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tv   Palestinians  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 6:32am-7:01am +03

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things don't comb under who else in or out rich and i didn't police officer earns two hundred dollars a month not enough to pay the rent and feed the family considering the long and dangerous hours that must be put in as a result some officers try to earn extra cash legitimately or otherwise it's not clear if the increase in salary allowances well made these men and women focused on their duty but some are europe say it will take more than a salary increase to stop decades of police corruption. but activists say they want to see more done i think it's good. to create an increase in the salary its goals to the extent of looking a whole dinero well for the police before you can see we are getting to a point when although the pollution for to that derives that could help them a bit more but many nigerians are waiting to see if that increase will also reduce
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some of the corruption police are often accused of. with greece al-jazeera a culture voters in the u.s. state of mississippi are going to the polls in the last senate election to be decided this year republican sending smith is in a tight race against democrat mike espy and what's usually a staunch lee conservative state vote became racially charged after hyde smith was recorded telling a supporter she would attend a public hanging thousands of black men were killed by white people in mississippi during lynchings before the civil rights era if s.b. is elected he would be mississippi's first black u.s. senator since the eighteen hundreds. well now u.s. president donald trump is imposing sanctions on nicaragua's vice president for a violent crackdown on anti-government protest his measures target reside who's also the wife of president daniel ortega are accused of undermining nicaragua's democracy any property and by that falls under u.s. jurisdiction will be frozen more than three hundred people have been killed and at
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least two thousand injured by police and armed groups since demonstrations began in april. meanwhile venezuela's spiraling economic problems have led to a crisis of sickness and starvation millions of fled to neighboring countries despite the u.n. providing an extra nine million dollars for humanitarian programs that many of found hope in colombia where the u.s. has deployed medical ships to treat those in need help the most alessandro the as he reports now from the coastal city of. it's the world's largest hospital ship one of two the united states navy dispatches to offer free medical care with a crew of nine hundred doctors nurses and volunteers i the u.s. an s. comfort mission in colombia is to provide health services to locals and venezuelan migrants fleeing the crisis at home the migration crisis has certainly played a factor we are here to help the the colombian government and there and there's
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obviously strained health care system to be able to provide for all of those in need here on and we watch hundreds of people lined up on the first day of service in a coastal city close to the border most of the care is offered on shore while surgeries are done on the ship and the cup there's fly patients to one of the comforts twelve operation room. many like these children had never seen a dentist before there's like a boy because who arrived weeks ago from business where we're desperate for medicine her two year old has chicken pox two month old suffers from disparate three problems. you can't find any medicine in venezuela hospitals are empty doctors are gone there's nothing left. but we couldn't find the medicine nor afford it business well as economic downturn has ravaged its hospitals which shortages of drugs spec scenes and outbreaks of infectious diseases that have spread across the
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border where close it isn't respected thousand percent in the year it's on the sky i think we're. the number one call to the woman i love you there's no occasion for me there's no medication for chemotherapy the doctors will stay in rio for five days one of two stops the mission is making in colombia the u.s. closest ally in the region in the country that has already received the a million venezuelan migrants the u.s. government says the mission is a reflection of friendship and solidarity with the americas but it's also certain to irritate the business well and government officials who insist that there is no humanitarian crisis in their country. in response to the mission the chinese government one of venezuela's few friends has dispatched its own medical ship to venezuela i think there's very few cases of purely altruistic actions on the part of governments unfortunately. medical missions are an important aspect of soft
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power. but. her family were just happy for the care they finally received. that all time that and much more coming up. from the out what. business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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to our. business updates. going places together. from the and when. it gets. marian thank you so much south american football officials has said the
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second leg of the couple the british doris final will take place outside of argentina found violence resulted in the game between bonus iris rivals river plate and boca juniors being postponed the fixture is now set to happen on either december the eighth or ninth but no final decision on the venue has been made argentina's president has had his say criticizing the security plan that was in place for the original kick off on saturday. this must. disappoint everything that's been said about the police operation which the mayor of one is aries is responsible for how can it be that the police arrested only twenty three people after the disturbances on saturday and within hours within i was these people with three or do not understand i don't understand in the name of. i do not understand. daniel swaddle has more from buenos aires. this is turning into
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one of the longest finals in world football history the first leg of the block a junior stadium on the tenth of november was delayed by a day because of heavy rain that much was played ending in a two two draw the second leg at the river plate stadium scheduled for the twenty fourth of november was delayed by a day after the baka juniors team bus was attacked by river plate fans the following day the much was again suspended after the book juniors team said that their players really no fit state to play the twenty seventh of november the south american football authorities cami ball meet at their headquarters in assume c. on to say that the game will be played on the eighth or the ninth of december in the ground outside of argentina still to be determined but bucket unions have protested they don't want the game to go ahead they want to be declared the corporate lippert the board is champions that will be appealed venue will be decided confusion reigns all around political heads of already rolled the head of
