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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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to craft a tally in state sponsored torture as we passed rendition revisited part two on al-jazeera. is that we've heard. what he's trying to do is to the region should. donald trump attacks his former lawyer who has admitted lying to congress about a russian real estate deal. and the u.s. president's canceled a meeting with vladimir putin at the g. twenty summit because of russia's standoff with ukraine. hello i'm a star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the democratic republic
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of congo as ebola outbreak becomes the second largest on record. reggae music is declared a global cultural treasure. pressure is building one u.s. president on trumpet after his former lawyer admitted lying to congress michael cohen says he made the false statements last year during an investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election out of there as reports from washington d.c. . mobbed by reporters michael cohen said nothing leaving the court but inside a guilty plea he lied to congress now admitting that he was trying to arrange a real estate deal in moscow during the time it was clear donald trump would be the republican candidate the cohen was in fact going to travel to russia to work on the
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deal and that now president trump knew about it all things cohen had previously denied bruce fein worked in the justice department and he says this is a big deal so this is a time where we have a criminal information that identifies the president himself secondly it also indicates that president trump or then candidate. felt vulnerable if it was known that he was dealing in russian enterprises or because he would need to curry to favor of mr putin nothing happens in russia of important without mr putin's approval the president dismissed the news in his usual fashion badmouthing his former top aide he's a weak person. by being weak god like other people that you watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about i mean we were very open to where the kohen did
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plead guilty to crimes that completely related to trial pain of women who tried had an affair with so they would stay quiet before the election and while it might not have been illegal to do a deal in russia while he is under investigation for potentially colluding with russia to win the election it would have looked suspicious this makes six six close aides to the president have now pled guilty as part of the special counsel's probe democrats say this is bad for the president you've got all these closest associates of the president one after another pleading guilty often pleading guilty about their ties to russia and russians and what are they covering up for and we also have a white house that still seems just obsessed about this investigation it's believed the special counsel has filed several indictments that are still under seal which means it is quite likely michael cohen won't be the last to face the cameras or the court in washington. there as mike hanna has more from washington
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d.c. . for the first time since the special counsel's investigation began donald trump is firmly in robert miller's crosshairs in his evidence submitted to the court michael cohen speaks of an individual one this has subsequently be identified as a donald trump himself now michael cohen's evidence is that he lied to congress because he did not want to publicly contradict the statements made by individual one donald trump had repeatedly said throughout the presidential campaign that he had no business dealings of any kind in russia michael cohen said but ins is that up until at least june twenty sixth negotiations were continuing with trump property operations inside russia with russian individuals this means that president trump already a candidate when they're worth connections and negotiations with individuals in
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russia itself despite the fact that even at that stage there'd been intelligence indications that russia was attempting to subvert the electoral process so very damaging evidence for president trump at this particular stage he's completely dismissive of it having tweeted from pureness areas where he's attending the g. twenty gathering that this proves that there is no collusion well many observers believe it proves exactly the opposite and it seems as though the hairs are beginning to be pulled together by the special counsel. well donald trump has now arrived in argentina joining fellow world leaders for the g. twenty summit but saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man's attendance has overshadowed the broad agenda so too has the trumpet ministrations trade war with china treason by reports from buenos aires. the mothers of glass of emanuel
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have been demanding to know the whereabouts of their missing children since they disappeared during argentina's dictatorship forty years ago. the g twenty gives them a chance to take their message to a wider audience. the city is under siege it seems like we're under curfew but we made it here and once again we call on world leaders to stop the policies that create hunger poverty and that hurt the working class. they were into thousands of people are promising to take over the streets of one side is on friday in spite of these protests this is a historic event for argentina and an opportunity to be at the center of world affairs even though there are several issues overshadowing the main objective which is to build consensus on crucial issues like climate change and inequality. among them the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon and the request by human rights watch to investigate him over the murder of journalism i. skilling has
