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this is a proxy. right now. and it's. watched.
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increasingly tense confrontation with. farmers. and with the growing. call and argentina in the g twenty summit to get underway in just a few minutes time but a number of side issues threaten to the main talks. include tension between russia
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and ukraine which led u.s. president onil trump to cancel as one on one meeting one on one meeting that is with russia's vladimir putin and the us china trade war has focused attention on separate talks between trump and china's president xi jinping and there are also questions about how to handle the awkward presence of saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin someone who has been linked to the killing of jamal khashoggi the saudi arabian journalist we have several reporters covering the story for us in venice august first let's go to our theresa both so things are just now about to get underway teresa set the scene for us. well most definitely work here at the media center most of the presidents have already arrived here. greeted each one of donald trump is expected to arrive here any time soon there is also going to be a family photo a lot of expectation about what position mohamed bin is going to be and there's been some expectation expression from human rights groups that some leaders of the
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g twenty will give him the cold shoulder and also about who is going to meet with him which type of bilateral meetings would happen between mohammed and other world leaders we do know for example that it is coming from the united kingdom he will meet with him we also know that the saudi foreign ministry is announcing that a meeting between him and went on and mohammed already happened however we cannot confirm right now but this has happened just yet the leaders are expected to continue. this meeting they're expected to go to a retreat were all sorts of different issues will be discussed. is going to be the person that's going to be a mediator in that meeting where apparently not even advice for are going to be pressed send there at the time and even though there's been so many different types of issues concerning to this summit there's also been some. big
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agenda that's argentina has been working on asked precedence of the g twenty summit for example the world of the future of work empowerment of women developing nations among other issues and it's important to say that the united nations secretary general has asked leaders here not to focus only on the traditions affect in their countries but also on the crucial issues that the world needs to address like inequality and climate change. for us the g. twenty in argentina as i said we have a number of reporters covering let's go now to kimberly halkett and ken really as i was talking we had live pictures of u.s. president donald trump arriving at the summit so let's talk about issues as they relate to him also there was this announcement today that nafta has basically been reworked and renamed what do we know about this. yeah reworked renamed from now after to the u.s. mc a this is such
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a name that didn't sit very well with the canadian prime minister perhaps his candidate at the end of that acronym as a result he kept referring to it at the signing of the agreement calling it the new now so that just gives you a sense of how canada is feeling a little sour about it given the fact the united states in all of this negotiating never lifted the tariffs on steel low aluminum on canada's exports to the united states so that's making them on happy i add to that don't trump is sort of talking like this is a done deal but it's not ratified yet in the u.s. congress and given the fact the democrats have taken over the house in they will take control in january this could be a little bit of a difficulty still donald trump expressing his usual optimism saying no problem shrugging off any concern about a quarter of congress but essentially we have to look at the signing of this agreement as symbolic it's going to go through mexico and canada likely with no problem but again it's a little premature to celebrate on the part of donald trump in the united states
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getting this through ok another big issue that is going to be talked about maybe perhaps on the sidelines or maybe a bigger stage is this trade war that is going on between the u.s. and china what do we think about how this could play out of there really could be any type of solution a real negotiation. yeah this is looming like a bit of a dark cloud over these conversations because you have to remember that the united states and china are the world's biggest economies and this is an ass collating tit for tat trade for that's been going on for many months and it's going to get even worse at least for china for now don't trump threatening that he's going to raise the tariff some more than two hundred billion of chinese goods come january to twenty five percent so there is some talk about a potential agreement we know the two are going to have a working dinner on saturday try to work some of this out they're both expressing optimism but here's the deal donald trump the u.s. administration they're looking for a major concessions from china when it comes to their trading practices with the
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united states calls predatory an end to cyber attacks dumping cheap chinese goods into the u.s. . market and also what they say has been ongoing intellectual property theft china has always said look yes we're willing to do that but not really made anything beyond symbolic gestures in terms of changing those practices so this is a tall order in the eyes of the united states and they're willing to make a deal but at the same time donald trump they're threatening if they don't. tariffs are going to continue to go up can really where do things stand with whether or not donald trump and vladimir putin are supposed to meet last we heard it was canceled but it is clear that russia in one way or another is top of mind for president donald trump because of what came out yesterday with his attorney pleading guilty to lying to investigators about the russia and best occasion what do we think is supposed to happen between what i'm a prudent and donald trump. well this is
