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and that's why for such a bloody battle an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war beirut holiday in war hotels on al-jazeera. as g twenty leaders gather in argentina the saudi crown prince cuts a lonely figure but he finds a friend in a lot of it putin. out there i'm felicity barr and this is south jersey or life from london also coming up ukraine vols of russian men age sixteen to sixty from entering fearing a land invasion off to moscow seize three of its ships. unicef warns that tens of thousands of children could starve to death in central african republic.
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and a south korean train crosses into the north to help upgrade it to adopt a dated railway system. we begin in buenos aires where the g twenty summit of the world's top economies has just got underway it's likely to be dominated by the trade dispute between the u.s. china donald trump and his chinese counterpart cheating paying a few to hold a formal meeting on saturday to discuss tariffs and a potential trade deal but the summit has been overshadowed by rising tensions between russia and ukraine and the orchid presence of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon who have just seen the following of course the murder of the journalist amal has shot she in turkey you saw the pictures a moment ago it seems that mohammed bin salmond has found are all the unlikely ally
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in russia's president vladimir putin who greeted him very warmly let's just see this. so saudi crown prince finding at least one i lie at the g. twenty summit. let's take you live to wayne as areason speak to al-jazeera is alan fischer i mean in the lead up to this summit out and there's been a lot of speculation about how world leaders would indeed trees have been sound man when he arrived in argentina. exactly right the talk was there going to be a meeting between him and donald trump donald trump being one of the crown prince's biggest international supporters we were told that that was off the table that don't trump certainly didn't have time when they said joe let's be honest don't trump wants to meet the saudi crown prince donald trump will meet the saudi crown prince there will be a gap in the shadow created tello that to happen so the fact that donald trump isn't meeting him here is significant there were those who said that they were going to meet him and then canceled those plans among them but president did go
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ahead with the diplomatic niceties of greeting mohammed bin salman is the arrived at the g twenty as you would expect him to do we know that prime minister modi of india met the saudi crown prince of these residents here in argentina on thursday but then it was all about who is going to shake his hand who is going to talk to him when the g. twenty actually gets under way we'll present my craw certainly had a quick brief meeting with them according to sources from the palace he said that he mentioned the murder of jamal khashoggi he also talked about the war in yemen we know that president putin shook his hand he has not criticized mohammed bin some of the saudi government any point at all he is aware that there is the possibility of a fracture in saudi u.s. relations and wants to position himself a way that he can actually take advantage of that also he hasn't criticized mohamed been selman even though there are numerous reports which say he ordered the killing of one of his own citizens on foreign soil vladimir putin hasn't said anything at
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all about that it was interesting though when it came to the family photo as the leaders all gathered together the crime prince was awkwardly standing at the right no one came over to talk to him until the person who was standing next to him took up his place and that was the president of the enter american investment bank not exactly a household name and while the crown prince was very much to the right of the picture on the left. of the picture of the far left of the picture was president of talkie these things don't happen by accident these are stage managed those positions were picked to keep the two men very far apart and once the picture was done everyone seemed to wander off or mohammed bin salman awkwardly it wandered off as well no there is no doubt that when the leaders of together in a room there will be high and chicks there will be short conversations that's just the nature of the g twenty but certainly that was a very awkward moment when they gathered together for the g.