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changed relations between saudi and the western world. says he's ready to talk to the crown prince about what happened. to egypt sure i have always been very clear on the case of saudi arabia and i will inevitably have the opportunity to discuss it with the saudi crown prince on the margins of this g. twenty meeting we will have the opportunity to discuss it among european leaders as i requested before the g. seven donald trump arrived in one aside is on thursday evening ready to discuss the trade war between the united states and china he's cancelled he's meeting with russian president vladimir putin after the seizure of crane and ships by russia at the crimean peninsula. this protester came all the way from the united states carrying a baby trump. he's been an activist opposing the u.s. foreign policy since the vietnam war we would like the president of the united
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states that are a little bit more mature that's if i was going to boil it down to just one statement it would be that we think it's asinine that he's on twitter we think it's asinine that he's casual and that you. pick fights seems to want to take the smallest in walworth road instead of the high the g twenty begins proper on friday this mass yoga session was organized to help leaders concentrate on resoldering their differences. the protest around when a site is will remind them how hard that task is likely to be. al jazeera as alan fischer is also and when is there is and has this update. oh a number of issues have dominated the run up to the g twenty the talking about the agenda they're talking about mohammed bin salminen who will meet the saudi crown prince we knew already that donald trump isn't going to do that we know that president putin would like to we know that mohammed bin salman has requested to
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meet president of turkey that may well happen but everyone's going to be watching to see who shakes his hand who welcomes him to the dinner who sits beside him who he stands next to in the family photo all of this will give an indication on whether or not mohammed bin selman is being welcomed back into the international community if the international community is ready to put aside the issues they have particularly over the killing of jamal khashoggi in fact one senior royal said at the weekend that if you want to talk about the global economy if you want to do business then you really have to deal with the saudi government and that means dealing with mohamed ben solomon but the organizers of the g. twenty and global leaders are also hoping that crucial issues will be discussed things like global warming things like the global economy there are some experts who say we could well be heading for another recession not quite as bad as two thousand and eight but something that would cause untold misery for many people around the globe while the u.n. secretary general is in argentina he had
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a news conference earlier on thursday and i asked him how he can get everyone pointing in the same direction and trying to bring global solutions to global problems. that they're seeing the central problems of all. just because. of course you see just as the woman you are and tony a good heroes understands one of the fault lines are and i asked him you know what the problems are how do you get everyone pointing in the same direction and coming up with a solution he said i don't know you tell me i pointed out i wasn't the u.n. secretary general but that perhaps sure is his frustration the. the twenty biggest economies are involved in individual rows rather than looking at the big picture and working towards solutions there they're hoping at the end of the g twenty there will be an official communique it would be unusual if there wasn't but given the divisions given the problems it's by no means guaranteed if they were able to get
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a statement which discusses what has been achieved and where they need to go that that would be progress well britain's prime minister plans to raise the matter of jamal khashoggi and the war in the end when she meets the saudi crown prince and when as areas during her flight to argentina to resume a reiterated to journalists that she'll push for a full investigation and for all those responsible for the killing to be punished u.n. sponsored talks between yemen's warring parties are expected to start next week in sweden as western powers press for an end to a war that's pushed the country to the verge of starvation u.n. humanitarian chief mark local has visited the capital sana'a which is controlled by who the rebels they're fighting against the government which is backed by a saudi u.a.e. military coalition also visited families in areas west affected by the conflict and says many people have been left with nothing. this family behind me of being in
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these terrible conditions here for four years now. women with husbands and children they have nothing and they have tiny rudimentary shelters there's not enough. they're very. often already very welcoming the local community has got nothing themselves so it's a very insecure environment none of the children going to school. you know i see a lot of i do these camps as part of my job and this is really a terrible desperate place this war needs to end these people need of better future . ca but outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now the second to launch a strong record behind twenty four teens epidemic that killed thousands in west africa the wells health organization delivered the assessment to congress health ministry and downstairs then almost four hundred seventy cases since the start of august two hundred fifty people have died it's spreading in the country's north
