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to hostility war tells tales dramatic stories about icons of complex and last resort shelters in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates now dennis mccoy get an ad special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace as they campaign to create the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade december on al-jazeera. hi i'm only going to today a check in on three stories we're following closely here on the stream china is testing a cutting edge a new plan authorities say will make it easier for citizens to do business and
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build trust in one another so why are critics calling it an orwellian nightmare then the mars insight has touched down on the red planet what does nasa hoping to learn but first the g twenty summit is set to begin in argentina on friday with some highly anticipated meetings between world leaders so what's expected i'll be looking for your comments on twitter and of course in our you tube check out. this president donald trump's first visit to south america to attend the meeting of g. twenty leaders in argentina is about to make headlines. he canceled his last trip to south america it april u.s. prepared to strike syria. this time the u.s. is a broiled in trade disputes with europe canada and china. and a border fight with mexico as well as a climate policy that is modeled it best trump will just like the previous g. twenty be surrounded by leaders who have serious disagreements with him. that's
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a little of what's ahead for u.s. president trump at the g. twenty but other world leaders begin arriving and when a fight is on thursday for the summit of the globe's largest economies but the focus is likely to be on issues not on the agenda a trade war between the united states and china troubled relations between member states and the presence of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman he's been accused by human rights watch of war crimes in yemen and the murder of newspaper columnist jamal khashoggi here to help us preview what's coming up from buenos ictus kempley housecat is al jazeera white house correspondent and at the shay managing director in the credit strategy and research group ed moody's investor service welcome to both of you and i want to start on my laptop from a member of our community alex who writes in notice that just before leaving the white house president trump said it was a good time to meet russia's putin and change his mind one hour later kimberly we
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know that there was that meeting scheduled with russian president vladimir putin but it appears to now be off of the table what happened. yeah well the president said as he was leaving the white house that he was going to get a full report on that naval clash that occurred between ukraine and russia where as a result of that clash there were a seizure of three ukrainian ships the sailors as well were did cain the president tweeted that he was cancelling the meeting and he did this mid-flight after leaving the white house because he said that you know he was not happy that in fact this had not been resolved so in terms of the president saying one thing and then changing it that is certainly true but if you look at the full transcript of the president's comments as he left the white house he actually said he'll probably be meeting with putin but he's got a full report on that incident and the latest situation which we now know from the
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secretary of the white house press secretary sarah sanders he consulted with his chief of staff to consult the secretary of state and also his defense secretary and it was after that consultation apparently that he made the determination that it would not be appropriate to meet with lead here now why is this really interesting kind of interesting because it's coming at the same time that we're having a bombshell explosion back in the united states with revelations about the russian investigation and the president's personal lawyer michael cohen pleading guilty to making false statements to federal investigators what were those statements that he was making that were so false well he missed characterized and this is a federal crime conversations that he had with the president about project construction project build trump tower in moscow so this is a bombshell revelation given the fact that it's kind of links the president to russia when he's always said there's no collusion and now we have on the heels of this bombshell revelation this abrupt cancellation of the meeting with the russian
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leader vladimir putin so interesting times make what you will of the developments but we're certainly following it closely. interesting times it's a late way to put it because clearly the story just keeps changing by the minute thank you for breaking that down for us kimberly i want to go to this headline though because there is so much that is expected to take place at the g. twenty this from box the u.s. and china relationship is in shambles and it could get worse at the g. twenty so i'd say we know that there is another high stakes meeting that is planned between this time between president trump and the chinese leader xi jinping what do you make of what is going to happen during that meeting. well it's really difficult to tell public up because there's been so much. up to these talks what we do know is yes the financial markets but you know even beyond the financial markets people will be watching that meeting at stake really is the ongoing trade tensions between the two countries and these are important not just u.s.
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and china these are the two largest economies in the world. the u.s. has imposed a number treat tariffs on imports from china china has retaliated but. what we know is that come january well the u.s. intends to raise some of these carriers has about ten percent of tariffs on the two hundred goods that we were to china and the united states that's going to be raised to twenty five percent and the hope is that there will be some discussions around these tariffs and whether it came down from this promise to increase or the change you know sort of agreements on something that's what people will be watching for so does that mean that you see a trade deal being reached between china and the u.s. . you know there might then might well be some sort of agreement that is reached but really from our perspective we think that the road will be rocky for a long time to come so the relationship between china the u.s.
