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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it play out in the next few hours thank you for all of that so let's get some analysis on the straight a posse joining us president of the national iranian american council he's on skype from reston virginia your overall opinion of what you've heard from the senators bearing in mind as patty said these are the ones who want to have their voice heard the outspoken ones but what they have had to say has been pretty strong it's been extremely strong and it's coming from both sides of the aisle and i think it shows that u.s. saudi relations are not going to be business as usual any longer this is a transformative moment where the n.b.s. stays or goes and at this point it just can't continue in the matter it it before particularly if it's if the state is going to see the democrats in the senate in the house really rally around the idea that the new reform policy cause it's going to be the u.s. saudi relationship because so many different ways it in bodies everything that they
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are opposed to when it comes to u.s. foreign policy the idea of who is he not to this dictator to your mind going to abuses of human rights as well as if uses when his right support for award is purely massive amounts of civilians all of these things are a body to correct us not evolution really vicious or terrorism that sounded up and as a result it is going to be a target of democrats that can cheat completely it's n.b.s. remains in our trade to stay with me for one moment i want us to have a listen to what the independent u.s. senator bernie sanders had to say he spoke pretty much exclusively on the war in yemen but again very strong with let's have a listen. all of that was caused by the saudi led invasion of yemen three years ago. led by a despotic dishonest dictatorship. and to my mind it is imperative today. that the united states senate tell saudi arabia and tell the
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world that we are not going to be continually continuing to be part of that humanitarian disaster we are ending our participation in that horrific war and that we are going to do everything that we can. to force the saudis and the who teaches to the peace table and to provide the desperately needed humanitarian aid that yemen requires treaty will any of that have the likes of mohamed bin salman concerned he's just been cold or the leadership has been called a despotic dishonest to take his ship they're all strong words but as i've been saying earlier to i guess. mohammed been someone knows he has the pretty much undivided support of the executive branch the president in the united states. it would be a huge mistake by and if he's not concerned then again it would be compatible with
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this pattern of recklessness that is shown in the past if you remains on adding the support of the executive is not sufficient because congress does have a duty of getting stuck with a lot of these policies and the local natives davis we will be an indication of that and moreover i think it should be quite clear to the. crown prince is not that the senate is not an honored purse in many ways you've got less if you want to be very large number of democrats who currently are doing quite well in the polls in the elections and at some point that tremendous tradition is going to come to an end so even if he currently believes that he has the support of the executive it does not seem particularly likely that that support is going to transcend into the next it is fish and as a result unless something dramatic changes happens it is not a great relationship that they are happy with the united states business is usual
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simply cannot trade policies from the national iranian american council pleasure talking to you as always now the developments in the last few minutes has been the united nations secretary general antonio good terrorist saying he is ready to make the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman to discuss the war in yemen the latest on that with that diplomatic editor james bays at the united nations james yes well a big question mark whether the saudi crown prince is going to be a pariah that g twenty summit the u.n. secretary general has been briefing reporters before he heads off to the g twenty and he says he may well speak to the crown prince george that summit meeting but he made it clear he had one specific reason he wanted to speak to him. i think we act close to create the conditions for the possibility for peace talks to start and that would be an extremely important objective and of course solve
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is absolutely crucial for that purpose and i'm ready to these gusset with the crown prince or with any other saudi officials because i believe it is a very important objective at the present moment if we are able to stop the yemeni war we will be stopping the most tragic humanitarian disaster that we are facing in today's world so the secretary general talking about the ongoing diplomacy that's taking place right now kemal and saying that a meeting with the crown prince could potentially help that diplomacy he talked there about his special envoy martin griffiths he's trying to get peace talks underway in sweden i can tell you the target for those talks is next week they want to get both sides around the table in sweden in the next week they're not quite there yet so that's the push that is on the united nations i can also tell you may remember last week we were talking about a potential for a u.n.