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east where attacks by rebel groups are making it difficult for health weskits to contain the disease part of eastern congo is one of the most destabilized. regions of the world they've had almost continuous violence for practically twenty years and you might say well what is violence and conflict have to do with disease well what happens is that collapses the whole health system infrastructure so when you want to be concerned about safe aerials which are a big problem during outbreaks or contacting potentially infected individuals this presents a really tough problem for health workers were the area the good news is that we have a vaccine that was we didn't have a vaccine on hand for the twenty fourteen outbreak and west africa so we have a very effective and relatively safe vaccine available now. so
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that's the good news and so far more than thirty thousand doses of vaccine that's been deployed but the problem is working in such an unstable area you have to ensure the safety of the health of the vaccinators and you have to be able to trace potential contacts and get vaccinated so in theory this should be. a non-problem we should be able to quickly contain this through use of the vaccine but because of the massive political instability one of the most difficult parts of the world there really slows things down and unfortunately so far more than two hundred people perished. still ahead on al-jazeera. she begged them to kill a member of china's weekend minority tells of her torture in a detention camp. and full steam ahead the latest move in thawing relations between north and south korea. from dusky sunsets if it springs event. to sunrise
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the top an asian metropolis. once again welcome to another look at the international forecast see by clouds are gathering once again across the seizing out of that is the sight of the mediterranean and we have got more possibility of more flooding rains coming in across that east the side of the med aid see syria lebanon maybe dance was jordan over the next couple of days out of the right that's going to continue fighting its way further east woods will see some heavy rain there into i mean you're into georgia little further north that possibility some snow come down into could parts of iraq easing ever into that western side of iraq and again we back into the area of the potential for flooding rains further east is just a dry for the time being warm enough in kabul it around seventeen cell just in the up to thirty there in karachi warm enough to. wrap around that sort of mark into the u.a.e. twenty seven here in doha
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a little more clout there just around the far north of saudi arabia sinking further south which in these woods as we go i wanted to say here a concert looks that's going to stay settled and sunny over the next couple of days little low cloud just around southern parts of amman southern areas of yemen little cloud southern parts of mozambique the rains continue to centralize and big but they are pushing all. the way that sponsored by catto and worries. when on line when you're looking at wildlife and the risk. come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to see long term success or if you join us on set if you could take me around the content what would you take me you don't have to set up your experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting points there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on now to zero.
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welcome back i'm just. a reminder about top stories this hour the u.s. president's formal lawyer has admitted lying about work he did on a real estate deal for donald trump and russia michael cohen made the false statements to congress during its investigation into claims of russian clues in the twenty sixteen election. the u.s. president has arrived in argentina for the g. twenty summit where he's canceled a meeting with russia's vladimir pearson trump is blaming russia's west wing standoff with ukraine. the abode outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now the second largest on record the health ministry says there have been almost
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four hundred thirty cases since august putting it behind twenty fourteenth epidemic that killed thousands in west africa. more from ukraine now and as the crisis escalates its president is asking the wild for help petro poroshenko wants nature to deploy ships to the sea of as of where russia has been broke hating ports russia's also deploying more surface to air missiles to crimea border regions in ukraine under martial law including the city of cod kid from where andrew symonds reports. second city is very evident more police on the ground and extra vigilance but most of the emergency powers now available to the president are being held in reserve. sophie and counted scar is a journalist who was here outside the city's russian consulate when it was fire bombed on sunday night nationalists demonstrating against russians action off the coast of alex crimea she says later when president petro poroshenko warned that