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you know the focus right now is on the trade tariffs but it goes well beyond that i think the disagreement is a treaty yes but it's also about technology china has been increasing its restaurants and technology it's been acquiring technology companies are across the well in the u.s. and this is something that the u.s. is where you all china has rules or investment investment coming in including from the u.s. into china there are regulations and rules that the u.s. thinks don't serve the interests of u.s. companies so that's another area of this disagreement and that's what will geopolitically china interest in the south china sea china has a position to what's taiwan. very different position so i think even if there was an agreement this weekend the relationship will be rocky and in times and i think we just have to jump in here though quickly just to explain like we're talking about this in sort of layman's terms the u.s. congress has been for years concerned about china's trading practices that it's not that donald trump woke up and dan said let's pick a fight with china this isn't
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a concern of members of congress and they've even articulated as recently as in a letter in the last week to the white house look at don't give in to china don't strike an agreement at the g twenty and less china and its predatory trade practices what do they mean by that intellectual property theft flooding the u.s. market with cheap goods these are things that the u.s. president the u.s. congress which rarely agrees they all agree that this is hurting the american consumer and could affect american prosperity long term right so i think that you're right there. in terms of an agreement the chances seem slim but then again donald trump has said his economic adviser said look at it since concessions are made by china left them are open to a deal you know you can really. of course people are looking at that but they are also looking at and i daresay even more people are looking at this headline this is the one that is on people's minds at least on line m.b.'s arrives in argentina in
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the face of g. twenty will he be a pariah and this is looking at whether the saudi prince how other world leaders will react to him we got a couple comments on that in regard to former stream house writes i guess that trump will use a chance at a photo op to show solidarity and categorically state his the continued support for him kimberly what do you see happening there. well there's no scheduled photo op we know that the white house has confirmed that but donald trump has continued to give plausible deniability to the crown prince with respect to the fact that whether or not he ordered the killing of. which cia intelligence seems to suggest and has been widely reported as such however the recent statements coming out of the secretary of state is that the end as well as the secretary of defense is there's no smoking got to the intelligence in fact doesn't say that you know here there certainly the feeling and around the world there's the feeling that this is a very well coordinated cover up and that the officials are parsing there but
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they're certainly using careful language in order to give the crown prince what he needs and that is a warm reception here but it's unlikely that's going to happen in fact there have been protests here already and certainly when it comes to the world leaders that are gathering here this is not a favorable climate for the haven't been solved and so yeah he might be looking for that photo op and the white house has said there's nothing formal on the schedule but the same time the press secretary saying the possibility of some sort of interaction rule that out can really answer we will have to leave it there thank you so much for joining us you can follow all the developments at home from the g twenty at al-jazeera dot com. loss of the frustrating behavior targeted by the sort of her system are simply behavior that are supposed to be regulated for a previously or the right of the regulation sales to bite for a variety of reasons mostly relating to the regulatory incapacities authorities of course bear in mind china is such
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a large and complex society and regulating anything in china is hard so this sort of criticism seems to give people a new hope that there might be some other kind of tools that could be effective to address these regs there is deficiencies so that's what the so-called trust offices understood by the average chinese person and also the critical reason why some sort of study tend to find strong support. in the chinese public school the socialist system rewarding good behavior china is testing a new plan aimed at making it easier for citizens to build trust in one another in partnership with one of the country's biggest companies alibaba of the government is creating a system but not only tracks credit scores but also social credit research shows and you just heard in that video comment of the scheme is widely supported so is this plan of student roll out in two thousand and twenty big brother behavior or necessary to protect consumers and one of the world's most sprawling economies we're here to explain more simbi you is china specialist at spectator magazine and mara vista doll is an author and journalist welcome to the stream ladies i'll start
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with this headline here from the washington post because it's pretty interesting they write china's social credit system may be mis understood i wonder if you could break that down for us in the what do we know about this system as of now. every big misunderstandings that a lot of western commentators have been going along with in the reporting firstly is that the system is not in place at the moment we have thirty chiles across the country in different cities different scales that i really just trialing what sort of criteria works with little carrots and sticks. that's not a national asia wide thing just yet the government is trying to make it come to life by ten to twenty but you know that's only a year away and i'm not really seeing if that will come in time and the second biggest and misunderstanding i think is the sort of assumption that chinese people are suspicious of the government and obviously there is a lot that the government has done to the people in recent years of chinese who are
