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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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particularly with regard to the war in yemen and the establishment of a blockade against kutta so congress continuing to flex its muscle clearly angered the president trumps attempt to simply brush this whole matter side and move on the senate in particular making very clear it is not going to allow this to happen meanwhile u.s. media are reporting donald trump son in law pushed the department of defense officials to inflate the value of arms deals with saudi arabia to increase their perceived importance a.b.c. news says kushner successfully had a fifteen billion dollars deal recategorize has been worth one hundred ten billion dollars after a presidential visit to riyadh in may of two thousand and seventeen that order has not yet been fulfilled leading democrats say they'll investigate the trump family's links to saudi arabia let's get more on this from kelly how could he joins us live from washington d.c. committee that one hundred thousand dollars number we've heard donald trump say that time and time again what else can you tell us about these are relations one
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hundred thousand one hundred billion pardon accompli. yeah well we've we for a long time been wondering where donald trump is a getting his numbers and being why he's the only one kind of touting them when members of congress even members of his own party are not in agreement with those numbers and with each passing day we get more and more of an understanding and glimpse into what we already knew to be a very cozy relationship between donald trump someone larger cushion or and the saudi crown prince and also that the argument that the president is making with regard to the fact that there is a need to maintain the u.s. saudi relationship because it provides jobs and because of these valuable arms deals may not be as the president is portraying you've also had that center of international policy report that has shown that one hundred ten billion dollar deal that the president keeps talking about is really more like fourteen point five
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billion now we know there was a real effort by the son in law jared kushner to inflate that number significantly in order to submit that relationship when the president made his first foreign trip abroad to riyadh in may of twenty seventeen in fact we're hearing from reporting here in the united states that not only did push for this but there was an active effort between the secretary of defense to rather the defense department the state department the national security council and saudi officials to inflate this number so that there was a letter of intent signed in riyadh but not the actual deals as you pointed out so when we look at the number we now know it's significantly lower and we should point out those jobs the president is talking about hundreds of thousands i think at one point he said six hundred thousand is really more like twenty thousand and many of those jobs will be in saudi arabia as part of the crown prince's twenty thirty vision can really might congress look into this could we possibly see hearings.
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well it's exactly what they're promising you have to remember the midterm elections happened democrats took control of the house they will have the power to hold all kinds of hearings investigations and already we know one of the ranking members on the house intelligence committee who soon will be in charge of that committee in january adam schiff is promising what he calls a deep dive into all of this they're only going to look at these deals but you know what else we're going to look at they're going to look at that cia intelligence assessment the one that the president says was not conclusive in terms of the crown prince ordering the killing. in fact there are senior members growing by the day not just in the house side but in the senate who say that that isn't a conclusive assessment and they would have the sort of clout the officials that are saying this or the members that are saying this to speak with some authority given the fact they chair prominent committees would have had access to the intelligence maybe not all that the president has but certainly enough that they could say with certainty and this is why they're pressing not only for hearings
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investigations but also to make that assessment public health that live in washington d.c. complete thank you. president's former campaign chief paul man a ford has been accused of reaching a plea bargain with federal prosecutors special counsel robert muller so investigation into suspected russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election says a man of what lie to f.b.i. officers is expected to receive a lighter punishment for cooperation with the investigation that's alito he faces at least a decade in prison on ten charges ranging from financial fraud to conspiracy to obstruction of justice. plenty more ahead of the news hour including the gears slow down at general motors with thousands set to lose their jobs and north america. racial tensions lead to an unusually tight senate race in the heart of the u.s. . and its champions that can't be separated are we'll have that story in sports.
