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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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now it's emerged that not all the arrested crew all sailors ukraine's state security services the s.b.u. says it had counterintelligence officers on board that also says two missiles were fired by one of two russian fighter jets at the boats and one of those agents was seriously injured. what happens next to the detained ukrainian servicemen may be unclear or certain is that without their release ukraine will continue to ramp up pressure for some sort of international action against russia andrew symonds al-jazeera kiev still to come here on al-jazeera people in georgia voting in a runoff presidential election that's seen as crucial for the governing party. and after a month on the road will catch up with central america as one more reason to reach the united states.
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hello winter is creeping slowly in from the constant to the big audience of japan you can't really tell much from this except the greys jamie speaking cold ground there's not much in the sky to fall out of it so we'll give you a dry forecast as fourteen in tokyo only two in sapporo now with subzero if that is lost or is not a big surprise it's still seven degrees in beijing and is still above freezing over most of the korean peninsula we have seen the first snow the sea this you know forming in this but into but there's no more in the next day or so there might be some running into the old parts of hokkaido probably not as power itself and it's slowly cooling down in north korea maintaining fifteen in tokyo and we're nine degrees now in beijing even only just below freezing it's not extreme cold yet for the sas or china clear skies are the forecast there was to twenty four degrees
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lower only hong kong little bit less not in shanghai and still seventeen children in fact this prevailing breeze means the coast of vietnam with the wettest place frequent but largely light showers in fact there aren't that many showers for the site of the concentration it's still there in southern thailand and dancer's sumatra but mostly we're talking about heavy daily showers in indonesia. one eight back it can feel like the end. but. it's a new beginning at some point in mind you realize you started to go backwards. inspirational story every time. but as long as she's healthy she can produce and do them on a new lease of life on algiers their. welcome
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back you're with al jazeera live from doha these are your top stories this hour saudi arabia's crown prince has arrived in argentina's capital for the g. twenty summit human rights watch has filed a legal complaint in argentina it wants an investigation into mohamed bin so man's alleged role in jamal khashoggi is murder and human rights abuses during the conflict. the director of the cia will reportedly not take part in a u.s. senate briefing on the murder of. the secretaries of state and defense will brief senators on weapons stay on the saudi journalist feeling. russia says it's planning
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to deploy more four hundred surface to air missiles to the crimean peninsula ten regions in ukraine are on the martial law for the next thirty days after russia opened fire and see just ukrainian naval boats in the black sea. investigators in indonesia say the budget airline plane that plunged into the sea last month killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board should not have been flying the lion air boeing seven three seven max it experienced technical issues on a flight the day before. from jakarta. it was in the knees just second worst in a disaster the lion air boeing seven three seven crashed into the java sea just thirteen minutes after takeoff from jack after airport of the one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew on board the bodies of sixty four have yet to be recovered at the level of the cry limon a result showed at the same plane had previously experienced faulty data readings
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investigator. say the pilots who flew the plane from bali did night before the crash should have aborted that flight the flight for all but only if you just because you. were the insurer to the show. because. there was. in this way. but the pilot continued to trip to jack after and managed to land safely after turning off the automatic anti stalling system or m.c.s. a feature on the new seven three seven max eight planes the pilot on the flight that crashed in next day did not do that the voice recorder which has yet to be found will have to give more clarity about his decisions. lion air's rapid expansion in indonesia's fast growing airline industry has put huge pressure on pilots who have complained about long working days and even violating regulations
