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tv   A Time to Swim  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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well i have to sever expectations of. four different trees past talks collapse particularly because of the huge differences about how to move forward the houthi is consider themselves to be a legitimate of politics in yemen and they will absolutely not. give in to any concessions in the near future because a control huge area that's russia's four star or the border with saudi arabia all the way to tatters the government insists we need to see the whole thing is pull out and hand over their weapons before there's any discussions however i've been talking to many people diplomats who are thinking that this time there's an opportunity for this some sort of glimmer of hope because with the pressure building up against saudi arabia there is a chance to push the saudis and the abilities to leave the coalition against the who are these to stop the military campaign and give diplomacy a chance that could put more pressure on the government to move ahead with
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some of the critical points if there is any progress in the coming days here in stockholm this is good news if the tossed collapse once again here in means the forty million people on the verge of famine in yemen we have to brace for the worse it is the other two million children in yemen who suffer severe malnutrition with face uncertain future it is that yemenis will have to wait yet for another day hoping for peace and stability and no one wants that has the yemen talks in rimbaud in sweden thank you hashem his. middle east analyst joining us from our washington news center let's go with the positives first of all shall we the fact that they've got there the fact that it's happening the fact that sweden is hosting talks it's something isn't it. it absolutely is in fact just getting the parties
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to leave yemen and traveling to sweden is a diplomatic achievement in itself i would even add it's a diplomatic victory because we have seen that the u.n. special envoy martin griffen house over the past several months and weeks in particular spearheaded shuttle diplomacy between saddam mascotte. riyadh and even washington and it is important for our viewers to understand the chief. negotiator for who thinks this based in moscow at oman where he maintains regular diplomatic contact with us the pull mats so the united states has a clear understanding of what a hoot this want and what some of the issues that they would be willing to compromise so the first step now that they are meeting sweden tomorrow and beginning talks that it is in itself is an important achievement that should not be underestimated obviously everything's not going to be solved at one set of talks
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off to four years of war and such mistrust and hatred on my side between the sides is perhaps what hashem suggested the first step at least stop the violence at least get the humanitarian aid people to those in need and that would at least give a chance to talk to plenty. yes i think that going into the talks what the who these likely would prefer is to engage in conversations focusing on prisoner swaps where the arab coalition would likely want the talks to focus on the peace seizing or giving up their control of the port of who died and let the poor be managed by the united nations so that humanitarian supplies coming into the country and who died as the only port which is open because the coalition has put a blockade on the entire yemen so that's the only port that is available to accept
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humanitarian aid and that's controlled by the who these so that is that is where some of the wrangling will take place whether or not they will be able to find a solution on how to. manage or who should manage who they deport that will be one point i think that the real trap for both sides at this moment in time is that just because saudi arabia has been weakened over to fair does not mean that it will it will necessary agree to. demands by the who thiis and they who to the south they should be very careful of not at her to maximalist positions even though the international environment is very fragile so good news about always a pleasure talking to you thank you. thank you some of the comments coming in on facebook actually a lot of people a few home truths i would almost describe them as heather watching on facebook live
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has said when it comes to yemen the world silence is actually the biggest crime against them and so it is that these countries are just referring to the likes of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and conclude the hutu rebels as well saying that these countries do not care for humanitarian needs if they did they would have actually stopped fighting a long time ago well as these talks began in sweden there are questions about perhaps how inclusive they are and he was going to take us through that conversation now through social media that's right well now off of four years of devastating wall the people of yemen are calling for an end to the conflict and they've launched an online campaign using the hash tag women for yemen demanding that more women take part in the peace negotiations the advocacy group women for yemen network has released a statement ahead of the talks in sweden calling for at least thirty percent of women to be represented and this is this is this is what some of them had to say we need to know which weakens their suffering like this issue the mothers of the
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cheated the invoices and the like. we need. to leave prison in the east. at least she fears it will teach you to take. women for you and we women are human we are because we believe that women have been marginalized in the peace process and we believe without women in the peace negotiations no naseem peace will happen and this conflict will continue taking the lives of innocent people well we've been looking at how women and girls have been affected by the war the u.n. says seventy six percent of internally displaced people are women and children an estimated three million are at risk of gender based violence and sixty thousand are dressed of sexual violence including rape. and there's been more reaction on social media has been says that if the envoy has the power to evacuate injured who thiis
