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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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asked it's never really been frozen and just how volatile the situation has been in terms of the comments i think you know as more details come to light the fact of the matter is what's important to remember is that russia annexed crimea illegally russia broke international law by doing so and regardless of what's happening we have to look at this in this context and it's important to stand with ukraine or else also it's coming on the news hour including the afghan president leaves behind protests in the capital kabul to go on a mission to reassure the world leaders that money has been well spent. we'll tell you why the world's largest hospital ship has arrived in colombia. and the beloved korean sport makes it onto a coveted world heritage list details coming up in sports a little bit later. the british prime minister to resign may has been addressing parliament where she's
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trying to convince m.p.'s across the political divide to back her brothers that deal she says the only alternative to the divorce deal agreed with the e.u. on sunday is uncertainty but for many politicians the issue of a so-called backstop for the irish border remains a crucial one lawrence lee has more from london. after more than two years of waiting through diplomatic treacle to come up with a deal to leave the european union it seems the pritish parliament is likely to regard the whole thing as a bit like an unwanted christmas present the latest economic analysis of tourism a's hard fought compromise suggested would leave the u.k. about one hundred forty billion dollars worse off over the next ten years while being tied to a trading relationship with europe that's a long way from the promises of brics it's making the country stronger freed from the shackles of the e.u. it is independent genuine and believed and it shows unequivocally leaving the european union imposes considerable cost on people's living standards for two
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thousand pounds a year at the end of the projection period with just over a fortnight to go before the british parliament votes on the deal all the signs are it's will be rejected and then it's completely unknown territory for the u.k. losing the vote would automatically lead the u.k. to face the prospects of falling out of the european union with no deal a prospect which has limited support inside parliament because of the enormous economic uncertainty it would lead to to prevent no deal may could go back to the e.u. and try to negotiate a little more before having another go at getting it through parliament but any instability in the financial markets might help scare m.p.'s in a bill through on a second attempts but whether the e.u. would agree is another matter if the deal is voted down the main opposition labor party can table a no confidence motion their preferred option is for a general election to follow although quite what their position on brics it would
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be is unclear it's hard to see any conservative m.p.'s voting for this. the idea of a second referendum or so-called people's vote is gaining momentum although many m.p.'s are still firmly against the idea to get this through the government must bring forward special legislation. the prime minister would also face enormous pressure to resign the question she keeps dodging between now and the vote she has to win the hearts and minds of parliament and across the country. and i can say to the house with absolute certainty that there is not a better deal available and my fellow leaders. my photo leaders were very clear on that themselves yesterday our duty as a parliament over these coming weeks is to examine this deal in detail to debate it respectfully to listen to our constituents and decide what is in our national interest but all the parliamentary arithmetic is against her and her opponents
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smell blood. is it not in the national interest for the prime minister to plow on when it's clear this deal does not have the support of either side of this house or the country as a whole. trustee no inside downing street is for the prime minister to go over the heads of m.p.'s and speak directly to the electorate to say that her interpretation of brecht's it and then some mass immigration while keeping the wheels of industry turning is the best that people can hope for it could be said it is the closest approximation to why a small majority of people voted leave in the referendum but opinion is against her and time is running out. barnsley al-jazeera westminster in london now the future of afghanistan will be debated over the next two days at an international conference in geneva led by the afghan president danny the u.n. the u.s. and international partners will discuss how they're going to help bring stability to the country as peace talks with the taliban move forward reports.