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warning ukraine that its decision to impose martial law could lead to more tension between the two countries ukraine's parliament voted to give the military more control in response to a maple confrontation with russia and the black sea russian forces opened fire on three ukrainian ships then seized them and has the latest from kiev. the ukrainian security service the s.b.u. has said for the first time that two fighter jets opened fire with missiles on the three ukrainian boats on sunday this hadn't been heard of before and there was a number of injuries caused one of them was a counter intelligence officer who was reporting back to his counterparts on shore there is also developments in terms of the twenty three sailors being held by the russians t.v. released pictures of one man who was evidently under duress saying that yes
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he had disobeyed russian instructions not to enter the territorial waters of russia he was aware that they he had done wrong now ukrainian officials dismissed this video as being against the geneva convention and also saying that the it was crazy the level of pressure these men are with a situation now where they do appear to be facing court action in russia now there's also a declaration from the foreign ministry that all of these men are prisoners of war and should be respected as such and beyond that the foreign minister is saying that you don't have to be james bond to work out that this is to be a super spy offensively to work out that russia is intent on disintegrating ukraine's southern area and indeed trying to destroy ukraine altogether in its actions are
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a challenge francis live now from moscow. what has the kremlin had to say about this. yesterday vladimir putin spoke to angela merkel on the phone and in a conversation he told her. he thought that the imposition of martial law in ukraine was a bad idea and also that he didn't much like ukraine going to full military readiness either in comments from the kremlin on tuesday those views have been expanded on. the kremlin says that yes martial law in ukraine is basically kiev's internal affair but they say it has particular connotations given the upcoming elections now the insinuation here of course is that petro poroshenko has pushed through martial law as a way of boosting his in fairly poor poll figures and seizing more control over the
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country they went on to say the kremlin that the introduction of martial law in ukraine made the tension pose a risk of escalation in eastern ukraine now that of course is going to worry plenty of people who have seen what's been going on in curch over the last few days as a dangerous sign the perhaps the war in eastern ukraine is going to flare up again and serious fighting may commence. as for the sailors that have been taken captive by russian sailors that ukraine is calling on russia to allow the international red cross visits well the kremlin says that the fate of these people is not going to depend on what the president's position is what is going to depend on the russian court system that of course i think is going to worry people who have looked at the way the russian court system behaves and has
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behaved for many years now think that it's not an independent judiciary and doesn't dede take orders from the kremlin but that's what the president has said about this anyway all right roy hallums live for us in moscow thank you thousands of jobs are set to go on the largest restructuring by u.s. carmakers general motors since the two thousand and eight financial crash the plane closure of five manufacturing plants in north america is a blow to u.s. president onil trump were promised to turn the industry around g.m. says the layoffs will allow it to focus on electric and self drive cars shihab rattansi reports. estimates for the number of jobs lost as general motors restructures are as high as fourteen thousand seven hundred some eight thousand white collar the remains of factory workers the plants affected are in michigan ohio and maryland in the u.s. and on teria in canada production also you see said to as yet unnamed plants outside north america by the end of twenty nineteen in lordstown ohio workers despaired not just for those being laid off but for the whole community for every
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one of our jobs they you know i've heard around seven jobs on the outside are. obviously impacted show you know not only not only the folks that are working in. the part supplying sector but look at the grocery stores right look at the restaurants the doctors' offices the hospitals g.m. says the layoffs on necessary to adapt to a changing u.s. kamarck it sales of sit downs are down as sales of s.u.v.s and trucks grow the company also says it will focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles it's been ten years since general motors was bailed out with taxpayer money a fact not lost on the united auto workers union which is about that the decision will not go unchallenged g.m. has production decisions in light of employee concessions during the economic downturn and a taxpayer bailout from bankruptcy it said put profits before the working families of this country whose personal sacrifices stood with g.m. during those dog days that these decisions are
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a slap in the face to the memory and recall of that historical american made bailout we must step away from the empty work of thinking of seeking simply the lowest labor cost on the planet g.m. exceeded expectations with better than expected third quarter earnings of two point five billion dollars boosting shareholder value and monday's announcement led to a further rise in its share price g.m. says it will save six billion dollars in cash as a result of the restructuring this is a blow to don't trump he said his corporate tax cuts would help save the u.s. as manufacturing industry the president has repeatedly boasted about his role in g.m.'s future job creation and on monday he said he remains hopeful i'm not happy about it that bar is not selling well so they'll put something else i have no doubt that it is not just that but something else they'd better but something else as a result of trump's economic policies the trade deficit is going to. nearly double over the next five years it's going to cost millions of manufacturing jobs two of
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the poems affected are in swing states with ricky to trump's victory in twenty six team the president's pitch to the american workers who voted for him is friend over time sea islanders are in for french as a member of the prevention parliament for us to ontario where the canadian and g.m. plants will be closed and she joins us via skype from toronto thank you very much for your time were there signs that this was coming. i would say no everyone was caught off guard certainly the workers didn't see it coming. i and other community leaders watched it unfold in the in the news media and frankly i was there two weeks ago at the plant g.m. canada was celebrating its one hundredth anniversary in ocelot and i was there for a tour of the plant and it was a celebration of you know that the modern innovation and that technology that robotics the workforce it really was a showcase of just how excellent the facility is and two weeks later here we are
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having this conversation tell me more about this plant the history of this plan and what it means for this community. thank you i would love to because i have is is sort of well not sort of canada's automotive capital you know you think of automotive you think of detroit mi think of asha watt and one hundred forty years ago when you had the arsenal are carriage works and that became the glock and buick and then that became g.m. can't have that one hundred years ago so when you know when that dream of automotive engineering and innovation was born in australia you know one hundred years ago formally with g.m. canada that we never expected after a year or excuse me after a hundred years of commitment and investment from the community and loyalty that we would find ourselves with the next chapter. and automotive future to not be a part of it especially with such such an excellent facility g.m.
