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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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iraq and there are some push back some human rights to. talks with. the president to mannion mark or holds an emergency cabinet meeting after the worst civil unrest in france in decades. now i'm fully back to you watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead a call for urgent action in poland where close to two hundred countries are meeting and had warnings about the impact of climate change the high showed g. murder overshadows the saudi crown prince's diplomatic gauge means opposition groups denounce mom had been solomon's visit to mauritania and
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a trade war cease fire the u.s. and china agreed to a pause in their bitter trade dispute after talks of the g. twenty in argentina. i am. thank you for joining us it's a popular rebellion that began three weeks ago spread on social media and has exploded into the worst unrest for decades in france president emmanuel mccall flew back from the g. twenty summit for an emergency meeting with government leaders the cabinet meeting included prime minister into a field canceled his trip to the global climate change summit in poland. headed to the center of paris to assess the damage from saturday's protests and to thank firefighters and security forces for hours thousands of yellow vests protesters demanded next month for poles rise in fuel tax is dates and my call resign some torch car. vandalise shops and painted the are detailed with graffiti police
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arrested at least four hundred people and at least one hundred thirty were injured let's speak to our correspondent in paris david david do we know what's come out of the emergency cabinet meeting first. yes we do we've just heard from the least say first of all let's make it clear that they did not discuss this motion see session bring in new state of emergency they want to make that clear but what president emanuel makkal has done is order his prime minister edward felipe to invite for talks members of the parliamentary leaders and also representatives of the demonstrators now this is a clear attempt to try and establish some sort of dialogue to put it on a track which they can try and control this is a very essential point and he seems to put this in the hands of his prime minister
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he also said after the session that he wanted his interior minister to have a review of the legal and police procedures perhaps an indication there that he was not quite happy with the way that the police were left to cope with the situation the way that they they ran out of tear gas they had to make a special plea to dig into the paris reserves of tear gas and stun grenades so there is an indication that they want to change both the policing and also to open the door to some form of dialogue and try and isolate the handful of what police called extremists that took over the arc de triomphe defaced it defiled that symbol of the french republic and this is the way he's trying to cope with the situation will have to wait and see it if it works because it's very hard as you know this is
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a social media organization the yellow vests revolt and who is their leader there isn't one i was going to ask you about that what will they agree to the call for dialogue by the president and what is their strategy moving forward on they going to continue with the demonstrations. well you can talk about strategy and how are they going to cope and what is what is going to go on it's very very hard to actually find out because you can only start watching the social media the calls from all around the country remember this is not just a parisian protest one hundred thirty six thousand yellow vests went out across the country joining the protests in paris and most of those were completely peaceful so there's a problem here in paris with the extremists but also there's a problem trying to find anybody who's representing the best revolt and they tried
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it they tried it on on friday when the prime minister said to come and talk to me one person turned up went in to talk to him but because it wasn't a live stream because it wasn't allowed to be filmed he turned on his heels and came out that's what they're dealing with dealing with something that they're not used to usually they're talking to members of the opposition to m.p.'s the people within the system but here they're not these are people completely outside the system and one thing unites them from all parts of the political spectrum is that they want president emmanuel mark wrong to resign david tacey in paris thank you. while the anger about the rising fuel tax has spilled into french overseas territories like the indian ocean island of reunion protesters there may be thousands of kilometers from paris but their issues are the same some of them in a report from a reunion capital sundanese. the french minister for the overseas territory and head and has been speaking with members of the yellow vests here union via video
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conference in these government voting the hundreds of supporters of the elevator said gathered outside waiting for some sort of monster from the minister as to how the government is going to deal with their demands they've raised a number of issues from the state of education saying that the syllabus year reunion should be adapted from the french syllabus to issues around the economy the cost of living as well as the prices of fuel and the taxes they also want to working conditions improved as well as the minimum wage people here are saying that the minister has one hour to get back to them they're going to stay here until she responds to these lands and has something called a creek to say they say otherwise the protests they've been staging for the past two weeks will continue even if they have to shut down the economy of the union now the new signs of people have been marching in belgium calling for action from
