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tv   A New Lease Of Life  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2018 9:00am-9:43am +03

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for the movie how to. riyadh you have driven like a demon of washington and united and took some stuff you're not american that i'm now you're familiar how do you know one of the women idea and the many show of animation of islam and you admin a group that then has to hide and they do it isn't that he will not be a just talk a lot of somehow you know on the asian and in the muslim world i'm one of them he was a movie goer. mfi him enough so i can move to have bucked. on a mom but. on a ministry it. but do done well how weary
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way it would like it was shorter with the force of the procedure. but still it's there the up. there but suited promise of. it that the federal home on the wheel and the shuttles. but do also let that in the timber duesler lot of in one. hand then. what it would be in the millions in but there are millions now a but they are not law it but there are millions but there has she said i mean unique in the never good what i. meant to look that i. must multi if you might have been hired to have pursued the bullishness news that ensued but how you are had bill the. bill
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that he i mean she was more than a lot of non job or some. but i would contaminate last me with her for she could feel the heart capable of the love bug minnesotan the love below her. hotter. good job. below hardly comes to sneer at this new service new life i don't know but don't show you.
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that this new game that there really are. just sort of feel thirty than. the healthy are also usually the body is did a little some. of the. best by last year's song has. been much from out if we allow our the market in. our name in our book classy hot music we are the most yalla classically our will see our i mean i we are just some. what at them as a lad. of c.n.n. has he and i hope i meet last year there. and that kid has you are now but
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beer with and now at the high holy high school rally on both the. nominal form on. the show you in. but that is. not offical over the. allow it to be a pod the hand of course that can modify our syrian activists is dealing and be barred. because our assassin bay came out the song belly alomar at the mad that made them and be a that african that they might be a that leno and maybe an hour later because some seem in their flow land on had a batman back tears a young look the years. isn't
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really i'm too are but all the. world it's i know i'm sold and living a first but a brutal commute the floor when it was done. in the senate the earth would suddenly all somehow come seems in a little government. and the. new louis for the doctor or the not. compel you neil again olds well that could have lyme and also that you can handle old companion a little old or sam's hannaman chipper of his own element. and done well and i'm
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sure than most of. you know. now than i am out the nose at findlaw and the little old machine what if we're lookin manasseh at sixty. most of us will have heard. the mythology. and it is very clever on us but. just read aloud the best richard question of us i know. who said he didn't. win the laziness. i was. sad and yeah this is. much easier.
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but i didn't go. the way for the puzzle mark did a deposit similar under because we didn't. the military.
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so i. could.
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close. the controversy. look. i think. when they're on line for you looking at you know wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties and that's where we're going to have long term
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success or if you join us on sat if you could take me around the content where would you take me you don't have to set up your experiment and for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation amount is iraq. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents living green the stories they tell. you see you're a student in world news the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspective dominated american
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media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to use and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. with the headlines on the director of the cia will brief senate leaders on the killing of saudi journalist on tuesday that's according to the man who heads the u.s. senate foreign relations committee bob corker gymnasts will have been criticized for not taking part in a government briefing last week john hendren has the latest from washington they
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believe she will have more information and that she will be more frank with them so they passed a measure that would lead to a vote later on invoking the war powers act that would allow the senate to cut off u.s. aid to the saudi war in yemen that would be an extreme step and it's very far from being ultimately passed but the threat of that seems to be what has motivated the trump administration to make casper available to speak to members of the senate that is likely to be a closed door briefing as the briefing was last week but members of the senate and administration officials are likely to speak about it afterwards and i think we are likely to know what was said in that room are dozens of wounded hooty fighters have a rived in amman where they've been flown from yemen for medical treatment rebels demanded the evacuations in return for agreeing to talks in sweden on wednesday to end yemen's four year civil war israel says it is beginning an operation to quote
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expose and forts cross border attacks from lebanon by the iranian backed armed group hezbollah the israeli army says several tunnels crossed into israel from lebanon and israel has been boosting its defenses along an eleven kilometer stretch of its border with lebanon since twenty fifteen. the speaker of britain's lower house of parliament says the government may be in contempt for not publishing the full legal advice on its breaks that deal m.p.'s from six parties want proceedings to be launched after the attorney general only released a summary parliament will vote next week on the green mint with the european union sri lanka's supremes court as we've been hearing a challenge to the president's decision to dissolve parliament and call snap elections in a mostly part of syria seen his move has been blocked until the case is heard leaders of the yellow vests protests in france will meet president emmanuel mccraw on tuesday they're angry at rising fuel prices of protests of why didn't it did
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demonstrations against other policies those are the headlines now back to al-jazeera world. and have. had to be active all the have been to been to a carbon bin tomorrow this fad or until it's a problem when to see how large fish yami here isha what a limited is really to say we want to. so call her live about a few more north of one hundred three. feet under one roof one way. or lightly been if. he had been from the to hate him the lot had to be highly josee
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nuff said. nick year. any shoe a year. badland of fishies safe. beside them a bad night no they man and. they man and had bowed by men and truth bob. there was the different bit to get higher at the moment head. for the cannot be a death star the list gets moment. can they live there are the not that it is your own that i am proud of all of it the heart. and. it's. something that i see is that one is a mom of it's b.s. and then again it's done in the midst of hell which. has she any of it to any ever . so. little time and has she mission no one in.