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russia had triple the number of tanks on the border people were startled some fearing an invasion and its karma. rather than more which local officials have assured people that moves which will restrict the constitutional rights will on the be brought into effect if russia starts an open act of aggression such as an invasion people here and live in a strange state is there a full war or isn't there. paper boats remain outside the consulate passive resistance to the russian confrontation city officials won't comment and were understood to be seeking more clarification about the martial law or some politicians are still cynical about the president's motivations with their actions at the end of march next year the fact that a bill like to only buy back in twenty fourteen it should have been done and everyone would have taken it normally it could have been an adequate response to
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the situation but now it looks ridiculous. an estimated thirty percent of hockey these people are ethnic russian and the border is only forty kilometers away if the conflict was to escalate drastically how kieve would certainly be in the firing line and this is the city that built thousands of teeth thirty four tanks its legendary armor believed by many to have been one of the main reasons why the soviets defeated the nazis in the second world war. now work to build and maintain ukrainian tanks is virtually nonstop with exports halted. its long necessarily what's happening on the ground that's alarming what's going through people's minds conscription for example it applies to young men between twenty and twenty seven years of age worn year for graduates eighteen months for
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non-graduates special exemption for young people from serving on the front line but could this old change. a student's depart from a day's study in a university get a hint of their nervousness. if not to brotherly nations are fighting each other there needs to be a peaceful solution without the loss of human life but for the new boy. for the most i will be in pain if my brother's conscripted because i don't want him to go to war to fight somebody it's a strange time in that short history is an independent state the message from ukraine is one of strength and determination but there's divisiveness in its internal politics and drew simmons al-jazeera hucky few crying prosecutors in italy will investigate members of egypt's security forces over their alleged involvement in the murder of an italian graduate student julie origine disappeared
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in cairo in january twenty sixth seen his body was found almost a week later and a post-mortem showed that he'd been tortured earlier this year the italian prosecutors said he believed jenny was killed by an egyptian security services because of his research a member of china's weaker minority has addressed the u.s. congress detailing the torture and abuse she says she experienced in a government internment camp miracle terse and cried as a translator described how she was interrogated for days without sleep and subjected to intrusive medical examinations china has detained up to two million weak as in detention camps the government denies they're brainwashed or abused it's sending a million communist party members to live among with them communities the second time i was detained i was taken to a special room and the place in the ha ha bands held my arms and the legs in place and tighten and when they pressed a button to god's put
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a helmet on my show you would head each time i was electrocuted my whole body would shake while and three and i could feel the pain in my veins. i thought i would rather die than go through this torture i begged them to kill me . a funeral is been held in the philippines for the latest human rights lawyer to be murdered in a drive by shooting thirty five lawyers judges and prosecutors have been killed in similar ways over the past two years many represented impoverished villages against powerful landlords or politicians jamil allen dogon reports from the city of simple . ben ramos was outside his office when two gunmen on a motorbike shot him three times it is a loss that is spilt deeply not just in the city but throughout the us islands in
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the central philippines most mourners who come to pay their respects are from impoverished communities including from the interior lands of nicholas was a represented them in land disputes against powerful land owners and politicians. it was a really tragic the growth rate of ramos was known to be a problem but it's very few lawyers in the caribbean. but because. of our human rights lawyers are going for the last nazi i find the authorities silence suspicious maybe i'm just being emotional but it leads me to think they all had something to do with his death. his family says they don't know who to trust anymore they feel his killers are not far away.
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i'm outside the wake of attorney ben ramos where his supporters apprehended two on a dent if i gunmen on board a motorcycle they then brought them so this police station according to attorney bents lawyers one of them has been identified as an active military officer. that military presence cost fear and apprehension it means that there's so much impunity going around so. much. oh my god. the union of human rights lawyer says thirty five filipino lawyers have been killed in the past two years almost all of them were human rights lawyers are handling illegal drugs related cases who were shot at close range joining the day just like open robbers was killed mourners say without him to represent them they now feel hopeless the pillar of their communities is gone.