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security council resolution calling for us to say should of hostilities in her data and around other areas that are key to the humanitarian relief operation in yemen it seems now that the u.k. who are pushing that idea for a resolution of being persuaded by other members of the security council to put that on hold until these talks which they hope as i say to take place within a week thank you james bay at the united nations in new york. lots to talk about let's tie it together we're have with us here in studio a director of the gulf studies center at cutter university here in doha where should we start actually what it was that with what james is talking about yemen because we with all the talk about jamal khashoggi we can't ignore the fact that a lot of what we've seen today is about the war in yemen yes i mean the timing is very interesting i mean the war is going on for three years there was a list focus on yemen in the last two years and twelve months in the last two
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months symon has become important. in the world especially the nexus want to solve it no one can can be convinced that has nothing to deal with what happened to in the saudi consulate in istanbul there is a great link between this and that and i think that mr ration try tries its own effort to. reduce the pressure and so the area by saying to the world the saudi arabia is doing something positive in this context by saying let's stop the world and here in the world in the yemen basically it is led by so that have been there that emirates you know the number of casualties the number of the bad impact in the society the the failure of the state is becoming a failed state or of actually. you know the number of people who are killed and honest people are without any kind of responsibility you know the culture of militia which was not what never existed in yemen now exists in yemen the division
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within the social structure of a brick ation of the society you know that the war has destroyed the structure of yemen and that was never happened if this war did not started so now the americans or the administration and particularly with their want to present something are saying look so that if you want to go to the to the to this meeting to have a discussion and disobey in all parties you know there are too many difficulties here one it's not not it's. it clearly yet who would be invited to this kind of negotiation and that's that's important because yemen is no longer when yemen you have the government base that if you have some group people and then you have coaches and son are in you have other forces within the. yemeni society that's one factor the other one there is no guarantee that this kind of a process will lead to any result in this context because there are many players
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involved and here i feel that there is a focus on the process of negotiation rather than the outcome actual result i want to go in that process to say ok we are doing it we are bringing people around the table and we are starting to just wait and i think that is a good starting point to this so does to reduce the pressure on them and presented by the administration a lot like on paper was saying was anything you didn't like the timing of it yes because because the talks were about to happen let's just talk briefly about jamal khashoggi as well because everyone who came out all the senators are lined up one by one after one after the other at the microphone. basically saying secretary of state pompei and secretary defense james mattis you haven't convinced us yes and that's an important thing isn't it when you've got senators who do not believe it's people and then and they're also saying we're going to hassle with the director of the cia this is two main things one none of the thing we were hearing
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was pursue is very clear this it it and this it eighty percent of those who are actually listening there were not convinced of what's they were hearing that's important and the question about the director of the cia that's also crucial of course and because now that the republican will known figure he's saying by the way you cannot ban me of hearing what you know the victor will say and that's another pleasure under white house on the white house and they have to act this i think there is very limited time. and now before the administration to do something to do something into the into two fronts one they want to convince you know the conus of some of something so they can reduce the pressure on themselves and they and they have also to do something on counter the negative coming from turkey with comes to the house shocking the murder so now. they are still leaking some information about what's happening and this information and keeping the narrative the turkish
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narrative ahead of what's been said than anywhere else. you know it is not on that accepted what's even if there are they are not accepting this in the turks not to this doesn't mean anything because it's still the world believe the only that out of you know what can be convincing to the world is what's happening from turkey is so that. was not convinced doesn't mean that the world will not be convinced and that's another difficult to trump so this even if you deny the cia has leaked something or these watch something or they hear something it doesn't mean that you can convince all of us that countless was not involved in the killing of them are question came afterwards where we thank you for staying with us through all these fast moving developments do appreciate it so we're talking a lot about the crown prince mohammed bin salman he himself as arrives in argentina for the g twenty summit to raise the bones covering events for us from when osiris . is a riving here at a moment when human rights watch has asked the argentine judiciary to investigate