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on flying hours a lot of questions not only for boeing about technical the facts on their new mechs eight planes but also for lion air the budget airline has the largest fleet in southeast asia and is now on the road a lot of pressure to improve its safety culture this will be too late for ariadne's husband if. the body of the thirty five year old father of two has yet to be recovered only his driver's license was found at a yanni has lost confidence in lyon air. they need to be closed down because they don't prioritize safety if they would prior to safety then they will make sure everything is checked properly calls for sanctions or even the closure of the airline were also forced in parliament if they can guarantee passengers have and if they don't want to attend i told them we need to just close them down lyon air sas it will comply with all the recommendations from the transport safety commission
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one of the recommendations is to give more training for pilots boeing has issued an advisory about the anti stalling system after pilots complained they were not well enough informed about how it works the final result about what happened to j t s six one zero is not expected until some time. next year step fasten al-jazeera jack after the president has announced a roadmap for peace negotiations with the taliban speaking at an international conference in geneva. so that he'd formed a twelve person team to negotiate with the armed groups he said presidential elections in the spring were an important part of the process is in geneva. well on wednesday president musharraf's gani has been talking about some of the immediate challenge is that his country faces particularly to do with poverty and food insecurity after a devastating drought this year that's left millions of afghans in rural areas not knowing where their next meal is coming from also talking about the millions of
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afghan refugees and outlining a future in afghanistan where those refugees the diaspora will feel safe to go back home but he's admitted that that's only going to happen when the violence has ended and he's outlined what he sees as a breakthrough a twelve person team has been formed to try to head a roadmap to peace including the taleban now the taliban have not come to geneva the government did offer them unconditional talks but talked earlier this year that hasn't gone anywhere and in recent weeks the taliban have in fact been holding direct talks with the united states a separate negotiating track many afghans want to know when in fact the government and the taliban will be able to get around a negotiating table because the feeling is that until that happens all of those other problems the problems of trying to get corruption dealt with trying to
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deal with environmental challenges trying to boost the economy because really be solved until the fighting has ended and although president can now point to this road map a lot of people are wondering how it's going to work with the with the intransigence of the taliban and with the separate approach coming from the united states there's been lots of praise for the afghan government for holding elections and they say that the presidential vote next year will be crucial in bringing stability to the country but until the fighting until the conflict ends it really is going to take a long time. russia turkey and iran to hold a new talks on syria in the kazakh capital astana delegations from the syrian government and the opposition are expected to attend is there. another meeting on syria in the capital asked to know
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a negotiating track shaped by russia iran and turkey it has become a forum for the main power brokers in the syrian conflict who use their influence over the warring sides to make deals the latest was a prisoner exchange between the syrian government and the opposition it's hoped that the detainees file will see progress during the talks but they haven't been as effective when tackling of the main political issues supposed to be resolved in the geneva based un led process to having so many players involved and just having one sort of side of the actors in there isn't enough to come to some sort of comprehensive peace deal there was an attempt to expand the asked in a format to include members of the so-called small group during a meeting in istanbul last month's russia and turkey brought the leaders of france and germany to the table but there was no commitment for a second summit instead the europeans insisted a u.n. committee should start work on rewriting the syrian constitution before the end of
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the year. i. hope. the. but russia's believed to be pushing for some kind of achievement that it can sell to the west damascus has so far refused to cooperate with the un led diplomatic efforts. president vladimir putin sent his special envoy alexander love ranty have to damascus reportedly to remove obstacles in the way of forming the committee for the kremlin asked in a as where breakthroughs in russian diplomacy must be made an agreement on a constitutional committee would be just that it will however need the backing of the united nations the u.n. says it must be credible inclusive and balanced its special envoy stefan the mistura is here in what appears to be his last diplomatic mission before leaving
