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the a. business updates. going places together. zero. clear and fully back people this is the news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes day one of the g. twenty summit in argentina now world leaders gather in white osiris where the u.s. china trade dispute and jamal khashoggi is murder are likely to overshadow proceedings tensions with moscow over ukraine also in the spotlight at the g twenty as the ukrainian government blocks russian men of military age from entering the
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country also this hour one and a half million children need aid in central african republic who have the latest on an anomaly reported by the un's children's organization and we are in amsterdam for the world architecture a festival or take a look at the city's structural wanders the old and new i'm joined again with the sports madrid will host an auction time to help is the second leg of the popular but doris final is moved following violence in point to titus. thank you for joining as world leaders have gathered in argentina for the annual g twenty summit with a background of controversy and simmering disputes the top of the agenda and one osiris will likely be the trade war between the two biggest economies the u.s. and china that impose tariffs on each other's imports this year leading to concerns
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about a global ripple effects also overshadowing the two day summit is a matter of jamal the saudi crown prince says face protests and legal complaints against his attendants over his alleged role in the journalists killing and i meeting between russian leader vladimir putin and donald trump has been called off after sunday's naval confrontation between russia and ukraine in the black sea it's led to pressure in the u.s. . and to consider new sanctions against moscow we begin our coverage with this report from al-jazeera story in buenos aires. the mothers of the last of a manual have been demanding to know the whereabouts of their missing children since they disappeared during argentina's dictatorship forty years ago. the g twenty gives them a chance to take their message to a wider audience. the city is under siege it seems like we're under curfew but we made it here and once again we call on world leaders to stop the policies that
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create hunger poverty and that hurt the working class. they were into thousands of people are promising to take over the streets of one side is on friday in spite of these protests this is a historic event for argentina and an opportunity to be at the center of world affairs even though there are several issues overshadowing the main objective which is to build consensus on crucial issues like climate change and inequality. among them the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon and the request by human rights watch to investigate him over the murder of journalism i casually. skilling has changed relations between saudi and the western world. in one way mark on says he's ready to talk to the crown prince about what happened. sure i have always been very clear on the case of saudi arabia and i will inevitably have the opportunity to discuss it with the saudi crown prince on the margins of this g.
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twenty meeting we will have the opportunity to discuss it among european leaders as i requested before the g. seven donald trump arrived in one aside is on thursday evening ready to discuss the trade war between the united states and china he's cancelled he's meeting with russian president vladimir putin after the seizure of crane and ships by russia at the crimean peninsula. these protests. came all the way from the united states carrying a baby trump. he's been an activist opposing the us foreign policy since the vietnam war we would like the president of the united states that are a little bit more mature adults if i was going to boil it down to just one statement it would be that we think it's asinine that he's on twitter we think it's asinine that he's casual and that he. picks fights seems to want to take the smallest and lowest road instead of the high the g twenty begins proper on friday this mass yoga session was organized to help leaders concentrate on resoldering
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their differences. the protest around when a site is will remind them how hard that task is likely to be. the united nations secretary general antonio terrace is also in buenos aires he is alan fischer with more on that. the organizers of the g twenty and global leaders are also hoping that crucial issues will be discussed things like global warming things like the global economy there are some experts who say we could well be heading for another recession not quite as bad as two thousand and eight but something that would cause untold misery for many people around the globe well the u.n. secretary general is in argentina he had a news conference earlier on thursday and i asked him how he can get everyone pointing in the same direction and trying to bring global solutions to global problems liver saw that they're seeing the central problem of the.
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just because others there's of course you see is that the too many of them until you get here as understands where the fault lines are and i asked him you know what the problems are how do you get everyone pointing in the same direction and coming up with a solution he said i don't know you tell me i pointed out i wasn't the u.n. secretary general but that perhaps sure is his frustration that the twenty biggest economies are involved in individual rows rather than looking at the big picture and working towards solutions there they're hoping at the end of the g. twenty there will be an official communique it would be unusual if there wasn't but given the divisions given the problems it's by no means guaranteed if they were able to get a statement which discusses what has been achieved and where they need to go that that would be progress. now as can is as fine mr justin trudeau arrived in argentina for the g.