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governments around the world to reach a goal set out in the paris climate agreement the rally passed by the european commission headquarters it was held as the cop twenty four summit got under way in poland there the un climate chief on the impact of climate change has never been worse and voice from almost two hundred nations at the event to address a problem the paris common agreement signed in twenty fifteen was supposed to hold average temperatures increases to less than one point five degrees celsius but the us has since withdrawn from the deal leading to concerns about its viability feel thornhill is a common activist and former national coordinator for the campaign against climate change he says any progress on climate change is being stifled by the rise of populist politics. this conference is not going to come up with anything dramatic it's only the way it's set up it might come up with a set of rules if we're lucky for the for the and effective set of rules for the
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powers agreements but we're limited by the paris agreement itself the commitments that nations have made enough to to effectively combat climate change and worse than that the politics around climate change has got worse since the climate agreement i mean global politics since then has been defined pretty much by the rise of a right wing populism i mean trump in the u.s. but also not only in brazil so the real battlefield is not within the talks. the battlefield to to act effectively. combat climate change is really in the political arena outside the talks and it's it's finding some kind of effective response to the new. right wing populism that it hitched its wagon to a greater or lesser degree of climate denialism so we need an effective response to
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that. now to afghanistan where there have been a series of violent incidents across the country a top taliban commander has been killed in a joint u.s. and afghan as strike in helmand along with twenty nine others. was in charge of the southern province for the group he was meeting local commanders and fighters at the time separately at least ten civilians have been killed in an as strike in eastern province near the border with pakistan the provincial governor says for fire fight for fighters were killed in the attack but locals are calling for an investigation as women and children were among the dead and the taliban is reported to have kidnapped at least forty coal truck drivers and their vehicles in some on down province. now the saudi crown prince has left mauritania after a short visit and is now on his way to algeria earlier mohammed bin solomon was
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greeted by president mohammed old abdelaziz in the mauritanian capital chart his presence fox demonstrations linked to his alleged involvement in the murder of journalists. have been protests against the crown prince searing several stops of his overseas tour and are also overshadowed much of the g twenty summit in one osiris the saudi crown prince appeared isolated early on as speculation mounts about his alleged involvement in the killing but as alan fischer reports day two was quite different. the saudi crown prince has had a busy day too at the g. twenty he met one on one with the argentinean president and there was an extended meeting with president putin of russia the man who gave him a high five on friday. turkey's president of the one revealed the case of democracy was raised only once in meetings with all the leaders and it was by the canadians he said the saudi crown prince gave what he described as an unbelievable response i asked him what he meant could you elaborate on your comments when you said that the
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current prince gave an unbelievable explanation when discussing the death of jamal khashoggi you know. when i say unbelievable i mean the following he said that unless the crime is proven you cannot play i'm sorry arabia that was the statement and of course what he said may be valid from a legal point of view but we actually talked of by the evidence proving the crime his own official said this was a planned operation the canadian prime minister said he also raised the murder when he came face to face with the saudi royal i also. spoke directly to the crown prince to highlight our concerns and our need for better answers on the killing of. and also the need for an immediate cease fire and humanitarian aid to go to yemen which is the largest humanitarian catastrophe going on in the
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world right now and is a subject that we brought up repeatedly in various conversations as the pressure grows in the u.s. to take firm action against saudi arabia at a port in a u.s. newspaper the wall street journal claims to seen details of eleven messages the saudi royal sent his closest adviser who oversaw the so-called hit team in istanbul the newspaper says this led the cia a america's intelligence agency to conclude mohammed bin someone likely ordered the murder. but america's secretary of state says they still stand by the crime prince i have read every piece of intelligence that is in the possession of the united states government and when it is done when you complete that analysis there is no direct evidence linking him to the murder of the saudi crown prince was never going to be ignored or shunned i think gathering of the world's twenty largest economies there are diplomatic niceties to be observed the real test will be in weeks to come as countries reexamine their