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canada has celebrated and fed it this particular facility they have said themselves that this is a decision that is does not reflect on craftsmanship you know workers excellence the product we are meeting all of our our targets we are the crown jewel for g.m. canada and to imagine that it would just walk away and say thank you for the memory in six dream really devastating for our community so what are what are the options as you see them emulate with just a moment ago we played a little clip from president obama saying that they better you know turn it around obviously just tough talk is not the answer what do you see is a realistic way to turn this around for for this community because the end astray as a whole is not selling as many cars they are selling s.u.v.s not cars the few things that you know are makes both you know spins and the truck which is g.m. is one of their best sellers. i think that. it's really been frustrating because
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the news came down yesterday you know the workers in the community want to fight for these excellent jobs out there good job great family on you you can build community on these jobs and we we don't want to lose thousands and thousands and thousands of course once they're gone they're gone so we want to keep them so there is there is that need to fight and we're going to fight if there is if there is a tool in the toolkit we want to figure that out if there is any conversation to be had with g.m. to figure out a way to keep to keep building the involved whether they are hybrids or electric vehicles or flying cars you know was ready for the next chapter and i know that. i know that the the union certainly in the workers are talking about finding but i think that our prominent and our federal government should be having that conversation as well they talk about job creation but here we have these thousands
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of jobs and i don't know that we. that we fully exhausted every option to to keep them to find out if there's a way to. but what that specific tool is i don't know because neither right now need their level of our government or any level of government and opened up a tool kit to figure out if there is. a way for that to happen at all remains to be seen jennifer french joining us from toronto we appreciate it very much. as president has been campaigning in the state of mississippi ahead of a special senate runoff election he's held two rallies drum up support for republican senator cindy highsmith has been accused of making racially insensitive comments john hendren has more from tupelo. a century and a half later in the deep south state of mississippi the civil war still holds the power to divide it's there in the confederate soldiers hat that republican senator
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cindy hyde smith dons in a facebook photo it surfaces in the comment she made about public hangings here were five thousand black men were lynched in the postwar reconstruction liberal. in the uk. and it shows in the efforts that have effectively stripped black residents from voter rolls a move hyde smith applauded. her . big campaign donors including wal-mart and major league baseball have asked for their money back yet those gaffes might still not be enough to cost tide smith the election her rival in a tuesday runoff election for one of mississippi's two u.s. senate seats is mike espy president clinton secretary of agriculture he is an african-american who's offered a tepid response to those racially changed comments apparently for fear of alienating white voters if given half their. every delegate is just rejuvenated
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though third types you know we don't need any more in tupelo birthplace of elvis presley and in the gulf town of biloxi president trump is stopping on the eve of the election to scour the south for one last vote in the senate cindy i'd bet is a tremendous woman who truly loves the people of mississippi and our country and i think and i think she's going to win florida mississippi is usually reliably republican what brings the campaigner in chief to the deep south is it this year it isn't polls suggest hide smith's controversy comments are giving s.b. the chance to become the first democrat elected to the senate here since one thousand nine hundred eighty two when the first black man elected senator here since the nineteenth century for the first time in decades it's. real race fortunately racism is a pillar that holds america up it is one of the one of the foundational reasons as to why the united states was able to prosper is because we were profiting off of
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free slave labor oftentimes off the backs of. of ancestors who look who looks similar to me think that her comments have galvanized people to come out and vote whether enough will come out on tuesday to give s.b. a chance to make history is less certain john hendren al-jazeera to mississippi. let's turn to weather now with everton and there are still storms across parts of europe yeah that's right we got some rather lively weather about bit of a fine weather sandwich s.t.'s quite nice in the middle that rough around the eighty's those put something on the central possibly looking for the good it quiets but some pieces of folks at the possibility but cold up towards the northeast down into the southeast where you can see that white cloud around italy the balkans pushing good tool seasons out of the med areas of low pressure rattling away very strong winds and up towards the northwest we've got some very strong winds coming in across the british isles at times this we go on through wednesday those winds