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the government accepts that then it has the power to impose thirty percent of women in the negotiations you know others are less hopeful this person says the women's rights act women's rights narrative is used by. western diplomats to keep the war going and then sell arms it's also been speaking to people in the capital sanaa yes what they've told us to get real peace. must be represented on the table because this. the us so only those who are leading this initiative use human snow to civil rule. of the yemenis are looking for the beast but this was not a suspect between the candidate his we. we want to a normal life like everybody in this ward we want to have our facilities we want. we want to open the airports to go to protect the rocket now as always we do
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want to hear from you as the tweet us is the hash tag a genius grant thanks really a nice hearing some of our searing from some of our regular voices in yemen as well all you need to know about the yemen peace talks this is it down to zero calm very handy very simple gods of these talks which really complements the reporting which particular hashem is doing from sweden there's also five right down to the bottom what's truth here it is one about who controls what maps which puts the whole thing in a in a geographical context for you so just search for human peace talks that are zero dot com. british prime minister tourism has been defending her brags that plans at a weekly session of prime minister's questions this is just a day after her government was defeated in three consecutive votes for the first time in decades the government's been forced to publish the legal advice it received on the deal after is found to be in contempt of parliament for not doing so m.p.'s on to vote on the deal on tuesday the arrangements that we have in
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place for the future relationship between the united kingdom and the european union it is clear that we will not be in the single market and we will not be in the customs union what we will have what we will have is an ambitious trade agreement which enables us to reduce those and we will continue to work for frictionless trade at the border asian ambitious trade agreement unlike any other that has been given to any other advanced economy it's the most ambitious trade agreement that any advanced economy has with the european union that's good for this country and it's good for jobs in his constituency now i just wanna try something here before we go to john hall to talk about the latest developments of this got your phone or your tablet or a computer with you go to our desire dot com and search for briggs it jargon because our online team has put this together at sort of a glossary with seventeen key briggs it terms explained everything from article fifty two back stop it goes down to meaningful votes a little bit further down the ages the basically might just help you along the way over the next week or so as we unpack what is happening in the brig's that debate
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right now so let's do that with jonah hall in london hi jono talk us through the developments today i guess other than the fact that the reason they had to get up off the canvas after those three defeats yesterday. yes well certainly not the first time in this process that she's had to recover in a hurry from defeat and probably not the last she is though heading now to vote next week on tuesday on the deal that she has struck with the european union with the odds really looking very much against her hundred of her and the more than one hundred of these now in her own party that is have said they won't vote for the deal add to that easily another hundred in the opposition parties and if everyone sticks to their guns and no one has last minute second thoughts before tuesday the government could lose that vote by an enormous margin two hundred votes or more and there's even some talk now that the government whips that thinking of withdrawing
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the vote altogether to avoid that extraordinary defeat particularly after the events of choose a losing three votes in a row you've got to go back forty years in parliamentary history to see that happen to a governments that reason may on the face of it you know soldiering on but all the while sort of hemorrhaging authority as she tries desperately to sell this deal and you heard it doing it to parliament to an extremely skeptical parliament that i'm right in saying tony that there are another perhaps three days of debate left him to sort of get a handle on the whole process leading up to the actual vote and what it's all achieving i guess it's a chance riverrun to have this i. essentially yes i mean wednesday thursday monday three more days of debate before the vote looking at different aspects of the withdrawal agreement that five hundred eighty five page document struck with the e.u. that deals with the exit protocols the manner by which britain will leave the european
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union how much money it will pay citizens' rights in the meantime and crucially this backstop idea this is an insurance policy a guarantee against a hard border having to be in reinstated on the island of ireland in the event that the two sides are unable to reach a future trade deal the backstop has been very hard fought over in the negotiations with the european union they insisted upon it the british british government tried hard to get out of it no one has been able to avoid it now and as a result. the heartbreaks it is on the right of a party the democratic unionist who support her body so they won't vote for it it's extremely unlikely it's going to get through a top general with the up they don't break from london thank you. just before we go to the break want to bring you some live pictures from washington we'll be talking about this later on in the news good but these are the pictures from the north national cathedral in washington the body of the forty first president of the