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twenty his government announced that it's simple zing sanctions on seventeen saudi nationals so it believes had a role in the matter of. his he can indian foreign minister christian friedland. murder into multiple shoji is apparent and represents an unconscionable attack on freedom of expression and freedom of the press he continued to call for a credible and independent international investigation. this case is known as the post those responsible for mr rush ots death must be held to account and must face justice as speaks. in brontosaurus for this committee as we've seen a lot of issues on the table at this g twenty first of all how much as a saudi crown prince has appearance clouding the event this is a big diplomatic test for him what can we expect what can he expect. well all eyes are going to be on the fact that he will be in the same room as the
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u.s. president on that least four different ok asians and so we're watching that very closely in fact if you hear the helicopters buzzing about above me here the noise is a little bit loud that's because donald trump is set to meet in the casa rosato pink house behind me in just a few moments that's where he'll be greeted by the argentinean leader but when it comes to the interactions that the white house has not ruled out between the crown prince the saudi crown prince and donald trump certainly there is going to be a lot of scrutiny given the fact that the united states is essentially given the crown prince now a free pass you heard those statements coming from the secretary of defense air earlier where he said there is no smoking gun after looking at the intelligence surrounding the killing of jamal high shows so this is going to be an attempt by the saudi crown prince to put that murder behind him but the question will be whether or not the world leaders that are gathered here allow him to do that you
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have to remember it's not just saudi arabia that has been houston human rights violations we also have the russian leader here fled amir putin and of course at the chinese leader president xi as well and both of those nations also have significant human rights concerns when it comes to the eyes of the world so it is very much expected that he is going to get a free pass because the united states is taking the leadership on that but at the same time there's an awful lot of pressure you heard in teresa both report there that the concerns by the argentinean leader that is certainly something is going to be raised with other world leaders but again absent u.s. leadership on this issue even though there is an effort by the argentinean prosecutor here to try and push this through the courts it's expected that because the wills of justice move so slowly that the crown prince will likely leave before any significant action is taken as you've said kimberly were expecting. some live pictures very shortly of president and president mark rey he's host. of the cyrus
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said the opening of the g. twenty last of important events for the u.s. president including a high stakes meeting between him and his chinese counterpart talk us through what we can expect on that any hope of progress on trade with china. there certainly is some a cautious optimism in terms of an agreement but at the same time donald trump is under a lot of pressure from his own u.s. congress not to make a deal unless significant concessions are made there is a concern about intellectual property theft that is ongoing chinese cyber attacks to even the fact that china has been flooding the united states market with cheaply made goods and this is all a threat in the eyes of the u.s. congress to american prosperity long term having said that the spokesman for the chinese foreign minister said he is optimistic some sort of deal can be struck here
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in argentina which. we hope the u.s. can show sincerity in me train a half way to promote a proposal that both countries can accept at the same time we also hope that the hard work of both sides of the argentina beating it will shortly take place between the leaders of china and the us can achieve positive results to set the direction for the next stage in the development of chinese u.s. ties. still the congress and the leaders back in the united states are urging donald trump to stay aggressive in a letter that they sent to the white house donald trump has signaled he's willing to make a deal but again he needs to see some significant reforms if those reforms do not come into effect in some sort of concession by chinese leaders well then expect this trade war this tit for tat trade war with the united states and china to continue to escalate come january there could be a hike up to twenty five percent on tariffs of chinese goods and more than two
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hundred billion in chinese goods to the united states kimberly thank you very much for the moment we will of course check in with you throughout the day here on day one of the g. twenty summit in. it now as we mentioned donald trump has pointed to russia's actions against ukraine as his reason for canceling a meeting with president vladimir putin in buenos aires ukraine is not only calling on the international community to put pressure on moscow but it's also taking its own measures the latest banning russian men aged between sixteen and sixty from entering the country. is live in moscow for a story first of all how is the kremlin reacting to president trump's decision to cancel a meeting with vladimir putin in argentina. well when the news came in late on thursday evening the kremlin responded by saying well yes they've seen donald trump's tweets and seen the news reports but nothing official or come from the white house so putin was flying to what is are is
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assuming that the meeting was going ahead well on friday they did change that they obviously did get some sort of official notification from the white house and the statement from dmitri peskov the kremlin spokes person today said we regret this decision of the u.s. administration to cancel the meeting this means the discussion of serious international and bilateral issues is being delayed for an uncertain period of time . president putin is still ready for holding contacts with his u.s. counterparts in the last hour or so the foreign ministry spokesperson marie is a horrible or has offered some more comments on this basically what she's doing is pointing to internal politics in the say specifically but it's clear that she's referring to the news of michael cohen. that he basically lied about one of donald trump's development projects particular one referring to