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a pretty messy when let me try and make it simple in the eyes of russia reporting coming out that this meeting is still going to happen it's going to be a bit of a polish side they're trying to play up this meeting which has been cancelled is still on the table it's not donald trump has canceled it he did so via twitter on his way to argentina. now the reason that one side's playing it up the other is not is a little bit complicated mean certainly russia is trying to make more out of the fact that when you have such as we're seeing right now with these pictures the leaders gathering for this class photo a family photo if you want to call it that there are the same room they're going to rub shoulders a little bit it's not that big of an area. russia's trying to portray this as some sort of formal meeting but we can confirm we reached out to the top administration nothing official on the table that is still officially are off now what makes this even murkier for the president is the fact that he abruptly canceled this meeting
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after saying he was going to have this meeting with vladimir putin rate as there was this bombshell revelation about his longtime attorney michael cohen who has pleaded bargain with the federal prosecutor for the russians rove has essentially admitted that statements he made to congress in their investigation were false and those statements were kind of downplayed something pretty important and that is that donald trump when he was campaigning in twenty sixteen was planning or at least discussing building trump tower in moscow now donald trump is always denied this on twitter today he tried to downplay this as being relatively minor it's not that minor when you consider that he was campaigning for president at a time when we now know russia interfered in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election this is a direct line drawn from russia to the u.s. president at the time candidate trump so certainly these are explosive revelations not surprising in light of this that donald trump is trying to distance himself from the russian president at the same time russia trying to act like everything is
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still business as usual. ok can really help that live for us kimberly thank you going to bring in now al-jazeera senior political analyst moranbah charlotte joins me live on set and as we're talking you can see the world leaders gathering for what they call the class photo and the family photo so we're going to leave some of that up as a greeting i'm everyone and this is a key how do you think mohamed bin simon is going to be received here he very deliberately chose for this to be the first public outing he has had since the murder of jamal khashoggi how do you expect him to be received here in two words he is the odd man out in this summit although there are some some of those leaders there who have committed you know quite the author of cities if you will in previous times previous errors but it's much easier for a leader of a superpower to be. running say. an illegal criminal war somewhere or assassinating a dissident somewhere rather than for
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a small country like saudi arabia to be able to do that so mohamed this a man has had to make this trip unlike other observers who think this is a mistake i don't think so i'm saying there is no other way for him to go but to come to this in order to face the world if he's going to ever continue to be here saying it almost be like he was hiding if he didn't go exactly professionally and i think here he's facing basically facing the world and everyone knows that he's the odd man out and i think every other leader there or every lead that even president . or any other leader probably would would avoid an opportunity to take a. photo with him so i don't think anyone would want to be shown with him although they will end up meeting him or taking the photo op with him simply because there is necessity ok so there's two different things let's talk about this there's the there's the being pictured with him and then there's perhaps the confrontation on the sidelines that that somebody could have if they wanted to hold him accountable
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for what they believe he did to you. any of those types of things might happen to be honest with you i mean i might sound a bit cynical but i'm not cynical at all i don't think this is about people as theresa may put it reach going to go and we're going to drill him and we're going to question him and we want and insist on that accomplish and it is the geisha or whatever i think by meeting him there normalizing him that's one to look i think what we have here and this i think the essence of the g. twenty anyway it's the political economy right and what we're facing here with mohamed with so much is the political economy of murder and the political economy of mordor for saudi arabia over the last seven weeks have meant laying out billions on top of billions of dollars to countries around the world's like pakistan like the united states. even i would argue like france and the u.k. and others where the saudi arabia would lay out the money to buy arms invest and
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lower the price of oil in order for the crown prince in order for saudi arabia to be forgiven for such a vulgar crime taking place in istanbul and another in another country basically than saudi arabia so we'd all in all this would be a continuation of that political economy of murder whereby whoever is going to be sitting with them someone like even the prime minister of india who was the first to meet with him and tweeted about it and why because already in the prime minister pakistan mitt with the crown prince in riyadh in saudi arabia and got what four hundred thousand six billion dollars of saudi aid and investments and so was i think that the pragmatism the cynicism will continue and the political economy of murder will mean that saudi arabia is going to have to pay up so much in order to try to cleanse the crime so pay up all right but still. will we