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security in the city government has already been sacked one thing is certain that this debacle will do nothing to enhance and improve the relations between two of the bitterest rivals in world football all those around madrid and roma have reached the last sixteen of the way for champions league both sides advantage without even touching a ball it's because earlier c.s.k. moscow lost sheep at home to check side victoria play zennie but roma and rima round the joint still did play their group game it was a burial that came out on top thanks to goals from gareth bale and lukas vazquez final score two nil to real. eight games in total in the champions league on choose a.i.x. have also reached the knockout stages for the first time since two thousand and six . a man accused of attacking a broad dortmund bus with a bomb has been found guilty of twenty eight counts of attempted murder german
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national survey of inner gold was sentenced to fourteen years in prison by a german court the twenty nine year old had hid the bomb on the team boss that was heading to a champions league match in april two thousand and seventeen the blast injured two people venerable admitted to building and setting it off but said he didn't intend to hurt anyone but stood to profit if dortmund's shares dropped in value pakistan's yasir shot produced a career best performance as his country levelled their test series with new zealand yassar took fourteen wickets in the map just box on one in the second test and by innings and sixteen runs the third and final match of the series starts next monday in abu dhabi. a special series of tie breakers will be needed to decide the world chess champion after a remarkable match between two grand masters in london all twelve games between champion magnus carlsen and challenger of fabiana career ana finished in draws explains how the champion will finally be decided. for the past three weeks the
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best two chess players in the wild magnus carlsen the champion from the life of fabiano caruana the challenger from brooklyn have been locked in battle draw off to draw millions of chess fans absorbed by the attention but they can only be one champion some think has now got to give this is the final shot good guy going twelve eleven joined games up to this point is a situation that had not happened in the history of the tournament why could they not be separated in fact they have taken a look at some risks old world but there are some good too depends both on them so because been a very interesting game since i can see it's not the only game similar just defense and soulmates i think it's been very very interesting out of attacking games the apparent deadlock has been gripping for those that understand the levels of skill and concentration but this is main chess for breakout when new funds to support a much between two cool guys in their twenty's showing off their moves i feel that
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we have a bigger interest also from my mainstream media than ever before and they are all i think that you now have an american up playing and then there's this well known story that in ninety sixty two we had the last world champion from the from the united states so. on and magnus himself he's of course. for didn't resist to call himself you could say i mean he's been a model and he's in the record all kinds of commercials so. from both sides of the match this is a very very cool event. was finished in the almost inevitable draw which means they need to come back on wednesday using different formats to try to decide who champion rapid guides and if that doesn't work something called blitz guides if they're still not separated it will be a guy called oh my god where whoever plays block if i haven't lost will be declared
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the chump. one of culson and. kill of world chess. zero. on no question as to who the world's best female surfer stephanie gilmore has won a record equalling seventh world title gilmore wrapped up the championship at the season ending a pro surfer event in hawaii the thirty year old is now level in the all time standings with compassionate brain. on the figures i mean a young girl like just surfing all day long it was all i could think about and it's just you know it's still my first love and it gives me so much so much joy just challenges just everything so to come here today and this is. special. ok and that's all your support for now it's now back to merriam and london good on her thank you very much for an out before we go as no excuse for
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a slow service and the restaurant in nepal which is using three robots to act as white is establishments in the capital kathmandu is the first fully digitised restaurant in the whole of south asia robots a program to bring orders to the table as quickly and efficiently as possible to save the all software sort of the little work on how to deal with. her and all who knows what we'll be able to in the future if the news out but i'll be back with more news in a couple minutes. they
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said what do you think you're going to board i said i think we absolutely need it wishing that if we can get. people in power investigates the private companies and they will be us towns and legendary complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and sets not if you're in the hands of the cia you can make the sun shine or not rendition you visited part one on al-jazeera. i know lucy i lived in fear constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked the home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and as you know fox we can't let the men to imitate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not. afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us
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landownership in brazil is among the most concentrated on the call in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon when when his followers dr moon. as returns to his hometown baghdad to give amputees the hope of walking again on al-jazeera. the embattled saudi crown prince seeks allies on his way to a g. twenty summit meeting with president trump is looking unlikely. at the top of the