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twenty family for two as it's called or i shall official live there in buenos aires appreciate it allan thank you the united states canada and mexico have signed a new north american trade deal at the g. twenty summit donald trump a spend more than a year pressuring canada and mexico into rewriting the original nafta deal saying that was a job killer for u.s. workers so you would prevent gives the u.s. special access to canada's dairy markets and allows extra imports of canadian cocks and officers can be held at joins us live now again from wainer cyrus so we've already got this new trade agreements between the u.s. and mexico and canada the other big trade agreement or rather trade war really as it is right now is of course between the u.s. and china isn't it. yeah and it's escalating or has the potential to ask the late unless the two sides can find some sort of agreement now
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there is some a cautious optimism but at the same time felicity there's a lot that has to change before then agreement can be struck between china's leader as well as the u.s. leader donald trump they are going to sit down and have a working dinner on saturday but the e.u. u.s. is very clear in its position it has the trump illustration has the backing of the u.s. congress for years it has been accusing truck china of predatory trade practices of dumping cheap chinese goods into the u.s. market intellectual property theft cyber attacks and unless that stops unless there's a promise from china to stop doing that there will be no agreement so don't trump has been very open about it as maybe they'll be a deal maybe there won't be but guess what happens if there's not a deal the tariffs against china will go even higher they will go up to twenty five percent in january and this is are some two hundred billion of chinese goods brought into the united states so there's a lot of stake a lot of incentive most both sides are saying there is
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a possibility of the deal but the united states saying it's going to have to be some major concessions in order to end that agreement and speaking of trouble maybe doing some people may not be doing something he says he's canceled that meeting with vladimir putin the russians seem to have a different take. yeah they they have been sending out a couple of different press releases if you will from some of the sideline meetings that have been happening trying to make more of just casual passing and this is kind of what's going on with regard to the meeting between donald trump and lattimer putin which was counseled by the president donald trump that is on the way to a sorry he did it aboard air force one on twitter the reason he says this because russia has still not returned those three vessels that were seized over the weekend in that naval clash in ukraine and as well those twenty four sailors still detained
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and so as a result donald trump says there will be no meeting no rush on the other hand is saying that there could be some sort of casual polish side well that would happen with almost any leader in the room so really trying to make more of what is nothing more than just a casual occurrence in fact the white house sent out a statement to the pool reporters here when it's horace trying to clarify this saying in fact that the reason this meeting is not happening is because of the issue in ukraine and this naval clash she also went on to say has nothing to do with what they are continuing to call the witch hunt and that is the probe into donald trump's ties with russia we've just had a bombshell revelation back in the united states that seems to link his personal attorney michael cohen and some statements he made in a plea agreement they're kind of indicating that donald trump did have plans to build trump tower or at least was investigating that in moscow at the time he was campaigning for president it's a clear line between russia and the u.s.
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president and of course we know russia did meddle in the twenty six thousand u.s. election the white house trying to downplay that in its latest statement we should also point out in that family photo that just took place here in buenos sorry donald trump did not in any way meet with the russian president vladimir putin or even glance of his direction or was going to be interesting so mrs nick can believe thanks so much for the thank you. now ukraine has banned russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixteen from entering the country for a month the ukrainian president petro poroshenko says the bomb will help to stop the formation of what he describes as private armies ukraine says a working alongside moscow backed rebels in the border area ukraine impose martial law in a number of provinces for thirty days i was off to russia sees three ukrainian ships and twenty four sailors on sunday under simmons's in khaki live not far from
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the russian border and has more than. tens of thousands of russian nationals are going to be affected by this move and certainly the economy will be affected as well petro poroshenko says the main reason is to stop russian forces from being gauging private companies to send men in here effectively to form private armies and he says this is what happened back in twenty fourteen after the ukrainian uprising when pro russian has caused so much trouble here in hockey even other places trying to force resistance against the new rule of ukraine now he says that this move will affect all men young men sixteen years of age right up until sixty years of age here in hockey if it's going to have a big effect there is a thirty percent russian ethnic parts of the population and many families will be affected to the to ing and fro ing across the border just to give you an example on