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united states george h. w. bush has arrived for his funeral service sorry there still a capitol hill i'm being told actually said this is his body being moved from capitol hill to his son george w. bush they have sent a picture now he will be delivering the eulogy a little bit later on. of the ceremony going on as the casket is about to be brought out of the hearse and taken. yes for the journey to the. national cathedral so yes we'll be talking more about that i correspond kelly how that's ready to talk about that a little later. this is the news great if you're with us on facebook live above us i just or if you you know about a canadian top police want their vacation for volunteering in california after the five and then later more protests in france but this time it's actually not about the fuel tax we're going to look at why students have joined the french protest
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movement. hello the space between rain bites now that runs in from the eastern med so levant to iran when israel reduced i mean this is clearly a size north movement of cloud but the rain is edging slowly towards iran this is the picture for thursday rain seems likely to be steady not necessarily heavy running through both iraq and northern syria and even southeast of turkey the next circulations picked up here in southern turkey produce heavy rain already in cyprus and that's going to swing through lebanon for a whole levant and yet again eventually end up in syria towards iraq at the same time to shower as it came into iran or they're still showing up so they've made some progress obviously high they will be a snow and the tail end ones were shown south in kuwait maybe bahrain but i think
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probably not so we have just seen come across the border into saudi then disappeared means mostly the arabian peninsula apart from the get a small chance of a shower branch of beauty or west yemen is largely finally picture once again winds not that strong at least not by the time we get to friday. this kind of bloom of cloud in southern africa we've seen big showers in botswana and zimbabwe recently but the forecast actually increases the cloud in southern africa particularly inside africa. xenophobe violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's past describing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine
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the pen's national. generation hate. one of a special two pot investigation on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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the headlines from al-jazeera dot com and what's trending. today were feels about a tsunami there and the sort of. in the south pacific ocean but he was so interested in that one more on briggs it more on the shoji more on all the ones new is that way tougher in here it out as they are that is what is trending. this wednesday. now thousands of people including dignitaries from around the world are
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in the u.s. capitol for the funeral of former president george herbert walker bush the forty first president scoff and is leaving the capitol building has been lying in state there for. well two days now. and it's heading for the national cathedral we have seen dignitaries lined up there one of them was his son george w. bush was of course the forty third president he will be delivering the eulogy along with former canadian prime minister brian mulroney donald trump will be the first lady melania trump will be there all other living presidents jimmy carter bill clinton barack obama will be there this is have a listen. to the lock isn't it just a moment to go there when the same thing but of course a very somber moment just want to quickly show you on the map how this is happening this is the u.s. capitol building here and the journey will take him at a twenty minute so drive to the washington national cathedral and that is where
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kimberly how cute is our white house correspondent so many ways to describe today campbell a somber as the one i'm going for right now must be quite a moving event actually. it's a very somber mood here outside of the national cathedral you can hear the bells chime in behind me we are expecting the arrival of that hearse carrying the body of the forty first president of the united states should take anywhere between ten to twenty minutes as it drives up to massachusetts avenue where the flags are all at half staff and have been since his death just a few days ago this is certainly as you point out a somber mood but it also is a celebration in fact donald trump tweeting a very nice tweet about the service about george h.w. bush saying that he's looking forward to being with the bush family this is not a funeral but a day of celebration for a long and distinguished life you will be missed and it doesn't capsulated how most
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people feel about the forty first president he was born into a life of privilege but he certainly dedicated his life to public service whether it was enlisting in the navy or all the way up to serving as a diplomat members of congress vice president then of course president for one term before he lost to bill clinton and we know that his body according to my producer is now on its way and he is making the trip up here to the national cathedral or of course there will be not only the bush family but dignitaries assembling to remember his life yeah she just pulls her sick can be let's have a look at some of those pictures if we can i can see on one of our of the live lines we got pictures from inside the cathedral. just give us a second there we've got barack obama michelle obama bill clinton hillary clinton and if the camera does plan right hopefully it will ripples out you'll see a president jimmy carter there as well as the remaining living presidents up there george w. bush kimberly will join them i saw him at the top of a little before and he's delivering the eulogy today george bush george w.
