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tv   Radio Rohingya  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2018 8:32am-9:00am +03

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scale war with russia after a naval confrontation in the black sea earlier this week the russian coast guard opened fire on ukrainian ships and detained three boats and twenty crewman supporters of sri lanka's ousted prime minister running over the single holding of voters in parliament in a bid to cut funding to the new prime minister's office the president replaced viktor missing go with former leader may hinge or rajapaksa last month triggering a political crisis both men insist they are the lawful prime minister early results in georgia's presidential runoff to show the ruling party backed candidate salome's or a will when it's the last direct election of the head of state as the presidency will be diminished in the new parliamentary democracy those are the headlines join me for more news here after witness thailand's foreign minister discusses the difficulties his country faces trying has been trying very hard to isolate taiwan intermission and shares his concerns over china's posture in asia joseph taiwan's
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foreign minister talks to al-jazeera. i was. asked i. have. never had a duty to have him do i do. think
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it. would be. dependent on a child by. very moderate to the level that it is i don't know what i did i just felt that if. my adult told me. to be who are going to go to going to town on it i'm going to do him as and i'm. not i am it does not run without a fight even though it was as it was and not as most. shops with pride in it i was on them with a lot. of bacon and i want a man of any kind. i look at what i want to look at really got up and that i'd be sitting there waiting i don't look what i'm on doing what i'm not. i don't i don't
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know your sanity is i don't want to keep trying relate to you that i'm a hostage. or they've to obama. and. i don't. and you know good things that most of us don't know how to use in the g. can go to war audition was the iraq invasion was in my we thank you we. should have a. good time on the. road while the man. that i love. and one more i wonder. if they want to know god only. then will. i ha not going to mimic and his allies you need
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a new to them you are not going to is different in your doctors could i me or those of the. hello. zain i got a. man in syria then. a little child as an iranian a. human. and almost. always full of the. horrors that if i would use one of the. little minor amount of the way they do you then go to our book. and then we'll do a little bit of the d.s. and i. cannot barbara now me running. around on a box where they're going to deck ideas you know me or that is i'm a sister of
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a bike you know how to go home and think i'm not going to run a kingdom system or will. so i want to. get. out of the. bottom and let me live on a mother and we're going to call it don't follow hold on to me you got her on going on like you know what are you a well known as the ambassador of. probably want to. go to the border of all of the follow on to tell you what i'm on and i'm going to zoom in your motor home or development in the countries don't want to live long i'm going to. through the. rabbi we shouldn't be there again. shall i say down right as he was just
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finished. so. i want to. get them out of the many of them in. my confidant from me going to be good the. mr destroyed. everything here big picture which of these are going to see my. shop is here again this is so less than my. as small as living for a canadian city. and. i'm just thinking that i need. to have this. shake it throw me money
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a. good thing. and i'm going to get out a little now. and then around the world when i am. i don't know maybe i didn't i mean i've been going we're going to be out. there doing our gang a lot of it very much the home of them and they're full of all the audacity of the god i had our dinner my grandmother out of l.a. i said i want to go back and there are literally on the hour every monday already on other do so i like the moment i'm not going to go there during all of out the right side. mobility wherever i was to get a better one be in the chair. and got it wrong me i love your show a lot but they brought me one and we're all going to get back to knowing
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a good strong showing for last year was right i was all right course i mean it also was already won a lottery. salute and myself for the dozen i was one of the force of them so there's a. lot of love i bust a little this side of the love of. my socialist. mind sharing with. the place but i will sing. my emotional kind of mother to her image of the month or so. down there what i've heard her boy boy be like. and in my due course you know
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what i want to fix it. i've got on this i don't want to fix it. she's been moved off a model wife. a lot of pregnant you were visitor one in ten months time must run minutes or visit. one hundred and i would love them honest men. to find the number one man whom i should be that i'm so mr bloodgood into him a little. more thought on me yeah i can move about a little less shallow. but. it's just. these days. and nights with. somebody who would stay. just. to.
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get to would still be that's. young pushing the issue dealing with the russian and that i. could you hating us i haven't found love on a. judge and no doctor. goes or voice. just doesn't work for this idiot my goodness i. don't mind. going to stay there. very good so the big deal looks like about me. as a. member of the without a reason to fear for their owners or very. little which is very heavy looking good very good. for their go to school with are sure very many are more
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limited to going to see. and i shouted what is your the man of the bus going to hide behind and i. can never learned. to write you know i was really rather like. on the other rigs. my one cure came from where you're a writer and your. knowledge of course. of course is going to. go to a new low. and i'm going to gamble on the rest of i will not only get there we're going to.