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relationship with saudi arabia and the man who is effectively in charge. alan fischer al-jazeera at the g twenty computers out. to the head on al-jazeera revives by many but revered by some dr nord last come on he's remembered in colombia changing the ice from outer space a russian company has another attempt at sending an organ printer to the international space station. however the rain clouds are gathering again full parts of the middle east by a large it is going to be fine and dry but a little cloud just sliding out of that eastern side of the medics right in that it is going to make its way in across the levant we go on through the next day also
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lossy father dry for monday will see a good deal of warm sunshine twenty four celsius the by roots for example come in last little bit of cloud there just around iraq pushing into that western side of iran and maybe a little bit of cloud over towards the western side of the himalayas couple of these dry temperatures here at fourteen celsius rico wanted to choose day there's that west of weather that's going to come through good parts of northern syria southern areas of turkey seeing the cloud in the right lebanon will see some of that wet weather northern parts of jordan could also catch a few spots as we go on through chews day more so into wednesday that cloud extends the cross a good part of iraq by this stage so temperatures in baghdad and kuwait city at around twenty one degrees celsius will be a little warmer than that here in concert temperatures getting up to twenty eight celsius in similar values we go on to choose day with the thickening cloud will spill its way down across northern parts of the region something clout say making its way towards cape town as we go on through the next couple of days with a chance of useful rain.
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just. capturing a moment in time snapshots of other nights the story providing a glimpse into someone else's world nice. to see around.
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play watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top story the french president has held an emergency meeting with his cabinet following saturday's nationwide protests and violence the protesters want emmanuel mccourt to resign over his economic reforms thousands of people have been marching in belgium calling for action on climate change it's being held as envoys from almost two hundred nations are gathering at the cop summit in poland they're hoping to agree on our own ways to stop the planet's overheating. and the saudi crown prince has left mauritania after a short visit and is now on his way to algeria earlier mohamed bin salman surprise and spock's demonstrations mean to his alleged involvement in the matter of. a donald trump has agreed to delay increasing trade tires on chinese imports at least for the next ninety days the u.s. and chinese presidents met of the g twenty summit on saturday and said they'll use the time to try to resolve their differences the u.s. was planning to boost its on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods
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from next year china has agreed to buy what's described as a very substantial amount of american farm energy and industrial goods china correspondent adrian brown has more reaction from beijing. well the governments of both china and the united states are putting a positive spin on the outcome of these talks but this is not a deal it is a truce a temporary cease fire because the white house is still warning that if after the ninety day period there is still no agreement between china and the united states on their many trade issues then the united states will impose tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods that's on top of terrorists that already apply to two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods now the chinese foreign minister wang ye has says that he hopes there could be more exchanges and visits between the two sides just before the talks president xi jinping said he was very happy to be meeting president donald trump and the best
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option for china and the united states was cooperation but there remains a fundamental areas of disagreement between these two sides especially in the area of forced technology transfer and the fact that the united states says that u.s. companies that want to do business here in china have to enter into fifty fifty joint venture arrangements and then hand over their know how the united states is saying that has to stop there is one area though i think where president xi jinping is unlikely to yield and that concerns his industrial policy known as made in china twenty twenty five this is his aim to make china a world leader in technologies of the future things like artificial intelligence and robotics but the united states is saying that china will do this by heavily subsidizing the companies involved and it says that has to stop president xi jinping has maintained that it won't. the iranian military says it will continue
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test firing missiles as part of its defense program this is despite by the u.s. the tehran had carried out a new missile test violating u.n. security council laws iran insists its missile program is defensive it's really police say they have enough evidence to charge prime minister binyamin netanyahu and his wife with accepting bribes they're accused of fraud in breach of trust in dealings with israel's largest telecoms operator it's now denies any wrongdoing in this and two other cases against him police have already recommended indicting this now over allegations of accepting gifts from billionaire friends and receiving positive coverage from a newspaper in return for favorable legislation legislation natasha to name has more from chew a scam. it appears the legal woes are mounting for prime minister benjamin netanyahu in this wide ranging corruption investigation that has plagued him and his wife since last year on sunday for the third time police recommended he be