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thursday seven hundred people across the border coming in and coming out that seven hundred settlers went men women and children however but the situation here is one where people are quite concerned because if russia had responded by doing the same thing and binding ukrainian nationals who would have a massive effect on so many people who are unemployed or very very low wages going into russia to find work so russia played a small cog by not responding. to serious for a challenge joins us live from moscow right now say rory give us some more details about what's happening with these new border restrictions. well yeah i mean as andrew was just saying there in his reports it's basically this is a move by petro poroshenko administration that is going to have ramifications
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for many ordinary people on either side of the russia ukraine border russia's unusual perspective when it comes to policies that he thinks are anti russian and he has to do something reciprocal back they call it the whole principle of reciprocity and so i think all eyes are basically on russia after this news broke to see whether there would be any kind of council move from the ministry of foreign affairs here anything that would say you know restrict the access of ukrainians of military age to russia. this is part of the worlds where there are families you have people on both sides of the border. but the russians seem to not be going down that route i think they are quite happy for petro poroshenko to look like he's overreacting in this situation they are playing down the whole straits crisis
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saying that it was just a border incident really and so when asked about what they would do in return earlier in the day and there is a car over the spokes person for the ministry of foreign affairs seem to position russia as the kind of adult in the room here and try to portray what is going on in ukraine as a kind of collective freakouts from the portion of ministration we can listen to him or is it harder now. yeah talking about retaliation is just terrifying because if anyone tries to retaliate to what's happening in kiev now it could lead to a crazy situation if we're talking about this on a national scale then quite simply it could lead to a meltdown but also hearing new story that those captured ukrainian sailors have now been moved to moscow from the crimea region
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yeah earlier in the day someone from the authorities in crimea was saying that they didn't have them anymore they had they had left the peninsula she didn't know where they gone sushi's or that was the f s b s jurisdiction the f.s.b. is the russian federal security service and what we know now is that they have been moved to look for to a prison and the force of it is a pretty notorious place in moscow it is an old jail that in stalinist times was run by the n.k.v.d. the stalin secret police it was used as a torture center then it passes than of the k.g.b. that was the successor to the n.k.v.d. it is now run by the ministry of justice but it still has close ties to the russian security services and from what we understand twenty one of the sailors are now being held there in quarantine the international red cross has been talking to
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russia about whether it can actually get into this facility and visit these men there are three that are at the moment unaccounted for we suspect that those are probably the three who were injured and reports of the moments are that they are being held in a prison hospital why are they being moved to moscow where we are being told at the moment but the working assumption i think has to be that moscow is ultimately where these men are going to stand trial jury thank you. still ahead on the program process against fuel price protests in kenya faso walk but has to do with the spread of groups across the so how. does if things went tough enough for the central american a sign of seek his way saying at the u.s. border to wrench will rain brings new problems.
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hello again and welcome back all this i do want to start here across parts of central asia we are picking up a few showers across much of china and those are going to be on the crease as we go towards the rest of the weekend a couple showers down here across parts of the south hong kong you're going to be picking up a shower just to the north of you with the temperature not too bad of about twenty five degrees but we do expect to see heavier showers as we go towards sunday particular here across the central regions but over towards shanghai it is still going to be relatively quiet few with the temperature there of twenty two degrees a little bit further towards the west we are going to see much of india clear over the next few days some showers down here across the south including parts of sri lanka but as we go towards saturday well colombo is going to be mostly cloudy with attempted there of thirty one degrees a few clouds up here along the coastal areas for for new delhi we are talking about mid twenty's for you and really staying like that as we go towards sunday maybe some rain and clouds as we make our way towards sunday for kolkata as well as much
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of bangladesh and here across much of the arabian peninsula we are going to be watching this mass of clouds over the next few days we are going to be seeing some rain appear towards iraq moving towards iran but these clouds are going to be mostly cloudy to cloudy situations as we go over the next few days for doha with a temperature there of about twenty seven degrees. they joined one of the wilds most notorious ahmed groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now help us. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women door to. part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera.
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welcome back undermines at the top stories here on al-jazeera the g. twenty summit of the world's top economies is underway in argentina the trade dispute between the u.s. and china is likely to dominate the summit with president donald trump and his chinese counterpart xi jinping holding a formal meeting on saturday all summits being overshadowed by the all put presence of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon following the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi but it seems he has found allies in russia's president vladimir putin and possibly the french president emmanuel michel.