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office creating the committee may be the easy part the opposition which now has little leverage wants a new constitution that will curtail presidential powers and lead to free elections the syrian government says the committee's task is to review the existing charter not come up with a new one it's quite clear that they're not going to. negotiate a way. they're not going to give that up. prepared to. not going to be enough for players like. the west wants damascus to first engage with the you had political process before it discusses money for reconstruction russia wants to move to the post war stage but it knows concessions will have to be mate senator al jazeera asked. people in georgia voting for their president the last time two former foreign ministers are in a run off poll the country is transitioning to
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a parliamentary system which means future presidents will be chosen by members of parliament robin for a steelworker report from tbilisi. really is the government's choice for presidents she's french born and a former diplomat and she has enjoyed significant financial backing in this campaign from the country's richest man. who also is the chairman of the governing party despite that and despite having that backing behind her she has struggled to connect with voters largely over remarks that she made earlier this year in which she said that georgia should take responsibility for its war with russia back in two thousand and eight that really upset a lot of you would you and mr. grig oldfashioned say who is her opponent has
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been able to capitalize on that so it's going to be a very close race both candidates in the last rounds were virtually neck in there and we have the second round runoff because they weren't able to get more than fifty percent of the vote the first time around now what we're hearing is that if mr if i should say when he has promised to bring back members of the former government including you which is. you know former president because really he went into exile after being charged with. use of power if mr saakashvili were to be repatriated to georgia and an opposition party president then that can really inject. turbulence into georgia's political system this vote is being seen really as a vote of confidence in the current government and an important dress rehearsal for
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parliamentary elections in twenty twenty three weeks ago al jazeera spent a day on the road in mexico with one family from on jurist who joined a large group of people trying to get to the united states twenty five days and four thousand kilometers later john holeman caught up with them near the u.s. border. the last time we saw the rays elia family they were sleeping on the street in south makes co after a week with the caravan of central americans maria was sick. alvin was struggling tool and early was exhausted she was eight months pregnant now everything's changed for one in june is right he's fifteen days old has given the family fresh hope. we were frightened we would lose him on the way but god didn't want that and we have him safe and sound my whole body was hurting and when my son arrived i felt
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like something passed through me and took the pain away. they've got to take the border with us and the church has taken the maid for the first time in more than a month they have regular meals a place to wash their clothes and a roof over their heads they're lucky most of the caravan is getting ready to spend the night in the open a in a makeshift camp that's become so crowded that some people are having to sleep outside its walls but the razor lies of the trolls and their road to the full thousand kilometers they covered to get here weeks of sleeping rough in particular affected the children that my eldest boy almost died of pneumonia they put him in the hospital and put chips in him because he couldn't breathe properly it almost broke my heart seeing him like that now i'll be dreaming of getting to be at the side reliable the goodwill of a president who's determined to keep the caravan aren't. we want an opportunity and the us is a land of opportunity we want president trump and his government to give us
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a hand to think positively not to negativity. in reality there's next to no chance they'll get in they're fleeing poverty it is economic migrants won't qualify for the us soil and their plan b. is mexico having a baby here has given them a chance of citizenship but those decisions can wait. for now just happy to be sleeping in a bed. weapons to peaceful intents that's the message coming from the world's biggest defense exhibition taking place in corrupt she stands and u.s. military hardware will be on display in delegates from forty seven countries will be showcasing the latest technology. is that. over four hundred companies. and foreign. trade and some of the products manufactured. including armored fighting. men battered. the
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expectation that the military market richard worth tens of billions of dollars maybe. it had the necessary experience in manufacturing and it. many feel now the government of god will be hoping to find an opportunity. for what they've already had. some of the weapons and although some people may be pretty good at that. it had become a prerequisite for that in order to ensure its security. this is al jazeera these are the top stories saudi arabia's crown prince has landed in argentina as capital but in a cyrus for the g.