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a project in in moscow in russia so she is saying that don't trump cancel this meeting with putin due to the u.s. domestic political situation rather than over the current strait incidents here but there is bound to be pressure on pushing at the g twenty over the tensions with ukraine how is russia viewing these tensions currently president putin initially suggested that this was you know just. a skirmish at the border but it seems to be more than that now. it is more than that of course but it's the message from the kremlin the message from russia's leadership is that hey let's not get too worked up about this as you say they are saying that it's just a border incident that's what putin was saying it's an investment for him this week in moscow what russia doesn't want to happen is for nato for
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ukraine's international friends to get more involved in this the whole kind of starts of russia at the moment is to prevent that from happening that's why they've sent an extra battalion of s four hundred air defense systems to crimea and any mention of nato pushing into the actual sea or becoming more forceful in the region gets you know a very negative response from moscow they're also looking or trying to seem like the adults in the room particularly in comparison to ukraine's government so ukraine has just brought in this ban on russians of adults age russian males of adult age entering ukraine now russia are often respond same kinds to things that are being brought in again states in this instance they're saying it
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would be nuts to do something like that if irrational as a car of the foreign ministry spokesman said if anyone tries to act similarly to it may cause some sort of frenzy. thank you for that rory chalons live in moscow for us now as a crisis escalates ukraine's president is asking the world for help petro poroshenko wants nato to send ships to the sea of where russia has been dock ating ports russia's also deployed more surface to air missiles to crimea or to regions in ukraine are now under martial law including the city of kharkiv where andrew symonds reports from. martial law in ukraine's second city isn't very evident more police on the ground and extra vigilance but most of the emergency power is now available to the president but being held in reserve so fear and counted scar is a journalist who was here outside the city's russian consulate when it was firebombed
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on sunday night nationalists demonstrating against russians action off the coast of alex crimea she says later when president petro poroshenko warned that russia could triple the number of times on the border people were startled some fearing an invasion. it's karma. rather than more which local officials have assured people that moves which will restrict the constitutional rights will only be brought into effect if russia starts an open act of aggression such as an invasion people here in hockey live in a strange state is there a full war or isn't there. paper boats remain outside the consulate passive resistance to the russian confrontation city officials won't comment and were understood to be seeking more clarification about the martial law or some politicians are still cynical about the president's motivations with their actions at the end of march next year diable like to only buy back
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a bill on the back of twenty fourteen it should have been done and everyone would have taken it normally it could have been an adequate response to the situation but now honestly it looks ridiculous. an estimated thirty percent of hockey these people are ethnic russian and the border is only forty kilometers away if the conflict was to escalate drastically would certainly be in the firing line and this is the city that built thousands of teeth thirty four tanks its legendary armor believed by many to have been one of the main reasons why the soviets defeated the nazis in the second world war. now work to build and maintain ukrainian tanks is virtually nonstop with exports halted. its long necessarily what's happening on the ground that's alarming what's going through people's minds conscription for
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example it applies to young men between twenty and twenty seven years of age worn year for graduates eighteen months for non-graduates special exemption for young people from serving on the front line but could this old change. a student's depart from a day's study in a university get a hint of their nervousness. if not to brotherly nations are fighting each other there needs to be a peaceful solution without the loss of human life but for the new boy. but i will be in pain if my brother's conscripted because i don't want him to go to war to fight somebody it's a strange time in that short history as an independent state the message from ukraine is one of strength and determination but there's divisiveness in its internal politics and to summon soldiers who have keep you crying there's plenty more ahead on this news hour including an ebola outbreak in
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a democratic republic of congo is the second biggest on record with hundreds of new cases since august and find out which two teams made it through to major league soccer's championship match joe have the details in sports later. the world health organization says the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo is now the second worst on record there been more than four hundred twenty new cases since august and two hundred fifty people have died attacks by rebel groups in the country's northeast are making it difficult for health workers to contain the disease peter j. hotez is dean of the national school of tropical medicine at baylor college he told us of the threat workers our faces. this part of eastern congo is one of the most destabilized. regions of the world they've had almost continuously violence for
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practically twenty years and you might say well what does violence and conflict have to do with disease well what happens is that collapses the whole health system infrastructure so when you want to be concerned about safe aerials which are a big problem during all outbreaks or contacting potentially infected individuals this presents a really tough problem for health workers work area the good news is that we have a vaccine that was we didn't have a vaccine on hand but the twenty fourteen outbreak and west africa so we have a very effective and relatively safe vaccine available now. so that's the good news and so far more than thirty thousand doses of vaccine that's been deployed but the problem is working in such an unstable area you have to ensure the safety of the health of the vaccinators and you have to be able to trace potential contacts and get them vaccinated so in theory this should be. a