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president as russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty eight from entering the country for a month try to stop the formation of private armies along the border. syrian state media say thirty people have been killed in the u.s. led coalition airstrikes targeting i saw. most of the victims in the town of al shifa all said to be women and children on thursday nearly twenty people and some eisel fighters were killed in a coalition strike on a prison in the same area are all still pockets controlled by eisel in eastern syria where they have been killing civilians. unicef is warning of an unprecedented humanitarian disaster for children in central african republic it says tens of thousands could starve to death as rival groups continue to battle for control of land and resources alexey o'brien reports. these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts starving children fill central african republic
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sir only pediatric hospital and their frail bodies are fighting an invisible enemy hunger to inform on placed in one place. it's really sad because it's an illness that can be prevented but we see dozens of cases if for a day sometimes children arrive here in a very serious condition they go straight to the emergency ward and some die it's really painful. they've got. the un says children a suffering the most in the fighting that began in two thousand and thirteen between mostly muslim seleka rebels and the mainly christian anti baloch of militias. both sides have a tech schools hospitals and religious buildings and one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world a militia leader and former politician tom is now facing charges in the international criminal court accused of murder torture and recruiting child soldiers like level she thought is only for passing. i was fifteen when i joined
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the armed group it was to protect myself and money so i could support myself because i was poor if you don't help the children the boys will join armed groups and the girls will sell their bodies. according to the united nations the violence has forced a quarter of all children from their homes many into the bush or overcrowded camps nearly every child needs protection from the armed groups which now control the saint of the country it is one point five million children require humanitarian aid and forty three thousand could die. from extreme hunger in the coming year children in the central african republic are constantly that facing violence fear they are recruited into armed groups they are living under imaginable poverty and facing life threatening malnutrition their situation is really
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desperate we have a whole generation of children growing up in in desperate desperate situations. unicef says children and central african republic have been abandoned by the international community for too long and without urgent help they could become a lost generation brian al jazeera. workers across the kenya fire so have walked off their jobs in protest at soaring fuel prices the cost has risen by twelve percent in three weeks became a farce i was part of the vasa hell area which has been plagued by violence the government says it needs money normally used for fuel subsidies to fund operations against all groups but as mariana holmes reports protesters say they're struggling to feed their families. they came in their thousands walking out of their workplaces to protest fuel price hikes that they say have compounded the hardship of an already impoverished population the former french colony is one of the
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poorest countries in the world by it is academia says he's now struggling to fill his car and his belly to. we're here to answer the call of the largest union in this country this is to say no to the rising price of fuel and to seek better living conditions for everyone here i travel by car i can't afford my fuel any more burkean a fast as government is under pressure it was democratically elected in two thousand and sixteen after an uprising two years earlier pushed out full magicked blaise company. but over that time. its focus has been split between growing the economy and keeping its people safe. at least two hundred sixty people have been killed since two thousand and sixteen and more than two hundred tex by armed groups some of whom are believed to have links to the former dictator's presidential guard the government says it's had to reduce fuel
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subsidies to cope with the global oil prices and to channel funding to where it's needed most. of all our budgets and twenty eighteen were refocused to emphasize defends even in twenty nineteen the priority is defense and security so it's not a question of taking from these ones and giving to those ones but rather reducing subsidies to use it on security for more of. a lack of security has paralyzed much of the north and east of bric enough fassel and closed more than three hundred schools it's part of the saheli area which has struggled with instability over the last seven he is five so he'll countries have formed a transnational military operation and france pledged thirty four million dollars in aid last month to the kenya fassel mali and. it's to help ease poverty and unemployment the conditions within which extremism thrives it's not
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clear when that might reach people like by aid as academia but what they know right now is the bite of fuel prices that have spiked by twelve percent in just three weeks media mohan come to syria. dozens of people have been arrested in brussels after violence during process inspired by france's yellow vest and t. fuel tax movements police fired water cannon and tear gas at the crowd he blocked a key road in the belgian capital protesters are calling on the government to resign over rising fuel prices aren't a decline in living standards. rain is bringing more misery to thousands of asylum seekers at the us mexico border they're part of a large group of people fleeing violence and poverty in honduras guatemala and el salvador and hoping for a better life in the united states castro is into quanah and has that story. this was the first of four days of rain expected in tijuana mexico it hadn't