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him for war crimes in yemen torture of saudi nationals and the killing of the journalist. right now a prosecutor is evaluating the possibility of beginning an investigation into this i q sation allegations by human rights watch we do know that he is requesting more information from several embassies among others but what many here are wondering is whether there will be enough time for that prosecutor to do anything at all mohammed bin so much is expected to be here between three and four days and maybe more be enough time we also spoke to several legal advisers and they're saying that he's case he's a representative of a head of state that he has immunity and that his case should be treated by the supreme court about two weeks ago we were told that a bilateral meeting between mohamed bin and president me was going to happen while what we know right now is what they're saying is that it would only happen if there
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is enough time and this is not something that's happening with argentina it's also happening with gone from the white house a bilateral meeting between mohammed bin from could not be confirmed at this time obviously there's a world leaders coming here there's lots of expectation about the family photo for example whether mohammed bin will be in that photo because that there are many leaders who do not want to be seen shaking hands with mohammed bin so much because it could obviously generate some problems at home. will move to other news in ukraine's president is warning of a full scale war with russia a recent confrontation in the black sea between the two countries is worsened already tense relations now moscow says it plans to deploy more of the s. four hundred surface to air missile defense systems in crimea or certain member ukraine's impose martial law in parts of the country for thirty days well of all of those details right together now with andrew symonds from kiev. as nearly half of
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his country goes on the martial war ukraine's president is making a stark warning about russia accusing it of sending more tanks to its border petro poroshenko says he wants ukraine to do more to defend itself against the threats of a land invasion. these tanks have not yet been removed from there they're still there i don't want anybody to think those are toys the country is under threat of a full scale war with the russian federation so the goal of this martial law is to show that the enemy will pay a very high price if he decides to attack us it will be like a cold shower that will stop the mad men who have plans to attack ukraine and if there is no further aggression we will assume that the goal of these actions is achieved or shank those remarks will do nothing to calm down the tension and russia is announcing the deployment of more s. four hundred missile systems in crimea and donald trump says he may now cancel his meeting with vladimir putin that's jew at the g twenty summit in border salaries
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this week. a lot of his now trying to dismiss what happened on sunday as a incident. it's a provocative missile. i think it's a provocation a provocation organized by the authorities and i think the president himself ahead of the presidential elections scheduled to open in ukraine in march of next year. would beauticians that this is still a struggle it's just a border incident nothing more than what happened in two thousand and fourteen when crimea decided to reunite with russia it was a completely different massive story. as for the twenty four captive ukrainians including three who are in a hospital they'll remain in detention for at least the next two months under the court's orders of a judge how is this all playing out for people in ukraine's capital kiev this seems to be widespread support for more. that they say that i mean when you begin from
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here we don't see what's happening on the russian border but the president knows what to do he knows best. there is no need to panic we have to support our government. whatever hurts russia benefits ukraine the united if there is to be martial law it should be nationwide one law for our. it should have been introduced earlier we've been at war for nearly five years. that last point to remind us of the only going conflict in the east of the country between pro russian separatists and ukrainian forces in which more than ten thousand people have died since the fighting broke out in twenty fourteen what's happening off the shores of an excursion mir is threatening to open up a new front line in the conflict. and to simmons' al-jazeera. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour. the important thing for taiwan
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is that we want to make sure that those diplomatic ilyse remain loyal to taiwan the foreign minister of taiwan revealed plans to stand up to diplomatic pressure from china colombians go on a nationwide strike for rising prices. and sport the big way challenge lives up to its name pictures from hawaii coming out. hello it is colder than it was right around but the real wind is still been stuck quite a long way no evidence of the cloud is going from west to east so we still see snow from this cloud of running into the west and here in there but the cities are mati in tashkent are well above freezing and the real developments taking place for most
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of us to be honest in the eastern med turkey is the source of it all the clouds spread from there the center of the low across the levant bringing rain with it so wet and windy period overnight between thursday and friday and left with this picture on friday so showers or even rain in beirut a federal breeze at twenty two aleppo is nothing like as warm and the green dots here would suggest big thunderstorms running through every now and again and again on ground that doesn't like it so well the flooding is a possibility sides of this it's already dry picture but arrival time the middle twenty's are a similar story down the u.a.e. is a light northerly blowing suddenly there's you know it's happening in northern saudi arabia a few showers a develop again in the red sea right through jordan head towards iraq will prosper frontal system. sudden have africa been very active recently resumes and big showers in the suit to eastern side of the south after the civil potential for them maybe the heavy rain is going to be further north in zimbabwe and still mozambique.