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as president ashraf ghani and chief executive of dillard dilla departed kabul for geneva they left behind this violent protests across the west of the city over the wrist of a local shia commander the disparate to prove they were in control and. in geneva they will lay down what they have achieved with international money what afghanistan has to show the billions spent on security and i of a seventeen year is the sad news is that the afghan government will not have a stellar achievement to prison to do that and that's the thing we did on when sitting in gated afghanistan i'm sure that could be a very difficult time for the afghan government to show a tangible outcome for the law for the past two years. while not tangible there is optimism around the prospect of peace talks between the taliban and the us became public six months ago and have gained momentum in recent weeks. foreign troops in
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your country what will be your demand of course we want to be we go out and you. live in a free country that's starting to manage a team to go on a u.s. special envoy to afghanistan was announced in september to broker a deal. that met with all parties earlier this month were in very strong negotiations in afghanistan right now which a lot of people don't know about this may be the first but we are in very very strong negotiation in afghanistan we'll see what happens if something happens that would be a great thing. president ghani has largely been sidelined the taliban says they will only talk with the government after reaching an agreement with the u.s. now on modern afghanistan how to holiday all the afghans even militant groups are tired of fighting it is clear that these gatherings are pushing towards peace all afghans are supportive of this conference it will be better for the future of one side and i hope so it would be better for the peace talks with taliban as. far
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away from the streets of kabul in geneva they will take stock of this reality they will debate how to give afghans a better life they will talk about pace and solidarity accountability and commitment woods that mean this will. here but they carry on aware it's a moment for optimism that dallas. now it's emerged that u.s. president donald trump's former campaign chief forte has breached a plea deal with federal prosecutors lawyers working on robert muller's investigation into russian meddling in the twenty six thousand election. lied to f.b.i. investigators which is an old their agreement and i thought had expected to receive a lighter punishment a cooperating with the investigation is expected to face at least a decade in prison for ten felony counts ranging from financial fraud to conspiracy to obstruct justice u.s. carmakers general motors has announced its largest restructuring since the two
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thousand and eight financial crash five major manufacturing plants will be shut in north america leading to fourteen thousand job losses it's all part of a plan to save the company around six billion dollars in its focus on electric and drive cars shutdowns he reports. estimates for the number of jobs lost as general motors restructures or as high as fourteen thousand seven hundred some eight thousand white collar the remainder of factory workers the plants affected are in michigan ohio and maryland in the u.s. and on terrier in canada production also you see said to as yet unnamed plants outside of america by the end of twenty nineteen in lordstown ohio workers despair not just for those being laid off but for the whole community for every one of our jobs you know i've heard around seven jobs on the outside are. obviously impacted so you know not only not only the folks that are working. in the parts applying sector but look at the grocery stores right look at the restaurants the doctors'
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offices the hospitals g.m. says the layoffs on necessary to adapt to a changing u.s. kamarck it sales of sit downs are down a sales of s.u.v.s and trucks grew the company also says it will focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles it's been ten years since general motors was bailed out with taxpayer money a fact not lost on the united auto workers union which is about that the decision will not go unchallenged g.m. has production decisions in light of employee concessions during the economic downturn and a taxpayer bailout from bankruptcy it said put profits before the working families of this country whose personal sacrifices stood with g.m. during those dog days these decisions are a slap in the face to the memory and recall of that historical american made bailout we must step away from the empty work of thinking of seeking simply the lowest labor cost on the planet g.m. exceeded expectations with better than expected third quarter earnings of two point five billion dollars boosting shareholder value and monday's announcement led to
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a further rise in its share price g.m. says it will save six billion dollars in cash as a result of the restructuring this is a bloated old trump he said his corporate tax cuts will help save the u.s. as manufacturing industry the president has repeatedly boasted about his role in g.m.'s future job creation and on monday he said he remains hopeful i'm not happy about it that car is not selling well so they'll put something else i have no doubt that it is not just that but something else they'd better but something else as a result of trump's economic policies the trade deficit is going to. nearly double over the next five years it's going to cost millions of manufacturing jobs two of the plants affected are in swing states with ricky to trump's victory in twenty six team the president's pitch to the american workers who voted for him his friend over term sea islanders are well let's bring in charlotte yates she's an auto industry analyst and vice president of the university of guelph and counting as ontario provincial joins us via skype from there now yes let's talk first about the
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impact of the gym decision in canada and the car industry is canada's second biggest manufacturing sector contributing nearly twenty billion dollars to g.d.p. i mean this g.m. decision is clearly bad news for canada it's a it's very bad news but it's and it's particularly bad news at a time when the auto industry as it is in canada has been the subject of considerable debate about its future and so on so the impact immediately will be about three thousand workers in total work at that plant so there is those workers but then for every one job there is between five and seven other jobs in the area that are lost as a result of this but the bigger impact is also that the automotive industry in canada is a mean driver of technological innovation. china has a big investment in the autonomous vehicle some of that technological innovation is
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dependent on also producing those vehicles and this significantly reduces canada's footprint in terms of assembly vehicles and of course really shrinks g m's commitment to canada and just for the benefit of our international viewers charlotte this plan to talk about in canada is the shower plant that's being shut down was this expected and what will happen to those production workers and all the jobs will be lost there. so i think the actual announcement has been shocking because the needs of the federal nor the provincial government were aware at all that g.m. was considering the us nor were the workers so it was a big shock for auto analysts many of us have looked at this plant and said there were lots of indicators for the last few years that this was a plant that was in trouble and needed some help well today or yeah today we found out that in fact it's not being helped it's being left behind in favor of other
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plants so it has been a shocking day and i think really shocking to the community i think in terms of its . overall impact on the international audience to understand this is a significant shift for general loaches this is the signifier that general motors is that jockeying a very aggressive a new marketing strategy which will impact its local in kind of footprint but is also trying to position itself in the markets for the future so what's this then or telling us about g.m.'s future strategy and they say they want to reinvest money away from sort of you know traditional petrol cars and put it into new technologies like electric and self drive cars but that's a good thing isn't it. it is a good thing and in fact canada has to some extent benefit they've hired hundreds of engine e is to set up a new innovation center because g.m.