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ever get to a real type of confession a real a real explanation of what happened or is this about just spending enough money to move forward i think somewhere between the the thirty evidence and the saudi admissions if you will regardless of the bit of the mystery that went on for several weeks i think now the world is divided to two two camps the majority of the world including the cynics know that a crime was committed and there's a responsibility that lies in the footsteps of sort of in the at the doorstep of the conference everyone knows that and everyone knows who is to blame and they are and he's that and born inside of us there's a small of part of the world who knows that but we'll continue to deal with muhammad and so mine regardless of what who investigates in the future. because they fear that and the reality of the world we live in you need to deal with heads
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of states who are some of them criminals some of them kind of war crimes some of them launched criminal wars and so forth but that's the nature of the world we live in and to be honest as well if i mean here we have a summit of g. twenty whereby every other leader of there is basically in liberal leader who does not support. freedom of expression who is not really very democratic or liberal democratic and so many ways this is a summit where the majority of the leaders there are in the battle democrats more when i'm wondering i don't mean to put the controller in the gallery on the spot but if they could tell me we just saw a video of the live picture rather a president on a tram crossing the stage to machree and then we last picture for a little bit did they actually shake hands i'm at ok i'm just making sure because i'm actually like a little bit a little bit lost there so donald trump has officially been created and that means that at some point they're all going to be gathering for their has everybody
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friends markley on tropically donald trump says exactly he spoke at length about their friendship and how far back it went ok marwan thank you very much for discussion on this topic we appreciate it. so and here what are you saying online about all the protests that are happening in argentina that always happen at the g twenty right so as you say richelle there are always protests and there's always a lot of security and this year when a site is on lockdown for the g. twenty all flights over the capital are being diverted trains subways and other public transport are being canceled for the duration of the summit and friday has been declared a public holiday so what president mockery did was to encourage all people who live in the city to simply go out of town now there was concern that one famous protest in particular would be affected that of the mother is they left us with a mio they've been demanding to know the whereabouts of their missing children since they disappeared during argentina's military rule forty years ago now despite all the security they were able to march on thursday as they have more than two
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thousand times before. this city is under siege it seems like we're under curfew but we made it here and once again the quantum world leader has to stop the policies that create hunger poverty and that hurt the working class now this protester here came away from the united states carrying a baby trump balloon he's been an activist opposing u.s. foreign policy since the war in vietnam and this is why he chose that particular image. i would like the president of the united states tack a little bit more mature adults if i was going to boil it down to just one statement it would be that we think it's asinine that he's on twitter we think it's asinine that he's had to win. all right we're back live in paris iris i'll get back to you very shortly andrew that this is the family photo as as it is called we saw donald tusk there in the showers back here to kind of help me do a little play by play on this and you can see to the far right of your screen there
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is a homage in solomon i do believe you said he would be at the very end of. the photo these things are symbolic but they matter marwan these pictures or people stand how they interact it seems like it's just a picture but it's much more than that it is much more than that but also let's remind our viewers of a number of things some of them there actually is can see it right there in stark that this is a very young and inexperienced man liberty to brag about thirty to thirty some people say but look at all these people around them they are experienced politician some of them are in their sixty's in their seventy's some of them have run governments have run companies have run. parliaments and yes and so you have very shrewd seasoned experienced leaders of the world's twenty thought because amused and then you have this young inexperienced man who ran his country into so many troubles whether it's been effective in crisis with its neighbor qatar or invading
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a neighbor yemen or humiliating the prime minister of lebanon and so on and so forth so it's one mystic of another and i was just saying earlier he's just now learning the political economy of murder what does it mean to carry such a gruesome crime in istanbul and how saudi arabia now has to pay the price for it and the price for its war in yemen and the price for its crisis like it's qatar and the prices for the kind of policies we've seen from inexperienced and. vicious young man like mohammed in so none so world leaders gathering family photo op as you would say not exactly the best the families at this point in time i've seen them in better relationships in previous years and previous summits i think this summit everyone is running for their own interests to select a zero sum game and almost running from each other as well because if you can save one hundred then thomas all the way to the right almost all the way to the left is the turkish president tayyip typer one day's things are not by mistakes in the