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write it. in the end already. violate the rules it was i don't know if i didn't. i'm a bit of back and. i had energy is just going to. only it is. going to be the new. one is a very bad day. i'm going to go on and on about my phone in this i don't know. that i'm alive oh oh oh oh oh. you mean you know when i'm on your house or. there's a monologue i'm of it in the moment we're going out of room to move. out of. it do
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we don't want to bring in these young child i mean it didn't organize. it was going. on at a private. moment i'm busy they got all i didn't go. and i saw the dog had. gone on a phone. and then when is a hold of those of you wanted then and as they were giving me do you do you get. that out of me. going along in a way. that i haven't done when i.
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thought. you were. in love with the. disease and the idea. that you would be. yeah. you. don't.
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understand. i'm going to monitor busy since i'm the one i want you know and then me . one of those on the night was one of them on the main but on the on them and. not on my little girl that i was on a mother or whatever and you know i was the nina. when you were going to go. to our man. our. new.
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you. tube. and then my very one on the level my. indian do a lot of that and why when they when they are doing done well i was on them i was one of our the how are. you. either. but it was a little brother got them we didn't know what i'm going to have you. know
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one of the whole lot of a. lot of. thought i'm going on what i'm proud of you i have no resentment. and from your heart and mind you're missing. much of. what you have to go. for. so the afton go to take you to. when you're. going to.
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as we need to. do that i yes i am. going to be like get out and how do you like how do you like that i. go to the layout of my little plug. got or so you've been told to ignore now that you might have got blood injected into. me being hospitalized and it kept you didn't i. didn't they didn't know that. i don't have the local market i'm anjana. if i'm not identified a minute ago what are you did not do you don't know. all of them are you here are going in. i'm going nowhere.
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i go. and i had mother and then my reverie. lerman those were going to go really well. girl although they were. what i bought my zoom with the we. shan't i'm going. on with the. most jaded it might be a lot of quantity. i'm wondering. if part of. my. thought on why the. show right down on the part of.
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our major the should be bizarre not go to a monkey on your record and. i mean. me. on the would. someone take. the. hello home most of the jewish international. i mean. i'm going to can bring the army out or it was or. when it could have been given to me so you need to look at the tickets not read it over the fifty three
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dollars that are really going to get out there on the cover. it's a little we must going to does it those who point. to run out i want to go into and try. to run us as yours as i knew you did the moment they were on there and you're there for mine as you know partially money. can buy me we're going to get going to gonchar. mind you wouldn't and we're going to get on as our. go to that from. now on the military in fantasy land by the video game. you got to do those are other my formulas that you know about it for the me about three g. event the han i had as a general and as with the whole reddit that actually got a lower i.q. what is it to hear you know where the body is it is a part of heart of what what it will want to see it every third ok i have a couple of. things.
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yeah dies in there would imaging yeah down one arm it seemed i was in every media. five or one on the good they're going to miss when. they're going to rob the movie or was. there a do and they were and then they were they were. on the lose of a mother with a load on the ground over there. and there's. so if you begin the airline diving at night the list. hello hello. say yes i am my man go to jail hundred of that i r yep and then i am. going to
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get it. so i go to the me just smuggling the last starbucks is my list is a list zero dollars this is going to say. hello mike there's jane. and jeff you know. i am what i was you would decide you know and i'm going to keep. you don't mind the money i'm going down there are you have what they're going are going are we're going to do it in my room over. yeah i would be mad they were mad with you but my dear. miss i love ariana of any. of those numbers i'm down.
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there are you talking and that's why you keep on with the crowd not looking good though paul ryan it. were down. there. i know they were lonely as you were and they would be giving sees. when they go in monza don't i just going to do you know them my eyes in turning enough. that they're running as a miner. in my pain. or
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longing. and i don't want to kill to do it again. i mean my course i give all about it. though as a diagram. i mean i was out of there. and got some i come out.
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of five i should be a part. tecton. he was her tormentor. betrayed for years she carries the evidence inside her. but will this be enough to find justice in afghanistan's patriarchal society. a thousand cows like me. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. if you want to learn about the world might look like very serious regard hundred and hungry is in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. says mass we ration stories we had bunch of clashes between the cultures and the problem is that the culture of that is you are
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she said some raiding the us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like good fascist. triumphal march dreams of conquest and of global tribe. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just ten years ago. now this is it. when all eight back it can feel like the end. but the sun it's a new beginning one hundred at some point in life you realize you started to go backwards al-jazeera was tells inspirational stories every time. as long as
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he's healthy she can produce and do things in the here and new lease of life on al-jazeera. hello i missed. the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. senators have defiance of donald trump and move forward with legislation calling for an end to u.s. involvement in the saudi led war in yemen it's the strongest signal yet that they want to punish saudi arabia for its role in the matter of janice jamal khashoggi mike hanna reports from washington d.c. the a's are sixty three the nays are thirty seven this was the.


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