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is in a race with a number of other companies including chance. to become the company that can offer consumers that new electric or autonomous com those are good things but they're often good things at the expense of working people's families and the communities that have relied on the automotive industry for so long general motors had been in awful lot where the plant is being closed for over fifty years generations of people who worked in that community and of course now that whole town and city are going to be devastated by the layoffs i think you asked earlier what will happen to those workers we don't know right now there is no automatic deal that they will be offered jobs elsewhere with. and certainly governments will look to provide them with supports but what they're really looking for is continued employment and that's certainly their future is uncertain now charlotte yes thank you very much
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indeed for talking to al-jazeera thank you. time for short break when i come back mexico takes action against asylum seekers trying to force their way into the u.s. . and the film world says goodbye to bernardo bertolucci one of cinema's most daring voices. in support in those principles hold off a determined fight but by sri lanka that's coming up on the plate of the great war and that stay with us. from long flowing on in the winds to an enchanting desert breeze you're. going to welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across china particularly down on the coast we've been seeing off and on rain for hong kong or over the last couple of days and the trend is going to still be the same and that's all due to this line of clouds right here now as we go towards tuesday the clouds
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are going to stay just off the coast so that means the rains can stay off the coast as well so for hong kong it's going to be a partly cloudy day at twenty three degrees but by the time we get to wednesday here comes that rain again a little bit cooler a little bit heavier rain in your forecast that's going to extend all the way up towards taipei as well and then down here towards parts of vietnam further to the north though it is going to be dry temperatures into the mid to high teens for most locations while here in vietnam we did see a tropical storm make landfall that was usagi it is now weakened of course but we're still dealing with some rain especially on the coastal areas we did have some flooding flooding could still be a potential across much of that area over here towards on though mostly cloudy day for you in manila with a temperature of about thirty two degrees and then over here across parts of india well we're going to watch one system coming in off the levant right there that was a stronger brought heavy rain showers across iran what's going to be left is mostly clouds across much of the area particular up here towards the northwest so for new delhi it is going to be a mostly cloudy day for you at twenty six crutch
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a cloudy forecast at thirty one there with sponsored by the time meese. day one on. a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and values this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here. i got to commend you almost all i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned . there's no. off the old allies the attempts of cover ups the high water diplomacy jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure he saw the syrian army flag that high in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad to stand for corba. amidst a good two missiles a plan to demand a hundred meters away from us we're on the frontline but it's summertime and that it must have happened now likely exactly.
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top stories here in al-jazeera u.s. . secretary of defense. will brief senators on wednesday on the latest developments relating to saudi arabia comes as turkish police investigating the murder of the saudi journalist. just northwest of istanbul. ukraine's parliament has backed president petro poroshenko decision to impose martial law for thirty days after a flare up of tensions with russia on sunday russian forces opened fire on. ukrainian
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boats off the coast of crimea. general motors is shutting down. across north america fourteen thousand jobs have been lost as president donald trump says he's not happy. about the saudi crown prince on his first tour overseas since the jamal khashoggi case mohamed bin sound man has visited the nation's egypt on the u.a.e. is next stop is to musea where activists are trying to mount a legal challenge to stop the visit. reports in the capital tunis. first stop him have been some man's regional tour was to his closest ally mohammed bin zayed crown prince of the united arab emirates his saudi counterpart eager to show that it's business as usual for him and that he hasn't been affected by the fallout from the murder of jamal khashoggi bin sandman is also visiting behind in egypt as part of his trip both countries have close ties with riyadh so close they are seen by many to be excessively controlled by the saudis no surprise then that he was welcomed
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with open arms but in tunisia the birthplace of the so-called arab spring a different type of welcome awaits the prince to newseum protesters angry that their government is welcoming the man widely believed to be responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi on the eve of his expected arrival the journalist union together with a dozen or so civil society groups held a press conference denouncing the visit and holding on to new zealand's to take part in protests nationwide among them the head of the tunisian national union of students the subject of a new meal for the tunisian people reject hosting someone who continues to kill and commit crimes against humanity in yemen we reject welcoming a man who continues to crack down on basic human rights. human rights groups and activists say that the proposed visit is an attempt to legitimize the crown prince and whitewash his crimes something they say must not be allowed to happen my husband said men want to continue here just to give an idea that to be accepted by