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non-problem we should be able to quickly contain this through use of the vaccine but because of the massive political instability one of the most difficult parts of the world there really slows things down and unfortunately so far more than two hundred people perished. now unicef report says more children's lives are being impacted by the growing crisis in central african republic one point five million children now require humanitarian aid an increase of three hundred thousand since twenty sixteen a quarter of all children are either displaced or refugees because of the violence which has seen armed groups take control in many parts of the country and more than forty thousand kids are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition in twenty nineteen this as aid workers face an increased risk of attacks this year let's speak to christine we gonna in paris she is unicef's representative in central african republic thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera
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a humanitarian crisis in car is already being described as catastrophic why have conditions for children become so desperate. the conditions for children are becoming desperate because of the of the of the activity of armed groups in many parts of the country. recently in all what started as an attack between two armed groups ended up being. a barbaric attack on civilian populations who were in a displaced camp we understand that about twenty children died eighty of them were orphaned many fled to the bush and this constant volatile situation is putting a great toll on children in this country that desperately need the world's attention how her ve been affected by the crisis because it's not just the fighting
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i imagine there is also humanitarian concerns and a lack of food that's getting to these children. a can't hear the question sorry i was asking you what conditions tell us more about the conditions these children have been facing says since this new recent conflict in central african republic began. children the central african republic are constantly facing violence here they are recruited into armed groups they are living under unimaginable poverty and facing life threatening malnutrition the situation is is really desperate we have a whole generation of children growing up in desperate desperate situations is unicef able to reach these children in need with the upsurge in
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fighting that we've seen recently are you able to get to them. yes we're able to reach them it's it's challenging in challenging it's difficult between able to be there whenever there is a situation that requires our attention with teams were in very recently we were and we are based in bunbury and able to support communities children in bunbury we all saw it we were also in but thunder fall where there was a recent shock where about twenty seven thousand people had to flee their camp because it was put on fire it was set on fire twenty thousand people were. or took refuge in the compound and were able to be there yes but we need we need security to be able to continue to do this work we need
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a finding we desperately need funding to be able to continue to work we're doing i hope the international community hears your message thank you very much for speaking to us christine we got to unicef representative in central african republic right we want to show you now some i think she's out of argentina on the news hour with president donald trump being welcomed by his host argentina's president maurice your mockery on day one of the g. twenty summit in buenos aires world leaders gathered in time capital for two days to discuss global issues a number of important issues including the trade dispute between china and the united states tensions with russia over ukraine and just now as you just saw president trump being welcomed by his whole small wrist your at the cost several zada the pink president in buenos aires for the g. twenty summit will keep a close eye on everything that's happening in buenos aires throughout the day here on al-jazeera do stay with us for that and other stories. now in
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a few moments we'll have the world weather here on al-jazeera with. kevin sorry about that and still ahead the cost of cracking down on drugs lawyers and judges become a target in the philippines plus we'll look at why tourism is booming in the holy land and what it means for israelis and palestinians in sports the bron james leads the lakers back to victory in the n.b.a. will have the details. why this is going on in the brain. or off the coast of the italian riviera. well just about ten days ago we were dealing with some have very heavy flooding across parts of turkey and we are dealing with that again as this area of low pressure is moving across the med into that area take a look at the clouds and i want to show you what we are expecting here in parts of the southwest particularly over here towards border and take
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a look at the video that has just come in of this area they have received over one hundred thirty millimeters of rain in a very short period of time and this is what it did to the local streets across the region flooding store fronts as well as homes disabling cars as well as flooding cars people had to be actually rescued across is area today is going to be another very heavy rain day in that region because of this area of low pressure that is across the region but what we think is going to happen as we go towards tomorrow is low pressure is going to be moving up here towards the northeast clearing conditions across much of the west we're going to be seeing some very heavy rain across turkey but that rain is going be moving to the north and when it does it's going to be pushing an area of colder air and that rain is going to be turning to snow across much of that area take a look at temperatures we're looking a book rest at minus four degrees up towards kiev minus six as a high so all of that rain is going to turn to heavy snow across much of the region that's going to continue for the next couple of days. the wind sponsored by cat
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time v's. xenophobic violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe played . just zero infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations. and exposes links to members of the european parliament insulted by my reenlist and national rallies our. generation paid. for a special two part investigation coming soon on al-jazeera. when old age beckons it can feel like the end. but to some it's a new beginning you must tell him at some point in life you realize you started to go backwards al-jazeera world tells inspirational stories every time. but as long as she's healthy she can produce and do something like. a new lease of life on
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al-jazeera. you're watching the news on al-jazeera and want to take you now live back to argentina when a series where the u.s. president and his hosts anjan tina's president mauricio mockery speaking to reporters let's listen in to what they have to say that the rights of the. charter was that very little that. would go. of. the reverse the order that you were. so we've known each other.