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indicted in this case it involves an israeli company called telecom and police are alleging that prime minister netanyahu doled out regulatory favors in exchange for favorable coverage of him and his wife on a website that the company owns now this is the third corruption related case that israeli police believe netanyahu should be charged in in february police recommended he face indictment over allegedly accepting almost three hundred thousand dollars in bribes from wealthy businessmen and for attempting to solidify positive coverage of him in israel's biggest newspaper by promising to curtail coverage at one of its rivals in response to these allegations netanyahu has released the same statement he has from the onset he says there is no legal basis for these police recommendations and nothing will materialize from this
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investigation it's important to note that these are simply recommendations by the israeli police only the attorney general has the ability to indict and it could take months to do so as i mentioned this investigation has been in the works since last year now despite what appears to be mounting legal woes for netanyahu his popularity here in israel remains high according to public opinion polls. thousands of opposition supporters enjoy a jab protesting over the results of wednesday's presidential vote saying it was widespread electoral fraud they say it helps the ruling party candidates and only zurabishvili win the runoff vote robin forest walker has more from tbilisi. georgia is main opposition party and its coalition partners are holding this rally to send a message to the government that they do not recognize the results of wednesday's
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election. really an independent candidate with the backing of the governing party win by a large margin she picked up sixteen percent of the vote compared to her main rival grigg over sad say now of i should say and his supporters believe that the election was months by numerous violations including the creation of fake voter id is the simulation in violence towards their party activists and a very controversial initiative that the government announced in if a few days before the second round runoff votes this week in which they offered to relief to six hundred thousand georgians and now the opposition and also made means appends in n.g.o.s believe that this was pretty much vote buying on a massive scale so what they're calling for the opposition is early parliamentary elections but that looks like an unrealistic scenario unless they can get huge
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numbers of people onto the streets over the coming days it doesn't look likely at the moment especially given the international community has already given its support to sell amazing or obviously but they also note that there were serious problems with this election process. and they also point out these monitoring groups who oversaw this election that it was not just the government but the opposition. in hate speech and in a very negative campaign situation rather than focus on important issues and that is. both in the democratic process here. it's the twenty fifth anniversary of the death of one of the world's most notorious gangsters and drugs traffic. was colombia's version of the godfather and a major reason for the united states starting its much publicized war on drugs as
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that is on the ramp it explains the boss of the main cartel remains infamous for his brutality but signs of his generosity a center around him that it was twenty five years ago today when. the world's most notorious drug trafficker was killed in a police shoot out on a me the rooftop is that ended one of the worst terror campaigns ever perpetrated. bombings and killings were daily events in colombian cities like me the yin then the world's most dangerous a quarter century later maybe yunus turned the page on its violent image is celebrated for its innovative infrastructure projects trendy restaurants and procedures buildings dot the skyline don't many built with cocaine money and yet despite the transformation this era has only recently started to reflect on its past an exhibition at the memory house museum honors the victims and confronts the
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legacy of the drug wars want to look at this case off with that meaning it has been so intense and painful for the city and the country now that we see the change we are finally able to speak with out of fear and to deal with it. but overcoming escobar is not easy in maybe a neighborhood where he built houses for the poor still proudly showcases his name tourists and locals visit these grave on the outskirts of the city this family from mexico saved money for five years to travel to pay him home age when he was a good person who also how to do bad things otherwise he would have been killed earlier he helped many the monocle building where d.s. cobras lived was bombed in one thousand nine hundred eighteen left abandoned it's another symbol of escobar stime one does now want to get rid of the mayor announced it will demolish the building next february and turn it into a park to remember escobar victims and bring to an end what he calls
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a symbol of evil. the memory museum believes this is the right strategy. allowed to be put on ice and it's a tribute to the victims and all the people that defended legality because the violence and drug trafficking are still here they've changed and are less intense but we need to keep working on our culture so that it will always be less president twenty five years after escobar made a year in colombia have changed but the scars remain visible in the country is still figuring out how to close the door to the past i listen. next wednesday is a date set for the state funeral of george h.w. bush the forty first us president died in texas on friday at the age of ninety four his time at the white house from one thousand nine hundred ninety three was defined