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stagecraft is is thought through people's people talk to other people these things are all deliberate absolutely and especially the one and one hundred mr van heerden now we have apparently the two pulls of the muslim world on the sidelines literally on the sidelines of the g twenty summit and i think the two leaders represent two different approaches to the islamic world and economy and to murder if you will if that's not all possible so i think everyone is probably going to be received regardless what happens at home as a more respected the responsible statesmen i must add on that line statesman regardless as i said of some of the criticism he might be facing for his policies at home but mohamed been so man will be received as the odd man out as a man who has been carrying one strategic blunder after another did they come to them or that and i think in this case the only way he would be shaking hands the
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only way he would be having audience with those seasoned leaders is by buying his way towards ok marwan appreciate your insight everyone is about to gather at the table there and the g twenty and well that is russian president vladimir putin and almost a high five been solomon and they're sitting right next to each other so that's why we stay on these pictures because you never know what type of an. reaction you're going to see and we will keep an eye to this a mother still has him has a face and sometimes one picture can say more than a thousand words and i think that that picture will be will be replayed over and over and over again which is why certain other world leaders don't want to get close to him because they don't want something like that to happen there will not be many photos have not been solved on one on one with anybody such as we just saw there and you know what is important is not really one of those being questioned at
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home he doesn't care because he is basically on or who is the top of control of the media there doesn't get a better look to about any little position he might have on life for example of this would have happened in france the u.k. or even the united states we wouldn't hear the end of it but yes president putin can do a high five because he is an illiterate or a leader who has cracked down on his open opposition accused of killing a few of them whether in the u.k. or other places among them journalists themselves before all right thank you very much so what are the countries that make up the g twenty and how much of the global g.d.p. do they account for it's got a lot more information on our website al-jazeera talk com there's an interactive story with all of those answers and much more information and when she get in touch with us we would like to hear from you about all of the stories we cover you can send your comments to our online platforms on twitter to choose the hash tag a.j. news read our handle is at english also on facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or
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send a message on whatsapp or telegram plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine. so foreign minister is the world's seven largest economies have expressed their utmost concern at the g twenty summit over tensions between russia and ukraine and a statement the group of seven urged russia to use restraint and ask russia to release detained ukrainian vessels and crew members local russian t.v. as reporting that twenty four captured sailors are being held in prison three of them are hospitalized with wounds meanwhile ukraine is barring russian men of combat age from entering the country or a challenge has live in moscow so what do we know about some of the soldiers being moved here we don't know why they've been moved from crimea but the working assumption has to be at the moment i think that they be transported to moscow because ultimately as moscow where they are going to
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face trial earlier in the day crimean author of seize said they had left the peninsula the woman who was speaking didn't know where specifically they go on to say that that was the f.s.b. as concerned the f.s.b. is the russian federal security service what we know now is that they have been taken to the force of a prison which is a notorious prison in moscow and back in the day soviet times stalinist times it was a torture prison run by the n.k.v.d. then it became the k.g.b.'s. now it's run by the russian ministry of justice but it still has close links to the russian security services the f.s.b. so they're being held there as far as we know in quarantine conditions twenty one of them at least that leaves three of the moments unaccounted for officially but
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reports are that they are the injured ukrainian sailors and service people and they are being held we understand in a in a prison hospital right now so worried this it seems to be a bit of an escalation now that ukraine is borrowing borrowing borrowing pardon me russian men i believe between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country tell us about this development. yeah ukraine is at the moment trying to find ways in which it can push back against russia and petro poroshenko is also probably trying to find ways in which he can look strong on the domestic front in the run up to presidential elections and so one of the things he has chosen to do it's very controversial it's to bar for the duration of this martial law release bar russian males of military age from coming
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into ukraine the early reports from the border from airports etc is that yes people are being turned away and it's not just russian males of military age which are actually being to enter a it's women and children to the reason why this is controversial other than the fact that it is essentially a blanket ban on people coming into the country based on their certain nationality is that russians and ukrainians in many cases have very intertwined families with people from the same family living on both sides of this border you have huge numbers of russians to come to ukraine to work live in ukraine as well and vice versa huge numbers of ukrainians that live and work in russia so this is something that is going to affect a huge number of normal people what we were waiting to hear was whether there would be any kind of reciprocal response from the russians because russia usually