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lots of good things for argentina you know that students are living. building the churches. we have a lot. thank you for. the disagree that we might very well so. do in the. us. s. . and shake between argentina's president and the u.s. president donald trump at the opening of the g. twenty summit in brenna sorry say the president of the united states being welcomed at the cost by his arjan time counterpart this summit this g. twenty is being made is meant to be rather a big moment for argentina a chance for president mom to show that his country is doing well after a crippling financial crisis would saw the value of the past so decline the pestle
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being the arjun time kerensky so again the two leaders day saying that they will talk business during this g. twenty summit a number of issues of course dominating the agenda including the trade dispute between china and the united states as well as tensions with russia over the situation in ukraine in crimea and disputed region of crimea also. the presence of the saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin soundman over the killing of jamal. likely to overshadow some of the discussions at the g. twenty will continue to follow everything that's happening in buenos aires and bring you the latest information here on. let's move on now to syria and state media is reporting that thirty people have been killed and u.s. led coalition airstrikes targeting isone adair as sore most of the victims in the town of fate where women and children early on thursday in the same area nearly twenty people and some myself i just were killed in a coalition strike on a prison there are still pockets controlled by isone in eastern syria way they have
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been killing civilians. in the united states president transformer lawyer has admitted he lied to congress during the investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteenth presidential election michael cohen told a federal court that he had submitted a false witness statement about organization planned to build a tower in moscow and reports from washington. mobbed by reporters michael cohen said nothing leaving the court but inside a guilty plea he lied to congress now admitting that he was trying to arrange a real estate deal in moscow during the time it was clear donald trump would be the republican candidate the cohen was in fact going to travel to russia to work on the deal and no president knew about it all things cohen had previously denied bruce fein worked in the justice department and he says this is a big deal so this is a time where we have a criminal information that identifies the president himself secondly it also
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indicates that president trump or then candidate trump felt vulnerable if it was known that he was dealing in russian enterprises or because he would need to curry the favor of mr putin nothing happens in russia of important without mr putin's approval the president dismissed the news in his usual fashion. bad nothing his former top aide is a weak person. by being weak but like other people that you watch he's a weak person and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about i mean we were very open to where the kohen did plead guilty to crimes that completely related to trump pain of women who trump had an affair with so they would stay quiet before the election and while it might not have been illegal to do a deal in russia while he is under investigation for potentially colluding with russia to win the election it would have looked suspicious this makes six six close
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aides to the president have now pled guilty as part of the special counsel's probe democrats say this is bad for the president you've got all these closest associates of the president one after another pleading guilty often pleading guilty about their ties to russia and russians and what are they covering up for and we also have a white house that still seems just obsessed about this investigation it's believed the special counsel has filed several indictments that are still under seal which means it is quite likely michael cohen won't be the last to face the cameras or the court. al-jazeera washington. it seems there is no end yet to sri lanka's political crisis with parliament passing a motion to cut ministers salaries and travel expenses it's designed to distract the administration of disputer prime minister minder rajapaksa his supporters of boycott of the vote declaring it illegal rajapaksa was controversially installed
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after the president prime minister rania become a singer last month in a move many considered unconstitutional as british prime minister theresa may struggles to sell her brakes it plan there is growing evidence that those who voted to leave the european union are changing their minds that's leading to growing support for another referendum lawrence lee reports from swanzy in south wales. when wales voted in favor of leaving the european union it was seen as a protest vote against the british parliament but as an act of revenge it has backfired already a shiver went through south wales when this german car parts company recently announced it was moving to the constant because of bricks it's it will cost five hundred british jobs the workers are exactly the demographic which voted leave it seems many are now having second thoughts you get a feeling that people are. thinking about it more no than before the referendum is the truth i don't think they realize the implications and they currently see in the