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not happy about but culturally philosophically speaking the chinese people really have a suspicion of authority they are very happy to go along with authority just illness centuries old of confucianism there's no such thing as liberalism or the enlightenment that happened to make people not. julie suspicious of government so we talk to the average chinese person about a system like this and very they're like yes sounds good if you know it and anything wrong then why should you be afraid of it that's interesting because i'm sure that is so interesting for western audiences to hear and to feel like they can't relate to but this week here from each floor as he writes in this will lead to a social credit cast society furthermore i believe china will seek to export this social model to regions in which it has influence to missis to monitor and chinese expressions he's really taking it pretty far there but this idea of a social credit caste system to see have some credibility right there is not a thing that you forsee as well i think it's too early to say and when you talk
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about authoritarianism it's not really i agree that it's not the government. having to have your hand over society it's really about collecting information using using a big data and then trying to synthesize that and come up with the assessments of people and of course that's worrying. but the average person is probably not thinking so much about the information that's being collected that similar to to the attitude that a lot of westerners have toward toward our data it's interesting though because for so many of us if we're connected online using mobile phones who our friends are where and how we pay our bills where we go those things are already track so what do you see being different in this case cindy what makes this different. i don't think this i mean do the carrot and stick system is what makes us different the
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moment as you say the data is already out there in the west if you go on amazon get on anything at all your average day is being tracked even your fit that checks your health so china is not demanding radical in that sense but what it is doing is formalizing into an institution that you can then delve out punishments and rewards and what miss lawrie about this i think is erosion of the rule of law what it means is that if you do you some something wrong in one area of life then it can't come back and bite you in another area of your life maybe later when you've done something else that lowers your school so we've had stories of people whose children can't get a key invest a ts because they haven't paid a debt and i that's not what the rule of law is meant to be so it's not meant to be say let's stick a punishment but that's the worrying part that china is bringing to the system so common to hear from you today i agree with mark i just wanna bring these comments in on you tube before i go to you a conscious observer says china is a real life black mirror which of course i calling the t.v. show the pop t.v.
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show they say i think it will cause an extreme divide between the law abiding and the unruly margot had. yeah but the black mirror episode comes up a lot i wrote a big feature on social credit and particular one on one private sector system for wired and then a number of people mentioned that and said you know why did you not bring up that episode in the article there is a difference in that that episode is all about people rating each other and it's sort of your rating gone wild and what's the vision of the chinese government in that you would have company and local governments rating citizens so the power structure is a bit different. i think the one thing that i find very worrying right now is the potential for a collaboration. the private sector because china has very powerful tech companies that collect quite a lot of information on people just to be clear there's not one. designated
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partner there there is a company and financial and only bob that has a system that is further along than others. but but there are companies that do have a lot of information on people and that have close relationships with the government and there is a potential for that information them to be harvested and used against people that echoes what i'm seeing on you tube here probably be a says the social credit system is the same method of control that it's been utilized in china for some time and just getting a facelift to fit into the technological age so one person's view there cindy mara thank you so much for giving us your time today we are at the end of the segment but look forward to revisiting the story and now from china to mars. touchdown contrary. then insight first photo from
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its new home the elysium planet c.-a using a two meter robotic arm a seismometer and other instrument in sight will dig a hole five meters deep so it can record so-called mars quakes and calculate just how hot the red planet's inner layers get they want to understand why mars which once may have been habitable by life is no longer nasa scientists say this data will help them understand more about mars origins and perhaps about the earth's as well and boost u.s. efforts to get humans on mars by the twenty thirty s. to help us understand more of inside its mission stephanie al smith is the digital and social media leader of the nasa jet propulsion laboratory and messages insight welcome back to the stream stephanie i am starting here with this gif which you directed our team to shows a secret though not so secret anymore handshake among nasa employees and this is
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that moment you can feel the joy here it's palpable you were in the building when this was happening what did that feel like it was fantastic really we made a three hundred million mile touchdown and if that doesn't deserve a touchdown celebration i don't know what. made it in the making because we know that a lot goes into that how long has this been so this mission there have been people like the principal investigator who've been thinking about parts of this for thirty years and now it's actually happening we've touched down safely on the red planet and the rest of the mission can begin as far as that shake was concerned the engineers told me they'd been breaking down the tape and working on it for the last five to six weeks it's no mas to a national football league player american football league player here in the united states so cool to see i think our audience would agree so i'm going to go to