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the people to show that he is welcomed everywhere he goes and i think the position of the tunisian government the position of civil society sorry does show that. if he is welcomed by the government that in a sense of a society refuses that. we approach several politicians and m.p. used to find any who openly support the visit but none wanted to appear on camera possibly because it appears the popular opinion is so against welcoming the saudi royal. item or had be we shouldn't be welcoming him if it were up to me i wouldn't let him into my country and the people are against him he's coming to tunisia to clean his image as they are going out of just me am i don't know why this visit is happening he said for economic reasons i don't know but i'm against it to suit not side with this man this part of the popular opposition to the crown prince's visit
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the fact that he is being hosted by the president of tunisia is symbolic a message that the crown prince is still very much in power and that it continues to pursue its policies across the region especially in the countries of the so-called arab spring. well later in the week mohamed bin son will travel to argentina for the g twenty summit human rights watch has filed a legal case there to try and hold him accountable for alleged war crimes by saudi forces in yemen well argentina's constitution recognizes universal jurisdiction for war crimes and torture a seventy whitson is with human rights watch and she says the move by argentina's prosecutors deserves global appreciation. it is up to the prosecutor to do to decide how to proceed with this investigation we are very hopeful there he will do a very careful and thorough examination of the facts of the evidence that has been presented not only of course by human rights watch but by various organs of the
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united nations including the panel of experts at the security council including the investigative commissions appointed by the un human rights council you clued in by the un high commissioner for human rights which have repeatedly found that the saudi led coalition has committed grave violations of international monitoring many of which very strongly couldn't mount to work rhymes for that reason alone there's an extremely strong basis for argentino to closely examine a very broad record of documentation and facts in this regard if they are fortunate enough to have the crown prince visiting them the international community people around the world are desperate to see real accountability of people who are getting away with terrible crimes and this is a great opportunity for the argentinean people to stand as leaders in the world to
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show that they will not go let crimes like this go unpunished that they will seriously investigate them and prosecute them if possible mexico has deported ninety eight asylum seekers accused of trying to bridge the u.s. border at tijuana the sun you see drug border crossing into california was shut down temporarily a tear gas was fired on sunday as they attempted to jump over the border fence the u.s. president has threatened to shut down the border permanently and call the asylum seekers stone cold criminals john heilemann has more from the mexican border town of tijuana. these are some of the people that have set up their tents and are just sleeping rough outside of the sports center that's been turned into a temporary camp from the people in this current. from central america they were out here because there's absolutely no room in the camp itself there's more than five thousand six hundred people there thirty's are telling us is that they're now worried about the risk of disease or any sort of infection just because there's so
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many people in that confined space the toilets are temporary and they're no in a good condition right now there's lots of waste the rubbish that hasn't been able to be moved out quickly enough so it's a major worry for authorities right now outside of this you can see these tents you can also see this big queue that goes on the way back here this is for food there's two meals a day being given to the people here most of that food is even coming from the municipal government pool from donations to people and it's being administered by the navy you see on the other side of me here this is just one of the many tents this is all across the entries here some of them about human rights for the migrants some of them here for the red cross and there's another one that we just visited a little bit earlier where people are actually it's a u.n. time catering for people who want to go home we talked to some of the people there there was a mother with a little child saying it's just too cold i can't put up with this anymore it's
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going to get back to honduras another person saying i'm just saying it's going to be too hard to get over to the other side because that's what president trump would be looking for he's made the quite fool to fight sending troops here putting up barbed wire in some of the places on the border points of entry and really been strident in saying these people are going to come across he's been labeling them as criminals as gang members they're saying that they're really having to leave their homelands even because they're victims of violence all for a lot of them because of economic necessity no economic necessity isn't enough to get them them asylum in the united states says going to be a lot of people here that in the end of probably going to be disappointed that this situation is going to last. for quite some time. now the un has released more than nine million dollars for humanitarian programs in venezuela in a bid to improve health care for women and children caught up in the country's economic crisis more than a million venezuelans a fled to neighboring colombia but many of them are now