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responds in kind when it sees the policy of a foreign power being targeted at it. the ministry of foreign affairs though said earlier that to do so to respond in kind would be essentially irrational and there is a car of who is the spokesperson for the m.f.a. said that. you basically don't want to do what ukraine is doing because that might set off a further frenzy so essentially what russia is trying to do at the moment is stay i suppose looking like the adult in the room in this in our area and paint what's going on inside ukraine as some sort of hysterical frenzy all right rachel allen's live for us in moscow rory thank you. so this entire incident began in the kurdish strait earlier this year al jazeera reported on the opening of a bridge across that strait seen as a way for russia to tighten its hold over crimea you can watch for
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a challenge report on our web site al-jazeera dot com just search ukraine. for the first time a senior u.n. official in charge of human rights has called for an investigation into the murder of saudi journalist a market she was speaking to our diplomatic editor james bass he joins us live from the united nations headquarters to take us through this interview so james how important are these new comments important comments i think coming from the former president of chile she's only been in the job as the top human rights official in the world since the beginning of september and of course the murder of the saudi journalist happened just over a month into her tenure what she said straight away after the murder when she put out a statement was that she wanted an impartial and independent investigation but given the fact that there seem to have been high level saudi officials involved the bar must be set very high and she said that she would like perhaps there to be the
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involvement of international experts but she didn't go as far as saying that the u.n. should run an investigation it's clear though that in recent weeks there has been no progress at all there is of course a saudi investigation and a turkish investigation but the saudis are not cooperating with the turks they are not handing over the suspects they're not handing over any details of the body of where the body is and so as a result of that real frustration and i think it's clear that the high commission his position has clout changed just listen to what happened when i asked a very clear question. is it time for the u.n. to set up an investigation i think it is time i mean i don't have that in my might mandate i don't know the secretary general to do that well we i think they're looking at which are the best ways of doing it but i think they should be an international inquiry and because we cannot do criminal investigation you need you
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need to be sure which are the mechanism that can that can do that i have asked the un secretary general to to look for which are the best mechanism to go into. so she's awesome the secretary general antonio good terrorists to look at the best mechanisms and she believes the u.n. now should set up its own investigation the secretary general until now has said he's only going to do that if he has a referral from a member state of the united nations and from one of the un's bodies but now you have this important moral voice the high commissioner for human rights that the u.n. needs to set up an investigation it puts pressure on the u.n. secretary general who's that one as our as difficult time for him because he's about to meet mohamed bin soma and he's saying that meeting is all about the war in yemen but clearly fresh pressure now on him to set up a u.n. led investigation something i know he's probably behind the scenes getting
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a lot of pushback from the saudis on that certainly something that they don't want ok. life for us at the u.n. thank you and you can watch the full interview with michelle bashfully on our program talk to al-jazeera on saturday at four thirty g.m.t. this is the news grid if you're with us on facebook liable at a bonus story for you now it's about the photographs that the world this year i'll tell you what may be a civilian seems so angry they defied the prime minister and walked out of school. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast will decide i want to start over here towards the eastern part of the mediterranean well we have seen plenty of clouds and rain affecting much of the area especially for turkey now for
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saturday that storm system is going to be making its way to the northeast a lot of that rain as well the snow in the higher elevations is going to be pushing towards the east so for eastern turkey down here across syria into parts of iraq we are going to be seeing some very heavy rain at times and then down here towards baghdad we are going to sing temptress come down slightly but better conditions as we go towards sunday in clear for you across parts of the caspian though we're going to be seeing some rain just to the north for tehran maybe sixty degrees in baquba a rainy day for you with twelve degrees there well that same area of clouds is going to be pushing across parts of saudi arabia now we could be picking up a range or two here across the border areas but as we go from saturday to sunday in those clouds could be a slight shower but we don't think it is going to be heavy at all as it makes its way across parts of the day and into parts of qatar as well for doha twenty seven degrees the un as we go towards sunday increasing clouds for abu dhabi with the temperature there of twenty eight degrees and then as we make our way down here towards on the part of africa a few clouds passing across parts of cape town as we go towards saturday but temps
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are there is going to be about twenty two and up towards your hand at twenty eight . they join one of the world's most notorious ahmed groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now help us. a tale of course for crew and child soldiers and have refit exploitation of women and daughters of al-shabaab part of the radicalize you'd see and it's on al-jazeera. over one hundred years ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can durham in the second episode we explore the lasting effects of this agreement if there is a original set up to sikes fico is that those borders were drawn without consulting
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the people who have to live with it. sykes people lines in the sun on jersey.