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plans in the works to meet with the site and. no look the bilateral schedule is full to overflowing to this point. hello i'm maryam namazie nandan with al-jazeera also coming up as our five aid agencies working in yemen call on the us to stop being the saudi led coalition and to save millions from starvation twelve ukrainian sailors captured by russian forces in the black sea it detained for two months by a court in crimea and as georgia prepares to go to the polls in a presidential runoff government stands accused of buying votes from paul. the white house says president has no plans to meet the saudi crown prince at the g twenty summit knowledge and tina later this week prince mohammed bin soundman has
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been trying to rebuild his image after international outrage of the murder of jamal khashoggi a journalist was killed in saudi arabia's istanbul called see that last month turkey says it's shed audial codings of the mud with the u.s. and several of the countries can really help it has mall. as the u.s. senate prepares for wednesday briefings by the secretary of defense and the secretary of state surrounding the killing of jamal house shows one member of the trumpet ministration that is not as familiar with that intelligence by his own admission is the national security adviser john bolton take a listen when i asked him directly whether or not he had heard the audio intelligence of the killing of jamal khashoggi so let me take the question of the tape first no i haven't listened to it and i guess i should ask you why do you think i should what do you think i learned from. i certainly have access to that intelligence i mean this room speak arabic. it's essential if you want me
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to listen to it what am i going to learn from i mean if they were speaking korean i wouldn't learn any more from it either be able to tell you what they should read transcript so you don't think it's important you're. just trying to make the point that everybody who says one should listen to the tape unless you speak arabic what are you going to get from him now bolton would also not answer questions with regard to whether or not the white house is actively preventing the cia director gina house pull from also briefing senators this is critical given the fact that we know she has listened to the audio tape of the killing of jim. instead bolton would only say that the president has spoken of course you'll remember that statement last week where he reaffirmed the u.s. saudi relationship and said that he has not accepted the conclusion of the cia that in fact the crown prince ordered the killing of jim al hust shows and it explains
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perhaps why the president might be reaching this conclusion given the fact he's admitted he has not listened to the tape and now we know his national security adviser has not either. well just a few hours ago the saudi crown prince mohammed bin soundman arrived in tunisia to meetings with the president and prime minister it's the latest leg of a tour of arab nations head of the g. twenty but he's facing more protests over the murder of jamal khashoggi the tunisian judiciary is investigating a complaint by the journalists union accusing the prince of human rights violations . reports from tunis. you are not welcome that is the message to crown prince mohammed bin solomon from hotel stairs in kim's u.s. capitol they gathered in the center of the city with banners impact college the announcement of visits of the saudi royal amman they believe to be a war criminal and an enemy of democracy with the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi still fresh in people's minds and the war in yemen could be people almost
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on a daily basis hundreds of chinese you can say they felt the need to demonstrate against bin some. say that we are against mohammed bin so mom's visit to reformation every tennessean to freetown is yet a democratic tennessean he has deprived his people of democracy he is a murderer on notice that he's a butcher he kills his people he's betrayed the palestinian cause and he kills human rights he simply some women activists and religious scholars he's not welcome . many people into museo feel the purpose of this visit is to help legitimize the crown prince after he appeared to be isolated by parts of the international community after official g.'s murder images like this arguably stronger than the chance of the protesters the message from those protesters is louder here are not only are they protesting against the visit of the crime for us miles i find the but also i don't think many of this one in particular the one your mother was thousands
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of women and children and devastated the country i was there to listen for it was her they also found themselves in the words of one of the millions of our overhead . for us to return to the army. to take charge and work the market again because of the lack of freedom in america. the previous three stops and been seven months to or were egypt behind and the united arab emirates cairo is viewed by many as a military dictatorship while minima and i will be are also criticized by human rights groups for cracking down on freedoms and not long public protests in tunisia may not be the only bad publicity for the crown prince on tuesday human rights watch announced it had filed a submission with a federal prosecutor in argentina where he's expected to attend the g. twenty summit in a couple of days the submission requests that the court's investigate been summoned for war crimes and his role in the murder treaty signed by such
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a claim can indeed be pursued just as the crown prince is trying to prove that he isn't isolated internationally his critics are doing everything they can to ensure he's brought to account even if it's only in the court of public opinion. i just wanted. to help end the war in yemen prevent a massive famine and save tens of thousands of civilian lives that's the message from five major aid organizations to the united states that calling on the department of defense to cut military support for the saudi m. rocks a coalition to force them to change the approach that conflicts mohammed adel reports from across the red sea in djibouti. in a joint letter to the u.s. government the five charities say the hole to u.s. villages support for the sodium but out to coalition would save many lives the u.s. they say is fueling a crisis that us the vehicle sicknesses for millions of civilians. the international rescue committee some america care u.s.