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xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. infiltrates one of the continent's fosters growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament and irene left national rugby park. generation paid. a special tupac investigation coming soon on the. story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study demonstrated the perspectives american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind
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on al-jazeera. here with the news from al-jazeera i'm come all santamaria reminder of developments in the past the hour or so with regards to the u.s. senate hearing on relations with saudi arabia it's no longer business as usual as leading republican senators send a clear message to donald trump lindsey graham for example is one but he will not vote on key issues including the government spending bill if that woman the cia director gina haskell doesn't brief senators on the murder of jamal khashoggi. at that briefing is not given it's just going to be hard for me to vote for any
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spending bill or the theatre actor with anything coming to the world than a guy i have a hard time getting me to vote. for us to move forward. i'm not quite frankly i'm not going to be denied the ability to be briefed by the cia that we have oversight. about whether or not their assessment supports my belief that this could not have happened without m.b.'s knowing. meanwhile u.s. secretary of state michael imperioli tried to convince senators that now might not be a good time to disrupt the u.s. relations head of next month's diplomatic talks on yemen. we are on the cusp of allowing the u.s. envoy martin gryphus to in december gather the parties together and hopefully get a ceasefire something that we have diplomatically been striving for for months and we think we're right on the cusp of that that's what is the view of the
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administration secretary madison myself that passing a resolution this point undermines that it would encourage the good these would encourage the iranians it would it would undermine the fragile agreement for everyone to go to sweden and have this discussion and the man at the center of it all the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has arrived in argentina for the g twenty summit in the last hour or so the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists has said he is willing to speak to the crown prince to discuss the war in yemen two other news in a bomb attack in afghanistan has killed at least ten people nineteen others have been injured in kabul including several children gunmen used a car bomb to attack the u.k. headquarters g four s. security companies compound in the city a gun fight rage for more than an hour after the initial explosion
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russia turkey and iran are holding two days of talks on syria and the capital delegations of the syrian government and the opposition are expected to attend the negotiations one lead to an internationally backed political deal but russia is pushing for a breakthrough on a u.n. constitutional committee reports from austin or. another meeting on syria in the capital asked to know a negotiating track shaped by russia iran and turkey it has become a forum for the main power brokers in the syrian conflict who use their influence over the warring sides to make deals the latest was a prisoner exchange between the syrian government and the opposition it's hoped that the detainees file will see progress during the talks but they haven't been as effective when tackling of the main political issues supposed to be resolved in the geneva based un led process to having so many players involved and just having one sort of side of the actors in that isn't enough to come to some sort of
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comprehensive peace deal there was an attempt to expand the asked in a format to include members of the so-called small group during a meeting in istanbul last month's russia and turkey brought the leaders of france and germany to the table but there was no commitment for a second summit instead the europeans insisted a u.n. committee should start work on rewriting the syrian constitution before the end of the year. on the. inside syria but russia is believed to be pushing for some kind of achievement that it can sell to the west damascus has so far refused to cooperate with the u.n. led diplomatic efforts. president vladimir putin sent his special envoy alexander
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love ranty have to damascus reportedly to remove obstacles in the way of forming the committee for the kremlin asked in a is where breakthroughs in russian diplomacy must be made an agreement on a constitutional committee would be just that it will however need the backing of the united nations the u.n. says it must be credible inclusive and balanced its special envoy stefan the mistura is here in what appears to be his last diplomatic mission before leaving office creating the committee may be the easy part the opposition which now has little leverage wants a new constitution that will curtail presidential powers and lead to free elections the syrian government says the committee's task is to review the existing charter not come up with a new one it's quite clear that they're not going to. negotiate the way. they're not going to give that up. is prepared to give. is. not going to be enough for players like the like the u.s.