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receiving free medical care. she reports from the coastal city of. it's the world's largest hospital ship one of two the united states navy this patch is to offer free medical care with a crew of nine hundred doctors nurses and volunteers. the u.s. an s comfort mission in colombia is to provide health services to locals and venezuelan migrants fleeing the crisis at home the migration crisis has certainly played a factor we are here to help the colombian government and there and there's obviously strained health care system. provide for all of those in need here and we watch hundreds of people lined up on the first day of service in a coastal city close to the border most of the care is offered on shore while surgeries started done on the ship and the cup there's fly patients to one of the comforts twelve operation rooms. many like these children had never seen
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a dentist before there's like a boy because who arrived weeks ago from venezuela were desperate for medicine her two year old has chicken pox two month old suffers from disparate three problems. you can't find any medicine in venezuela hospitals are empty doctors are gone there's nothing left. but we couldn't find the medicine nor afford it business well as economic downturn has ravaged its hospitals which shortages of drugs spec scenes and outbreaks of infectious diseases that have spread across the border the workload has increased like two thousand percent in a year it's on this i think we're almost the number one. there's no occasion for me there's no medication for chemotherapy the doctors will stay in rio for five days one of two stops the mission is making in colombia the u.s. closest ally in the region in the country that has already received over
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a million venezuelan migrants. the u.s. government says the mission is a reflection of friendship and solidarity with the americas but it's also certain to irritate the business well and government officials who insist that there is no humanitarian crisis in their country. in response to the mission the chinese government one of venezuela's few friends has dispatched its own medical ship to venezuela i think there's very few cases of clearly al touristic actions on the part of governments unfortunately. medical missions are an important aspect of soft power. but geopolitics count literal for people like a hundred in your family who are just happy for the care they finally received. alison the. u.s. president donald trump is campaigning in the state of mississippi on the eve of a special senate runoff vote he's holding two rallies there to drum up support for
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a controversial republican senator. who's facing an equally controversial democratic challenger mike espy has more from the rally into the city. president journaled trump is in mississippi a race where there is a senate runoff and he came here to talk about all of the things that mississippians like about donald trump he's got a fifty six percent approval rate here in the latest polls but nevertheless cindy hide smith the republican candidate for senate is struggling and she's struggling because of a number of gas she told a supporter and this was caught on camera that if she were invited to a public hanging she would be in the front row she has been shown wearing a confederate cap and musket you know facebook picture and she's joked about voter suppression saying maybe it should be harder for liberals to vote early those things that made it possible for mike espy a democrat who once worked in bill clinton's administration to make a race of this and if he won you would be the first democrat to win the senate here
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in the state of mississippi since one thousand nine hundred eighty when he would be the first black man to win the senate seat for the state of mississippi since the reconstruction era after the civil war in one hundred centuries so in this runoff raise voters will go to the choose day and whether labor history makes history or whether mississippi continues to vote republican as it has done for so many years it will be decided that. british student accused of spying in the united arab emirates has been granted a presidential pardon and is on his way home to the u.k. matthew hedges was sentenced to life in prison and last week a surprise verdict which threatened to create a serious diplomatic spat between london and reports. seven months after his arrest matthew hedges is going home his wife daniella surprised and delighted by the news it's overwhelming. of course the laid out about it but also it's the kind of thing
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that no one ever prepares you for. no one ever prepared me. to face this situation and let alone celebrate so. i couldn't answer it with certainty i can't say i'm happy to have him back on the plan for matthew's return a winter barbecue we had it first cone from the spring so hopefully we'll just get to catch up on some sleep and have our winter barbecue that the announcement of the presidential pardon came as an early morning news conference in the u.a.e. capital abu dhabi. the industry. is. doing. all of this if. that's being seen as a diplomatic compromise the u.a.e. stands by the courts conviction for espionage based on the postgraduate students research work on the u.a.e.
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security strategies the british government disagrees but when mr hedges freedom the compromise is something london is prepared to live with we've made it very clear for a number of months now that we see no basis in these allegations they reflect on that they've taken the action that they can which means that matthew hedges is going to be reunited with his family analysts say the outcome enables both sides to save face but lessons must be learnt i hope that behind the scenes some very careful thought is given to how such things can be involved in the future proper safeguards in the legal process to review things an earlier date so it doesn't get down to the issues of pardons and clemency and the diplomatic fallout because nobody really wants to see that there's something all sides in this diplomatic route do want to see and that's matthew had just back home in the u.k. .


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