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twenty summit human rights watch has filed a legal complaint in argentina it wants an investigation into mohammed bin salma alleged role in the jamal. and human rights abuses during the conflict in yemen so we suppose that's the latest from buenos iris. the prosecutor will decide this when i say whether or not. he will take the case we're expecting to hear you throughout the day i believe here have a great time on there's not a lot of information about what he's running to do in fact he's a rival who were decided came in as a surprise because nobody was expecting him to i arrived there early however he saw me at work again. on the thirtieth that coming friday it will continue throughout the weekend saudi arabia will be the focus of a briefing to u.s. senators later on weapons day the director of the cia isn't expected to say part in the mincing which will likely include discussions about the murder of jamal
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khashoggi russia says is planning to deploy more as four hundred surface to air missiles to the crimean peninsula the decision comes off a confrontation in the black sea with ukraine parts of ukraine are under martial law for the next thirty days after russia opened fire and seen these two craning naval vessels. indonesian investigators say a plane that plunged into the sea killing one hundred eighty nine people on board should not have been flying they say the lion air boeing seven three seven should have been grounded because of technical problems the day before the fatal flight the aircraft crashed into the java sea shortly after takeoff from jakarta last month the flight data recorder shows the pilots did battle to save the airplane people in georgia of voting for their president for the last time two former foreign ministers are in a runoff poll after neither one of majority in october's first round ballots the country is transitioning to a parliamentary system future presidents will be chosen by members of parliament and they'll have vastly reduced powers those are your headlines so far today up
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next inside story. of a. he is reviving its efforts of the. investigation police have searched two villas that belong to a saudi citizen but will it make any difference and can encourage succeeded its push for an international investigation this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan it's been nearly two months now since the journalist walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul his murder at the hands of a fifteen member hit squad has put saudi arabia under an international spotlight it's an battled crown prince has been accused of ordering the killing is on a tour of regional countries before heading to argentina for the g. twenty summit but turkey wants to make sure the case doesn't disappear from the world's attention its investigators launched a search of two villas outside istanbul on monday they say they're owned by a saudi businessman who's close to the current prince we'll bring in our guest in just a moment but first al-jazeera is tony buckley has more on the turkish investigation . the search centered on a large villa near the town of yellow an hour's drive south of istanbul the forty strong team including police with sniffer dogs security forces and forensic investigators spent all monday at the villa which is said to be owned by
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a rich saudi businessman turkish media reported that he has linked three crown prince mohammed bin from a man. to the saudi king in crown prince could be seen hanging in the hallway. turkish investigators were acting on phone records of calls made from the saudi consulate in istanbul before she was murdered one is said to have been made to the villa by a saudi national he's been named as left tenant colonel mansoor othman abu hussein who was a member of the so-called hit squad which carried out the killing it's thought that colonel abu hussein is in the saudi civil defense force and to serve the crown prince the turkish prosecutor has issued a statement saying the call was made a day before the killing and it was to discuss either how to hide or destroy this because saudis body. the search included the surrounding area and a neighboring villa which is also owned by a saudi national neither of the owners was present fire services drained two wells before the forensic team took away samples. the two main theories about what
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happened to mr because saudis body either it was dismembered and dissolved in acid in the consulate or his remains were taken away in black suitcases purchased by saudi officials on the morning of the murder they were then either disposed all be in turkey or flown to saudi arabia under diplomatic privilege only the killers know the answer and they are in saudi arabia if this search fails to produce any significant evidence about the whereabouts of mystical saudis body it's difficult to see where this investigation goes from here without meaningful saudi cooperation which for some reason it still refusing to give. you might acumen arcus in the queue much saudi authorities are investigating with the perpetrators of the crime they must hundred more to us so that we can investigate them ourselves and know who the local collaborators or collaborators are and who gave the orders to carry out the crimes since all these questions are still unanswered calls from around the
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world and international organizations are getting louder to open an international investigation into this crime that saudi. arabia mohamed bin salman though i'm moving on doing business and seeing friends is his first foreign trip since the murder of jamal khashoggi and the question being asked is if he wasn't the architect of this killing then why is he not finding out who was tony berkeley al-jazeera yell over turkey. let's bring in our guests for today's discussion from istanbul we're joined by professor of history at the university based and from bucharest matthew brice a senior fellow at the atlanta council and a former u.s. ambassador and from lancaster in the u.k. simon maybe on a senior lecturer in international relations at lancaster university welcome gentlemen good to have you with us professor based on let's start with you why is turkey so determined to seek justice for its own courts or through an international