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the west wants damascus to first engage in the u.n. political process before it discusses money for reconstruction russia wants to move to the post-war stage but it knows concessions will have to be made senator al jazeera asked. mexico says it will continue to deport migrants who attempts to storm the us mexico border nearly one hundred central american asylum seekers be deported this week after they tried to breach the border fence into one on sunday u.s. border agents fired tear gas to deter the group of about fifty markets where we live in with our correspondent first his report. the last time we saw the rays elia family they were sleeping on the street in south makes co after a week with the caravan of central americans the rio was sick. alvin was struggling tool and early was exhausted she was eight months pregnant now everything's changed
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for one in june is right he's fifteen days old has given the family fresh hope. we were frightened we would lose him on the way but god didn't want that and we have him safe and sound my whole body was hurting and when my son arrived i felt like something passed through me and took the pain away. they've got to take the border with us the church has taken the maid for the first time in more than a month they have regular meals a place to wash their clothes and a roof over their heads they're lucky most of the caravan is getting ready to spend the night in the open in a makeshift camp that's become so crowded that some people are having to sleep outside its walls but the razor lies patrols in their road and the full thousand kilometers they covered to get here weeks of sleeping rough in particular a fake to put you through that whatever my eldest boy almost died of pneumonia they
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put him in the hospital and put chips in him because he couldn't breathe properly it almost broke my heart seeing him like that now that dreaming of getting to be of the side reliable the good will of a president who's determined to keep the caravan or at. we want an opportunity and the us is a land of opportunity and we want president trump and his government to give us a hand to think positively not to negativity. in reality there's next to no chance they'll get aid they're fleeing poverty and his economic migrants won't qualify for the us the soil of their plan b. is mexico having a baby here has given them a chance of citizenship but those decisions can wait for now they're just happy to be sleeping in a bed. that report was from john home and our correspondent in that border area who were hoping to go to live now in tijuana john can you hear us. yes i can go for it tell us what's happening there today so what we're seeing at
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the moment they send. so what we're seeing at the moment you can probably see just to the left of me if we pan slightly there a queue of people waiting for food here that's a daily occurrence the mexican may be putting out food for people but there's now six thousand people in this kind if you could sort of do a comparison when it started off it was less than half of the number so it's only growing here. ministration the local administration here into quanta are talking about right now is it going to open up a separate camp for these people because this situation isn't going away any time soon the pretty administration of president trump in the united states has really determined that this caravan isn't going to go past they labeled a lot of them as criminals as people with addictions what the people here are saying is that for the minute they're willing to try wait it out and see what's happening everyone we've talked to has said that they're hoping that. softens
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president trumps hall the possibilities of happening giving his stance seem pretty low but we're also hearing a lot from people especially from the first caravan is that they're coming for economic reasons they're in dire poverty back in here. it's why they're trying to travel to the united states there are other reasons to do with violence the problem with for this sort of point of view is that asylum in the united states isn't given really isn't given for economic reasons so it's going to be a lot of people stuck here while that processing happens that in the end of probably going to be denied asylum in the united states the question is what happens then. home and with that live update thank you john. meanwhile colombians are on a nationwide strike angry about a proposed tax reform bill trade unions student organizations and these massive protests across the country against president even duty tax reforms which are being
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debated in congress will also probably public university funding live to bogota here is. the see how things going today other sons are. welcome al organizers say that at least twenty thousand people are marching in five different rallies across the capital and there are rallies that are happening in other. cities across the country in what has turned really not nationwide protests the first people from just one of the rallies that are starting to trickle in here in central plaza i believe are where we are this is their rally their union members and some. teachers the other four rallies are mostly composed by students. from public and private university and also high school as students and they're all gathering in a different class that we were planning to go next to as you were saying they are
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protesting because they want more money for public funding and this has been going on now for over a month and a half students are at risk of losing the match there on top of that they are protesting. tax reform that could attack the number of bake the cake will get basic goods from truth to me to. get a really worrying about the middle class and the poorest sections. of society. with that update from bogota thank you. now the leadership of taiwan's president is in dallas after her ruling party suffered losses in last week's local elections worsening relations with china seem to have contributed to those poor results and in an exclusive interview with al-jazeera taiwan's foreign minister is accusing beijing of meddling in the island's politics adrian brown has a report now from taipei in the lobby of taiwan's foreign ministry the flags of the
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dwindling number of countries that recognize the island republic just seventeen now in the past three years five diplomatic allies have been lured away by beijing taiwan's foreign minister joseph woo told me it's all part of china's strategy to isolate taiwan internationally and that each defection hurts and of course people here feel betrayed and the consent of been can be very strong here you know since they decide to choose china you know that's their choice and the important thing for taiwan is that we want to make sure that those diplomatic ilyse remain loyal to taiwan china's diplomatic squeeze of taiwan began after the election of president zion when almost three years ago her party leans towards independence china regards taiwan as part of its territory to be taken back by force if necessary the intimidation has involved military drills in the taiwan straits as well as other
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high profile military exercises the fraught relationship seems to have been a factor in the recent local elections.


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