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you know i'll just zero dot com these are some of the stories that have gotten your attention some of which we have talked about here on news for it already the number one story right now is a c.n.n. contributor marc lamont hill who was fired for his comments that were critical of israel calling for a free palestine that's the number one story the number two story as you can see there is related to what we are covering today between twenty times or theresa may says that she does plan to speak to mohammed bin samana and raise the issue. the murder and the war and yemen and there's a number of other stories there as well it is al jazeera dot com. live back to ground zero waiting for. the president argentina.
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officially kicked off the summit they just had their meet and greets in the the class photo and everyone is getting situated and we will bring that to you as he speaks our teresa bow is there live covering the kickoff of this summit so this is a big moment for argentina tour as. well most definitely have historic moment for argentina as we're expecting president. to speak but it's been interesting what what we've seen so far a family photo a family photo where we could see on one side of that but what's interesting is. most everyone was wondering what it was going to be the family photo like and what we saw is a mohamed bin hammam the extreme right of that photo press. or the organ from turkey on the other side and after that photo finish. mine was left a bit on the side what other leaders talk amongst each other and the other thing
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that's interesting to know is that the saudi foreign ministry has been tweeting a meeting between preston and dawn and mohamed and white. we we know is that the french foreign ministry said that he was a very very strong strong with a mohammad will sell a man asking for international investigators to be part of the whole investigation of the killing of jamal khashoggi so these are some of the sidelines that have been going on and this is also us as you just said before it's a crucial event for argentina a historic event but not wholly because what it means for the country this is the first time that an event like this one happens in south america but also what it means for argentina a very specific time for argentina an economic crises a forty five percent inflation rate and emergency loan from the international monetary fund that in a way was negotiated just recently to stop the lies the economy until a few months ago there was a lot of fear that there could be crises another crisis just like the one it
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happened back in two thousand and one now economists are saying that the situation is much more stable the crisis is not over yet recession is ongoing protests are happening on the streets and they will be happening today i believe press and maybe some market is just about to begin. so let's listen to what government. over the g. twenty first met in the united united states and with the spirit of the mechanism and to speak to each other which allowed at the time to prevent the. global crisis becoming worse it during these years the changes in the second in social circumstances political and economical globally as in our countries also have generated a question about the mechanisms mostly lotro ones including the
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g. twenty and tensions have been produced in our countries how to . two to. resolve the global problems and this is the reason why though people who are here have different ideas we have the same sense of urgency as in two thousand and eight because together with their own historic history and culture respecting the differences. we can have this dialogue and share joint interests as you know i want to tell you this summit is the first in our country. in its history so many leaders have not come together at the same time. and we take it as
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a. support and recognition the presence that argentina's having in the global platform certainly after so many years of being isolated here the leaders. can see each other face to face we can talk frankly. and the other we have differences we can come to common grounds and year after year the deck over the past decade. we can find the basis for the future years this is the big task that we have before us. we are all witnesses to the profound changes which are taking place in our societies changes which. accelerate and get deeper and particular of the last five
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years changes in the production action the customs the way of communicating. together with other advances such as the nanotechnology artificial intelligence. robots and. three d. technology which allow progress but at the same time a challenge for many of us. today as it is a citizen who receives thirty. days. more information it within thirty days of receives more information then. thirty years passed and this shows that people have got rich with to with information and. their expectations and it shows us the task that we have today and we have to be up
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to it many people measure us with doubt and what these summits achieve we have the obligation to show the world that today the global requirements need global solutions problems such as work in the future climate climate changes we can't resolve them ourselves which is why i wish to invite you that we work together to make the most of the mechanisms that we have it within our reach and we can. talk about the different the other mechanisms that we need in order to be able to give common results common answers to the. the for me we have to talk and talk and talk this is the way of pushing the limits of what's possible understanding that every country has his preferences and the values and interests we all coincide with
6:43 pm
something that we want to. move the sustainable to when we want to achieve sustainable development we. take the responsibility of the g twenty with the conviction that we have to do something that we can do something to the glue cooperation. of the global government government in its fifty meetings have been held in different parts of the country because we are a federal country and we approach or listening to. the president of argentina welcoming the world to his country this is the g. twenty summit talking a lot about so the situation in his country giving people really a full picture this is an opportunity for argentina to certainly be on the stage let's talk more about the g. twenty summit keynes's the u.s. economics editor of the economist who joins us live from washington d.c.