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bush not a man we've seen that much old in post-presidential lost in the simply a momentous day for him a huge occasion to deliver such an important unity. there's no question that after living such a public life the family following their presidencies live very much in privacy in texas where in fact george w. bush as father will be laid to rest following the service he will travel there what's significant about all of this is the fact that there were this is only the second family in u.s. history the adams family being the other series of presidents where it was father and son and so this eulogy will be unique in that regard given the fact that often there were times that there was a bit of tension between bush forty one and bush forty three as we often refer to them george bush sr and his eldest son george w. but that really dissipated in the final months of his life in fact while we know he
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suffered from parkinson's george bush sr in fact george w. bush wrote a book to him which was published very quickly so that his father could read it was really a testimonial of how much his father had contributed to his life and his success and really almost worshipful in terms of the relationship which many times say had been rather tense so it'll be interesting to listen to this eulogy many say that it will be difficult to deliver without tears because of their close bond and of course there are so many here to honor him not only did george bush sr have a significant domestic public service aspect to his presidency but also it was one very much dominated by foreign policy and so we know that german chancellor angela merkel is here as well as the king of jordan even prince charles he really touched the lives of so many that will be present in the cathedral behind me simply how can a white house correspondent at the funeral of george h. w. bush as we look at the live pictures from inside the cathedral jimmy casa former
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president there hillary clinton to his left and. right onto the camera changes just for what we want there bill clinton michelle obama barack obama behind barack obama dan quayle who was. george h.w. bush is vice president and elsewhere in the dignitaries at the front there we've seen supreme court justice clarence thomas we've seen ruth bader ginsburg as well this is an enormous event today i think dick cheney is there as well behind bill clinton i think i saw. joe biden as well this he is there as well it's and it is one of these extraordinary days where so many people from across the aisle as they say republican and democrats come together the death of a u.s. president the casket is making its way now through the streets of washington d.c. from the capitol building to the national cathedral a very somber day in washington d.c. as they say goodbye to george h. w.
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bush the forty third president of the united states. had a comment from facebook where yes inside the bush family was disastrous for many parts of the world especially the middle east interestingly we have a new opinion piece up that to zero dot com today rory miller wrote this he's a professor of government at georgetown university here in an opinion piece looking back at the bush legacy in the gulf particularly he talks about caution reliability and predictability three hallmarks of bush senior's style which he says have been eroded not only by his son but our iraq obama and general trump as well it's an interesting read a different take i will give you on george h.w. bush's legacy and it is in the opinion section at al-jazeera dot com. we're looking at a story out of denmark now which actually i have to say shocked a few of us in our editorial meeting this morning it is about a government plan to send people who have had their asylum applications rejected to
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a remote island off the danish coast radio in a cell like that it sounds fairly innocuous to start with but far from it that's right kemal well the danish government says that the island will house rejected asylum seekers who have committed crimes and those who can stay in denmark also cannot be deported for legal reasons up to one hundred people will live in the island from twenty twenty one the immigration minister posted this statement on facebook which says if you are unwanted in danish society you should not be a nuisance to ordinary danes she then goes on to say that they are unwanted in denmark and they will feel that well the policy was agreed by the coalition government which includes the anti immigration danish people's party it has a hardline stance towards asylum seekers and refugees the government denies calling this a prison and they say those who are seen as low risk can travel to and from the mainland with a ferry service during the day but will be based there at night it's reported that
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one of the ferries that serves the island is called the virus and the party is sharing this cartoon on social media sharing a doc skinned man being dumped on to a desert island the caption on twitter says expelled criminal aliens have nothing to do in denmark until we can get rid of them we will move them to limp home island where they will be obliged to stay at the center with the police presence around the clock. well this move has caused outrage online the director for human rights watch says because failed asylum seekers cannot be returned home is no reason to treat them inhumanely as denmark proposes to do in order to try to force them to leave and a member of the danish pop band lucas graham tweeted the government has chosen this out xenophobic and narrow minded road it smells like the one nine hundred thirty s. i'm worried for the feature of the already compromised moral compass of our nation while denmark's island of lindt home has been described as inhospitable since nine