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mess that we're in at the moment trying to deal with the negotiations on the withdrawal agreement. on a totally i would say i think yes people are in second thoughts. the prime minister visited wales this week when she took office she talked about it being an opportunity to build a new economy that works for everyone somewhere that message got last bits of south wales are among the poorest parts of the whole of the european union and when people here voted leave many said they expected the british government to step in and offer the same sort of financial support to them that the e.u. had previously done not only has that not happened it hasn't played any part at all in the debate about what post bracks it britain should look like. small as he had pinned its hopes on a hugely ambitious billion dollars scheme for a vast renewable energy projects in the bay it could have been a perfect example of a new economy for
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a poor part of the country but the government blocked it saying it didn't offer value for money local business groups say they've been offered no design no blueprints for how it will benefit them i think it's clear that their government. has very little intention of continuing the levels of investment that we've seen from. in this region or any other region around the u.k. down. here in southwest wales we feel a long way from london a long way from priorities the sense of bricks it betraying the people who voted for it is leaving supposed suggesting that wales and other places like it's changing their minds those who want another referendum are delighted there's one thing we've learned over the last two years is that the european union are going to bend at the knees for the wishes of the british i think people in charge of the being led down the garden path they have a right to express their view if they can't do the right thing to a more sensible. all the talk in westminster of staying in the customs union or
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ambitious trade deals with america means little in places like this they expected bracks it to rebalance the british economy and the still waiting for someone to tell them how it will lawrence lee al-jazeera in south wales a member of china's we go or muslim minority has addressed the us congress detailing the torture and abuse she says she experienced in a government internment camp medical tests on cried as a translator described how she was interrogated for days without sleep and subjected to ensure safe medical examinations china has detained up to two million with war in detention camps the government denies there being brainwashed or abused the second time i was detained i was taken to a special room and the place in a high chair bands held my arms and the legs in place and tightened when they pressed a button to god's put a how much on my show the head each time i was electrocuted my whole body would
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shake wild and free and i could feel the pain in my veins. i thought i would rather die than go through this torture i begged them to kill me . a funeral has been held in the philippines for the latest human rights lawyer to be murdered thirty five lawyers judges and prosecutors have been killed in the past many represented the poor against powerful landlords all politicians al-jazeera linda gunn reports from the city of l.a. ben ramos was outside his office when two gunmen on a motorbike shot him three times it is a loss that is spilt deeply not just in the city but throughout the us islands in the central philippines most mourners who come to pay their respects are from impoverished communities including from the interior lands of nicolas was
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a represented them in land disputes against powerful landowners and politicians. it was a really tragic because with every ramos who is known to be a publican but a lawyer very few lawyers in the caribbean. because. of our human rights lawyers are going through the last nazi i find the authorities silent suspicious maybe i'm just being emotional but it leads me to think they all had something to do with his death. his family says they don't know who to trust anymore they feel his killers are not far away. i'm outside the wake of attorney ben ramos where his supporters apprehended two on a dent if i got men on board
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a motorcycle they then brought them to this police station according to attorney bents lawyers one of them has been identified as an active military officer. that military presence cost fear and apprehension it means that there's so much of it going around so. much. the union of human rights lawyer says thirty five filipino lawyers have been killed in the past two years almost all of them were human rights lawyers are handling illegal drugs related cases who were shot at close range joining the day just like open robbers with skilled mourners see without him to represent them they now feel hopeless the pillar of their communities is gone. dog an al-jazeera negras central philippines according tokyo has extended the
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detention of the former chairman of cock company nissan by ten days carlos cohen is accused of under reporting is salary by millions of dollars over several years which he denies has been in detention since november nineteenth the police now have to file charges by december the tenth or let him go go on was fired by the board of nissan last week over the allegations. the united nations general assembly has been debating a number of propel a senior resolutions on the annual international day of solidarity with the palestinian people the day marks seventy one years since the un adopted a resolution partitioning palestine into jewish and arab states and the holy land is experiencing its highest number of tourists in years israel says october figures were record breaking is exactly what bethlehem in the occupied west bank needs as where palestinians have been struggling to make ends meet stephanie decker reports
1:44 pm