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save the children and then the would generate if you do you counsel say that fourteen million the yemen is a risk of starving to death if the parties to the conflict don't change call. we're completely desperate the more we wait every single minute. day a week we wait means more simply in shipment lossless and we're saying enough now is the time for the u. s. to use the power they have to end this brutal brutal manmade hell really that we're seeing in yemen today. the charities also accuse the warring parties of undermining human sequenom it with practices that of course rampant inflation millions out of work and don't know where their next meal will come from the us supports the sodium an article with intelligence and sales of billions of dollars of arms we cannot have small children die of hunger and its missiles and bomb brains every single day
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and allow for it to happen because our own interest and political agenda u.s. defense secretary giamatti is announced last month that the u.s. wanted the warring parties to hold talks within thirty days and hostilities. the target is now say washington should back up all those calls with jenin diplomatic pressure mainly on the sodium or to coalition it's been more than three years since the coalition began its full scale military campaign against both the fight is what captured most of muslim yemen including the capital sanaa says than what things hospitals schools water and electricity plants have been hit by coalition missiles killing tens of thousands of people the targets are now warning the united states that it could bear the responsibility of what could be the largest farm in decades if it doesn't stop its support for the soda in cornish and how about the world as it were to boot. now russia has started prosecuting several ukrainian sailors who
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were captured during a tense standoff near russian control crimea russian ships rammed ukrainian vessels latest seizing them and that crew a crimean court has ordered at least twelve of the sailors to be held for two months after simmons has more from kiev yeah really. russia says this is one of many confessions by ukrainian sailors about how the navy illegally entered its territorial waters despite warnings there's outrage in ukraine its foreign minister says these men are obviously talking under duress while as he puts it under the rules of russia's f.s.b. security service but they're prisoners of war covered by the geneva convention and should have access to the international red cross most of the servicemen and did up here in simferopol before a court that gave out detention orders for two months while cases are investigated
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. internationally the pressure on russia appeared to have no effect on its foreign minister sergei lavrov visiting paris be used. if the ukrainian side like its partners in europe is interested in avoiding such situations in the future it is obviously necessary to send a signal to kiev not to allow such a provocation that is not for us to do but for those who maintain close contact with the korean authorities mr lavrov hadn't appeared willing to meet a request made by the french foreign minister. sergey lavrov guy just told sergey lavrov that a gesture is expected from russia at the prisoners and the boats being held must be free to soon as possible but i will also call my ukrainian counterpart to encourage him to seek a deescalation in this region. there may be no confrontation now in the current strait but the words exchanged by both sides are getting more volatile ukraine's
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navy is saying the russians was shooting to kill on sunday russia is warning that a limited martial law to be imposed in parts of ukraine on wednesday could escalate the conflict and now it's emerged that not all the arrested crew are sailors ukraine's state security service the s.p. you said. it had counterintelligence officers on board and it also says that two missiles were fired by one of two russian fighter jets at the boats and one of those agents was seriously injured what happens next to the detained ukrainian servicemen may be unclear what's certain is that without their release ukraine will continue to ramp up pressure for some sort of international action against russia for what happened off the shores of an extraordinary andrew symonds al-jazeera kiev i have for you on the program and i.


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