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could gust to certainly for island they could well touch on hundred thirty kilometers pariah western side of england and wales has winds around one hundred from this process damaging winds and some very heavy rain certainly a possibility as warm winds though fourteen celsius in london though that it's going to count for too much there are some look at the fine weather in the middle it settles and it's dry two celsius there for vienna struggling to get any when they are freezing there for warsaw and so that's the case into moscow in the southeast we've got that wet weather also still affecting greece and turkey some snow on the leading edge and more of that as we go on through thursday things do start to quieten down for the southeast but the shell is still there nevertheless thirteen celsius in the cloud and rain for athens maymont up towards the northwest we've got more west and windy weather into the weekend for show. so head on al-jazeera after facing tear gas and resistance central american asylum seekers' great thinker quest to reach the united states and a rare chance to own
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a tiny pieces of the moon for a million dollars and support find out why manchester united manager is getting ready to walk to his team's champions league game. i thought. conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time the ability and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions often missed and packed for a certain period of the day. the main thing is that sets out zero apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people but about ideas or politicians and what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok to get a little more complicated i'll put it up if this is not an act of creation and i'm
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going to mark the office. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave. some of us so stalwart risky to speak out as a surprise that. this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. watching out to sara let's recap the top stories for you saudi arabia's crown prince is facing the legal challenges and protests as he continues his first tour abroad since the murder of journalist. mohammad been samana is expected in tunisia later on tuesday but activists want the courts to keep him out. media reporting
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donald trump's son in law pushed the department of defense officials to inflate the value of arms deals with saudi arabia to increase their perceived importance a.b.c. news or a had a fifteen billion dollars deal recategorized is being worth one hundred ten billion dollars russia is warning ukraine that imposing martial law will escalate tensions between the two countries ukrainian parliament voted to allow the military to take over daily functions for thirty days it's in response to russia's opening fire on its navy. the future of afghanistan will be debated over the next two days at our international conference in geneva led by afghan president musharraf's gani the u.n. the u.s. and international partners will discuss how they can help bring stability to the country as peace talks with the taliban move forward ellabella supports. as president ashraf ghani and chief executive of dillard dilla deposit kabul for
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geneva they lift behind this violent protests across the west of the city over the wrist of a local shia commander the disparate to prove they are in control and in geneva they will lay down what they have achieved with international money what afghanistan has to show the billions spent on security and i have a seventeen years of the sad news is that the afghan government will not have a stellar achievement the prison to do that and that's the thing we did on when sitting getting afghanistan i'm sure that could be a very difficult time for the often go in to show a tangible output for the office of the cost yes. well not tangible there is optimism around the prospect of peace talks between the taliban and the us became public six months ago and have gained momentum in recent weeks. foreign troops in your country what will your demand of course be we go out and you.
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live in a free country that's starting to manage to need to go on a u.s. special envoy to afghanistan was announced in september to broker a deal zero michael met with all parties earlier this month were in very strong negotiations in afghanistan right now which a lot of people don't know about this may be the first but we are in very very strong negotiation in afghanistan we'll see what happens if something happens that would be a great thing. president ghani has largely been sidelined the taliban says they will only talk with the government after reaching an agreement with the us. i warm up enough for the sun had come a holiday to get all the afghans even militant groups are tired of fighting it is clear that these gatherings are pushing towards peace all afghans are supportive of this conference it will be better for the future for one side and i hope so it would be better for the peace talks would tell you one is. far away from the streets of kabul in geneva they will take stock of this reality though debate how
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to give afghans a base a life they will talk about peace and solidarity accountability and commitment woods that meanness will hear that they carry on aware it's a moment to miss them charlotte dallas. sanity is at this conference joins us live now from geneva damer any real decisions for all actions expected to be taken at this conference. well this conference is not really about setting policy as you're hearing from charlotte it's a chance to take stock to see where the afghan government is in terms of meeting its recent pledges two years ago in brussels there was a pledging conference where billions of dollars over twenty billion u.s. dollars were pledged by the international community to afghanistan the afghan government will be hoping to show that it has made progress the united nations has
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been stressing that there has been progress in things like elections and security reforms wednesdays the big day ministerial level events and the president of course of afghanistan is here tuesday is mainly side events on many urgent issues for ordinary afghans on things like food insecurity and drought on businesses in the private sector and on women's participation in society and for a bit more on that i'm joined by four is an resolutely deputy director of equality for democracy and peace and you feel very strongly about the importance of getting women in afghanistan participating more in society exactly how much progress has there been in recent years yeah thank you so much so we cannot neglect that. a big change has happened in the participation of women as you can see now that in