from bethlehem. this is. the holy land pilgrimage is a multi billion dollar industry right now but it was a very good guess that right. it's been struggling over the past few years not. true well you know us as far as i know i think this year has been the best in years and they were so happy to see people coming from all over the world oh actually in the market out of india all of them were into this pilgrim from brazil tells us everything is wonderful for you ladies from ten years from kenya is this your first time in bethlehem number second i'm born oh how are you finding the place then a nice little holy writ in what it will bethlehem is in the occupied west bank and the ongoing political tensions between israel and the palestinians have a direct effect on the tourism industry and the stores are going to the fourth and
1:45 pm
the reason for the polygamy and that was to come through the not just the bethlehem or to go down to the region and. this year was somehow. if we want to compare it with other years outside the main attraction pilgrims wait their turn to go inside but most of the visitors who come to bethlehem are religious tourists three tracing jesus's steps including to where they believe his life began beneath what is now the church of the nativity but a different type of tourist is also starting to come attracted by big name art and it's raising awareness about the political complexities here the anonymous british artist banksy has been drawing attention here with his hotel next to the controversial separation barrier and boasting the worst view in the world is multi-million dollar art appeared on the separation wall last year for my point i don't have the it's not of
1:46 pm
a good idea to have this war over over there between the two peoples who saw necessary evil. the problem is this french family tells us they came here because of the artists' work that they were shocked at seeing the wall. of yes all that they'll do is you i'm christian and i can't accept that on a land that so symbolic that you build a wall it's not possible they has to be another way than a wall and to terrorize a population whether the visitors are here for religion politics or art palestinians tell us they haven't seen this many foreign faces in bethlehem for a very long time and hope they will continue to come stephanie decker al-jazeera bethlehem. top pocket except competing for design glory at the world architectural festival underway now amsterdam a dutch capital is known for its architectural treasures ranging from when when males to its more modern buildings need baka takes a look working buildings need to work they need to combine form and
1:47 pm
function some such as the humble dutch windmill and now of human achievement this is industrial architecture. the same is true of contemporary buildings in all bolton cities they need to work for people in the case of this year's winner of the amsterdam architecture prize lots of people. the dutch capital has a new spine that all south metro line is ten kilometers long and has eight gleaming stations it took decades of planning fifteen years of construction and required a catalogue of engineering innovations to deal with the city's many canals and thick layers of modern we're reinventing the city we're in the engineers that works on the project we're reinventing engineering this part of the station was not built on this site it was built. it was floated in
1:48 pm
a canal that we and the new central station and then sunk and then connected to the rest of the track there is a transients about train stations which means that we often miss many of the details that go into designing a months of the effort that goes into engineering but perhaps that's half the success of good architecture but we don't know what it is doing to us as it takes us on a journey from a to b. . some buildings such as the university of amsterdam are designed to bring us together this is social engineering in steel and concrete the previous building had long but will drink dollars and sell like rooms some of the previous building remains but new spaces have been created to reconnect the university to the city and the students with each other. people in the city say they should leave the building. is even more important
1:49 pm
regardless of how functional. is or how seamlessly it blends into the background it's a spy as to quietly improve the way we live. time
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for sports his joke funny thank you madrid has been chosen as the venue for the postponed coppola but the us final a week after the second leg had to be abandoned in one aside is because of fan violence the match is the most important in club football in south america but it will now take place thousands of kilometers away from fans of the two argentine teams baka genius and river plate that's off to book as boss was attacked outside brava stadium before the second like last week organizers decided it wasn't safe to reschedule the match in argentina so they have chosen madrid but in a bayern on december the ninth. yeah. madrid spain in general is a country with the biggest number of argentine citizens in the world outside of argentina also madrid is the tenth safest city in the world and this airport has the largest number of connections to that america and it has the biggest football culture and tradition especially in the city of mecca that when we spoke to south american football expert one of anger he told us that organizes had no choice but to hold
1:52 pm
the game outside argentina. we heard miami we had heard. we had heard doha we'd heard all these different venues maybe you just last night as well emerged and also today not all but note going to make it so so as far as i say it's i guess a bit more distant from the situation it's sort of thank you let's available because robert gibbs' playing west on the road this weekend i mean to so i mean there's really not one answer you can give but overall e it's a place that has been able to guarantee the safety of both teams that's been able to guarantee equal conditions and both teams and us both narratives have been able to be satisfied i think things have have gone to such a point between balkan river and within affluent and within column a goal that you could not have even going to say this anymore because of it first along with the g.