6:44 pm
we appreciate your time i want to read you a facebook comment from one of our viewers who says the g. twenty is like the golden globes of the film industry you kind of know that they're they're just praising each other it says here create with that assessment. well. it. that's certainly provocative i'm not sure the participants have been very would be very happy with that characterization i suppose the critique is though that this is just a chance for them to me and have some photos taken with each other and nothing much happens we're not expecting any big coordinated announcements on the kinds of things that we just heard the talk about climate change will all that sort of thing . and i think really that reflects a change in the g twenty and in its role the g. twenty the first g. twenty summit was in response to the global financial crisis this this huge event
6:45 pm
that everyone rushed to coordinate to combat and now there isn't well not everyone agrees that there is that same kind of crisis it's much more fractious there are many more bilateral tensions particularly those instigated by president on the trunk of america i think there you know mentioned people turning away from multilateralism so and that was surely referring to trump and i'm glad you brought that up because i do want to ask obviously one of the one of the things that is looming over this is the trade war that hit for tat trade war between the u.s. and china is there any potential for that to truly be addressed here or at least the beginnings of it being addressed. i think there is but there's also a huge amount of uncertainty i think particularly in the u.s. a lot of people are focused on this meeting for what could happen with with this
6:46 pm
dinner that's happening on saturday night between donald trump and she didn't ping of china and so then the range of outcomes is fairly vast it's certainly possible that president donald trump could decide to remove all of the tariffs he has the authority to do that but it's also possible that essentially we see something a bit weaker perhaps some of the terrace there's been planned there's an increased ban from ten percent to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of imports that's planned for the first of january that could still go ahead and they organize some kind of framework for talks or they could hold that off there's a huge range of outcomes i think what we've been seeing is this battle between the hawks and the darkness within the u.s. administration between those who say no it's too early we want to squeeze them harder before we bring them to the table and then donald trump saying and also others within the administration saying no i want i want the option for
6:47 pm
a deal and i think everyone's watching to see whether he decides on on saturday night to pursue some kind of outlines of a deal who really has the upper hand. well depending on who you talk to obviously president trump thinks he has the upper hand i think if you look at the strength of the two economies i think the chinese economy is looking a bit wobbly other than the american to comment upon to me right now that's not necessarily because of the tar ifs but it certainly means that perhaps they're feeling less secure about you know the amount of pain that they're willing to take obviously the political systems are very different in china and in the u.s. and so you know one might say that perhaps the chinese have more power to wait out any pain that that does happen although i think they're also rumblings of internal
6:48 pm
debate within china calling to take these u.s. threats a bit more seriously because i think so far there's been a sense that you know the chinese have thought this is a temporary thing you know we're going to wait until we see what they really want this is going to go away eventually and perhaps well depending on how saturday night goes there may be a realisation that actually there's a bipartisan consensus within the u.s. that the u.s. needs to toughen up its position on china and so perhaps these tensions won't be going away ok keynes with the economist thank you. australia's prime minister scott morrison is one of the leaders at the g twenty but thousands of students in his country are calling on him to take action to address climate change and here is here with more on that anger thank you very much well the strike for climate action has brought thousands of students parents and teachers to public
6:49 pm
squares in several cities across australia the organizers were inspired by a fifteen year old girl in sweden who led a school strike in her country these demonstrators want to move beyond fossil fuel projects to one hundred percent renewable energy by twenty thirty now prime minister scott morrison had earlier dismissed the planned strike saying that these kids should just stay in the classroom now that comment prompted outrage from the protesters who say that their activism is necessary some of the people who gathered in sydney's central business district and here's what some of them had to say. and maybe we. have to. do anything to protect the future of this planet if we. can bridge is going i continue to grieve we want the great barrier reef now people online are tweeting under a hash tag school strike for climate and many of them are posting pictures of protests one person says that the prime minister is the one who needs to go back to
6:50 pm
school and take some science classes another says that as a retired teacher i would normally say that students should be attending school but the climate situation is so serious that we should fully support many others have been posting pictures like these of their sign boards this one reads listen to the school kids they want to future and this one says seeing tiny activists all over the country strike for a safe climate is warming my heart thank you now australia is one of the largest carbon emitters per capita in part because of its reliance on coal fired power plants but the country has committed to reducing its emission levels under the paris climate agreement but a recent un report here pointed out that australia's efforts are not on track to meet its target by twenty thirty so let us know what you think especially if you're in australia you can connect with us on twitter using the hash tag it's a news group. thank you once again you can live there is a bonus story there from. girls in mosul or coping with trauma or meditation and
6:51 pm
then joe will be here with all the sports he'll tell us about the decision to move the south america. thousands of miles away.