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investigation led by the u.n. and to keep up the pressure on saudi arabia and its crown prince well first of all this. i mean the unfortunate an awful thing had happened in turkish soil actually in walls come up with dylan is stumble law is not the political capital to draw a lot of attention and this gentleman was known to took should ministration i mean because she cheated and he had friends and acquaintances so turkey is determined to follow it up because it's a hideous crime and a lot of details emerging but as far as the turkish public concerned. was invited to the consulate in istanbul and he and to but never came up so all turkey is determined to find out what had happened although all i'm sure
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there are a lot of other details that not has been revealed and but also. that actually they want to find out the truth what had happened all far nothing much progress and all we know is that yesterday or at very close to istanbul on the other side of modern marcy they were searching two villages professor. professing i think there's just more evidence that you have to come to light is that right well that is my guess definitely. so it is may no more because they raided two houses i mean that to begin with in order to start the crime or murder investigation you need to have the bodies somewhere the or at least you should know that what had happened so far i mean in german speaking in the public even international community. we don't have much we can i mean we know some topping some
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recordings except trauma but the rest is anyone's guess so turkey is really determined to find out. matthew ries ambassador will there come a point when turkey has to say ok we've done all we can here for the sake of relations with our allies we've got to put this to bed and move on or is tookie not going to let this go and if so why not well i think as the professor said turkey's preference would be to get to the bottom of this for just reasons of humanity and as a way to also strengthen turkey's reputation so people know turkey is on the side of right but i think there just logically does come an end in the line of the of the detailed information that has been leaked quite skillfully from a diplomatic perspective by the turkish government for the last month or so. there hasn't been any dramatic information released recently and i think that yesterday search of this villa outside is istanbul maybe it is an attempt to get some more
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information that could be useful and the nation in this attempt by turkey to to set the record straight i think turkey is also negotiating a bit with both washington and with riyadh but showing it's had this information and then having some some discussions behind the scenes one of which is about to take place i think between presidents bush and the one at the g. twenty summit in buenos aires president trump you mean. will come into the g twenty meeting in just a few moments some of maybe on line close to what is keys and game here the u.s. president has made it clear as far as he's concerned that the crown prince had nothing to do with the show actually is this something personal between the one and mohamed bin solomon or is it more to do with regional influence. i think there's every possibility that there is a personal dimension to it but i don't think there needs to be a personal dimension i think if you are if you're studying the middle east you're
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studying middle eastern politics one of the first books that you read is called dialogues in arab politics by michael barnett and what by it does is he tells the story of how a certain point certain incidents the actors involved have the opportunity to rework reconceptualized order international relations and i think that's exactly what this moment is what turkey is doing what pres the one is doing is sensing that the affair has given him the opportunity to redefine a relationship between un qatar washington and illiad that has had turkey is the sort of the third player in a relationship that dates back to the one nine hundred fifty s. and i think turkey particularly under at the one is wanting to reassert itself on the regional stage and what i think many and turkey are doing is sensing that this is an opportunity to do that so leaving aside any personal animosity it's an opportunity for turkey. professor around in istanbul can ankara do you think succeed in its demond for an international investigation what what
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needs to happen politically to bring that to fruition. well first of all. he stumbled the capital of a lot of the dissidents from middle east namely from egypt from syria saw turkey is determined to actually make sure that it's a safe place for all these people so therefore from my point of view it's this investigation is very very important but also the deter it in relations turkish sold relations actually had the momentum when the king called mr that on this case saw we raised a lot of hope that the two countries would rebuild their relations and take it further so that also has that amount and also i'm very much hopeful that probably
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just twenty summit that would meet maybe the prince and done probably they will discuss further details and to bring this whole thing into an end but i very much doubt if saudi arabia holds any more details i don't know at this probably they know whereabouts of the body so turkey does y. is going to press ahead until the bottom of it so it's going to keep it in my opinion for for a while from the international community's. attention i guess the browser could foresee circumstances in which saudi arabia could be persuaded to meaningfully cooperate with the the turkey's own investigation or an international un led investigation and if so who do the persuading. well the answer to that question depends entirely on whether or not the crown prince is guilty if he is indeed the one who ordered this then there is no chance no chance in the world
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saudi arabia will cooperate and unless under extreme duress and under conditions that are unforeseeable at this point but to answer the sort of hypothetical question were there to be an international investigation were turkey to keep pressing the case i don't think you could ever see one under u.n. auspices one one that would be approved by the u.n. security council because the u.s. will oppose that and and to tell you the truth russia may oppose such an investigation as well for a number of reasons one being russia is happy to step in and shore up its ties with saudi arabia while the crown prince is feeling vulnerable so i don't think there could be a u.n. investigation whether there could be an investigation into the international court of justice that's another question or maybe other under some other internet.


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