1:53 pm
twenty going on right now and many leaders staying until the weekend that's not going to happen and of course if you wait another week or so you also start interfere with calendars that were going to be conflicting as far as league matches are concerned the suspension of other league matches which has occurred and that's really put the holes argentine super league a calendar in bit of a flux so what do you want to do when you have to have it somewhere else at this point because it's not just that also you start have to deal with the final brahmas there on the going to those matches also where it's i mean it's a cold convoluted situation both politically and also from a focus standpoint. well river plate where she is in action in another copper on thursday the copper again tina semifinals of drawing to two with him naseer they were taken to penalties but river plate lost it five for now the final of south america's second most prestigious club competition the cop pursuit americana has been set colombian side you know will face brazil's atletico put and then say in december's showpiece and the winner of that match will qualify for next year's
1:54 pm
coppola but for those you know to beat fellow colombian santa fe in the second leg of their semifinal on thursday it was a dramatic game about this strike from tofino gutierrez was initially ruled offside but that was overturned by the video system referee twenty minutes later good theatres was sent off this first of four red cards two for each team handed out on the night you new york hung on for the three nil win on aggregate the first leg of their final with athletico takes place on december the fifth in the europa league arsenal and sure they'll progress to the last thirty two as group the winners after thrashing ukrainian side poltava on thursday this match was relocated from poltava to kiev because of security and sense but the change of venue didn't affect and i am mary's useful side eighteen year old and we'll smith throw open the scoring in the tenth minute before aaron ramsey doubled it from the penalty spot and another
1:55 pm
teenager joe wilcox added we'll look at it arsenal's third shortly before half time . we think they can help. but the need is you much is not all e walking in the training. they need to take me nuthin just like that today atlanta united a three to major league soccer's championship match in just their second season as a franchise they were crowned the m.l.s. eastern conference champions of the state that's despite losing one no to the new york red bulls on the night wrapped up the too much final three one on aggregate all now host the m.l.s. cup on december the eighth where they'll be hoping to win just the city's second professional sports title and first since the braves won baseball's world series in one thousand nine hundred five and their opponents in that final report when tempers they wrapped up the western conference title with a three two win over sporting kansas city after the stunning equaliser from
1:56 pm
sebastian blanco. made shores a victory with his second goal of the game in the ninth minute of stoppage time this is the second time in four years portland have reached the m.l.s. cup they won it back in two thousand and fifteen. the l.a. lakers have rebounded from back about losses in the n.b.a. and it's largely thanks to le bron james he had thirty eight points nine rebounds and seven assists twelve of those points came in the last five minutes of the game to lift the lakers to one hundred four to ninety six victory over the indiana pacers the lakers host dallas later on friday. steph curry is expected to return to the golden state warriors on saturday and they certainly missed him the warriors were up against the toronto raptors on thursday while in its school to season high thirty seven points kevin durant's did his best for the warriors school team scoring fifty one points but they still suffered a loss in overtime one hundred thirty one two hundred twenty eight the final score the raptors extended their winning streak to seven. just wake up to losing
1:57 pm
to phil mickelson in a one on one goal for much worth nine million dollars tiger woods is back out on the course but it's not looking good for the fourteen time major champion at his own events in the bahamas woods hadn't offered an starts to the hero world challenge he's won over par eight shots behind leaders patrick can play i'm writing masters champion patrick. now we often see ice hockey players go at each other to nail but we rarely do you see them actually losing a tooth on the ice the boston bruins david krycek was the man on thursday that happened to when he was checked by thomas hickey you can actually see is two three four laying on the ice there the ice ages johnny boychuk who is a former teammate of creech he found the to use and returned it to his old buddy. for now back to folly joe thank you very much for that tip for this news hour on
1:58 pm
al-jazeera from me for the whole team thanks for watching terry navigator is with you next on arches here steve. descend on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility toward tells tells dramatic stories about icons of complex and last resort shelters in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates now dennis mccoy gave an ad try special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace as the campaign to create the
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largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade december on al-jazeera. it was since i was a little boy in india my dream was to meet bollywood films so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the studio choose to lose by one village and. going behind the lens has gone from singing brings his personal story to life. al-jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood. because we're not as sure that. rights are being violated. and free to be stripped away. on the seventieth anniversary.
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of the lights that stand out. for human rights. day one of the g. twenty summit in argentina are world leaders gather and want to sirees where the u.s. china trade dispute. is murder are likely to overshadow proceedings. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead tensions with moscow over ukraine also in the spotlight at the g twenty as the ukrainian government blocks russian men of military age from and.


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