6:52 pm
and there was lots of discussion about the final of the big football club championship in south america it is not going to be in south america this is going to be in south america finally they've made a decision after a week of speculation the match will be played at real madrid santiago bernabéu stadium next sunday the spanish capital has been chosen to hold the postponed
6:53 pm
second leg of the final after the original much was abandoned because of fan violence and one aside is the match between two of argentina's biggest teams boca juniors and river plate was halted when bocas bus was attacked outside of a stadium it will now take place thousands of kilometers away both teams have appealed the decision to host the game in spain but organizers have decided it isn't safe to reschedule match in argentina earlier i spoke to ben haywood who is a spanish football journalist based in madrid for the evening standard newspaper he says details are still a bit sketchy but it's going to be difficult for fans from argentina to get to that game. i've been on the phone to the spanish federation spawning asking about it could it's asian they don't know what the plan is yet you know she could sing the security i'm imagining is going to be a big police operation to you know plan for this game after everything that's
6:54 pm
happening in buenos aires madrid is of course used to homs hosting big games they've had a world cup final at the bend of barrow a bit a long time ago champions league finals big big games so i suppose the city is prepared for that but i'm not sure it's prepared for a river against barca i mean there are hundred thousand argentines in spain there or thereabouts so that you know a lot of those potentially could come to the games but the real hardcore fans i suppose that you're talking about in going to sadie's and other parts of argentina probably going to find it very difficult to travel at this time of year you know flights are already very very expensive it's the holiday season coming up i've had a quick look this morning flights return flights from when you say is to madrid over a thousand euros already average action time wait around four hundred euros or a little bit more it's a lot of money to come out just for one game will be at home and it is going to be very very difficult for the fans with limited you know flights available perhaps
6:55 pm
they can chance of more planes and organize fans to travel out that way but it's very little time and it's going to cost them a lot of money to come and watch that scene. visiting top chef acquittance i have been marking two years since the plane crash that claimed the lives of almost the entire team and coaching stuff on thursday they posted this video on twits who are remembering those they lost and is the shed almost ten thousand times. tonight it is an. elite.
6:56 pm
now we want to leave you on a happy story because golden state warriors star steph curry has been making the sporting headlines on social media today is after nine year old worry is found riley morrison wrote to curry when she found that his trainers were only listed in the boys' section of the under armor website in the letter which has been shed on instagram she writes i know he supports go athletes because you have two daughters and you host an all girls basketball camp i hope you can work with under armor to change this because girls want to rock the current fives too and it wasn't long before she got a response from currie where correcting this now he writes i want to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly he also voted riley to the home of the warriors on international women's day next year and curry is a well known advocates of women's equality earlier this year he penned a passionate se essay on the play is tribune in praise of his wife mother and young
6:57 pm
daughters one of whom is also called riley and happily under armor have really acted to riley's concerns too this is their website now with curry strainers rightly listed as kids' shoes also on the girls' section now riley wasn't the only youngster who curry took time out for on thursday a couple of weeks ago ten year old canadian zachary walker caught the attention of the basketball world after showing off these moves at halftime during a toronto raptors game and it even got him follow from currie on instagram when he thought that was good but then he got me his idol with the warriors in town to play the raptors zachery posted afterwards at the meeting had reminded him to keep working hard. paul will be working hard later with the sport at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand you back to show staff carries a star that's for sure that will do it for a news grid and touch with us on social media a hash tag a.j. news fred there's plenty of other ways to reach us as well if twitter whatsapp all
6:58 pm
back if they're perceived back air city or fourteen it fifteen g.m.t. . this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. little take you to those you love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extraordinary comfort come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about we're
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boarding now. the lights are on. but there's nowhere to hide do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy out from own al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. the important thing if you were walking around in beirut was known to be in the line of fire from the holiday. we heard gunshots i was the first one to flee the hotter. the battle lasted three days and three nights and there were no prisoners at the control of the under control of the region around and that's why it was such
7:00 pm
a bloody battle an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war beirut holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera. as g twenty leaders gather in argentina the saudi crown prince cuts a lonely figure but he finds a friend in a lot of it putin. that i'm focused on this is south jersey or life from london also coming up. ukraine vols of russian men age sixteen to sixteen from entering fearing a land invasion off to moscow seems three of its ships. unicef forms the tens of south.


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