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hundred twenty two cattle and pigs with exotic viral diseases have been shipped there for lab research oh to think of denmark's new policy let us know he's the hash tag aging is good. thanks for here we've got russ most of us with us now a member of parliament in denmark foreign affairs spokesman for the alternative party on scott from copenhagen thank you for joining us this story is quite extraordinary and what i find not just the whole idea of sending rejected to saddam sake is to an island but the rhetoric that's coming with it it's basically saying you're worthless we don't want to off you go well exactly i mean there's a lot in this which is facts and also there's a lot of symbolic policy and as a video you showed from the danish people's party this is basically about communicating bad people and wanted and i think that's the worst thing about this story is what is the symbols we and the signals we are sending with this policy is
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it dented to happen or is there opposition enough opposition to it which might make the government rethink or other channels which opposition people can go down to try to stop something. i mean we soon have elections in denmark within the next six months so hopefully we can get another majority who can stop it because this is not going to happen right away because the island has been used for another purpose and it has to be claimed in order to be able to function as a place where people can live so so hopefully we get another majority and we can stop this because again i think the signals and the symbols in this policy is the wrong way to go it's also about these people is not people we can just send out of the country because of of basic human rights because we cannot simply people back to told her old death penalty and so full so so it is people who cannot just leave the country and therefore we need to see how can we work with people in another way
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tell me more about the asylum laws in denmark i believe currently from wrong but only three percent of asylum applicants actually are approved set the laws must be pretty tough there i mean a lot has been changed in the last few years in the way we work with the legislation here because we have a majority who said they basically want to get as few as possible refugees to denmark and the numbers arriving in denmark are extremely no especially compared to the numbers of refugees in the world is actually getting high and so so yes that has been really tightened up the laws in the last few years and this in a time where we can see both our friends and within the e.u. that countries that basically need us to work together and come up with common solutions and also that the numbers are quite high in the well so so we've seen a government with their supporting parties who have been toughening up laws as they
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call it. and this is just the latest step rasmussen not chris joining us from copenhagen he's from the alternative party there and mike thank you for your time thing. just a quick update now on the protests in france and students have joined anti-government demonstrations sweeping the country and he was blocked about one hundred high schools by students who are upset about a new university application system on tuesday the government agreed to suspend its controversial fuel tax increase trying to appease thousands of protesters who've rallied across france in the past three weeks david chatted with more he is at a university in central paris. these changes demonstrations by groups of students are now breaking out in paris moving from history channel to rise and waving and worthless to go by getting support from washing vans and even
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ambulances so this is now what. pressure macro is facing the protest is spreading one way or the confessional she is already given and the pressure on him and he's a bit astray she is only growing. just before we go to the break elizabeth watching on facebook live thank you for commenting as on the denmark story just echoing a lot of views i think you're saying unfortunately in the west it feels like the one nine hundred thirty s. all over again it's such a shame why is all this happening and yet when you think about that denmark story sending people to an island full of viruses willingly that is that's going back in time quite a lot isn't it so you keep your comments and questions coming through the hash tag as a.j. newsgroup twitter facebook whatsapp telegram. now once again for the likes of elizabeth on facebook life an extra story for you from our friends at teenager plus and then fires here with your sport looking at whether one of the club football's most well known rivalries is as heated today as it was in the hospice we'll have
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a quick look at some international weather.
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the boy.
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barr is here now to tell us about one of the big football rivalries well and well yeah exactly it's one of the most famous rivalries and world football manchester united and arsenal face off later in the english premier league it's a match that's already getting a lot of attention on social media and there's a new character in the mix this year that's arsenal's new boss and i am wary he's got arsenal on a nineteen game unbeaten streak in all competitions and this is the first time he's taking fourth place arsenal to old trafford where they haven't won in the league since two thousand and six the game also comes at a very difficult time for united's boss josie marino united have failed to win any of their last three league games and are eighth in the table. a lot of bad blood has emerged between the sides and their fans in recent decades today's rivalries built largely on the animosity between the former managers the both clubs alex ferguson and arson vender between one thousand nine hundred seven and two thousand and four only arsenal and united won the league both managers traded insults and
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there were plenty of heated matches there was the so-called battle of old trafford in two thousand and three it ended goalless but the match featured one sending off and eight yellow cards eight players were charged with improper conduct or violent behavior then there was pete.


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