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reached two year old nicole regus yet the water surrounded the tent where her mother had kept her hidden i mean i protect my daughter even if i have to get wait . for the hours passed and the rain continued. more than seven thousand asylum seekers are now camp in fear wanna the vast majority inside this city park with no roofs over their heads many already sick and weak after walking more than a month from their home countries to reach this point we go but she suffers from asthma so i have to be careful she'll get sick from the rain. this was javier on their toes bed he left honduras to seek a better life in the united states not knowing the slow pace the u.s. takes asylum claims would condemn him to living like this it will be months before his turn to apply for asylum at the us port of entry after the move in the
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underwood we are still in good spirits because we came with a purpose we're not ready to give up the men young or. desperate families queued up to receive donated raincoats. then nightfall brought welcoming signs apos to the rain and government buses to take some to a covered shelter but many refused the offer to move them was about out of it that would spread us out a few here a few there we won't be as strong we don't want that. and so most remained willing to suffer side by side for what they believed to be their best chance for asylum in the us. castro al-jazeera do you want to mexico fifty one pilot whales have died in another must try to get new zealand less than a week after one hundred forty five oils died in two of us standings the new zealand department of conservation said it was alerted to at least eighty while stranded on thursday around thirty were able to refloat themselves to see but the
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remaining whales died including one that was euthanized because of its poor condition. it seems there's no end yet to sri lanka's political crisis with polman policy a motion to cuts ministers salaries and travel expenses is designed to disrupt the administration of the disputed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa his supporters boycotted the vote declaring it's illegal rajapaksa was controversially installed off of the president the prime minister on a wickramasinghe last month in a move many considered to be unconstitutional the first time in a decade a train from south korea has crossed into north korea it's part of a mission to help upgrade pyongyang's poor well way system eugene joan has more from seoul. south korean carriage is a left station behind me on friday morning across the military demarcation line dividing the two careers and shortly after a series or g.m.t. now the south korean officials and inspectors on the train will be joined with
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their north korean counterparts for the next eighteen days to inspect railways along the eastern and western coast of north korea now this is the first time for south korean carriages to cross their korean border in ten years and also what's more remarkable is that this will be the first time for south korean train to run along the railways along the eastern coast of north korea ever since the korean war ended more than sixty years ago the two sides initially wanted to hold this joint inspection back in july but were stalled for a few months because of global sanctions imposed on north korea just last week the un security council lifted the sanctions allowing the south main characters to carry fifty five thousand liters of diesel fuel on this train to north korea this shows the international community's backing of the joint inspection between the two koreas this is also symbolic of the progress being made the agreements that were made between the two koreas this year amid
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a flurry of some high level meetings the disarming of the troops village and the other is the joint excavation work of the remains within the demilitarized zone. the korean war however there is still much progress to be made on north korea's denuclearization and the united states is adamant that the sanctions stay in place until north korea shows a final and fully verifiable denuclearization. undermines of the top stories at the g twenty summit of the world's top economies has officially teaches capital going to. the summit is likely to be dominated by the trade dispute between the u.s. of china. with president donald trump and his chinese counterpart xi jinping due to hold a formal meeting on saturday the summit is also being overshadowed by the awkward presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound month following the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi appears though to have an ally in russia's president
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vladimir putin who greeted him very importantly an official has more on the crown prince's reception talk was there going to be a meeting between him and donald trump donald trump being one of the crown prince's biggest international supporters we were told that that was off the table that donald trump certainly didn't have time in the show joe let's be honest if donald trump wants to meet the saudi crown prince donald trump will meet the saudi crown prince there will be a gap in the shadow created that to happen so the fact that donald trump isn't meeting him here is significant there were those who said that they were going to meet him and they canceled those plans among them but president murray did go ahead with the diplomatic niceties of greeting mohammed bin salman is the arrived ukraine has banned russian men between the ages of sixteen and sixty from entering the country for a month ukrainian president had trip or a shank kostas the ban will help to stop the formation of what he describes as private armies ukraine says are working alongside moscow backed rebels in the
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border area create impose martial law in a number of provinces for thirty days after russia sees three ukrainian ships and twenty four sailors on sunday. syrian state media says thirty people have been killed in u.s. led coalition air strikes targeting ice on their dirs or most of the victims in the town of al schieffer are said to be women and children or thursday nearly twenty people and some myself fighters were killed in coalition strikes on the prison in the same area there are still pockets controlled by isolate eastern syria where they've been killing civilians it seems there's no end yet to sri lanka's political crisis with parliament passing a motion to cut ministers salaries and travel expenses is designed to disrupt the administration of the disputed prime minister rajapaksa. and those latest headlines here on al-jazeera are more in half an hour's time radicalized he says next.
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