlas that's going to look in on all structure on the red planet and
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trying to understand more about it because. the same time you think mars as a capsule because a bit of time actually even because it's unique size and we don't know why miles and a so different that rocky planets that's a marriage distances from the sun but mars had a very different future history to earth we want to learn more about the internal structure of mars why it's so different how it came to form. the film world is mourning the loss of an italian master better not of the better to choose that's willing visuals and provocative storylines aren't in cinemas highest accolades has died in rome at the age of seventy seven so there you go looks back on his life. was. from his directorial debut at age twenty one in the grim reaper the. club. to his final cinematic offering in me and. cheese bold vision created drama that
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captivated the audience is the world over his commercial successes won him a star on hollywood walk of fame lauded as a luminary of european cinema. who created dazzling complex worlds. such as the last emperor a biopic of the chinese emperor of. the first western feature film to gain commissioned to shoot beijing's forbid in the city it won him nine academy awards in one nine hundred eighty eight zero. while he worked with a list american and international stars but she was fiercely protective of his own filmmaking style he railed against what he said was the pressure of the u.s. film industry and drove his critical successes but also fell foul of film
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senses for his more sexually provocative work. most famously the last time go in paris starring brando and maria schneider the controversy from one nine hundred seventy two was reignited two years ago when it was revealed that schneider was not prepared for the film's notorious rape scene it left schneider traumatized a year is and was a precursor to the me two campaign that has since march hollywood but he's films were awash with his own psychoanalytical experiences a director whose first love was poetry the cannes film festival paid tribute to him calling him a giant of italian filmmaking part of the pantheon of cinematic greats. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. secretary of state mike pump a.o.
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and defense secretary jim mattis will both briefly u.s. senate on wednesday on the latest developments related to saudi arabia it comes amid growing concern from both republican and democrat senators over president donald trump's financial ties to riyadh as well as a strong backing for the saudi crown prince mohammed bin. there's still a couple of unanswered questions here it's not clear whether they will brief the senate as a whole or just the intelligence committee of the senate it's also not clear why the cia director is not doing the briefing a number of senators over the weekend had said that they want to hear from the director of the cia in order to decide whether or not to exercise sanctions against saudi arabia and the crown prince mohammed bin solomon in particular but the announcement comes as turkish police search two villages in the northwest of the country for clues in her murder officer is using dogs and the drone have scoured the properties in yellow over one hundred kilometers from istanbul assured his
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remains of still not been found almost two months after he was killed inside the site a consulate ukraine's parliament has backed president petro poroshenko decision to impose martial law for thirty days following a flare up of tensions with russia on sunday russian forces seized three ukrainian boats off the coast of crimea leading to fears of open conflict between the countries ukraine and its allies are demanding the return of the ships a british student accused of spying in the united arab emirates has been granted a pardon and is on his way home that's according to avoid his photographer as you had his has been researching had been researching his ph d. when he was arrested at the by airport in may last week he was sentenced to life in prison for spying. mexico has the port of ninety eight asylum seekers accused of trying to breach the u.s. border at the one that the senate seat or a border called crossing into california was shut down temporarily and tier gas was
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fired at the asylum seekers on monday is they attempted to jump over a fence from the mexican city of tijuana or than five thousand central american asylum seekers and fled to the border in recent weeks saying they're trying to escape violence and poverty those are the headlines a.j. selects is coming up next thanks for watching. al jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. but. i'm. being.
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