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this tweet that we got from alex a former stream gusts and also in the science community who says this is totally mind blowing how remarkable is it that we can build a robot blow it into space landed on another planet and receive photos from it within hours the data to come that will shed understanding on how our own planet came into existence so break that down for us what is it that we're trying to learn and what do you think we can learn about mars. we've only just scratched the surface of the red planet but inside is going to go deep this is going to be the first mission to ever study the deep interior of the planet where we're at the crust we're going to go down deep with our peak flow probe we're going to see with the internal temperature of the planet is we're going to place a seismometer on the surface for the very first time and feel for mars quakes and we're also going to use radio science to feel the wobble of mars if you've ever spun a hard boiled egg and
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a raw egg next to each other you'll notice they spin differently and that's because of the solid core and the liquid core in those two eggs planets wobble the same way so we're going to learn a lot more about the deep interior of this planet it's going to tell us about rocky worlds all over the universe really we've studied our own earth a lot we've got to study the planet next door and being able to compare and contrast those datasets is going to tell us more about how rocky planets form it's also going to tell us maybe a little bit more about what happened to mars we know from the rock record that mars used to be a very wet place with streams and lakes and it doesn't look like that anymore so what happened did that core cool off did it lose its atmosphere. we don't know but that's why we're exploring so i want to share this week we got from mr physicist and also former string guess katie mack who says this is
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a fantastic experiment we're going to be able to study the interior of mars learn about its formation history and possibly its potential for surface life and i love the fact that it was accompanied by the first interplanetary hue sat so when she says about the thinking says she's excited about learning what do you think for our layperson audience here who may not be asked of business what then can this tell us about the solar system as a whole anything wow if we find life some. there beyond earth that tells us that the potential for life could be everywhere and how insight fits into this by looking at that internal temperature of the planet we're going to be able to follow up on a really intriguing discovery by the european space agency of what might be liquid water below the south pole of mars everywhere on earth that we've found liquid water we've also found life so who find liquid water at mars that opens up the potential for life there as well so we want to see if it's warm enough for that
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area to sustain liquid water we got this from you tube live polybius says this is simply an amazing display of talented individuals working together very cool i know stephanie that this was an international effort tell us about that absolutely so our whole laboratory has been filled with languages for around the world this past week as everyone gathered for landing the french space agency canasta provided the seismometer sysfs the heat flow probe h p q that's being led by the german space agency d l r with contributions from the swiss at e t h and we've just got scientists all over the united states and all over the world who are eager to get their hands on this data this is really about planet earth explaining or exploring planet mars does that mean that we will see you signing up for a mission
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a chance to live or explore mars you think you'll be one of those first people i would love to go to mars i'd also like to have a flight back i don't know if i'm ready to make the leap my husband might take some convincing as well. so i want to share this from alex again who says that isn't it just awesome when humans tune in to space and science projected on times square and screens across the world just a pause from so. sales and selfies and awful news to reflect and realize that we as a species have maintained our curiosity and are truly a wall of things so lovely closing words there from alex but i will give the ending word though to you stephanie what do you hope that those selfies that it is taking send back what are you hoping to see i hope that we inspire a sense of awe and wonder in people all over the world if you see those pictures come back on your phone if you follow the mission at nasa insider us here at j.p.l. at nasa j.p.l.
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we'll continue to tweet and share pictures and updates from the mission this is about all of us going on a journey of exploration together it's the best of humanity. you can see find stephanie right here on my laptop stephanie l. smith and the nasa end site to handle right there thank you stephanie we have to leave it there and reminder to our community as always if you have a story that you would like to see on the screen put us at a string i'll see you next time. to. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives cara fanny's fact helpful email and a highly dangerous one of the major issues before voters is the institution president trump cannot stop talking about the news media to separate the spin from
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the facts the misinformation from the journalism the shot eyes of the a.b.c.'s reporting free to leave the listening post on al-jazeera i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time the ability and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions the most impact from. the main things that sets out zero apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people but about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people is something something something. a little more conflict could do don't put it off and if this is not an act of creation i'm going to vote for walking. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave. some of us so scott even ski the speaker out as a surprise that. this job isn't just about what's on
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a script or a piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. this is al jazeera. and studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm richelle carey welcome to the news brit there are some around the globe gather in our. for this year's g. twenty summit but a growing number of side issues are overshadowing the main events from rising tensions between russia and ukraine to the fallout from the murder of saudi arabian journalist in office. for saudi arabia's crown prince when assad is a centerpiece of this first overseas visit since the charge be murder.


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