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the political secretary in the industrial sector in the social sector the women participation has increased and we are thanking the government and the international organizations for that but still if you see the improvement it's at on two percent or three percent which is still a good improvement like every improvement is going to get very good but still it is not meeting the expectations that the women of afghanistan are heading still at the perenchio level even men are facing loss of problems even it is related. the directing in a writer mind if it's related to their education if it's related to their participation in the communities is still there facing lots of problems and mainly the improvements that test taken place it is very very much limited to the central to the capital of afghanistan kabul and it at the parental a well there are lots of problems even in the couple inside because of their loss of issues they're still
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there women are facing so i would say it was it is a good increase in mind in the participation of women but it's still not and we keep hearing that the the rise in in violence this year particularly is impacting especially on women in afghanistan can you tell us a bit about that. of course when the roylance are like women are one of the main targets of while and if you look at the current approach of the law on the elimination of once again stroman fifty six percent of the cases were on the boat betty and less aeration like beating of the women because many of the people of afghanistan they even don't think that beating is a kind of crime and they just say look i'm your husband i'm your father so that's fine if sometime i'm getting angry meeting you so similarly there are lots of other issues that women are not having proper access to the air and headed to rights and they're not having a right to go for studying to go forward king so the issues are still. there lots
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of issues to find a solution for it so yeah thank you very much for your time we were hearing lots of challenges for civil society in afghanistan and for the government it's not a pledging conference but later on tuesday we do expect the european union to announce a half a billion dollars in new financing for the afghan government over the next twenty four hours we'll be hearing exactly what kind of impact that might make her right to involve a lot of her ascension even again thank you british ph d. researcher in jail for spying in the united arab emirates has thanked government for getting him home safely at the head has landed in london on tuesday after a fine from to buy it was sentenced to life in prison last week before receiving a presidential pardon on monday. some central american asylum seekers have decided to return home after facing tear gas at the u.s. border while the number are getting up on their trains others are just arriving or they're stretching resources at makeshift camps john heilemann has more from.
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after protests on sunday that breached the u.s. border fence almost one hundred central americans with the pool to it from mexico but the disturbances also spoke to russia others in the caravan who decided to go to the road to cool it but government trucks rolled out with those who'd had enough alex was among those waiting for the next ride home. if we jumped the wall they sailed up kick us out they don't want us here things get dangerous up to everything that happened yesterday so we decided to go home but. for many sundays tear gas and police lines were reality check they know now just how hard it's going to be to get across and how much this u.s. administration wants to stop the few are equipped to wait for that loot change winter's coming but most have tents based in this makeshift camp to wander the cemetery conditions of rudimentary worsening local authorities worried about the
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threat of disease but it was when we offered this temporary shelter it was kind of three thousand five hundred people maximum and now we have more than five and a half thousand people and obviously deaths generating a risk of inflictions we could have problems with sickness and also with security. they can't wait for the curve and to go along with many others who want the sun to sit through a border crossing point is the busiest in the western hemisphere but the u.s. authorities have already shut it down a couple of times since the caravan arrived and locals worried that if i keep happening it's going to really hit the economy head. but even as some members of the caravan leave to one of the others it's just getting here the new arrivals have to see. so it will pave the the current snow completely pool for you it was cold and really uncomfortable for the children especially with the jeep at west in the morning it's enough to make any will give up but many of these people are fleeing
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from the public see boylan's they still aren't ready to go back home how does it are two point. three tiny rocks from the moon are going up for auction this week it's estimated they could sell for more than a million dollars from a tree by a soviet space mission in one nine hundred seventy this is the second time laser wenner samples were going up for sale the owner bought them in one thousand nine hundred three for more than four hundred thousand dollars what's so exciting about these is they are the only documented lunar samples they can legally beyond by a private person the samples collected by the americans all belong to united states they have gifted rocks to governments but never to an individual so we have a lot of interest from around the world and in all age brackets for this type of sale and moon rocks in particular have their own mythology associated with them the first ever spacecraft designed to study the energy of mars has successfully touched
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down on the planet and hers are hoping the answer.


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