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dog and al jazeera negras central philippines. now to another sign of north and south korean relations picking up in the mentum for the first time in a decade a train from the south has crossed into the north it's part of a mission to help upgrade north korea's creaking rail system has more from seoul. south korean carriages a left station behind me on friday morning and cross the military demarcation line dividing the two careers or shortly after a series or g.m.t. now the south korean officials and inspectors on the train will be joined with their north korean counterparts for the next eighteen days to inspect railways along the eastern and western coast of north korea now this is the first time for south korean carriages to cross their korean border in ten years and also what's more remarkable is that this will be the first time for south korean train to run along the railways along the eastern coast of north korea ever since the korean war
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ended more than sixty years ago the two sides initially wanted to hold this joint inspection back in july but were stalled for a few months because of global sanctions imposed on north korea just last week the un security council lifted the sanctions allowing the south korean carriages to carry fifty five thousand liters of diesel fuel on this train to north korea this shows the international community's backing of the joint inspection between the two koreas this is also symbolic of the progress being made. that were made between the two koreas this year amid a flurry of mates and high level meetings the disarming of the. village and another is the joint excavation work of things remains within the demilitarized zone of the korean war however there is still much progress to be made on north korea's denuclearization and the united states is adamant that the sanctions stay in place
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until north korea shows a final and fully verifiable denuclearization. workers across became a fast so have stopped work in protest at soaring fuel prices thousands of people marched through the capital wagadu on thursday demanding an end to fed the petrol price increases in the last three weeks they've risen by twelve percent the government blames international markets but says the price hikes also generate funding for its operations against armed groups. little fellow workers enough is enough we say no to this increase in fuel prices which inevitably will have terrible damage and consequences for people especially the most vulnerable. we expect the government to act to reduce the salaries of ministers paid in the millions and to cancel privileges including water electricity luxury and so on enjoyed by these members of the government prosecutors have raided
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six offices of germany's biggest lender deutsche bank it happened in the frankfurt areas part of investigations into money laundering linked to the twenty sixteen part of the paper's corruption scandal detectives are looking into allegations deutsche bank helps clients set up offshore companies in tax havens unesco has added reggae music to its well tara to just of cultural one does. the un agency says there's honor is worthy of protection because of its roots which gave a voice to the oppressed reggae originated in jamaica during the late one nine hundred sixty s. . the message of the music is about peace and love and who want it everybody all over the world knows the song one of. the late bob on the all musical icon but the music is also all about
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a punch and the elements evolved over the from our traditional culture through to a popular form and this is an expression on all people from the western end of kingston kingston our capital buddy as opposed to of the depressed areas and it's it's a way of expressing our feeling and how is this message of universal love. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the u.s. president's former lawyer has admitted lying about what he did on a real estate deal for donald trump and russia michael cohen made the false statements to congress during its investigation into claims of russian contusion in the twenty sixteen election trump is accusing cohen of lying to get
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a reduced sentence he was convicted of various things unrelated. he was given a fairly long jail sentence and he's a weak person advice being weak i'd like other people that you watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's learning about a project that everybody knew if we were very open was that we were thinking about building a building i guess we had to reform it was an option i don't know what you call it we decided i decided all service leave not to do it there would have been nothing wrong if i did do it if i didn't do it there would have been a. the u.s. president has arrived in argentina for the g. twenty summit where he's canceled a meeting with russia's about amir pearson his blaming russia's west wing standoff with ukraine the united nations age chief is in yemen's capital to review the humanitarian crisis there mark local says the situation from many people is
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desperate and he's repeated calls for an end to the war the outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now the second largest on record behind twenty fourteen's epidemic that killed thousands in west africa the world health organization delivered the assessment off to congress health ministry announced there have been almost four hundred thirty cases since the start of august a member of china's weekend minority has addressed the u.s. congress detailing the torture and abuse she says she experienced in a government internment camp miracle towson cried as a translator described how she was interrogated for days without sleep and subjected to intrusive medical examinations china has detained up to two million weak is in detention camps the government denies they are brainwashed or abused those are the headlines join me here for more news after the stream.
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hi i'm only going to today a check in on three stories we're following closely here on the stream china is testing a cutting edge a new plan authorities say will make it easier for citizens to do business and build trust in one another so why are critics calling it an orwellian nightmare then the mars insight has touched down on the red planet what is nasa hoping to learn but first the g twenty summit is set to begin and.


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