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heaven it could be a bit almost good god debate. the bill hey you got a lot that he does. not pay back into she'll get hella and. one of two for had. either she could get over the love to throw it a pile of. away up to. a world where they were to be on the big. tough and been somebody you can. see knew what to do said my cancer sort of icons with. me has she came shook bob now i wish to sugar look cute and i say me what the russians really suits about mince out well if a kid will keep well if a kid will. be she. the command. what the two
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here i'll bear it and you cut up to do bomb decision right harlow comported computer how bush will lay out a new get there to mother learn our thinking without our nuke at her door should do matter so who you know monsieur to korea or moshe her death bill your lawyer relief arlo must have thought we had their moment they hadn't learned about how you do buried and i wonder another are the things her mare and her car that are therma what that does are frequently. more bark than blue for newsroom and move out i don't want to honor. the bruges. while you are so hot and feeble here more and pulling. for the whole boot ok and i heard your mara you know mortar fire engine the highway for that i was older and more or. kill a thousand watt on what you hire at
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a motel while. i am. they had a hard enough i mean in the. army of punk general he made it up and. in with a high of. no value nothing until. he said she knew no one even knew. him and he would open
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a new. cover. genoa down from his in a. limo she did he. would hear never going to heaven and then his last in line a huge i would examine her america in that one hundred he thought yeah. sure helen that a nice lot of them either of you you know. how you. are and yet. you know. i don't like. well america we're meant to love. in the midst. of illiteracy but you would.
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rather just. you know it's just a little more than what it was very nice i mean if you. see. this. stuff. and. another hundred i'm sorry no ma'am no shops were national media. and national when you suffer yes i mean how solid. a millimeter. in the who had to. be you. were not a lot. when you mean and you were not. yet
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of so how do you. odd that i'm somehow to have left i don't know i'm not so much out of it no not at the end of the little side looking to get up and get. i'm going to have you know.
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i love. some among us my new one and sam but do you. think the family friendly is. a good long. island sort of. like eleventh. a bit the lobby and like on a. button and. the what on earth. of among the dead is it with the shaving this element sulfur was shown a dish for mary jane it is demand and then this is it in medicine and whiskey in the muslim family of god. he's been there and i mean i'd been
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him. in a house and he knew we would see it with this but it was someone who way of highs and lows a lot. of there there is a. loss like the one of the field hope will be of march. bad for the had to pull out of a shot of a good in the theater and no method by the hell out of the. less than the high at the law. in new zealand. will be it because you're at the new i'm at last mission you have it and if that. was it c.m.o. he'd be in the cliff mohan so had mo he be best to have the medusa might be but he had the move the skill he says up to and you look and i'm it's a little like the mislaying itself is a hit the slate that i've got feet has since all of
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how you do bubble to her but that woman by the dominant. bumiller one had what else are you to. the. player who could leave was a. comment i had to pull you couldn't listen you john a lot of sort of them led them to see awful herb live. and if you had heard the heart of. a little. it's and had fabulous and notes at that zippy and mediocre one set you know good looking if she has
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a needle and i still. need to quit condemned selfie with mark dug from left to left the issue for me had early had had the luck let's meet and work with. him. connor. and. if speedier and. years kentucky he did it by use an accent which. when you could probably use it since deal the deal is a fifty's can be good. for the home. and had democracy and she had a fair point to work. on anyhow. and shivani she did she had a she knew the country. clicked. it
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didn't. love fair was it. wouldn't shut so. long nothing of this incident so. photographs.