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by the end of the cold war and the first gulf war his body will lie in state in the capitol for public viewing from monday. if at first you don't succeed try try again that's what one russian companies doing after a failed attempt in october and sending at three d. printer into space that. this is what three d. printing of living tissue looks like by anx made of living cells are used to put into thyroid gland this russian company was the first to successfully transplant one into a mouse the next step is to do the same for humans so this is like living material over there you know actually with us quality of the modern six hundred million people suffer from pyro disorders and there's a long waiting list for transplants printing human organs is considered a game changer in health care because it could save many lifes to be able to print complex tissues that are more similar to those in human bodies scientists say they
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need to send a three d. printer to space. in the kids or for space technology we used a so-called formative technology it looks like make a snowball where you make into snowball you make snowball not layer by layer actually but from different sides and that looks like a. true three days into college so that's a different technologies and for this type of technology we need to have a microgravity but the first attempt to send a printer to the international space station failed in october when a so you spacecraft crashed shortly after lounge for that moment of when you had to do that one more time. the printer and many hours of work were lost but it's hope there will be another opportunity soon. engineers had only one month to build this new three d. by your printer after the first one was destroyed and the recent rocket failure if
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the next launch should think it could be a breakthrough in printing human organs a revolutionary technique that could save many lives but also raises major ethical questions for example the potential to create super humans who can renew and even enhance their organs and live to a very old age and safety concerns if organs can be printed by anyone without medical expertise and how to regulate this if it's done in space this is a very interesting question and i think in outer space there is very difficult to to claim jurisdiction over activity in outer state space and especially asking these kinds of a experimental use they were to claim. research exceptions and so i will say it's now was still in blue sky and.
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scientists came to whatever it like at the moment a recent study by the european parliament concluded three d. printing techniques faced such deep technical and regulatory barriers that they might never happen the russian company is more optimistic because the co-founder predicts that in ten years' time the first printed organs will be successfully transplanted into humans stop fast and jazeera moscow. well again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera the french president has held an emergency meeting with his cabinet following saturday's nationwide protest earlier emanuel michel assessed the damage caused by the violence in paris the protesters want him to resign over his economic reforms david chaytor has more from paris. we've just heard from the least say first of all let's make it clear that they did not discuss this most of the session bring in new state
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of emergency they want to make that clear but what president emanuel macaws done is order his prime minister edward felipe to invite for talks members of the parliamentary leaders and also representatives of the demonstrators now this is a clear attempt to try and establish some sort of dialogue to put it on a track which they can try and control the thousands of people have been marching in belgium calling for action on climate change it's being held as envoys from almost two hundred nations are gathering at the cop summit in poland they're hoping to agree on ways to stop the planet's overheating the saudi crown prince has left mauritania after a short visit and is now on his way to algeria area mohammed bin salman spies and spock's demonstrations link to his alleged involvement in the murder of journalist
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. israeli police say they have enough evidence to charge prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife sarah with accepting bribes they're accused of fraud and breach of trust in dealings with israel's largest telecoms operator it's now denies any wrongdoing in this and other corruption cases against him they include allegations of accepting gifts from billionaire friends and receiving positive coverage from a newspaper in return for favorable legislation thousands of opposition supporters in georgia have been protesting over the results of wednesday's presidential vote saying there was widespread electoral fraud they say to help the ruling party candidates and only zurabishvili win the runoff vote there demanding snap parliamentary elections those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news continues after inside story.
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survived the biggest challenge to his presidency barricades in his foot successive saturday a fuel tax protests and cools for the president to resign how can he sold the crisis this is inside story. how that welcome to the program the bold with graffiti the cloaks and trolleys of tear gas it's all becoming a familiar story and paris the fame.


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