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. mission remove modern photo well mary free brain and. ima let belle who are. one how i live for us we're we're here i'm be usual muslim are look nearly what you are knee. men for weary they. were very beautiful. you lame jean marc complained how to material my band and how to. father as well
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as the bass with the music. what kind of feet are halle and a man montauk element of about a lot of who are of a minimal then whom if you know a newly her wood burner you need to see you see what is related to her more subtle thing oh is she a muslim how to muslim how to you boom muslim her thirty nine you pull her name what i'm concerned i'm sorry three middle. jacobi across sort of the most vocal of the tell me you are free i'm the enter he don't know who we're to have i had to interrupt or call what does leave all of their lives and warm for coffee if i want to look out into octal.
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you can more in affinity. with you freeze your way you will approve we are not we are both. yeah. you can sure when it's me and. he looked out you know side. you know no different if you've been an instrument because you. know her and doing no. can only start then men are groups how to be a limit this to the syphilis this a we've got to seek a need in this bill is really. a bit sure to be clear about d.c.
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fed up and i are a bill and they want one highly highly i. think this is. going to release the young now what highly clearly thing they kill my sushi all right this emphysema. that's what they'll have to but if you live. fallon i like your lizzie i'm with you sheila has the lead the. most would be a look and. really if the animal would have been about the uninitiated. in the body she would demand one hundred insurgents in their lives enough so if they're on the press a note of what value. to me will lady on poland for the little lady an elimination of been binti. less she can and the. more little murphy and the she with the armor i know her love but it's fun for me it will mean you'll have the flow one man like if the food will not like effect he was alone in
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the know how i met him in hellish yet how dominant. since then limb to the lived on nothing about our brain damage. shari mark simone bienne no i'm not sure i want to shovel. shit though bill but it would never could lead knowledge straight they limit again and hide the header. and i managed to hide and again it's been. a lawyer fitted. and afterguard bill bates killen is a miami color that was you can will bear true but the family bitch about diana killed him hard but again a ship could do. internet service to the internet your heart's at then or yard of him she feels. again what so many years we him give and i can say that malema. hello fickle to god but. i have lived to talk about it again and nor. up to. real and north
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started to be a mother by un or. out to. feel . low level come in and. out out on it on how to reinstall in full install also allow me to look around you could finish what you most sought by the nam each language felafel and b.b. before it's nice to think of her son don't. throw him some head chlamydia ahmed rashid costa and. what she might be a good mini's should really keel but the tone seemed. a bit but there was.
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a big. killfile you. it was some. get a what she but don't show the command button on the dish as they hooked to the credit and it didn't come but a mob. mother did and would own mother and son a card the id. to assign i haven't bumped into the half yet that.
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i have a membership and imo she isn't up in the who will she when the shoot outs are in your news when riddick. asked him and jodi had. a lot. of the ball. a lone wolf wolf is nominated in the you're. seeing video. of the beast thirty move that was at the going to meet the builders of the bentley tall bald eagle goggle guild. sadie morgan is going to be killed in armada bamidele to fully be armor should be a bear i'm going to school you grab the shit. it
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was the struggle of a new rocky painter syrian screenwriter and a palestinian filmmaker as they come to terms with their lives as displaced tastes in lebanon. it is only the first two going to the last of the two. i've invented a new home in my imagination to build a new beirut's refugee artists on al-jazeera. fellow we've got yet more clout and re making its way across eastern parts of the mediterranean and pushing across the us syria lebanon jordan we've had some flooding for the weekend it's two parts of iraq particularly small the neighbors of the country and i'm afraid there is more where that came from another really wet
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day they see the cloud and gathering over side for southern parts of keep pushing into syria fair amount of cloud already there as we go through tuesday into much of iraq and kuwait further east it's a little try a little pricey fourteen sales just a couple thirty celsius for karate severities as we go on through the into the middle part of the week by the middle part of the way it will act out a right hasn't made much progress as it pushes in from the met then walk out of the rain just pushing back into northern areas of iraq might see a little bit of snow to just around armenia azerbaijan into georgia and then we got more cloud and rain pulling across into lebanon into northern parts of jordan to come down into where the arabian peninsula got some wet weather just around northern areas of saudi arabia maybe around the red sea haricots are estates five and dry temperatures at around twenty seven twenty eight degrees think a cloud as we go on into wednesday or with the possibility of want to see some spots of rain.
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i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as if i were. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's past just growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine appends national party generation hate. part one of a special two part investigation on al-jazeera. lives in fear constantly looking over his shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked the home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on
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her community and. we can't let the men to imitate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who've been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us learned ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. the israeli army launches an operation to tackle what it calls cross border attacks from lebanon of by hezbollah. has this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up u.s. senators will finally hear from the cia boss we've heard recordings of journalists
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. a legal battle in sri lanka as the country struggles with a growing political crisis.


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